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Fake G1 Screenshot Commissions

By semi-sorta-but-not-really popular demand, I’ve decided to add these to my commission list. I gave them their own separate post because I really didn’t want to have to go back and edit the entire thing. Anyway, here are the guidelines. Feel free to talk to me if you’re uncertain about anything or if there’s something I don’t cover.


$35USD - Waist upwards

$45USD - Full body

+$10 for any extra robot characters with a maximum of 2 per drawing

+5 for a sketchy reference of the redesign, should one need to be done

This cost covers:

- A single, full illustration with background included

- Complete G1-styled redesign of any character not featured in G1 or a similarly-styled continuity.

- Overlays, gradients and other what-nots to give it that old, G1-ish feel

- Optional add-ons (no extra charge): small animals/props, text, weapons, simple shading



- I’ll need the type of scene/set up you want; location, time, feel, what you want the character to be doing or saying, etc. Not necessarily all of them, but every little bit helps the process. Feel free to provide references to other scenes if you want.

- For OCs, I’ll need a visual reference of said character(s). Any continuity is fine; the cost will remain the same. If you have a good ref for a canon character, I’ll take it. Again, it’ll help. Feel free to specify if you want a full on redesign based off G1 models or just minor g1-style modifications.

- Side note: There’s a 25% discount on canon G1 characters designs. Using designs based on other continuities (like say, using, Megatron’s IDW design as a base and giving it a G1 twist, over using his actual G1 design) counts as a redesign.
- Any text or miscellaneous gubs you may want


- Given that humans are considerably simpler than their companions, there are a few separate rules for them.

- I won’t just draw a human alone, there has to be a robot with them
- $5USD for each human, maximum: 3

I Will Draw:

- Any canon character, OC or filthy self-insert (I say this with love) from any continuity. Yes; this includes the Unicron trilogy and Bayverse

- Humans
- Any pairing type, so long as it’s consensual (one-sided crushes count; anything involving minors with adults don’t)

- Mild gore/suggestive material (moderate swearing, some innuendos, etc)
- Weapons

I Won’t Draw:

- Any animal-related alt mode except for canon Sharkticons, Dinobots and Insecticons, since they already have designs I can work with. I still don’t feel comfortable drawing animals and am still a tad iffy on this.

- Heavy gore/explicit material

- Abuse in any form

Regular Commissions

anonymous asked:

"Hazel hasn't really perfected her shadow traveling, but I don't really want to go back to camp. I like being places. I, um, like being wth you." Did that mean he didn't want to gonback to camp. "I kind of want to see what normal feels like." Will can understand that. "You're my home," Nico mumbles. He's talking into Will's chest, but Will hears. "I'm tired, Will." And Will thinks he's talking about more than being sick. "I know, baby. Me, too." Nico kisses at his neck, behind his ear. He sighs.

“Will? What’s gonna happen after the tests? Do I have to stay here?” Will rubbed Nico’s back. “I don’t know, sweetheart. If they can get your meds worked out, you should be able to leave. They want regular check-ups, though, to make sure everything is working.” Nico nods. “I kind of miss you being my doctor.” He pokes a tube at his elbow and another on his hand. “I don’t like this.” “I don’t either, but I hope you’ll feel better after this.” Nico sighs. “Will I be okay enough for our date?”
“You should be. When I told them you had the flu they gave you some really intense antibiotics so you should be over that by now. As long as you’re feeling well enough and your heart’s doing okay then we should be fine to go on that date. I’ll just have to keep a close eye on you. Extreme heat could mess up your heart. As long as you stay hydrated and we get one of those big umbrellas, you should be fine though.” Nico smiled, gently nudging his head under Will’s chin. Will rubbed his back, tracing Nico’s spine with his fingertips. They sat in a comfortable silence for a while before a nurse knocked on the door softly before walking into the room. “Are you ready for your last EKG today, Nico?” Will had completely forgotten Nico still had another test to do today.

What I want to say:
- you’re fucking gorgeous ya know
- i could kiss you right now
- holy shit you’re a genius
- where have you been all my life
- let’s go to the movies
- what do your hands feel like
- tell me your story
- i love it when you do that
- you’re more cute than normal today
- wow you’re incredible
- i think im in love with you.

What I actually say:
- hi
- ok
- uhhhh
- thank you
- bye

Pass Out

Requested: Can u do an imagine where u pass out backstage but his management doesn’t let him stop the Show to check on u? and at the end of the Show ur worse?

Your name: submit What is this?


It’s the middle of Shawn’s concert, and he’s about to be backstage for a few seconds before he goes back on to finish the show. You want to see him while he’s offstage like you normally do, so you’re rushing towards the stage. You hadn’t been feeling very well so you were resting inside of his dressing room instead of watching the show from side stage like you normally do. Because of that, you weren’t near the stage, and you hadn’t realized it was so close to the part in the show where he gets off stage for a bit, so now you’re trying to rush to get to where he’ll walk off soon.

When you’re almost to the area that you want to be to wait for Shawn, you really start to feel light headed. You spot Andrew walking towards you, probably looking for you since you weren’t where you normally are, and he knew that Shawn would be worried if he didn’t see you when he got offstage because you’re always there. While rushing towards Andrew, you just feel everything suddenly go blurry then black.

The next thing you know, you’re waking up in Shawn’s dressing room again. Andrew and Geoff are standing over you, looking down at you with worry. You try to sit up, but Geoff presses down on your shoulder, “Just stay lying down.” He says gently.

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Guess Again [Shance ficlet]

[I’ve really fallen in love with this pairing and wanted to write a little something for them. Please hmu if you’re a Shance shipper too, I need to follow more folks!]

Summary: Keith confronts Lance about something he witnessed during a team mind-melding exercise…too bad he’s got the wrong culprit.

Keith had tried to just forget about it. He really had.

When no one else had seemed the least bit disturbed when they came out of the mind-meld earlier, he’d quickly decided it was best just to keep it to himself and never speak of what he’d witnessed to anyone ever. That way it was kind of like he’d never seen it all, right?

Except he couldn’t get the images out of his head. Two hours since they’d all gone their separate ways and Lance’s fantasy was still clear as day in his mind.

It wasn’t like it’d even been something particularly graphic or unusual. It hadn’t involved whips or chains or any of the other kinky shit he assumed polluted Lance’s brain. It’d merely been Lance cuddling with the object of his affection, blushing and giggling between the chaste kisses they exchanged. Honestly, Keith might have found it kind of cute if it had involved Allura or one of the many pretty alien girls Lance had tried to woo during their journey…

But the person wrapped around Lance in his fantasy wasn’t some random girl. Hell, it wasn’t even some random boy. It was freaking Shiro.

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“How on Earth can one man be so perfect?” Anxiety whispered between kisses.

“You’re just saying that.”

The royal ran a hand along Anxiety’s side and felt a frown tug his lips.

“If you aren’t beautiful, than I’m a rotten boyfriend.”


“Roman,” Anxiety leaned up from where he was tracing his lips over the others tummy and whispered in his ear, “You are the most gorgeous, handsome-most radiant man I’ve ever known.”

“I can’t imagine how I would survive,” He traced his lips down the royals neck and kissed gently at his shoulder, “without you.”

One hand rested on Prince’s hip, holding him in place, while the other gently traced over his body.

“Your beautiful tummy, that is perfectly kissable,” He leaned down and did just that, “ your wonderful arms which are perfect for hugs,” he kissed there too, “your beautiful thighs, which-”


The darker man smirked.

“Your hands, that are always there to help and protect,” He picked up Princes hands and kissed the palms of both.

“Your eyes, that are deeper than an ocean, and shine brighter than all the jewels of the world,” He placed gentle kisses over Prince’s closed eyelids.

“The way you crinkle your nose, right before you sneeze,” He kissed his nose.

“The way you fidget with your fingers when you get nervous,” He kissed each of his individual fingers.

“The way you laugh, loud and unabashed, and free-”

“I though I was obnoxious?”

“Oh, you are,” Anxiety grinned at the other, “But I love you anyways.”

