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A quick bughead rant

About antis and the effect they have in regards to the show.
I’ve been watching reviews and breakdowns of ep 5 and even reading them online and there definitely some antis in there who flat out refuse to acknowledge anything to do with bughead which (imo) is wrong.

The bughead relationship (be it friendship or otherwise) is so important to the plot and the show for many reasons.

Jugheads character (in his own words) is a conscientious objector which I took to mean that if it doesn’t have to do directly with him he stays out of it. He doesn’t want to get in anyone’s way.

Hes a loner who just wants to be by himself until Betty asks him to join her in the blue and gold.

The only reason we have as much jughead in the show is because of Betty.

Almost every scene he is in has something to do with her.

We get to see his character open up and most of the time it’s because of Betty.

His only other conversations with friends were with Archie and those times they were just quick conversations that ended up with one of them walking away from the other. Their friendship still seems a little strained.

With Betty, jughead stays and has in depth conversations. They open up to eachother. They do things together. They make plans and he’s more candid around her as opposed to anyone else when he puts his walls back up.

Whether you ship the romantically or not you cannot deny the impact that Betty cooper has on jughead. And you have to give her credit for it.

ShipTag Shitposters and their Combatants

Every fandom has these bunch of daring,crazy people who love to meander through shiptags….I mean that’s aggravating territory right there,right? Many don’t even bother. Why? Why would they put themselves through that insanity you ask? Well, a variety of reasons have been documented. From wanting to find new shippers to welcome ; to not following hundreds of blogs so that they don’t have to see a certain gifset cross their dash a million times ; to the bashful admittance that their dash was dead, they were bored and there was no other option. Thats all these insane people consider before they trudge into deep waters notoriously called ShipTag.

Now,here depending on the fandom, we see a delightful* array of posts. From a hundred gifsets of THAT SCENE in different filters, to people squeeing over everything and nothing, to getting called stupid and delusional for shipping IT, to a you’re-forever-scrolling-through-it-fanfic ,to a gagging gif with the shipname tag, to this-should-be-in-a-gallery-fanart, to insanely believable manips, to people insisting why this ship is sooo wrong, to people explaining why that scene worked so well in the narrative, to people calling real people names over fictional people whose fate the fans have no control over, to those fluffy and deadly HC’s , TO that omnipresent “let’s just get along as a fandom” post that pops up at regular intervals.

Yeah. Let’s just call that : INTRO TO THE SHIPTAG to all you naïvetes who are wondering what on earth is she blathering about.

Onto the topic. Having identified myself as one of this inane crowd, I thought I’d try to put the shippers - who try to combat this ongoing endemic of shitposting in shiptags - into the below categories (I know mum I know, I can’t fit people into neat little boxes..but this is for fun. From what I’ve observed during my tenure in the fandoms. If you feel there’s an insight I’ve missed, feel free to add!)

We have

The Exasperated Veteran - who has been here forever, used the tags liberally forever, and is sick of the constant stream of uninstigated hate and doesn’t hesitate to call it out. Well versed with the oft-repeated phrases of the antis and not engaging for a blackhole-of-a-conversation with the hater, these shippers are the ones packing the awesome comebacks that they know the hater can’t twist to further their means.Or we have

The Peaceful Mediator - Some Veterans come in this category, though it’s not inclusive to them. People who point out that they have witnessed this exact same debate with different ships in multiple fandoms. Wise people who have achieved enlightenment who claim the hate is not really worth the energy. Or one of those naturally subdued, calm, kind, nirvana-like-in-the-face-of-aggravation, let’s resolve this by talking it out people(this sort I really admire) who manage to keep it peaceful but not letting the shitposters get away. Or we have


The Amateur Newbie - the one who is fresh and happy and naïve to the innate workings of the fandom and is appalled and confused that - ‘shipping can be negative too??’ Ends up diving into a passionate defense of their ship thereby gullibly engaging the hater and going on and on in circles ad nauseam ad infinitum stupidly falling for and answering selective incendiary phrases every ship has handy which is lost on the noob unfortunately. And then we have the

The Restrained Drifters - the silent shippers that drifts through the tags occassionally because they ‘know’ not everyone stays in their lane while shipping so why-face-unnecessary-negativity?-shipping-is-s'posed-to-be-fun and when they do visit the ravaged land;away from their Dash of Bliss, they control themselves from breaking into defense for their beloved ship and optimistically perseveres and scrolls past until they’ve had enough of it to give a few of them a piece of their mind.

