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“Joy I Call Life” - Feyara

Check out this post , if you kind of want to know what’s going on. Chiara is my OC and I made a ship with her and Tamlin to start to build Tamlin’s redemption. She’s Rhys’s sister. In the post that’s linked I switched Chiara out for Rhys in a few scenes from ACOTAR. That included a certain kissing scene. So of course I couldn’t resist and neither could a few other so…

I cracked. And here I am. 


Chiara sat on her throne. Any moment now. Any moment Azriel and Mor would come back with Veritas. Chiara sat up straight in her father’s throne - her throne. Keir sneered at her and Chiara adverted her gaze. 

Her uncle laughed and Chiara swallowed. She tried not to remember when she was little. When her father had let him slide his hands… 

“You’re going to be okay,” Chiara sucked in her breath, her fingers gripping onto the arms of her throne. She looked to her left slightly and Feyre was smiling, leaning against Cassian. “Ignore them. They can’t stand a woman being more powerful than them” 

Chiara scowled her face before she could smile. She watched as her brother waltzed around the dance floor, women practically throwing themselves at him. Chiara nodded gently and she snapped at her uncle. Keir’s ears twitched. 

“I’m thirsty,” Chiara said drily. She leaned back in her throne, slowly pulling one leg over the other. Power once again began to vibrate from her body and Feyre broke out into a grin. Rhys stopped dancing for a moment and he looked up at his litter sister, sprawled against her throne. 

Her entire right leg was bare and she looked down at her nails. Her uncle stuttered and Chiara raised an eyebrow, a dark smile playing at her lips. “Wine,” Chiara suggested before looking away from him. Keir sputtered again before walking off. 

“You’re the most powerful creature to ever walk this continent,” Feyre weaved through the crowd. She grabbed Rhys’s hand and began to dance with him and Chiara ducked her head, grinning softly. “Don’t tell me a bit of testosterone knocks you down”

Chiara sat a little straight and she leaned forward, watching Feyre. Cassian smirked and he crossed his arms. Feyre grinned and she spun around with Rhys, her dress fluttering around her. 

“Your wine,” Her uncle spat out. Chiara pulled her eyes away from Feyre and she scowled. Slowly she got off her throne. Keir stumbled back and Chiara walked through the crowd. 

Fae backed away from her, some glaring, some with mouths wide open. Feyre sucked in her breath and she placed her hand on Rhys’s chest. Chiara weaved across the dance floor until she was staring at Feyre. 

“Two is better than one,” Chiara held her hand out. Cassian choked from the corner and Rhys’s eyebrows shot up. Feyre’s hand trembled as she reached out for Chiara’s hand. 

“After Amarantha, are you sure-”

“You’re not her. I’ve known that since Calamnai,” Chiara tugged Feyre Cursebreaker against her and she smiled, tugging her hips closer. “You’re not like anyone in this world, Feyre” 

“Is that a good thing?” Feyre slowly moved her feet. She wasn’t sure if they both immediately fell into leading or if they both tried to hold back, wanting to follow. Eventually Feyre forced Chiara to lead and she braced one hand on the nape of her neck, and the other on her waist. 

“It’s the best thing in the world,” Chiara spun Feyre around and she lead her around the circle that had crowded around them. A distraction. The best one in the history of Prythian. Feyre grinned and she spun around Chiara, before pulling in. 

Their shoulders brushed and Feyre flushed. “Too much wine?” Chiara teased, making Feyre waltz backwards as she took the lead once again. Chiara braced her hands on Feyre’s waist and Feyre rolled her hips, grinning. 

Chiara’s eyes widened and she sucked her breath in. Feyre slowly walked around her, running her fingers down her bare back. Chiara reached her hand out and their arms locked around the forearms. Her right and Feyre’s left, both facing to ends of the gapping crowd. 

Chiara tugged Feyre in, pressing the female against her chest. “This is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while, Feyre Cursebreaker” 

Chiara kissed Feyre’s shoulder gently. She looked up and saw her brothers standing in the crowd, Cassian and Rhys. Chiara stared at Rhys for a while. Her brother slowly raised his thumbs, grinning. 

