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I’m planning on making a new blog where I mainly reblog things! The number one reason why I don’t reblog much on this blog is because I want it to stay as my main art blog where I only post my art and asks and other things that are relevant to this blog. But, yeah. I’ll probably will have it up and running over the weekend cus’ rn I’m kind of in the middle of a big project at school and hopefully the weekend will give me some time off to focus on that. 

Yeey! Exiting times ahead!

anonymous asked:

Oh! So now is your turn to "protect" your friends now, isn't it? Well I think you should look at your writings first. The two pieces of trash you uploaded yesterday were throughly and utterly disappointing. Why don't you stop fooling around? If you're not good at writing, you shouldn't be writing fanfics at all. Jay is good at creative writing, but you aren't. You don't need to protect Jay. Or I shall say that Jay doesn't need protection. I think you need to look at your poor works first.

I admitted that yesterday’s works aren’t my best work. I understand if you don’t like them. You can leave my blog if you want. No one is stopping you. And the reason I reblogged Jay’s anon hate message is because I want to stop people from sending hate to writers like you. And whether we are or aren’t good at writing, we all need our friends to protect or support us at some point.


I need to clear something up and get an idea what people think because I’ve now had a few asks that are crazy negative and I won’t reply partly because I don’t want things THAT negative on my blog. In all the asks (and they might be from the same person..not sure) they have spoken about how they think Robert will now go on to get jealous of Rebecca & Ross and sleep with her AGAIN!!!

Personally I can’t see it happening (although for me now anything could happen) I’m not trying to bring people down or be negative about it because I believe he loves Aaron more than life it’s self and the reason for cheating was because he felt he’d lost his entire world. Not because he has feeling for Rebecca.

I just wanted to get some others opinions on this matter. So any of you think Robert could go and sleep with her again or even start an affair with Rebecca???

I’m really positive about Robron’s future but I’m curious because of the asks I’ve had.


I wonder if you guys noticed my absence. 

I just wanted to tell you why this happened and if you don’t wanna read, then just skip this, I will hopefully be able to post more in the future.

There was this friend of mine (we met in October) and she ran another blog here, I dedicated most of my Cegan Fanart to her, you may remember. And at a moment’s notice she blocked me. Like… we didn’t fight, nothing happened and she just cut the damn connections between us without a valid reason. And tbh that REALLY put me down, I’m still depressed because of this, but it gets better and I hope I can be more active again. This is just a short summary of how sad this made me and I can only hope you understand. That I try to avoid eveything that reminds me of her, which includes Cegan, unfortunately. I couldn’t even listen to music for a month because of this. And of course I still miss her.
But as I said, I get better and I will try to post more in the future. Just give me a little time.

Thanks <3

A quick apology

I want to formally apologize to my followers for not having posted anything of mine for the past two days. I’m sincerely sorry. Without wanting to go into too much detail I just want to say that I had quite big troubles at home and couldn’t find the muse, time nor energy to write as much as I’d like to.This isn’t some sob story blog and frankly I don’t think anyone cares what’s going on in my real life right now, so I won’t go into further detail than that.

The only reason I’m even mentioning it is because I feel like I owe you guys some sort of explanation. I haven’t established that big and loyal of a readership yet, so frankly I don’t feel like I can allow myself to slack of that way. Again, I’m really sorry. I promise I haven’t been completely lazy though. I’ve been writing up quite a long request that I’ll hopefully manage to finish by tomorrow as well as some WIP’s I’ve prepared quite a while ago.

Even if I don’t answer any requests my ask box is always open for any request you’d like to send it. I also want to let you guys know that I have some really interesting requests lined up, some of them I’m really excited to tackle too! Again, I’m horribly sorry nothing original of mine has been posted for two/three days, but I really promise to try my best to post the request I’ve been working on my tomorrow. I was really excited for it.


Introducing TD and Chastity Play, What i did wrong......

To me FLR has SO many different angles and when introducing your partner its important to be careful. See where as i took my time, slowly introduced more and more bits into it before eventually plucking up the courage to put the cage on and show her, i still made some real big mistakes.

See my wife is not a Domme, i dont really want to know about her previous life before me but im kinda guessing im the first person that really wants to explore all these roads and possibility with her. I originally made this Blog to share things i found sexy in some way shape or form with her and looking back now i should have kept it more Vanilla and slowly introduced my interest in things like pegging. See you follow all these people then one day they reblog some Sissy stuff, some Anal Torture, Some Ball Busting. From my wife’s perspective she probably sees that and thinks FUCKING HELL.

The reason i am writing this is because somethings have been lost in translation, see she was under the impression that i wanted to become her bitch, a groveling sissy whore who wanted to wear her clothes and make up and suck strapons all day long. Now if that’s your thing im all for it but that wasn’t what i wanted.  

I came across chastity play and tease and denial play a while back, i have always been aware of bondage and always had a thing for tying or being tied up sexually. I saw it as a fun way for a male and female to have a laugh, be intimate and grow together as a couple. As much as i love her Locking me up, tying me up, teasing me and laughing as i quiver on the bed in a desperate need to cum only to deny me for another day i also would love to do the same for her. Its about exploring each others bodies, each others fantasies.