We’ve talked in brief about The Defenders.

Now The Offender,

The Fanatic(aka The Toxic Underbelly) - every single fandom(no matter how good they seem) has these. There is always a bunch of people who relish in channelling their frustation with the show/writers/characters/plot progression/CurrentCanonPairing into ship hate thus giving a bad name to all the good ones. The ones who just couldn’t grasp why everyone isn’t seeing the stuff they do and are not shy about distributing their opinion. You know the type - the anon hate, the non-anon hate , the unasked reception of reasons and metas and clues and quotes as to why their ship is the RIGHT and claims very other ship is pointless and obviously the aforementioned shitposts.

Purpose of this post : I dunno

Personally I don’t get it. When we take out the trash, aren’t we considerate enough to package it in a bag or whatever so it doesn’t bother our neighbours. I’m not saying don’t take out the trash…you gotta take it out obviously, you shouldn’t have to keep it bottled up inside . We segregate it, separate recyclable stuff, recycle it, you see stuff you hate and wanna throw out, but we don’t just put a dirty nappy or used tissues out in the hall of the apartment complex, do we? We package it up, so that it doesn’t disgust/irritate anyone who comes across it, nor do we put it in a box people will be tempted to check out (like an unattended cake box or a carton of beer or whatever it is that tempts people). Okay I’m not sure how many followed that shitty(no pun intended) analogy. Anyway.

What I’m saying is I get people want to rant and curse on their own blogs (that IS what this platform is for) but is it too much to ask (apparently yes) to find an alternative name when wankposting? How hard is that? Yeah This is Tumblr; This is The Internet; after all it IS easier to be inconsiderate when under the protection of a faceless icon than a next door neighbour. But yeah for what its worth, I said my piece.
Anywho, I know this post will definitely end up as yet another Plea into The Void….but I hope it has amused a few :)

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I'm scared of summer. I have a bunch of scars that would be really visible while wearing shorts and tshirts and I don't think my parents know about my current sh. It usually gets pretty hot around here for at least a little while and I'm already so anxious about what to wear and what excuses I could use to wear long sleeves/pants. Help


hey hey, I struggled with sh last year and when i look back on it i feel very confused and scared because i cant remember that side of me that was so deeply depressed and sad inside and my heart goes out to you. really.  I wish I could do something to help more. I think the best thing is to is to try and not get too anxious about it, okay? there are options in summer. But before i say that I want to say, please let this be a reason (among MANY) to stop with the sh, please, okay? the sooner you quit this, it will get easier. i was stuck in it for a fair amount of time and struggled to let it go, but i did it. you can too. it will get better. please stop okay? i know its not easy. but please. as for hot weather, there are things like long thin shirts, long skirts which are made of thin flowy fabric and tyou can just say how you want to protect ur skin from the sun / you want to cover up / you like this look etc. . so those are options. also plasters perhaps can help. but best of all, quit this okay? its not worth it. you are coping with pain by giving more pain. its not productive, okay?? things can heal more by summer. you can do this. you are in my thoughts.xx 

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I fucking hate the word "coon", I absolutely loathe it. I am sick to death of seeing black people spit that word at other black people in order to dismiss them/silence them. Speaking as a black person myself, it upsets me to see so many African Americans putting down the rest of us like that because they can't handle the fact we don't buy into the whole "white people are evil and the reason for all our problems" rhetoric.

