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  • *a few months later*
  • Sabine: Hey Kallus, guess what?
  • Kallus: You...graffiti'd some of Thrawn's art collection during the raid?
  • Sabine: Yeah, no, you told me how he analyzes my stuff. We found your bo-rifle!
  • Kallus: Well, Thrawn technically did beat me in combat...I wasn't using it at the time, but...*glances at Zeb*
  • Zeb: As the actual Lasan Honor Guard here, take your darn weapon, Kal.
  • Kallus: All right then. Just checking.
  • Ezra: We found it in Pryce's office anyway.
  • Kallus: Huh. Well given she couldn't even have me thrown out an airlock properly, we can safely say she is not a superior combatant. My conscience is appeased.
Klaroline reviews/ fic recommendations

Alrighty! First of all, I wanna appreciate amazing person @supremeuppityone for introducing this wonderful idea! Second, I have a bad habit of doing things in bulk. Haha.

Not going to touch the people who started writing fics long back, the legends in this KC fandom (frankly speaking, I don’t have the nerve to) lol, and they are the best!

On with the collection I have in mind (not following any order):  

You went under my skin and didn’t want to get out by @purestheartslove: I tried to get over the fact it was going to be one-shot, but hey, it’s not bad to hope she’ll write more. Wolf!Caroline is my favourite and you’ll see slightly dark side of her. No cruel side, but the girl has the gut to object anyone if she feels so. I fell in love with her, just like Klaus. And oh, let’s not forget it comes under Mates trope!

Stuck With You by questionableatbest: Set in AU/AH. Goes around Christmas eve. In this three part story, Caroline works at Elijah’s place and plans to leave when she got stuck in an elevator with none other than Klaus Mikaelson. They share stories and Caroline begins to feel comfortable around him. So they’ll give it a shot. It’s fluff, it’s fun to read.

Above all else by @3tinkgemini : Starting at Season 4, lightly canon in the beginning. Caroline comes back from her trip away from Mystic Falls and finds that her friend, Kol, is dead. A conversation strikes between Klaroline and Ta-Da! Relationship starts. If you think it’s about Klaroline  romance, please don’t. Story takes a good twist when the truth about Caroline comes to life. I love Abby for bringing my bae Kol Mikaelson back to life!! Like seriously. Kol was killed off, I began to loathe this show in the first place.

The Call of the Defiled by @supremeuppityone: People under age don’t read this, you’ve been warned. But I will read it, shamelessly. As many times possible. Lol, I’ve literally lost the count. This established Klaroline two part story contains inter-species sex and I loved reading every line of it. It’s different from what I have read  till then and definitely stood as an encouragement for me to write something similar. I love Julie for this!

Reliving Memories by ivy4299: Alrighty! Time for some angst. In this one-shot, Caroline was cursed by the time we start reading it. She had to relive every single painful memory and that’s pretty emotional to read. She’s brought to the Mikaelsons’ place while the MF gang hunts for some cure. It goes in Elijah’s point of view and he’s literally surprised to see the different side of Klaus. *Oh, we saw that in season 3 Elijah*

Sweetest Devotion by @hellzz-on-earth: Another angst drabble and character death! I’m not happy to say that Caroline’s shot with werewolf’s venom and doesn’t even get a chance to see Klaus. But as her last wish she’ll speak to him on phone and let him know all those words she kept locked from Klaus. *Oh, my emotions!* It will end with Klaus taking an oath to destroy the person that killed his last love.  

Young and Beautiful by Sweet Little Darling: Wolf!Caroline. Captured as a baby Caroline believes that the Mikaelsons are her only family. But Katherine will bring the truth out - Klaus killed her family. This will damage Klaroline’s relationship, but how Klaus made up to her is the rest of story. Family, drama, angst and romance are the elements this story is having.