Its only fun for me if its fun for her, if she wants to lock me for a day, a week, a month or a year ill play the game as long as she finds it exiting and gets a kick out of it. If she doesn’t want it its just not going to work. But don’t give up that easily pick it up and put it down, its keeps it exiting. After a chat with my wife in the week she said she likes the cage but doesn’t want a bitch of a husband, so i explained the above and below to her and now i think it makes sense.

I am writing this because i get lots of messages from people asking how did i break the news? how did i get her on board? Truth is we are still working on it, still exploring it. I haven’t been in the cage for months, as real life is more important. This morning after our chats and fun this week i put it on.

I guess im very lucky to have such an amazing wife, i put it on gave her the keys and she smiled. That’s all i wanted. She is one of a kind, trusting and fucking gorgeous.

For anyone out there toying with this i hope this has helped, below are few images i have stolen from others. I hope they don’t mind. Good Luck and go have some fun.

I love making her moan, and its true i work harder when my dick is locked up and im working to earn a release, its common knowledge you put more effort into thngs if your getting something in return. (Or at least you think you are) 

Then there is this, after a night of teasing and a great time she didnt let you cum, your going to wake up in the morning and WANT to do this for her because your still super horny. You know your not going get to cum but pleasing her is at least some sexual activity.

Then on the other hand there is nothing sexier than doing the same to her, make her feel how you feel, i remember once back in the early days i edged my wife and then just turned the wand off and said nah, night night. She was mortified, grabbing my cock, trying her hardest to get me to fuck her. In the morning she woke up horny and we fucked. But it can work both ways.

This is also one that i agree with, the lust i have towards her, the want to constantly touch her, to kiss her its just amazing. Then once you cum its takes a good few days to get that back. Its the strongest drug i have ever felt and its awesome. 

I love it when she feels sexy the sexier she feels the more she glows the better the experience. 

Turn it into a game, a guessing game and have fun with it.

Tease him, if he is anything like me he will enjoy it.

But most importantly talk about it, discuss it find out what you both want from it and just have fun.

I guarantee it will bring you closer together. 

RPer Awareness Announcement

Ask memes.

This is a bigger issue than people think. I know people make tons of them, all the way down to RP prompts, questions, drabbles, all that jazz. But this sort of thing needs to be recognized and needs to be addressed:

If someone is reblogging millions upon millions of ask memes, you should do that person a favor and try to at least send a couple or so asks.

The reason why is because many people on this site want to feel wanted. They want to feel loved and they like the attention, but perhaps it’s just the way I feel about it. Even so, it goes a long way if you send someone an ask. I’ve seen many of my favorite RP blogs get close to shutting down because no one took the time to send at least one ask to that person and it’s sad. People reblog literally PAGES of ask memes and no one sends them anything.

So, please, just try to care for your fellow partner and send an ask. You never know when their blog might break because of it.

Ive had this draft open for a few weeks now, trying to find the right words for what I want to say, so bear with me here.

First off: In the past, I’ve been accused of using my fandom fame to “bully” lesser-known blogs or even sending my followers to attack certain people (despite the fact Ive made multiple posts telling my followers there is no situation where sending hate is justified) so I’d like to preface this by saying I am not calling out any specific blog, fandom group, or shipping community. The purpose of this post is not to cause drama, but rather to bring attention to an issue I think the ML fandom as a whole needs to be aware of.

*ahem* anyways…


Wanting to “keep the peace” is not a valid reason to shut down real criticisms of real problems in the fandom.

Silencing discourse about important issues because you “want to keep the fandom drama-free” does not make you a saint.

Dismissing or attacking people when they draw attention to glaring problems in the fandom does nothing to help us grow and overcome these problems.

I’ve heard people say that the ML fandom is the nicest they’ve ever been in because there is no conflict. Because we all ship the love square right? Because we all want to see Adrien and Marinette end up together, right? 

ML Fandom: We are all united :) love square for life :) how could there possibly be drama? :)

Wait, artists are white-washing canon poc characters?

Wait, re-posters are stealing art and publishing without credit?

Wait, there is nsfw posted in the main fandom tags where children can see it?

Wait, bloggers are romanticizing abusive ships/tropes and exposing them to impressionable minors/actual abuse survivors?

Wait, lgbtaq+ creators are getting hateful comments telling them to “stop interfering with the love square”?  

Fandom: “…C’mon guys :/ stop complaining :/ lets keep the fandom drama-free :/…”

Now I get it, online fandom is a form of escape. I fully support the idea that fandom should be a safe space for everyone. As long as you are participating in fandom in a way that DOESN’T PUT OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK, you should be free to blog in peace.

That being said, the problem isn’t that people want a drama-free blogging experience, the problem is that some people are willing to make fandom enjoyable for themselves at the expense of others. They would rather ignore valid criticisms of fandom just because the problem doesn’t effect them personally, then accuse people who continue to draw attention to the problem of “stirring up drama in our good ol wholesome fandom.” 

But guess what?

There is no perfect fandom.

If a person of color tells you a piece of content is racist, you listen.

If an artist tells you reposting is wrong, you listen.

If an underage individual (or anyone really) tells you to keep nsfw art out of main tags, you listen.

If an abuse survivor tells you certain content is triggering/ potentially harmful, you listen. (Yes, even if you yourself are an abuse survivor using a scenario to “cope”.)

If an lgbtaq+ individual points out the disproportionate criticism of non-lovesquare (and in most cases non-het) content, you listen.