^^^ eh I’m still sick at reading that thing and I’ve read it at four PM and it’s 10.30 PM idek man I can’t even. anyway thanks for saying that is2g I can’t read that shit without wanting to scream at those ppl to check their bloody privilege tbh


Standing people is getting harder and harder everyday.
They annoy me. They are blind.
Its so hard to even hear their voices or see them.
Talking to them is exhausting and draining out.
I do not hate people
But i just hate being among them.
Especially my family
The put me at my worst so many times. They caused me so many breakdowns.
Yet, they never noticed anything, never helped.
I do not expect them to help me anymore
But why wont they just leave me alone, then? They only keep blaming me for isolating myself from them and acting like shit towards them. I know i am wrong
But i just cant do otherwise anymore.
I know they care. But they still keep being one of the main reasons why every single day is a struggle.
The only comfort i find is in the solitude.
I just want to be left all alone, without having to worry about anyone anymore so i can rest… please, why can’t i be alone?

Smh, i will delete this later.

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I wanted to make a comment about the he/she battle with mutsuki but I don't want to get attacked so I hope you don't mind me telling you my opinion. I always saw Mutsuki as someone who hated his female side because he felt it betrayed him and it's the reason why he was raped. He became male for it. Thus making me believe he's not good trans representation. Isn't Nico gender fluid tho. I believe they're good transgender representation in the story.

I agree with you. His female identity brought him many problems with men, so I think he relates his bad luck with them with his female side, so becoming a man would hide him from men like his father and Torso, but that didn’t actually work out well, because Torso kidnapped him anyways and that’s why Mutsuki said “in the end, my destiny is always stolen by men” or something like that, depending on the translation. I believe he used his male identity to find protection, and had a conflict with his female side because it will always put him in situations like this. If you notice, all of his sadistic and crazy actions are made in moments in where he mentions/acknowledges his feminity. To lie to Saiko, to stab Uta/Haise, I think he feels less guilty to feel more like a woman while doing this stuff because he’s not in good terms with his female side, but I don’t think Mutsuki feels like a man, wants to be a man by own natural desire or feels like he’s not a girl, that’s why I don’t think he’s a trans man. If he had to dress as a freaking pony to hide from men and seek his own protection, then he would. 

Like/reblog this post if you enjoyed Yuri on Ice for more reasons than just Victor and Yuuri’s relationship

I want to prove someone wrong.


Hi, hello, here are a bunch of my favorite tumblr dogs!!!

@6woofs, @cloudthesamoyed, @lambdalupi, @necrologos@huskyhuddle, @pixpup, @happygoriley, @buckybutts

I haven’t seen any post about it, and I really want to talk about it.

Viktor’s (finally !) mad.

It’s the very first time, in all 12 episodes, that we’ve seen him that way.
Though he had many reasons to get mad before (Yuuri making him wait all day for practice, Yurio being childish or even punching him in the back), he always responded with a (fake) smile to it. Chill. No big deal. He never seemed too worked out about it, he always seems to have the best self-control over himself.

And now, he’s mad. He’s even crying because he’s SO mad. I find it truly interesting.
And WHAT did finally upset him that much ?

The idea of not seeing Yuuri on the ice anymore. Not being able to coach him anymore. Having his s/o make that kind of decisions without even asking him about it ! Dismissing that part of their lives together without even talking to him about it.
And Yuuri, his beloved Yuuri, having the nerve to suggest that competing on the ice without him would be any good. Maybe that’s what upsets him the most. Especially if you consider the fact that they have been training together for their surprise duet on ice, and, most likely, Victor has been enjoying dancing on the ice with him, and sharing that part of their dreams together.

Oh, I wonder what really went on inside that beautiful head of his. That must’ve been quite the storm.

so today I messed around a bit with the SNES Mortal Kombat 2 beta rom

i’ve learned the following:

You can do fatalities whenever you want, in many situations they don’t even kill and are repeatable

fatalities cannot be dodged, also Scorpion turns into Sub-zero for some reason when he gets cut in half

the beta has no draw games, if the timer runs out with both players having equal HP then it just cuts back to the title screen. if you happened to be scrolling the screen at that moment, the momentum carries over to the title screen

fatalities can be interrupted, often freezing your opponent and leaving sprites stuck on the screen. grabbing your opponent in this frozen state damages YOU, not them

doing this during Reptile’s fatality lets you just walk off the damn screen. also, his head comes off

fatalities can even be interrupted by another fatality

lastly, baraka floats. he just fuckin’ floats y’all

in conclusion I give it an amazing/10, I don’t regret checking this out


Pairs and characters that almost made it in my big cartoon crossover but that, for a reason or another, I had to leave out xP