“I love your smile,” Ann’s voice was now barely a whisper, and he was leaning down so his lips were a breath away from Prince’s, “because it was your smile that first caught my attention. The beauty, the happiness, the excitement- the wonder of being something I thought I couldn’t be. It showed me a world I wouldn’t let myself be a part of.”

Prince had tears pricking his eyes, and Anxiety delicately kissed them away.

“You are the most radiantly beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, wonderfully sweet, caringly kind, loving, obnoxious, talented, magnificent man I’ve ever had the pleasure of falling in love with. And everything about you that I’ve fallen for over and over again is what has saved me, and its you. You in all your beautifully, wonderful, extraordinary-”

“Anxiety-” Prince’s voice cracked.

“-Stunning self, that has done this.”

He finally placed a gentle, soft, adoring kiss to Prince’s lips, feeling the other trembling beneath him.

Prince’s arms encircled Anxiety’s waist, and he buried his face in Anxiety’s shoulder, crying softly against the other.

“Thank you, Prince. Thank you, for bringing love to my life.”

Guest: Part 3

You can read Part 1: HERE

You can read Part 2: HERE


There were a lot of other couples on the dance floor but, in the moment, it felt like you were the only ones. You awkwardly reached out your hand to place it on his waist and he snickered, taking your arms and sliding them up around his neck.

“S’not prom,” he said, “You can hold me proper.”

Originally posted by harrysimpact

You walked through the grass down toward the dock which overlooked a perfectly calm lake, currently illuminated by moonlight. Your shoes began to sink into the soft ground so you stopped, took them off, and continued to walk barefoot.

Once you reached the dock, you could no longer hear the laughter and joyfulness from the wedding party behind you and the air around you was incredibly still. You dropped your shoes down on the wooden planks and leaned against the railing, trying to catch your breath and process what had just happened.

This wasn’t what you had been expecting when you invited Harry to this wedding. It didn’t matter if you were attracted to him or if he made you feel comfortable and you enjoyed the ability to be yourself around him. You had just wanted to have a good time at the wedding, maybe get to know Harry a bit better, and then call it a night and have nothing change. Something had changed; it had already changed. The moment Harry made a move in your direction, things had changed. You could blame it on him being a bit drunk, but you knew him enough to know that he was still very coherent when he was drunk. The move to kiss you – at least, that’s what you were fairly sure he had been aiming for – wasn’t done out of drunkenness. Harry had been very aware; you could see it in his eyes.

You heard shoes clomping on the dock behind you a few minutes after you had arrived and it didn’t take a genius to figure out who it was.

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, not even bothering to turn around, “I didn’t mean to run out on you.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Harry lean on the space of railing beside you and stare straight ahead.

“S’okay. It was gettin’ pretty warm in there.”

“I wasn’t that warm,” you muttered.

“You felt pretty warm to me.”

Your stomach jolted and you swallowed the rising bundle of nerves that were inching themselves up your throat. You couldn’t look at him – it seemed to be a running theme for that night – you would break if you did.

“Harry, I – “

“M’sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” he cut in.

“No, you didn’t,” you sighed, finally turning so you faced him, “You didn’t do anything, Harry. This whole thing…this is my fault. I asked you to come here with me and then I freaked out when you tried to get closer and I had no reason to, and I’m sorry. I probably gave you the wrong impression and that’s on me.”

“What impression were you tryin’ to give me?”

You crossed your arms over your chest, feeling the chill air of the evening for the first time.

“I don’t know. I didn’t want you to think that I had asked you to the wedding because I was expecting anything from you other than friendship, but I think that…might have gotten lost somewhere on that dance floor.”

Harry turned and rested his back on the wooden railing, pursing his lips a bit and staring back toward the tent. Finally, after a few moments of silence, he spoke again.

“I really like you.”

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anonymous asked:

Mini fic of fluff leading up to Maggie and Alex's cuddling??!?!??

They know they’ll fall asleep.

These days, Alex has trouble falling asleep in bed. Unless it’s in Maggie’s arms, immediately after being thoroughly fucked. But tonight? Tonight’s a cuddle night.

So they know when they fall asleep, it’ll be on the couch.

It has been lately.

Since the white Martian infiltrated her brain.

Since Jeremiah.

Since… since Jeremiah.

And Maggie’s been having her own difficulties.

Her own traumas.

With her own set of memories that Valentine’s Day stirred up.

With her own set of memories, of terrors, of the bar full of her friends’ bodies, of wounds that haven’t even gotten the chance to scar yet, that Cadmus’s latest attacks stirred up.

That Alex nearly being launched across the galaxy, being held at gunpoint, conjured.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk.

But Alex knows.

Alex knows, and she makes her dinner and she pours her scotch even though Maggie’s insisted she doesn’t need to keep any in the house – and she surprises herself, because she’s not even tempted to have any for herself – and she pops popcorn, allegedly just for Maggie (I don’t know how you eat it with just coconut oil and sea salt, it’s gross, Sawyer and Doesn’t stop you from stealing it out of my bowl, Danvers and Any excuse to be closer to you, babe and Get over here, woman, you never need an excuse to be closer to me).

Alex melts when Maggie moans happily with her eyes closed at the pasta Alex made, because unless Maggie’s cooking for someone else – namely, Alex and Kara and Adrian – she never bothers being much more than utilitarian with her food. (Tiramisu doesn’t count. It has its own category, Danvers.)

And Maggie melts when Alex gets out the pillows and the blankets and refuses to let Maggie get up to put her dishes in the sink, because you work so hard all day, Sawyer, let me take care of you for once, and Alex’s top is lacey and low cut and Maggie watches her move, listens to her hum to herself, watches her smile over her shoulder because Alex knows – she always knows – that Maggie’s eyes are glued to her body, to her bare skin and to her collection of bruises, and she almost swoons.

She would claim almost, anyway.

But Maggie knows the truth: that her gaze doesn’t make Alex almost anything.

She full-out swoons, and Maggie settles back into the couch and waits eagerly for Alex to return, because she has never felt quite this domestic, quite this safe, quite this… home.

“Thank you, Ally,” she says softly as Alex sits back down and throws out her arm and puts Maggie’s favorite pillow onto her own lap, inviting Maggie to lay down on her.

“For what?”


For dinner. For giving me scotch but not drinking any yourself. For that top with that lace and for that smile and for letting me lay in your lap and letting me put on Doctor Who episodes that you didn’t love but I did as we fall asleep and for putting the dishes away and for knowing, just knowing, that I’m spending the night, for pulling the blanket over my legs but not my torso because you know how claustrophobic I can get if the blanket is up too high, for putting your arm on my waist and making me feel safe, for making me feel wanted and making me feel loved. So, so, so loved.

“For you, Danvers. For you.”

Alex tilts her head – a habit she’s quickly acquiring from her girlfriend – and tilts her mouth to one side.

“Come here.”

Maggie does – eagerly – and when their lips meet, it’s fire under a waterfall and it’s stars exploding in the vacuum of space and it’s lethal hands turning tender and strong hearts being vulnerable and soft lips on tossed-back necks and low moans growing louder and unspoken love transporting on hitched breath and passionate sighs and whispered names.

“You knocked my pillow on the floor, Danvers,” Maggie teases, her voice several octaves lower than normal, when they part for breath, their foreheads pressed together, their arms around each other, their legs somehow, now, entwined.

“Oh, it’s your pillow, is it?”

Maggie freezes and Alex realizes her mistake, and she takes Maggie’s face into gentle hands and strokes her hair and kisses her nose.

“I love that you’re at home here. I want… I want you to be. Hell, Mags, you can have all the pillows in the universe if it means you sleep in my arms more often.”

Maggie swallows tears and Alex bites her lip, because maybe it was too much, maybe –

“I don’t want all the pillows in the universe, Alex. Only the ones that keep me here.”

They both lean down for the pillow at the same time, with the same smile, with the same hope and the same fear and the same love, love, love.

And the promptly knock their heads together.