Ignoring, and in some cases even arguing against these claims doesn’t keep the fandom “drama-free”. Shutting down valid discourse doesn’t make ML Tumblr a “nicer” or “happier” place to be. 

All it does is does is alienate marginalized fans who fear that voicing their completely valid concerns over negative fandom trends will get them branded a bully or instigator of drama. 

All it does is absolve problematic people of guilt and embolden them to keep engaging in questionable fandom activities because they know the fandom is too concerned with “staying drama free” to do anything about.

All it does is further divide us.

And it needs to stop.

TLDR: If you shut someone down when they are pointing out a valid, important problem in the fandom, you are not trying to make the fandom “nicer for everyone”, you are trying to make the fandom nicer for yourself. Just because a problem doesnt effect you personally doesnt mean its not a problem. There is no such thing as a drama-free fandom, and ignoring key issues for the sake of pretending there is such a thing is irresponsible and disrespectful to marginalized member of the fandom.


TW Im not putting this under a Read More because that would be against what this post is about but TW here for anyone who does not want to read sensitive material.

You do not have to CONDONE these things. But CENSORSHIP and saying that people should censor or not even post certain material in a FANTASY setting like the RP community is only promoting ignorance. 

Lying about the TRUTH of the world is worse, these things DO happen. If you want your tumblr RP experience to be with rose colored glasses. Then don’t follow blogs that post sensitive material and UNFOLLOW and block if you want if they do. 

BUT telling someone they shouldn’t write this or that is CENSORSHIP there is a REASON we read banned books and advocate for them because CENSORING people is what creates an ignorant mass. 

SO do remember that muse =/= mun. That this world is full of terrible things and SHOULD I DARE to want to reflect that with my writing I WILL. That does not mean that I condone these behaviors or that I ENJOY them. It only means that I am trying to connect with the society I live in and understand the way people fit into it and THUS portraying my ideas to others in this manner.

So the world is full of RAPE and MURDER and PROSTITUTION and TORTURE and BLASPHEMY and ANY NUMBER of things. You cannot demonize people for writing them

OR YOU KNOW WHAT you can! Because me telling you not to would be censoring you. 

On my end of the spectrum it makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when people deny the negative aspects of their characters through roleplay especially in the historical community. Because it’s erasing the realities of the situation. i.e founding fathers that owned slaves

AUs are fine. AUs in which your characters didn’t do those bad things they did are fine! But erasing history is what puts us back to square one. 

Back to censorship. I will NEVER unfollow because of squicky content or something your character does because HUMANS do terrible things. Watch the NEWS. My character on this blog OWNED upwards of 300 people. He was a rebel general that sent CHILDREN out on the front lines to fight his battles. I have no place to act like he is the saintly father of our country that people are brainwashed to see him as.

Unfollow blogs for your own sake if you must, if you have certain triggers put them in your rules and steer clear of blogs that might hinder your experience here. But my PERSONAL opinion is that telling people what they can and cannot write is UNFORGIVABLE. You are not the police, you are a person on the internet. 

This blog is against censorship. 

I remember driving down the Cincinnati roads to that hospital. My heart beating out of my chest, my sweaty hands holding the flowers I bought you so closely to my chest. For reasons I don’t know I was nervous, maybe because I didn’t want to see you, battered up in a hospital bed. Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t be okay. Maybe I was just anxious to meet your mom for the first time.
I remember sitting next to you while you laid in that hospital bed. You were in so much pain, I just held your cold beaten hands and told you I loved you. That everything was going to be okay. The room was dense and I felt choked by it, choked by the smell of the hospital and the smell of you, the combination making me sick to my stomach.
Months later I let go of that same hand, I was letting go of you. I was so scared to lose you when your life flashed before your eyes but I ended up losing you anyway. Not because of a tragic accident, but because of me. I chose that, after it was my biggest fear, after sobbing in the bathroom while my parents asked me to just tell them what was wrong. After the night I didn’t sleep at all because I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again. And then, after some time had passed, I just let go. So easily. I let you slip from my grasp when I was used to holding on so tightly.
And then, you were gone.
—  v.m
Vampirism 101

This post is strictly to teach what being a vampirism is and what it isn’t, it is to clear up any misinterpretations, not for people to engage in learned vampirism, which does not equate to natural psychic vampirism.
This is not just going to be one post as there is a lot to cover, this is going to be a series on this blog.  So, if you want to read more about vampirism, from the viewpoint of a vampire you should follow my blog.

What is Psychic Vampirism?
Psychic vampirism is exactly how it sounds.  It is a condition, now I say condition not as in a bad way such as an ailment, I say condition as a state of being, much like the “human condition.”  Vampirism is a condition where one individual needs to drain energy from a source and take it in because they cannot regulate or create enough of their energy on their own for whatever reason.
The main ideas of why vampires cannot regulate their own energy is because of a missing, disconnected or damaged connection to the universal natural energies. The one in question is typically the Ba, centered in the stomach (this is based on the Egyptian idea of energy centers).  There are many ideas on how or why people are psychic vampires.  

Why do Psychic Vampires feed?
The main stigma is “why do psychic vampires want to feed off of people,” this is because it is not a “want of energy” this is a NEED of energy.  This exchange of energy is as real as a mundane person eating food for energy, all vampires, even vampires who do not know they are vampires need to feed off of energy, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Without feeding an appropriate amount over an extended period, a vampire will grow lethargic and sickly, often to the point of near non-functionality.  This can lead to chronic illness, and only stops because it gets to a point when the sub-conscious mind can then deal with the illness and lessen the effects, the key word here is lessen, not stop, there is no “cure” for vampirism, just as there is no cure to humanity.

