i want these ovens


Maybe I shouldn’t care about toaster knobs, or being responsible, or descending into chaos. Why should I be the only one in my family who gives a crap, right? Maybe I wanna have fun, drive a fancy car, dance like a sex lunatic. You’re a good dancer. YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT, RAMONA! I don’t want to dance! And I don’t want another shitty toaster oven!

Hit Me Like A Ray Of Sun

“Bitty. Holy fuck.”

Bitty’s eyes fly open.

Ransom is only an inch from his face.

“Wake up, Bits.”

Bitty groans and holds onto the blankets but Ransom gets a good grip on them and rips them all off at once.

“Justin Oluransi I swear if you don’t let me sleep I’m never making pie for you again. I mean it. I need my rest. I was up late studying.”

Ransom snorts.

“I was to studying.” He only talked to Jack for ten minutes. Fifteen tops. “And if you don’t let me sleep for the remaining 25 minutes that I am allowed I am taking every single piece of dessert that I make here and bringing it to the LAX house. You’re going to ruin it for everyone.”

“Jeeze,” Ransom says with a roll of his eyes. “So dramatic. Just like your boyfriend.”

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Requested ages ago by @grace-for-sale​. Hope you like it!

Summary: AU in which Dean and Cas are both high school teachers. Dean has a crush, but no courage to do anything about it.

Word Count: 1600ish

Warnings: None. I wrote something without smut. What??

“You’re late, Mr. Winchester.”

“The bell was literally ringing as you said that, Lydia,” Dean smiles. “I think we can all let it slide.”

Lydia smiles back and starts sharpening her pencil in the sharpener by the door, where she’s clearly been waiting for him. “I can let it slide,” she agrees, “since you were just out there talking to Mr. Novak.”

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i want to live in a small flat decorated all over with plants and post-impressionist paintings, with big windows that let lots of light in, i want the furniture to be thrifted and mismatched, i want the place to smell like flowers or an apple pie in the oven and i want soft baroque music to be playing in the mornings while it rains outside and i drink coffee and my girlfriend reads out random poems she likes from a poetry book i got her for her birthday and i want it to feel like home

Full Refund

Summary: It all starts with a silly text to Derek.

Notes: A quick little fic inspired by @stileshale‘s tags on this post. (On AO3)

Stiles drags himself up to his room, feet heavy on the stairs. He’d thought, now that summer was starting, he’d have a better chance. With all this free time, surely someone would let him take them on one date. But he’d been turned down time and time again.

So he’s back at his dad’s place, and it seems even less likely that he’ll find someone, now that he’s away from campus.

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About this time now a very grumpy and sleepy Isak is being smooched awake by his sunny boyfriend because they are supposed to meet at kollektivet for breakfast. 

“Come on, Baby. We’re gonna be late”  Even says as he stands up, thinking about taking the duvet with him, but then again he’d never do that to the love of his life (read: he knows he wouldn’t survive this). Isak huffs annoyed. 

“Who makes plans on saturday morning anyway? ‘s the day of sleeping in….who cares if we’re late, i need more time.” he sighs into his pillow. A tad over-dramatic if you ask Even, who chuckles down at him, smiling fondly. 

“Babe, if we are late you know that Eskild will make why are you late, you naughty boys jokes for the whole time we’re there, right?” 

And… good point. With a groan Isak rises from the cozy warmness that is their bed and maybe he will complain a good portion of the way but maybe he will also let Even smooch his cheek and maybe he will even hug Eskild back when they get to kollektivet and his Guru is throwing his arms around him. Almost lifting him from the ground with the force of his hug. 

Maybe he missed his Guru to pieces.

So Satan felt like he hadn’t punished me hard enough by giving me two exams tomorrow, he thought he’d crank it up a notch by not letting me get any sleep because it’s too damn hot 🤒

a cooking lesson for yall

The Cat Cafe(Yoongi)

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word count: 1,566

Request: Okay so what’s up.. I’m thinking of something as y/n is an exchange student that starts to study in Daegu and wants to get a job and then she finds a restaurant that needed a waitress and she applies and gets accepted however the restaurant is yoongi’s Mom’s new restaurant that just opened last week pls make it angsty and it’s (reader x yoongi) as he being an idol and his mom is very protective of him.. anyway add some of your magic to it and surprise me 😎😎❤❤

A/n: I want to make this a series cause it’s gonna take years for me to finish in one whole piece.

