i want this perfume so much

Worried Infidelities

I trusted you.
I gave you my all and you just back stab me like I was nothing.
Did the hours I put in trying to fix us not help?
I stayed up for nights wondering when you were gonna be home.
What’s your excuse this time?
You had a little too much to drink and stayed at a friends house?
You and your friends were too high off of god knows what and you didn’t want to come home?
Or maybe it’s that you lost track of time?
I’m done with the bullshit lies.
I can smell the perfume on your neck that isn’t mine,
And those faint lipstick marks on your body don’t help your case either.
Your pupils are dilated so far you could see past all the stars in the goddamn galaxy,
And your hair all messed up like someone was playing with it.
Was she worth it?
Was she better than me? 

Am I not good enough for you?

Sorry this reply took this long, I was actually going to write this huge post and then thought better of it.

Enchanting objects, like a piece of jewelry or clothing or your brush or blender or perfume or mop or whatever, at its very core, entails pretty much telling the object what you want it to do.

This sounds very simplistic, but really that’s what it is. Various practitioners use various ways of this “telling,” so there are as many methods as there are witches.

Say you want to enchant your earrings so that people notice you more when you wear them.
Some witches write a poem that verbalises this idea, and recite it over the earrings. Some witches draw a picture of themselves being all glamorous and wonderful - or use a picture of someone known for that, say, Marylin Monroe. They wrap the earrings in the picture with an eye-catching ribbon and keep it that way to “soak up.” Others will brew a potion that, to them, is the essence of being notices - maybe made of the most beautiful flowers, of the best fragrances? - and wash the earrings with that.

Many witches, many methods.

But if you look at what they actually do, you can see they’re telling the objects “you will now be associated with this idea, you will have this effect, that’s what I want.”

INTP problems

● Having a ton of good ideas in your head, but never putting effort into making them a reality

● Stuck between being productive or playing video games all day in bed

● Constantly losing shit

● Wanting affection, but then disregarding it and telling yourself “Oh I don’t need that!! That’s dumb”

● Zoning out at inappropriate times, which is pretty much always?

● Talking someone’s ear off in a one on one conversation to the point where the other person wants to flee for their lives

● Knowing plenty of random subject matter, but once again doing nothing with it

● Getting a recognizable odor to you because spraying cologne or perfumes is less effort than taking a shower (yeah I’m guilty of this)

● Controlling your emotions is like a dog climbing a tree

● When you get “into” someone, you REALLY get into them, and then get confused about why you feel so ridiculous around them

● Love is terrifying and impossible to explain

● Laughing to yourself over stuff on your phone and having people give you strange looks over it

● Thinking of ludicrous, silly, unrealistic possibilities or theories just for the hell of it

● Taking criticism personally and then acting as if it’s no big deal even though inside you’re probably crying or pissed off

● Taking ages to come to a conclusion over something because you think of about 800 different ways it could go

● Last but not least… wanting to be anything else but an INTP because you have waaaaaay too much going on in your head to properly process all of it


This is team Nagoya aka “Hitsumabushi5”! I was a bit worried about the line up at first but it was a very comforting team after all. I want to do promo with this team again! From left to right: Pink Yellow Red Blue Green
くじ引きで決まった時は大丈夫か心配されたけど、非常に心地よく穏やかで柔らかいメンバー構成でした。またこのメンバーでまわりたい。左からPink Yellow Red Blue Green
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnth0JjZ1a/

Recording radio comment alone. I got so nervous and I kept saying “we are Perfume!” even though I was alone. LOL I wonder how the other two did.
一人でPerfumeのコメント。ほんまに緊張。最後つい癖「Perfumeでした!」て言っちゃった。笑 二人は上手に話せたかなぁ?
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnt99bjl1W/