How can one “become” Psychic Vampire
There is no spell or ritual to become a psychic vampire.  If you are a vampire you either recognize you are a vampire (if you are one) and undergo the awakening process or stay a vampire only in your subconscious, in which case your subconscious mind will take care of your feeding.  Not everyone is born a psychic vampire; the condition is not something you can pick up later in life.  
Now, do not get me wrong there are cases where one can “become” sort of a pseudo-psychic vampire, these are known as sympathetic vampires, but this is not the same as true psychic vampirism, this is because Psychic Vampirism is a condition that one is born with, this can either lay dormant within the subconscious mind or be embraced by the conscious mind as previously stated.  These types of “pseudo-vampires” sympathetic vampires, are deemed learned vampires or secondary vampires by the “vampire community,”.  Now I will explain the top cases on how this happens
1.)   Sympathetic Vampire: A sympathetic vampire is a person that has been fed on by a vampire for so long that their energy cannot recover normally, because of this the body and the mind make a need for energy and starts absorbing energy like the vampire that fed off them.  This is the most common form of learned Vampirism and usually happens subconsciously in the sympathetic vampire.  This condition is not permeant and will go away once the drained person’s energy returns to normal.
2.)   Necromantic Vampire: this is a rare case but well known among the well-read left-hand witches.  If one takes in too much death energy, like for instance one practiced necromancy, then the body would start to shut down because of the death energy taking a toll on them, because of this they then have a need for the energy and then start to) feed to regain energy.  In this case, it is permeant as the necromancer/magus/witch will always utilize death energy, which will always take a toll on them.

What is the “vampire community?”
The “vampire community” simply does not exist as an established body or authority, this is not some anime where all the vampires hang out in a cellar, now, do not get me wrong there are house/clans/lodges of psychic vampires, but there is no central community or leader, just like in paganism there is no central body of the community, it is not organized.  There has never been a central community simply because there is no need of a central community, the vampirism condition affects everyone differently, because of this they can be separated into different houses/lodges/clans, it is also widely known that we “stick to the shadows” because we are often viewed as evil by empaths and other practioners of magick.   There are famous houses and “leaders” (usually authors or “powerful” vampires) which make up the “vampire community,” but there is no central vampire community as vampirism is still seen as a taboo even in the occult world.
Famous clans/houses would be; the infamous “Temple of the Vampire”, House Kheperu which the famous author Michelle Belanger writes for, another author is “Father Sebastian” who is in charge of the “sabretooth clan”.  
Many authors do not even publish their works in the name because of infighting within the community.  Vampirism is so diverse that many vampires will call-out some authors as awful or sell-outs because they’re the body does not function like theirs do.
Vampire houses/clans/lodges etc. are often compared to covens, but this is not the case because vampires do share another bond with one another, especially if they know their culture and the real value of that bond.  This is very different from covens of witches because the bond I spoke of is usually an actual magickal bond; they can know what each other is thinking, how they are feeling, what they need, etc., etc…  This bond with one another is the final defining factor that separates natural vampires from learned vampires.

How can I tell if I am around a psychic vampire?
First, you want to rule out if you are getting sick or not, many people that run to me and think they are being attacked by a psychic vampire are usually dehydrated, fatigued, or becoming ill.
But you will feel these symptoms IF you truly are being drained by a psychic vampire, most vampires will not feed off a single person, it will usually be a crowd (see ambient feeding), but I can only speak for myself and others that I have spoken to
Exhaustion, you will feel very tired and fatigued from being too close to a psychic vampire, especially if you stand in the proximity of their aura.  (about an arm’s length away)  Obviously, vampirism takes energy from a source if you are fed on you become that source of energy, so you will (obviously) become tired both physically and metaphysically.  
Confusion, your mind will start to race and bring up old memories that triggered certain emotions, this is because during feedings the vampire could select an emotion to feed off of bringing up certain memories tied to that emotion.  The most common emotions are fear, anger, or sometimes joy or love, very potent emotions are the easiest to trigger.  Along with the confusion mental fogginess or memory loss could come after, because your subtle body is trying to cleanse itself.
Unexplained discomfort and unease
Post feeding you can feel very uneasy in a state that is almost dissociative, or strangely content and tired.
It should be noted that the feeling of being fed on can also be strangely pleasurable or even euphoric depending on the vampire in question. Vampires can even purposely attempt to make it so if they know what they’re doing.
Many people who do encounter Psychic vampires and get fed off of can feel these symptoms when they think about the vampire post feeding; this is because Psychic Vampire feeds off of energy, while you are thinking of this vampire you are sending energy to this person from your thoughts.  It is that simple.

