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<p><b>hello!</b> this is super late, because i&rsquo;m well over 600 followers now, but i still wanted to recognize my favorite blogs for being awesome and posting fantastic content. i have separated this into three different categories, and have listed the blogs that i reblog from the most, that post my favorite content, or that i just love in general! a lot of you are mutuals, so thank you for that, and some i&rsquo;ve probably never interacted with, but i just love what you post. if you want me to remove you for any reason, please let me know and i will do so.</p>

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Some infos that might interest you........i guess?

Sooooo where do I even start XD 

There might be a lot of changes in my blog, because I will announce my own AU in the next few days! Yes you heard it right, my own AU!!!! 

I planned it out before I even started my Tumblr properly. I know it took long, but i was scared to begin because of me thinking  my art is not good enough and the fact that i just started doing digital art XD  Im still not very satisfied with it to be honest, but i think i planned out enough to start and announce it slowly. 

Im sorry if not every drawing i drew since then was a masterpiece, but I practice each and every day. Thats also the reason my blog might have been a bit messy with everything including the constant change of my artstyle XD  SORRY!

I really really want to do this. I know im not the best artist or storyteller….but I want to start something….beginn something! 

Im really proud of my idea in general so thats why i want to share it with you guys! 

Since Im a huge noob in that topic the beginning might be a bit difficult, but Im sure we will overcome this issue togehter! 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm sorry if this comes off as intrusive. You don't have to answer if that's the case!! But how did you and your partner meet? Have you always been long distance? I ask because I want to ask a good friend out but I've never met them irl and I don't feel confident..

nah its not intrusive ive talked about it before. but my dude…. Star and I met because I made a vague post about them on here. I’m not even joking. so if you think asking your friend out is improbable then like…. dude… its not.

Star followed me for some reason and i looked at their blog and saw them posting nothing but megastar. i then looked at their art and saw that theyre a pretty cool person but i felt too awkward to talk to them at random so i vagued. they responded to it.

we started talking and we got along and have since been the best of friends and eventually starting dating each other in january lmao. theyve always been there for me (and ive always been there for them as well) and we just got along so well that eventually attraction between us blossomed.

i got to visit them last month so that was cool! but other than that, yeah we’ve always been long distance.

i think with asking anyone out, you have to consider a ton of factors so here’s some to consider or ask yourself:

  • are they aromantic or otherwise aro-spec and might not want romance? if yes, you might not want to pursue them unless they give you signs themself.
  • def dont ask them out if they already have someone lmao cheaters arent good people! so make sure you ask if theyre already with someone first. maybe strike up a convo about dating so it isnt such an awkward question.
  • a good indicator that it wont work out or might be super awkward right off the bat is if they refuse to openly interact with you on public social media. if they want to hide you as a friend, then theyll want to hide that theyre with you as well.
  • do they violate any of your boundaries? do you put up with them violating your boundaries because theyre a friend? do you feel afraid to establish boundaries with them if you dont like something they do to you? if Yes to any of these, i suggest seriously thinking about reconsidering things.
  • how long have you known them for? id say if youve known them for more than 6 months it’s ok to ask them out but in my personal opinion if youve known them for less, its probs safe to say that they might not feel open to such things just yet.
  • understand a little thing called the “Honeymoon Period”. seriously. this will make or break your relationship. this period lasts about 4-6 months. it’s characterized by extreme positive emotions towards your partner, infatuation (not love – but it can be mistaken for love unfortunately), and ruining relationships. after about 4-6 months, the honeymoon period will end and you may start arguing lots, you may feel guilty, you may feel sick of them, you may feel bad or anxious. Despite the honeymoon period happening to a lot of people, and despite cishet people romanticizing it (it’s why you see cishet people arguing all the time in relationships – their honeymoon period ended and now they cant stand each other but still stay together for some reason), it’s not actually normal and sort of proves that what you felt for them was infatuation instead of love. now, you can take this infatuation and abolish it and try to build love with them instead. but that takes a ton of time and usually the honeymoon period makes people so salty that they just break up. if this happens, it’s ok to break up or take time to yourself!
  • and lastly, the most important question: can you start the relationship off without immediately saying shit like “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!” and actually take things slowly? can you go hours or even days without talking to them if they have to do something or go somewhere? do you feel safe asking them questions or communicating about potential issues? If not, i wouldnt start a relationship with them. long-distance relationships require a lot of trust, communication, and time. you cant rush things by telling them that you “love them” within the first few weeks or hell even a month imo.

