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Sammy’s Gotcha

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Title: Sammy’s Gotcha

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,078

Warnings: injured reader, fluff

A/N: This was requested by three different people (all anon). I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

For the past week you had been incredibly stressed.  You never gave yourself time to relax.  There was no time to relax, or so you thought.  Realistically, there was time to relax, but you never did.  You wanted to keep going.  You were afraid that if you slowed down your thoughts and feelings would catch up to you.  The thoughts that stopped you for a whole week only two months ago.  It was as if your whole world as going to crash down around you once again.

Sam was always there by your side through it all.  He never failed to see the signs that things were getting bad again.  Sam saw the way you blocked them out.  Sam noticed how you didn’t sleep at night.  He could see that it was only a matter of time before you would snap.

Unfortunately, that day happened to be today.  After the three of you returned to the bunker, you went straight to your room.  Sam and Dean watched you with concerned eyes.  Dean thought it was best to let you work it out yourself, but that’s not how Sam felt.  Sam kept a reasonable distance behind you as you walked to your room.  Sam could hear your sniffles as they echoed off of the hallway walls.  

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Imagine Chris finding out you got into a minor car accident.

A/N: This is a request from @rileyloves5, I’m so sorry but I didn’t really follow your prompt. I wanted to, but my brain sorted went in its own direction. But it’s still fluffy and I hope you still like it. X (Side note: How hot does Chris look in that Gif?)

Chris rushed through the busy hallways of Boston General’s emergency room, frantically looking for the ward you were in. Your doctor, Isaac, who was also a friend of Chris’, had texted him about the minor car accident you were in after you specially told him not to. The last thing you wanted was your incredibly protective husband making a fuss over a few scrapes and bruises, and yelling at your neighbor, Alex, whose fault it was not when that drunk driver clipped his car. In fact, none of it would’ve happened if you’d just waited at home like Chris had told you to; he was perfectly fine with the idea of a cab. But no, you had to insist on picking him up from the airport even though you didn’t drive and the airport was about an hour away from your shared home. So here you were with scrapes on your pretty face, a bruised shoulder, a little bit of whiplash, and Alex freaking out because he knew what Chris was like when it came to you.

“He’s going to kill me, Y/N,” Alex bit; his tone filled with anger and angst. “Captain America is going to kill me because you’re too afraid to drive and too stubborn to listen to him.” You winced, pressing your lips together because it was your fault and you had nothing to say. “Oh God,” he buried his scratched up face in his hands.

“We’ll just tell him it’s my fault-” you began.

“It is your fault!” Alex cut you off, frowning. “I was in bed, but you wouldn’t stop ringing my doorbell.” You gave him your best apologetic look, which always worked on him; you’d been best friends for a while now, ever since he moved in four years ago and you brought over a basket of chocolate chip muffins. “I knew the muffins were a trap,” he tried not to chuckle when you did.

“I’m really sorry-”

“Save it for my eulogy.”

“Oh come on, you two.” Isaac chuckled softly. “I’ve known Chris for a while now and I don’t think-” He was cut off when Chris stormed into the room, pouncing on Alex after giving you a quick glance to make you sure you were still in one piece.

“You son of a bitch!” Chris grabbed Alex by the shirt, pulling him off the chair he was sitting on and onto his feet. “You could’ve gotten her killed!” He growled, his angry face inches away from Alex’s terrified one. You couldn’t tell from looking at Chris because he was always so sweet and smiley, but he could be really scary when he wanted to be.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“And you,” Chris turned his attention onto you as he released his grip on Alex’s shirt, shoving him back in the process. “What the hell were you thinking?” He stalked over to you, his furious but worried gaze burning into your skin. “Didn’t I tell you to just wait at home? Why did you have to insist on coming to the airport?”

“I don’t know,” you mumbled sheepishly.

“Look at you,” Chris furrowed his brows as he gently caressed your face in his hands. “Oh God,” his eyes fell on your neck brace, “are you in a lot of pain?” He asked but didn’t give you time to answer; he turned to Isaac. “Is she okay? Can she walk? Have you given her an x-ray? Does she need a CAT scan?”

“What? No,” Isaac laughed. “It was a minor accident, Chris. She’s fine, she’s just got a few scrapes and bruises. She doesn’t even need the neck brace, she just wanted to see what it felt like.” Chris glanced back to you with tightly pursed lips, making you laugh at a very inappropriate time. “She’s fine and you can take her home.”

“Cut it out,” Chris scolded you, ignoring his own urge to laugh because he was still annoyed at you. “Do you even know how worried I was?” He asked with narrowed eyes and you pressed your lips together to stop yourself from laughing. “The entire cab ride over, I was panicking thinking something horrible happened to you.”

“I’m sorry,” you took off the neck brace and got to your feet, wrapping your arms around his waist. He huffed, audibly displaying his annoyance but hugged you back anyway. “I told Isaac not to text you, but he insisted.”

“Good, because I told him to text me if you ever come in.” You scoffed and looked over at Isaac. “He’s the only way I’ll find out about your injuries and accidents ‘cause someone,” Chris looked down at you with disapproving eyes, “never tells me anything. Apparently she doesn’t want me to worry about her, even though it’s my job as your husband.”

“I don’t want to distract you from work,” you defended yourself.

“I think you not telling me is more distracting,” he chuckled softly, pressing a kiss on the top of your head. “I’d rather know everything than be surprised. Like you, my little control freak,” he teased you as he pulled away, “I’m not a fan of surprises.”

“Well…” Isaac began and both you and Chris turned to him. “I think there’s one surprise you both might like.” Chris shared a confused glance with you; you shrugged. “Earlier, when I ran a blood test for you, after you told me you think you’re coming down with a stomach bug?” You nodded. “Well, that fatigue and nausea is actually because-”

“Oh my God,” Chris gasped and a huge smile broke out on his face. “Is she-”

“Pregnant?” You finished.

“Yeah,” Isaac nodded, smiling. “Congratulations, you’ve got a baby on the way.”

“I’m going to be a dad!” Chris cheered, hugging you tightly and lifting your off the floor. You chuckled and hugged him back, smiling. “Yes, we’re going to be parents!” He was beyond excited, all the angst and annoyance he had due to the accident faded.

Having a kid was a discussion both of you have had over the past year. Chris had always wanted kids whereas you were still on the fence, but you loved Chris and you wanted a family with him so you made a deal with him; you’d leave it up to the universe. You stopped not trying to have children, and if it happened, it happened. Guess the universe finally decided you were ready for a little one.

“Guess insisting on going to the airport was a good thing after all.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Chris chuckled, brushing your cheek with the pad of his thumb. “But just so you know,” he pecked your check and whispered into your ear, “I’m not letting you out of my sight for the next nine months.”

Enhanced Part Two

“Nothing but a few scrapes. Just get some rest and you should feel fine.” The doctor said, patching up my cut eyebrow. I smiled weakly at him and he left. Tom was about to say something when my phone rang.

“Mom? No, I’m okay. There was an accident at school. Yes I’m fine. I went to the hospital just in case. No, I’m on my way. Okay. Love you too.“I said. I hung up and sighed, rubbing my face with a hand.

"Come on. Let’s get you home.” Tom said, extending out his hand. I took it and we walked out, the night sky missing a few stars. Tom looked up and a troubled expression came onto his face.

“You okay?” I asked. He snapped his attention towards me and nodded. We got into the car and drove in silence, the road becoming darker as we went through the woods. I rested my head on the window, the cold feeling nice against my temple.

“Thanks I guess.” I said, breaking the silence.

“It’s whatever.” he said, his body tense.

“You sure you’re okay?” I asked. He sighed and looked at me.

“Yeah.” I nodded slowly and turned my attention to the road, everything pitch black. I noticed from the corner of my eye Tom was tensing up and squeezing the wheel a little too hard.

“You might want to-”

Something thumped the roof of the car making me jump and Tom to growl.

“Take the wheel.” Tom said, unbuckling his seatbelt.


“Take the wheel!” he yelled, his eyes glowing a fluorescent hazel. I took the wheel and he climbed to the back seat, making me able to climb in the driver’s seat. The thumping started to sound more like someone walking on top of the car. Tom rolled down the window and climbed out, a bunch of snarls being heard.

I could hear grunting and more growling. I continued driving, debating if I should stop the car. But that would send Tom and whoever was up there with him, flying. I continued driving in the darkness until I heard a hiss.

Then silence. I slowed down a bit until I heard something from the backseat.

