i want this as the wallpaper in my room


Like if you want to work/study in here!

Tbh, when I looked at her room and then looked back at my room, ugh “I think I need to clean my room.”

I mean am I the only one?

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Welcome Home Juggie -- Bughead

Word Count: 1,550

Rated: R – but barely (Mostly fluff)

A/N: In which the deleted scene actually happened and Jughead is moving in. I loved writing this, the words just flowed onto the page. (Read on AO3)

“Betty, there are flowers everywhere. The bedspread, the wallpaper, the paintings on the wall. God, there’s even a vase of fresh flowers on the dresser.” Jughead looked around the Cooper’s spacious guest bedroom.  "I mean, fresh flowers? Your mom does realize it’s winter, right?“

"I’m sorry, Jughead, do you have something against flowers?” Betty replied. She grinned at her boyfriend, taking a seat on his new very pink, very floral bed.

“No, it’s just…” Betty grabbed his waist, forcing him to stand closer to her. “I don’t understand why she would put fresh flowers in a vase for me.”

“Relax, Juggie. This room hasn’t had anyone in it for ages, she just wanted it to smell nice.”

“Well, the color doesn’t exactly suit my style either. It’s very…pastel.”

The beautiful blonde scowled at him. Betty was wearing her usual light pink cardigan over a floral blouse. In fact, the pattern was quite similar to that of the wallpaper behind her. If he wasn’t already on dangerous ground Jughead might make a joke about her being camouflaged. He was smart enough to realize that a comment like that would only land him in a cold, empty bed all alone.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Jughead said instead, dropping his backpack on the floor. He took a seat on the bed next his girlfriend. “Think of it like this. Imagine painting your room black and sleeping on denim sheets with flannel pillowcases.”

Betty shook her head at him, reveling in just how dumb her dorky, weirdo boyfriend was. “Denim sheets. That just sounds uncomfortable. And besides, Jug, you don’t have to stay in this room if you don’t want to.”

Jughead let his hand wander to Betty’s knee and began rubbing small circles on her leg. “Is that an invitation?”

“You have no idea.” Betty pulled Jughead’s lips to hers. “Let me show you.”

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  • I'm laying in my bed. The room is completely dark. O Helga Natt is on repeat.
  • Mom: Hey honey what do you want for dinne... Aren't you over exaggerating?
  • Me: I don't know, am I? Does anything make sense to you anymore? Everything led up to this day and now... Nothing.
  • Tell Julie it's too late.
  • Mom: I will make a salad...

Author’s Note: i….wow. i just, wow. ive had this in a drafted form for a few months now and i guess tonight my blood just felt all of it all at once. @kpopfanfictrash and @knockknocksoosthere i love you so much
Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader (oc; female)
Summary: Kyungsoo is the city’s most notorious club owner. You are the most in demand drug dealer. You both want each other dead. But then, doesn’t everyone crave un petit mort?
Genre: dark au (that reads almost like a gang/mafia au but isnt); smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: guns; mentions of breathplay; explicit sexual situations
Word Count: 2,502

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The room makes you hungry. It’s Victorian in its design, amber wallpaper and a chandelier above a four-post bed that makes you cringe. It’s gauche and unfamiliar, and you feel starved for the glass windows and hard lines of your modern apartment. But he’s pulling you along, pulling you into a warm womb that’s hot and heavy with anticipation, expectation, and the sour taste of finality. 

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Oakland County, MI

Hello friends! This week’s Certified Dank™ McMansion is well worth the wait. Every so often I come across a house that is so baselessly tacky, I wonder if the inhabitants have seen what rooms are supposed to look like on TV, like, ever. 

Though it might be tame from the outside (by tame I mean clandestinely ugly but surrounded by pretty trees), this 5 bedroom 7 bathroom house, built in 1993, is definitely full of interesting…things. And they all can be yours for 3.3 million dollars!

Obligatory Foyer

Seriously, the weird wood-floor clad nook above the front door is a crime against logic - you can’t get to it without a 14 foot ladder, and it will perpetually tempt your stupid children to try without one. 