Last interview was at CBC. This one’s with Era-san who taught us all about being on the radio. I’m sure the other members wanted to see him, too. He was fixing his hair so much before taking this photo. LOL
Next year is the 10th anniversary since “Perfume no Panpaka Party” started. Maybe
we can do it again!
最後の収録はCBCさん。ラジオの難しさと楽しさを教えてくれたエラさんと♪二人も会いたかっただろうなぁーぁ。撮る前すんごく髪型気にしてた。笑 来年はPerfumeのパンパカパーティー10周年なんだって!復活できたらいいな〜
あ〜ちゃん https://instagram.com/p/BKnufNOj1RV/

This one is with Suzuki-san. He’s been helping us with promo for a long time. He doesn’t take cool and serious pics so this is what I got. LOL
We laughed so much and had a fun and relaxing interview.
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnxhuZDT-Q/

Takoyaki was super yummy so I had a whole pack and a half! Can’t stop! I think I’ll keep eating forever so I regretfully stopped myself…LOL
タコ焼き美味しすぎて1パック半食べちゃった!何個でも食べれるねぇ〜 止めないと永遠に食べちゃいそうなのでなくなく我慢しました笑
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnxyVRD9OB/

This was waiting for me in the dressing room after promo!! Look at the “11” candles! It was such a wonderful day full of love!
Got to see so many beautiful people. Thank you guys for following us on instagram all day! Perfume goes on!
たくさんの人に会えて愛を感じられてとってもとっても幸せな日だったなぁ 1日インスタチェックしてくれたみんなありがとう!
かしゆか https://instagram.com/p/BKnyNsVjqB9/

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5 things you’ll find in my bag
- a rose salve
- books. tpoto & maskerade currently (get it?)
- a pretty notebook for lists
- my wallet
- a compact mirror

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom
- mY BOOKS, 3 nice big shelves of em
- my perfumes, nicely arranged (no makeup tho)
- photos of my family
- jewelry, on a tiny rose-y mannequin
- so much rose themed stuff

5 things i’ve always wanted to do in life
- succeed in what ive chosen 4 myself
- keep my family happy & together
- travel travel travel, see the world
- have a “study,” how cool would that be
- dance at least a little like my fave dancers

5 things I’m currently into
- dragon age
- the construction of aesthetics on tumblr as identities. amazing.
- my theses
- perfecting my arabic
- death poetry/elegies

5 things on my to do list
- translating classical poems
- finishing my arabic thesis
- getting a good start on my honors thesis
- putting together my grad school apps
- GREs pls kill me. so many exams.

5 things people don’t know about me
- im v delicate 
- self confidence issues like u wouldnt believe but i pretend theyre not there
- I LOVE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES BUT U DEF KNOW THAT? would kill someone 4 a pomegranate
- i adore creature/human dynamics, and think the horror genre could use more spicing up
- i have like 12 comfort novels i reread a lot. a lot a lot. n ppl think that’s odd but i love rereading novels? i like revisiting worlds and adding layers to what i saw the last time, and the time before that.


I got fragrance oils recently to play around with perfume making, so I decided to try to make a couple of bath bombs just for fun 😂 Obviously I’ll still by buying most of my bath bombs, but I was feeling crafty and wanted to try making some with my own fragrance blends (I’m a sucker for perfumery) and this is the result. I’m mildly terrified to use this tbh, I feel like I used WAY too much pigment 😂

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What kind of offerings can you give to your deities? I do worship several gods/goddesses and I dont know what to offer lol. Also, i love your blog so much💕💕

Traditionally, food or wine is given to deities and left on the altar for a set amount of time and respectfully disposed of before it goes bad. However, many deities have their own personal symbols and sacred things. For example, I worship Aphrodite and always offer her perfume, play love songs, and leave roses at her altar. Flowers are also a great idea for Persephone. For a deity like Hermes you might want to offer him some maps or cool coins. It really varies on who the deity is! So I recommend doing some research and getting ideas for the deities you worship from there. :) Good luck!