“They’re gone.” a voice whispered. I looked back and could hardly see the figure.


“Move. I’ll drive.” he said, his face coming into view.

He had a scratch that ran down his cheek and a busted lip. I did what I was told and moved, him turning onto another road, houses coming into view.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”


“And why the hell not?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Because I don’t want you getting hurt.” he snapped. I scoffed and turned my head back forward.

“I can’t tell you right now. It’s too early.” he said.

“But what if you tell me too late?” I said, staring out my window. He sighed and I looked at him.

“You can tell me when you drop me off.” I said.

“Wouldn’t your mom go beserk?”

“Not if you go through my window.” I said. He turned to me and a smirk started to form.


“I’m fine Mom. Just really tired. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow. ” I said, faking a yawn. Her face showed concern yet she still nodded, letting me climb downstairs to my room.

I got there and closed my door, turning to see Tom on my bed.

“Your mom won’t hear?” he asked. I shook my head no.

“Whenever I say I want to rest, she leaves me alone. Now, let me clean you up."I said heading to my bathroom.

"Why the basement?” he asked.

“The upstairs room is an art room, the other is where my mom does yoga. The house was built wrong so we got a good deal for it.” I said coming back with some the health kit.


Word count: 682

You’re a witch and Kai helps you control your magic

‘Dammit!’ You yelled as you went through the pages of the grimoire that Bonnie gave you, trying to get your magic under control, but things weren’t quite working out for you. You only managed to do one spell and even that one was a complete mess. You felt useless, and powerless, regardless od the magic you owned. Everytime you tried to do the spell, things went flying and it always turned out bad. It was great Kai was there to help you. He’s always been around when you needed help with all kinds of things, but most of all, he was there everytime when you felt like giving up, when you thought it was impossible for you to do magic and that maybe it would be better if you didn’t have magic at all. He always shook all bad thoughts from your mind and he actually believed in you, unlike some people.

‘Don’t think about it too much. Clear your head and just say the spell and it will definitely work.’ Kai stated, watching you close your eyes, attempting to repeat the spell. He really hoped you would succeed this time, but instead of a spell for fire, you flipped the table along with the chairs.

'I give up!’ You yelled as you got up and closed the grimoire, wanting to throw it directly into the fire. All those failed attempts made your confidence lower down a little bit. Kai got up and stopped you by grabbing your arm and placing the grimoire on the table. He cupped your face and met your frustrated and angry face.

'I think we need a break. We’ll try again later.’ He trailed off as he smiled at you. You pushed his hands down and took a few steps away from him.

'No, I can’t do it! I can’t control my magic! I’m a mess and so is my magic and I’ll never be as good as you want me to be, Kai.’ You utter, wanted to leave the house but he ran quickly and stopped right in front of you.

'Hey, you’re not one of those people who give up on everything. I know you.’ He pulled you closer, his arms wrapping around your waist. 'We’re gonna try again and trust me, you’ll make it. Now, turn around.’ His hand never left your waist, his head on your shoulder. You felt his hot breath on your neck everytime he talked and it was only distracting you. His hands weren’t helping either. You placed your hands on top of his, the rings on his fingers cold on your skin. You took a deep breath, your heart picking up its pace a bit.

'Now, close your eyes.’ Kai whispered, his mouth pressed against your ear, hot breath sending goosebumps through your entire boy.

'You know, you’re not helping at all, Kai. You’re only distracting me.’

'If you succeed in this, maybe I will reward you somehow.’ He uttered, making your whole body shiver. You closed your eyes, trying to focus on the spell. He moved his one hand from your waist and placed it on your arm, gently stroking it.

'Kai…’ you whispered, your eyes still closed.

'Shhh, just focus on the candle.’ He uttered, placing a kiss on your neck. You took a deep breath and tried to ignored Kai’s actions on you and focused as much as you could on the candle. After a few seconds, Kai stepped back, your body standing alone in the middle of the room. You slowly opened your eyes and there you saw a small candle, burning. The biggest smiled on your face as you turned around and saw Kai smiling at you.

'I did it!’ You said, jumping into Kai’s arms and hugging him tightly.

'I told you, you can do it.’

'I’m gonna go again!’ You pulled away and turned off the candle and placed a few more on the table in front of you as you sat down and focused again, trying to light it up again. You did it and it was all because of Kai.

Dean’s Demons

gif is not mine

Title: Dean’s Demons

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 904

Warnings: angst

A/N: Here’s some Dean for all of you! I hope you enjoy it! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Send me some requests? C:

You woke up from a nap, stretching in your bed.  You looked at your phone, crap it was almost five in the afternoon.  You rolled out of bed, shuffling your way to the war room.  Dean and Sam should be there, you thought to yourself.

As you reached the war room, you spotted Sam, but not Dean.  You expected them to come back today to plan for the hunt, but why was Sam the only one in here?  Sam looked up from the map, flashing a smile your way.  “Hey [Y/N].  I figured you were asleep; you were up pretty late last night with research,” Sam noted, studying the points on the map.

You stood next to Sam, “where’s Dean?  Is he with Cas?”  It wasn’t uncommon for one of the Winchesters to tag along with Castiel.  

“He went to his room.  He’s had a rough day, and it was a long drive back here,” Sam said calmly.  “I’m going to get some food, I’ll be back in a bit.” Sam smiled at you, leaving the war room.  Sam was always kind to you, and quite the big brother if you ever had one.

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Can I get a 24 and a 34 with Chib’s pretty please?!

“I’ll sleep under the sheets, you sleep on top of them.” “I had a nightmare about you and just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

Time off

I was beyond angry, Chibs had been out with the boys every night since they came back from a successful run, bar after bar he always came home drunk and thinking giving me a small kiss and cuddling me was going to make me forgive him for everything. This situation got worse after two weeks of making me feel the same way, I didn’t see my old man at all and he was going on a run once again so I just hid my discomfort when he told me, the last thing I wanted to do was to fight with Chibs before he left.

“Are you okay lass?” he said before kissing me on the cheek

“Yeah, I’m good.” I said before hugging him tightly “Be safe” I said lowly and he nodded before giving me a gentle kiss.

“I’ll miss you love” he said before heading out the door “Love ya” he said and I waved at him before seeing him take off the street.

After another day alone I couldn’t deal anymore, after work I headed home to pack a small bag and get away from Charming for the weekend. I took everything I needed for a getaway and headed out, about an hour and a half from Charming there was a small lounge that had a spa and seemed like the perfect option.

The run was cut short and Chibs arrived home sooner than expected, all he wanted was to be with his old lady after several weeks of going out and doing business and have a calm weekend at home but when he got there she was nowhere to be seen, he grew desperate and looked around and saw a lot of her stuff still there, almost all her clothes with a few exceptions but the lack of her things in the bathroom was all he needed to know that she went away, but he had no idea where or why.

“Hello?” I said with a groggy voice, a good massage was all I needed for life to come back to my body.

“Lass, where the hell are you?” said the Scottish man at me.

“I went away for the weekend, I’m at that small lounge outside of Charming. I said quickly turning on the comfortable bed to look at the menu and order something for lunch “I thought it was a good idea since you were going to be away”

“I was worried love, we came back earlier and I thought we could have a quiet weekend together” he said and I almost sighed on the phone.

“I need some time off, Filip. This past two weeks have been crazy busy at work and you haven’t been here” I said “I might sound whiny but I needed you there and you were not and now I’m starting to feel relief and peace, I’d rather stay here for the rest of the weekend and we can talk tomorrow night when I get back” I could almost feel my heart breaking after all this time I’ve never wanted to be away from my old man but I was too stressed, too filled with negativity and angry that I needed this before I flipped him off and destroyed everything good we have.

“Sure love, whatever you need” he said and I heard his heavy breathing on the other side of the line “I’m so sorry I neglected ya, YN. You know I love ya right?”

“I know, Filip. I love you too. Have a good night” I said and the call was soon over. I was sound asleep when the sound of my phone woke me up, I rubbed my eyes before taking my phone and seeing the caller ID. “Filip?” I said

“Lass, I had a nightmare about you and just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” I felt my heart flutter at his comment and I smiled a bit “Are you okay?”

“Yes, love. I’m okay” I said, I could hear his breathing from the other side and I imagined how he looked right now, probably only wearing some old pants or his boxers and no shirt. Seating against the headboard phone in hand. “I’d be better if you were here” I whispered. “I know what I said but, this could be good for us.” I said and I could almost see him nodding. “Are you coming?” I said when I didn’t hear an answer from him.

