i want this passion again

“We are victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt”

I was setting myself on fire because I thought I was keeping you warm but now I understand that even the most intense burning passions cannot melt a heart as cold as yours.
—  Things I realized when I thought about what I want to tell you if I ever see you again, part VII
Lost My Way. (Tom Holland.)

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Requested – No. This is like my comeback, I’m also sorry if it sucks ass.

Prompt – Famous actor Tom Holland has been in the film industry for years now after making it big as Spiderman and he loses himself along the way.

Warning – Douchebag!Tom. Angst. Fluff at the end.  

Words – 2,097.


The flashing lights headed towards Tom’s direction as he stood along the red carpet with his hand around his costar’s waist. He looked in her direction and noticed the smile on her face was fake. Almost everyone has a fake smile around the paparazzi and it was rare to find someone actually enjoying it. There once was a time when Tom could genuinely smile in front of cameras but that time is long gone.

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Ruin The Friendship

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Dylan O’brien x Reader

Words: 3k

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this. ❤️ thank you baby for your help @golddaggers ❤️

This is inspired by Demi Lovato - Ruin the friendship


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The incredibly talented Dylan O'Brien, besides being a huge thing in Los Angeles, was one of my best friends since we were both high schoolers. Dylan was my partner in crime whenever I needed him, no matter how embarrassing the situation was, and he was, obviously, part of each happy memory I had from my teenage years. Fuck, I was so endlessly proud of him. O’Brien managed to make his dream of becoming an actor reality. Of course I already knew that he was going to go far, not just because he deserved it, he did, man, if someone deserved to be in his place, that someone was Dylan, but he loved acting too much to not let it become his life.

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Follower Art Raffle!

A few days ago I reached 1000 followers and I just want to say again how happy I am to share my passion for FE with all of you guys. It’s worth celebrating I’d say!
I already mentioned I’d do a raffle/giveaway when I reach 1000, but I was unsure about the prize. I’ve decided now though: I’ll be randomly picking 10 followers from those participating in the raffle and draw you a sketch of your choosing! It can be FE or something completely different, it’s your call! For this you’ll need to have your ask box open so I can contact you. ^^

So how to participate:

  • You must be a follower (Please don’t follow and join just to get free art and then unfollow after the raffle is done. This is for my lovely, supporting followers)
  •  1 like = 1 entry, 1 reblog = 1 entry!
  • I’ll be picking the winners on 25th(next Wednesday) in the evening and inform them asap!

What you can get:

  • 1 sketch with a subject of your choosing. It can be a single character or a couple, but I won’t do more than 2 in one!

One last time; thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive notes, sweet feedback and your enthusiasm to send asks!

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waking up w bucky and you have to get up but he lies on top of you and lots of fluff but the team busts in like “oooooh””

“Alright,” you sighed, “this has been fun, Barnes. But, I gotta go.”

Bucky’s chest deflated. “What? Why?”

“The team is gonna be here any second. Thought you wanted this to be a secret?” You teased, slightly lifting your head from his chest.

The arm wrapped around your shoulder tried to pull you in tighter, “That was one time. A long time ago. I just wanted you all to myself!” He whined.

“Yeah, well, secrets don’t make girlfriends, pal.” You freed yourself momentarily from his grasp, only to be pulled back down to the bed.

Bucky fought to pin your arms, your laughter filling the room, and he was finally able to drop his body weight on top of you. His forehead pressed into yours, your eyes locked, and his lips pressed gently to yours.

“I don’t want you to be a secret.” He kissed you again, more passionately this time, “Be my girlfr—”.

“Mhmm..” a voice interrupted Bucky’s confession.

Your eyes shut at the sound of Sam’s voice coming from the doorway and the sound of his laughter leaving.

“Well, it’s definitely not a secret anymore.” You laughed.

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Sorry this is stupid garbage lol… haven’t been able to write a long time. Unedited. :)

No one is better than Isaac

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Request: Hey dear! I would love to request an smut image with Isaac Lahey ❤
Maybe something with jealousy? In like Isaac is jealous because the reader has to do a project with another male student and not him? And the male student is really flirty!