Part One//Part Two//

Scattered newspaper were all over your bedroom floor of the two-bedroom apartment you shared with your roommate. The apartment wasn’t much but it was just enough for you to live in. You threw the last sheet of the newspaper off your bed, sighing in frustration, it’s been a month since you’ve been looking for a new job and with your rent payment coming up you started to worry more and more. Being a transfer student, you didn’t have a lot of money after moving to Daegu. You, already stressed with studying and finding work, were on a breaking point and needed a break from the world for a bit. Taking your coat you walked out of the apartment, strolling down the street you glanced at the store window displays, a tiny sign caught your eye. 

‘Help Wanted’ 

The bold red letters seemed to speak out to you, as you looked at the store. It was a tiny cafe, a cute cat cafe. You smiled to yourself, when you saw the tiny cats that were cuddling with the customers, you wondered where the store was a couple weeks ago when you were walking down here. You walked into the store and headed towards the cashier, a lady in her mid-forties, smiled at you. “What would you like today, miss?” She asked as you smiled shyly.

“I was wondering about your help wanted sign, I would like to apply for a job here.” You explained, trying to sound as professional as possible. She smiled brightly.

“Great, do you have a resume I can see?” She asked as you smiled back, pulling your resume from your purse. She looked at your resume and smiled brightly. “When can you come into work?” 

You walked to the tiny cat cafe, opening the door you were greeted with the fresh smell of baked cookies and coffee. “Ah Y/n you’re here early” She smiled, as she took the fresh baked cookies out of the oven.

“I wanted to be early for my first day, do you want me to do anything before we open?” You asked as she nodded.

“Can you feed the cats? I want them to have some food in case we don’t have a lot of costumers” She said as she started to decorate the cookies. You took the cats out, putting some food in their bowls, stroking the cat as she purred and ate the food. You did this for the other cats, once you finished you headed to the kitchen to wash your hands. Putting your apron on, you started to help decorate the cakes and sweets. “What did I do to deserve an angel to work for me?” She praised, as you smiled. “Can you go grab some more flour? We should refill the day starts.” She asked as you nodded. Walking towards the cupboard you tried to get the flour, now on your tippy toes, you stretched your arm out to grab it.

“Need help with that?” A male asked as you looked over, seeing a boy not too far from your age maybe a year older at most, brown hair slightly damp with a towel wrapped around his neck. He smiled gently as he grabbed the flour for you, you smiled and thanked him. “You must be the new worker my mom hired, my name Is Yoongi, Min Yoongi and I live right upstairs.” He explained as you nodded. You couldn’t help but blush a bit, now that he was so close to you.

“Y/n, have you grabbed the bag of flour yet?” Yoongi’s mom called out, as you started to back away from Yoongi taking the bag.

“So your name is Y/n? What a pretty name.” He flirted, as your face heated up. 

“Y/n?” You heard her call again, this time she entered the kitchen. “Ah, I see you’ve met my son, Yoongi.” She smiled, as she gave him a hug. “Yoongi here is going to be a star one day, I wish he would just continue the business but I guess he was always meant to rap.” She smiled softly, as she grabbed the flour from your hands. “Let’s finish up before we open.”

You tried not to slouch as you waited for customers to roll in, there were already a couple customers chatting while petting cats, all of them were couples. You sighed, you wish you could see your boyfriend right now but he always had school when you didn’t and when you had school he would be studying and using his free time to study or do homework. You fiddled with a pen while you waited for a customer, suddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder. Looking behind you, you saw Yoongi, smiling, he had headphones resting on his neck as he grabbed a couple cookies from the cookie tray. “Hey! You can’t just take cookies out of there, they’re for the customers.” You explained, as Yoongi only grinned.

“Relax, it’s fine my mom always lets me grab treats. She thinks it’s a good thing that I’m eating while working.” Yoongi explains, taking a bite out of the cookie. 

