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This post is multifunctional: in fanfic with college aged characters, many of y’all are in highschool and have never been drunk, so you inadvertently make some choices that make anyone who has ever been drunk laugh.

BUT ALSO: i had never been drunk until summer after senior year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got to test my limits around people I trusted, and that’s not always the case. It’s a new school year, and I don’t want you freshies accidentally drinking way more than you should and getting in trouble, getting alcohol poisoning, or even just puking on your dorm floor, because that shit is nasty. SO STAY SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE, BUT USE THIS INFO TO HELP.

(disclaimer: i am a 5′5 under 150lbs 19 year old girl with low to med alcohol tolerance. If you/your character is, say, a 6′2, male 200lb frat guy who drinks vodka like water, scale up accordingly)

this got long so it’s under the cut:


1-2 shots: feeling nothing

3 shots: maybe feeling something? maybe just a placebo

4 shots: I’m fi–oh wait, i just stood and the ground moved. ok, maybe i’m almost tipsy. Starting to feel loose.

5 shots: definitely in the tipsy zone. feeling good. stumbling but not falling. whatever Kind of Drunk you are, here is when it starts to appear

6+ shots: I have not definitively documented these, because I am good at knowing my limits. Some people are not. Basically just looser and looser, easier to laugh, more outgoing, etc. But from what I hear, tipsy is the feel-good zone, and then you want to feel even more good so you drink more and then you hit Too Drunk and it’s a downhill slide into FeelingLikeShitville


jungle juice/tub juice: this varies based on recipe, but i would say it is USUALLY one shot per drink. Sometimes they amp it up to two, but guys. Alcohol tastes like shit. If you want it to taste okay, you’ll need way more parts kool-aid/hawaiian punch/orange juice than alcohol. So please, for the love of god, do not have your adult male college student take one sip of a “mysterious concoction” and start making poor choices immediately. He’ll need, like, 3 cups min before the bad choices start rolling in.

wine/beer: what you see as the usual serving size is typically equivalent to one shot, but it’s more liquid, so takes longer to drink and therefore longer to get drunk.


CHASERS: when you’re taking a shot of vodka, tequila, fireball, whatever, it can be hard going down. So you’ll have people using “chasers” like lemonade, sweet tea, sprite, etc. You’ll either drink it right after the shot or right before and then after the shot.

DIFF ALCOHOL TYPES: different types of alc affect you differently. For example, tequila and beer make me nauseous, so I avoid those. My friend says when she’s “wine drunk” it’s different from being regular drunk. Mixing alcohol types as well (like beer and liquor, etc) can make some people sick. Quick list of some types/brands of alc: tequila*, vodka*, wine*, beer*, champagne, cocktails(margharitas, mimosas, etc), whiskey* (usually, especially for college students, this means fireball, which tastes like those shitty cinnamon candies your grandma always had out and feels like an actual warmth in your chest). There are more but I’m a gross college student and * are most common for me

HANGOVERS: i have never had a hangover bc even while drunk im an overthinker, and after every drink i have a drink of water, and this has staved off every hangover. Also, it makes you pee a lot, and peeing at a house party is An Experience


there are “types” of drunk, and they often mix together including but not limited to: Chatty Drunk, (me. i cant shut the fuck up. every thought i have exits my mouth. this is less embarrassing and more tedious, since most of my thoughts are inane and boring) Sleepy Drunk (my best friend. It is important to know if your friend is sleeping or passed out: one is an effect of alcohol, one means they are literally dying and should be taken to a hospital) Annoying/Loud Drunk (this is obvious) and Horny Drunk (my other friend is notorious for pointing to a guy and being like “I am going to fuck him” and then I have to physically drag her away and call an uber, despite also being drunk)

Another friend will, without fail, Every Single Time put on “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, and proceed to play her 2010 playlist. Drunk people have reliable quirks and do weird shit. idk man, but usually people will know exactly what kind of drunk their friends are, and prepare.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff and I don’t actually drink a whole lot so if anyone has anything to add, PLEASE DO. Also, if y’all want a part two I can talk about house parties or other college shit

if you’ve been bothered by this kind of stuff or made these mistakes in fic or if you just wish you’d had this knowledge PLEASE REBLOG: i never really saw accessible info like this because the only info about alc i ever saw was like “ONLY EVER DRINK TEENY SIPS ONCE YOU ARE 21 BC ALCOHOL IS BAD” and that’s just not helpful

500 Followers Gift!

This time, I wanted to do something a little different than decorating an apartment, so I decided to create a whopping 40 Cats and Dogs for you guys to Adopt! They range from all ages, sizes and personalities! 