Warning: a little smut, teasing


“Y/N you’re gonna work with Gabe on this project.” I roll my eyes. I always hated him. “Hey Babe.” he sits down next to me. I just ignore his comment and start reading the assignment. I look at Isaac. He is working with Lydia but he keeps looking at me. We are dating 4 months now and I’ve never seen him so pissed. “So…are you free this weekend?”  I look at him in disbelief. “You know that I’m dating Isaac right?” He nods. “Yeah but I’m way better than him.” he smirks. “Whatever Gabe.” I start searching things for our topic. “You know that I’m better than him.” I just try to ignore him and look at my laptop.

After class Isaac waits for me. “What did he want?” he crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Oh I think you know what he wanted. You’re a werewolf. You can hear everything.” I want to go to my locker but he stops me. “He wanted to go out with you.” he presses me against the wall. His eyes glowing amber. “Yeah and we both now that that won’t happen like ever. And you should contain yourself. If someone sees you like that they will hunt you.” I duck under his arms and start walking to my locker. “Come with me.” he pulls me into an empty room. “What do you want Isaac?” I cross my arms. “You.” he smiles and takes my head into his hands. The kiss is passionately and soft.    

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“We can’t not here. What if someone walks in?!” I want to stand up but he presses me back down. “I know you want it too. And it’s more exciting.” his eyes glow amber for a second. He kisses me again. More passionately this time. I don’t want him to stop. “Now how was that…you and Gabe?” he asks brushing his nose against mine. “There is nothing Isaac. I am in an relationship with you.” I wrap my arms around his neck. “Well I don’t like the sound of that honey.” his fingertips move to the buttons of the shirt I’m wearing. “Oh so that’s how you want it to be? Me submissive? Never gonna happen Lahey.” I smile pushing him away from me and against the wall. “I only want you to say what I’d like to hear.” his claws form and he shreds my shirt.

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“Isaac! How am I supposed to leave the room with no shirt?!” I scream. “You should have thought about that before you made me angry.” he pushes me back to the table. “And now be a good girl and behave.” he smiles and unhooks my bra. “I hate you Lahey.” I mumble taking his shirt off. “We both know that that’s not true.” he smiles while taking off my pants and panties. “It is. I hate you Lahey.” he starts to finger me. “What was that? I didn’t hear you.” he smiles while i bite my lip. He stops and I look at him. “Now will you tell me what I want to hear?” he smirks. “Nope. I can finish that myself. I don’t need you.” I smile moving my hands down. He grabs my hand. “I didn’t allow you that.” i look at him playfully. “And I didn’t ask for your permission.” he tightens his grib around my wrist.

My other hand wanders to his pants and I quickly take them off. “Oh so horny. Aren’t we?” I smile at his erection. “You know what effect you have on me darling.” he kisses me and pushes me back onto the table. “I want you to scream my name.” he say in between kisses. “Won’t happen.” I smile. I bit down on my lip when he pushes into me. “Well you almost did.” he smiles and starts moving. My fingernails press into his back leaving marks. He stops. “What the hell Lahey?!” he just smirks. “I’ll continue when you tell me what I want to hear.” I roll my eyes. “I’m yours Lahey.” He thrust again. “Louder.” he smiles. “I’M YOURS.” he releases me and pulls me onto his lap. “Now was that so bad?” he asks stroking my back. I lean against him still shaking.

Finally Together

A little NSFW thing I tried to do while drunk and I finally finished it I will not be able to post for the rest of the week but hopefully when I come back I have something new for you guys ^.^

Saeyoung POV

It took a while to get Saeran into a good state were he didn’t hate everyone, but with MC here to help us he became a functioning member of society. Saeran even made a few friends within the RFA, but he was never too found of Zen mostly because of his narcissism. Most days Saeran would play games with either MC or Yoosung those two were the most helpful in his recovery, and with MC living with us we were eating healthy meals and living in a clean house. MC may have been staying with us, but she was not with either of us, though everyone in the RFA but Jaehee wanted to be with her she just wasn’t looking for a relationship I guess. We all prepared for the third party that we were holding since MC had joined us, and there was soon a knock at my door followed by a soft familiar voice “Saeyoung, I’m heading out I have to make sure everything is in order at the revenue.” MC had brought her own car to our home and apparently enjoyed driving because she never rode with me and Saeran. As I was putting on the finishing touches to my outfit there was yet another knock on my door, but this time it was Saeran “are you ready yet, we need to get going.” I made my way over to the door and opened it revealing my brother wearing a nice suit that almost matched mine “awe you look so cute my baby brother.” I went to hug him only to be met by his hand in my face and a set of keys within his hands “we are going to be late, let’s go.”