A grin burst free from her face and she spun Feyre around, pressing their hips together before they began to dance again. Feyre snaked her arms around Chiara’s neck, before kicking her leg in between her thighs and pulling upwards. 

Chiara sucked in her breath as Feyre slowly leaned back. Her throat bobbed three times. Chiara braced her hand behind Feyre’s back and gripped her hip with the other hand. Feyre stretched her arms out and she gasped when Chiara yanked her up, pressing their foreheads together. 

“I’m glad to be of service, my High Lady” Feyre breathed. She slowly turned Chiara around, running her hands down her bare sides, over the gold dress. Chiara snaked her hips back and forth, rolling them to the front and back as Feyre stood behind her. 

Chiara moved her arms out like the wind and Feyre studied her before copying her movements. Together they moved as two intertwined snakes, and at some point Feyre took over when it came to leading. Their arms snaked together, tangling the two females together. 

Feyre rolled her hips and Chiara smiled, tugging Feyre until she fell into her chest. Feyre paused and Chiara grabbed her face, kissing her suddenly. Feyre gasped. Whispers and screams erupted but all Feyre did was pull Chiara closer and kiss her harder. 

Chiara laughed against her lips and she began to slowly spin them around, still kissing her. Their foreheads braced against each other, Feyre leaning back slightly. Feyre moaned and she slipped her fingers through Chiara’s hair, stumbling for a moment. Chiara caught her quickly and dipped Feyre, even as the High Fae was breathing harder and harder. 

Feyre’s chest was completely flushed and Chiara stared down at her, her eyes glazing over. She looked up and saw Azriel with Mor, the Veritas in his hand. His mouth was wide open, but Chiara looked back at Feyre. 

“Come now, Feyre Darling,” Chiara pulled Feyre upright and she straightened her back, walking through the crowd. She held her arm out and let Feyre hold it, licking her lips slowly. 

Keir darted out in front of them and he snarled. “You little-” Chiara slowly raised her hand and Keir dropped down to his knees, his hands wrapping around his throat. 

“Nothing about me is little. Not anymore Uncle Keir. If you can handle a High Lady, you can handle her lady love” Chiara smiled sweetly and she broke Keir’s arm for good measure before stepping around him as if he were a piece of furniture. 

“Dance well into the night,” Chiara lifted her hand up to the Night Court. Everyone flinched and she smirked, before walking out of the Hewn City with Feyre by her side. Mor followed behind them and Rhys, Cassian, and Azriel took up the rear. 

“I’ve never kissed a girl before. You’re my first,” Feyre whispered. Chiara smiled and she looked over at Feyre. 

“I will be the first of a lot of things, Feyre Cursebreaker” A statement and a promise. A promise that would be well kept. 

New bond, who Rhys?

If you guys enjoyed that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave comments. I was a bit nervous about writing these two but I really like how this turned out. I can’t believe I just made them a ship. No going back now. 

Welcome to the Feyara trash bin! Enjoy your eternal stay. 

Why shouldn’t you just change your tire on the side of the highway instead of calling a tow truck or a professional company to do it?

Because I don’t want to take the 911 call and send everyone to the scene of what is now your lifeless body on the roadway after you’ve been hit like I did this morning that’s why. This is so senseless and didn’t have to happen!

Yeah, I’m sure many are capable of changing their own tire and obviously it’s less expensive but is it worth losing your life over? People aren’t always watching where they drive, especially in this day and age. Never trust that they see you!

Ok my rant is over but the heartache has just started for this person’s family. It’s sad, it makes me sad and if even one person remembers this and doesn’t try to change a flat on the highway then it’s been worth it!


“We’ve got no one but each other”

Had these scenes in my mind for some time now, and I really wanted to draw Nico and Bianca. I might do some more of them in the future, with a more mature design. Bianca’s old fashion dress is intentional, where Bianca seems to move on with her life, Nico is still trapped in his past, holding grudges.

And I promise I’ll draw more joyful illustrations !

As school has started again, more original stuff and less fanarts are to be expected ! Hope you will enjoy it :D

In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!