You can find each and everyone one of them on my Origin: boeybum. Or, you can download their Tray files from SimFileShare (no adfly) below, linked to their names. 

CC USED: Default Eyes!

If you would like a larger picture, a longer description or to see a kitten/puppy as an adult, please send me an ask! Any questions are welcome!

Please tell me if any links are broken!

So please, if you’re interested in adopting one of these fuzzy friends pictured above, click Keep Reading to find out more about them all! (I apologise for the long post for those of you on mobile. This has been tagged as #long post if you’d like to hide it!)

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Looking for a roommate, supportive and accepting home 💕

My name is Lauren and I know this may be a shot in the dark but my boyfriend and I are looking for someone in the metro Atlanta area that needs to get out of an abusive home and is of working age. We need to move within the next month due to a rent hike and we are having trouble affording any places in our city (Douglasville) without the help of a roommate.

We are open to anyone older than 18, gender and orientation does not matter. We are very accepting and supportive and want to give someone a supportive environment that may not have one currently. We have an extra bed frame, mattress, sheets and basic necessities. We may have extra clothes depending on size and gender. We are fully willing to help you find a job, get a license, whatever else you would need help doing. We are also willing to drive to come get you if you have no way to leave.

We both have experience with mental illness and are very patient and understanding. I would prefer to give this room to someone who needs to escape abuse because we both have needed to escape abuse as young adults and we want to provide someone else that chance!

If you are interested please message me on tumblr messenger. I will skype with you so we can meet in real time and get to know each other. Please pass this around as much as possible so anyone who needs it has a chance to see it. Thanks so much!


More of Bisquick during waterchanges. He always wants to interact with my hands, however having a venomous barb on his tail I try to stay clear of him!

Bisquick is a freshwater stingray (Potamotrygon motoro) and as always I have to remind you that stingrays are not pets for the inexperienced keeper. Their large adult size, sensitivity to diet and water conditions, and venomous nature make them ill suited for the majority of people to own. Please visit stingrays at your local aquarium and leave them to only the most well equipped and experienced keepers.


Hey guys! Here’s a Fairy Tail one-shot for Gajevy requested by the wonderful and amazing @the-mysterious-redfox. She’s been dying to get me to post something so here ya go! It gets just a bit NSFW-ish at times. Please leave a comment or anything really if ya like! I love feedback.

Prompt: Blanket fort

Pairing: Gajevy

Length: 1.6k

Gajeel was sorely tired from the past week and everyone knew it. He had been lashing out at the entire guild, even Levy. He knew he’d crossed a line, but dammit he was upset. On his last mission, Lily had been injured because Gajeel had been overzealous. They’d taken on an entire dark guild together, and he was so arrogant to think his Iron Dragon Roar would take them all down and keep them there. He was wrong. One wizard came at Gajeel from behind as he was singing his own praises. Lily had reacted, taking out the wizard, but received a nasty wound to his abdomen in the process. His partner was in the infirmary and would be there for some time, and it was all his fucking fault.

Gajeel could feel a haze of anger, regret, and frustration build around him with every step he took home. Finally there, he opened the door expecting Levy to give him the cold shoulder. He wouldn’t like it, but he understood. He’d screwed up and needed to pay the price for his actions. Walking inside his home, for the second time this week he was wrong.

The room was lit with the soft glow of twinkling lacrimas, and Gajeel could hear the patter of rain. It hadn’t been raining outside, had it? Was he so removed from the world that he hadn’t noticed? No, his clothes were dry. The large couch in the living room was piled with pillows and blankets. The chairs had been pulled from their normal positions in the kitchen and covered with sheets to make what appeared to be a tent. He could even smell the faint aroma of cookie dough coming from underneath the sheets. Had he accidentally walked into his neighbor’s house? Was he passed out somewhere daydreaming? Then he smelled her. His Shrimp was in the that mass of fluff and she was coming out. Levy popped her head out of the fort.