They laugh and they take turns spluttering apologies and kissing each other’s foreheads and eventually – somehow – Maggie makes sure a pillow is behind Alex’s head (she always forgets), and Alex resets Maggie’s pillow on her lap, and Maggie lays back down, and Alex puts the blanket back on her, and Alex sighs, and Maggie sighs, and Alex plays with her hair and holds her safe, holds her close, holds her perfect.

And if they both breath soft I love yous when their eyes are dragging and they’re drifting into a more peaceful sleep than either of them have ever gotten on their own, the air between them holds their most cherished, most exciting, most terrifying, most beautiful secret.

Until they’re ready to speak the obvious into existence in the full awareness of day and not just the soft glow of sleepy perfection on the couch at midnight.

Imagine confirming your relationship with your co-star, Sebastian Stan, in an Interview

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agent-sapphire  asked:

Gods, that Adamms Family au tho. Do you have more headcanons??? Cause I def need more, lmao. :"))) I can only imagine Keith and Shiro dancing dramatically, Shiro dipping Keith down, gracefully and flawlessly spinning him and after the dance, kissing each other without missing a beat. ♡ :"D

It started as a joke but the more I think about it the funnier it gets and the more I want it to happen HAHAHAAHHHA but yes what you said YES!

Sheith The Addams Family AU PART 02  [PART 01]

  • They dine like normal rich people. Four chandeliers in the room, longass obsidian table darker than the human soul with six candelabra, black and red utensils, black goblets, a dead boar’s head hanging on the wall, a guillotine in a corner. Yknow, the usual… stuff.
  • Their car is the 1938 Packard Hearse. Fricking beautiful lmao Of course they get weird looks. Who in the right mind would have a funeral car for family use? Apparently they do. 
    Pidge (Wednesday): Father, kids at school make fun of our car.
    Keith: Oh, they’re just jealous they don’t carry the dead with them wherever they go, my dear. Now run along.
  • Every morning, Pidge would try to do something to Lance (Pugsley) before breakfast when he’s asleep.
    Lance: Father! Pidge tried to suffocate me again in my sleep!
    Shiro: *sighs and turns to Pidge* Pidge, my darling, what did I tell you?
    Pidge: To use a pillowcase with a rope instead of my own hands.
    Shiro: Good. *smiles* We’re not barbarians you know. 
    Pidge: *frowns*
    Keith: Poor thing, she’s lost all her desires to strangle her brother. 
  • When they are receiving visitors, Shiro is usually the first one introduced. And when Keith walks in, Shiro just couldn’t keep his eyes off him, pretty much ignoring everyone else in the room.
    Shiro: Mon amour. *walks up to Keith and pulls him closer* *takes his hand and kisses it* *kisses Keith’s neck*
    Keith: *tilts head to give Shiro more room* *hums in pleasure* *sees the visitors and smiles* Forgive my husband. He’s like a desperate howling demon. Especially when I wear this suit. It brings back memories
    Shiro: *cups Keith’s face* My little bat. I remember that night as if it was only yesterday. 
    Keith: Mon chéri.
    Shiro: Oh, Keith. The things you do to me when you speak French.
    Keith: *whispers and kisses Shiro’s jaw* I know. 
    Visitor: *to the family’s butler* *coughs* S-should we um… come another time? They seem so busy with… each other.
  • They get called to school when one of their kids had done something. Keith would walk in the school hallway and get stared at.
    Kid: *looks at Keith funny* Did someone die?
    Keith: I can only hope. *sighs*
    Kid: You’re weird.
    Keith: *raises an eyebrow* And you’re wearing colours. 
    Teacher: Ah, you must be Lance’s Dad.
    Keith: *nods* I am his father, yes. What did my precious devil do?
    Teacher: He had a fight with one of his classmates.
    Keith: *eyes widens* Did he win?
    Teacher: *shock* Mr. Shirogane, he punched a boy in the face. A boy named Hunk.
    Keith: *sighs* I told him to aim for a bloody nose if he liked someone. Don’t you worry. I’ll have a talk with him.
    Teacher: Mr. Shirogane, Hunk was crying and Lance was pleased.
    Keith: Well, what did you expect? Life if not all lovely thorns and singing vultures you know? They like each other. Give it time.
  • Love declarations all the time! Shiro and Keith doesn’t give a damn about the time and place. If there’s one thing certain about them, it’s the fact they are so in love with each other.
    Shiro: To live without you, only that would be torture. *leans in*
    Keith: A day alone, only that would be death. *leans in*
    Shiro: Someday we’ll be buried here, side by side, six feet under, in matching coffins… *lips almost touching*
    Keith: …our lifeless bodies rotting together for all eternity.
    PTA Meeting head: *clear throat* Umm, Mr. and Mr. Shirogane. If you please, we’re having *cough* a meeting and would like to hear your opinion and not your… *gestures at them* whatever inappropriate thing you are doing in front of us right now. *flushes*
  • They are very very dramatic. Slow dancing with so much kisses here and there, teasing each other that other people at the formal restaurant couldn’t help but just stare at them in awe. They don’t even break a sweat after such intense dancing.
    Person 1: Who the hell invited Dracula?
    Shiro: *perks up* What? Is our cousin around here? *looks around*
    Keith: *caresses Shiro’s face* Oh, my darling. We could only hope he died after what you did to him.
    Shiro: *looks at the person* *grins* Cyanide poisoning. 


let’s just be us

summary: based on this post by @bleebug (rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out…)

word count: ~3500

an: thanks to @swans-and-pirates for being a stellar beta! <3

Emma Swan likes to think she has it all in order.

Being an A-List celebrity is hard enough as it is, with paparazzi discovering her when she so much decides to go visit Starbucks for ten minutes. But, she has a plan and she has tricks that keep her relatively average.

Trick number one: private social media accounts.

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NCT DREAM’s reaction to their first kiss with their S/O.


This boy helped to write baby don’t like it so I don’t think he’ll be that shy compared to the others. He’s also the eldest so I see him being a lot more mature about it. But he will still crack under your touch because it was something new. All these feelings will be going through him and he wouldn’t know what to do, especially once the kiss ended because he would desperately want more.

Originally posted by nctech


He would be so hyper during and it but after it he will be completely dazed. I feel like he’s one to giggle because of the excitement. My baby’s so soft, I just see him doing something like this. It wouldn’t stop you two from kissing though and you would find it adorable that he was so excited. Like Mark, he would feel a lot of feelings but he would only focus on them after the kiss. During the kiss he will be too caught up in the moment but after he’ll just be quiet and process everything.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


Jeno is probably the quietest member in nct dream so I don’t think he’ll say much after the kiss but he would send you a small, sweet smile to reassure you. He will want more but he wouldn’t know if he should just lock your lips again. After the kiss, he will be quieter than normal and you would have to ask him if he’s okay. “I’m not that bad of a kisser, am I?”

"Of course not, you’re amazing.” He would say, smiling into the sentence.


He would be sort of like Renjun and would be hyper during it but even after it, he will be rushing with excitement. Smiling to himself like a little kid but trying to hide it because he didn’t want to show you how easily you effected him. It would make him the happiest person alive as soon as yours and his lips touch for the first time.

Originally posted by 1aeil


I feel like he’ll be extremely happy and show off a little during the kiss. Like he would definitely be the one in control of the kiss but after it, he would blush like a little baby. He would try to hide it though by smiling and quickly looking away. Once he knew that the pinkness had gone, he would look back at you and give you the sweetest smile. He would love you so damn much and he knew that, that kiss shown that.

*just pretend that he isn’t moving his hands.*


Another member that I think would be hyper during it. What I mean by hyper is always smiling and acting like a cutie. This boy is one of the noisiest in dream so he will have something to say after the kiss. It doesn’t mean that he won’t feel a bit shy. After he mentioned that it took him by surprise, he would begin to blush as he remembered how your lips felt. All he would want to do is pull you back and connect your lips again.


He will be so shy during the kiss. I feel like jisung would be one of shyest, not necessarily because he’s the youngest but because he just seems that way to me. His cheeks will turn pink as soon as your lips connect. This would probably cause him to be hesitant in the kiss but eventually he would kiss back and his cheeks will start to glow even brighter. After the kiss, he would try his best to hide it but you quickly realised and would just giggle at him.

