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Icon Challenge [6/12] : June 2017

I’m mega late with this one haha. E3 was this month so the game i loved the most was Mario Odyssey! (actually i loved a lot of other games even from xbox!) even tho i kinda hated it when they announce it last year, like im still not sold with the 3d world part eh WELL IM POSSESSED BY A MAGICAL HAT THIS MONTH! :D

Power of Persuasion (Part 1)

(First fic in 2000 years hell yeah son >:3c b lease forgive if it’s horribly written |D)

It’s also posted on my blog page here qwq

Thanks to @erujayy for beta-reading! ;o;

Summary: Black Hat is a busy man…demon…thing and requires Flug’s assistance to meet with a few clients on his behalf. Unfortunately, Flug doesn’t have the… persuasive eldritch abilities of his boss. Black Hat remedies this… temporarily.

[Caution: Fic contains descriptions of gore/body horror]

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how can I live without you (when it makes me feel as if I lost a part of myself)

aka First time you and Cassian are separated for 5 months

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 2389

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 1 year

Chapter: 9/20

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Author’s notes: Being away from someone you love is shitty. Like really shitty. Also I think I read this like 7 times today so I may have missed a spelling mistake or grammar or something so feel free to point it out. But I hope you enjoy!

A five-month mission.

You still couldn’t believe it.

Ever since you had left you had felt off.

You wanted to message Cassian, but you weren’t allowed to. Communication had been forbidden during this mission.

You had always hated missions like this. Ever since you had trained new rebels to do your job, they had been taking all your easier missions. You didn’t mind at first, because those missions had always been slightly boring and unadventurous. However, once you realized that stuck you with all the insanely long and difficult missions, you were begging for the boring ones. 

But you weren’t given them.

Instead you were given a five month long undercover mission.

You’d only ever been undercover once. And it hadn’t turned out too well. So you were surprised when Draven sent you and not one of his intelligence agents.

You were sent to infiltrate an imperial military base to find another undercover agent. She had been undercover in the empire for three years. The rebellion needed her out, but had no way of communicating with her.

So you were sent. You would find her. You would get her out. You would bring her home.

Cassian planned to tell you how he felt when he arrived back at base.

He knew that he had taken long enough and he was ready to be yours. He had been planning and planning. He had even made a list of all the different ways he could ask you out. He’d shoved it in his drawer before he left. He didn’t want you to accidentally find it especially since you lived together now.

As he left his ship he didn’t see you. That was weird. You were always there waiting for him. So where were you?

Maybe you were in a meeting and couldn’t get out? Maybe you had fallen asleep? Maybe? Maybe?

He arrived at your room only to find it cold and stale. Half your things were missing. He knew something was up. However, before he could begin searching, there was a knock at the door.

It was Mila, one of your trainees from months ago. She had graduated your number one student and was now one of the best bounty hunters.

She looked solemn.

And Cassian knew.

“Where’s Y/N?”

“On a mission.”

Cassian relaxed. But Mila didn’t. He grew worried.

“Is something wrong? It’s just a mission?” Cassian questioned his brows furrowed.

“No, you don’t understand Y/N is on a long mission. An undercover mission. A “not going to be back for another five months” mission. Maybe even more. We’re not exactly sure. We had no information. We still don’t have information. Y/N went in blind.”

Cassian’s heart dropped. Five months. He quickly thanked Mila, bid her a goodnight and all but shoved her out the door. She nodded in understanding.

Cassian shut the door. He felt empty. The room felt wrong. Part of him didn’t even want to stay there. However, he knew without a part of you he would go crazy. Your room was all he had left of you right now. 

Before he realized it he had picked up his comlink and clicked on your name. It rang. And rang. And rang. But it didn’t connect.

He was just about to hang up when he heard a faint ringing in the room. He began to tear everything apart until he found your comlink buried in the blankets.

He couldn’t message you. Even if he could…. what would he even say.

You missed Cassian.

You missed his smile. His eyes. His laughter. His hugs. The way he would cuddle you close at night. The way he would grab your hand when walking down the hall, his thumb brushing over your knuckles. The way he would make you laugh until your chest hurt. The way he would look at you.