Shallura Week Day 7: Change / Beginning

“Let us start over, Takashi. My black paladin. My Shiro. I want to start my life over with you…”

It’s days late but I finally finished this piece for the last entry of shallura week. I was heavily inspired by THIS SONG (Please listen for the full experience) and got the idea of letting these two take a little ‘escape’ into an underground lake on a planet filled with bioluminescent activity. They deserve some peace and bliss, honestly. 

This print is now available on my Redbubble | My Art Tag

Ok, but seriously, imagine Isak doing exactly what we have all been doing and thinking back to that locker room scene and what he said about not wanting mentally ill people in his life. Imagine him looking back and thinking about how Even must have felt….just like we have all been doing.

Guys, listen, imagine it like this: Isak is texting his mum and arranging meet with her. Even asks him what he’s doing and he’s like “oh I’m just going to see my mum tomorrow.” So Even, who hasn’t heard anything about Isak’s mum since that time in the locker room, is surprised and says something like “So are you talking to her again now? That’s great!” Isak’s a bit confused for a moment and then he remembers their locker room convo as well and that he had mentioned to Even at the time that he wasn’t speaking to her. 

So anyway, later that day they go to a party and they both get pretty drunk. The minute they get home they collapse into bed and soon fall asleep. But Isak’s still drunk enough that he can’t sleep that well at all, he tosses and turns a bit and ends up waking up after like an hour. He can feel Even breathing next to him and he starts thinking about him and their relationship. He looks over at Even and feels a wave of relief that this guy is really here, this guy who he was so close to losing is here and is with him. He thinks back to some of the times things very nearly went wrong and they almost never got together {he is still pretty drunk rn so his thoughts are getting emo - just bear with me here guys}. Their meeting in the locker room that time pops into his head. He thinks about their conversation, about what he said to Even about his mum. And suddenly it hits him like he’s been plunged into ice. He told Even that he didn’t want mentally ill people in his life. Isak’s heart starts contracting in pain as he thinks about it. As he thinks about how much that must have hurt Even. He feels shame wash through him like boiling water and hot thick tears start streaming down his face. 

At this point, Even stirs, it’s like he senses that something is wrong. He turns on his side to face Isak and mutters “mmm what’s up? you awake?”. Isak can’t answer, he is trying to suppress his sobs coming out in quick little gasps. Even reaches out a lazy hand and lands it gently across Isak’s chest and feels it trembling. Even stirs again, he opens one eye to see the outline of Isak in the darkness, “Baby, what’s wrong? you’re shaking.” Isak takes a deep, shuddering breath, “Even..?” Now Even is really worried he hears the anxious and serious tone of Isak’s voice and both his eyes fly open. His full attention is on Isak’s silhouette. 

“Even, you know when you came to see me that time when I was doing PE and we were talking in the locker room?” “Yeh?” Even’s heart starts to quicken. “Well, eh…you know…eh, remember what I said about my mum and….” Isak’s voice breaks.  Even is motionless terrified about where this is going. “Remember I said that I didn’t want mentally ill people in my life…” Isak lets out a huge gasping sob and the tears are running down his cheeks now, coursing down his neck and onto the pillow. Even feels close to tears as well but he is frozen, he is scared about what Isak will say next……..’is this it?’ he thinks. “I……I…..I I’m so sorry!” Isak manages to blurt out. “I didn’t know….I was stupid….I’m so sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” Isak’s chest is heaving now underneath Even’s hand and Even is crying now: thick, hot tears. Partly because he can feel Isak’s pain, he can feel how awful Isak feels about the whole thing and he can’t bear to see him hurt; but also he is crying for himself. He remembers all too well how heartbroken he was after that meeting, how he had walked home in shock, feeling like he’d been slapped, feeling like his insides had been hollowed out and all that was left was cold. 

Even moves his hand from Isak’s chest and gently, using his thumb, finds Isak’s forehead and traces down to the soft hollow underneath his eye to feel his tears dripping out.  He wipes Isak’s tears away and then slowly moves his thumb over his eyelid, feeling his eye close underneath. “It’s ok. It’s ok now” he whispers to Isak, “You didn’t know about me then. I should have told you, it’s not your fault, I should have told you”. Even can feel Isak’s breath on his hand, coming out in deep, slow sighs. Isak’s hand is in Even’s hair now gripping on for dear life, “I shouldn’t have said that. It wouldn’t have mattered to me. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose you. I - I…I want you in my life I do. I really fucking do.” Isak’s tears are trickling out slower now but his chest still feels tight. 

