i want this for my kids

I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.

Warner Brothers Developing Nightwing Movie With Batman Director
Warner Bros. is developing a Nightwing standalone film with LEGO Batman director Chris McKay.The [...]

Please let this happen. And let this not suck when it does.


To be honest, I thought you and Gil Dong looked sweet together. It would have been nice if you two were to get married and live happily together.

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we have a lot of deaf customers that frequent my store and i was wondering if there were any online "classes" or lessons i could take to learn ASL? i want to be able to communicate as effectively as i can with all my customers!

There may be some youtube videos that teach at least the basics. I got some DVDs for kids for my children growing up since it seems to be more effective for them to communicate while they learn how to speak or speak coherently. So I know there are products out there too. -Abby

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Hey! I don't know if you remember me but I'm the anon from a while back who said I was pregnant, well I gave birth to two lovely twin girls on the 16th of this month! They're very cute and i just wanted to share this with you... Also, I'm a trans parent, so to all the trans kids out there: it does get better and you can be whoever you want. Everything will work out.

Omg this is so precious… CONGRATS! Twins, oh my goodness… that’s so exciting. You’re going to be a wonderful parent!!

So on the last day of my senior year my graduating class decided to go out with a bang. We wanted to start a food fight. Word spread quickly through our cafeteria. All us seniors ditched our graduation gowns to keep them clean and also stored our books. They really should have seen it coming because most of us kept watching the clock. I don’t remember the time it was supposed to happen I just remember suddenly being hit behind my ear with a large glib of sour scream. It was unfortunately taco day. I threw a watermelon rind and dashed for the safety of the perimeter of our cafeteria, where most ran after the initial burst of activity. Only one kid remained in his seat, covered in lettuce and calmly eating his lunch. We applauded him. The staff working lunch visibly shook off their shock at what had just happened and ordered us to start cleaning up. I ducked into the bathroom to try to wash the sour cream out of my ear. I finally gave it up as a lost cause and went to the office to ask if I could go home quickly to clean up. The secretary, who had been my cheerleading coach and knew me well throughout my whole high school experience agreed because she knew I hadn’t been part of that mess. I grinned to myself the whole drive to my house. Then I had to explain to my parents why I was home and covered in food. The best part? Lunch was split up into three different groups. Group A had the first half hour, Group B, which was mostly seniors and therefore my lunch group had the next, then group C. They had to delay the group C lunch so the cafeteria could be cleaned. I didn’t even miss any class when I went home. So while others had to spend the rest of the day shedding cheese everywhere I had taken a shower. The graduating class after us wanted to do the same thing but that got stopped fast. We’re hella proud of our infamy still after all these years.

The future I wanted two years ago: Stay at home mom, happily married with seven kids, living in a large house in the country with a whole awful lot of land, five horses and three cats

The future I want now: Freelance artist and published authour with another job on the side, single, living in a small studio apartment in the city with my one cat, close to friends

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i worked on christmas eve and a woman told me she wanted "battlefield xbox one thing" exactly like that and so i go "the game or the prepackaged console" and she stares at me and so i go "do you want an xbox" and she stares a while longer and goes "i want the /white/ one" like im stupid and so i just got her the prepackaged xbox one with battlefield on it like smh lady be more clear

lol This just sounds like a mom way out of her league that has no idea what her kid wants exactly or what to call it exactly. My mom faced the same thing when we wanted the PS1, then the PS2. It sounds like she was just trying to do right by her kid(s) without ruining the surprise, but didn’t do enough research to know wtf to get. As long as she wasn’t bitchy about it I wouldn’t hold it against her. I think we’ll all be in her shoes at some point. Pretty sure that’s the point where your mid life crisis really gets triggered. *sweats profusely*  -Abby

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Is it if these anons never had to lie or deny something to protect themselves? Well because I already did, and when I don't want someone to invade my privacy I will attack and I will deny it as well. I believe everyone does it. They should be very frustrated by you and other blogs not easily give up on their beliefs and fight for them. Good job, girl, and we're stronger together, that's what they're afraid of.

THIS, a thousand times this.

I’m sure everyone can remember back to being a kid and lying to protect themselves when there was something they did that they didn’t want an adult to know about.

As adults, we’ve had to do it with work, with life and with children.  Abusive relationships, personal and professional bankruptcies, job loss, pregnancy, physical illness, mental illness and personal problems are all such common examples, even though I’ve had a bunch of anons saying that there’s never any situation where anyone would lie in protection.  Then, if that’s their opinion, they’ve had an easy life.  Because sometimes, there are things you really don’t want others to know about yourself and telling people to back off isn’t enough. It’s known as a “protective lie” in some professions.

I don’t plan to give up my stand on Gillovny and I know my friends aren’t, either. There are at least a dozen of us who aren’t going anywhere, and I think for certain people, we’re a dozen too many (and I’m sure there are more).  Because others can’t control us (you should see my messages that give it a try, though), that’s alarming to them.  Oh, well.

Thank you so much for this!!!  

Blue exorcist opening analysis

Since I watched the new opening of blue exorcist it got me right away. The feeling is so different of the first one, pointing out the twins relationship.

