i want this dress omg

so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.

I originally planned to draw team free will together but I didn’t have enough time so here’s Cas going trick or treating for the first time.

I hope you guys have a Happy Halloween!


and im doing animation again yay- here are the key frames from the current mini thing im doing, pipers extreme makeover courtesy of aphrodite :D (thanks to the anon who suggested it!)

Its a bit different to how it happens in the book but I think this looks more interesting than just red haze


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“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!

“What’s got you sighing? Did something happen?” 

Too much cuteness in one panel

Haikyuu!! fashion (or not lol) ft Asahii, Noya and Tanaka !

I blame asahiis for this.

agentsofcap  asked:

Sebby has a new movie coming and since you are currently pregnant with your second child, you decide to miss out on the premiere. He asks Leah, your five year old if she wanted to attend. 'OMG yes, do I get to dress up like mommy does". "Of course princes". So the day comes and Seb stylists comes over and gets Leah ready, even doing her hair. When it comes to the carpet, everyone asks her questions.

Could you imagine the photos and the cute interviews with seb omg

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