i want this in poster size

You know what I want? A transgender store.

It has “traditional men’s,” “traditional women’s,” and “whatever” clothes sections. There are posters converting men’s and women’s clothing sizes. Each stack of clothing item has both sizing systems on it. They carry a wider range of sizes than usual, with lots of extra small clothes in the “traditional men’s” section and extra large/extra tall clothes in the “traditional women’s” section. They have shoes in all sizes. The dressing rooms are gender neutral. There are binders, gaffes, breast forms, and packers, with leaflets on how to use them. There’s a section with makeup and jewelry. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There’s a stack of handouts with transgender resources that people can take home for free. There are bookshelves with transgender books you can buy, as well as a small library. No one is gendered, and people can buy whatever they want without judgement.

Client: Can you put this information into a letter sized poster? I want it to look “cool.”

They sent me four pages FULL of text.

Me: There’s a lot here. Do I need to include all of this?

Client: Yes, all of it.

Client: Oh, and add pictograms.

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Could you do a prompt where Richie and Eddie are having a sleepover and Eddie plays with Richies hair

I intended on this being short and sweet and fluff but then this came out instead so yeah fucking right. Angst galore because I solely listened to The Cure/the three songs listed when writing this.  Upping their age to 15/16 so people don’t @ me for writing about normal human feelings. Songs are spanning years, not just 80s. As always, thanks to the wonderful @bigbill-denbrough for betaing  ♥

This may not be what you were looking for, but I hope you enjoy this.


song recs:
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In a rare moment, Richie’s mom finally acknowledged him, though not for anything he had wished. She was convinced he’d drank the rest of her beer (he hadn’t) and smoked the last of her cigarettes (he had). She dismissed him with slurred parting words: ‘i don’t want to see your goddamn face until you get what you fucking owe me.’

She slammed her bedroom door and he waited in the kitchen until he heard the radio turn on, a sign she’d be passed out in seconds. He trudged to his small bedroom, flicking the light on overhead and surveyed the scene. Twin size corner bed, unmade. Clothes strewn along the floor. Band posters covering two walls. School books dumped unceremoniously in front of his bed. Vinyl propped up in a milk crate next to his record player, currently housing The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds.

Rich threw a shirt, jeans, and clean underwear into his backpack, falling apart from years of carrying school books during the day and a change of clothes at night. His eyes began to water and he hastily wiped them away with the heels of his hands. A lump in his throat formed and his face burned, but he carried on with his task. He hopped on his bike, figuring it was still early enough in the day to find one of his friends at the quarry or down in The Barrens, with no luck. He rode by Beverly’s house to see if she wanted to hang out, but her father was home and Richie didn’t want to deal with another abusive parent.

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Hello, friends! I’ve had a few people interested in finding out how I made these gradual-colour gifs I posted recently, so I thought I’d do a tutorial for anyone who wants to give it a go :)

As I’ve mentioned before I didn’t use a tutorial myself, I just figured out my own way of doing it using my Photoshop/gif knowledge and an existing gifset as a guide. I also had to work around a few Photoshop glitches I usually struggle with, so my way might be slightly over-complicated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But anyway let’s get started!

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Waist up: 30 $
Full Body: 35 $
Additional Character + 10 $
PayPal only!

Full color, 4800x7200px (16″x24″) poster sized digital file to print.
Any fandom/character!
Oc’s and nsfw is alright too.
If you want a more detailed and colored background we can discuss prices and details.


For just general questions you can also hit me up here on tumblr.

The rights of the drawings will still belong to me so these commissions are for individual use only. They are not to be used commercially, widely distributed, or resold.
Thank you very much!!

For more of my art to get an idea what I can do check here

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'i'm going to have to start writing alec being scrunched up next to magnus' - tell us more about how magnus' bed isn't quite big enough for them

the first time magnus really noticed it, it was a tuesday afternoon and he’d just stepped through a portal back into the loft after a meeting negotiating the sale of an old book of spells with a couple of warlocks. the meeting had gone on far longer than he had anticipated and time had seemed to be something like a leaky faucet, dripping too slowly and making magnus want to crawl out of his skin.

he was out now though, the loft greeting him bright and cheery with bright sunlight spilling through the curtains as he scrolled through his phone. he had about an hour until his next client and he wanted to change into something a bit more comfortable. it wasn’t necessary but at the moment he didn’t feel like summoning anything in a 3 piece suit, something lighter seemed more appropriate.

or at least that’s what he had been thinking until he came to an abrupt halt in the doorway to the bedroom, caught in streaming sunlight because of the sight laid out before him. there on top of his deep burgundy sheets, alec was a splash of black clothes and runed skin, all curled up in on himself on one side of the bed. the first thing magnus noticed was that his t-shirt had ridden up, exposing his stomach and all of the dark hair that spilled down his torso and disappeared into his pants.