Originally I wanted to have Louise (Bob’s Burger) and Mabel (Gravity falls) talk cause they are dubbed by the same voice actress, same goes for Candy (Greavity Falls) and BMO (Adventure Time), 

Mabel would have been good with Star (Star VS the forces of evil) too cause, come on… they would love each other! 
Star would have been great with Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony Friendship is magic) too, after all her bestie is a pony… sort of xD
Instead Star ended up dancing with ice King (Adventure Time), which I still think was perfect xP Come on, let the poor Simon enjoy a dance with a princess 8′D
And Mabel ended up with Steven… and at first I wanted to have them fuse, modifying Stevonnie, but… oh well xP 

Steven (Steven Universe) and Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure time) would have been awesome too cause there litterally is a scene in Adventure Time where LSP yells ‘get your hands off me, Steven!’ XD

Diane (BoJack Horseman) meeting Daria (Daria) would have been perfect cause.. I can’t be the only one seeing a similarity XD

I didn’t think to add Butters before cause… well, when I started the video I hadn’t watched South Park yet, my two best friend introduced me to this show just a few months ago, when the video was basically already over xP

Also I desperately wanted to add Appa but… he was too bit and basically didn’t fit in the dance scene v.v

Well, if you wanna check out the original video with the pairs and characters that made it in the end… here’s the link!

What do you think? Are the scrapped parings better then the ones that made it? :P
Or would have you preferred some different character/pair? :)

Reasons to give Monsta X a listen in 2017
  • They make a different variety of music genres. So even if you don’t like hiphop and rap, they have so many songs that have beautiful music, vocals, soft raps.
  • Their MVs are aesthetically pleasing. Even their selfcam special MVs where you can see them goofing around are perfectly shot.
  • They have KILLER vocals!! Even the rappers can sing (listen to Pure Girl). I’m honestly not being biased here, but each member has a unique voice and could carry a whole song on their own (even though some of them have not been given their chance yet).
  • Their choreography is smooth, powerful and will leave an impression on you after you watch it.
  • JOOHEON AND I.M CAN SPIT FIRE!! They’re lyrics are wonderful and their voices are polar opposites. Again..variety of talents.. 
  • I was shocked by their personalities after I got to know them. Because on stage they are oozing charisma but in reality they are a bunch of dorks who just want to laugh and have fun. So even if you don’t like their music, you’re going to like them as people because they are genuinely nice, sweet and care about their fans and their friends (who are also from other groups like Got7 and Seventeen…etc)
  • They were the only groups who stayed till the end of MAMA 2015 to watch Big Bang receive their award and Psy’s closing performance and they were thanked for that and even took an adorable selfie together! (respect all around *clap clap*)
  • They are multitalented. Kihyun is a photographer and a cook, Wonho knows martial arts, Shownu is a swimmer (Wonho and Shownu are bodybuilders as well), Hyungwoon is a model, Minhyuk is also a photographer, has a photographic memory, he can draw and is working to be an MC, Jooheon is a composer and I.M is a cultured smarty pants (seriously he is smart)
  • Again..vocals
  • Visuals!! Every single one of them is a visual I mean just look at them!!
  • Last but not least, give them a chance. Check out their Showtime episodes and listen to their songs and maybe you’ll like them. They are loveable and talented enough to have everyone’s support if just they were given the chance.