Even moves closer to Isak so their noses and forehead’s touch, Isak can feel how Even’s breath shudders and he realises that Even has been crying too. “Hey,” Even whispers, “I’m not going anywhere”. Isak presses his face closer to Even’s so their lips are almost touching, “Neither am I.” Even kisses him, a long deep kiss. Isak lets out a stuttering sigh and whispers, “In this universe we are together”. Even lets out a soft chuckle and a small tear escapes from the corner of one eye, “In this universe we are together” he echoes back. 

And for an hour or so they just lie there like that, hands entangled in hair, soft kisses, tears and sighing and muttered drunken phrases. Clinging onto each other in sheer relief. And they fall asleep that way, unsure who said what last. And when they wake up the next morning they see each other with red puffy eyes and small smiles and they just lie there for a little bit longer than usual; drinking in each other’s presence like they have done so many times before. Except this time, it is quieter and more precious somehow. They don’t say anything more about last night but they don’t need to. And when they are ready to get up, Even leans over and presses his lips to Isak’s forehead and inhales. Breathing in Isak’s smell, Isak’s warmth, all of Isak. And he smiles against Isak’s forehead in contentment. 

{ok so this is super long and emo but this is what the skam drought is doing to me guys sorry!} 

Re-blog made some corrections :).

10/10 mind of mine lyrics

• She got, she got, she got, her own reasons for talking to me, She don’t, she don’t, she don’t give a fuck about what I need.

• She’s crying out that she loves me, holding my hands so I won’t leave, cause baby don’t wanna be lonely, she says “I just want you to hold me”.

• Right now I’m emotional, I lose control, when I’m with you, I hope I haven’t said too much, guess I always push my luck when I’m with you.

• Melodies and memories, stories that sound absurd, I will tell no lies.

• You’re looking in the wrong place for my love, don’t think because you’re with me this is real.

• This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it, you’re caught between a dream and a movie scene.

• She is the life of the party, Don’t stick that knife in my body, It’s something she always wanted, It’s for a good cause, You’re doing a good job.

• I got caught up in this game and you know I won’t say names of who’s to blame.

• No lies in my eyes, nothing but truth will leave my mouth, I’m tryna fucking scream but the words won’t come out.

• In the clouds where the angels sing, In your eyes, where I wanna be.

• I found my life in between a first kiss and a last goodbye

• Saw your face and got inspired

• I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always, I’d love to wake up next to you.

That. Bar. Scene. Not gonna lie…I’ve already watched it a million times.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind now that Marcus is in love with Tomas. Like, he didn’t want to think about everything being over because he doesn’t want Tomas out of his life. He basically invited Tomas to travel around the world with him. Not to mention the song playing…The line when Tomas left was something along the lines of the singer not knowing why they’re in love with who they’re in love with.

Stop being so oblivious to it, Tomas and, Marcus, make a move already because this whole being subtle thing obviously isn’t working.

So back in…Woof, a while ago, now - I was asked by my friend and art hero Lindsay if I’d like to do backgrounds on a special episode of Adventure Time.

The ep is called Beyond the Grotto and I might sound biased but it’s really really good you guys. Now I’ll tell you a li’l behind-the-scenes info!

The first thing I needed to do was watch the rough storyboard animatic, which has most of the voice/(temp)music done with all the storyboards in place of full animation. This quickly became one of the coolest experiences of my life, since I was watching an ep of AT like 7 million years before it aired!!!

Next, I did some concepts to give Lindsay and the studio an idea of where we were going with the style and colour! I wanted to include as many vibrant and Matt-style palettes as possible haha

Then, I took the storyboards and painted the BGs! This was a very new and strange experience for me and I learned a lot and also made some dumb mistakes (which I’m very glad for because now I know how to do a cool new thing!)