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Category 2, number 13: “Best friend’s younger sibling who suddenly got hot” sex

@lamenart First of all, you can have anything you want, I would literally die for you after your drawings. Second, this is the AU I like to call “the one where Mari and Viktor meet years before he meets Yuuri, and they become penpals.” This is part 1 lmao, I’ll post part 2 tomorrow!


By some strange twist of fate, Viktor meets Mari before he actually meets her brother.

It happens during his first Grand Prix skating in the senior division, when he gets assigned the NHK Trophy for one of his qualifying events. Viktor is excited—he’s never been to Japan before, and the only thing he likes better than skating itself is the amount he gets to travel because of it. When he isn’t practicing his routines or pestering Yakov about changing his choreography, Viktor spends most of his time looking up all the fun things he plans to do in the two or three days he gets to spend outside of competition, which means sightseeing and food tourism and talking to locals.

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On the third day of Christmas, PatronusxCharms gave to me… 20 more prints from the super cute artist Chie! ☀

In addition to the super cute kids posters I shared on the 1st, I also wanted to add some of TinySnails’ landscape paintings to my Sims’ houses. There are 2 sizes (long and wide), 20 swatches total, and both BGC paintings costs just 50 simoleons each. Enjoy!

☀  DOWNLOAD [simfileshare]

PS: To find my CC in game more easily, just search for “patronusxcharms”!


All of these Metal Gear comic covers, due to recent requests, can officially be purchased as posters!  So if you’re interested, the information on how to go about purchasing one can be found right at the bottom of this post.  More comic covers are on the way, however I’m gonna be without internet until July 8th so yeah…. it’ll be a little while.  In the mean time I’ve set some sketches and stuff to upload during my absence (I’m down, but not out!)  Also, wanted to say thank you!  Just reached 200 followers today!  I’m really happy you all seem to be enjoying the work as much as I enjoy making it.

Now, about those posters.  If you are interested in purchasing one, or any, just go ahead and message me on my tumblr to let me know, and then you can go ahead and send the money to my PayPal (the email is cleanlined@hotmail.com).  The price of one full size poster is $30, and will be approximately 18"x24" in size, there may be white borders due to this, if you should have any special sizes in mind you can just let me know and I’d be happy to look into it.  However, like I said earlier in this post, I’ll have to wait until July 8th to officially process any requests.  I’m sorry for the delay there.

Anyhow, thank you again!


Show your support for the deadly and dastardly Black Hat with some Villainous Tarot Card merchandise!

Prints, posters, phone cases, shirts, and more are all available on my Redbubble (with and without “The Magician” text)!
You can get an actual tarot card version from my Storenvy! This is a traditionally sized tarot card, specially printed and made to order. It has a uniquely designed backing you can only get from the tarot card.

If you want to see more Villainous and other fandom tarot cards, become a patron on my Patreon page! You’ll get access to hi-res images of completed cards, thumbnails of upcoming sets, as well as cards that will never be seen outside of my Patreon. Join today!

Saga on Ice - Yuri on Ice Karatsu Tourism Collaboration

Saga on Ice is a special tourism collaboration held by the city of Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, as Karatsu was used as the model for Hasetsu, Yuri’s home town in Yuri on Ice. Saga prefecture is right next to me(I live in northern Fukuoka), and although I’ve been to Saga city I’ve never been to Karatsu. I’ve always been meaning to explore Kyushu some more given how much time I’ve spent living here, and given that this event was going on over Golden Week and @hideoutfromreality​ was visiting I figured it was a good chance. 

What I knew: The Karatsu tourism organization are really excited about Karatsu being featured in an anime and want to take advantage of it with some limited merch.
What I didn’t know: The Karatsu tourism organisation are really, really excited about this and kinda went all out lmao. I was surprised at how much they did to attract YOI fans to the place.

Anyway, I bought a little Viktor with me, so here’s my photo report of the things we saw.

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So this is my attempt to help encourage leaving comments on fics. Your fanfic authors spend hours and hours writing, editing, and reviewing gorgeous fics for you to consume. It takes a moment to leave kudos. It takes maybe five minutes max to leave a thoughtful comment. I guarantee that thoughtful comment will stay on the mind of your author for days. Maybe even weeks. Months, even. 

How do I know this? 

Welp, because of this. 

Yep, with the glue still drying, this is a collage of almost every comment I’ve gotten that’s made me smile, laugh, or want to cry (good crying, I promise!). (I also promise that the whole thing is straighter; I took this crappy pic at an angle lmaooo) 

I’m going to frame this bad boy, which is about the size of your average poster, and hang it up in my dorm room, because the inspiration that this patchwork of commentary has given me to this day inspires me to keep writing. As I compiled these comments, I found myself smiling wider than I have in a while. Honestly, I’m still recovering from all of this positivity. 

So thank you, commenters. And if you find yourself enjoying another fic or two or fifty, please take a moment to leave a nice comment. It’s appreciated more than you know.