“What are you working on anyway?” You asked him, as Yoongi grinned, placing his headphones over your head, grabbing his phone out to play the track. You started to hear a beat as the beat got faster, you started to hear electrical instruments, and soon you heard Yoongi start rapping, bobbing your head to the beat you saw the look of happiness within Yoongi’s eyes. Once the song finished, Yoongi took the headphones off your head, placing them back to rest on his neck. “That was super good, I didn’t know you could rap so good” You praised as Yoongi laughed.

“Thanks, I’ve been waiting for someone other than my mom to listen to it to see how they would feel about it,” Yoongi explained, as he grabbed another cookie before trying to escape but you grabbed his hand, keeping him in place.

“Where do you think you’re going? Give it back” You laughed, as Yoongi turned around patting your head as he handed you a cookie.

“Here have one, you’re probably hungry.” Yoongi smiled, as he picked up one of the kittens who snuggled up against him. “This one’s my favourite.” 

“He’s really cute” You commented, as you stroked the jet black cat, while it purred.

“Table for two please?” Someone asked as you looked over to see your boyfriend, Kiwoo. He smiled, as you smiled back.

“Kiwoo!” You smiled, as you walked to give him a hug “I thought you were studying for midterms right now?” 

“I am, I just thought I would visit my girlfriend while she was at work as a surprise since we never see each other.” He gave you a peck on the cheek as you smiled.

“Do you want some coffee? Or maybe some cake?” You asked as he nodded.

“How about one cup of coffee and one cup of tea and two slices of cake, for you and I?” He asked as you looked at the clock seeing that your break was in a minute.

“Yeah of course.” You smiled, as Yoongi put down the cat.

“Who’s this? Y/n” Kiwoo asked as he pointed at Yoongi.

“He’s my bosses son, he lives right upstairs from here, he’s really cool” You smiled, as Kiwoo nodded.

“Ah…I’m Kiwoo, Y/n’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you” He introduced, emphasising boyfriend.

“Yeah…whatever” Yoongi glared, as he walked back upstairs.

“What’s wrong with him?” Kiwoo asked as you shrugged not even knowing what that was.

A week later since you started your job at the cat cafe, you started to see Yoongi less and less, and even when you saw him he wouldn’t talk to you, he wouldn’t even glance your way. Yoongi’s mom caught on right away and noticed the tension when Yoongi would be in the same room as you. You got to work, decided to start icing the cookies, Yoongi’s mom stood beside you trying to help finish icing the cakes too. “Did something happen between you and Yoongi?” She asked as you shook your head. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t really know why he’s not talking to me.” You told her honestly, as she let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry dear, I thought you two would be the best of friends but I guess he’s having one of those weeks where he get’s moody.” She explained in hopes to cheer you up, you gave her a soft smile as she smiled back. “Now let’s get these puppies on the display case.” 

You grabbed the tray of cookies, placing them nicely on the display tray before placing it in the treat display case. Yoongi walked downstairs, letting out a yawn as he smiled at his mom giving her a hug. “Morning mom” He smiled, as his mom smiled back.

“Yoongi, I want you working with Y/n today, I’m going out to lunch with the girls and I want you to watch over the store while I’m gone” She explained, as Yoongi groaned.

“But mom I ha-” Yoongi tried to explain before being cut off.

“You can take a day off your music career to help your own mother.” She cuts in, as you can’t help but cheer on for the mother.

“Ugh fine” He groans, as he grabs the cakes placing them in the display case.

“Jews belong in the oven.”

For a million reasons, it can be hard to read the news lately, but it’s necessary so we can be aware. This came across my screen and the tears just welled up.

How does someone even write that to begin with? How does a person have enough hatred for people they don’t know to want this for them.. AN OVEN??!!!

I don’t know how you can watch history wipe out entire families, my family, a holocaust…

and still wish this upon anyone.

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Imagine loving to bake and one lazy Sunday you're baking cookies while only wearing one of Bucky's shirts and a pair of panties. He comes up behind you as you're mixing and he runs his hands over your hips, hugging you from behind. He lowers his head and kisses up your neck. He stops just below your ear, licks that tender spot lightly, and whispers, "After you put those sweet treats in the oven I want you to pull down your panties, get on the counter, and let me enjoy a sweet treat of my own."

this is my jam, just sayin’

Sinful Sunday™

Dean’s True Love

Title: Dean’s True Love
Prompt: “I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”
A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean #DoitlikeDeanchallenge.
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam forgot the pie…again.
Word Count: 1037
Tag: @jalove-wecallhimdean Others are below the cut.