I hope this was interesting to read! I know there’s lots of great production blogs about this stuff but, as a first timer, it was really cool to finally see behind the curtain on a show that I’ve loved since forever ago. (:

You should check out Beyond the Grotto, if you get a chance! It’s really great!!

Sexy Saturday Recs

The MI6 Cafe is celebrating Sexy Saturday in the Bond fandom this weekend, so while I try to finish writing a sexy fic of my own, I wanted to rec three of my favorites!

1. Salt on your Skin, by @ashinan​: asdfjkl is this the hottest thing I have ever read in my entire life? IT’S VERY POSSIBLE. Glove kink, 2482 words of Bond and Q being insatiable fucks while they fuck. Official summary: 

“Q really wants to be naked right now, but Bond won’t let him open the damn door.” 

2. By No Ordinary Means of Communication, by Laughtershock: a beautiful 00Q epistolary told with post-it notes and poetry magnets and mission transcripts and FEELINGS, and then in the last quarter of the fic Laughtershock gives us a scorching office sex scene. I’m not even that fond of office sex a lot of the time! But this one is so fucking hot–that trust kink, jfc–and it still manages to fit so well with the rest of the fic. So good. Official summary: 

Q can’t help but wonder how, exactly, his life has come to this. (The one where Bond discovers post-it notes, Q discovers how not to talk about feelings, and together, they fight crime make things far more complicated than necessary.)

3. …Would Smell As Sweet, by im_not_a_lizard: One of the best damn aphrodisiac PWPs in the known universe. Q is “absolutely destroyed” by desire, completely fucking leveled by it, and Bond’s got to fuck him to save his life, and it’s insanely hot. What I love so much about this is that it’s got such a solid foundation of in-character Bond and Q at its core. Starting with Q fighting against the effects to take all the possible safety precautions and Bond refusing to leave him because his protective instinct has been activated, and concluding with the social after-effects at Six and the twist ending, this fic is so, so convincingly Bond and Q in characterization and setting, and it’s fantastic. (It’s also a locked fic, so make sure you’re logged in to AO3 to read it.) Official summary: 

“Written for this prompt: I think we all know Q department would totally be mixing up some aphrodisiacs for the 00’s to use (or maybe even just for science). I want Q accidentally dosed and Bond being all gentlemanly and trying to help him through it without doing anything that Q may regret later. Meanwhile, Q is very much in favour of climbing Bond like a tree and having him every way he can.”   


Kagerou Days vampire-verse version(?) :”D

Jasper, Suave, and Eterna by @blogthegreatrouge - senpai

Sorry, fail everywhere.. I can’t colouring or draw jasper.. I get artblock in the end.. I hate myself.. Bad english.. Now, I want to burn my PC.. //Just kidding

In route 1, Silver Bullet can kill vampire too guys.. not just werewolf.
In route 2, just imagine metal cross fall from the top of church
In last route, of course suave sacrifice his life for saving jasper  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
Suave without face look like Grillby XD

Actually, I want to draw Kagerou days last scene, but because I don’t know Jasper’s favorite animals. So, i can’t draw it.

About the whole ‘I Love You’ scene ... Or why I ship Sherlolly and I still feel it’s not okay.

SHERLOCK MERCHANDISE GIVEAWAY! (Now that I got your attention): This is probably the first and last time I publish something personal but here it goes. I don’t want to offend anyone’s views AND I REALLY HOPE I DON’T on Sherlock, Mofftiss, or any of the existing ships that there are, because I think each of them are great and the best we can do to contribute to the show’s life). But because of THE episode, I needed to get this out of my system, which I don’t usually do. I have always shipped Sherlolly and will always do, now I wasn’t expecting TFP to confirm any ships at all, nor Sherlolly, nor Johnlock nor Adlock (although from the last episode I did think it plausible). Honestly, I think I would have been okay if it would have had 0 romance or ship hintings, because that’s what the Arthur Conan Doyle stories were about, and what Moftiss were also about and I was okay with that, and is the reason I fell in love with Sherlock in the first place. 