“Yes, love. I’ll be there soon” a bit more than an hour later Chibs called me again, I opened the room’s door when I heard his soft nock.

“I’m glad you are here” I said crushing myself against his chest and he kissed me softly. “I’m sorry I was all pissy”

“I’m sorry I was a wanker and didn’t make my old lady a priority” he said I nodded slowly kissing him once again before going back to bed together.

“I’m cold Filip” I said when he threw himself on top of the sheets instead of under, I immediately moved the sheets to cover myself with the soft material.

“Well I’m too hot, baby so we have a problem” he said giving me a little pout and making me roll my eyes at him.

“I’ll sleep under the sheets, you sleep on top of them.” I said moving to my side of bed and closing my eyes “Cuddle me though” I said and he laughed a bit.

“Of course, my love” he said kissing me on the back of my neck.

Hello loves, drabble requests are closed :)

I just hit my next thousand (whee) so to celebrate, I thought I’d show my appreciation for the amazing writers of the bellarke fandom by compiling a list of my all-time favourite bellarke fics! Hope y’all enjoy, x. 

Like Ships In The Night (Passing Me By) by viansian [11k, one-shot, immortal au, historical au,]

This fic gets a special place in my heart because it was the very first fic I read for bellarke and I fell in love with it immediately. Basic premise? Bellamy is an immortal and Clarke isn’t, and he meets her seven times throughout his life. It’s heart-breaking and poignant and the characters are written with so much thought. (With an happy ending, to boot.)

First Impressions Often Lie by @antebellamy [9k, multi-chapter, completed modern au, boarding school au, enemies to friends to lovers] 

Listen, this fic is amazing. Mia writes like magic; it’s nostalgic and sweet and angsty all at once, and there are some lines in here that just make me shiver and cry and have a lot of feelings, okay. Overall, it’s engaging and fun and will stick with you for days after. 

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Dating Kol Maikaelson would include.

• Him being overprotective

• him teaching you how to fight and protect yourself

• “Good morning, love” with a sleepy voice

• Kol being very jealous when other men talk to you

• night long talks about everything

• you asking him to make you a vampire

• teasing each other 

• “Relax, darling”

• playing with his hair 

• losing your virginity to Kol                                              

• him asking if you’re okay during sex

• him telling you he can’t live without you

•"Don’t worry, darling, so what if you’re a little unexperienced? I have one thousand years of experience, that means I’m experienced enough for the both of us.“

• stripping for Kol

• him teaching you various sexual things

• often having rough sex

• so having lots of sex in general

• him putting you on top because he wants to see you ride him

• “Kol, what the hell? It’s only 8 am”

• “I will be quick”

• “But I’m sleeping! Stop doing it…oh God…Kol…”

• “Shh, I know, baby, you don’t need to wake up”

• phone sex 

• watching your favorite TV shows(especially True Blood)

• him eating you out

• him dancing with you

• teaching you languages

• kissing you

• Bekkah is your best friend

• “Y/N you are the best thing about being alive”

• “You are mine! Always and forever” (Gif isn’t mine)

Tig Request,

Can you do an imagine where your sick and tig stays home to take care of you but you dont want him to close because you dont want to get him sick? thanks

Soup and Cuddles

I woke up feeling sore, and not in the way you’d think, my whole body was hurting specially my head and I was freezing. I thought Tig had already left for work so I groaned loudly. Not long after I heard footsteps approaching our shared bedroom, Tig had his black curls wet from the shower and was holding a shirt in his right hand while looking at me trying to find a reason for my outburst.

“You, okay babe?” he said and I just denied with my head “What’s wrong?” he said putting his shirt on before seating next to me but I moved to the other side of the bed.

“I think it’s the flu, don’t get to close I don’t want you getting sick” I said noticing my stuffy nose, he put his hand over my forehead and gave me a worried look.

“You’re burning, baby. I’ll bring you some water and medicine” he said, I touched his hand slightly.

“Don’t worry, Tig. I’m alright, I’ll take some medicine and tea while you go the TM. Jax needs you more than I do right now” I said and he looked at me preoccupied. “I swear I’m alright, waking up it’s hard every day anyways” I said with a small laugh and he just nodded.

He brought me a bottle of water and some pills, he also adjusted my pillows and put my phone next to me “Call me if you need anything, YN. I’ll be here in no time” he said and I nodded before sending him a kiss. “I love you”

“Love you too” I said with a groggy voice and he smiled at me before taking off.

The Sons were out almost all day working on stopping a retaliation from The Mayans after some shit went down, I was still in the same position as Tiggy left me, I just went once to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my necessities before going back to bed. I didn’t felt hungry I was just really exhausted so I slept through the day, I didn’t hear Tig pull outside of our home or even get upstairs.

I was awaken suddenly by the sound of two voices next to me, I recognized Tara’s right away and I was about to go off at my old man for calling the doc, she smiled at me before doing a general check up.

“This is definitely the flu, one that has been poorly taking care off that’s why she’s so sore and exhausted. I think I have some medicine on my car that can help her out, take her tomorrow to the hospital so I can give her an injection of something stronger” she said and I looked at both of them with big eyes. “You can’t be scared of needles, YN.” She said and I nodded furiously “I’ve seen you all bad ass, you are married to a Son but you are scared of needles?” she said laughing and I nodded, it was pathetic but I hated them.

I heard Tig talking to Jax on the phone, he asked to be off tonight’s deal to take care of me and I smiled a little bit in my slumber.

“You don’t have to stay, Tig” I said but he approached me putting his hands next to my head before kissing my forehead. “I really don’t want you getting sick because of me”

“Jax said it was okay, don’t worry babe. I’ll be your sexy nurse tonight” he said and I laughed a bit. “I’ll bring you something to it, wait up”

Minutes later he came with a big bowl of soup, he was feeding me like a baby and making stupid jokes to lighten the mood. He later put on the Boondock Saints, my favorite movie on the TV and I was trying really hard to concentrate but I felt my eyelids getting heavier every second that passed.

“Go to sleep, babe. We have already watched it a hundred times” he said but I was too stubborn to just let myself go that easily so I approached him for the first time today and cuddled next to him. He kissed me softly on my head and draw small figures with his fingers on my back. It was the perfect moment if it wasn’t for how heavy my head felt that moment. “I love you my sleeping beauty” he said before I fell asleep on his chest.

The next day I woke up feeling so much better, I went downstairs to be met with the sight of my husband preparing breakfast, he was putting some bacon on the pan when I approached him from behind to hug him, he put his hands on top of mine before turning around to look at me with those beautiful eyes I loved so much.

“I’m glad you feel so much better” he said turning the bacon over “I need to take you to the hospital and drop you off before 11 to be on time for Jax’s meeting” he said and I pouted at him, putting my hands all over his chest “Babe, you need to get the injection to feel better”

“I feel good already” I said looking at him, using everything in my charm to stop him from getting me there. “I can show you how good I feel now if you want” I said before turning him again to make him look at me, my lips on top of his. Oh dear at the end I was going to get him sick no matter how I tried to stop it just the day before.

Carl Grimes Imagine requested by @ilovedamon:

Hi! I love your imagines and wonder if you can do a Carl for me? Where the reader loses his family and think you have no more so then live it tells her that he loves her and all is well

Warnings: Sad?

Gifs: Not mine

Words: 730

A/N: I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Busy, you know. But I hope you like this one.


No matter what you did, you always had flashbacks of that day. The day you lost your family. Eaten to death right in front of your eyes. As clear as day you remembered the last thing your mother told you. Her eyes, filled with tears, were staring directly into yours telling you to run. You hesitated at first, but you did run. Ran as fast as you could back to Alexandria to reunite with your group.

Your hand pounding on the gate, yelling for them to open. It openeded and you ran inside greeted by your group, Rick first, and the rest of Alexandrie curious of your loud sobs filling the whole town. Your hands were in your hair ready to pull it out. You remembered Rick catching you right before you were about to fall on your knees. 

Rick slowly sat down on his own knees, letting you rest on him. You kept on sobbing while his hand stoked your head trying to calm you down. Everyone was watching you with shock, not knowing how to react.

It had only been two weeks, and you felt like it was all over. There was nothing for you here now. And you were only a burden for the group. You knew it and the group knew it. They just never told you.

You heard a soft knock on your door. “Come in,” you said and Carl walked inside. 

“Scoot,” he said and you made space for him on the bed beside you. You rested your head on his shoulder, and he put his on top of yours.