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Order your Resistance Hat


Say no to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and all other forms of hatefulness.

For $20, you get a hat, and I’ll donate the proceeds (all $ minus cost of shipping) to the following charities: ACLU, Planned Parenthood, CAIR, Trans Lifeline, SPJ Legal Defense, and Immigrant Defense Project. I will split the total money earned between them evenly, once a month.

As for the hats themselves, you can choose an approximate color (I’m using yarn I already have to keep costs down, so the actual shade may vary) or let me surprise you.

Your order will be for an adult sized, basic knit or crochet, beanie-style hat. I’m not able to honor any customization requests, except for the one mentioned below.

**If you have any fiber-related needs (wool allergy, or if you’re vegan and want non-animal fibers, for example) please let me know in the comments section on your order.**        

Original Terms of Endearment in Hyrule (that aren’t Hylian)


Rota: meaning “my flower,” which, given that they live in the desert, is a very meaningful thing to say to someone.

Serr’ta: meaning “my heart.” Pretty self-explanatory.


My feather: refers to feather braiding ritual observed between serious couples.

My dove: implies that the person it’s being said to is soft and sweet.


My droplet (this is actually @zeldahijinks ‘ but I just love it so I wanted to include it here)

My pearl: implies the person is precious to oneself.

My pebble: implies the person is pretty/handsome/good-looking.

My minnow: implies the person is cute.


Pebble: pretty much the same implications as for the Zora. Is also an equivalent of “my pearl” because smooth pebbles are aesthetically pleasing and harder to come by on Death Mountain. Be wary though; pebble is used for a partner, while ‘little pebble’ refers to a Goron child, simply because of their size when compared to an adult Goron.

My opal: This precious gem is more naturally occurring on Death Mountain than diamonds, and are actually seen as prettier because of their complex and colorful patterns.

Ruby: Basically, “my dear.”

~Mod Zora~

Teen-Sitting: Part 2

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing

A/N: I’ve never had to deal with small children/toddlers and don’t really like kids, so if this fic is super stereotypical/over the top with how the toddler Avengers act, then my bad. When do kids start talking? I have no idea. But the toddler Avengers can’t talk in this.

You and Peter were lounging on his bed, going over notes for the upcoming English exam when Peter’s phone rings.

“Happy?” Peter asks as he brings the phone to his ear. You can’t hear what Happy is saying, but the frown on Peter’s face tells you it’s not good, “H-Hang on. I’m going to put you on speaker, Y/N’s with me,” Peter says, and pulls the phone away to press the button,

“Good,” Happy sounds exhausted and annoyed, “I’m gonna need both of you to come to the compound immediately,”

You and Peter frown at each other in confusion, then you hear the sound of crying children in the background,

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Ghosts of Outfits Past

For day 3 of Jehanparnasse week. With thanks to @badassindistress I am going for ‘haunted by your past’ for today’s prompt <3

Modern AU, established relationship, 900 w

“Alright, you can stop now,” Jehan pouts, crossing their arms sulkily.

Montparnasse is laughing too hard to even listen to them. “I thought I was prepared for pretty much anything, finchling,” he gulps. “But a sailor’s outfit?”

Jehan pulls the photo album off his lap with a defensive snort. “It was during my ballad phase,” they huff. “I wanted to look like Polly Oliver.”

“Who?” Montparnasse asks, eyes still twinkling with glee.

“Polly Oliver,” Jehan repeats. “She dresses like a boy to follow her lover to-” They pull a face. “You’re not listening are you?”

“I’m sorry,” Montparnasse chokes. “You had pigtails under a hat with ribbons.”

“I’m never showing you pictures again,” Jehan grumbles. That’s not a threat they’ll be able to follow through on. It had been way too much fun to see Montparnasse’s face flood with fondness every time they got a new glimpse of their past. Still, his teasing is making them reconsider if it was worth it.