“Hey, Y/N, can you do me a favor?” Sam asked while walking in the kitchen.
You looked up at the taller Winchester. “Sure. What’s up?”
“Can you bake Dean an apple pie?” He asked sheepishly.
“You were supposed to buy one while you were out.” You stated.
“I kinda…forgot.” He said. “I honestly forgot all about it until I walked in the door. Can you do it before he gets back?”
You sighed. “Yeah, but you owe me big time.”

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First fic I’m posting. It’s from mobile so I can’t exactly add a “read more” so um… sorry.

Hanzo is an anxious new dad but Werecree is there to calm him down.

The dragon lay in his nest, which was built on top of their large bed surrounded by pillows and many blankets, something he himself had to fluff up and put together when he felt their little one coming. It was what kept him in his dragon body until now, not wanting to lay such a thing in his smaller, human-like form. It ended up being a good idea, seeing as the egg he was currently cradling was about the size of his torso, maybe even bigger.

Hanzo rubbed his scruffy cheek against the smooth outer shell of his egg, enjoying the how nice it felt against his skin. This wasn’t his first egg, no. He’s laid ova before, mostly in small clutches. But this is his first fertilized egg, his first baby. And he didn’t regret it; he loved his mate, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be as anxious as he is right now.

“Come now, Hanners. At least lemme touch ‘em.” Came his mate’s voice from his place just a few feet away.

Hanzo turned his head to hiss at him, causing the werewolf to whine and tuck his ears down flat. “Not with those claws of yours. And they are still fresh,” he grumbled, referring to his egg, “probably fragile. I am not taking any risks.”

Jesse pouted, scooting a bit closer to his mate and their egg. Hanzo’s eyes narrowed at him, but he stayed still, cautious. “Sweetheart, yer a big, strong dragon. I’m sure yer egg is just as tough as you are.” He said, his tail smacking against the blankets once. Hanzo frowned, seeming to think over the pros and cons of letting his mate pet their egg.

He grumbled quietly to himself and shuffled a bit, still holding onto his baby, “Alright, fine-” Jesse’s ears perked up and his tail smacked against the blankets again. “-but under one condition.”

Jesse was honestly surprised that Hanzo was considering letting him touch it. His dragon was stubborn, usually able to stand his ground for a while before softening up. It has only been a couple hours. “Sure, buttercup, anything! What is it?” His tail was wagging obnoxiously behind him by now, making it hard to hide his excitement.

Hanzo’s sharp ears gave a twitch, his lips pursed as he came up with the words. “You must wear oven mitts. I do not want you to scratch our egg.” He said sternly, fixing Jesse with a hard gaze. This was not up for discussion.

Jesse cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his paws, clenching and unclenching his fists. He kept his nails trimmed for reasons kept between him and his mate, so he figured that wasn’t the real problem Hanzo had with him touching their egg. The werewolf pouted at him but sighed when he saw Hanzo wasn’t in the mood to argue. “Alright, fine, I’ll wear some mitts. But it’s a promise!” he announced as he stood up, carefully stepping out of the dragon’s nest, “Imma touch our little angel ‘cuz guess what? That’s my pup, too!” Jesse sang on his way out of their room. Hanzo rolled his eyes but couldn’t stop his lips from curving up into a small smile.

He watched his wolf exit the room before looking back down at his egg. He ran his hand along the smooth surface, thumb rubbing over the freckles that decorated the shell.

Of course Hanzo would be anxious. He was already extremely protective whenever he laid his unfertilized batches of eggs, only letting Jesse help him with the laying process, maybe even allowing him to hold the smaller eggs in his paws sometimes. It depended on how he felt that day. Now was different. Now they had a responsibility to keep this egg safe and warm. It was their pup, after all. Hanzo was just afraid of the egg cracking or becoming too cold or maybe it wasn’t even Jess- no, it was definitely Jesse’s. Now the dragon was over thinking, his tail flicking in irritation.