“Want to come down for dinner?” He asked. You had barely left your room since everything happened. You shook your head no, slightly. 

“Okay,” he said quietly and didn’t leave his spot. 

“You don’t have to sit here with me,” you sniffled. 

“I know,” he said and continued to sit still. You couldn’t help it. You began to cry again. You sobbed, and tried your hardest to stop, but you couldn’t.

“Cry all you want, y/n. I know how it feels,” he said lifting his head from yours. You didn’t know what he was talking about, but didn’t feel like asking either.

“We used to live in a prison, before we met you and your family on the train tracks,” he said. “A while before we had to leave, Maggie, my mom and I had to hide. My mom was pregnant with Judith at the time, and her water broke.”

You had a small feeling where this was going.

“Maggie had to execute the c-section. I felt like I was the one who had to kill her afterwards,” he finished and it turned absolutely quiet in the room. 

You removed your head from his shoulder and looked up at him. “I’m sorry, Carl,” you said and the tears fell slowly for your eyes. You could tell Carl anything. You knew that. So you were going to tell him that you didn’t see the point anymore.

“There’s no point for me here anymore,” you said and looked straight ahead.

“What?” He said and you could feel him looking at you. 

“My whole family is dead, Carl,” you said and turned towards him. “And I’m just a burden for the group. Especially now that I’m the only one left! I provide nothing,”

“Stop that,” Carl said annoyed. 

“But it’s true!” You argued back.

“Y/n,” he said even more annoyed.

“Carl, I-”

“No, listen to me,” he cut you off. He shifted in his seat so his whole body was direvted towards you. “Don’t ever think like that!” His voice was softer again. “You’re a part of our group now. Our family! You still have a family! You’re place is here with us, okay?”

You tried to speak again to argue with him.

“You say there’s no reason for you here anymore, but that is bullshit! You belong here.” Luckily you had stopped crying, but you kept on sniffling. “Do you know what would happen if you went away for good?” You shook your head slightly. “I’d go out of my mind!”

It went quiet. After a while, you threw your arms around his torso and placed your head on his chest. “I’m sorry, Carl.” You said with your eyes shut. And for the first time in a long time, his arms around you made you happy.


A/N: This is really short, I’m sorry but I felt like I did a good job… An okay job at the very least.

-Part three of Leave (The final addition to the trilogy)-
Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid/Reader)

If you need to catch up, Here’s Leave and Gone.

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     "You used to say I made you feel safe.“ He mumbled, and a small whisper finally escaped me.
     "That is gone.”
     When his hand fell away, and he looked to the ground with wide eyes, as if he had just taken a blow to the stomach, I took my chance to get away. I ran out of the library and to my car, getting in and locking the doors as I sat in the front seat, leaning my head backwards and sighing as tears built in my eyes.

     I knew it had been a lie as soon as the words slipped from my lips. Just at the sight of him, of his long hair and tall frame, his coat and scarf, his warm brown eyes, his hands holding the book as if it was the most fragile thing he had ever touched, everything I saw in him caused me to stop in my tracks as a feeling of comfort overwhelmed all of my senses. It was if I could still feel when he would wrap his arms around me after a long day. When he would mumble that he loved me into my hair as he went to kiss the top of my head. I felt as if I had been away for a while, and I was finally home again.
     But I could not show that. Not with what he had done to me.
     And so, I lied. I wanted to hold him closer than I had ever done before, but I ran. I wanted to talk to him about everything, but I silenced him with one hushed statement. I wanted to laugh with him, but I broke him. But then again, wasn’t that what he had done?
     We had been together for so long, but he ended it so quickly. We had loved, and he called it a lie. We had laughed, but it ended in screams. We had felt so much, but it ended in a blur of numb reaction. We had been so alive, but he stomped the flame to a black, cold, death.
     But even knowing all of this, I loved him. I still do.
     I sighed as I watched the road, headlights speeding by me as I tried to stay focused. My grip tightened on the steering wheel as I got off of my exit and sighed. The intro to “Livin’ On A Prayer” was seeping through the speakers as I pushed the gas petal down, my eyes stopping on the clock. 11:43 P.M.
     “You’re music taste is odd.” Spencer smirked as he looked at me from the passenger’s seat.
     "How so?“ I asked, ready to get defensive as soon as he had said it.
     He smiled, picking up my phone and unlocking it to get to my music list. "Y/n, you have Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in this playlist, but then you have Beethoven and Chopin, and you scroll two songs down from David Bowie to find AC/DC, Guns-N-Roses, and Five Finger Death Punch.” He started to laugh as I rolled my eyes. “Oh, and I can’t leave out your love for Skrillex.”
     "Shut up Spencer. I like Daft Punk too.“ His laugh became louder when I mumbled this, and I smiled at the sound of it.

     The sound of a horn startled me, and I jumped as I realized I had drifted into the other lane, and an incoming car was relentlessly laying on their horn. My senses were overtaken by the bright white of the headlights as they moved closer and closer with every passing moment. My breath caught in my throat for a moment as my eyes widened.
     I pulled on the steering wheel frantically, barely making it out of the way in time. I pulled onto the side of the road, parking and turning off the radio. I set my head against the steering wheel, shaking as tears built in my eyes. "I can’t do this anymore.” I mumbled to myself, picking up my head and taking a deep breath. I wiped the fallen tears from my cheeks, turning off the radio and putting the car in reverse to turn around.
     When I parked and turned off the car, I sat in the welcoming silence. I bit at the inside of my cheek as I thought about everything that had happened.
     "You have to leave.“
     "I don’t love you!”
     "I want you to go!“
     "He’s gone.”
     "You’re scared of me?“
     "That is gone.”

     Every memory of everything that had happened flooded my mind, but I shook it away as I got out of the car. I walked up to the door, staring at it. The aquamarine color seemed faded, especially in the dark.
     I smiled at the bright color of his front door when I saw it the first time. “I fully blame that door on the previous owners.” Spencer defended himself as we walked up, and he pulled out his keys.
     "I like it.“ I smiled gently as he held the door open for me and I walked in. "It’s a nice color.” He smiled gently, shaking his head as he shut the door and helped me with my jacket, hanging it on a nearby hook.

     I knocked on the door lightly, and a part of me hoped he wouldn’t answer. But, he did. The door opened slowly, and Spencer peeked around it. His eyebrows came together as his tongue darted between his lips and I looked down. I froze as I stared down at the ground, knowing he had seen me. The door opened fully, and he stood in the doorway silently for a moment. “I’m sorry I can go. I don’t know wh-” I went to turn away as I spoke, but he grabbed my hand, pulling me towards him.
     "I’m so sorry Y/n.“ Tears instantly built in my eyes as he looked down at me. "For everything. I didn’t mean a word of it. I have loved you from the very fist time I met you in that library. I love your voice and your laugh and your smile and your music choice and every other thing you do.”
     I didn’t know what to say, but out of instinct, I tried to pull away. “No.” He pulled me to his chest quickly, wrapping his arms around me, one of his hands tangling in my hair and holding my head to his chest. “Please,” he gasped, and his shaking chest and voice told me his was crying as I wrapped my arms tightly around his, clutching onto his vest as if he would disappear if I let go. “Please stay.”

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Teen wolf imagine:Part 2 Songs: Where’s my love-Syml
⚠️-I cried whilst I was writing this.

You awoke to the sound of waves crashing together underneath your feet.
You awoke to the feeling of waves crashing together underneath your feet.

You pushed yourself up off of the sand and looked around. It was beautiful, surely you couldn’t be in… Heaven?

You’d always been so certain that Satan would be waiting for you with open arms.
Turning around once again you noticed a figure walking towards you.

As it got closer and closer you started to recognize who it was.
Your eyes started to water as you sprinted towards your mother.

She let out a sigh of relief as you jumped into her arms, she held your body tight and cradled you as you both cried.

“I’m so proud of you"she nodded as she cupped your face.

“I’ve missed you"you smiled through your tears.

"I’ve missed you too baby, but what are you doing here"she asked.

"I know that’s what I thought, maybe there’s a mistake. Maybe Satan is tapping his watch wondering what’s taking me so long"you said quickly coming up with a tonne of theories.

"No y/n I mean why are you not alive"she looked at you sternly.

You looked down at the floor.
"It’s not your time"your mom shook her head.

Your eyes widened and you jumped up.
"Yes it is, I promise it is please let me stay with you don’t leave me"your bottom lip started to tremble.

"I don’t want to but it’s not my choice, your not meant to be here. Not yet"your mom held your hand tightly.