A Dangerous Dalliance and Miss Trash-chute and Her Wingman by @recklessnesspersonified: Both are set in AH/AU. The first one starts with good threesome steamy content. Caroline is in love with Tyler who likes to experiment one night. Here comes sexy Klaus who will get her attention from the very first moment. But damn! She will get engaged to Tyler. Drama lovers - I recommend you to go for this. Coming to the second multi chapter story - Klaus is Caroline’s new neighbor and needs her help so badly. So they both will have an agreement. My OTP will be throwing insults on each other, tease each other and I’ve been enjoying this. Let’s not forget the tension revolves around them. It is a light and fun read.  

What If by immortalgod: I love me some dark stuff as well. This multi chapter fiction features Dark!Klaus. Sadistic and so, so vicious I’m telling you. Throughout the story he keeps pushing buttons. Not Caroline’s but mine, lol. There is attraction, hatred at the same time. One second he says and do mean things to Caroline and the next second he likes to be around her. I bet he suffers from Borderline personality disorder, lol. Klaus pretty much seems to be in-character and that’s all I can say.

His by CookieDuo: Set in AH/AU. Contains dark content. This is the collection of drabbles in which Klaus and Caroline will stick together no matter what. Angst, drama - everything is coated with darkness. I like it.

And let me do the specific mentions:

If you love to read drabbles with no kids drama then @ashleigh-jewitt-xx drabble collection is your pick!

@misssophiachase always leaves me to swim in a bunch of emotions! I hate you Cristy!

@gooddame teases you with some good micro-drabbles. So, don’t follow her!

@dontbeallupinmyfriesdawg will focus on so many lovely pairs along with Klaroline. I love that.

And I know out there, good number of newcomers are doing their best. Unfortunately I couldn’t able to cover you all, I’m sorry and hearty welcome into the family! I guess that’s it

Thank you ♡♡♡

- Lakshmi


Hey Beautiful Pork Cutlet Bowls!
My new video is live! I’m so excited about these pigments from Shiro Cosmetics that are all Yuri on Ice themed! OMG!🕺🏻⛸❤
Please share and subscribe and let me know any other collections or makeup you want me to test! Thank you so much 🙏🏻


It was great watching Roxie turn into a child again. I mean, I act like a three year old most of the time if I’m completely honest with you, my doll friend, but she’s always been more serious and collected.

Playing with Corey though…I don’t think I’ve seen her laugh and smile like that since we first kissed, and her eyes sparkled and she looked so content with life that I wanted to kiss her again right away. I ended up saving that for later, though. Wasn’t sure what the workers would say!

Would you look at what I just wrote, Button! Roxie truly brings out the poet in me. How glad I am it’s just you who reads this, old pal!

Finally got my hands on this book. I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to read this for almost 20 years. Like Tortured Souls, Infernal Parade was originally an action figure series that Clive Barker did with Todd McFarlane. Like Tortured Souls, each figure came with a chapter of a novella and if you collected them all, you got a whole little Clive Barker book. 

And now it’s finally collected on its own for the first time in a nice little illustrated hardcover. 

I always loved the look of the figures and I’ve always loved carnival horror, so I’ve always been dying to read the Barker version of that. 

anonymous asked:

hey jamie! i'm planning to cosplay rock lee for the next con and i was wondering where you got your jumpsuit, it's really nice! sorry to bother you :0

Mine is just from Amazon! I looked up long green bodysuit, and found it that way. Also, please send pics when it’s done. I want a collection of Lee cosplayers in my submit box 💖

Lmao my pitifully small collection bc my childhood movies were sold! I used to have empire records and every season of buffy and the sopranos for example. these were all under $5 food lion finds from the last year RIP

5 things tag

I was tagged by @sweetsouthernvalove (Thanks Sara, I love making lists)

5 things you’ll find in my bag: 

The only bag I have are the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1) A giant map with pins in all the places I have visited.

2) My Uni degree and MLT licensing certificate.

3) The very first stuffed animal I was given the day I was born (a dog named Barkley).

4) My guitar that I never play.

5) A globe.

5 things I want to do with my life

1) Travel to 100 different countries.

2) Love the people in my life well.

3) Have an epic vinyl collection, like a full room of wall to wall vinyl.

4) Continue to become a better lab technologist.

5) Own a log cabin in the woods with a couple dogs.