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my goddess

TITLE: my goddess

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: chapter 14

AUTHOR: pocmarvelworks

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki wants an heir. So he picks you, the most beautiful woman. He keeps you captive in his chambers and breeds you multiple times a day. Until he is sure you are carrying his child.


NOTES/WARNINGS:, screaming, cliffhangers

“You know, I’m actually surprised you let me go outside.” You look up to Loki and smile as he guides you down the street.

“Well, I saw how passionate you were about wanting to be back outside again. I just want you happy.” He looked down at you as you looked away. He smiled at how beautiful you looked. You curls framed your face beautifully, the sundress that adorned your body hugged your curves perfectly, especially the tiny baby bump that was already forming.

“What are you staring at?” You chuckle and nudge him with your elbow.

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Rewriting the Past - seven

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.5k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

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Taking care.

A/N: While I’m in Spanish Linguistics class I’m writing this instead of paying attention. Yeah, okay, dishonour on my cow. But believe me, this is SO boring…Anyway, I’ve been MIA for a while here as I was playing Life is Strange. (OMG I FINISHED THE GAME AND OMG) also, I have to deal with my novel so…

Well, I have here some smutty Matt Murdock for you. I hope you all like it and maybe I’ll post a smutty Bucky in a few days. Depending on you.

Warnings: Language, Smut, Unprotected sex (Use a fucking condom kids!), Dom! Matt.

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You had no idea the power you had on him.

Of course you didn’t. But you were driving him mad.

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besides the explanation stream going on and the community exploding with more and more questions, I wanna take the opportunity to thank mr markimoo himself @markiplier and the team for making this an exceptional journey for all of us. It was a glorious emotional roller coaster, and thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us! Who Killed Markiplier made me more productive in art than I’ve ever been (even though I don’t show it much) and I want to personally thank Mark for bringing up my passion for drawing again in the midst of a college dilemma where I constantly feel like I’m lost and thank you so much for bringing me something that made me want to look forward to. Thank you for the community as well, for making me feel like I’m actually a part of something. You guys are an absolutely great bunch. 

Mark, if you ever see this, thank you so, so, so much for being here. 

So there’s been something on my mind that I think is really cool, and I feel like gushing about it cause i have no shame. 

One thing i really love about tf2 fans are their own class OCs. It’s just awesome because you can really see the creativity that people put into their characters. And what makes tf2 even better is that it is a world that is wonderfully chaotic and surreal. Anything can happen, at any time. We already have hints of there existing other teams and mercenaries and what’s amazing is that, it means your OC could be out there, in the tf2 universe, doing their own thing, having their own adventures, interacting with the Teufort 9, etc..
There are no boundaries as to what can happen, nor rules holding you back. I’ve heard people sometimes say that their OC isn’t that good or original, or feel like it doesn’t match the universe of the story- which is a shame to hear. 
And speaking as a crappy artist myself- if someone ever loved my world and my work so much that they want to jump in and have fun and add to the story with their own imagination, headcanons, etc., then that’s amazing! You truly have achieved something incredible if you can impact someone to love your stuff so much, and inspire them to do more. And you never know if you will be the one to influence or inspire others. 

So I just wanted to say, again, that it’s awesome to see so many passionate people invest and create and write their own stuff. And even if you feel like your ideas or OC aren’t good, that doesn’t change the fact that only you could have come up with it; not to mention all the improvements you can achieve if you keep practicing your art, writing etc.. 
The best thing you can be is yourself, so be proud of whatever you come up with, never stop being inspired, and just have fun with that unique mind of yours :3