but remember that ultimately its your decision to ask, but you gotta respect their choice in the end. you can do it but i seriously suggest thinking twice if you hesitate at any of these things or questions to consider.

(( Alright, I’m gonna get some things off my chest just to feel better. So, first thing I wanna say is about what’s been happening in the community. It hurts my heart seeing awesome mods and ask blogs go due to toxic anons. I just want to remind people that the sole reason people are so toxic is because they really demand attention and in general, think it’s okay to bully and make outrageous claims about people they never even met ever!! And over fictional characters too. You can really tell these people that bully really have alot of time on their hands and have nothing better to do with themselves. For anyone struggling, please always remember that 1.) These individuals do not live with you. They didn’t grow up with you, they don’t pay your bills, buy your food or clothes, etc. Why even acknowledge these people? Don’t even think about these, honestly stupid ignorant people. Just you even thinking about them is already giving them attention. 2.) DO NOT LET SOME PERSON YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW RUIN SOMETHING FOR YOU…EVER!! I’ve been noticing this lately. There are alot people that could ruin Jojo for me but I honestly I really don’t let them. I always remind people and myself that it’s not the anime’s or the creator’s fault here. It’s the fan base, they become so consumed and obsessed that it gets ugly, just look at Steven Universe. The creator created their content so people can enjoy it. So for me, I’m enjoying Jojo as a whole and I am loving every minute of it. I honestly love it. It’s good. It’s not like the typical fanservice anime’s you usually see and y'all hopefully will agree with me on this because it’s kinda true. And 3.) This is super important, whenever you do get toxic anons, do the 3 things that I do, DELETE AND BLOCK AND REPORT. I do those and I have been good. Yeah I’ll get pissed but I remember that whatever claims they are saying are not true and I honestly delete them because I am not wasting my time with that bullshit. I feel everyone should do this. What it really boils down to is that, just ignore, block, delete, and continue doing your thing in the community. You did nothing wrong. You are not at fault here. Don’t believe anything some random person says because GURL WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING OR QUEEN? BITCH I DO WHAT I WANT.

Just honestly enjoy the content as a whole and most importantly, have fun my dudes. Live for you and enjoy the stuff YOU like. Why? Because YOU were not put on this earth to please anybody and YOU can enjoy anything you fucking want man. That goes for ships to. Ship whoever you wanna ship. It ain’t affecting my bills.

Alright now that we cleared that up, let me tell the other stuff that has been on my mind. I’m sure you’re all aware about Net Neutrality lately. To keep it short, it has me bent out of shape and nervous. I urge you guys to call your senator’s and representatives and let them know that the FCC can’t take our internet away from us so continue calling and resisting. Another thing is that next year, I’m going to college. No surprise there. I’m gonna see how it is and see if I can do the ask blog and college at the same time if not then whenever I get alot of homework, expect hiatus’s. That’s what happens when you start college, it will take up alot of your time that goes for jobs as well. And no, this blog ain’t going nowhere baby. I’m just getting started so when I get the chance, expect to see content. I love my ask blog way too much to give it up! I love interacting with yall!! Just know that despite how this year has been, all the bad crap, with bad also comes good and I sense very good things coming soon for pretty much everything in life!! So live your life and enjoy it and have fun, after all you honestly only live once so do all the shit you have been wanting to do. Also I’m going on a 7 day cruise on December 2nd. So the ask blog will be mini inactive during that span. After that, depending how I’m doing, I’ll try to post content. Thanks for listening you guys and as a wise person once said and I quote Ellen DeGenres, “Be kind to one another.” ))

Originally posted by emzysimmer

I hate antis so fucking much… I hate what they have turned fandom into and I hate what lengths they are willing to go just for some fucking moral crusade about a GODDAMN FICTIONAL PAIRING.

