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Saudi authorities just foiled a severe terrorist attack aimed at the holiest sight of the Islamic faith, Mecca. Don’t you ever try to tell me that these groups represent my faith when they wanted to maim, burn, and kill my brothers and sisters in Ramadhan (Islam’s holiest month) while they were literally worshipping God. I won’t accept it anymore, nor will I adhere to your ignorance and try to explain true Islam and our collective peaceful stance as Muslims; access to Google is free. Make use of it.
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل، اللهم اجعل هذا البلد آمناً.

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I can't eat. I haven't eaten in over 30 hours, I've barely eaten 2000 calories collectively in the past week. I'm not hungry and I don't want to be hungry and the last thing I want to do is eat. I don't have a strong support system right now and I have no access to mental health care due to circumstances out of my control. I've had this stupid eating disorder for 7 years and I just want to be free but it wants to kill me. Please pray for me.

I’ll pray right now for you okay anon? I know there are some good recourses that someone will post! I would post now but I’m at work. I’m still praying and I’ll offer up my work day for you okay?

Cute Boots & Amazing Customer Service

Generally I’m submitting stories about shitty customers. But today I just want to say thank you to the amazing woman at the shoe store where I bought a pair of boots yesterday.
Unfortunately neither of us had noticed the faulty zipper on the left boot (I noticed it when I got home & went to unwrap the boots & throw out the trash).
When I returned the boots, they didn’t have any in my size & she was so nice about finding a pair in one of the city stores that I would be able to go collect when I’m there later this week 😁😁😁

On another note: why are size 8 boots so popular??? 😅

TGIF! 😁🎉 Now that I’m in chill-mode after my first day at Roma Cartoon Festival, 😎 I wanted to show you this cutie I finished before I left for Rome! 😘 I call him “Professor Love”, and he’s got a prescription for all the best dreams!😌🌠 I’m bringing this petite painting to San Diego Comic Con as part of my Surreal Safari collection, so if you’re coming to the show, you’ll get a chance to see him in person! 😄For now I’m off to dream of cuddly pandas 🐼💗and what waits at the end of the next rainbow. 💖🌈💖Night night!🌙🌟


More scenes from the Grasslands! 

I really do want to be better about writing in this space. Our schedule right now is tricky cause I wake up at 3:30 am and don’t get home till 5-6 pm. Then we have to organize gear, clean, cook, and go to bed by 9. But I’m trying to post more on days when I get back at 3 pm and aren’t as long. 

Other things that currently need improving in my life: eating and exercise. Haha nothing new there!

The food one is a little tricky because I think it’s mostly due to eating dinners as a collective group. I’m living in a field house that’s at least an hour away from a grocery store and there’s 7-10 of us at any given point. We have a stipend for groceries that we all share which is great but does mean that spending is limited. Basically it just means that I’m not really in control of my diet right now. Which I don’t mean as an excuse, it’s just a fact because we kind of all have to eat together. I’ve been tracking my food again this week and I’ve pinpointed dinners and extra snacking as the main culprits. The snacking was extra bad last week cause my period was unusually horrible and my cravings were insanely out of control. I’ve been better about it since and it’s definitely the part that I can fix the easiest. Dinners not so much. We’ve been cooking a lot of pasta, stir fries, tacos, curries, burgers, etc. Not necessarily unhealthy foods but more carb/creamy sauce heavy that I know my body likes. I’m trying to eat smaller portions because I don’t really have a choice of not eating it since there’s nothing else to eat lol. 

As for exercise, you’d think it wouldn’t be a problem doing field work. Or so I thought considering my two previous field summers were in the mountains and we were hiking quite intensely every day. We work long days, we work hard, but it’s not physically strenuous. It’s a lot of sitting and watching and processing animals and doing visual surveys. There’s the occasional longer “hike” (4-5K which isn’t long at all lol), but that’s it. (I struggle to call it hiking when there’s no elevation gain but that’s probably just the pretentious mountain dweller in me) It’s funny how some here seem to think the “hikes” are crazy long…different strokes I guess. Anyway, it’s just hard to fit anything else in when working 12-14 hour days because regardless of physical activity, you’re always tired after that and there’s always more office and home work to be done. The one down side to living in a field house is that it sometimes feels like you can never leave work. I’ve only gone on 2 runs in the month I’ve been here haha whoops. But on the second one I actually sound a good dirt road to run down since people stare at you if you run around or too close to town. So I need to start by getting 1-2 runs in per week. I also want to do 1-2 day of some other quick 30min circuit bodyweight stuff. Sunday is a day off so I promise, I will run. 