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5 reasons why maggie sawyer deserves the world

how is maggie sawyer such a good human being??? i mean
1. ‘i didnt want to scare you’ - the fact that she never, not once, said anything about her experience because there’s nothing good about it, just pain, and that’s the last thing she wants alex to feel so she hid how she really was outed so alex won’t be afraid to come out and think this is not okay

‘this is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone’ - THIS. NOW READ THIS KNOWING MAGGIE’S ACTUAL EXPERIENCE

‘you did? how did she take it?’ - she was just so happy about alex coming out to her mom & being accepted for who she was, even if it reminded her that this is the kind of love and support she never had

 ‘its not for me to say’ - with jonn saying those words, maggie’s horrible memories of how she never got the chance to come out by herself probably resurfaced

maggie sawyer is so tough, protective and caring, but there are wounds that cleary didn’t heal and probaby never will (which is normal when youre kicked out of your own house at 14) but she faced them and despite all the shit she’s been through she’s finally happy with the woman she loves and this is the biggest revenge on life she could’ve asked for

attention british wlw!!

i’ve found it can be pretty hard meeting people from the uk on tumblr because so many people are american

it’s especially hard for wlw who want to meet other wlw close to them either for romantic reasons or platonic reasons

i’ve made a blog called the @gay-britain-project specifically for wlw in the uk/republic of ireland to make it easier to make more friends in the lgbt community and maybe find a girlfriend!! (naturally it’s trans inclusive and terf exclusive)

i’d really appreciate it if people could reblog this -regardless of whether you’re uk based- to get the word around!! thank u so much for reading and thank u to anyone who reblogs, i really hope this will be of use to at least some of you!!

Cleaned up some sketches of Rein and his pup, Archie! During his free time, he would take her out on walks, but since she’s so spoiled (Rein gave her a tiara to wear omg), she ends up being carried in his arms instead.

Alright I’ve already seen criticism that Percy has not been cast as a twelve-year-old and I’m going to list two good reasons why he’s not:

1) Child Labor Laws. For the musical Matilda they had to cast four girls to play one role so that they didn’t overwork them. They could do that here, except you have many, many twelve-year-olds to cast. Quadruple that amount, at least for the leads, and thats a lot of extra money to pay. It’s easier to just hire a few adult actors.

2) They would have to cast a girl to play Percy, or at least not a cis boy. Because twelve-year-old cis boys are just at the beginning of puberty, and you know what happens then? Their voices drop. Often, overnight. Imagine if the kid’s voice droppedjn the middle if a preformance? You know how hard it is to sing when your voice ISN’T on the fritz because of hormones? Cause I do.

It is so much easier to hire an adult, especially for a live musical. Movies, you can get around stuff like that, because it'a not filmed in order. You can film with your child actors up to the limit each day and make a movie in a decent amount of time, movies have no excuse. Live musicals are harder to make, they have to preform EVERY NIGHT. Usually MULTIPLE TIMES. Give them credit for the work they’ve done so far!

Peter Maximoff and Kurt Wagner: Why They’d be CUTE AS HELL Together

Ok, ok, I realize it’s a rarepair.  But hear me out.

  • Kurt’s teleportation is a really good counter to Peter’s speed.  Like, Peter can go as fast as he wants but Kurt’s just gonna be gone before he gets there.  They would have epic games of tag.  New students would watch in slightly concerned awe, especially when Peter manages to grab Kurt’s tail just before he teleports to the roof.  Charles is impressed because Kurt’s teleporting reflexes have never been better and someone Peter is managing to go even faster???
  • Kurt’s first introduction to American music was some earsplitting metal that Scott was listening to while working on his motorcycle and having an Angstfest.  Peter reassures him that there is much better music out there and they spend a whole day just going through Peter’s collection of records and tapes.
  • They watch soccer together.  Kurt’s way more into it than Peter (Alles für Deutschland!  Alles für Deutschland!) but Peter enjoys rooting for the opposing and/or losing team just to bug Kurt.  They both shit all over England, much to Charles’ disappointment.
  • Peter, rebel that he is, goes up to Canada to steal contraband Kinder Eggs for Kurt because a) it’s Kurt’s favorite candy and b) it’s a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside how cool is that what asshole made these illegal in America.
  • Look they’d just be really cute ok.
  • Also
  • We could call the ship nightsilver
TFP: The Phone Call

After we watched the episode my husband and I had two entirely different take aways from that scene and I wanted to address them here. His interpretation was in short that he felt bad for Molly and thought the scene was humiliating for her. He did not think Sherlock loved her and was almost shocked that I did… until I explained my reasoning.