Who feeds the vampires?
There are people that are referred to as donors that do willingly give psychic vampires the energy that they need.  In fact, there is even a donor’s bill of rights which you can read here. Most donors are usually very involved in the vampire's’ life or their community, either platonically or romantically.  
There is also the term “Black Swans” who will feed any vampire that is in need, as these people usually have a very high energy, but if they aren’t careful, they usually become what is known as “sympathetic vampire”.
Donors always have the choice to feed the vampire or not, in fact, donors are the framework of the vampire community.  The whole myth of vampires sulking around for people to feed on does not exist in the larger part of today’s vampire community.  If you are a part of a community or house, you will most always have a donor or several; there are also houses where vampires feed on one another if their energy matches.  (check the donor’s bill of rights above for more info)
Vampires are considerate; they will take into account everyone else’s energy and be sensitive to it, because of this they usually will not feed on a random person, that usually only happens with the subconscious and learned vampires.

Why do people feed vampires?
Many view vampiric feeding as one sided or even parasitic.  This is the biggest misconception in the occult community.  
The relationship between a vampire and their donor(s) is very unique.  What usually happens is the donor cannot regulate their own energy, but in the donor’s case, they have too much energy, so the vampire only takes the excess energy.  This allows the donor to function at a normal level of energy (metaphysically speaking)
The act of psychic vampirism is energy work, the vampire pulls energy from someone into them, if you work with energy you know that this can be very good for both parties involved.  The donors can get their energetic body cleaned when they are fed off of by psychic vampires.  They can also get a rush of emotions, good or bad.  Vampiric feedings, like all of works of energy can be very therapeutic for the person being fed from (the donor).  

What is the awakening process?
Throughout this post I have mentioned “the awakening process” here I will explain it in more depth.  When a psychic vampire goes from their normal dormant subconscious state to a conscious state, a change occurs this process is known as awakening. “Recognition brings awakening and awakening bring recollection of Self.  As we remember, we become.”
-Michelle Belanger
When the vampire begins to recognize they are a vampire, this process starts, this awakening.   They must maintain their feedings as, they are beginning to regulate their energy conscientiously.  When this happens, all those subconscious acts become conscious and many things about yourself become clear.  Now this process does not just happen overnight, for some it may, but those are rare cases, this usually happens over the course of weeks and months, after this process start you become what is called a dedicant in the vampire community.  This is sort of a juvenile stage where you are learning everything on your own; I like to compare it to vampire puberty.  

Are you a psychic vampire?  Signs and hints
Now this section I will talk about some signs that you are a psychic vampire.  
Many people who are psychic vampires, especially if they are a questioning vamp will constantly be told that people are tired after hanging out with them.  A very good indication of if you are a vampire or not is if people around you grow more lethargic around you.  This could be your best friend or the annoying kid who sits next to you in class
If you are hungry, for energy I mean, you will sometimes stir up emotions in others, this could be by starting petty fights with friends or saying something to get under someone else’s skin.  Basically, you will do whatever causes an emotional response as psychic vampires can feed off the energy related to emotions.  

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
As Always

Alec’s behaviour in How Are Thou Fallen and how to portray insecurity in a healthy manner

Since I won’t be able to make any videos this week due to unforeseen circumstances, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on Alec’s behaviour in the promo for Episode 7 ‘How Are Thou Fallen’ and how important it will be to the series.

I think it’s obvious by this point that I don’t like the books that Shadowhunters is based on. If you want to see why loads of posts will show up if you type ‘anti tmi’ or ‘anti CC’ into the search tags on my blog. The main reason is because of Alec’s behaviour in City of Fallen Angels onwards in relation to Magnus’ past relationships. He makes extremely inappropriate comments towards Magnus, insinuating that Magnus would sleep with anyone because he’s bisexual. Of course, as I’ve said in the past, I wouldn’t have an issue with this if there had been a character arch or development of understanding where Alec would apologise and realise what he had done wrong. But there wasn’t any of that.

Now, when book stans defend Alec’s behaviour, one of the first things they say is “Alec was insecure”.

This always struck me as interesting. As an extremely insecure person myself, I could never understand how people could justify statements such as: 

“Or, there are plenty of girls here, since apparently your taste goes both ways. Is there anything you aren’t into?” ~City of Fallen Angels Page 305

as someone being insecure. It definitely came from a place of Alec’s innocence in relationships and the young age he was in the books whenever he began his relationship with Magnus. I’m not going to get into the boatload of problems with Alec’s behaviour here, if you want to see my thoughts here’s my video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md4n-jhNBpc

I’m focusing on the point of insecurity in this post. Alec’s comments about Magnus’ sexuality-if were made to portray Alec’s insecurity in the relationship-failed their purpose. There are so much better ways to portray a character’s insecurity than having them make such damaging comments in a book series that prides itself on its LGBT characters. And this is where the show comes in.

I’ve only seen the promo for How Are Thou Fallen (we all have!) and I already know that they’re going to portray Alec’s insecurity so much better than the book could ever dreamed of. 

In The Iron Sisters, Alec made it clear that he didn’t care about Magnus’ past relationships. It did, undoubtedly, alarm him a little during their date that there had been so many people in Magnus’ past in comparison to his own. Which is natural. Even Magnus himself was alarmed by how little experience Alec himself had. But there was no disgust; no grimaces; no comments made like the one quoted above; they were both simply alarmed. And that’s normal. As Magnus said, they’re both from completely different worlds. And that’s fine.

However, we see in the promo for episode seven that Alec is still insecure. I know there are jokes flying around about him being called innocent one episode and then asking about sex the next but you see that’s exactly the point. Insecurity makes you so self aware, and Alec will not be able to help comparing himself to all the people Magnus will have been with before him. He’ll be measuring himself up, and worrying that he won’t cut the mustard. Hence why he goes to Isabelle, his sister, for advice. 

