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1k words inspired by this post by the lovely nareh and my own extensive feelings about yuri getting acquainted with victor’s humanity, and loving it.

It’s amazing how much Russian Yuri’s learned in just four months. He’s confident enough he can bring himself to run errands that require basic communication with St. Petersburg locals, like buying groceries or greeting neighbors when he takes Macca for a walk.

He wouldn’t need to be Russian-savvy to know what he’s hearing right now is anything but a friendly conversation, though.

They’d been halfway through Finding Nemo when Darth Vader’s Theme - Victor’s ringtone for Yakov - drowned out Dory’s whale-speaking efforts. Victor was about to refuse the call when Yuri suggested he answer lest it’s something important about tomorrow’s practice.

Now, the way Victor’s face twists in frustration as he paces up and down the living room has him regretting that thoroughly.

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