Late-Night Escape

I just wanted to write some smooches and play with that headcanon of mine that Hanzo just likes kissing a lot  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The room is dark, lit only by the gentle glow of the TV on the far wall. The clock next to it says 3:02 AM. There is a movie playing on the television screen, its sound dimmed to a low murmur, but Hanzo has long since lost track of the plot. His eyes are heavy with drowsiness, but he can’t bring himself to get to his feet and go back to bed.

Beside him, McCree sits, gazing absently toward the TV but looking likewise unfocused. His head is propped in his hand, his body turned toward Hanzo but attention elsewhere. Between them, their hands are joined and resting on the couch, and McCree’s thumb strokes idly over Hanzo’s skin. McCree had been too on-edge, too raw from his own nightmares when he stumbled into the rec room to handle any other contact, but they had both needed that grounding touch. For Hanzo, it is not quite enough, but he will not push McCree’s boundaries.

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Elijah x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Elijah please don’t.” You whispered as you looked at him.


“I have no other choice (Y/N) … my brother has turned our home into a battle ground and I will not have you caught in the middle of his misdeeds.” He said with a straight face.

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anonymous asked:

okay so i have a request, but i was hoping you could get creative with it... so i wanted a fic where the reader and josh gradually start to get distant because of tour life and everything, and it just shows overtime them getting further and further apart, but then end up happy in the end?? hope this makes sense :)


There’s something comforting about an unmade bed. An unorganized pile of crumbled covers and dipped pillows, pulled together so the sleepers’ faces can be very close to each other. Your favorites are all the beds you and Josh slept in.  It always took you days to make the sheets up after Josh had left; in some way, seeing the remains of what he had slept in, made it almost feel like he was still there. Maybe just taking a shower, having just gotten up. You inhale his scent from his pillow and runs your hand softly down the blanket. It’s not warm anymore, no one’s slept in it for days now.

The dial tone seems to go on forever until the call is finally picked up.

“Hi babe,” Josh sounds cheerful, and a little louder than normal. “What’s up?”

You can hear loud voices and glasses clinking on the background, mixed with vague hints of a booming bass. “Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice,” you clear your throat. “What are you up to?”

“Going wild on a Friday,” Josh chuckles, “hanging with the guys, we’ll probably head out in a bit. Mark’s running late, just waiting on him.”

You’re looking at your shared closet in the Columbus house, sitting on the floor in the middle of piles of clothes you just don’t seem to be able to take care of.  You stare at the clock, trying to calculate what time it was in Amsterdam.

You smile a little, picking at the strings of your hoodie. “Glad you’re having a good time.”

“Would be better if you were here. I think you owe me an explicit run-through of what you’re wearing right now, babe.” The smirk in Josh’s voice is audible.

You chuckle. “The hoodie you got me from the ice cream shop.”

“The one with the cow on the front?  Sexy,” Josh mocks. “Isn’t it too warm for that?”

“No, it’s… I’m just sitting on the closet floor and I found this and it smelled like you, so I thought I’d just wear it for a bit.”

“Ugh,” Josh groans, “I wore it like ages ago. It’s probably smells awful, you should just wash it.”

You feel a twinge of embarrassment, “I, I don’t want to wash you off though.”

The background noise quiets down on the other end of the line, and you can hear the sound of a door opening and closing. “Babe, are you ok?”

“Yeah,” you sigh, “just, I don’t know.”

Josh hums comfortingly. “Are you doing anything fun today?”

“Probably just trying to get some homework done, don’t really want to leave the house.”

“Love, do you want me to come home?”

“You can’t really just up and fly across the world,” you say.

“You know I would if I could. I’m sure I can take up flying and ace it in like, max twenty minutes.”

“I’m sure you could,” you smile. You don’t think there’s anything Josh couldn’t do.

You stay silent for a while, listening to each other breathing. It makes you feel better, Josh knows. You guess it’s the same for Josh, too.

“Ok,” you say after a while. “Got my fix. Feeling better. Go and have fun.”

“And what are you going to do?” his voice is very soft.

“I’ll figure something out, maybe I’ll call my mom.”

“That’s more like it.”

“I’ll see you next week.”

“Love you.”

“Love you, Josh.”

“Do you ever wonder what it’s like for other people?” Josh muses as he’s flicking through the channels, sitting on the floor between your legs.  The two of you are savoring the final hours Josh had at home.  He headed out in the morning.  

“Wonder what what’s like?” you continue to rub Josh’s neck.

“Like, relationships. Being normal. Me not traveling around all the time.”

You move your hand down a bit, starting to work on the knots on Josh’s shoulder. “Do you?” you ask, avoiding the question.

“I don’t know… Just, don’t you think it’s a bit sad?”


“That only being together once in a while is normal for us.”

“I like the way we are,” you try to smile. “I think we’re good. And the traveling and stuff is just out of our control, I think as a couple we’re pretty normal, probably like better than most, just our situation is a bit…” you can’t figure out a good word.

“Abnormal,” Josh nods. “Yeah, you’re right. Just would be nice sometimes to not be quite so, far I guess.”

“Ooh,” you coo, “you want to hold my hand more, don’t you?”

“Shut up,” Josh laughs as he leans his head back in your lap. “That may be a little true.”

You smile as you cup his face in your hands and bend over to plant a kiss on his lips, “Me too.”

Josh beams. “You want to show me off,” he pokes your thigh, “I’m like a classy trophy wife.”

“Hardly, “ you say laughing, “though you do brush up well when you’re not embarrassing.”

Josh’s wide grin turns into a fake frown impressively quickly. “You think I’m embarrassing?”

“Of course you are, but I gotta hand it to you, even when you’re falling all over the place, no one does it quite as impressively as you do.”

“Compliment accepted,” Josh smiles as he pulls you into another kiss.

Josh sits down slowly, and starts to go through the pictures on your camera. One catches his attention and he shows it to you. “This would be nice to hang on the wall.”

It’s a picture of you two, from last Spring, when you’d gone hiking on a hot day and there was so much pollen in the air.  You remember your eyes had been streaming non-stop. You’re pictured from the side, faces turned to each other, you were laughing – your dimple is visible – at something Josh had said.  You both look happy and carefree.

You agree. A week later, when Josh is in Los Angeles, you put the wall art on the bedroom wall, opposite your bed.

“Can you put your phone away, please?” you ask irritated when you come to bed. “The light keeps me awake.”

Josh doesn’t say anything, but turns his phone off and puts it on the nightstand.

“You know I don’t like having phones in bed,” you sigh, trying to find a relaxing position.

“I know, sorry.” Josh is sincerely sorry. This isn’t the first time his inability to put his phone down is causing words.

“What were you even doing?”

“Just, looking at things,” Josh turns to his side, his back to you.

“What things?” you ask after a while.

“Just things. It doesn’t matter.”

You scoot closer, caressing your fingers along his lower back. “Hey.”

Josh turns to look over his shoulder, and even in the dark of their bedroom, he can make out your kind eyes looking at him. “Hey,” he whispers back and turns around to face you.

“Don’t look at that stuff, love. You know people are idiots. They don’t know anything.”

“I guess…,”he mumbles.

“No, babe, you know it’s not true. People say awful things and it says more about them than it does about you, or me, us, anything”

“I just-“ Josh sighs and bites his lip. “It’s like everyone is just expecting me to fail. Like they can’t wait for me to fuck up, so they can laugh at me. Like I’m a joke.”

“Babe,” you pull him closer, “they’re idiots. And you’re not a joke. And you won’t fail. You’re brilliant.”

“But what if I’m not,” Josh lets out a shaky breath.

“You’re amazing, Josh, I’ve seen you. You worked fucking hard for the things you’ve done and you wouldn’t have done the things you have if anyone important thought you were shit. Which you absolutely are not.”