The dragon takes in a deep breath, repeating the lines in his head-

The egg won’t crack if they’re careful.

The egg won’t become too cold if he continues to hug it.

The egg is 100% Jesse’s.

-He exhales and feels his nerves finally relax, his cheeks flushing a light pink in embarrassment. It’s ridiculous how he keeps having to tell himself these things, reassure himself that everything’s going to be okay. In reality, he’s just terrified of screwing this up. He trusts his mate, loves him very much, but he just doesn’t trust himself.

Hanzo jumps when Jesse appears at their door, a big smile on his face with equally huge oven mitts covering his paws. “Found ‘em!” He called out as he walked back over to their nest. Hanzo naturally hugged the egg closer, but he couldn’t help the way his cold heart fluttered at how thoughtful and caring his mate has been. Most of his demons seem to fade away as he watches Jesse position himself near him, mittened paws out and ready.

The dragon let out a small, impressed huff and slowly pulled away from the egg. “I’m surprised you really went in search for some mitts. I figured you would have started to whine.” Hanzo teased, reaching forward to scratch right underneath the werewolf’s scruffy chin. Jesse’s tail wagged at the attention, pounding heavily against their sheets.

“Well, I know better than to argue with ya when yer actin’ all momma bear with yer babies.” He crooned, nuzzling the palm of Hanzo’s hand when it was offered to him.

Hanzo let out a snort, “I am nothing like a mother bear.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.” The wolf teased, grabbing hold of Hanzo’s wrist with his ridiculous mitt-covered paw to press small kisses to his fingertips, “Ya get all protective and stubborn and ya always look like yer goin’ ta bite me…” Hanzo blushed as he continued to plant kisses up his arm, “But then you turn around and take such good care of yer eggs. It’s damn cute, darlin’.” Jesse’s unoccupied hand had wandered over towards the egg, making sure it was in line of sight of Hanzo. He didn’t want to piss off his dragon, afterall.

He looked up at Hanzo, his gloved hand hovering over the top of their egg. A silent question.

Hanzo bit his lip and hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. Jesse’s tail flopped heavily and his ears perked up, finally dropping his hand to pet the egg his mate refused to abandon. He whined happily, feeling something almost big and natural blossom in his chest. He felt the need to protect it, and Jesse figured this was what Hanzo must be feeling.

Jesse dropped Hanzo’s wrist in favor to carefully wrap his arm around his waist, pulling them close together. His dragon didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Hanzo hummed and rested his head against his shoulder, letting his eyes flutter shut.

The wolf nuzzled against Hanzo’s hair, mindful of the horns jutting out from his forehead. He breathed in the scent of him and pulled him closer, carefully rubbing the egg between them. Everything was pleasant. Jesse was with his soulmate, with his pup, and all he wanted to do was to protect them both. It was his natural instinct to do so, despite knowing Hanzo could take care of himself. But he knew Hanzo wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

He looked down at him and found him completely relaxed, eyes closed and probably drifting off to sleep against his shoulder. The wolf was a natural heater, and Hanzo, being the cold-blooded dragon he was, tended to use him for his body heat. Not that Jesse minded.

The werewolf looked back at the gloved paw resting on his egg and he hesitated for a moment before slowly attempting to wiggle his hand free while the other stayed comfortably on Hanzo’s hip. Suddenly, the dragon grabbed his wrist and growled, without opening his eyes,

“If you touch our pup with your damned claws I will have your arm ripped off and tossed into a meat grinder.”

Jesse gulped and whined, ears falling flat. But Hanzo continued, leaning up to press a kiss to his snout,

“I am kidding, I love you. But I swear to God, Jesse. If you so much as think of pulling those oven mitts off, you are sleeping on the couch for a month.” His eyes fluttered open just to frown at him.

Jesse was both terrified and impressed by how quickly Hanzo could change from loving to intimidating. He only smiled wide, pressing their foreheads together, “You’ve got it, sugar plum. Ain’t no way I’m sleepin’ on the couch. It’s too darn comfy here.”