I try my best to enjoy fandom, I try my best to ignore and block all the nasty people who just keep bullying because of no reason. I do my best I swear, but… seeing artist being driven away from fandoms they love, seeing fans hating the original material because of the fandom, seeing creators horrified at what their fans are and feeling unmotivated to continue, seeing people being driven TO DELTETE THEIR BLOGS OUT OF FEAR AND HARRASMENT it’s… too much…

I try to keep positive, to think nothing is 100% bad and they have some kind of… reasoning behind all this malice. I want to motivate people to love fandom and fan content as much as I did back all those years ago, when fandom saved my life and helped me become a better person. But a place where suicide bating is acceptable is… not the place I grew up in.

I miss the times where you could say something fucked up and someone would be into the same thing, and even if there was none you could just laugh it off, not fear for your privacy or mental health… I like dark content, I always have, and being censored like this hurts SO MUCH.

I’m sorry I got so negative… I just needed to vent, I’m angry right now I just… I hate antis so fucking much

anonymous asked:

I’m confused. Are you a fan? you say you don’t like Sam - do you know him personally or do you base this on your perception of his behaviour? Just curious as to why you bother to comment on a couple you don’t like? No disrespect intended, just curious as to your reasons for this article.

Not sure what article you are referring to.

I comment on Sam and Cait because I want to and because I can and because I choose to.

My blog.

My opinions.

My choice.

YOU ANON do not need to be here or read my blog if you don’t want to be here.

No disrespect intended.

See how THAT works?

Am I a fan of Sam and Cait as people? No I am not. Not anymore. I was for a long time. I have been around the Outlander fandom for years.

Their behavior towards fans has been atrocious, starting with IFH and calling people delusional….

It got worse when Sam hired Shitner to get rid of and bully shippers. Fans that Sam and Cait cultivated for YEARS….by their own behavior with each other.

Shippers only went where S/C lead them, then S/C turned on them. Disgusting behavior from both of them.

So yes I am going to comment, because I don’t like it. I don’t like the way good people got hurt. I don’t like the way they are constantly ridiculed and bullied by S/C, their friends, the producers, other fans, etc….

I think both S/C lack morals, integrity, honesty and values.

Does that answer your question Anon?

By the way, I am also a fan of Outlander. Am I not allowed to be in the fandom or watch the TV show because I don’t kiss everyone’s ass on a regular basis and I point out the things that disturb me about the books and TV show?

How about you fan the way you want Anon.

And I will fan the way I want.

And I guess I am not the only fan out there that has questions about behaviors, because I have hundreds of followers.

I always try to be respectful in my opinions and comments, but I must say you pissed me off.

Moving on….

one of the reasons why I did straight white boy problems was because I wanted to grow as a person. This blog was my medium and I pushed myself to create, and to create, I had to expand my perspectives. 

In some ways, the straight white boy character that you became acquainted with was an exaggerated version of myself. Many of the problems were real life occurrences/observations/events that I drew from personal experience, but some problems also came from friends or were satirized to the point where the anecdote was unrealistic. Straight White Boy Problem #965 is honestly one of my personal favorites because this “problem” was actually a real situation in my life, and this situation could apply for several dudes that are questioning the meaning of masculinity.