5 things I am into right now

1) Shawarma- I discovered this shawarma place across the street from me and it takes all my self control to not have it for dinner every single night right now

2) Cadbury Creme Eggs cuz its Easter

3) Peru because I go in a couple months and I have just been researching it a lot

4) The new Elevation worship album

5) Crossword puzzles. For the last couple months I have gotten back into doing a crossword puzzle everyday.

5 things you might not know about me

1) I really love puzzles. A really good night for me would be sitting at home, drinking tea and doing a jigsaw puzzle.

2) I have the coolest coworkers. One of my coworkers owns the only 2 jaglions (one parent is a lion, one is a jaguar) and she is going to have me over to help feed them in the spring. I also have a coworker who is also a beekeeper and she is going to let me help harvest the honey.

3) I am half-Scottish (my mom was born in Scotland)

4) I just have one sibling (a younger brother)

5) Umm any of these 10 facts about me that I have used before because I can’t think of a 5th one.

Im not going to tag anyone but do this if yah want!!1

WANNA SWAP MAIL? I do too! :O I collect postcards from abroad so if you live outside of the united states then continue reading 

My name is Hannah! I live in the states (save me pls) and I am eighteen years old! Its scary I’m considered a legal adult ^^; 

I am very sunshiney kind of person. I’m into voltron, SU, pokemon, The Aesthetic TM, art (I am going to be an art major!!), cosplay, hp (I’m a hufflepuff!), xfiles, playing the piano, crafting, giving gifts, snail mail, yup, I also speak some spanish!

My only tumblr I had is a personal tumblr but here: https://officialhannahdahuman.tumblr.com/

Please have a good day 🌷

[Tagged]  WHO’S YOUR BIAS?

 Pick a band, tell me your bias and post your fave pic! I’m just curious. :P

Tagged by @amazing-rin​ , thank you 😊

Band : Highlight (ex Beast/B2st)

My ultimate Bias : Lee Kikwang

Well I tbh can’t choose just one pic so ill post a few hehe.

This is just a small glimpse from my collection  😂😂😂

Im tagging @busrayang​, @b-baekhyvn​, @highlight1219​, @lovebeast​ and @halloweenpumkin

You don’t have to do this if you don’t want too, anyone else who wants to join feel free. 💕

Tag game

I was tagged by the amazing @lipstickandwhiskey Thanks for tagging me, Lips. <3 

Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better

How old are you?

19 going on 20.

What are you talented at?

Good question. Making others smile, I guess (is that a talent? I hope so.) 

What’s a big goal you’re working towards (or have already achieved)?

Well, getting into college and studying what I love is definitely a goal I’m happy I have achieved. I guess now I want to finish college with good grades (hopefully) , get a scholarship for a PhD (even though that’s very unlikely) and take better care of myself? I suck at that tbh.  

What’s your aesthetic?

I’m not sure my response to this is correct but: white sundress, orange fedora hat (yes, really), sunshine, a cup of good coffee and sunflowers. And Dean Winchester if possible because why not?

Do you collect anything?

Do books count? I also have a box where I keep stuff that’s important to me like childhood photos, little things people I love have given to me etc. That’s all, I think.

What’s a topic you always talk about?

Supernatural, university, my family, books and music.

What’s a pet peeve of yours?

People that are rude to others. We’re all human beings. 

Good advice to give?

Take care of yourself, follow your heart, treat others the way you want to be treated.

What are three songs you’d recommend?

  1. Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton  (I don’t know how I lived without this song for so long)
  2. One by Ed Sheeran (Okay, so picking only one Sheeran song literally killed me but this is one of my favorites)
  3. Save Yourself by Kaleo (This is Jensen’s and Jared’s fault y’all)

Bonus: Someday Maybe by Michael Buble and Meghan Trainor because it’s Michael Buble I love jazz and I love him. 

I’m tagging: @ravengirl94 @imagining-supernatural @impala-dreamer @winchestersnco @jpadjackles @percywinchester27 @fandommaniacx @tiny-friggin-human @spnsimpleman 

Because I realized I didn’t have any pictures of my whole collection, here.