Can I get that piano mural as a tattoo, because it’s just 2 real and 2 perfect.

The “Great” Room

I don’t have enough friends to fill like half of these seats. 

Also that itty bitty step is a total trip hazard.

Dining Room 1

If Dolores Umbridge were a room, she would be this room. 

Certified Awesome 90s Kitchen 

I swear, I’m having flashbacks about being in Walmart as a young child and getting lost in the bra department and all the bras had the same patterns as these walls and seat cushions and I really just wanted to get back to my mom who was literally around the corner but kids don’t logic real good so I just sat there crying and

Dining Room 2

“Cute 90s Upcycled T-Shirt Custom Fabric Hand Made” ($56)


Little would they know that their posh setup would be rendered obsolete with the widespread adoption of Picture In Picture circa 2001. 

Sketchy Home Office

The wallpaper is especially sketchy.

It’s not like everyone who went to college in the last 5 years hasn’t been harassed by Vector Marketing at the beginning of every semester or anything. 

Master Bedroom

So how come the night stands have granite countertops but not the kitchen cabinets??

Master Bathroom

Sadly, the only bathroom visible in the listing. 

(Looks in Mirror) 
(X-Files Theme Plays)

I wish America would adopt the bidet, bc they are a dream. 

 Bedroom 2

I think I stayed at this hotel once. 2.5/5 stars. 

Bedroom 3

Special shoutout to my Patreon donors for enabling me to buy a drawing tablet, which I think is paying off handsomely. 

Hella Scary Solitary Confinement Room 

Should I call someone? Should I be concerned? 

The DANKEST Basement Complex Ever

It’s probably actually dank in the not so good way, too. 

I’m seriously impressed by this wine stash, which I doubt was decimated on Election Day, unlike mine. (POLITICAL JOKE)

On second thought, this is a really successful imitation of a 90s Golden Corral. 

And finally, we’re at that special point where we take a look at the rear elevation: 

Well, that’s it for Oakland County, which has a surprising amount of Late Modern houses, and speaking of Late Modernism - stay tuned for Sunday’s What the Hell is Modern Architecture THE CONCLUSION: Late Modernism. 

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Copyright Disclaimer: All photographs in this post are from real estate aggregate Zillow.com and are used in this post for the purposes of education, satire, and parody, consistent with 17 USC §107.

GHOST | Part 1


summary: Harrison sighed “I’m a ghost, Tom”
Tom opened his eyes wide “Dude, you can’t be a ghost, ghosts don’t exis-“ his words died in his throat when he saw Harrison crossing the wall.
“Where did he go now?” He whispered to himself.
“Buh” Harrison said from behind.
Tom sighed again “Can you stop it?”

taglist: @dr-tardis-who @mamanewta5 @espritdefleur @muffinfangirl28 @i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc @sarcasticvodka @wandering-at-midnight @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @dec-snowy @b0okjump3r @homecomjng @zpidey-sense @aussie-holland @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @peterparkersgal @castellandiangelo @notfabulousanna @sunshine-little-miss @marveltomjunkie @whiitee–sxxl @fairydustparker @meganschuster07 @cutie1365 @llamaoomph @avispate @riverdalemami @nevva-winter @karatyra @oswald-1998 @i-love-superhero@samanthajothomarose@philautia-love-of-self@clairesrainbow@laterpeter@donttellpeterparker@tomhollandimangines@parkerscupcake@kyritha@nillebrein@iamaliceinwonderland@madasameg@translucentthoughts@literallykaylenn@casualprincess77@nativeofsouthwestlondon-darling@diamond-girl513


“There’s a ghost in my bedroom, it haunts me at night.
I’ve asked him to leave, but he keeps stopping by.
Just when I think that I’m alone, it shows up again with a friend this time.
And now this is getting old.
I don’t know what to do.
Metaphorically, this ghost is you”