"I want to stay with you"you sobbed.

"I know baby I know"she held your body close to hers. You could smell her perfume, that scent you’d missed.

"Before you go there’s someone else who wanted to see you"She stepped aside.

Allison Argent stood before you with a big smile spread across her face.
"Hello"she laughed.

"Oh my God Allison"you ran towards her and jumped on her.
You both fell to the ground in a heap of giggles.

"I want to stay with you and mom"you said sadly.

"One day"Allison said softly as she brushed the hair out of your face.

"Anyway I need you to deliver some messages"she added.

"Tell Scott I love him, tell Lydia she’s got it under control she’s doing great, and tell Stiles to stick to his side of the agreement"she smiled at you.

"Okay"you agreed as you pulled her in for another hug.

"I love you y/n but it’s time to go someone downstairs needs you” your mother kissed the top of your forehead.
Everything started to glow.
“No, not yet"you panicked.

"I need more time no I don’t want to go"you cried as everything disappeared in front of you.

~There will be a part3!!!
~sorry for any mistakes


“Hi, honey! Im so glad youre home!” You said cheerfully, running into your boyfriend, Axl, arms. “Woah…hey, sugar!” He says, trying to regain his balance from when you plummeted your body and arms around him. “Someones happy Im home” Axl smirks and kisses your lips, but little did he know, your happiness would soon be gone.
Later that night, you felt off. As if someone had just swiped your happiness away. Even though this feeling was often, tonight just felt wrong. Curling your body on the sofa, you become pale as thoughts run through your head. Axl was in the shower, hearing the water turn on, you knew he was going to need a towel, that he purposely forgot to get. “Babe! Can you get me a towel?” Axl yells from the bathroom. Pulling yourself off the sofa, you walk slowly to the laundry pile and mistakenly grab a blue blanket. Opening the bathroom door, Axl is standing there still in the shower with a smirk on his face. But immediately changing to a fown when you throw the “towel” on the counter and walk out. “Come join me, honey!” Axl pouted, but you simply ignored and walked out.
Back on the sofa, you crawled up with your knees in your chest once again, and stared at the floor. Axl had finished up, and was in the kitchen watching you closely. He knew something was up, but he didnt know how to bring it to conversation.
“Hey, want some chips?” He asked, sitting down next to you. You shook your head, eyes not leaving the spot you were fixed on. Axl had never seen you like this before, and it started to worry him.
“ I hate you! I hate you! Leave me alone!” You screamed at the top of your lungs to Axl as you threw all his clothes and shoes at him, covering his face with his arms from the blows.
“What the fuck? Y/N! Stop, it! Whats wrong?!” Axl hollered over you and your crying. “ Everything, you piece of shit! Everything is wrong! My life is wrong!” You yelled, next throwing a picture of you two at the wall behind him and watching it shattered. When you heard the glass hit the floor, you froze immediately. Tears coming to your eyes, you rush over to it, picking up the broken pieces. “No…no, no, no, no. Shit”, burying your head in your knees, you sobbed, holding the picture in one hand. Axl came over to you slowly, and knealt down to you. Brushing your hair with his hand before sitting down next to you. Wrapping his arms around you, you lay your head on his chest.
Tear stained and mascara marks splattered around your face, you build up the courage to break the silence which has gone on for more than a few minutes, “Im sorry. I dont know what came over me ” you whisper to Axl, whose still confused about the whole situation. “Theres something you should know about me..Axl”, you say cocking your head up to him, his soft eyes meeting yours. “Im bipolar too.” you say, with an apologetic smile.
“Ya think?” Axl chuckles, making you laugh and look over the messy room. “You sure did a number on our room, sweetheart”, you laugh harder at his comment.
Sitting on the floor, both observing the mess. “You can talk to me about anything. I will always listen to you. I will never ever judge you, Y/N. I love you so much.” Axl says, kissing your head,
“Holy shit, this house is gonna look like a tornado went through it with both of us living here”


“Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.”  – Seungri

“With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things” – G-Dragon

“BIGBANG is just like a family, so we aim the same thing no matter what place we’re at” – TOP

“When I feel exhausted, with members we all cheer each other on” – Daesung

“To being in BigBang is it’s just to be Big Bang. Because we’re young and we have energy and we have something unique that others don’t have”  – Taeyang 

AU: Philip gets invited to a party as a prank and they spike his drink. Lukas has to help him through being drugged. Philip tells him some things about growing up with an addict.
based off of: https://angelsanarchy.tumblr.com/post/152693099747/philkassheadenbeck-prompt-ideas
Count the Stars
Count the Stars

“Philip, I really don’t think that’s a good idea..”

“What? You upset I’m not the freak you make me out to be?” Philip teased, a smirk tugging at his plump lips as he craned his neck to look over at Lukas. Philip’s eyes dropped to his lap, the small upturn of his lips disappearing as his face fell subtly. He was just teasing, but it still hurt to some extent to know that your lover doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.

Lukas sighed briefly, his own face dropping to the ground for a moment. He never meant to hurt Philip. It was always a heat of the moment thing. He was brash and when he felt need be, violent. He didn’t want Philip to be scared. He wanted him to feel safe. Lukas always felt so closed in and terrified; there was no way he thought to deal with it other than to push Philip away.

The blue eyed boy slowly slid his hand from holding himself up to over top of Philip’s, both of them now looking at the view in front of them.

It wouldn’t seem like much to many - the view. Their view. It was isolated to say the least; trees surrounding a small hill above Tivoli. They had stumbled across it while looking for new places to shoot Lukas’ motocross one day. There was a small area where the trees stopped - the edge of the hill that offered a view of most of their small town. They both declared it their view. Their spot. Their haven. So when everything else around them seemed to be falling apart, they always knew there was one small space they had that kept them going.

The sun was setting. The sky was illuminated in bright orange and pink colors with clouds scattered across the sky. There was a slight breeze drifting through the boys’ hair as they sat next to each other, Lukas’ legs straight out and Philip’s criss crossed. Birds flew high above them and the trees rattled gently. Everything seemed perfect. Content. Safe.

“I just..” Lukas started, an irritated sigh following after. He was never good with expressing his feelings. “I don’t want you getting hurt, is all…” he mumbled, absently smoothing his thumb over the top of Philip’s hand.

Philip breathed a laugh, “Hurt? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s just a party, Lukas,” he inquired, his cheeks heating up slightly at the gentle touch from Lukas’ fingers. “Why’re you acting like I’m leaving for war or something?” he teased, his eyes locked on the boy next to him.

Lukas shrugged, the ghost of a smile playing at his lips. He rolled his eyes, giving Philip a playful shove before looking down at the city below. “Shut up.” he mumbled, shaking his head slightly at himself for becoming so protective over the boy next to him.


Delivered to Philip
I’ll see you at the party. I picked up Rose

From Philip
Great. Can’t wait to see you and your girlfriend together.

Delivered to Philip
Shut up. I’ll find a way to get us alone

From Philip
How charming

The party was just as rambunctious as one would expect. Teenagers drinking until they pass out, grinding on each other as music blared in their ears. Some were outside, underneath the lights strung up around the house that gave it even more vibrancy than it already had.

Lukas made his way upstairs, cautiously looking around the hallways to make sure no one else was there. He intended on keeping his promise to Philip, searching for a way to make sure they would be alone. He didn’t want it to be like that way forever - sneaking around all the time. He often times hoped that one day he would take Philip away from Tivoli to someplace else. Someplace more accepting. Someplace where they could be themselves.

The blonde boy slowly opened one of the bedroom doors, peeking in to see whether it was empty or not. He relaxed his muscles and let a soft sigh of relief fall from his lips as he entered the notably empty room, shutting the door behind him. He pulled out his phone and opened his messages with Philip.

Delivered to Philip
Bedroom next to the bathroom upstairs

After sending the message, Lukas sat down on the bed and let his eyes wander around the room, slightly uncomfortable with having the intentions to make out with Philip in another person’s bed. It was clearly a girl’s room, judging from the multiple polaroids of a group of girls hanging up on the walls and the makeup stand by the window.

The polaroids reminded him of Philip. How he’d always take pictures of Lukas when he was sleeping, or when they were on the hill and the sunset on that particular day caught Philip’s eye and he would pull out his phone to capture it. The distant memories caused a small smile to turn on Lukas’ lips, sitting back on the bed with his arms folded across his chest.

Delivered to Philip
You having that much trouble finding the bedroom?