Imagine: Being a teenage run away at The Freakshow P2

Jimmy and I had been together for a while now, I loved him, so much it was almost unreal, but it was the fact that I noticed he would leave for hours, sometimes in the middle of the night, shower then come back to bed with me that would cause me to be most concerned. I laid there awake, waiting for him to crawl into bed, which he did, wrapping his arms around me, and nuzzling into my neck, that’s when I could smell perfume on him. “Jimmy?” I whispered “Yeah, baby?” I grew quiet, trying to hold back tears, not knowing if I wanted an answer. “Where… where do you go at night?” “I just go for walks, babe.” “Then why do you smell like perfume?” I asked him. This time, he did not know how to respond. That’s when I tried not to cry, as he sighed deeply. “You have another girlfriend?” I asked, my voice cracking. “No, Sophie, no, listen… i-it isn’t like that,” I removed his arm from me and got out of the bed. “No! Sophie, don’t! Please, let me explain! Don’t go, please!” I grabbed my shoes and burst through the camper door. Lighting a cigarette as I walked passed Paul and Amazon Eve. They both watched in confusion, as Jimmy ran after me. “Please, let me talk to you!” “Then talk!” I yelled. Jimmy grew quiet again, and I saw as people began to wake up. Jimmy’s mom, Ethel coming out as well, rushing over. “What’s going on?” She asked tying her robe. “Well, talk,” I said realizing I was making a scene. “I just… I would… Rather explain it in a more private place, please?” “Did she find out?” Asked Ethel looking down at the ground. Jimmy didn’t say anything and sighed deeply, his face turning red. “About what?” I asked giving Jimmy a confused look. “I have some unconventional ways that I make extra money for us, Sophie. I have kept it from you, because I was afraid you would get upset,” he finally said, “What unconventional ways are you talking about?” “I do some favors, for some house wives, in town. In exchange for money,” my heart began to beat in my throat “You fuck them?” I asked, my eyes watery. “No, no. I don’t do that, I do other things…” He said as he lifted his hands. I became overcome with a sick feeling, “Okay,” I said then started to walk away again. Jimmy ran up to me and grabbed me “Don’t touch me, I’m going to throw up, I can’t… I just…” “Please, Sophie, I love you, I love you so much. I can stop this, I never meant for it to be drawn out so long, I don’t even like doing it, I wanted us to have a better life, I see a future with you,” “Then get a job like everyone else!” “It isn’t that simple when you have lobster claws for hands, Sophie. When you’re my girl, you’re the only girl, this is just a job for me. No feelings, no nothing, and I can stop it. Just please, don’t leave me.” “After everything I told you about me, after how much shit I have been through, and you decide not to tell me.” I said shaking my head. “I don’t know if I can forgive you,” I said looking at my feet “It’s all I can think about,” “Please, Sophie. It’ll never happen again, I just want to be with you, only you, no one else. I only wanted to have a life with you, I didn’t it to be like this… Believe me, it was the only thing I could be good at where I can make better money then a few shows a month here, I have made a lot of money, I promise you, it’s all locked in a suitcase. Waiting for us to run away with it. Please; I can give you the world someday, baby, and I can promise you on everything, it’ll stop.” I looked at him, and I believed what he said. I believed this was just work to him. He touched my face as a tear went down my cheek. “Okay,” I said softly. “No more from here on out, or I’ll promise you I’ll be gone,” He smiled as tears fell from his eyes. “You have my word, doll.” He kissed me lovingly, and the crowd dispersed, relieved that we had stopped. I went back to bed with him, letting him hold me, trying to let it all go.