Ghost - Mayday Parade

Tom Holland was the unhappiest boy in the world. At the age of seventeen he had lived in Europe, Asia and in the US. This happened because his mother, Nikki Holland, was one of the most known photographer in the world.
Everyone wanted a mother like her, she was a very beautiful woman, with handsome features and a bright career. And everyone wanted to be like Tom because he had been in amazing places.
But Tom didn’t think in this way. He was tired of moving every few months. He didn’t have any friend. All he had was his cultural background that often attarct bullies’ attention.
“I bet you’re going to love Doncaster, Tommy” Nikki said, her eyes focused on the street.
Tom, who was seating next to her, looked outside the window, amazed by the English countryside.
“How long will we stay here?” He asked, his voice empty of emotions.
Tom expected the usual answers “a few weeks”, “three months”, “until the end of the semester”, but this time his mother surprised him.
“I was thinking about moving here… forever”.
Tom opened his eyes wide “Are you serious?”
Nikki smiled widely and nodded “Yes! I mean… we need stability. I think we have travelled too much.”
Tom was literally over the moon “Ah, mum I’m so happy. I’d hug you, but you are driving.”
“You can always hug me later” she joked.

The new house was too big to host just two people. And it wasn’t well-run.
“So” Nikki exclaimed while carrying a cardboard box “What do you think of the house”.
Tom, as opposed to his mother, wasn’t very enthusiastic but he didn’t want to show it.
“It’s… old”
His mother chuckled “It’s not old… the people who lived year moved a few months ago and since then the house has been uninhabited.”
“Uhm, I just want to see my room” Tom shrugged “Do you mind if I give a look around?”
“No sure. I’ll unload the car”
Tom nodded and entered the house. It was big with elegant furniture. The best part of the ground floor was the huge chimney. He went upstairs, the wall of the first floor were wallpapered with pictures of the previous family. The young boy got his full attention: he was tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was also the captain of the basketball team.
Who knows where he is now’ he thought ‘maybe he is still in town. If I meet him at school, I can tell him I live in his old house. We can be friends, even if I hate basketball’.
His new room was bigger than the one he had before. It also had a nice view on the main street. It wasn’t that bad after all.
“Oh, this bed is huge” he exclaimed jumping on the soft mattress. He laid down and closed his eyes. The trip was long, and Tom was really tired.
A few noises coming from the corridor made him frowned.
“Mum?” He asked, his eyes still closed. No one answered but the noises were now closer.
Suspicious, he stood up and went out on the corridor. Everything was fine.
Tom chuckled, he was just too paranoid.
He turned around and saw something (or, better, someone) that made him jump in the air.

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Teeny Tiny Study Spaces: how to organize your study space, and the lack thereof

There are a lot of posts out there with tips on how to keep your study area/space/zone (whatever you want to call it) neat and organized. The thing is, it can be a bit tough when your desk/study space is super small.

So here are some ways to keep your study zone organized, despite it’s small size!

Have A Shelf

No seriously, you need somewhere to put your stuff. It doesn’t have to be a bookshelf, or something super fancy. Fun fact #1: Until very recently, I’ve been using shelves that were homemade (by yours truly) out of cardboard boxes. They stood strong for a long time, and I was sad to depart with them.

You can make a small shelf with boxes too! As long as whatever you put in it doesn’t weigh as much as five textbooks, then you’re good. You always need a place to put the little things, or organize papers, or stuff like that. When (or if) you have a minuscule desk, there just isn’t room for those kind of things.

Magazine Holders Aren’t Just For Magazines

I use these all the time, and they are incredibly helpful when it comes to organizing loose papers, or your notebooks, or things like that. Fun Fact #2: I also make these myself, and it’s really easy! Cereal boxes can be kind of flimsy and small, but they’re great for just holding papers. Besides that, other boxes are also easy to use. But if you’re not into the ‘make it at home’ kinda thing, it’s perfectly fine to go ahead and buy some magazine holders.

Boxes Are Your New Best Friend

Here’s the deal, not everything can be on a shelf or in a neat little magazine holder. But leaving your stuff on the floor (I am guilty of this too) is a bad idea. That’s where the boxes come in!