Lukas had sent the message roughly five minutes after sending the first one. And then another three minutes later.

Delivered to Philip
Come on, Shea. I know you aren’t that stupid. Where are you?

After a few more minutes of waiting for the knock that never came, Lukas pushed himself off of the bed and opened the door. He looked to make sure no one was around before stepping out again, making his way downstairs. His eyes scattered all over the crowded house, frantically looking for the boy. Lukas knew for a fact Philip was there - he saw him come in minutes after he had. He knew it was a bad idea, that Philip never should have came.

“Lukas! Baby, I’ve been looking all over the place for you. Where’ve you been?” Rose yelled over the music as she stumbled up to Lukas, her hands snaking around his waist as a lazy smirk played at her lips. It was clear she was tipsy from the way she eyed him carelessly, though Lukas didn’t seem to notice as his own blue orbs were focused on finding Philip. Anxiousness and dread pumped through his veins as he looked down at Rose for a moment before gently pushing passed her.

“N-nowhere. I just - I need to use the bathroom.” he lied as he pressed a light kiss to her forehead and made his way around the house again. He looked everywhere - outside, in the basement, the kitchen. It was when he bumped into a smaller figure by the fireplace inside did he find him.

“Lukas? H-hey! Hey, I’ve been.. uh.. looking for you!” he slurred, his arms spread out with a goofy grin tugged at his lips and a plastic red cup in his hand. He was clearly drunk, and the stench of beer on his breath caused Lukas to wince slightly. Lukas pushed him away slightly, his eyebrows furrowed and his expression hard as he looked him over. His usual golden brown eyes that had the constant wary look in them were hazed over and red, sweat glistened over his forehead, and he looked dazed out.

“Where have you-” Lukas began to question him but was quickly cut off by Philip smashing his lips against Lukas’ in a sloppy fashion. Lukas pushed him away, his eyes wide and frantically looking around to make sure no one saw. “No - what are you doing?” he scolded, his hands placed on Philip’s shoulders to keep him from falling. They were lucky no one saw; and if they did, they were too drunk to fully process it.

Hurt flashed across Philip’s face before pulling away more, attempting to push Lukas away but he seemed too weak to. Lukas looked around for a moment before grabbing Philip’s sleeve and dragging him towards the stairs. He helped him up, as the boy was too out of it to do it himself while Lukas looked past his shoulder occasionally to make sure no one was paying attention.


“Sit down,” Lukas ordered, demanding yet gentle. He kept his hands on Philip’s shoulders as to guide him to the edge of the bathtub. Philip tripped over his own feet multiple times while making his way over to it, his hands instinctively finding Lukas’ shoulders to keep himself steady.

“The stars look so pre-” Philip began to slur, his eyes seemingly glued to the open window that allowed a cold breeze to sweep through the room, a view of the dark sky visible through it.

“What happened?” Lukas cut him off, bending down so he was eye-level with the boy. Those blue orbs that were usually an icy layer that repelled others away were replaced with frantic worry as he checked Philip everywhere to make sure he was okay. “Are you okay? Do you feel fine?” he questioned him, his hands caressing the boy’s cheeks as his heart pumped in his ears. Lukas was so unbelievably worried about the wellbeing of this boy you could compare him to an overprotective mother.

“Philip? Answer me, how many drinks did you have?” he inquired, his blue eyes meeting Philip’s brown ones. He looked even more dazed out now as his eyes were still locked on the window. “Philip, look at me!” Lukas’ voice rose slightly as he forced Philip to look him in the eyes.

A slight look of hurt flashed across Philip’s face as he winced slightly at Lukas’ loud voice, causing Lukas to feel as if someone had his heart in a fist. “I-I only had one drinks..” he slurred, his voice quiet his own hands loosely wrapped around Lukas’ forearms.

“From the guy with the.. the brown hair.. and the dog tags.. What was his name..” Philip’s voice drifted off as he bit his lip in thought.


“Yeah! Matty.. or Michael…”

Immediately Lukas put two and two together as Philip’s hands slid from his forearms to around his torso in a loose manner.

Matty was notorious for being a prankster at school, whether it was putting glue on a student’s seat or spiking someone’s drink at a party. There was no logical way Philip got drunk off his ass after two drinks. The only explanation would be that he was drugged.

The blonde boy stood up straight, letting Philip’s arms engulf him in a hug he wasn’t expecting. Philip mumbled something against Lukas’ stomach in which he couldn’t make out, but he went with it anyways.

Lukas pulled away and pressed his lips to the top of Philip’s head longer than he meant to, “I’m going to go get you a water bottle. Stay put and don’t move until I come back.” he ordered, making his way to exit the bathroom with a fire burning in his belly.


Lukas had managed to avoid Matty as he walked back down to the party, making sure he kept his mind in the right place. If he acted out and started a fight everyone would question why he was defending Philip and he couldn’t afford anyone becoming more suspicious than they already were.

Lukas sighed as he opened the bathroom door again, closing and locking it behind him. His heart dropped once he had looked up to see Philip was no where to be found. He wasn’t sitting on the edge of the bathtub anymore and the bathroom was much too small to hide anywhere.

Lukas called for the boy multiple times, placing the water bottle on the sink before looking out of the window. It seemed logical - Philip was fascinated by it before Lukas left.

To Lukas’ relief, Philip was standing on the edge of the small slanted roof, his arms by his side as his head craned up towards the sky. He looked as if he wasn’t in control of his body, switching his weight from one foot to the next occasionally. He looked like he didn’t have a care in the world, like he was only invested in that moment. Lukas somewhat envied him.

“Philip, what are you doing, you’re gonna fall!” Lukas’ voice was a harsh whisper as his eyes were locked onto Philip, his feet holding himself up on the toilet seat and his torso halfway out of the window. “Come here, let me pull you back in.”

Philip turned around to look at Lukas for a brief moment before staring up again, a lazy smile pressed to his lips. “The stars look so pretty..” he mumbled, finishing his sentence from before.

“Philip, come here, you-”

“I’m fine, Lukas! Stop worrying so much all the time, I’m not a little ki-” Philip slurred, his voice rising slightly as he turned around to face Lukas fully. His movements were sloppy and slow, causing him to stumble back abruptly, which was ultimately enough to make Lukas climb out of the window and pull him back before he fell off the roof.

Lukas pulled Philip closer to his chest with such a force that they almost fell backwards onto the roof. Luckily, Lukas caught himself. He pushed himself away from Philip, his expression hard and angry.

“What the hell were you thinking? Someone could have seen you! Seen us!” Lukas’ voice rose slightly as he stared at Philip. “I’m not supposed to be up here with you, I’m-”

“Then-then why are you?” Philip poked Lukas’ chest, his expression a mixture of hurt and frustration. He pulled away, sighing as he sat down on the roof. He refused to look up at Lukas, who stared down at the boy in disbelief.

Philip sighed, leaning his head back against the roof with a small frown playing at his lips while his eyes slowly closed shut. Lukas eyed him carefully before sighing and sitting down next to Philip. He waited for the soft snores to begin erupting from the boy’s lips to signal that he was sleeping but it never came. There was complete silence between the two before Philip let a worn out sigh fall from his lips, his eyes opening again. He shifted slightly before speaking.

“My mom-” he began, avoiding eye contact with Lukas, even though his full attention was on Philip. “She used to always come home late from one of her..” he stopped, shaking his head slightly. “her dates.” he rolled his eyes, noticing Lukas’ expression drop at his words.

“I would stay up to wait for her. Every time she left. I knew she’d come home messed up, but I didn’t care. She’s my mom,” he shrugged, his voice cracking a bit. “She knew I would get upset because she never came home at times she promised to,” he explained, not realizing when he had started playing with Lukas’ fingers. He didn’t stop him, though - he was listening intently to Philip.

“So she’d take me outside to the couch in the courtyard. Sit down with me,” he slurred, his eyes shifting from their intertwined fingers to the starry sky above. “And we’d stay there, for hours. Just counting the stars. Looking at constellations. Sometimes even until the sun started showing..” his voice drifted off as he looked up at Lukas, who still hadn’t broken his gaze.

“I’m sorry, Philip.” he mumbled. His entire aura had changed from anger to gentleness, a feeling of mere admiration washing over him as Philip shifted, pressing his head into Lukas’ neck.

The next five words were the last ones Lukas heard from Philip that night. His voice was so soft that Lukas almost didn’t hear him. The boy wrapped his arms around Philip as he looked up at the sky, for once not worried if anyone caught them.