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Hello. I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a beautiful and enlightening day this October 31st. Today has been such a profound and moving experience so far. I am thankful for all the connections and lovely people I have met and I hope I can continue to do good with Tarot and Divination.

  • I posted the last spread for #MonthOfSpreads. It was an emotional experience. This month was such a beautiful journey with all of you. I appreciate you all very much for joining.
  • I spent the morning visiting the graves of my ancestors and passed on family, friends and loved ones with my parents.  We prayed together as a family, cleaned headstones and left flowers.
  • I visited the local children’s hospital. Every year I prepare some trick or treat bags along with regular sized candy bags sorted by allergy along with little paper fortune tellers. The nurses were so nice and kind. I also want to give a huge thank you to Target for having their candy sorted beautifully and for the staff who helped me. Please be aware that every child’s needs are different this Halloween. Some children and adults are allergic to things such as certain sugars, salts, chocolate, gluten, peanuts, some are diabetic, etc.
  • I will be headed to the women’s shelter in a few hours to give my yearly Hope readings.
  • After that, I will be headed back home to prepare for a Halloween Party where I will be the Tarot Reader. I’m so excited!!!!

I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Please be safe, have fun and thank you for being part of my life and allowing me to share this day with all of you. 

Post Notes:
Please do not remove the captions.
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Program 3 - Star Trek

Can I get a BOTE story with Scotty x Reader where Scotty has to cheer up the reader in engineering?

AN: Although this is more cute than funny, this is part of my “Bored on the Enterprise” series. You can read more of it here

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So my sister tried to find a Ninjago t–shirt in adult size, which….doens’t exist cause it’s a show for little children

So as I also wanted one, I decided to make my own drawing :p

AND I’M REALLY PLEASED WITH IT and I think it’ll look really cool as a t-shirt!

(and I think I’m finally getting the hang of drawing the lego-style, yay!))

“Rejection”; Chapter Nine

NOTES: Eh, nothin’ much. Just more bad language towards the end of the chapter. Yeeeep.


After little more than half an hour of cooking with Papyrus, dinner was ready. “ALRIGHT, SANS! WAKE UP! WE ARE SERVING THE PASTA NOW.” Sans had been awake the entire time, but still pretended that he was sleeping just to get on his brother’s nerves. Papyrus set the pot down, and it smelled oddly better than usual. “BROTHER, I IMPLORE YOU TO AWAKEN.” Papyrus hunched over, and bent down similar to an adult reprimanding a small child.

When Sans didn’t move and continued to snore, Papyrus smacked his forehead. “I SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN THE FORKS. (Nickname), COULD YOU PLEASE WAKE MY PESKY BROTHER FROM HIS SLUMBER?” You grinned, knowing just the way to do so. You tiptoed over to Sans’ side, and gazed down upon his face. Trying to be silent, you snuck up ever so slightly…

“SANS!! GET UP, YOU SACK OF BONES!” Papyrus shrieked from across the room, and you jumped. Sans didn’t move, however, and you were stunned. How could he-? Wait a minute. Upon further examination of his face, Sans’ permanent smile had magically grown wider. That means… he’d been awake for a while now! I hope he didn’t listen to my conversation with Paps earlier… You blushed faintly, but laid your hands on the back of his chair anyways.

Kicking the chair’s legs to face you with an insane amount of force (Sans, for a skeleton, was extremely heavy), he spun around and remained motionless. You put your hands on his shoulders, and grasped them tightly. Lowering to your knees to stay at eye-level, you shook him vigorously. Like flipping a switch, his eyes snapped open and beamed brightly.

He let out a startling “ahhh!”, causing you to scream as well; the two of you collided foreheads, and knocked each other over. You winced, sucking in air through your teeth from pain. Sans, on the other hand, acted oblivious to the collision; he simply traced his fingers along the spot where you made contact. Papyrus held the forks in a tight fist, and picked you up carefully.

“OH MY GOD!! (Nickname) HUMAN, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?! SANS, YOU NUMBSKULL! WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE JUST WOKEN UP WITHOUT HARMING THE GIRL? HUMANS ARE VERY FRAGILE! I KNOW BECAUSE FRISK TOLD ME.” Papyrus boomed matter-o-factly, and set you down in your chair across the table. Sans arose from the ground, smirking with a hint of pain.