This is a cap of the first op:

Yukio is like  “I´m gonna help my demon bro” and is just centered in the conflict Rin has and his life in cram school:


This, for me, represents how Rin and Yukio look in the outside and what is really like in the inside of this characters:

-Rin, for the rest of the people looks like a bad sigal, because in this season his friends, the only friends he ever had discovered that he was Satan´s son. But really in the inside he is just a pure kid. He is kind, he wants to do the right thing, but thanks to his demon part he can´t achive that 100% of the times.

Maybe is the way he perceives himself, but what can´t he sees is how pure he is.

-Yukio, OMG this kid. For everyone he looks like a responsable, intelligent and calm person, he even don´t look and ack like a kid. He had to grow up very fast because he saw demons since he was  very young. He needed to learn how to be a good exorcist just to protect his brother. 

But in the inside of his soul he is a very dark person. Even he is a serious character, we have seen that he is not a kid anymore. He can see the dark side of this word and he has embraced pride and envy in his soul. He knows that that´s what is happening to him, he also realized that he was so obssesed with himself, and his true motivations was nothing but selfishness, he maybe is not even thinking anymore of protecting his brother´s life as a meta.

Shura said that people like Yukio were very dangerous, because you can´t know they true nature. I think the reader or the person how follows the anime, knows more less the mind set of Yukio, but it looks that is even worst than that.


This is just telling me that Yukio is the light for Rin to follow, the dream or meta. He admires his brother so much, even if sometimes Rin fights about ranges and knowledges, he always look up for Yukio in cram school.

Yukio, looks at Rin like the dark inside of him. He said that he hated Rin so much, but it was because he hates himself. He just represents all the choices that he made, his weakness, his fathers dead, everything on his shoulders as Rin.

They used the same dark/light patron here just to represent how the atmosphere feels between the two twins:

I concluded that this was in Rins perspective, because of this part. He looks at Yukio in the light, how he is a bigger person that him in so many aspects, and how he is a full human (well…). And he is just there, in the dark, looking at his brother and how they have to comfort with the life they are living.

(I leave the english traduction, because in matches so well).


That for sure, dont match with this:

Call it brother rivalry, but this has to much meaning (if you look the sequence). How Yukio looks Rin going foward with his own rules, while Yukio is jus behind him of power, meta, pure feelings and ever love (my poor yukio, when is gonna be fine :C )


First of all, I feel a need to talk about Merietta for you, guys, to understand this one. The girl has five younger siblings (but I couldn’t found one photo with five kids, so sorry), she likes to read and walk outdoors, so I sort of put those two things together. she is arromantic (Which I found super cool! So I wanted to put a flag, because the quote would not be enough), I know she likes animals (any animal) but since she has a parrot on her shoulder and I found this cute photo, I thought there would be no problems. Besides, since she loves animals and has a way with them, I figured this image would be cool, too. She likes gardening, cooking and how to take care of the house! 

I know very little about arromantics, but I did my research and I got really mad cuz there are so many romantic quotes! I could not find one to represent your girl! It was then that I remembered this passage of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince). I really hope you liked it! Here you go @the-word-of-the-month-is-sin!

I could still remember the day we met. We were strangers. We were kids. We were free and we think nothing but ourselves. I could still remember your smile, your laugh, a kind of happiness I don’t want to end. We hold each other’s hand while dozing off the sunset, watching the stars shine at night. We grew together, but drifted apart as teenagers both with a broken heart. I hate when you stare at me differently, but I hate it more when you stare at someone else’s eye. It takes time for me to realize, how much I need you. That I already fell for you. But now, all I can do is cherish, here in my heart, our childhood memories.
—  childhood blues // Jin

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Hey D. It's been a while. I'm the college kid who has two God kids getting ready to be pushed on her. My God daughter is now in seventh grade, but she's being severely bullied and wants me to do something about it. I know me stepping in may make things worse for her, and I want her to stand up for herself without causing the bullying to get worse but shes a bit of a crybaby I don't have any good advice for her. Ignoring them isn't her really in her nature. She's sensitive but sassy. Any Advice?

Anyone who had ever been bullied knows that ignoring them does absolutely nothing. Telling an adult only makes it worse. 

She needs to be around friends who will support her and help stick up for her. She’s stronger in a group and if she can avoid being alone around her bullies, that’s preferable.

If she can learn to stick up for herself in a way that humiliates the bullies, that’s what you want to go for. Humiliation is about the only thing that bullies back down to. Once they aren’t powerful anymore they back off. 

I know that many times when people are very angry they cry. Unfortunately that is seen as weakness and the bullies will try to make her cry so that they gain the power. What she needs is confidence and control, and support. 

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so basically a high school au where felix and jack are both in theater and jack does sound for the shows and is usually in the shadows and stuff but wishes he could be with the cool theater kids and fe usually gets the lead male role and is like, the directors fav but then musical comes up and jack is like this is my moment so he tries out and gets the lead and fe is like who is this shit and they get into this rivalry which turns into flirt fighting reAL fast


Y'know those Facebook Memories?

You use them to look at good times with friends and eliminate yourself from 2010-2011?

Well, today a quote came up. It was a quote from the Princess Diaries, and was a quote that I suggested to myself would be an excellent quote for myself as a teacher. Something to live up to. It goes:

“But then I thought, if I cared about the other seven billion out there, instead of just me, that’s probably a better use of my time.”

I kid you not, I cried reading that. Thinking to myself how far I had gotten from the quote. There were times I never thought of others, and put myself first. It really opened my eyes to make me want to better myself so I can help others.

As an educator, my primary role in life is to help students attain greatness.