You just missed him. You weren’t used to being alone anymore.

All you had to remind yourself of him were a few shirts you had stolen out of his drawer before you left.

Almost three months into your mission you were finally able to successfully infiltrate the Empire as a politician from a far off planet.

You had been looking for a sign of the undercover rebel, but you couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. All you knew was that she was female. Draven hadn’t given you her name, her picture or even her undercover job. You were flying in blind.

One day you were walking through the imperial base and accidentally bumped into a woman. When you looked into her eyes you just knew. It was her.

She reminded you of how yourself. How you had been before. Before you met Cassian.

She looked broken, but still resilient.

You mumbled an apology quickly followed by the contact code Draven had given you. The woman shot back against the wall as if she had been shocked.

You threw up your hands and she looked at you for a moment before relaxing immediately.

You quickly moved her out of the public hallway and into a side room.

“You’re going to get me out of here?”

You nodded and she smiled. 

You both knew it was going to be a while until you were able to get out. It wouldn’t easy to leave. It would take careful planning. And if anything went wrong you could end up leading the Empire back to your base.

But you both had hope. Hope you would get home in one piece.

You and Nei, your fellow rebel, began to hang out in public places. You knew it would be weird to be seen with her every single day so you staggered your meetings. You had to act as new friends would. After a few weeks you were certain that nobody would suspect anything so you and Nei became roommates.

You also became quick friends.

At first, even though you and Nei seemed to bond fairly quickly over plans of your escape, you didn’t share anything too personal. You were both still cautious around each other, because you were strangers. 

It wasn’t until a few weeks into living together that you shared something private.

“You really love them, don’t you?”

Your head snapped up and you shoved the picture you had been looking at under your pillow, “Love whom? What? I don’t love anybody. There’s no one. Nope. Nada. No one.”

Nei laughed stretching her hand out towards you, wiggling her fingers, “Y/N we have been rooming together for weeks. You look at that picture every night. It has to be someone you love. Trust me. I know what love looks like. I can see it in your eyes. You love them. So gimme. I want to see.“

“I do.” You said softly, “I love him.” You said out loud for the first time, your heart sinking slightly, thinking about how much you missed him. 

Nei nodded in satisfaction, “Tell me about him.”

You blushed grabbing the picture from underneath the pillow and looking down at it once more before handing it to her.

The picture was of Cassian. One of your favorite pictures of him. It had been a normal day. Cassian had been sitting next to your ship waiting for you to finish up your work. He was sprawled out against a crate wearing the crochet hat you had made him. It was ugly. But he loved it. You don’t remember what you had said to him. But it made him laugh. He looked so carefree and happy in the moment that you wanted to capture it forever. So you did.

Nei smiled slightly and looked up expectantly at you.

“He’s my best friend. He’s wonderful. So pure and passionate. He cares so deeply and loves like no other. He pulled me out of the darkness when we met. I was in such a bad place and he helped me find my strength. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s my everything.”

“But you haven’t told him.”

You shook your head, “How could I? If he doesn’t like me back I could ruin everything. Even if he does like me, do I really want to risk adding romance to our relationship?”

Nei snorted handing the picture back to you, “But see that’s the thing. There’s already romance in your relationship. You just haven’t talked about it yet. You love him and it’s positively clear he loves you back.”

“I’m not so sure. “

 It wasn’t until a few weeks later that you actually believed her.

You had slowly been making your way through Cassian’s clothes. You couldn’t sleep well without them. It wasn’t as good as having the actual Cassian, but it was better than nothing.

But that night when you reached into your bag to grab one of his shirts something fell out of it. You quickly put the shirt on and reached down to grab whatever had dropped.

A piece of paper?

What was that doing in Cassian’s shirt?

You unfolded the papers and froze.

Your eyes scanned back and forth 10 times.

“What have you got there?”

You jumped, dropping the paper. Nei reached down and grabbed it. You let out a squeak and tried to take it back, but she held it out of your reach.