“Count the stars with me.”

Imagine celebrating Jared’s birthday in the hills

“Get up! Get up! Get up!” I shout, jumping on the bed.

Jared rolls on the bed, using one of his pillows to cover his head. I keep jumping, shouting at the top of my lungs. When all the shouting doesn’t work, I take Jared’s covers to pull them off. He’s half asleep, and in his attempt to grab one of my ankles, he doesn’t realize that he’s almost on the edge of the bed, falling with a loud thump.

“Oh my, Jared?”

I fall on the bed, kneeling to watch him on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I ask him, seeing him rub his head, “Is it a bad moment to say happy birthday?”

“Give me… Oh, my head… Give me a second”

I nod, without taking my gaze from him. Jared sighs, still rubbing the top of his head. I wait, forgetting about the surprise I prepared for him. It takes him a few minutes to wake up, still on the floor. When Jared stands up, he jumps on top of me, tickling my belly, ribs and armpits.

“Stop! Stop!” I shout, not being able to stop laughing, “Jared, please!”

He does stop, both breathing heavily, a bit of laugh still in the air.

“Happy birthday” I mutter, a permanent smile on my face.

His lips go straight to mine, his hand starting to caress my cheek. Our breathing is still heavy, forcing us to end the kiss quickly.

“You need to get dress, I let you oversleep”

“What time is it?” He asks, getting off of on top of me.

“Midday, I’ll wait for you downstairs”

I give him a quick peck on the lips, getting off the bed.

Once I’m downstairs I check everything one more time. I’m sure everything’s ready, I’ve probably checked it three times by now. But you can never be sure with me, there’s probably something missing in my bag and I haven’t noticed.

When Jared comes to meet me his eyes go straight to the bag by my side.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks me, lifting both eyebrows.

“Of course” I say with a smile.

Jared looks confused. This is his first birthday with us as a couple, and I wanted this be special. Jared helps me with my bag, taking it to my car. I drive, he changes the radio. I spend all the way avoiding his questions about our destination. The city looks pretty dead today; The weather is nice, thou, and that’s perfect for what I’ve prepared.

When we reach the point in which we cannot continue by car I let Jared know. We hold hands, sharing quick glances once in awhile, we walk in silence, but smiles never leaving our faces.

Jared is one of the most outgoing, adventurous man I’ve ever had the chance to meet in my life. Reason why I decided to spend the afternoon in the hills, enjoying the view, the nice weather, and being in touch with Mother Nature. the exact spot for our little adventure is a hidden place among rocks and trees. There’s plenty of shadow, green areas and warm breeze for us to sit and enjoy.

Jared looks around, fascinated by the view of the city and how nature seems to enjoy it’s days without caring about the people destroying the city at its feet.

“This is beautiful” Jared says, laying on the lonely spot of grass.

“Happy birthday” I say again, feeling a warm in my heart just by looking at how happy he looks.

Jared takes my wrist to make fall on top of him, his right hand caressing my cheek, pulling away strands of hair.

“Thank you for this” He mutters, the smile glued to his lips, “Really, thank you so much, I love it”

“You don’t have to thank me” I say, kissing his cheek and resting my head on the space of his neck, “I just want you to have a nice birthday”

“It’s going great so far”

“We can stay the whole day like this or we can eat something first and then lay for good, what do you prefer?”

“Let’s eat and then lay for a bit”

We both prepare the space for our picnic; I lay everything I prepare for him during the morning, noticing how amazed he looks. Once I tell him that he can start eating, half of the things in the plates disappear in a matter of minutes. I try to ask him if he likes the food, but his whole attitude is confirmation enough.

Jared kisses me whenever he’s not eating, or telling me how amazing the food is. I just laugh and kiss him back, happy that he’s enjoying his birthday.

When he’s finally done eating we lay for a bit, discussing about what we see in the clouds, or how we think they will show us next. Our bodies warming each other, his hand holding mine with no intention of letting go.

An hour passes by before Jared sits up really quick, his head turning to me with a big smile.

“I got an idea”

Jared stands starting to pick all our things, telling me to hurry. I keep asking what’s going on, but he just shushes me, saying that he I’m going to love. What? I have no idea.

We leave everything in the car, and I can’t get to ask again when Jared holds my hand, taking somewhere between the trees and rocks. He looks so excited that I decide not to ask again, and just enjoy the walk to wherever he’s taking me.

And, actually, the view is breathtaking.

We’ve been in this place for a while, and in any moment we’ll start to see the sundown. Everything starts to fusion with the colors of the sky, the little puddles mirroring the clouds, the leaves dancing with the wind. And, even though it takes us a while to get where Jared wants, I just can’t seem to believe how beautiful everything is the higher we get.

“We’re almost there” Jared assures me, and it is only there when I notice how tired I am.

But I seriously couldn’t care less. We walk for a couple of minutes more, and when Jared finally stops I just can’t believe what’s in front of me.

From the spot that I chose for us to have the picnic most of the city was at our feet, we could see the beach at one side, and people living their lives on the other.

But from here… Everything seems so little, and it actually feels like all our tables were left behind, in those distant buildings, with that distant people.

I walk towards a rock, sitting on the edge, still amazed by everything. I turn for a second, to call Jared by my side. He sits next to me, putting his arm on my shoulder to get me closer to him.

“I was supposed to be the one giving you surprises” I mutter, not being able to take my eyes away from the view.

“We have a whole lifetime to fill with surprises” He says, leaving a soundless kiss on my forehead.

“Good” I say, pulling away a bit to look him in the eyes, “Because there are more surprises waiting for us when we get home”

A laugh burst from him, and in no time we are kissing again.

“I knew there was a reason why I am so in love with you” He mutters between kisses.

“Wait, what?”

I pull away again, my eyes fix on his. He just said he is in love with me. This is the first time. I feel something on my chest, it’s tight, but my heartbeat is threatening to let me heart escape in any second, and a smile appears on my lips, and suddenly I’m feeling everything and nothing at the same time. And Jared is looking at me like he wasn’t supposed to say this right now, like he was holding it for later.

“You’re in love with me” I whisper, a smile nailed on my face, “You said…”

“I am” He says, taking his hand to brush his hair, “Good, I finally said it”

“Finally? How long have you been holding that?”

He shrugs, and we can’t help but laugh. Jared hugs me again, leaving little kisses on top of my head. My arms wrap him tight, never wanting to let him go.

“Are you in love with me?” He asks, as if he’s afraid of my answer.

“What do you think?”


“Of course I am” I laugh, adjusting in my place to look him in the eyes, “I’m in love with you, Jared, I thought it was pretty damn obvious”

“I can be a bit blind”

“Well, now you know. Happy birthday!”

“Best birthday ever” He says, moving to kiss me on the lips this time.

Anonymous said:
Can you make a Nate imagine (dirty) where he is your best friend and you hang out and some and end up having rough sex after he confesses his fantasies about you and him dating and fucking? Thanks ily 💘

Warning this is my first actual smut on here &I I wrote this at like 3:30 in the morning last night, so I apologize in advance if it sucks but hey I tried 😇.

Sexual Vibes

Lately my bestfriend, Nate, has been acting pretty weird if you ask me. I’ve been trying to hang out with him for the past month and all I get is excuse after excuse as to why he can’t hang when he dam well knows he’s not doing anything except kicking it back smoking blunt after blunt. After so many tries I convinced him to finally hang out with me and I’m gonna get to the bottom of why he really hasn’t been answering my requests to see him. I walked into the fancy decorated elevator headed straight to Nate’s apartment, I was wearing some black joggers with a black crop top and some black shoes. I got out the elevator and knocked on the door, I heard fumbling and him take a deep breath before he opened “hey kid” I said smiling and pulling him in for a hug, his arms wrapped around me tight but a protective kind of tight. We pulled apart and he flashed me his million dollar smile. “So what’s the plan for today?” I asked throwing myself down “I got everything we need here and even got some movies” he smiled slightly avoiding eye contact, something made me want to ask him why he’s so nervous but i barley got here gotta give it some time then ease into some questions. He brought in our favorite snacks and set the movie “what are we watching” “fifty shades of grey” I nearly chocked on my spit “why?” “I don’t know, I heard it’s a good movie, full of all that sappy shit you like, so I just decided to get it” he said sitting in the opposite sofa across from me. I don’t think he realizes what fifty shades of grey really is about. Should I tell him, should I not? Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes “Nate…” “Hmp?” He said throwing his head up like a little kid “thanks” I smiled, guess we are going with no. He relaxed in the chair “why are you over there come here” I said patting the seat next to me with a blanket. He rubbed his hand in his hair before dragging his feet over to me. He sat down eating some chips before leaning back. I threw the cover over us and put my feet on his. It was towards the first sex scene when I decided to record his reaction, I quickly opened snapchat and the scene started at first he was calm and quiet but as soon as the sex started he freaked out, I laughed while recording him as he jumped up trying to shut the tv off “okay let’s not watch that” he nervously laughed as I ended the video. I bawled out in laughter as he sat in the same sofa he sat in the beginning, I got ticked off and decided to confront him.