“heh, good one paps.” He commented, and pulled his chair upright. Papyrus only groaned, not even bothering to get into another pun war. “BUT SERIOUSLY. (Nickname), ARE YOU OK?” The tall skeleton looked genuinely concerned, and rest his big gloved hands on your back. You flinched, as your scoliosis could probably be felt through your shirt when you were hunched over. Sans must’ve seen you react, since he coughed quietly at his brother.

But, like always, Papyrus never got the hint. “I’m fine, thanks.” You crooked your neck a good ninety degrees upwards to keep your full attention on the adorable skeleton, and he smiled. “NO PROBLEM, HUMAN!” He pulled up a seat and sat down at the head of the table. Scooping a huge lump of spaghetti on his plate, you were surprised by his appetite. But, rather than placing the dish in front of himself, he put it on your portion of the hard wood table.

You blinked, and whipped your gaze to him. He grinned gleefully, and placed an equal amount on another plate for himself. Then, he took Sans’ dish. “SANS, HOW MUCH WOULD YOU LIKE? WE HAVE ABOUT… 3 POUNDS LEFT.” Your jaw dropped, and stared dumbfounded at the short skeleton. “We made that much?! How much do you guys eat?!” You chuckled, and picked up a fork. There was no way you would be able to consume all of it.

Sans’ grin faltered, and you saw how he broke into a sweat. “u-uh, just a small scoop please. i already ate at grillby’s.” He stammered, and you giggled. Papyrus dug into the pot, and pulled out a spoonful half the size of my share. It was fifty-percent smaller, but still more than the average human adult could eat. The small skeleton let out an audible gulp, and you burst out laughing. “Oh come on, Sans! It’s special, since me and Paps worked as a team to make it! You gotta have a good amount.” You smirked, while he gave you a dirty glare.

“YES, BROTHER! PLEASE, DON’T BE SHY.” Not letting Sans give another complaint, Papyrus shoved the heaping mound of spaghetti towards him. It wound up being the same size of your plate’s portion. Sans grimaced, looking like he wanted to cry. “NOW, NOW SANS. I WILL NOT LET YOU LEAVE THE TABLE UNTIL YOU FINISH-” Sans threw Papyrus a pleading look, “-THE ENTIRE MEAL.” You snort, and sent the comedian a mental note.

If I’m going down, you’re coming with me. He frowned murderously at you, but sighed anyways and picked up a fork. Your hands became clammy, and you slowly wound up a few strands of pasta. Raising your fork, you waited for the short skeleton to do the same. He didn’t, and smiled suddenly. “ya know what? let’s have (y/n) here take the first bite of her masterpiece. just to see what she thinks of it.”

Papyrus had almost put his utensil into his mouth, but set it down upon hearing Sans’ words. “I AGREE! GO AHEAD, DEAR HUMAN!” He laughed enthusiastically, and Sans leaned away from his dish in triumph. You sputtered out a reply that could be considered the most cringe response ever said.

“I-I-uh, ya s-see, I think that you guys should try it first. I d-did make it for you, after all; with lots of love and care!” You flushed a deep pink, and slapped your forehead. Sans snort, and gave Papyrus a knowing look. Papyrus nodded, and took your hand in his. “NONSENSE, HUMAN! WE INSIST YOU TRY IT AND TELL US HOW IT IS!” Without warning, the fork was shoved into your mouth.

Silence. No one said a word, and Sans await your reaction. Your face screwed up, but- no bitter or burnt noodles were tasted. You were stunned, and gave a perplexed look to the heaping pile of spaghetti. Sans put a hand across his mouth, preparing to hold back a laugh. “WELL? HOW IS IT?” Papyrus asked politely, and you chewed. When you swallowed, your face was expressionless. Sans’ smile faded away, and he stared at you with confusion.

why isn’t she responding? is it so horrible that she doesn’t even know how to describe it? Sans thought to himself, and continued to watch the human sitting across from him. She clenched her fingers a bit tighter around her utensil, and Papyrus wait patiently. She looked up from her food, then to Sans. Without warning, she smiled maniacally and started laughing.