It’s really weird feeling so flabby and not athletic or motivated to exercise during a field season. I need to fix because I’m going on some big hikes when I go out to the coast to visit my boyfriend in August (yay!!). Plus we decided we’re going to sign up for a 10K race in October once I’m back. And I’m trying to plan a little backpacking trip with my Dad during my time off in August. All of those activities that I’m looking forward to will be more enjoyable the more I move my body and exercise some better judgment around food. Ahhhhh the eternal struggles of my life eh

Work in general is really good though! I am still very much enjoying the days we’re working and the people I’m with. We have one more round of mark-recapture and visual counts (for the spring, there’s more rounds coming in the fall) and then we’ll be switching more to burrow counts and habitat quality mapping/assessment in a few weeks. I’m gonna miss handling the little prairie dogs but I’m sure it’ll be nice to have a bit more normal hours. 

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Oh my GOD how have I not seen your art in my feed ever???!?? It's maximum cute and squishy and I just want like all your art characters made into pillows and sit happily in the center of a huge pile of them (ෆ´꒳`ෆ)✨♥️💕♥️✨

😭😭😭 THIS IS SO CUTE!! Thank you so much for your sweet words! PILLOW FORT! (I really want to make plushies someday?! I collect plushies and having one based on something you drew would be a dream!)

10 Songs You’re Vibing To and 10 Facts

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  • Fast Car by Jonas Blue
  • I’m The One by DJ Khaled
  • Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara
  • Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld 
  • Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt
  • By Your Side by The 1975
  • Redbone by Childish Gambino
  • 2U by David Guetta
  • Slide by Calvin Harris
  • Location by Khalid


  • I have three kittens (we got them a week ago)
  • I wear glasses 
  • I don’t drink alcohol
  • I’m obsessed with graphic t-shirts (as you’ve seen on here)
  • I’m 5 feet tall
  • My right foot is significantly smaller than my left foot (My family calls it my ‘Nemo’ foot)
  • I like to cook (I didn’t used to but I’m learning)
  • I’m kind of a germaphobe with a little OCD sprinkled on
  • I love collecting movie memorabilia (really anything to do with movies) 
  • I’m 27 years old

Tagging anyone who wants to do it

I Need You: Chapter Seven

A/N: this chapter is a little SHORT sorry. I hope you guys enjoy reading this chapter. I tried my best so I hope you guys like it.

“I know you don’t want me here but I came here to apologise for all the problems and pain I caused you and I hope one day you can forgive me.” He begged she can see in his eyes her truly meant it but she wasn’t having any of it.

“I will never fucking forgive you because not only did you single handedly ruin my relationship with my only sister and the only family I had left and your sorry ass didn’t even have the balls to tell her that you cheater but no what did you do you blamed it on me.” She yelled at him once again and just as she was about to raise her hand to hit him Luke grabbed her hand stopping her.

“Y/N, go to your room.” He exclaimed as he was still holding her hand.

“No.” She said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

She let out a squeal as she shocked by what Luke did and began hitting his back as she continued to be over his shoulder. Before leaving the room with Y/N over his shoulder he told him to stay where was. Opening his bedroom door he sat her down on the bed and as soon as she tried to get up Luke moved in front of her blocking her way.

“Sit down and stay here while I go talk to him.” He demanded before leaving the room and closing the door.

But before she could say anything he left his room. Minutes later he came back into his room multiple times he tried to get her attention but she ignored him. “Y/N, why are you ignoring me?” He asked as he sat down next to her. But she huffed and turned away from him.

He decided to do something she hated but then again she secretly loved and began moving his fingers up and down the sides of her stomach which caused her to squeal and laughing and he continued doing it until she talked to him. “Okay, I give up. I’m sorry.” She retorted breathing heavily.

“It’s okay.” He mummered as he kissed her on the lips.

“Luke?” She called.

“Yes.” Luke had answered.

“What did he say when you talked to him?” She asked as she ran her fingers through his short curls.

“He told me that he’s sorry multiple times and that you’re right and he won’t bother you anymore.” Luke told her as he held her in his arms.

Even though she no longer has her sister who was her only she had family left, she has her friends, and Luke but she still feels alone and scared. She’s still afraid but she has Luke to protect her and it wasn’t her sister she was afraid of. She’s afraid of being alone but maybe she’ll turn out okay she has a boyfriend who cares about her and maybe that’s all she needs. Kissing her boyfriends chest she fell asleep listening to his heart beat. The lit candle on the night stand being the only light in his bedroom which shone on their bodies as they slept.