Sex is one of the most common things an inexperienced person will think of being inadequate at in a relationship. One of the most common questions is the one Alec asks Isabelle. The question of when? How do I know? Should I wait? Do I not wait? If I wait too long will they grow bored of me? Because from my own experience I know what it’s like to worry that maybe if I hold off too long, my other half will grow bored of me. It’s a normal thought process.

Not to say that Alec thinks Magnus is a sex hound and thinks this is the only way he’ll be able to hang onto him. It’s simply a concern that arises quite often with someone who hasn’t had any experience when they’re dating someone who has quite a bit. That their lack of knowledge on what to do and how to proceed will wreck things, or become difficult for their partner to deal with. 

So Alec is trying to educate himself by talking to Isabelle. He’s going to his sister, who he knows has quite a bit of experience herself, for advice on what he’s supposed to do. And Isabelle will probably tell him that he’ll know when the time is right (I don’t expect her just to say ‘jump his bones and it’ll work out in the end’) but for someone who’s worried and insecure, it can be misconstrued as ‘it might not be right for me but it could be right for them’. And Alec is constantly trying to put other people before himself anyway he’d be more concerned about Magnus being happy and satisfied in their relationship as opposed to his own worry over the topic of sex itself.

And as we can see from the stills for episode seven, Magnus is most likely going to stop Alec in his tracks. He’ll reassure him that this doesn’t need rushed and that he’s perfectly happy waiting until they’re both ready for it. Besides, just because Magnus is not a virgin himself it doesn’t mean he’ll be ready to jump into bed with Alec immediately either. They’ll only have been on one or two dates by that point.

That’s where I think episode seven is going with this plot. And it’s really, really good. It’s a much more healthy way of portraying Alec’s insecurity over Magnus’ past relationships and his worry that he won’t be as good as them. Alec is trying to build Magnus up, and make him happy in their partnership, rather than tear Magnus down like he did in the books. 

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense but I wanted to get my thoughts down somewhere while I had them ^_^

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Your blog is my life <3 I wanted to ask you, if you could change who won the Grand Prix Final in Yuri!!! On Ice, would you?

Thank yoooou, you’re hella sweet <333

I think at this point, I wouldn’t change the winner’s results. And the main reason is because there would be no reason to continue the story and do a second season, for which that simple detail is enough, and if that doesn’t convince you, here I have a few for which it’s okay for Yurio to win instead of Yuuri in the last GPF:

  • Yurio would not have achieved a complete character development, the little kitten is greedy and that’s a thing I love about him, he always aspires to the highest and not only that, but he aspires to much more than that.
  • If Yuuri had won he would have retired, so yes, he would have reached the goal he has through the anime but the result wouldn’t have been satisfactory for us as viewers.
  • Much of the anime wouldn’t make sense, especially the episode 10, what at the time was very useful to have a perspective of Victor and how this was used to link such stories. Victor would stop being a character and would become a vehicle of argument that has no reason to be.

This is very personal but I have read that Kubo already had the end from the beginning like all good writer, that means that she had thought a possible expansion of its own history. Which, and counting with the resounding success in sales, a second season it’s possibly in concept. 

And, c’mon! Yurio deserved to win as much as Yuuri or any character, he worked really hard and that’s something we saw it through the anime, and the characters recognize:

His last performance was so emotional too and I really loved the detail that the staff have taken to show us this kind of reactions of many characters, it was beautiful.

He truly wanted the gold, I’m so happy and I wouldn’t change it :’)

Reasons I wish I had a daddy:

1) someone to call me pumpkin, or baby girl, or something like that.
2) someone to hold me all the time
3) someone to bring me my meds when I need them so I never forget
4) someone to cuddle when I get upset or just want to cuddle.
5) someone to talk to and play with
6) someone to always care about me and help me through everyday problems because I’m too little to face this big old world on my own…

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Im just wondering... are you an anti shaladin?

Hi! I knew I would get this question sooner or later and honestly I debated a lot whether to ignore these questions or simply answer this because there are many people who tend to blow these things out of proportion. After thinking about it for a while though I have decided to answer this only because it does not sit well with me to be part of a fandom that wants to remain “neutral” and I want this to be a safe blog for minors

Yes I am anti shaladin and the reason for that is a variety of factors, what you conclude that to be is up to u…but it is mostly because I am an adult myself and I am extremely against minor/adult relationships because the obvious reason but also because my own experiences growing up have made me understand in depth how wrong these relationships are…

There are many argument about this because of the paladins ages and everything but this is what I see from my point of view and how I understand it and I cannot change my feelings. I know people may not agree with me and I understand lol the discourse on this site has taught me that…

But anyway this is will be the only time I answer anything about this on this blog! Any other questions about this will be ignored I’m sorry I want to keep this blog for what it is: spreading klance love but I also want to have my followers aware how I stand on this.


But enough of my sob stories. The reason I’m blogging about my life in the first place is to warn those wanting to become vampires. Most think the strength, the speed, the immortality are reason enough. But you’ll never feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again, you’ll have an insatiable thirst and you have to watch your friends and family grow old and die all around you.

