i want these ovens


Maybe I shouldn’t care about toaster knobs, or being responsible, or descending into chaos. Why should I be the only one in my family who gives a crap, right? Maybe I wanna have fun, drive a fancy car, dance like a sex lunatic. You’re a good dancer. YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT, RAMONA! I don’t want to dance! And I don’t want another shitty toaster oven!

i want to live in a small flat decorated all over with plants and post-impressionist paintings, with big windows that let lots of light in, i want the furniture to be thrifted and mismatched, i want the place to smell like flowers or an apple pie in the oven and i want soft baroque music to be playing in the mornings while it rains outside and i drink coffee and my girlfriend reads out random poems she likes from a poetry book i got her for her birthday and i want it to feel like home


Rang in the New Year with champagne and katsudon pirozhki! I also made Victor’s gorgeous parfait from the cafe for dessert later but forgot to take a picture.

In making these I realized that Yurio’s grandpa must REALLY love him, because they literally take 4 hours to make and are a pain in the ass, at least for someone like me who is super fucking lazy in the kitchen. The recipe isn’t difficult, but it has a LOT of steps. Whether or not I am willing to make katsudon pirozhki for you should be a good indicator of how much I love you (or how much Yurio likes Yuri to give them to him…) 

The recipe by @yumpenguinsnacks has a really excellent youtube that you can follow but I made a few changes, some for taste, some for simplicity:

1) I did not want to deep fry at home so I oven-baked the pork katsu after double-breading in panko that I’d first made golden-brown in sesame oil on my stovetop

2) I added an extra egg to the egg scramble, added more peas, and also added green onion. The peas made these harder to ball the whole thing up for putting in the dough but it was nice to have them in there to help break up the insane carb fest that was going on.

3) So that my guests wouldn’t have to dip these in anything, I fried the rice in a bit of homemade tonkatsu sauce (ketchup + worcestershire sauce + oyster sauce + soy sauce)

These were a hit with my friends who took the rest home and I have to say they came out pretty tasty. 

VKUSNO! Happy 2017 :) 

“Jews belong in the oven.”

For a million reasons, it can be hard to read the news lately, but it’s necessary so we can be aware. This came across my screen and the tears just welled up.

How does someone even write that to begin with? How does a person have enough hatred for people they don’t know to want this for them.. AN OVEN??!!!

I don’t know how you can watch history wipe out entire families, my family, a holocaust…

and still wish this upon anyone.

I want to spend fall with you. I want to walk through the park holding hands, pointing out the prettiest orange leaf on one tree compared to the prettiest red leaf on the other. I want to spend hours looking for the perfect pumpkins to carve, knowing that it’ll look nothing like we planned for them to. I want to jump in the leaves like we’re kids again and come back inside to drink apple cider, eat the cinnamon doughnuts, and watch hocus pocus.

But then, I want to watch fall turn into winter with you. The apple cider into hot chocolate, the leaves into snow. I want to decorate our own stockings and sit by the fire. I want to watch Tim Allen turn into Santa Claus while the cookies are in the oven. I want to dance around in our pajamas to your favorite Christmas songs. I want it to snow 6 inches on Christmas Eve so I can wake you up with chocolate chip pancakes and a white Christmas.

I want it all, with you.

life tip for you kids moving out of parents’ houses or dorms and striking out into your own kitchens: goodwill ALWAYS has a TON of Pyrex cookware/bakeware, for very very cheap. It’s high quality, will last forever, can be put in an oven or a freezer, dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean (gross shit doesn’t stick to glass!) and is VERY hard to break. Don’t spend money on shitty cheap metal bakeware that will be crusty and awful after a few years, or on plastic mixing bowls you’ll put next to the stove and accidentally melt, get durable Pyrex used!


I tried them……!!! Shout out to @questforvegan for posting about these and bringing to my attention that they existed. I appreciate you!

I went to Giant looking for these and found front in center in the vegan freezer section! Clearly excited I planned to eat some for breakfast; 3 to be exact cuz I do what I want. But anyway I baked these in my toaster oven on 350 for about 28 minutes. Like some of the comments I read, Idk what these these cooking instructions are talking about. I took them out and while they were crispy on the outside; I broke one in half and found the inside lukewarm at best with unmelted cheese…. So I put them in the microwave for a few seconds to get them nice and hot on the inside.

Also, like I had read, I agree that they’re a bit watery for no reason. I assume it’s the sauce? I think maybe they should tweak that but I actually did enjoy these. I enjoyed them more and more as I ate them. When I eat new stuff I like to make mental notes and then come back with a complete thought on whether I’d eat it again. It’s weird but I never eat anything and declare whether or not I like it without finishing it first. Idk that’s just how I eat. But when I was done I came to the conclusion that I did, in fact, enjoy them and would buy them again.

No they’re not perfect, nor are they the best pizza pockets ever (Tofurky definitely has them beat, and actually, so do I. My homemade ones are better lol) but I liked them and I like convenience food so I see a lot of these in my future.

  • what i want from life: a small flat, like just a room and a bathroom. i need electricity, water and small fridge. maybe something like a little oven. then all i want is a quality mattress, i don't even need a bed. now the luxury i wish: an internet - just a wifi. and very comfortable armchair next to a window so i could read books in it.
  • what i want from a job: i need a job where i could go to and be with nice funny people. i only need money for my living in a flat. it would be awesome if i also had some extra money so i could go out with my friends like, twice a month. so i'll need extra 8 dollars per month. all clothes i need could be from the second hand, the hipster way.
  • life: nah u stupid bitch u better get realistic. you'll be living on a street, bitch.