The person that started at problem #1 is not the same person that finished with problem #1000. I was very much a self-entitled brat when I started this blog, but i have grown since then. I will be graduating college in december with a dual degree, leadership positions in student organizations, and the confidence that I can go out and do anything I set my mind to.

having a level of internet popularity (this blog finished with just over 164k followers) on a medium such as tumblr is very scary. one bad move, and you lose your rep - we have seen that with zubat, pizza, and most recently, sixpenceee. my advice to yall is to keep holding people in these positions accountable, but NEVER elevate internet famous people above other people. not everything i said over 3 years was 100% politically correct, but when i was in the wrong, i had fair and jovial conversations with people to figure out why i was in the wrong. no matter where you go in life, try to treat everybody fairly and equally - hopefully they will do the same to you. 

as for my name, you can call me alec. i did promise i’d tell you guys who i was after everything was said and done so there ya go.

thank you for following this blog and thank you for being a part of this experience. this blog was a giant, beautiful mistake that just kinda happened and im happy that yall enjoyed it as much as i did. i may do something in the future, i may not, but i leave this blog a changed and better person.



I don’t know all the reasons why I like dark things, and I don’t think I need to know them all, but… I was just looking at the blog of that person who said I “dehumanize and fetishize” gay men, and I saw that he was quite young (15) and his blog was all full of pastel colors and references to his mental illness and something dawned on me that I hadn’t thought about in a Tumblr context at all.

Part of my PTSD is about experiences I had in hospitals, and because of that one of my triggers is… not pastels, all by themselves, but like… have you ever stayed in a hospital as a kid? And everything is covered in soothing soft colors and all the nurses wear scrubs with like… cute animal drawings on them and everyone talks in a sing-song voice and reassures you things won’t hurt when they OBVIOUSLY will and you’d rather they tell the truth, accept that you have good reasons to be scared, and get it the hell overwith?

Yeah, I think I just figured out why those kids’ blogs give me a weird tingly feeling of creeping dread.

And I think I figured out, also, where my intense leeriness of “safe spaces” and trigger warnings comes from too–even though as a person with PTSD I’m supposed to want them.

It’s because in my experience, people who were trying to make me feel safe were LYING. They were lying because it was in their interest–in mine, too, but in theirs–for me to feel calm and soothed. For me not to feel despair, or anger, or blind screaming rage.

…Is it any wonder I like the stories where the people with the knives and the cruel smiles and the mind games are blatant about it? Or that I might want a few knives of my own, even though I have no desire to hurt anyone who isn’t going to get off on it?

I don’t want those kids to not need safety.

I want them to stop pretending safety looks the same for everyone.

if you’re an fp! here’s some useful phrases to say to ur bpd pal/partner!

+ “i still love and care about you, but at the moment i am angry right now and i’m not talking to you for a certain time period, and i will talk to you again at ________”

+ “i’m going away for a while/i might not have internet connection, so i’m not going to talk to you for [time period], and i want you to know that i’m not ignoring you”

+ “my connection is bad right now, so i might not see your message, but i promise i’m not ignoring you!”

+ “i’m vagueing someone on [blog/site] right now, but i want you to know that it’s not about you”

+ “you’ve done [something they’ve done wrong], and that makes me uncomfortable/that’s not right. i still love you/care about you, but i need you not to do it again because [state a reason why].

+ “if i suddenly go offline, that means i’ve gone to sleep/my internet got cut off, and i wasn’t trying to avoid you”

+ “i’ve made a new friend/met someone new today, but i want you to know that you’re still my [best friend? number one? beloved partner? you can choose!]

+ “daily reminder that i love you and i care about you!”

SPN 12x19

What I liked most about this episode.



This is my blog, and I’m going to just say a little thing about Destiel because I want to, and I can. Especially because this is the least amount of queerbaiting we’ve ever seen in this show thus far. Why? Because there’s a lot of nuance for those of us who grew up in the Mix Tape Generation, and to us, there’s absolutely no way to misinterpret this scene.

Here’s why I liked it, and found it so wonderful.