But after watching this… I’ve seen people complaining about Molly not being made justice or Sherlock having been cruel with her. And you know what? As a huge fan of Molly Hooper and Sherlolly shipper I think so too. I don’t even think it is Sherlock’s fault because he has after all always said that he doesn’t want to be involved in any kind of sentimental relationship, so it just feels like another loose end to me. Sorry, but I do think that if they wanted to make it explicit, they could have. (But then again this is probably me just being frustrated). So to have this heartbreaking scene and then having to judge if it is true sentiment speaking or just saving her life… No, sorry, I do think she deserves better as a character, and even with the ‘happy families back together’ scene felt a bit like going back to the beginning. And that the beautiful and complex character that is Molly (SHE HAD A BAD DAY FOR GOD’S SAKE AND THEY’LL NEVER LET US KNOW WHY) and that she gets this half-forced truth out of Sherlock… I’m not saying I hate Mofftiss, and I don’t usually complain, but as a viewer I still felt that too many things were left out in the air with no seeming resolution,especially for her. And that somehow, so much was built and revealed for a good five minutes of hardcore drama and then ‘I love you’ and a smile while entering 221B? So I do feel they could have done slightly better if that was what they were actually aiming at. So what do you think? Agree, disagree, hate, hate me? 

At least I can say I fucking loved Eurus and thought the episode was not that bad after all, and we got some shit-scary-tension family moments. Oh, and that I will happily go back to fulfilling my Sherlolly needs as soon as I can!

(Any mistakes were mine, English is still not my native language)

Writing Fic Yesterday
  • Me: Come up here! I need to use you as a study for my fic
  • Bae: ???
  • Me: I want to see if this kissing scene could actually work in real life
  • Bae: *runs up stairs excitedly*
  • Me: ok now cup my face
  • Bae: *leans forward* *knocks over bottle of water* *stumbles* *slams into me*
  • Me: dafuq are you doing
  • Bae: I got nervous

ive come to the realization i love gonta gokuhara. i wake up every day in my life to rewatch every gonta gokuhara scene in drv3. whenever im crying i always look at his eyes and he lightens my day. i have fallen in love with gonta gokuhara. this character represents me. in every way. every single moment of my life from now on is devoted to gonta gokuhara. i love gonta gokuhara so much id do anything for gonta gokuhara i want to hug this character and give him love. my life is gonta gokuhara.

i am the living embodiment of gonta gokuhara.


Pals David Tennant and Mark Gatiss - behind the scenes of The Lazarus Experiment

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Mark Gatiss:

Mark:  So, this is my Doctor Who that I’m in.
David:  Yeah!  That’s it!
Mark:  Having waited all my life.  Even before the program was on I wanted to be in it.
David:  You are one of… now there is a fact here isn’t there?  One of only 3 people to have written and appeared in Doctor Who.
<…and then Mark presents an argument that one of those gentlemen doesn’t count because it wasn’t a speaking part, making him only the 2nd writer to have also acted in an episode>

[Discussing the scene after Lazarus falls to his death on the floor of the cathedral]
Mark:  Now your shoe is about to come down just in time…
Mark and David: OOOHHHH!!!
David:  It’s only a naked man!
Mark:  Was that a first?
David:  Is it?  No, I think John Barrowman was the first naked man in Doctor Who, but I think you can only be the second.
Mark:  Oh, I’m sick of this!  Second.. or third… or not even that!  What’s going on?
David: <Squeaks with laughter> You’re the first writer who has also appeared in the show who is also naked.
Mark:  Brilliant!
David:  That is definitely you


When the bae is sick but u dont care n kiss her anyway and now ur sick af

also sapphire didnt eveen got sick at all lmao 
In honor to all the people who wished me health soon and gave me cutest drawings about it.THANKYOUGUYS

Got an angsty chapter today so I wanted to draw one of my favourite scenes. Smooth Sans is smooth.

Started drawing this at 3pm and it’s 1:20am now and I just.. I don’t know… my life….

I know Sans’s look and proportions keep changing but I’m bad at drawing proportions, and expressions, and skeletons, and Sans so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part 1 Part 2

Scene from How to Make Muffins by cocojellykellybean.

Art Source: Ice to meet you

Please do no reupload or remove credits.