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Idk if this is what you want for headcanons, but - I hc that Hanzo has a praise kink and gets wrecked when Jesse gives them to him.

OOOooooooh my… YES. This is the good shit <3 I can see it for sure and am going to tuck it away for a oneshot in the fear future!

I love all the HC’s you all have been sending me! I’m collecting them and going to sit down soon and see how much for each one I can write in a limited time. Probably 30 minutes. 


five things as tagged by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh 

Kristen coming in with the save, stopping me from beating my head over the keyboard this afternoon.

1. An 18-month planner, because that’s just who I have become as a person over the last 18 months
2. Captain Swan notebook for ideas or lists that need made
3. At least three highlighters
4. Portable phone charger, especially now that my car doesn’t have sound anymore and I play music from my tinny phone speaker
5. A Tylenol Extra Strength bottle that actually has about five different kinds of pills in it, because I’m turning into That Person who wants to be prepared in case someone has a headache or feels sick

1. BOXES. Well, that’s temporary as I pack up my life to move
2. Custom-built PC that has all the Steam games on it
3. Collection of Sailor Moon Figurarts
4. Collection of swan figurines
5. An ocarina

1. Travel more; I’ve hit 9 countries so far
2. Chase tornadoes
3. Find my equal
4. Live near the ocean (though I’m moving near-ish the Gulf, so this might count??? It’s an easy day trip)
5. Write forever

1. eShakti
2. learning how to braid my own hair
3. vegan makeup
4. researching How To Live Down South As A Northerner
5. planning this road trip

I’m moving in 11 days so this is the most boring and precise to-do list
1. get an oil change and have my car checked to be sure that it’ll survive the trip
2. finish going through the undergrad apartment stuff to pack it more efficiently or get rid of things that I won’t actually need
3. split things into “stuff I need to take NOW”, “stuff I’ll bring back from SC on the PLANE”, “stuff mom and dad will bring in AUGUST”, and “stuff to put into that GARAGE SALE mom will NEVER HAVE” (she’s been talking about doing one for like three years. It’s absurd at this point)
4. complete my internship paperwork and get it to my professor
5. buy shoes for this wedding

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*Showing myself mounting a big ball, juggling other balls, trying to entretain these kids*

Rindie (left) belongs to @razaraga

Lost Knight (right) belongs to @thelostknight

* [Check them out! They’re really nice guys and awesome RP partners!]

* [I think I’ll start to answer more recent asks for now. A lot of things had been happening lately so I’ve not been able to be very active… And my inbox is collecting dust as we speak, haha.]

* [Oh, and also, I don’t think I’ll be accepting new RPs for now. I’d like to finish up what we had started first and after that, I’m not sure if I’ll accept them in the future as writing isn’t really something that bodes well with my skills… We’ll see though!]


Should I merge my two blogs into one? I remember back in like October wanting to split my blogs based on art subject, which I ended up doing. But now I realize that it probably wasn’t a good idea to do so, because now I have two blogs when I only really use one of them.

So what I’m thinking is that I could change the theme and style of my main blog (dullpointdraws) to fit the theme of the art I usually draw nowadays, and I’d post all art on there collectively. My Pokemon blog (dullpointspokemoncorner) would still remain up but I’d put all the newer Pokemon stuff on the same blog as the pony stuff instead. So if anyone wanted to look back at some of the other Pokemon art I did, it would still be up on the (now inactive) Pokemon blog.

So should I do it? Or is it fine how it is? Feel free to leave a response

anyone play cornhole? the bean bag toss game with the board with a hole in it?

i’m looking at adding one to my camping collection, but i kinda wanna go big or go home. and i think? i gotta get the official wooden ones. amazon has a lot of cheaper ones made from aluminium and pvc and etc, but i feel like those aren’t good sets/aren’t gonna be durable. if i’m gonna invest $50-100 in this game, I want it to be a nice ass set that lasts a decade ya know?

so if anyone has any experience/advice/recommendations/thoughts! i’m all ears

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Another fan of your guns and i love my m1 garand but another gun i want to collect and see you draw is the m3 grease gun.

Nice! I want to own a Mosin Nagant or an M1903 some day. Would like an Enfield too. I love older Sm ‘is like that, along with the MP40 Sten. Baretta P 12 are nice too. I’ll get to some models like that for sure.