Sans was beyond bewilderment; maybe he was even the slightest bit terrified that she’d gone crazy from how bad the pasta tasted. But when the words tumbling out of her mouth registered in Sans’ brain, he gasped. “This is the best spaghetti I’ve ever eaten!” And then she just started cleaning her plate like a vacuum.

Sans was astonished, amazed, befuddled; was the food actually that good? how is she downing that huge pile within seconds? and what should i do?

Papyrus knew what he was going to do. He slammed his fists onto the table, and cried aloud: “NYEH-HEH-HEH!! I’M SO HAPPY THE HUMAN LOVES IT!!” Without another word, the tall skeleton began shoveling noodles into his skull too. Sans gulped, and wondered what the hell (Y/N) put into the stuff. Sighing, he grabbed his own fork and took a bite to try it for himself.

He choked, but swallowed regardless. what the fuck?! this…this…this is the best food that paps has ever made! oh my god… Sans was pretty sure that it had to do with the fact that his brother received help from the girl sitting beside him, but he didn’t care. It was true that he wasn’t hungry, since he did have a burger and ketchup at Grillby’s; but he felt that this meal could NOT go to waste, and reflected the behavior his buddies were showing by digging into the mound of heaven.




Chapter Ten (That’s the Next chapter, Buddy.)

Chapter Twenty (Links for Chapters 11 –> 19)

anonymous asked:

Which snakes could you recommend to someone with an intermediate herp background but is a novice to snakes? I have a gargoyle gecko and I take care of my fiancé's leachie gecko, but I've never had a snake. I would go with ball python but my partner doesn't like fat snakes lol. Thank you! I love your blog so much btw

Hey anon, 

Sorry for the delay in my response. 

Glad you enjoy the blog!  I say this a lot but it really depends what you want from a snake.  Do you want somthing that will tolerate handling or would be happy with an active display animal, do you want an animal that will be visible in the day or not fussed if the snake is a burrowing nocturnal dirt snake?  What size restrictions are you working with for adult caging?

With all that in mind i’ll direct you to this post  


As for species reccommendations…

I love rat snakes. Beauty snakes, russian rat snakes and japenese rat snakes Trans Pecos Ratsnakes,  bairds rat snakes, yellow rat snakes, black rat snakes can all be pretty interesting.  Followers please feel free to add species recomendations to this! 

I KNOW I’M LATE FOR THIS but Happy Halloween from Nadia to the entire Monster Office crew! 

Nadia adores Halloween and she’s one of those adults who gives out full sized candy bars.

If you’d like one, and you’re part of the MO group, send me an ask to Nadia and I’ll doodle a small thing! Please at least have a reference of your OC if you want me to draw something!

Anyway, hope you enjoy and hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! ovo/

Ultimate Child Item List


**Another in my “Ultimate Lists” series. This is a list of items that any person in the children communities can refer to for ideas, help, or a shopping guide. The list may continue to be updated as I think of/am told about or reminded of more things to add. Also, keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Not everything on this list is for every person, and that’s okay. ^_^ Please, enjoy!**

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Oidemase! Koko ha yukaina onsenkyō (Welcome! This is the Hot Spring Paradise)

Oidemase! Koko ha yukaina onsenkyō (Welcome! This is the Hot Spring Paradise)

Sendagaya Tetsu (CV. Ono Yuuki)
Hugh (CV. Murase Ayumu)

都会の空気に疲れたら 立ち寄ってみるとよいのじゃ
飯も景色も最高だ 我が輩が案内してやるぞ!
希望はなんでも言ってくれ 食事には赤ワインじゃぞ
閑散期だから部屋あるぜ 日当たり調節もバッチリじゃ!

背負う棺桶 寝床によいぞ


日々の暮らしに疲れたら 立ち寄ってみるとよいのじゃ
いつでも源泉掛け流し 露天風呂貸し切りはどうじゃ!
嫌いなモノも教えてくれ 我が輩、にんにくは嫌じゃぞ
どんな要望でも叶えるぜ 従業員教育バッチリじゃ!