Josh smiles and he reaches out to brush some longer strands behind your ear. “I have all the faith in you, too.” He snuggles in closer until he’s pressed against your skin, placing a small kiss on your collar bone. “I love how your skin is always warm.”

The party was a drag. Not only did Josh have to practically drag you the entire way there, but once you arrived, it took all of three minutes for him to wander off.  He was off mingling, leaving you in the corner of an unfamiliar house with unfamiliar people scattered all around.  You caught sight of him once or twice, each time he was getting his ear talked off to by some uppity executive or manager.  

You were fuming by the time he finally was ready to leave.

“I don’t get why you’re so upset,” Josh says on your drive back home.

“Just forget it,” you say through gritted teeth, you were not in the mood to discuss.

“I can’t apologize if I don’t know what I even did wrong.”

You continue to stare out the window as the night passed by.

When you were finally curled up in bed, Josh snuggled close, his forehead pressed up against yours.  

“I’m sorry I got taken away tonight, I missed you.”

You’ve gotten a chance to cool off and he just seems so sincere, so you nod, indicating your approval.  

“Can I kiss you now?”

You lean in and kiss him discreetly, trying to ignore the way he even had to ask.

You have sex that night to try to make up for it all.

But it turns out to be awful.

You’re taking a shower after and you’ve never felt further away from Josh, who’s waiting in bed. You scrub yourself, still prickling uncomfortably from this strange, unfamiliar touch of Josh’s skin. You wrap yourself in your bathrobe before going to the bedroom.  

You don’t want to be naked in front of Josh right now.

“I feel like you’re erasing me from your life.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just feel like, I’m not a part of your plans anymore.”

“When have I ever not included you in my plans? When have I ever done anything without checking with you first?”

“But, you keep…”

“No. I’m not pushing you away, it’s you who keeps falling away from me.”

“Doesn’t feel like I have any space by your side anymore.”

“And at this point, it’s like you don’t even want me to try to reach out, you’ve decided that I’m erasing you from my life and that’s it, done and dusted, fucking sorted.”

“It’s not fucking sorted, stop putting words in my mouth.”

“Stop blaming me for things I’m not doing!”

A door bangs shut.

You’re staring at the name on your contact list and realize you actually feel nervous. You haven’t felt nervous about calling Josh since probably the very first call you ever made.

“It’s your Josh,” you mutter to yourself and press the green button.

“Hello,” he picks up, sounding croaky.

“Hi,” you’re happy to find the nervousness leaves your mind at the sound of his voice. “What are you doing on your day off?”

“Still in bed,” he yawns.

You frown and look at the clock, making quick calculations. “Josh, it’s like six at night.”

“I suppose so,” Josh says apathetically. “Oh well.”

You can feel the nerves starting to creep back. “You must be hungry.”

“Not really.”

“When was the last time you ate? How long have you been sleeping?”

Josh ponders. “I had something yesterday. I think I had some cereal.”

“But what about a proper dinner?”

“Jesus, what is this? You’re not a nurse doing a check-up.”

You try not to get offended. “I just want to make sure you’ve slept and eaten.”

“I have eaten, and I have slept, like, for almost 20 hours, thanks mom,” his voice is snappy. “Was there anything else? Does your form have any more questions that needs answers?”

“Josh.” your voice is quiet, soft, a gentle tug.

Josh sniffs and coughs. “Fine. Sure. I’m great.  Everything’s great.”


You exit out of the airline tab on your computer, forgetting all about the overpriced flight you were planning on taking to surprise Josh.

You both still have fun, on some days, of course you do. On days where it’s just you, with nothing to do but spend time together, being carefree, on days when, over a lazy breakfast, Josh asks you if you want to go on an adventure. And you go, drive around aimlessly to a random direction based on chance. You find a hidden little pond in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thick trees and you go skinny dipping, and then find a sketchy looking café and have take out.

“We should go on a vacation,” you suggest, sitting on the hood of the car.

Josh looks up at you, in a way you can’t quite read. “Vacation?”

“Yeah, like today. Just leave everything for a while.”

“Y/N,” Josh starts slowly and looks down, “that’s not a good idea.”


His eyes meet yours. “Like, going away doesn’t solve anything.”

Your mouth flinches. “Did you not have fun today?”

“I did, of course I did,” Josh chooses his words wisely. “I just don’t think it’d be a good idea. To like, go away and then come back while everything here, in real life, remains the same. I don’t think we should go before it ends.”

“Before what ends?” you can feel your chest tightening, you’re not sure you want to hear the answer.

“This… thing, between us. It’s obvious we have issues.”

You nod, biting your lip. “But, like, we’ll fix it, won’t we? We’ll fix us.”

Josh nudges your shoulder with his. “We will. We’ll fix us so well and then, as a reward, we’ll go for the best holiday ever.  To Jamaica or something.” He squeezes your hand.

You squeeze back. “I can work with that.”

“We’ll figure this out, I know we will, we always do.”

The drive back home is quiet, both of you deep in your thoughts, but this time, the silence doesn’t feel so loud.

“What is all of this?” Josh asks as he sees the table set with candles and china.  

“Just a surprise,” you smile as you lead him to the kitchen and put a plate of steaming food in front of him.

You feel a little nervous. “Taste it.”

Josh inhales the divine smell of something hearty and rustic, reminding him of something he can’t quite pinpoint.

“This is my grandmother’s recipe,” he says quietly.

“I know.”

“She didn’t… She said it was a secret and no one else had it.”

“I know.”

Their eyes meet and Josh smiles, letting out a wet chuckle. “You did good, love.”



“I think… I think we should really talk now.”

“Look, I’m so sorry about the stuff I said, it was so uncalled for, I was being an asshole.”

You shake your head. “No, me too, I think we both were being… not good.”


“Apologies,” you nod.

“Come sit with me.” Josh says.

You both sit down on the sofa, leaving some space between them but not as much as they could’ve.

“Sometimes… I feel like your tour life is taking more time and energy than it should. And it’s time and energy away from me.”

Josh looks surprised. “Seriously? Really, Y/N?”

You shrug. “It’s… Like it’s just a lot.”

“I know it’s a lot, I’m living it.”

“But I’m living it too, that’s just it.”

“You said you were fine with everything, don’t try to claim I didn’t check every tour, every interview, everything with you. You were totally on board when it all started.”

“I’m allowed to change my mind. I changed my mind. It’s fucking awful and I hate it.”

“How do you want me to fix it then?”

You say nothing.

“You know this isn’t something I can fix. I can’t just stop this all from happening now.”

“I know,” you say.

“Like, I’m on tour now. You changed your mind but it doesn’t have an effect, like sorry you feel like shit but there is literally nothing I can do about it.”

“I said I know! I’m not expecting you to change anything.”

“Well great, that’s helpful,” Josh mutters.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me,” Josh looks like a pouting child. “You always have things to complain about but no solutions.  What do you want me to do?  Quit the band?  Quit my job?”

“I didn’t say that.”

You stare at each other, neither willing to step back. The air is filled with electricity, almost, and as much as you absolutely hate confrontation, you know this all has to be said.  Speaking your mind finally feels like it’s fixing this weird rut you’d fallen into.

“So to recap,” you finally say. “I’m pissed off at you for things I initially agreed to but now don’t like, but things you can’t change, and not because you don’t want to.”

“Seems so,” Josh grits his teeth. “And I’m pissed off at you for changing your mind and offering no helpful solutions.”

“Great,” you nod.

“What a team we make,” he says.

You sigh heavily. “You can say that again.”

“What a team we make.”

“Shut up,” you smirk. “Ok. I hate your stupid fucking tour and some of the people around you are absolute dicks.”

“I hate that you won’t quit school to come on tour with me.”



“So basically we’re angry for each other and not at each other.”

“Seems so.”

“Does it help if I say, I love you and I want the best for you? I’m sorry.”

Josh nods solemnly, “I’m sorry, too.”

“Maybe we should just have weekly, scheduled fights, where it’s acceptable to call each other twats and judge our life choices and just get it all out in the open.”

“And talk shit about everyone else.”

“Especially that.”

Josh opens his arms, gesturing for you to come cuddle.

