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I decided to make the little child that Mae and Bea have as an actual OC so… Here she is. The little trash child known as Cassandra ‘Astra’ Borowski-Santello, or ‘Casey’ for short. 

Yes the nickname was Mae’s idea, and her middle name since she was born on Longest Night. Also she can see ‘ghosts’ with her nightmare eyes… As well as her ‘Uncle’ CC (or the ‘real’ Casey). 


It wouldn’t leave me alone so I rewrote this scene from “Alone”

“Hey, don’t forget this. Relax the back. Breathe in, breathe out.”

“How do you know all these things, Mulder?”

“I’m unemployed. I got a lot of time on my hands. Oprah. I watch a lot of Oprah.” There’s sadness in her eyes, or exhaustion; these days it’s hard to tell with a myriad of new expressions and feelings in her repertoire. He’s getting better at it, though. At all of this.

“Actually, I read the books.” Mulder admits with a sheepish smile. He hasn’t mentioned it before, because they have yet to talk about this. This baby thing. He doesn’t know what she expects, and up until he read up on it in the books, he wasn’t sure what he could expect either. For better or worse, another conversation they should maybe have and soon, he is in this now. He’s all in.

“The books, Mulder?” Bless her for shooting him a smile in this mess.

“Yes, the books. All of them. Like I said, I’m unemployed and… and I want to be involved, Scully. I missed so much already. I’m not going to miss anything else. I mean unless you don’t want me… here or there.” He holds his breath afraid she’s going to throw him out or take the pillow from him and hit him with it. Instead she touches his arm, lets her fingers curl around it. Mulder feels the pillow under his shirt slip to the ground where it lands with a soft thud. Neither of them cares.

“I do want you, Mulder. Here, there and everywhere.”

“Scully, did you just quote a Beatles song?” She moves closer to him, her stomach gently bumping against him, and he tightens his arms behind her back. They haven’t been this close in too long and he wishes they could stay like this, in this pure, perfect moment, for a while longer.

“We should get going. I shouldn’t have spent so much time at the office. Leaving was harder than I thought it would be.”

“Don’t feel guilty for leaving, Scully. I’m sure Agent Doggett can take care of himself.”

“He deserves a partner, Mulder. I always had one.” He’s quietly staring into her eyes.

“I know, but right now, you should worry about the little agent in here,” he puts his hand on her stomach carefully without breaking eye contact. The smile on her face tells him this is right, “you don’t owe the FBI or him anything.”

“Thank you, Mulder.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s go and forget about the FBI for a couple of hours. We don’t want to be late, do we? We need to learn how to breathe after all.” Together, he thinks and grins at her before he puts his hand on her back leading her out the door.

Okay but speaking of Disney movies and Jake, am I the only one thinking he has A LOT in common with Flynn Rider? Especially in the Tangled series…


He wants to go h o m e. To her. (x

#but can we talk about the fact #that it couldn’t be more crystal clear #that Stein wasn’t talking about his house #or his old life #or anything else #but he turned his head right at Caitlin #and referred to her as Ronnie’s home #even though it’s not Ronnie himself #but he knows very well #he knows what was drawing him to go to Caitlin in the first place #to search for her even in that state of mine #because these two people would have been effing MARRIED to each other by now #happily, I may add #and this gives me all the types of emotions #because that’s what marriage should be #home #and that’s caitlin for ronnie #and excuse me as I cry a puddle of tears because that’s some serious otp material we’re talking about right here

"Hi im Jude and im gay, im super gay for you"

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