Hanzo scoffed and kissed his snout again before laying his head back against Jesse’s shoulder, releasing his wrist to instead rest his hand on Jesse’s atop their pup.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

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4:15 pm louis @ piper: okay honey pls hold that baby in for a little bit longer because i think he/she wants to stay in the oven for maybe like 5 minutes or so?? 4:20 pm louis @ piper: OKAY MAKE SURE YOURE REALLY PUSHING RIGHT NOW IM SURE THE BABY WANTS TO COME OUT

Piper: *holds off till 4:21 just to spite him*

Player: Jakob Chychrun – Arizona Coyotes


Mentions: None.

Warnings: Angst, Fighting, & Swear Words.

Preview: What happened last night, kid?” Your dad sat in the recliner watching as his daughter’s boyfriend rubbed his neck, probably in pain from sleeping on that terrible couch.

Characters: 2513 words.

Originally posted by brandondrury

Jakob didn’t say a word when you left when you were in the car, or when you were on the road for over ten minutes. It was absolutely silent.

You looked over at your boyfriend who kept his eyes on the road, not even acknowledging your existence.

“Are you okay?” you wondered quietly, crossing your arms.

“No.” Jakob’s answer was clipped, eyes straight ahead and his frown not leaving his face.

“Did I do something wrong?”

In all honesty, you didn’t want to know the answer, but you asked anyway because you couldn’t shut up at the moment.

“Yes,” Jakob said lowly, his fingers drumming nervously on the steering wheel.

Your eyes glanced away from the window to look at him. “Are you mad at me?” You asked, hoping to get a look of some sort to know that Jakob isn’t some kind of robot.

 “Yes, Y/N, I’m mad at you, Jesus Christ just stop with the questions, I’m trying to drive!” Jakob had cracked, his hand pounding on the steering wheel before he flipped the blinker up and pulled over on the side of the road. He wasn’t going to wait an hour to talk about this. He needed it to be done now.

“What did I do wrong? I was trying to defend you!” You took your seat belt off, turning in your seat to face Jakob. 

Jakob did the same, anger washing over his face. “What did you do wrong?… Gosh, I can’t believe you would ask such a question. Okay, let’s see. You talked back to my dad multiple times, basically calling him out for not being proud of me.” He began, taking a deep breath.

“And you also mentioned that he clearly favors Cooper over me which was rude and really embarrassing! You didn’t need to do that!” Jakob yelled, his voice cracking as tears filled his eyes, the nights’ events too overwhelming for him.

“No… I did need to do that. Jakob, I care about you so much and to have that man tear you down the way he was… I couldn’t handle it! That wasn’t fair to you!” You argued, getting teary as well. You had never seen Jakob this emotional before.

“I can handle myself Y/N! I lived with that man for eighteen years; I’m used to it okay?”

You shook your head, biting your lip as hard as you could. “No, it’s not okay! You shouldn’t be used to that, that isn’t normal!”

Jakob let out a shaky breath, shrugging his shoulders. “Whatever, I’m just done defending myself, I’ve done it way too much and I’m tired, okay. I’m tired.” He said quietly. “I don’t need you to do my dirty work for me.”

“Well, you could have at least defended me!” You yelled, a tear escaping, sliding down your cheek. “The least you could have done was defend me because if I were in your shoes, I would have told him to fuck off and been on your side the whole time, fighting for you.” You said, more tears coming.

“But no, tonight I was alone, looking like the idiot, fighting for someone who wasn’t even fighting for me or himself!” You continued, wiping at her cheeks.

“Dammit Y/N, no one asked you to fucking open your mouth!” Jakob shouted. “I just wanted a peaceful family dinner so I could say I did my part, but you had to go and fight with my dad and complicate more shit in my fucked up family.” He hit the steering wheel again and turned to put his seat belt back on. “I didn’t need this tonight!”

You fell silent, a sob escaping your lips. “Take me home.” You whispered, turning back in your seat, clipping your seat belt in.

Jakob opened his mouth to say something, but pursed his lips, turning to start the car. 

Jakob rubbed his face, a groan escaping his lips as he sat up. 

“What happened last night, kid?” Your dad sat in the recliner watching as his daughter’s boyfriend rubbed his neck, probably in pain from sleeping on that terrible couch. 