There was no reason for this scene. None. It did not play to the overall narrative of the episode, or even, the show in general, which is how a lot of the queerbaiting on the show is done. And you can go ahead and say that it’s just showing that Dean thinks Castiel is a part of the family now and that’s how he’s showing it, but Dean doesn’t make mix tapes for Sam. Or anyone that we know of. It was a small scene. Castiel means to return the tape and Dean gives it back. He says, “it’s a gift. You keep those.”

Now, this is a significant scene for being so brief.

Dean Winchester was born January 24, 1979. Which makes him about my age. And here’s what I remember about people giving other people mix tapes:

You gave your crush a mix tape to say your feelings and hopefully end up macking in the janitor’s closet after fourth period in middle/high school.

If you weren’t making that mix tape for yourself, you were making it for your crush.

Also, the most meaningful band in existence to Dean Winchester, born January 24, 1979 is Led Zeppelin. 

So. He didn’t just make a mix tape to give to Castiel. He made a mix tape of HIS favorite music to give to Castiel. That’s Level 2 flirting through mix tape sociology. And we already know how much Dean treasures his music. How meaningful it is to him. One of the most popular lines from the show, to this day, is: “driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

This small, insignificant scene is probably lost on the younger viewers who didn’t grow up in a mix tape generation, but let me say this: for any of us who were born circa January 24, 1979, knows that this small, insignificant scene is anything but. 

Mix tapes had power.

Mix tapes had significance.

Mix tapes were confessions.

do you ever stop to think about how terrifying neil actually is

neil would watch the world burn for his family. neil would take the fucking lighter and burn the world himself if it served his goals and he wouldn’t hesitate one (1) second. he is ruthless and he has no remorse. killing someone is just another option for him and the only reason he takes running is because he was taught running is the way, and killing would put his family in danger. no one who is morally sane answers “you had a reason” when your crush tells you “i killed my mother”. neil hates aaron because he was in his way. he would watch katelyn die, who has literally done nothing against him, and think “well, too bad”. neil is the definition of being neutral and the proof of how scary it can be. neil doesn’t like knives because it was his father’s weapon, but neil’s blades are his words. neil is much more alike his father than he wants to be.

neil is truly fucking terrifying

when this blog began back in March of 2014, nothing was expected from it. ironically, this blog was the manifestation of a post (that post is here) from earlier that month and this blog was created to share some laughs among some bored friends

a couple of these friends reblogged some of the posts on the blog and the blog suddenly went viral, with a bunch of people asking “when are you going to make more?”

so what is this blog?

looking back -and i didnt necessarily plan this - the blog had three distinct stages

  1. relatable humor blog (problems 1-120)
  2. nuanced perspectives of life from straight white boys (121-350)
  3. humor/character driven, non-linear story development (351-1000)

i had no idea what the hell i was doing through the first two stages. sometime during the second stage, I asked myself, “hmm…this blog focuses on teenage masculinity…how do other people see teenage masculinity and how do I, literally, show that one can become better?” the answer to this is the product that you see today. i wanted to develop a humorized abstract of masculinity through the eyes of a straight white boy instead of continuing to callously satirize white boys. so the product you see today is a result of that. i wanted to keep this blog as ambiguous as i could and I wanted other people to form their own opinions of this blog so, as good artists do, i didn’t say anything. 

the ask above was the last ask that I saw in my inbox this afternoon and i have seen this ask probably over 500 times over the history of the blog. so to answer the question….the answer is both. the blog is supposed to be like this in order to invoke a sense of levity, but also to create a reality that is true for some straight white dudes, and in my opinion, it is what made the blog unique. 

why even do this?