癒やしの日には 傲慢であれ

束の間だけど幸せになる そんな場所だから

ときに棺桶 力となるぞ

個性的なオレら流儀で いざ、おもてなし!

tokai no kuuki ni tsukaretara tachiyotte miruto yoi no ja
meshi mo keshiki mo saikou da wagahai ga annai shite yaru zo!
kibou wa nandemo itte kure shokuji ni wa aka wain ja zo
kansanki dakara heya aru ze hi atari chousetsu mo batchiri ja!

seou kan'oke nedoko ni yoi zo
itsumo hyuu wa ii koto iu ze
otona ja kara no!
chuubou dakedo
aishou batsugun da

nanbito deare okyaku-sama nara netsuretsu kangei de
kyou no heiwa mamotte koso no shoubai hanjou da!
mitame wa chotto futsuriai demo shinpai wa muyou sa
koko wa yukaina onsenkyou da
saa, oidemase!
‘ippaku rokukyuppa kara!’

hibi no kurashi ni tsukaretara tachiyotte miruto yoi no ja
itsudemo gensenkake nagashi rotenburo kashikiri wa dou ja!
kiraina mono mo oshietekure wagahai, nin niku wa iya ja zo
donna youbou demo kanaeru ze juugyouin kyouiku batchiri ja!

iyashi no hi ni wa gouman deare
itsumo hyuu wa ii koto iu ze
yuisho tadashiki
dentou tsuida
kokoro niteiru sa

kyakushoubai wa itsu no jidai mo shin'you dai ichi
sendengatera kakemawaru no mo kigyou doryoku da!
tsukanoma dakedo shiawase ni naru sonna basho dakara
koko wa yukaina onsenkyou da
saa, oidemase!
'ononoki ononoke!’

toki ni kan'oke chikara to naru zo
kyou no tame ni koudou suru ze
tasukete yaru zo!
sore ja ikou ka
saikou no futari da

tabi no yadoya wo osagashi naraba 'youkoso shira no yu’
kosei tekina orera ryuugi de iza, omotenashi!
nanbito deare okyaku-sama nara netsuretsu kangei de
kyou no heiwa mamotte koso no shoubai hanjou da!
mitame wa chotto futsuriai demo shinpai wa muyou sa
koko wa yukaina onsenkyou da
saa, oidemase!
'youkoso shira no yu onsen e!’

If you tried of the city’s air, There’s a good place to stop by
Both the meals and the views are great, Our guys will show you around!
You can ask whatever you want, A red wine for the meals
There is a room because it is in a quiet period, The lighting from sunshine is perfect too!

The coffin covering on back, Is good for bed too
Hugh always say a good thing
Because it’s from adult!
It’s was a medium-sized though
But the compatibility always excellent

Any type of customers are welcome with enthusiastic welcome
Protecting today’s peace is prosperous business!
Although it looks a bit unprofessional, there’s no need to worry
This is a pleasant hot-spring resort
Now, come on!
“Over night worth 6.980 yen!”

If you get tired of your daily life, There’s a good place to stop by
Always withhold the source, How about renting outdoor baths!
If you have something you hate please tell me, Dear my friend, I don’t want garlic
We can do any requests, Because the employees workout are perfect too!

On the fine days too, Be arrogant
Hugh always say a good thing
The Venerable
It was traditionally succumbed
It was resemble to heart

The customers’s wish are always first priority
Efforts to propel around is company effort too!
Although it is just a brief but we will be happy, Because it’s such a place
This is a pleasant hot-spring resort
Now, come on!
“Trembling and shudder!”

Sometime the coffin’s Power will come
I’ll take action for today’s sake
I’ll help you!
Well then shall we go?
The two of us are the best!

If you looking for a travel inn “Welcome to White Water”
With our personal traditional way, Now, please feel free!
Any type of customers are welcome with enthusiastic welcome
Protecting today’s peace is prosperous business!
Although it looks a bit unprofessional, there’s no need to worry
This is a pleasant hot-spring resort
Now, come on!
“Welcome to White Water Hot-Spring!”