i want this quote everywhere


He wants to go h o m e. To her. (x

#but can we talk about the fact #that it couldn’t be more crystal clear #that Stein wasn’t talking about his house #or his old life #or anything else #but he turned his head right at Caitlin #and referred to her as Ronnie’s home #even though it’s not Ronnie himself #but he knows very well #he knows what was drawing him to go to Caitlin in the first place #to search for her even in that state of mine #because these two people would have been effing MARRIED to each other by now #happily, I may add #and this gives me all the types of emotions #because that’s what marriage should be #home #and that’s caitlin for ronnie #and excuse me as I cry a puddle of tears because that’s some serious otp material we’re talking about right here



50% “you can’t say anything these days”
45% “but really, we’re the victims”
5% concentrated bullshit where literally 10 seconds of google searching shows that the people spitting were actually arrested and got into trouble


You can do the sarcastic quote marks around “hate” all you like, it’s STILL NOT OKAY TO BE RACIST.

"Hi im Jude and im gay, im super gay for you"

I want this to be my senior quote
I want to put this everywhere
I want this to be listed as my cause of death
I want this on my grave
I want this everywhere

Im crying