I have been on tumblr since 2012. I have seen a lot of shit. from francieum, the club penguin blogs, badgoku14, and the sandsverse blogs - I wanted to bring something different to tumblr - i wanted to poke fun at straight white boys, but i wanted to be entirely realistic and spot on as well. There’s a reason why there isn’t a “Gay Black Girl Problems” and that’s because not many people can relate to what a gay, black girl goes through day in and day out. Straight White Boys are everywhere, and for that reason, many people can, at the least, relate to being in the presence of a straight white boy, and if i could do that with clever, realistic humor and didn’t demonize white dudes, i knew that the community would be better off for it. additionally, there are few, pure content creators on this site anymore. I know a lot of people use this site as an escape and look for humor to cheer them up, so I thought that I could give back and help people when this site helped me laugh when I was feeling down

who are you?

the wait will be over very very soon


Jesse! You silly, boy! If Gabe would know what you wanna do..

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 (the end)


About “rice eaters” remark:

I got messages accusing me/Jesse of racism because of the moment when Jesse called his opponents from Hanamura “Rice eaters”. I want you all to know, like I also did through a separate post, that I didn’t mean it to sound racist in any way. McCree didn’t see much until he joined Over/Blackwatch, reason for which he might be slightly narrow minded when it came to other cultures. Not because he disrespected them, but because he knew little. He was young and still learning. And I, by no means, am a racist. I love the Japanese culture and don’t have anything against any other culture or race. (and if you check my blog you will see that I truly have no limits or reasons to lie about this). I am sorry if some of you found it offensive/racist, but I had a reason for which I made the remark. 

More about this HERE.


~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (the end)


When I say respect influences my interest in drawing specific things, the rate at which my stuff gets reposted is definitely included. Please, I don’t think I’m asking for much, here.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please read !

hi guys.. sorry for dropping a post like this on you to what probably looks like out of nowhere. i didn’t want to have to turn to tumblr for help with my current situation, but unfortunately it’s come to that because it’s starting to become an emergency.

i’m opening emergency PWYW (pay what you want) commissions due to having to leave my current living situation as quickly as possible. unfortunately due to health reasons i can’t work properly at the moment, and i’ll soon be kicked out of my current apartment because of it.
i’m sure if you follow my blog then you know @jeh0vah, my fiance! my goal is to move in with him, but i can’t work other than doing art and i’ll have to sell a lot of my personal things to be able to try and afford the move.
it’s going to be a rough move and i’m really, really pressed for time. i don’t have any other options at the moment, as my only family i could move in with is extremely abusive and the reason that i moved out on my own in the first place.
i don’t really want to turn this post into a sob story or beg more than i need to, i just want to offer whatever art i can for anyone who would be able to help me.

if you want to commission me PLEASE contact me through tumblr! or, if you have my discord, you can use that as well. we can discuss pricing and such however. literally any amount helps.

alternatively i’ll be opening this paypal of mine for donations… i don’t really like accepting money for nothing so if you want to donate and you leave your tumblr url i’ll be happy to draw something for you? do you want a wormsona of your oc?? i’ll make anyone a worm since that’s my brand now.

here’s my link: paypal.me/johndeerheir

i would really appreciate if you spread this for me aa i’m sorry to drop this post on you all without warning, thank you so much for sticking around this blog with me.

respect each other

So basically I’ve been sitting back, observing, and experiencing. I really wasn’t about to do this but it’s been on my mind since I came back from my hiatus. I’m not sure what happened to the tumblr community but as someone that’s been here for six years, I just want to point a few things out.

I have never seen it get this bad? Everyone used to be much kinder, and more interactive with one another. As far as the world of fics goes, I have some stuff I need to get off my chest because this is ridiculous.

I have never seen the readers so quiet and the writers so discouraged in all my years here.

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anonymous asked:

The fact that you flirt and receive nudes and ass pics from your follows while you have a boyfriend is pathetic. A very poor representation of the gay community.