“You’re my life, Y/N. You know I’ll always have your back.”

“You’re my life,” you smile. “I’ll always be here for you, too.”

“I don’t want you to think that, I’m like, not so fucking proud of everything you do. With school and your degree.”

“I know you are.”

“And like, I know you’re proud of the things I do.”

“I am, babe, so proud.”

“I’m your biggest fan. And you’re mine, I know. And I think I probably forget that for a little bit in the middle of everything.”

Josh is picking on the sleeve of your sweater. “I think… We both forgot, for a bit. And, like, stopped talking. I don’t want to ever, ever, feel that disconnection again.”

“Me neither,” Josh kisses the top of your head. “Come on, let’s go connect.”

You feel a bit like crying, maybe. They’d been wrapped around each other for what feels like hours now. It’s deep, it’s slow, it feels like reconnecting from head to toe and mind to heart. The release you finally feel leaves you shivering after.

Later, laying with your foreheads pressed together, eyes locked, Josh is petting your hair, occasionally closing his eyes from the tickling pleasure of your finger tracing his cheekbones, his eyebrows, down his nose, his lips, up his jaw line and down again.

“Thank you for coming back to me,” you whisper. “I don’t want to be so far from you anymore.”

Josh smiles softly.

You set the date for June 3rd, an exact year after Josh gets down on one knee.  You chose a lovely place, by a lake – rustic but not too over the top romantic.

It had been a wonderfully, sunny, Tuesday afternoon, such an inconvenient day of the week, but your families were there. Josh had taken your hand before they walked down to the minister, and he hadn’t let go until you were outside, birds chirping in the surrounding trees, doing rounds of hugging their parents and siblings, tissues passed around with delighted laughter and words of happiness.

Instead of a huge reception, you decided on a small get together at home, with plenty of delicious home-made food and never-ending drinks, with everyone staying for the night and no obligations for the following day. There were Chinese lanterns and fairy lights hanging down everywhere.

“This is so perfect.” your eyes met Josh’s.  “This is my favorite day, ever, and you’re my favorite person, ever,” you whispered to your husband.

Later in the evening, the sky had suddenly turned menacingly grey and opened with huge, heavy raindrops. Josh’s sisters had been screaming, trying to cover their hairdos and delicate dresses, everyone going for whatever they needed to save quickly and get inside, people bumping into each other and getting drenched.

But you and Josh stayed behind, kissing in the rain, getting soaked together.

In Your Head - Pt 3

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 3,522

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

By the time lunch hit, you were relieved to be half way through school. You actually liked class unlike most people there, but your head just kept replaying the previous nights nightmares. Memories really.

“Hey Sweetheart. You okay? You were quieter than usual this morning.” Jughead gave a reassuring smile that was laced with concern. You had gotten to the lunch table before everyone else, barely picking at your food.

“Yeah I’m fine, just stayed up later than I noticed”. Part of that was true. You hadn’t really been looking forward to sleep lately.

“You still going tonight?”, Veronica had chimed in and slid in next to you.

“Yeah I guess, I think I’ve been cooped up to much in my house…”

“Yeah you went home pretty early last night…” Betty didn’t really finish her sentence while sitting down across the table.

“I just needed to finish some homework and then got through a good chunk of my novel…“

“So what’s the plan ladies?”, Kevin somehow managed to eye all 3 of you wanting to know when to come over to Veronica’s.

“Let’s say 6ish at Betty’s place and we’ll go to my place from there ”, Veronica answered making sure the 3 of you nodded.

“I’ll be with Archie and helping set up for Val with him”, Jughead looked to you rubbing your hand.

“Alright, we’ll see you there”. You gave a reassuring look to Betty making sure it was still okay to meet in her house.

Archie had sat down beginning to talk about and reiterate what Val had told him of their set for the night. He seemed rather excited for her even though the Pussycat’s had easily played bigger gigs.

The bell chimed and you flinched a little out of nowhere. Your body had jumped enough for both Jughead and Betty to notice and without you knowing, they gave a look to each other. “See you after school”? He gave you a kiss on your neck while squeezing your thigh before he got up with his tray.
“Of course, I don’t have to get Y/B/N today. He’s got his bike. So I have a little bit before I head over to Betty’s”.
“Okay, see you then”, he leaned in for a kiss on your lips before giving a slow sprint behind Betty to meet up with.

POV of Jughead

You tugged on Betty’s sleeve really quick, “Hey, can you do something for me”?

“Of course Juggs, what”? Betty gave her classic smile of friendship that was filled with sincerity.

“Can you talk to Y/N for me? I know the rumors of last year but she seems a little on edge, more than normal anyway. I just don’t want to pry and think a “fellow woman” might be more of the answer.

“Yeah I can, I wanted to ask her something as well…” Betty seemed to not be giving complete answers that day.

“Thanks Betts”, you smiled before heading back to go your locker.

POV of Y/N “Hey, my house at 5 instead, V changed her mind”.

K”, you answered in reply to Betty before putting your phone away and before the bell rang again.     

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Now having less time, instead of going to Pop’s, Jughead had walked you home. Hand in hand and all the while taking brief moments to pause and kiss you. Once in the middle of the sidewalk, another against a tree and so on. At the next pause, he kissed your neck, which made you blush, while you reached for the side of his cheek bringing his lips to yours. You used your lips to grasp his bottom one and with a breath he moved his lips to do the same to yours. You opened your jaw wider letting a little bit of your tongue sneak through. You could feel him smiling while kissing you back. After a few moments, you released him. Opening your eyes you saw a blushed and gleeful look upon Jughead.
You had made it to your block. About 4 past Archies place that Jughead had been at for more than a month. Still holding your hand, he glanced over giving a look of concern, similar to the one he had earlier in the day.
“You sure your okay? You jumped earlier…”
You cut him off with what felt like a fake smile. “Yeah, just got startled was all. So…I’ll see you there tonight Heathcliff”?
“Heathcliff?” He gave a heavy smirk before rolling his eyes, “oh God you started reading Wuthering Heights…”
You giggled, “don’t worry, I’m not romantcizing that one. I know the ending is like Romeo and Juliet on crack”.
He gave a big laugh, “Well goodnight for now then Juliet”. He gave a kiss to your hand before pretending to bow.
You smiled walking away keeping your eyes on Jughead before he turned back around. He had only been to your place once, and knew that there was some tension in that house even if you hadn’t explained why.

                                                 *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *
The clock turned 4:30. By this time you had done some of your brothers laundry for him, made sure he had something to eat and even managed to play some ps4 before getting back to your room.
You put some lip balm on, a different shirt with a black cardigan while grabbing a bag of your pjs, a book, your pill bottle and clothes for the next day. You nodded to your brother by the living room before heading out the 4 blocks down to Betty’s.

You glanced outside and already saw that the truck Archie surely took with Jughead was gone.

You rang the door bell. Betty answered rather quickly with a “hey”.
You waved to her mother before heading up to her room with her. She closed the door while saying “V said she would be a little bit so we can just stay up here till then”. While you found Betty’s demure odd, you did know Veronica had a habit of being late to everything.
You looked around the rather large pink room, noticing the amount of flowers on the walls. “So, I don’t want to be abrupt but can I ask you something?”. You assumed it either had to do with Jughead or someone else in the group so you nodded.
“A few months back, when V and I found that book with Ethel….” as she spoke these words you started to clam up. You weren’t sure you were in there before she finished her sentence. “Your name was in there, Y/N. Next to Chuck….but you hadn’t told any of us that he had lied about it like he did Ethel and the others” you could tell she was afraid to make eye contact but she looked at you anyway, not with judgement but concern. You moved to the base of her bed looking at your feet trying not to stare back.
Your mouth went dry and you had to pause, mustering up what little courage you had to speak. “That’s because it wasn’t a lie…what did it say”? You looked back up at her while pulling your sleeves over your hands.
“The whole book, had a point system. And like Veronica, you had a “new girls” point with your name”.