The third point is why I have no friends. I’m also broke because finding work at night (other than becoming a criminal) is a pain. Plus today is the day I need to pay rent… I wish I knew how to hypnotize the landlor-

*Knock Knock*

“Who the fuc –” It’s 2am. Seriously, I have the rudest neighbours. I could be sleeping for all they kno-

The next knock was much louder 

“OKAY! Jeez, keep your pants on” *curses softly*

Because of an exchange I had with @pilferingapples, I’ve decided to do a series of drawings for a modern au where everybody is still wearing canon era fashion for no apparent reason. Because.

Starting with Courfeyrac wearing one of the first things (and, in my opinion, one of the best) that popped into my head for this idea: pride waistcoats. Though I mostly just wanted to draw rainbows, to be honest.

I Don’t Bite - Yoongi Scenario

so I deleted all 28+ stories that I wrote from my previous writing blog because of personal reasons. But I really wanted to post my stories here, along with some additional ones that may come along ;; 


Summary: Lazy vampire Min Yoongi who gets his meals delivered to him everyday.

Word Count: 2,035

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Yoongi was sprawled out on the couch rubbing his temples and wondering when the heck was the too-tall delivery boy going to give him his daily doze of blood bags.

It wasn’t like Jungkook to arrive later than 9 in the morning. In fact it was already time for lunch and the boy hasn’t even shown up at his doorstep. Muttering a curse, Yoongi propped his head up on one of the pillows, taking out his phone from his pocket.


“The box is there, the address is on the post-it note attached.”


“You can go home after that.”

“But Sir-”

Your boss gave you a look - one that screamed ‘you’re gonna be kicked out from this job opportunity if you don’t deliver the box now’. Lips instinctively drooping down to the floor, you glanced at the small box.

“He’s our most valuable customer, Y/N.” Your boss sighed. “He’s the only one who orders blood to be delivered to him every single day. He basically funds our bank.”

You held back another sigh. “But I’m a lab tech, not a delivery-”

“A lab tech who just entered today, mind you.” He shook his head, crossing his arms. “Take it as your task today to deliver the box because we have no one else to replace Jungkook right now.”

Shutting your eyes in mental preparation, you hung the lab coat you didn’t even get to put on back on the hook, walking towards the dreaded box and slinging the strap over your shoulder. “I’m going now, Sir.”

Your boss nodded, smiling.

There was no way he was going to step out of the comfort of his home just to find a person wiling enough to let him suck some blood out of their neck so that he would be able to quench his thirst. Yoongi was almost about to throw an embarrassing tantrum over the phone when the blood bank’s CEO said that they didn’t have anyone to deliver the bags to him that day - saying that Jungkook had quit last minute due to his grades dropping and his mom ordering him to make use of his time to study. It was a good thing the CEO promised him that he would get someone to deliver the day’s meal to him just after a few minutes of complaints.

As the clock indicated two hours past twelve though, Yoongi was tempted to get out of his comfort zone and storm up to the bank to collect the bags himself - when the doorbell rang.


Rushing to open the door, the familiar scent of packaged blood greeted him - along with some other strong, strong sweet scent that made his pupils dilate.

The box of goods was pushed into his face.

“Mi-Min Yoong-gi ssi? H-Here yo-you go.”

Swerving his head to the side, he could see a petite girl, head faced down, arms trembling as she lifted the box.

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he took the box from her hands, setting it down on the floor. You looked up when the weight disappeared, regretting your action immediately when your eyes met deep, dark ones. Body shaking, you bowed instantly, turning on your heels to make a run for it.


You were quickly jerked back as a hand gripped your wrist, turning you to face the taller. Eyes wide, you looked from the hand enclosing your wrist to the vampire in front, gulping. “Y-Yes?”

The male narrowed his eyes on you, brows still knitted together. Leaning his face forward in curiosity, he was hit by a waft of citrusy sweetness - causing him to swallow thickly. At the look on your face, he leaned back. “Sorry.”

You could only whimper in response - much too overwhelmed with the fact that one of your greatest fears had his face that close to yours, and with the coldness surrounding your wrist - touching you too.

Yoongi raised a brow at the sound. “Are you… scared of me?”

“I-I’m I-”

Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows once more, “I don’t bite.” He pursed his lips. “I mean, when I don’t need too.”

Another whimper.

Taking a good look at you, he gently released his hold. “I’m sorry.”

You were preparing yourself to run away from the vampire the moment he let you go… but at the soft voice, you couldn’t help but look up.

There was a moment of silence as gazes were exchanged, before the male broke it. Rubbing the back of his neck, he glanced at you, “Thanks for the… stuff.” Biting his lips, he took a brief look at you. “Just, don’t be… yeah.” He went inside, door shutting behind him.


You meekly nodded - oddly not trying to leave as fast this time.

You had always been terrified of creatures with fangs ever since you were a little girl. You weren’t sure why but you assumed it had something to do with your aunt who detested vampires for some certain reason, telling you that they were mean, scary, bad creatures. Your parents chided her for doing that though. They told you that vampires weren’t as bad as your aunt made them to be, that they were just as human as you except for the fact that they consumed blood for food.

But seeing a vampire drain your friend in the back of an alley kind of traumatised you.

Yoongi stood by the door much longer than he needed to. Biting the inside of his cheek, he licked his lips, “Y/N right?”

Your eyes widened, “You know my name?”

“I uh,” Yoongi took a deep breath in. “Yes… yes I know your name.”