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“ Lord Henry went out to the garden and found Dorian Gray burying his face in the great cool lilac-blossoms, feverishly drinking in their perfume as if it had been wine. He came close to him and put his hand upon his shoulder. “You are quite right to do that,” he murmured. “Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”

ie. I am tired of Dorian Gray always being depicted as this evil edgelord with black hair, so I decided to paint my own version of him which is (hopefully) much more true to what Oscar Wilde would want

also I kinda based him off Ezra Miller because he would make a perfect Dorian in my opinion

I Wonder (Skate Maloley)

I haven’t written in forever. Life has been insane. This past week I’ve wanted to write something so much and then I heard these songs. - Bri xoxo

Inspiration Here and Here


The faint smell of Chanel mademoiselle perfume followed her into the room, it’s contrast to the stench of weed like a mysterious paradox. Her blackberry smirk the only sign that her life wasn’t completely absorbed in doing things the proper way. She watched me, I couldn’t tell if she was staring at me or the drink in my hand. She had an aura that proved she didn’t need me, or any guy for that matter. 

I slip some ice into a cup and mix her a drink, making sure to add just a little bit more tequila than I should. She takes a seat on the leather couch, and I make my way to her, “you look like you could use this,” I admit smoothly. 

She looks up at me, eyes glistening with humor, “my parents told me I shouldn’t accept drinks from strangers.” 

“Well, I’m not a stranger, darling.” I mutter dropping to the spot beside her, “I know you…so well.” 

“Enlighten me.” 


The boy, who I didn’t know his name, took a deep breath and placed the drink in front of me. I knew he hadn’t spiked it, or anything of that regard. However, if I accepted such a thing my whole persona would be dropped. 

“I wonder,” he begins, “you walk in here, wearing the perfume your mother bought you for your 16th birthday. You’re allergic to it, and you’ll have a rash at the end of the night but you don’t care because boys like that scent. You put on a color like that-” he gestured toward your lips, his thumb barely grazing your bottom lip, “because the boy you fell in love with a year ago likes dark lipstick.” 

“You wonder?” You question, trying your best to disregard what he just said. 

“Why a girl like you tries so hard to impress boys like me.” 

You furrow your eyebrows, “why would I try to impress you? I don’t even know your name.” 

He takes your wrist and trails his smooth fingers along the inside of your arm, “because I’m going to be the reason ink will be ingrained in your skin, right here.” You glance up at him and he smiles. His touched caused little goosebumps to erupt on your skin, the music was loud and the people were even louder. The nameless boy with long hair leaned forward and you caught a whiff of the blueberry weed lacing his breath that contrasted with the smell of your bubblegum breath in a way you never thought it could. 

The brunette brushes your cheekbone with his fingers, and presses a kiss to your plump, blackberry lips. 

“See, now you know exactly what’s going to happen before you even know my name–enjoy your drink.” 

Taking Requests! I’m currently studying law which is so much work but I have a lot of time on my hands regardless and so many ideas! Thanks for those who have stuck with me xx 

“Flower balm perfume, all my clothes smell like you,
‘cause your favorite shade is navy blue.”
 If My Heart Was a House / Owl City

For Mimato Week! I did not know it was a thing and I pretty much missed it but I want to at least make something for these two so this happened. :D

//Edit: This design is now also available at Redbubble!


By the way, back in April, I had a Sailor Moon themed wedding!

All of the details below:

I didn’t want to freak my husband out toooo much before we got married, so I threw in subtle things here and there.

The main flower was of course, the rose! I even had some rose petals scattered across all of our reception tables.

My “charm” was my perfume.  It’s La Vie Est Belle by Lancome.  I love it sooooo much.  So soft and feminine!! Honestly, it relaxed me and gave me so much confidence.

I tried to find a tiara similar to Neo Queen Serenity!  When I bought it, my husband had NO CLUE that I got it with Sailor Moon in mind.  I had to show him later how I thought it was similar.

It’s really hard to get a good picture, but the sides of my shoes look like little ribbons or wings.  I thought they were really pretty, and very lightly fit my theme.

Honestly, when I went to look at dresses, I had a completely different one in mind.  I wanted to get one that would have hugged my hips a little more… but I saw this one hanging and immediately fell in love.  Once I wore it, I felt like Princess Serenity.  And this was before I had it fitted!! I got detachable sleeves to make it Church appropriate.