Opens with Eurus setting up the new “case”. Someone is going to die and ““It will be a tragedy, so many days unlived, so many words unsaid, ecetera, ecetera, ecetera”  IMO she was referring to Molly’s death leaving Sherlock with words unsaid. Remember this is Eurus. Her deduction needs to be complex, something all others miss, and devastating to Sherlock. I don’t think deducing that the lonely doctor is in unrequited love with Sherlock meets that criteria by a long shot. But to deduce that Sherlock loves her as well but hasn’t realized it yet DOES.

When he sees the coffin lid and the engraving, the victim becomes clear. Notice the change in his demeanor fom high energy rapid deduction to slow dread. He turned away from the lid, eyes closed in pain looking devastated. His mouth is agape and he breathes so heavily his chest rise is easily seen. His voice cracks on describing Molly as ‘alone’.

He starts the call thinking, like I think most did, that the point was to make him hurt her, seeming to manipulate her much in the way he used to tell her insincerely about her hair and lipstick. He tries to keep it straightforward, business like but rapidly flips between aloof and panicked, the first real crack appearing when she says she is not an experiment,

She says that she can’t say she loves him because it is true. This seems to subtly affect him and he appears touched in a sad way. He might have suspected it but for him to truly know is another thing entirely.

And then she requests HIM to say it first. Now, my husband saw it as a desperation, like a pathetic need to hear him say it as if she would take any morsels he threw her way. Uh, don’t worry, I disabused him of that shit.

They have a complicated past that started with manipulation and since they moved on from that Molly hasn’t gone back. She is repeatedly referred to by other characters as one of the few that can really “see” or “see through” Sherlock and is one of the only ones who can make him apologize. So from her perspective, if she is going to play this game, if she’s going to humiliate herself by saying it (and she knows she can’t say it without meaning it) then she needs to hear him say it first to put them on equal ground. He’s going to have to put his pound of flesh on the table first.

And this, my friends, is where he really starts to crumble. Why? Does he think Molly will believe it if he says it and the fact that he doesn’t will hurt her? As I stated above if she were a casual friend, her hurt would be worth her life and he could easily lie and say them (like he did with Janine). Also I don’t see how a reasonable woman like Molly would take this as an actual admission of love, not from Sherlock under such strange circumstances. See here my friends, much like Molly, HE CAN’T SAY THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE, even if he is just in this very moment realizing it.

He says it. Twice. The first feeling forced as if pried from his lips with his eyes closed. But the second comes out almost breathlessly, earnestly with a hint of wonder as he looks directly at her though she cannot see him. When she says it back, he collapses in relief and announces to Eurus he won.

But she is from the same mentality of ‘sentiment is a defect found on the losing side” and mocks all his “complicated little emotions” and tells him he did not save her as she was never in any danger from Eurus in the first place.

“What have you done to yourself?” she asks. He has allowed himself to admit he loves Molly and now there will be no going back. He realizes that Eurus knew it even before and set this all up to expose him, make his vulnerable and tear down the man he thinks of himself to be. He is stunned, walking to the coffin lid to confront this new aspect of himself, jaw clearly clenching before carrying it to the coffin where he set it down. The entire time his eyes are on the engraved words, reading them.

“I love you”.

Yes, he now knows. He does. 

He lets out a wry breath, a expression of his disbelieving acceptance and almost reverently slides his hand over top before

Absolutely. Losing. His. Shit.

And this is the one my husband could not refute and actually stopped mid sentence and said “You’re right.” (I also ran through all the significant moments between the two in all prior episodes as a reminder. Surprise, he forgot most of them.)

Sherlock destroys the coffin as he rebels against this thought. He doesn’t want to love. It only leads to pain… illustrated most recently by the agony he and Molly are now in.

It isn’t torture. Its vivisection.