She pulled it close to her face, her eyes squinting.

“AHA! I knew it! I told you. I’m a genius! I call being in your wedding!”

Cassian was sitting in his workshop trying to figure out what had been on the list of plans he had written for asking you out. He swore he had put it in his drawer, but he couldn’t find it anywhere.

However, if he wanted to ask you when you got back he had to start brainstorming again.

Cassian’s List of Ways to Profess his Love to Y/N

1. Put something in Y/N’s favorite cake (the probability of Y/N eating and/or choking on the note would be above 90% -Kay)

2. Scavenger hunt around the base…. without anyone finding out?

3. Buying Y/N’s favorite book and writing posting a note on the inside cover

4. Baking Y/N a pizza (Cassian last time you tried to bake you set fire to the base’s kitchen –Kay)

5. Decorating the inside of Y/N’s ship somewhere to set up a nice dinner (Y/N’s ship isn’t even here –Kay)

6. Singing Y/N a cheesy song that I wrote (with help from the droids singing backup)

7. Just tell Y/N you idiot -Mila

As Cassian reread his list his brows furrowed at number 7. He didn’t write that.

“So when are you professing your love to Y/N?”

Cassian jumped whacking his head against the wall, “Fuck Mila. Shouldn’t you be writing a mission report? ”

Language! And hey don’t change the subject. Answer my question.” 

Cassian shrugged trying to hide the paper before Mila could see it, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mila sighed loudly dropping down to sit beside Cassian, “Cassian. I literally saw you writing your list. I wrote on your list. Y/N. Love. Professing. Do it. Now.”

Your mission was finally over.

You and Nei were able to get back to Yavin 4 in one piece. It hadn’t been easy and you had to fight your way out, but you were finally home.

The second you landed you were out of your ship and racing to your room, leaving Nei behind, who was screaming, “good luck!.

As you reached your door you realized too late that you didn’t have your access card.

So you did the only thing you could think of. You started banging loudly on the door.

No answer.

You started kicking it letting out a frustrated groan. 

Still no answer.

Where the fuck was he?

It was four in the morning. He had to be there. He wasn’t on another mission. You had checked. He had to be there.

You slammed your fist into the door one more time and turned ready to go search the rest of the base, when you heard the groan of the door opening.

And there stood a perfect, yet exhausted looking Cassian. You could tell you had woken him up. His hair was ruffled. He was aggressively rubbing his hand across his face. And he looked grumpy as fuck.

He was also only wearing pajama pants and you weren’t able to pull your gaze away from his chest until you heard his voice.

“What the fuck? Someone better be dying.”

“Well. Not dying. But I mean I have a pretty important question to answer. If you’d only do the asking part?”

Cassian’s head shot up his eyes blinking hard. You stood there silently watching him try to piece together that you were actually there.

“Y/N? You’re here?! When did you get back? Are you alright? Why are you covered in blood?!” His voice cracked.

You glanced down at yourself in surprise. You had wanted to see him so bad that you hadn’t even bothered to clean up first.

As you opened your mouth to reply his eyes shot down to the piece of paper you had crumpled in your hand. And it finally hit him what you had initially said. You had his paper. The paper he had been using to try and ask you out.

“Oh. Oh.” He took a step forward, “So does that mean you have an answer for me?”

You rocked back on your heels, blushing slightly, “Don’t you have something to ask me first?”

Cassian beamed running a hand nervously through his hair, “Y/N, will you-“

But before he could even finish the question you shot forward knocking the breath out of him.

You arms were tight around his chest and you buried your face into his neck.


You squeezed him a little tighter and then tried to pull back, only to have Cassian’s arms tighten around you. You chuckled shoving him back a little. Your hands reached out to touch his chest feeling his racing heartbeat. One hand slowly rose up until it was cupping his face. You brushed your thumb across his cheek and he sighed.

Just as he opened his mouth to say something your other hand shot up grabbing his hair and pulling his face to yours.

The second your lips touched his, you felt complete.