She moved her body down and sat next to you, bracing your shoulder.
You took a deep breathe, “I wasn’t sure I was in there….I didn’t think he would be stupid enough to put it in…” you stopped mid sentence. You held your arms trying not to cry, and with taking a deep breathe “I wasn’t….” you paused again “I wasn’t a willing participant ”. You looked up at her, she had a tear in her eye with only concern for you.
“Does Juggie know?”, she asked already knowing the answer.
“No, we haven’t gotten that physical yet and it’s uhhh….well it’s almost been a year since. I know he knows something has been putting me on edge a bit, and I want to tell him…I just..it’s already hard for me to think about”. You felt a lump in your throat, you hadn’t really cried but you felt on the edge of it.
“Okay.” She chimed up with purpose and grabbed you up with her by grabbing your palm. She wiped away her tear. “Do you still want to go tonight”?

You thought for a second, knowing you didn’t really want to go home. “Yeah, I need a night where I don’t get in my head as much”. For the first time in two days, you finally felt like you actually wanted to go to Cheryl’s party. “I want a night out with Juggs too….you know, even if you two are off sleuthing for a bit”. You smiled trying to convince her that everything was okay.
“Alright, we got like 15 until Kev gets here and then V with her driver…” she looked towards the side of her room and back to you, “So did Jughead ever tell you the time he ruined my birthday by eating my cake before I got to blow out my candles”?!
You laughed, “No!” Yet when you thought about it, it seemed perfectly in character of the man you were growing to love.

                                                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
“So if I quote Mean Girls and say “get in bitches” will you guys still do it”? Veronica gave a smile with her driver waiting outside the driveway.

Kevin had been there for a little bit, “Only if I’m Gretchen…..”. You all gave a laugh before putting all your stuff in the trunk and got in with your friends.

                                                    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Getting ready to get out of the bathroom, you stared into the mirror. You didn’t exactly feel like yourself in Veronica’s clothes. And while you had convinced her out of putting you in a dress or a skirt, she still gave you rather tight forming clothes - complete with a crop top and skinny black pants. You had to remind yourself that this was from the girl that felt completely comfortable in a cat suit not 3 weeks ago. You picked up your black cardigan and put it back on, you weren’t entirely behind your arms showing too much. You were still hiding some things from people even if Betty had now known more about you than anyone besides your therapist.
You took a deep breath and turned the knob.

“Yeeeesssss”! Kevin gave a look up and down of approval. He was in a nice button up and what looked like really expensive jeans. “Here, let me put your hair up…” something you didn’t usually took the time to do in the morning but you welcomed the gesture nonetheless.

Veronica and Betty had finished putting makeup on each other. Veronica in a tight fitted black dress without too much embellishment beyond her necklace. Betty was also in something in Veronica’s but it was black, something unusual for Betty as you had only ever seen her in bright colors and pastels. Hers was less form fitted and flared out at the bottom.
Betty went up to you “you look great Y/N”!
“You too”. You glanced towards Betty and while a little out of place in Veronica’s clothing as well, she had a body you envied for. Sometimes you weren’t sure what Jughead saw in you when he was around these two gorgeous girls all the time.
“Come on”, she grabbed you down with Veronica to the vanity and they began to do your makeup.
You looked at the vanity below you, “….nothing too crazy right”?.
“Nah, we got you”, Veronica said reassuringly.

                                                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

We’re about to walk up” you texted back to Jughead who was apparently bored out of his mind with Archie and Val. You felt a little nervous as well a little silly before realizing you were in the midst of Thornhill once again. You looked up a few minutes later greeted by Jughead who had a look of being somewhat stunned. You covered your midriff with your arms, a little uncomfortable in what you were wearing.
“Well….”? You were looking for some kind of reaction from Jughead. Veronica, Betty and Kevin gave a nod while all heading to Cheryl’s door and walking in.
“You look amazing”. He couldn’t stop staring up and down until meeting your eyes. “You always look gorgeous, but this is just different…I mean a good different”! You could tell Jughead got a little nervous himself.
You brought him in close, kissed him hard while grasping the back if his hair.
He smiled while you parted, “come on”, he said while grasping your hand. You went in, and what was from memory, you knew where you were walking too. The closer you got to the middle of the house, the louder the music got. Vibrations filled the house, which was saying something considering the enormously large vintage home.

Jughead led you to the kitchen, where the rest of the gang including Archie was. Jughead took a beer from Archie while you just stuck to a soda. You looked at the bottles, and while engrossed with the familiarity of the smell, you tried to remain with your red cup. Betty and Jughead gave eyes to each other when Betty noticed you and gave you a reassuring nod. Jughead himself saw, a little confused with your mutual look.
You tugged at his shirt, “go ahead, I know you want to go into Sherlock mode”, you whispered into his ear.
“You sure?!” He was shouting a bit while making sure you could hear him over the music. You nodded and gave a look to Veronica. Both you and Kevin followed Veronica and Archie out of the kitchen after you gave Jughead a slight kiss on the neck. At the corner of your eye you could see him smile again. While watching Betty and Jughead make their way to the stairs, you leaned back into the kitchen tossing some of the rum into your drink, then hurried back to the rest of your friends.

The music was loud, but at least good. The Pussycats were all in matching slinky outfits, something you could never have the confidence to adorn. Kevin pulled you in to dance while you took a large sip of your drink, he leaned over to smell your cup. “Ha! I knew you would partake with us”! Both with drinks in hand you loosened up a bit dancing with Veronica and Kevin. Archie was closer to the band making sure Valerie had sight of him. By the time the song ended you finished your drink and Kevin and you went back to the kitchen for more. Veronica gave a nod of holding your spots on the dance floor. You hadn’t really scanned the house to see who was there, but it felt like the whole school was. You hadn’t even seen Cheryl which in itself was a welcomed gift.
“Come on!” Kevin gave you a shot of something and you tapped back the small glass with his. He took shots better than you it seemed, and you threw back what seemed like tequila. You once again mixed some rum with some soda and Kevin did the same before heading out. He grabbed your wrist making your way back to the dance floor with Veronica.

Your eyes drew back to the corner of the room where you saw Chuck and some of the football team talking. He seemed to pause mid sentence while glancing back at you. You drew your attention elsewhere. Moose had made his way down to the dance area with Midge while glancing at you and Kevin. You looked back at Kevin who then chimed in before you could say anything - “Don’t even get me started with that situation”. You smiled and both drank more out of your cups while bouncing to the music.

The trip to the kitchen occurred a few more times, including a instance when you filled up Veronica’s glass for her. You looked at your phone and there wasn’t a message from Jughead. You had assumed Betty and him had found something important.
The air was getting thin and while the house was quite large, the air was getting a bit hot.
“I’m going to get some air!”. Shouting yourself, you made sure Kevin heard you before you gave him a nod looking at the side porch.
“Alright! I’ll be there in a minute!” He kept dancing with Veronica.
A bit more than tipsy now, and almost tripping over Veronica’s flats that were just a slight too big for you, you made it to the porch. The cool wind felt nice, and you decided to text Jughead asking if he had found anything vital.
“Well look at you. You certainly got yourself back into your old habits….” Your spine gave a shudder as you directed your head to Chuck coming out of the doorway.
“Just leave me alone Chuck”, you had enough liquid courage in you to at least speak back to him.
You could smell his breath from there, you assumed he had been at the party longer.
“Now why would I do that when you obviously came back here for a reason”? He edged his way near you and you tried to scoot away from him on the bench. Your body began to freeze and his arm went behind your back grasping onto the porch. He put his drink down only to start trying to touch your thigh while your closed your eyes, heavily breathing while Chuck began to move his hands on you. You began to shout “leave me alone”!
You looked up while hearing someone coming to the porch.
It was Jughead. He forced Chuck’s shoulder towards him and punched him in the face. “She said to leave her alone”!

Chuck was drunk enough that his body weight went to the ground pretty hard. Jughead grabbed your hand and you followed him back to the kitchen. He grabbed your face with both hands and looked in your eyes, “are you okay”?!
“Yeah…yeah I’m alright…” you were still coming out of being frozen from the porch. Trying to take deep breathes, Jughead grabbed your hand again leading you to another room while Betty made sure no one followed the two of you. You were grateful for that.