When the door closed the day before, Yoongi found himself releasing a long breath he didn’t know he had been holding, leaning his back against the wall. Sure he spent his time cooping himself up in his studio working on songs and stuff without any personal contact with anyone in the outside world except for Jungkook and sometimes Hoseok for the past few months, but Yoongi wasn’t the nervous type, so why was he so anxious seeing that particular girl with the scarily addictive scent that was supposedly afraid of him?

Yoongi also found himself calling the blood bank’s CEO to praise the person that delivered the blood bags to him that afternoon - forgetting the little detail that you came hours late - and requested for the same person to deliver blood to him the following day.

“How did you-”

“Are you thirsty?”

You stared at the male.

“I mean, uh, I have drinks and stuff in the fridge… if you want.” Yoongi mentally cursed himself at the randomness. You were clearly terrified of him yesterday why would you even-

“Actually I am quite…” You trailed off, questioning your mentality. “Thirsty.”
“Oh.” Yoongi cleared his throat, surprise in his eyes, moving to the side to make some space, “Come in then?”

You doubted your sanity once again when you willingly stepped into the vampire’s apartment. For all you knew, the guy could be using his vampire powers to play with your mind and lure you in to suck your blood dry but…

“No really, I make the best ramen.” Yoongi gave you a determined look, gums showing in a grin. “My friend Hoseok taught me how to make it one time.” He stared into the distance in wonder, “Don’t know why I even agreed to learn though.”

“I bet you can’t make ramen as nice as I can though.” You unconsciously teased, placing down your glass of water. “I make the best ramen!”

Yoongi gave you a look, lips tempted to curve up into a smile, “Is this a challenge?”

You held in your laughter, “Is it?”

“That’s it, I’m calling Hoseok.”

It was undeniable that Min Yoongi completely ridded you of your fear.
Uncountable weeks were spent catching the bus to Yoongi’s house from the blood bank, spending at least an hour inside talking and doing all sorts of random stuff from Yoongi wanting to hear you sing, to you teaching Yoongi how to make kimbap. Conversations were light-hearted and comfortable and filled with laughter and made your heart flutter from the pure happiness of just listening to his soothing voice… until one particular day.

Yoongi shifted around more than usual, licking his lips more often than usual - not that you were paying attention or anything.


Your eyes met each other’s for the first time since that morning. Slightly nervous at his readable gaze, you bit the inside of your cheek. “Yeah?”

Yoongi stayed still for a second before slowly sitting himself closer to you, bending his face down to your level.

It was like deja-vu.

Except this time, you weren’t trembling in fear but strangely - anticipation.

He took a deep breath in, gently placing his hand on your jaw, thumb stroking your cheek. Gazing at you with so, so much emotion, he whispered, “…Can I?

Heart beating so, so fast, you managed a nod.

Almost instantly, soft lips were pressed against yours, parting gently. Unlike the coolness you felt when his hands graze yours, or when he caresses the top of your head… warmth was what enveloped you. His other hand made its way to the back of your neck, lips ghosting over yours. Gaze never breaking, he almost inaudibly said, “Can I… taste you?

The anxiousness and worry in his eyes was replaced with surprise and happiness and something you couldn’t quite figure out when you nodded once again.

“Sir, where’s the box?”

Your boss spun in his chair. “There’s no box today, apparently. He doesn’t want his meals delivered today.”

Brows furrowing, your lips parted, “But why-”

The male shrugged, sighing, “At least the month’s fees have been paid.” Giving you a smile, he continued, “Guess you can start on your work early today, huh?”

You were about to answer when your phone vibrated.

Morning. Meet me at the park near my place after work… please?

Never would Yoongi have thought that the first time he’d be stepping his foot outside of his apartment would be to meet up with someone - and on his own accord at that.

But that someone was unknowingly filling up the hole he didn’t know he had in his dead heart…

And never had Yoongi felt so alive.

“Yoongi!” You ran up towards the male once you caught sight of that familiar beanie.

The million questions that bombarded you at work started popping up at the silent stare - how you thought that maybe your blood tasted so bad that Yoongi didn’t have any appetite to eat for the entire day and-

“Thank you.”

You snapped out of your daze, looking up at the guy.

At your visible confusion, Yoongi took a step closer. “For letting me drink… your blood yesterday.” He rambled on, pursing his lips, “I never got the chance to properly thank you. I felt full all day yesterday and couldn’t even finish the bags you delivered and today I didn’t even feel hungry at all, just satisfied and-”

“Wait, so my blood didn’t taste bad?”

Yoongi gave you a look, lips quirking up into a soft smile at your relieved face. Hands cupping your cheeks, he bent down to nuzzle your nose with his. “You tasted like the perfect melody, like the laughter you blessed me with when Hoseok chose your ramen, like the recording of your singing that lulls me to sleep every night, like…” he swallowed thickly, so, so nervous, “like the urge to tell you I love you since day one.”

Your eyes widened, blush creeping up your cheeks.

“I love you.” Yoongi said, anxious but sure. “Do you-”

Shy lips cut him off in a peck.

Face so, so red, you hurriedly pulled back, diverting your eyes from a largely grinning Min Yoongi.

“You know I’m gonna cancel all my deliveries from now on.”

At that, you whipped your head up to him, eyes wide, “Why-”

Yoongi gave that gummy smile from day two.

Because I don’t need a blood bank anymore, I need you.