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What's going on with an invincible summer? It wasnt anywhere when I tried to reread and my bookmark of it says the work is unrevealed.

it’s a bug with the ‘collections’ feature on ao3 - i just found out if the collection is anonymous it makes the work ‘disappear’ and i also discovered that had happened to another work of mine that i approved to be in a collection a while ago, and i’m really annoyed by it

before i’d approved all requests because i figured if someone wanted my fic on an ao3 rec list or something, that was fine. but after discovering this feature i’m going to reject all of them from now on so this doesn’t happen again

ais should be back and functioning like normal now, thank you for sending me this ask or i may not have noticed!

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I know your ask is closed. However, I hope you will keep this or answer it right away, as it is an emergency. My mother was hospitalized for the second time within an a week (she has Inflammation of the intestine) and I could use some comfort and cheering up. Your wonderful blog always seems to do that, when I need it. So if you want to, please do this ask for me. How would Shanks, Benn and Marco cheer me up?

You have a special place in my heart sweetie! Of course and I hope your mother is getting better! Best wishes!


  • Hugs all the way
  • Would wrap his coat around you and still keep you close
  • Would cross the world to get you to be able to be by your mothers side
  • To ease any tears, he’d assure you she may not want you to cry, but that doesn’t mean he’s sitting there saying “smile! Cheer up!”
  • It an encouragement to collect yourself in your own time
  • Anyone who mocks you in this state of vulnerability, is doomed to have haki used on them


  • Is really rather gentle
  • Takes your hand in his and gently rubs his thumb over the top of it
  • Keeps you grounded; he’s used to Shanks being a nerd baby and keeping him calm and he’ll do the same for you if you deem yourself too emotional
  • He’s just a very solid support for you


  • Will straight up fly you to your mother.
  • He’s very similar to Benn because he keeps you together
  • He also hugs you and just remains close
  • If you need space, he keeps the rest of the crew away
  • Put people in their place if they bother you
  • If you’re too concerned to sleep, he’ll sit you in his room and just lay in bed with you, soothing you to sleep

So, this pet WAS quite attached to his Uncle Exiam, as the Captain had told him. 

Emperor offered hope to Fauno, with a price attached:

“Perhaps you feel this way because you have not seen how I might treat you.  The Captain tells me you are doing poorly. You will take a health break on Corpo-Bruptis. I want you to pay attention. You are a clever creature. Learn all you can about the ship, your captors and the world. Save pictures in your mind to paint for me. I have great interest in learning new things. You will then come here and give me all the information you’ve collected. You will meet my precious Liluck and see how he is treated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another of your kind to play with? He is looking forward to meeting you. My son Baazlik will give you a thorough health check and mental evaluation.  If I judge that my Uncle’s treatment of you has been mostly acceptable, I will order him to come to my home and at that point we will see if you still even want to go back to him.”

Left unsaid was what would happen if there was no cooperation. But Fauno could read the threat between the spaces.

After this conversation, Emperor had Liluck’s newest toy brought up from the basement garage.

Emperor didn’t enjoy driving fast cars himself. There was no thrill in that for him. No real risk.

Emperor knew that Liluck’s feelings for him were a volatile mixture: Actual affection was in there, along with: pity, gratitude, amusement, fear, despair and guilt. 

 Such emotional creatures! 

There was a certain thrill he got from having emotionally volatile Liluck drive him at high speeds on the damp, winding roads of his stronghold on P-F. 

little b.andstand obcr things:

  • keeping GET OUT in just like it was before
  • “they want illusion, and they achieve it. we all relive the past and never wanna leave it. the world is ending and we’re pretending it’ll be just like it was before”
  • corey’s laugh in d.onny n.ovitski on the line “in fact, i’d be better”
  • also the “WOOOO”
  • donny reassuring julia during first steps first
  • they included a lot of dialogue but i wish they would have kept some more lines in breathe esp “put a mute in it, wayne” “stop touching my stuff with your sweaty hands” “what germs can survive in my sweat? it’s 40 proof”
  • the harmonies in you deserve it
  • johnny’s confidence in telling them the total for new york during i got a theory
  • the entirely of the first version of welcome home. it’s literally so beautiful and so well done. julia sounds so sad in the dialogue part it broke my heart.
  • “no one planned for a moment like this, there’s no perfect script that provides us words to say or the answers that might overcome the past that divides us” honestly second only to the second bullet point, this is my favorite line in the whole show
  • this is life (reprise) this is life (reprise) this is life (reprise)
  • “donny are you sure? we could be blacklisted, or worse…” “we’ve all been through worse”
  • welcome home (finale) is so well orchestrated i still can’t believe they lost that fcking tony to DEH
  • the epilogue is so cute i love the donny nova band sm