It was quieter once Jughead closed the door to what seemed like the Thornhill library.
“Are you sure”? Jughead wasn’t shouting anymore but rather being reassuring while grasping your shoulder.
“Yeah, yeah” you took another breath “I’m okay”.
“Y/N…” He paused “you’re crying”. He looked at you in your eyes until you touched your face, not realizing that you had been.
“Yeah, no. I’m alright. Thank you.” You paused. “For that. For being there…” 

Your words trailed. You knew you had to tell him but when you looked back up you already knew Betty had told him something.
“Y/N…..what happened with Chuck…and with you, last year”? He looked down at his feet not sure of his words before his eyes met yours.
“Did…did Betty tell you”? You had hoped that your friend had kept this private.
“She told me about the book. What else happened”? His concern grew while you lead him towards the grand love seat to the side of you.
“I’ve uh….I’ve been here before. Cheryl was rather nice to me last year”. You had practiced this in your head a thousand times, you knew you were going to tell him at some point and you knew then what words you wanted to say. “My second party here….I danced with Chuck. I did a lot of drinks that night. I honestly still don’t know how many. When it got late, he offered to drive me home”. You paused again because now while you were saying these words, the visuals were all coming back to you. You were looking just at the floor now. “He stopped the car at Pickens Park. I thought he liked me. I didn’t notice how drunk he was until he kissed me”. 

You paused again. 1, 2, 3….4….Jughead held your hand. “He uh, pushed me back after that…locked the doors. He moved on top of me and I tried screaming. I tried kicking him, but he’s a lot bigger than me. He grabbed me, and….and I just screamed as loud as I could before he covered my mouth. He hit me to shut up a few times…”, 5…6….7…"when I finally did, is when he…” you paused again while it all coming back as a rush. You closed your eyes hard while trying to give yourself a break before opening them again. You shook your head and you left it there.
You looked up, and saw Jugheads face. You had never seen him cry before. He pulled you in and held you.
“It’s okay. I got you”. You hadn’t realized you were crying again. You held him back and close.
A few moments later, after holding you tight in the embrace, you heard Jughead under his breath “I’m going to kill him…”

comfort blurbs; jughead x reader

• all comfort imagines are found under the tag #rbchilldown :)

✎ reader isn’t herself & the gang notices, and Jughead’s gotta save the day ♡


Today was not your best day. You were absolutely sluggish and you didn’t chirp the usual greeting. Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead looked at each other with worry when you slipped into the booth - no words coming out of your mouth.

“So- Y/N, how’s your day?” Betty attempted to start a conversation, and hopefully keep it going. You muttered a small ‘alright.’ before opening your binder to get your homework.

Ronnie raised her eyebrows at Jughead, the only answer she got was a shrug. The raven haired girl forcefully pulled him by the collar, up and out of the booth. Soon they were outside.

“Okay, what’s going on with Y/N.” Veronica used an alarmed tone.

“Look Ronnie, I don’t know what’s up with them - and even if i’m their boyfriend, They like to keep things a secret. They won’t spill anything.” Jughead was frustrated, as he too, wanted Y/N to at least smile a little.

“Well you’re going to figure this out, we have..” Veronica paused to look at her phone, “two hours. They come back happy? successful - They’re still sad? Tackle.” She warned, then sauntering back inside. Jughead follows, everything you like to do is on his mind.

“Hey, Y/N, wanna go outside for a bit?” You nod and get up to join him. You were given a pat on the shoulder from Betty.

Under the awning of the front, he pulls you into a hug - resting his head on the top of yours.

“So, what’s going on?” Jughead asks, as calm and soft as he can. That’s when you burst into tears. Jughead acts quickly, petting your hair.

“Ever since Jason died, I was so worried about becoming a suspect. Oh, and the stress of school. It’s too much, Jug.”

He kisses your forehead in an attempt to calm you.

“That’s absolutely normal. Don’t worry.” He says, continuing to try and calm you down.

You sniff, salty tears running down your cheeks. “m’ sorry for ruining your shirt - I know it’s new.” You apologize.

“You’re more important than a shirt.” Jughead is still in a voice that speaks comfort. Once you’re collected, you two stay for a while, the rain helped.

“Let’s go inside, wouldn’t want you catching a cold - hm?” You both walk inside.

“Thanks, love you lots.” In response, Jughead gives you another forehead kiss.

Archie yells, “Wow! Didn’t know you could be all lovey dovey!”

✎ i tried to make this gender neutral for all yall out there :)

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Dive //Stepbrother au part// 4

 Bts Kim Taehyung

A/N: I am so sorry for updating so late. I’ve been so freaking busy with test, school and personal things and now i’ve had a day off. FINALLY got a chance to finish and update !! 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Warnings? May contain Angst, smut and other strong language.

~ Step siblings au ~ (M)

It was hard to stay away from a boy whom you had feelings for before your parents even came together. Especially when the boy you needed to stay away from was playing mind games with you and constantly annoying you..

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Representation is Important

Raphael being asexual is exciting for many reasons, but for me personally, the most important one was finally having a context to explain the concept of asexuality to my mother.

I’m not out. I’m 25 years old, and I’ve never been in a relationship, I’ve never talked to her about crushes, I’ve never brought anyone home to meet the family. But she doesn’t know I’m ace. She just thinks I’m shy and sad. She pities me.

So the thought that I’d get to explain asexuality to her and gauge her reaction was honestly so exciting. I wasn’t even honestly that nervous - she accepts Alec and Magnus, and that was quite a hurdle for her, so I wasn’t expecting a terrible reaction or anything. I didn’t prepare myself for a major letdown.

I should’ve.

I had to pause in the middle of Raphael’s ‘coming out’ scene because my mother’s, “What the hell is this?” was making me miss it.

I explained that asexuality is a thing.
Mum: “But he said he has feelings for her.”

I explained the split-attraction model.
Mum: “That doesn’t make sense - having feelings includes sexual feelings.”

I explained that not everyone has the same perspective on sex and romance as her.
Mum: “No, sex and romance go together - if you want one you want the other. That’s what 'feelings’ means.”

I tried to explain that obviously, Raphael feels differently.
Mum: “Whatever, he’s just stupid. I’ll never understand all this crap.”

I was shocked. I hadn’t expected such a strong negative reaction. I was a little numb as I gave up and clicked play.

We watched the rest of the episode.

We got to the part where Izzy 'broke up’ with Raphael.

Mum: “Good. He wouldn’t give her what she wanted, I say good for her.”

Poor, naiive little me: “No, he’s willing to give her the venom, she just doesn’t want it anymore. Badass Izzy is finally back.”

Mum: “No, the sex. She wanted sex, he turned her down. Good riddance.”

Me: *stunned silence*

I just… I guess I won’t be coming out anytime soon.

This is why representation is important.

I won’t pretend to believe that my mother is inherently more aphobic than she was homophobic. She grew up conservative Christian. She used to roll her eyes if two women or two men kissed on a show, and that was an improvement from her upbringing. She’s come a long way. She’s actively pro-Malec now.

This is what representation does. It normalizes. The idea of gay people are no longer shocking to her - exposure through representation is a big part of that.

She’s never been exposed to asexuality or aromanticism before. It’s still viscerally offensive to her, because she’s never been given the opportunity to get used to it. Most people haven’t.

*I* am still viscerally offensive to my own mother. My only saving grace is that she doesn’t know. I was hoping she would, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

I’d rather she think me shy and pitiful than think that I’m wrong and deserve to be alone.

This is why representation is important.


Scott x Reader

Part One

Requested by @mandylove1000 and Anons

“So she’s your mate, huh.” Stiles said as Scott stared at the floor in silence. “Well that explains a lot.”


“Do I tell her?” Scott finally said and Stiles shrugged.


“I mean, you told her about being a werewolf… well you tried to eat her and she guessed.”  Stiles watched as Scott seemed to try to get up to go to his window but twisted his hands into his blanket.

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