“Whats wrong with you?” I asked sitting Indian style “what do you mean?” He said avoiding eye contact “there you go again! Stop avoiding eye contact and look at me dammit, I’m your bestfriend” he took a slight breath “that’s the thing….” He chuckled a bit, kinda psychotic if you ask me “what do YOU mean?” I asked furrowing my brows “ that’s all your gonna ever be my best fucking friend” “what are you trying to say?” He took a long breath this time “ I” “you” “I -I.” “Spit it out Nathan!” “I fucking love you” I sat there processing what he just said. “ I fucking love you dammit!….. I love everything about you, your smile, your body, your eyes, the way you bite your cheeks when you get nervous. Every fucking thing” I just looked at him watching his movements. “At first I thought it was a stupid feeling you know like that feeling when I see a fresh bag of weed, I get excited and once it’s gone it’s kinda like oh let’s cop a new bag” he fumbled his hands, I just nodded “but time passed and it wasn’t just a feeling, I found myself falling for you and needing your opinion on everything, I got jealous seeing you on guys that wasn’t me and dammit I found myself yearning for your approval! I put myself in denial, nah it couldn’t be love, it’s just a crush. I told myself sun up to sun down… But then the dreams happened” “dreams?” I asked tilting my head “I mean I’m already in too deep so this isn’t gonna really do shit” he laughed “ a while back I started having these dreams, dreams of us being together and doing other things…. I had dreams I was holding your hand, taking you places and even smoking blunts with you… I also had dreams I was fucking the shit out of you, dreams I was fucking you everywhere, dreams you were moaning and screaming my name, dreams of you not being so innocent and dreams that you would feel some type of way under my touch.” He looked at me looking for a reaction but I couldn’t offer anything “I wanna be able to do shit to you, shit that only we know about, I wanna be able to fuck you whenever and where ever I want to. But I don’t know how you feel and that’s what made me push you away, the more I saw you the more I fell and the more dreams I had. I didn’t know how you felt so why put myself through this if you don’t feel the same?” I leaned back in his chair. I didn’t know how to react, he just laid this all on the table without giving me a heads up. I don’t remember much that happened, I remember getting up and taking everything off except my bra and panties, I remember walking towards him as he looked at me in shock, I remember straddling him, I remember kissing him all over his jaw then moving to his lips. He didn’t know what to do he was shocked, I took both his hands and placed them on my ass, I kissed him hard and at first he didn’t but that changed. I was in control or so I thought. He lifted us up with my legs wrapped around his back, he took me to his room lying me on the bed slightly, he broke the kiss, kissing my jaw then my neck going down my tummy, he stood up removing his shirt and pants. I looked up glancing at how hard he was and knew this was gonna be one hell of a night.

He came back kissing me, he moved from my lips to my neck earning tons of moans, as he continued to suck on my sweet spot he slipped two fingers in my underwear, he teased me at first rubbing circles in my area that felt so amazing. I couldn’t help but moan louder squeezing my legs tighter with every circle he drew, I felt him smirk within my skin as he plunged a finger into me causing me to jerk forward, he plunged the second one into me as I held on to his shoulder wimping with amusement. He pulled me back down looking me in my eyes, watching my reaction and movements as he repeatedly pushed and pulled his fingers in and out slow then fast, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head as my breaths became unsteady and quick. I pulled him by his neck about a inch away from my face looking him in his eyes, my facial expressions changing as I took breaths in, he smirked and plunged one last time into me sending my body into a mix of emotions, I layed back arching my back and he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. He yanked me by my hair and made me lick my juices off of him. He removed his boxers and I got up to go do my job when he stopped me “this isn’t about me it’s about you tonight” he layed me on my back teasing me tracing circles with his hard on by my entrance “fuck me” I begged and he listened, without any warning he plunged into me causing my back to involuntarily arch. “Fuck” he moaned as he quickened his pace, he leaned down pecking my lips. I removed my bra and he scanned my breasts, he took hold of one while slowing down his pace, after sometime he lifted me up placing my back along a wall. “I’m almost there” he said with a low raspy quick voice, I nodded my head as he entered me once again. Harder and harder he would go looking me straight in the eye to see how he was doing. I couldn’t describe the amount of pleasure I was getting if my life depended on it. I felt my back hit the wall and the silent room being filled with profanity, moans and skin slaps. He yanked my body off the wall placing his hands on my ass lifting me up and down his length fast as I moaned. His hair coming in his face blocking his eyes as he moaned and kissed my neck “I’m gonna cum” I moaned bouncing “together” he said yanking my hair. He took three final thrusts and on the final one my nails pierced his skin as I moaned slight profanities, his hands gripping my ass as he let out a manly moan while releasing inside me. He carried me still on his length and placed me on the bed,I climbed under the blankets as he layed across from me doing the same. We regained our breathing, I layed there thinking about the actions that just took place as he took my hand playing with our nails before saying something “ didn’t know you had that in you lil mama” “theres a lot you don’t know about me” I chuckled “can I be the only one to find out?” He asked “is this you asking me out? Because if so then yes” I said cuddling in his chest, he kissed my forehead and eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Dave Lizewski Imagine: Prom?

From the pink frilly posters around school and the excitement on all the popular girls’ faces, it was easy to tell prom was coming up. You had never been a dress kind of girl, much rather jeans and a hoodie and until the day you could go to prom in that, you would refuse to go.

Your friends Marty and Todd both agreed with you on this, Marty wouldn’t go because he would be away from his comics too long and Todd would only go if he could stare at the girls so you decided for him to stay at home with you. Dave however never said anything about going to prom other than “maybe I don’t know” which was weird because Dave always had an opinion on everything like this.

That was until tonight, at about 6pm, when Dave clambered through your window with two boxes in his hands. “Y/n,” he breathed. “Come to prom with me?” he questioned catching his breaths lightly before opening the top box to find the world most beautiful dress, Dave had known you long enough to know your size and had picked the most beautiful light pink dress. “Dave, I hate-“but he cut you off. “You hate prom I know, but I want to show you that it’s not all bad” he whispered putting down the other box and handing you the dress. Smiling at the dress you sighed as Dave gave you his best puppy dog look before whining and agreeing running into your bathroom to put on the beautiful dress before straightening your hair quickly and applying some mascara and lipstick. “What do you think?” you asked nervously as Dave’s face lit up when he saw you. “Y/n, you look amazing” he replied fixing his tie making you notice he had changed into a suit himself. “Oh and I have shoes too” he laughed reaching further into the box and pulling out a pair of white heels. Slipping them on you giggled before kissing his cheek.

“You look pretty handsome y’know” you chuckled making him blush. You had to sneak back out the window with him because the day your parents caught you in a dress is not a day you want to happen soon. Slowly you clambered down cautiously due to your heels before getting into Dave’s borrowed car and letting him drive to prom.

Let’s just say prom was perfect. All your initial thoughts of how bad it was going to be just slipped away and now all you could think was how much you wished it didn’t have to end. Dave drove back to your house and you both threw yourselves through the window, you could have sworn you used the window more than the door.  

Putting your shoes onto your bed you slowly walked over to Dave and hugged him loosely, “Thank you for tonight it was awesome” you whispered. “Anything for you y/n, anything”

A/n: If you are interested on advertising on my tumblr, message me through tumblr.  Obviously I’m not going to do it for free but I can’t accept money so I’d probably need something in return such as products or something I’m not sure.

PROMPT #67. “Of all the people I could’ve gotten stuck in an elevator with and it just had to be you.”

This had to be the worst case scenario. It was comical how things had played out. The day didn’t start off completely shitty. It was actually the opposite.

You had snagged a great parking spot at work. Your favorite coffee shop wasn’t crazy packed like usual. Your boss praised you in front of some of your colleagues for a great marketing strategy. The day was one of the least stressful you had in long time.

That was until you got to your apartment building and into the elevator.

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