1. I don’t have a boyfriend; I have a husband.
2. I’m not gay; I’m bisexual.
3. You’re gonna give me shit because of what people take it upon themselves to put in my inbox?
4. If you scroll you’ll see that I never even asked for any nudes. Someone asked me if they could, and I said why not, since people regularly send them to be already and don’t bother asking.
5. My husband is secure enough not to be threatened by a bunch of random ass pics.
6. Our marriage is secure enough not to be threatened by a bunch of ass pics.
7. Who says human bodies can only be viewed in a sexual way?
8. “Pathetic” coming from some chicken shit who doesn’t even have the stones to attach a name to their own message.
9. I don’t answer to you or anyone else (other than maybe my husband, and even then, we arrive at our decisions mutually).
10. It’s no ones job to lead their life the way you think it should be led.
11. Relationships come in all forms and it’s only up to the participants to decide what works, provided that everyone is a legal, consenting adult.
12. Get fucked.
13. Don’t be salty just because I have way more game than you without even trying.
14. Get fucked a second time.
15. No one’s forcing you to look through my blog.
16. Perhaps the reason why no one wants you is because of that piss poor attitude.
17. Get fucked again, preferably by a saguaro cactus.

this is why i prefer when taylor silently lurks cause like… why are the people who self reblog 10+ times when taylor’s online and never come on when she isn’t the ones who taylor knows

edit: this post turned into drought discourse and i like don’t want that on my post because i totally understand why people weren’t here during the drought like i know everyone has there own reasons!!! i just feel like some blogs only come on when taylor is and then spam taylor’s feed with self reblogs and it’s just kinda frustrating because i want taylor to love me but i don’t want to annoy my followers and take away everyone else’s chances by only self reblogging and idk man i just wish there was another way


I’ve been meaning to post more photos;;;

I shared the selfie of these cosplays on my Overwatch side-blog, but here are some more I got from the photographer at Anime Oasis I always go to <3

The Zenyatta design is courtesy of @putridvodka Please go check out their Hidden!AU Genyatta comic, it’s amazingly well-written and adorable.

And I’m still not finished/want to do an even better job next time I put it all on because it was a bitch haha.  The orb was a bit of a mess because of reasons explained below. And please pay no mind to the wrap on my arm;;; I have some wrist issues from my job but it was falling off because of the wire used to hold the orb up.

This costume/day/everything will forever be incredibly important to me, because it’s the day I proposed to my wonderful partner (the ring is hiding out in that orb).  Our Overwatch group are some of our best friends and I clued them all in on it and they helped me keep myself together (I was a manic mess, somehow my fiancé was non-the-wiser to my plans).

I’ll share the video where the proposal happens in a bit so stay tuned~

Photography: Red Zone Fandom (Tim Boothby)

Zenyatta: Me
Genji: @daintyalpacacosplay
Hanzo: @haelkei
Mei: Stardust Cosplay
D.Va: Kamryn (I don’t think he has a cosplay name yet)
Gabriel Reyes: Deux Lunes/BubzBunny Cosplay 

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Statistically, over the years, the Ravenclaw house has been more likely to have the top student in the year. It’s partially because of the stereotype and the pressure put on Ravenclaws for them to hold that position, and partially because some Ravenclaws /are/ school smart. There are a few notable years, such as Hermione Granger, and surprisingly, the students in that year, the one with the highest grades came third in the year behind Draco Malfoy, usually at least they’re second in the year. Even more surprising was when one Sirius Black was the top of the class for a short while, frustrating most Ravenclaws. They didn’t understand how one of the class clowns could be doing so well. When his grades were slipping, though, a Ravenclaw marched up to him and asked if he was okay. When the Gryffindor cracked a funny comment about it and out on a fake smile, the Ravenclaw pressured him about it, saying that even though he was considered the jokester of the school, it didn’t mean that he had to have bad grades. And when Black’s grades became the top of the year again, the Ravenclaw wasn’t sure if they were happy or upset about it, because they were then put into fifth place, behind Black, Lupin, Potter, and a Hufflepuff student.