I marched down the aisle to “O God Beyond All Praising”, which is the Hymnal version of the song “Jupiter” by Holst.  At 5 foot 9, I’m a little bit taller than the average chick and I get compared to Jupiter more than any other senshi.  So, why not?!

My jewelry was a gift, and the bracelet was my something borrowed.  I just thought that they were something Princess Serenity would wear.

The cake.  Oh my god, the cake.  I got it from a Japanese-French bakery that’s local.  Whipped cream over Japanese-style Strawberry Shortcake!  I think I was their first wedding cake!  The cake topper…. I found off of Etsy.  When we cut it, we played “Fly Me to the Moon”, the Frank Sinatra version.

OBVIOUSLY I went went the Cutie Moon Rod, made from the love between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.  It was the only blatant SAILOR MOON picture I wanted.

Also, I secretly think that my husband is VERY SIMILAR to Chiba Mamoru.  I was really happy he went along with everything. ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us in the US and showed your support!! A lot has happened but we got over them and succeeded. I also want to thank the team and Perfume members for getting up the courage to do this tour. That view and excitement we saw from the stage was incredible. I want to show it to our Japanese fans, too. Photo is with our stage director.

FROM a-chan

"Princess Fragrance" Hopes

So Princess Fragrance will be airing soon. For those of you who don’t know, that will be Rose’s akumatized name. And I just had a though:

I’m going to assume her weapon will be her perfume. Like, what if her perfume works like, if you get hit, you fall in love with the first person you see and what if LB gets hit and sees Chat and she’s all over him and he’s like “As much as I would like this, you’re under a spell and I can’t take advantage of that. I want you to fall for me under your own will.” Because he is a gentleman. And then after everything is over, he explains what happened and says that she was possessed but that he kept his distance from her and she is really grateful and gives him a small peck on the cheek, and of course he blushes and stutters as she soars away. He’s basically a mess for a good week.

Just thought that would be cool!

Natalie watches Carol - Part 1
  • Dude, stop intruding. They’re having dinner. GAY DINNER
  • Look at them gay staring at each other.
  • I’m gonna die, Therese is too cute.
  • “Do you ship?” Don’t play with me.
  • Fuck yes, she left her gay gloves.
  • Ew boys
  • So. Much. Tension.
  • No, she does absolutely not want to marry him.
  • I wish I got served that quickly when I ordered food.
  • Carol you’re thirsty as fuck inviting her over to your house.
  • “Flung out of space” *sob*
  • Hahaha Richard saying “Love you” and Therese mouthing “Bye”.
  • The cinematography in this movie is gorgeous.
  • She doesn’t usually take pictures of people, but she does now *sobs some more*
  • Omg she’s playing Easy Living
  • Somebody send help.

Part two.

why does women’s perfume smell so much better than cologne for guys like 99% of men’s cologne makes me want to gag bc it smells awful but girls perfume always smells so nice am i right ladies 

Hey taylorswift. I’m JiaJun ツ I love you so much! ♡ This was the first time I saw your perfume “Incredible Things” on display, I was extremely excited so I took a photo with it. I want to say this to you, Taylor. You taught me how to shake things off and not care about other people’s opinion of me, but just be myself. You’re the sun behind my dark hurtful clouds, you come out to make me smile and keep on embracing in life. You’ve helped me in times when I had no one to share my feelings with or to talk to, I just turn to your music and I feel like you’re talking to me. When I cried because of those liars and dirty dirty cheats of the world, your voice soothed me and when I was angry, your words spoke to me. I am proud to say that I’ve been a Swiftie for 6 years and the main reason behind it is because you’ve always been true to yourself. You’ve inspired me to be the person I am today and I’m so grateful for that. I’m seeing you this November 7th in Singapore for the 1989 World Tour and I’m seated at Section 224. I really can’t wait for that special moment when you come out on stage to sing “Welcome to New York.” Taylor, thank you so much for showing me Incredible Things all the time!!!