i want this and live in it

can y'all stop acting like Louis spent the last two years in a pit of despair like ya he looks happy w el and that’s great but if I have to read one more post ignoring how happy he also seemed w Danielle who was with him all through last year and supported him during a rly tough time I’m gonna fucking scream

snape-lives  asked:

#1 - Kirk/Uhura

don’t leave

In ship’s night, Nyota slips her socks on.

She’s learned to not sit on the edge of the mattress but to balance three steps away, left foot, right foot, two boots, and then her hair, pulled back and tied up, with no benefit of a mirror.  The bathroom light always slices on, lays itself over the rumple of the bed.

Sometimes, a hand pats at the mattress anyway.

When she opens the door to the corridor, he’ll wake.  Once, she looked back, turned over her shoulder and caught him rubbing the heel of his hand into his eye, squinting.

She hasn’t done that twice.

I hate that feeling when I’m having a semi normal night, muddling through and managing when suddenly my brain ambushes me, cornering me and screaming “YOU DONT FIT IN ANYWHERE YOURE WEIRD AND GROSS AND EVERYONE THINKS YOURE ANNOYING. YOURE GONNA DIE ALONE AND MISERABLE” like okay… I’m crying in a bathroom stall at work right now because I hate myself so much that’s cool that’s fine that’s normal

Finally ended! Finally done

I came back to Tumblr because of this anime. Can’t believe that there’s gonna be an anime came up to ruin my life by drag me sit in front of the computer, launch my hand to finish many full drawing like this, and make me sleep at four every day. Also even though my English is suck but I’m still keep reading many critical YOI articles. This’s quite a new experience for me because I never be like this before. 

But Thank you to Kubo-sensei and the team to create this beautiful series. I’m looking forward to the next season!!

ps. continue from this >> http://moconiz.tumblr.com/post/154784513016/praise-to-yoi-ep12-tt-i-can-rest-in-peace

ps2. If not because YOI, I’ll not meet you two, @akashiseijuurou-4 @cicilovemakoto thank you so much to talk and been crazy with me. nice to talk to both of you TT/////////TT

ps3. print available in Redbubble http://www.redbubble.com/people/mocon/works/24507382-we-were-born-to-make-history?asc=u&c=629761-yuri-on-ice