You can buy them or you can make them, either way they’re equally as helpful. Fun Fact #3: I use my homemade boxes more than my store bought ones, I’m not entirely sure why.

So grab a box, and put your stuff inside. Grab several boxes, and organize your stuff inside. Keep your textbooks in one (honestly this depends on how many textbooks you have, I usually just keep mine on the floor, but in a neat way!) or use one like a little file drawer, and file your papers inside. There are thousands of different ways to use a box to organize yourself, it’s up to you and what you want to do!

Keep Your Stationery Stationery

Everyone loves their stationery, no matter what kind it is. I’m fond of my century old (note the exaggeration) pencils as well as my brand new ones. The thing is… I can’t afford to have them all over the place. There just isn’t enough space in my study space for that kinda thing.

So here’s what you do. There are a whole lot of desk organizers and stationery organizers out there, and there are a lot of them in your house right now. Yes, I’m being serious, this is also something you can use household items for. In fact, a lot of people like making their own pen holders and desk organizers, because you can personalize them. Fun Fact #4: I use my own stuff to keep my stationery stationery. And you can do it too!

Know Where Everything Is

Are you going to know where everything is, all the time? No way. But you should still make sure you’re aware of the general location of most things. Have a system- or don’t, as long as you know where the stuff is it’s fine tbh- and know that system (or the lack thereof). That way, when you’re looking for the notebook you bought when going back-to-school shopping three months ago, you’ll be able to find it.

Use Your Walls

I don’t mean use your walls as a desk (but if you want to do that, I guess I can’t stop you?). I mean use them to hang up stuff, like important reminders or things you know you look back to often. Instead of keeping your calendar on your desk, which can take up a lot of room, put it up on your wall.

I know that this might be a little hard for some people, because some of the things we use to hang stuff up can often ruin your wallpaper or paint. If this is an issue, try using tape- generally tape that isn’t super adhesive. In my experience, that leaves the least amount of marks on walls.

Keep It Neat

Always, always clean up your study space once you’re done for the day. Letting random things accumulate all over the place is not only a bad idea, but also super aggravating when you have to clean it all up at once. It also takes a lot of time. Remember, everything has a place, and unless you’re using said thing, it should be in it’s place.

Now you know some super easy ways to keep your study zone organized. I hope this was helpful and that you have an awesome day today!


The War (Suho Mafia!au Fic Sequel) Chapter 5 - Why Are You Asking Me?

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: Hints towards murder

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8(M), Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13, Ch. 14Ch. 15(Finale)

It was almost surreal to me that I had actually confessed to Junmyeon. How I had actually let the walls down that I was trying so hard to keep up. But I knew that this time he had been sincere about everything he said and he made no actions that would prove otherwise.

“I was worried when I couldn’t find you,” he said walking into his room to find me curled up on his bed, book in hand.

“I started to get lonely after two days of not seeing you…”

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No, you don’t have to say thank you. You can send all the flower bouquets, cards and eternal gratitude you have for me to my dressing room… Okay I was just kidding :D Anyway, you can download them, use them, reblog them (haha, of course you can, it will make me happy), the only thing I ask don’t repost them somewhere else after removing the blog’s url. (I’m not such a famous blog, I want people to find me if they like my creations ^_^)

The reason for the same arrangement as Wizardess Heart wallpapers is not the lack of creativity. I created them with the same sizes so you can use them together as slideshow wallpapers if you’re really any otome obsessed :D

Creepypasta #1202: Never Trust A Man

Length: Short


I have always lived in this house. It’s not very big, but it’s home. This little house is where my children are, where we worship God together and wait for him to take us into his eternal home. I love the decor, the furniture, the wallpaper - all except for the green room. That’s where the stairs up are, and I just generally avoid the place.

Once every two weeks, though, I have to go in. I must blindfold myself, take the stairs up into the bright room, hold my shaking hands out and hope it’s her there, not him. It’s a fifty/fifty shot, really. If he’s there, I subjected to whatever horrific games he wants to play. My body doesn’t belong to me anymore. I separate myself from it, and let him have his way. 