“We had a really bad fight last night and excuse my French, but I was an asshole,” Jakob explained, giving your dad a sympathetic look, hoping he wasn’t going to get killed for this.

He chuckled, standing up and nodding his head toward the kitchen so Jakob would follow him. “Listen, it’s normal. You guys are going to have fights.” He informed, taking out a cup for Jakob. “Y/N is stubborn and caring and she’ll do whatever it takes to defend something. It’s who she is.”

Jakob pulled his eyebrows together, taking the cup of coffee your dad had held out. “You talked to her already?” He shook his head, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“No, I haven’t seen her. She probably went out with the girls to get some last minute things for Thanksgiving dinner tonight.”

Jakob sighed and took a sip of his coffee as he leaned against the kitchen counter. “Don’t sweat it. The distance from you will cool her down and she’ll come talk when she’s ready.”

You entered the house with your sister-in-law and mother in tow, all with arms of grocery bags. Thanksgiving was seriously business and baking made you feel better most of the time.

“Hey guys, need any help?” Your eyes narrowed as Jakob walked up, a warm smile on his face.

“No, we can handle it, thanks.” You answered coldly, giving him a sarcastic grin as you strolled into the kitchen.

Your sister-in-law gave Jakob a sad smile and a small shrug, following behind you.

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’ll pass.” Your mom assured with a motherly hug, rubbing Jakob’s back soothingly as his smile faded. On the upside, he was glad You weren’t completely ignoring him. That would have been worse.

You both avoided each other all day. You were mostly in the kitchen cooking while Jakob spent the afternoon in the living room watching football with your dad and brother. He was wringing his hands nervously, wanting to talk to you so bad.

“Kid, you need to relax.” Your dad said, leaning forward in his chair, looking at Jakob with a look of borderline worry and confusion.

Your brother raised an eyebrow, listening in as he watched the game.

“Sorry, sir. I’m just… this whole fight thing is really bothering me.” Jakob had to be honest, which caused your brother to look over with a confused expression.

“You and Y/N had a fight?” He asked a little louder than he should have, Jakob, looking to the floor.

“Really Jakob, you’re gonna talk about it when I’m right here?” You asked, glaring at Jakob as you stepped out of the kitchen.

Jakob sighed. “No, that’s not what I was doing.” He defended, not caring who else is there. “Just because your brother asked doesn’t mean I was going to talk about it.”

If you were going to be bitchy, he was going to set you in your place for it.

“Yeah okay, then humor me, why would he ask if you didn’t bring it up in the first place?” You challenged, rolling your eyes as you walked away to your room.

Jakob narrowed his eyes at your back and got up from the couch to jog after you. This was not ending that easily.

“Cut it out!” Jakob shut the door behind him, leaning his back against it. He knew you wouldn’t be able to move him if you tried.

You rolled your eyes, arms crossing in annoyance. “Is this really necessary?” You asked, tapping your foot impatiently.

“What? Were you going to ignore me forever?” Jakob wondered, his hands slapping down at his sides in frustration. He couldn’t handle the attitude, not right now. 

“My pie is going to burn if I don’t take it out of the oven.” You wanted to be anywhere but trapped in a room with Jakob right now.

Jakob didn’t budge. “I’m sure our relationship is more important than food Y/N.” He argued, planting his feet.

You rolled your eyes again causing Jakob to grind his teeth. He hated when you rolled your eyes.

“What relationship?” You questioned, trying to move past Jakob so you could escape.

“The one I thought was going rather well till you decided to fight with my dad last night!” Jakob mentioned loudly, fed up with this ignoring the problem thing. Why was it so hard for you to discuss this like adults?

“And I thought a relationship was about supporting and defending each other, but I thought wrong. Now move!”

You stepped again, your hand reaching for the door, only to get cut off by Jakob. “I’m not moving until you talk to me Y/N. We can’t just sweep this under a rug.”

You leaned your head back, closing your eyes in frustration. You were in a relationship now and located in a state other than home so it wasn’t like you could avoid him.