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Next up: I knew the second I saw you (that you were meant to be mine) aka First official asking out


Villainous theory: Black Hat’s acting.

Ok so, I know he’s a villian and the point is he’s a bad guy, but I really just want the gang to have a good relationship so! Most of the shorts are seen from the point of view of a camera, with Black Hat and Flug trying to sell something on villian eBay or wherever. Obviously, Black Hat’s the boss, so he’s got to make it seem like he’s the worst guy around and that his henchmen fear him. So? He stops being nice and acts. He’s actually a really good boss, if mischevious a lot of the time. Even in the shorts that they aren’t selling anything, he seems more like he’s playing pranks on the rest of the gang rather than doing anything inherently evil. Obviously Flug is acting too, although he’s probably an anxious guy anyway (poor bean). Demetia….probably isn’t acting but she comes across as unhinged so it’s ok and fits anyway.

specifiedshippinglover13  asked:

Regarding the fanfic update and generally the fic overall, HOLY FUCK IT'S AMAZING! It's astoundig because you can truly feel EVERY. SINGLE. EMOCTION. from every character and especially Flug. At every turn your emoction and articulation just astound me! Also, great job making a truly HORRIFIC villain! Seriously, Elvira Scares me, a lot. I really hope something bad happens to her. (shudders) She can't keep stalking poor Flug! Anyways, thanks fro writing this amazing story and enjoy your work! ^_^

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Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I’m so glad! I want to be an author, so this really means a lot to me that you can feel all the emotions so well :)  Ahaha a jealous Black Hat is an even more dangerous one, so not to worry, poor Flug will be okay.. eventually >:) Thank you so much for reaching out to me! 

Someone please give me a Heathers Pirate!AU

Like, just picture it. Heather Chandler could be Captain and the rest of the students could be various other crew members. JD could be a stowaway they find on board and he plans to kill off the highest ranking crew members in order to take charge or something like that. Idk all the details but!


The Thin Line - Chapter 1 - myblueworld - Football RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/8
Fandom: Football RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Joe Hart/David Silva
Characters: David Silva, Joe Hart, James Milner, Sergio Agüero, David Villa
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Because if someone can pretend to be the best most romantic boyfriend, it would be Joe


Here’s the situation: David needed a boyfriend to bring to his sister’s wedding back in his hometown.

Here’s the possible solution: Joe could pretend to be the most romantic boyfriend that would surely be a charming person to be introduced to David’s family.

Here’s the problem: Joe might actually have a crush on David. A real crush.

  • <p> <b>Someone:</b> Chuuya.<p/><b>Me:</b> Hoe, don't do it.<p/><b>Also me:</b> *breathes*<p/><b>Me:</b> I love nakahara chuuya so much and I want him to be happy even if dazai aint the picture bc tbh dazai is a source of pain too but he still cares for him like that time in partnership with fighting lovecraft god that was beautiful aaaa but fucking dazai still left him. but hey bones official art and their ready made ship name just makes it harder not to ship them but well i truly wish for chuuya to be happy just that bby i know ur in the mafia but dont smoke much and dont drink much pls its bad for the health i want you to live longer so please stay healthy i love you so much pls dont die and i love youuuuuu i just really do god why are you so beautifult hat sunset orange hair is so gorgeous everytime and those beautiful sapphire eyes just kills me everytime like i know it does to anyone who stares at it and holy shit where the fuck are you @ latest chapter pls stay safe fucking dazai just nullify it and bring him back k i love chuuya goodnight<p/></p>

I love Johnny Bond so incredibly much… I am so miserably fond of this hat wearing weirdo… GOD. He is so endlessly interesting to me… I want so bad for him to just tell me about what he’s thinking… feeling….. about his LIFE…. it seems like it’s been so wild and overall just really fucking cool? He knows and has worked with so many cool people??? Done so many cool things??? and Just wow. He’s been at this for so long?? He’s so talented and clever and wise and hardworking???? and just…. gentle and kind and self aware and funny and compassionate and supportive and lovely…. he’s seriously my all time favorite person…. I LOVE JOHNNY BOND