If it’s her, I get a large crate of foods and drinks to take down to my house, to share with my four children. I can only tell who it is behind the blindfold by their voices. They both greet me, almost always the same way. If I hear his gruff, “There’s my girl,” I know I’m in for it. If I hear her melodiously melancholy, “Hello, dear,” I know I’m safe.

The last time I went up, a week and a half ago, she greeted me in her classic way. I smiled to her, hoping she could tell I meant it despite not being able to see my eyes. But, when she handed me the box, she grabbed my wrist and whispered, “In the bottom of the box is a bottle. In that bottle are pills. If you ever hear someone else, if they ever come for us, you know what to do.”

“Of course. I know.” And I did know. I have to protect myself, I have to protect my children. I know what men are capable of, and if they come I will do whatever is necessary.

And thank God she gave me those pills. She must have known they were coming. I have pushed all the furniture I can against the door that leads from the green room into our den. I cuddle my children close, each of us taking our little red pills with a sip of what’s left of our water. I kiss each of my precious babies, my little joys, as the pounding on the door grows louder and my head starts to swim.

A man shouts from the other side, “Open up! This is the police. Please remain calm. We have Howard and Betsy Turner in custody. We’re here to help you. Take you outside! You’re safe now…”

I can feel everything getting old, my children have stopped moving, stopped crying. We must be close to God’s big house now. I’m so glad the woman gave us those pills, kept us safe. I don’t know what the police is, or who Howard and Betsy are, but I do know one thing - never trust a man.

Credits to: T_Ku (story

Read on for an explanation: 

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Sexier than Doctor Sexy

read on Ao3

At first, all Dean can hear is a ringing in his ears. He’s not used to this kind of hangover and, hell, he doesn’t even remember drinking. In fact, he has no idea what the fuck is going on and he can’t see anything other than blobs of people above him.

Did he pass out? Shit, Sam is always getting on his case about his bad eating habits, maybe the last bacon-cheeseburger he ate was one too many. Apparently, you’re never too young to go into cardiac arrest.

He groans, trying to sit up, when someone’s hand lands on his shoulder. Dean has to focus, hard, but he sees a man standing above him, concern lacing all corners of his face. Dean struggles, trying again to push himself up. He can’t, though, because something is wrong with his right wrist and it hurts when he pushes on it.

As things start becoming clearer, Dean realizes that he’s lying down right by a sewage drain on the side of the road.

“Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car,” he moans, squinting his eyes in an attempt to get them to focus.

“Oh, thank God you’re alright,” the guy above him says. He has dark hair and strong features and Dean wonders what the hell got him into this position.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright? What the hell happened?”

The other man frowns and helps Dean sit up, the small of his back leaning against the curb. The guy is in light-blue scrubs and as Dean looks past him, he sees multiple other concerned-looking people staring at him.

“I–uh, I hit you with my car,” the man says.

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haunted house

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, as we passed through a door covered in cobwebs into a dark, damp room. As I looked over my shoulder at (Y/N) she snapped a photo. “I know how much you love this kind of stuff, so for your birthday we’re going to look through a Haunted House” she explained with the biggest grin on her face. “You like that kind of stuff,” I said raising my voice. Geoff crept up behind me with his phones torch under his face, letting out an evil cackle. I jumped, cursing under my breath. “You’re eighteen Shawn, not eight. Come on mate, this is gonna be fun,” he laughed. “Don’t look worried, you’re still gonna have the biggest party after this” (Y/N) said as she wrapped her arm round mine.

“An angry miner lived here in the early 1900s,” the host explained. We had a woman who was showing us around the house, an expert on paranormal activity. “There’s a lot of ghostly presences that have been seen in this house. It’s very dark, so make sure you have your torches on but at some points we will turn them off - you won’t even be able to see your hand in front of your face.” We walked in a single file line down the stairs from the corridor, and huddled in the middle of the basement. “I hope we can make contact with the spirits that reside here,” the woman explained. The basement was damp, with mould in the walls, parts of the walls were even missing. There were a pair of hand prints on the wall which had been dragged down. I felt (Y/N’s) grip on my arm tighten.