If Jakob didn’t want to move, fine. “There is nothing to talk about. Please don’t ruin my Thanksgiving, with my family!” You shot angrily, taking a step back from the door to distance yourself. Things were going to get loud. If they were going to talk, it was bound to get ugly.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I was uninvited to your Thanksgiving!” Jakob said in a sarcastic tone.

“If you’re going to act like this all night you might as well leave… I’m sure your dad would love to see you. He sure acted like it last night!” You told him icily, not really thinking before speaking anymore. You were aiming to hurt him.

Jakob clapped slowly with a fake grin. “Oh, that’s rich Y/N…” He chuckled darkly, shaking his head in disappointment. “I didn’t think you were going to go that low.

“And I didn’t think you would let him talk to us like that!” You said loudly, tears welling in your eyes. “Do I mean nothing to you?”

“Well, I’m sorry I’ve been used to him treating me like shit my whole life. I wasn’t aware I didn’t already explain that to you!” Jakob shouted, pressing his hands to his face. He didn’t want to get too worked up. “You have no fucking idea how much you mean to me Y/N.” He mumbled. “That’s why I didn’t start a fight last night. I didn’t want you to experience that. 

You took a deep breath. “Where do you see this going?” You were curious, this wasn’t a discussion either of you had before.”

Jakob narrowed his eyes at you. “What is that supposed to mean?” He asked harshly, feeling like he was being trapped to have a wrong answer.

“You know, when I see my parents or my brother and his wife, I always think about how they’ve been married and still love each other. They look so happy together.” You explained, swallowing the lump in your throat. “I just always used to think I wasn’t going to have that and for a long time, I was right… Then you came along.”

Your voice cracked at the confession, taking a deep breath before going on. “I want that… with you. I want to build a home and have a family with you…That scares me, Jakob. I’ve never felt this way about anyone.” You admitted, the tears getting harder to hold the more you talked.

“I want that with you too… I just… I do, but…” Jakob stumbled over his words, looking at the ground nervously.

“But what?… What’s holding you back?”

The two of you stood in silence, waiting for Jakob to answer.

Jakob gulped, taking a deep breath. He was still cautious. “So much.” He whispered, his eyes meeting yours.

“Being in a relationship. This is a give and take thing, but why do I feel like I’m giving so much and getting nothing in return?” You asked, a tear sliding down your cheek.

Jakob frowned, his hands balling up. “My heart was broken Y/N. I’m a little scared to give too much. Y/N, I’m trying!” He yelled in frustration, taking a deep breath.

“It just doesn’t seem like it, Jakob!” You cried out, your emotions all over the place. From hurt to anger, to such immense love for the man in front of you. “I would go to hell and back for you.” You said quietly, tears streaming down your cheeks. “You have to let your past go.”

Jakob shrugged, snorting a little in a fake laugh. “It’s not that simple Y/N. I’m trying so hard, but I’m scared it’s going to happen again. That I’m going to put my all into this and get burned again.”

Your expression changed to a glare, looking like she was slapped in the face. “You really think I would do that to you?” You asked, your mouth opening to continue, but holding back. The yelling at each other thing needed to end. “Is that what you think Jakob?”

Jakob threw her arms up in the air, letting them fall back to her sides loudly. “God Y/N, I don’t know! No matter who I’d be with at this point I’d be scared!” He said loudly. “I was lied to for two years! you can’t expect that not to affect me!”

You walked up and closed the large gap between you, taking Jakob’s face into your hands. “I would rather go through a million arguments with your asshole father than to hurt you.” You said quietly, noticing the gloss in Jakob’s eyes.

“I can’t erase whatever it is that happened… But I can make sure you know how I feel about you so that you know it will never happen again.” You promised, your thumb stroking Jakob’s cheek gently.

“You mean so much to me Y/N… I can’t lose you.” Jakob whispered, sounding so lost and not like himself.

You finally broke the wall he was keeping up. “You won’t lose me. I’m not going away that easily.”

They smiled at one another through the tears, leaning in for a gentle kiss that did wonders. You slid your lips away, giggling as Jakob’s mouth followed, not wanting you to stop. “I’m pretty sure my pie is burnt.” You whispered playfully, your lips brushing his as you spoke.

“Fuck the pie,” Jakob mumbled, pressing his lips back to yours.