Now I know most people would stop here but I want to talk about my deads more so too bad

First up are the three amigos; whit.etai.l dee.r antlers. The shed ones were found in the woods, the ones with the skulls still attached were sort of hand-me-downs from my granparents to my dad to me. By that I mean I found them in the garage and my dad said I could keep them.

A pair of black bea.r front paws that were given to me by my gramps. The be.ar’s name is Oscar and the rest of him is at Gramps’ house. The gray f.ox tails were both from Texas, and the top on Gramps hunted. The other one was bought for me from my dad.

The two that are currently “in process”, Peaches the ca.t skull-in the jar-and Tucker the chipm.unk in the bright orange box. 

Peaches is my stinky little baby, and she was found in the woods behind the school my brother Max used to go to about 8 or 9 years ago and then sat on Max’s dresser looking cool for about 3 years. After I got into Vulture Culture I decided to clean the last bits of mummified flesh stuck to her and HOO BOY it has been a Journey. She was named Peaches because she’s macerating in a peach jar.

Tucker isn’t as exciting: our fat cat caught him either late September or early October and he’s been in the duck-taped shut box ever since. The original plan was to have his skin AND his skull but at this point I’m probably only going to get his skull. He got the name Tucker because of… Reasons.

Onto my Biggest Boy, John Snowbutt. He’s a white colored fallo.w d.eer, and his skin is the thing everything else has been sitting on. He was brought down by my Gramps on Dec. 27 2015 and his skull and skin were given to me as a gift. We also got venison from him, I think stew meat, steaks, and a few other things I don’t remember. His name is John Snowbutt because he’s all white and he kept turning his butt to Gramps on the hunt and now I get to make ‘Deer John’ jokes. I usually just call him Snowbutt.

Glamour shot of Snowbutt because this one looked really cool

Guys, please send me your favorite pitcures of the most terrible outfits the DEG members have ever worn. There are some hideous ones in this post already, but I want to collect more of them and put them in one big photoset! :> Here’s my submit box (or just reblog this post with your pictures in it or send them to me via message)!

I have bought 7 dolls in 8 months and am already thinking of the 8th. I used to secretly, just very slighty judge people who spend so much and keep buying one after the other, but now I can see how easily it happens. It’s because I recently started working again and was able to get my own place, so I dont have anything stopping me. Its also because a bunch of limiteds I ‘had’ to have all came out with less than ideal timing relative to eachother. There’s non-limited dolls I want to but they’ve all been postponed since its ok to not get them right away whereas these limiteds are only going to get harder and pricier to get, which means I have to grab them immediately. I’m sure people here are familiar with this issue. Now, bills etc always come first, and individually, I love all these dolls and I couldnt tell you which I like the best, so at least I know I’m not blindly flinging money around on impulse buys. But when I see them all together, I start to panic as I see the space they take up, and then I start to calculate in my head how much money I have spent on them. Its so much money, and it happened so quickly. I want to enjoy them, but I just feel this sense of shame at my lack of restraint, especially when I think about what others might think, such as my family. But there’s still more that I want, at least 5. I want to believe I’d finally be satisfied and stop when I have them all but Im terrified that I wont be and this will just keep going. I’m so scared this addiction could spiral out of control (even more than it already has) and then I’ll never be able to properly save money. And yet, I could never part with these guys because I love them too much. I dont know what to do :c


santorumsoakedpikachu があなたの投稿に返信しました “I love being lied about and distorted. it’s great! im being sarcastic…”

When I was your age, I was pretty much completely controlled by my “friend” who was basically experimenting on me.
I felt lucky that she would pay attention to me at all.
She didn’t like rumpelstiltskinix, so I stopped talking to them. I ended up spending 4 years without the love of my life that we could have had together because of my “friend”’s disapproval.
The power of toxic friends should not be diminished.

that is so terrible! im glad that person is out of your life now

and yeah when someone forces you to stop associating with anyone they dont personally like for whatever reason, that’s a bad sign, especially if they tell lies and distortions about the person being worse than they actually are to justify it (which aves does habitually)

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names