“If there’s anybody here, if you want to speak to us can you please make a noise?”  A hollowed bang was heard on the wall near the hand prints. Curses and gasps left the group. “Geoff was that you?” Mike asked. “No, we’re all in the middle. Nowhere near the fucking walls” Geoff replied. “Everyone just calm down,” I sighed. I looked down at (Y/N) at my side who was breathing loudly. “Hey, hey, it’s alright baby. I got you” I whispered, as I pulled her head closer to kiss the top of it. “Shit,” Brian cursed. “What, what happened?” The woman asked frantically. “I just felt a really cold, sharp breeze over my left hand,” he explained. “It’s windy outside,” Andrew said. “But there’s no windows down here,” Mike added. “It could be a way of a spirit trying to show you their presence,” the woman explained.

As we started to head for the stairs again, in silence, the sound of someone walking up the stairs was heard from the floor above. “Did you hear that?” (Y/N) said loudly. A few others replied yes. “What did you hear?” The woman asked. “It sounded like someone walking up the stairs” (Y/N) said, her hand still gripping to my arm. “The stairs in front of you?” the woman asked. “No,” (Y/N) replied quickly. “The ones up on the ground floor, as if someone was going upstairs.”  "Let’s head up there then,“ the woman said. We all remained silent as we slowly crept up the stairs, none of us really wanting to go first.

“What the fuck was that?” I hissed, freezing on the spot as we went passed the staircase in the house. “What?” (Y/N) whispered. “Did you hear it too? The sound of someone groaning?” Geoff asked. “Yeah,” I said as I turned round and pointed my torch at him. “Was it any of you?” I asked, looking round the group - everyone shook their heads. “Let’s go upstairs” the host said. We ended up being in a room, which was known as a guest room, with our torches off. The furniture which remained, was dated. The wallpaper had started peeling off and one of the windows was shattered.

“We’ve been told that a woman in her fifties died in this room, she had problems in her chest. Now, after that, when people would stay in this room they’d say that when they were sleeping they’d be awoken by a deep pushing sensation on their chest” the host told us. “Shit,” Brian cursed under his breath. A couple of minutes went by with the woman calling out for spirits, whilst they rest of us remained silent whilst looking round the room. The lady noticed that Ian was standing in a strange way. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I feel like I’m being pushed, I’m leaning to keep myself standing up straight” he laughed nervously. “Where are you being pushed?” “On my chest,” he replied. A couple of people gasped, “Like the woman.”

A few seconds went by as we all looked at each other and suddenly a noise like something being rolled on the floor was heard. Andrew crouched down and felt around, finding a small rock near his boot. “It’s warm,” he muttered as he stood back up. The rock was passed around as everyone agreed that it felt warm. The woman held it and said, “If I throw this rock, throw it back to us.”  She threw it across the floor, with it almost reaching the opposite wall.

A few seconds later, Brian felt something hit his shoe. He crouched down, and it was a rock. “Do you think…” he muttered. “It’s probably the same one yes,” the woman said. “That means we have a presence in this room, definitely.” I felt (Y/N) arm wrap around my back, “Shawn, I don’t like this.”  "I thought you loved scary stuff,“ I teased lightly. "No seriously, for fuck sake Shawn, I do not like this.”

Thank you!

Today it’s just a little gratitude to the photographers. Thank you very much.

@novice-at-play, @amymontico, @thevortexofourminds, @mill24-ph, @sharonbphotos, @dennybitte,  @uwhe-arts, @jasmine7031,  @stephiramona and others but some photographers above I use their pictures often. 

Today I went in my uploading page where I can see the downloads, always amazed to see how many downloads I get for the paintings/wallpapers. Your pictures are having success for the Sims houses. But I remember when in the past I played the Sims, I always wanted my houses and also those I build to have beautiful paintings inside the rooms that’s why I create with unique/beautiful pictures for the players.

Also very pleased to see that the players go check your blogs. :-)

Have a lovely day.