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Don’t Stop Us Now

@softkent ‘s 14 Days of Love fic-a-thon, day 6: ruined surprises!

It all started because Katya decided to have mercy on Eric and let him take morning classes this semester. WGSS120 was an amazing class, Professor Atley had the coolest stories about how postwar industrialization led to compulsive female domesticity, and his seatmate wasn’t the worst thing to see at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Thursday. He would have almost been dreamy if he had the slightest knack for small talk. As it was, Eric didn’t even have a name to go on, just intent blue eyes and an ass that even the baggiest of shorts couldn’t mask.

One day, Eric decided to drop a hospitality bomb on the guy and see if he could coax a response out of him. They were both consistently early to class, so Eric budgeted ten minutes for a brief chat before class started and turned to Cute Guy with a winning smile on his face.

“So how about that reading, huh? I thought it was fascinating how cake mix became a prestige thing- everyone in my family bakes, and I don’t think we’ve used a box mix in forty years.”

“Yeah,” the guy said, “I think it had something to do with the scientific advancements they made in food preservation for the troops. Shelf stabilization wouldn’t have been nearly as achievable in earlier years.”

Miraculously, once you got onto a clear subject, Cute Guy was actually a decent conversationalist. Eric found himself losing track of time as they dissected last night’s chapters of Marling.

“And the American National Exhibition anecdote!” he giggled. “Who can even tell the difference between Russian and American Coke?”

“I bet it’s easier with all of the Soviet Union breathing down your back. ‘Da, cola of Mother Russia is vkusno!’”

“Nice accent,” Eric told Cute Guy.

“Really? Thanks, I’ll have to tell Geno. He’s always knocking my Russian. He’s, uh, a friend of my dad’s, and we both play hockey.”

“So that’s what your weird doodles are? Hockey plays?”

“Yeah, I’m captain of the hockey team here. We’re not half bad, if I say so myself.”

“Wow,” Eric enthused, “you must be a pretty good skater, then.”

“Yeah, I guess. I could teach you sometime, if you want. I’m Jack, by the way,’ Cute Guy said.

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Wreck-It Ralph  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Thanks, Satan.”
  • “I don’t want to die!“
  • “I don’t have time for this.“
  • “You really are a bad guy.“
  • “Just let me out of here, please!“
  • “Oh, this place just got interesting.“
  • “I know, I know, I know. I’m an idiot.“
  • “Right… I’m sorry, you lost me there.“
  • “Why do I fix EVERYTHING I touch?”
  • “Flattery don’t charge these batteries.”
  • “Why are your hands so freakishly big?“
  • “I don’t wanna be the bad guy, anymore.“
  • “Step aside, sir. Random security check.”
  • “I’m just a bad guy. And I need your help.“
  • “Everyone here says I’m just a mistake…”
  • “Random, my behind. You always stop me.“
  • “If that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”
  • “You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?”
  • “Do you have any idea what you put me through?”
  • “You could stay. You could have your own castle.”
  • “You hit a guy. With glasses. That’s… well-played.”
  • “I don’t know. Why are you so freakishly annoying?“
  • “I don’t have to do boo! —– Forgive my potty-mouth.”
  • “News flash: neither one of us is getting what we want!“
  • “What’s going on in this candy-coated heart of darkness?“
  • “Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it. Is. UGLY.”
  • “The selfish man is like a mangy dog chasing a cautionary tale.”
  • “I’m bad, and that’s good! I will never be good, and that’s not bad!”
  • “I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be… executed.“
  • “I met the most dynamite gal. Oh, she gives me the honey glow something awful!“
  • “Got a bit of a temper on me. My passion bubbles very near the surface, I guess, not gonna lie.“
Shorties & Dorks

Originally posted by kissabledeanw

Request: Hey, love your writing! I was wondering if a could request a fic where Dean and the reader are that dorky but adorable couple. Like they sing (not very well) in the car together, tell bad jokes, watch movies in sweatpants see who can make a better Mohawk with their hair when in the shower lmao idk, you get the idea. And then at the end he proposes to her? I’m getting bored of fics with stereotypical characters and relationships :P Thanks so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever written…

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anonymous asked:

Dating Katsuki would be like: headacanons

Hi dear!! Ehm, since your request was very, very, very general I don’t know if they’re good. I believe that every person/character shows different sides and act differently based on who they are interacting with. That said, I’ve tried to be as general as I could, but I don’t know if I’ve done a good job. He could result slightly contradictory in some points too. I hope you can still enjoy it!

Have a nice day!



  • The first problem is getting Bakugou to date you. Not gonna lie, it is very difficult, since he’s generally uninterested in sexual and romantic relationships. So first, you have to make him recognize you as a follow, existent human being. Secondo, you have to gain his friendship and trust (it’s gonna take long). Third, make him fell in love with you, and it’s gonna be hard so you need a lot of patience.


  • Once you’re dating, don’t expect him to change dramatically. He’ s the usual swearing, rough, confident and blunt guy.
  • He’s the type to use pet names with you, but he often alternates or mixes insults with them. “Stop being so retarded babe.” “Stupide babe.”


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AnY Chapter 146 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 146 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Was this chapter worth the secretary at my school finding Hana Yume in my bag, going “Oh my, look it’s Hana to Yume!”, pulling it out in front of the staff and saying, “I used to read this so long ago!” while everyone burst out laughing at us? You bet!

As I will no doubt say until the end of time, please take this summary with a grain of salt. First off, it’s not a word for word translation, it’s a summary, so expect my own personal flair and interpretation to be throughout. Second, and more importantly, I am not fluent in Japanese. I will try to make it clear when I am struggling and unsure, but take everything lightly, as a single kana can throw me off a true meaning and I will not catch more difficult phrases and wordplay. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind.

This aside, enjoy the chapter! I know I sure did ^ ^

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This man left me with a really confusing impression, because I tend to dig deep into character (both real people I met and unreal character) so I was always feel there’s something off about him. After watching Secret Ending I came to the conclusion that this man is not a simple giver like most people in fandom think, if you’re looking for someone to blame then there he is. Hell, I even think he’s the mastermind that pushs everything to this point (oh hate me I love it)

V is the incredibly selfish man, because he wants to keep Rika to himself and everything that related to her in anyway. In Yoosung route, he told Jumin he did not want to be treated because he wanted to keep the wound to remember her, I dont get why people think its his devotion for love. What’s so noble about it? What’s so mighty about it? He just want to keep her to himself, thats why he’s so obsessed with keeping the wound. 

To RFA I know he told people that he just want to left people with good memory about Rika. I was questioning his motivation for this, because RFA own Rika greatly for what she did, they treasured her! If they know she was that sick, they would try everything to save her with every resource they have. Besides, is that how you remember a person? I think everyone has their bad sides that others just cant stand, but through thick and thin we stick together because we love each other. And that’s how you remember someone, both their perfection and imperfection. That’s the very beauty of human. V just do not trust RFA, or to be more precise, he want to own Rika completely by knowing that he’s the only one that truly KNEW her. 

To Saeran and Seven, perhaps you can say it was Rika that seperated them. Let dig deep. Why do they seperate these two, they must have known how the twins are important to each other. Ok hacker thing, but Saeran was just as smart, why dont they invite Saeran too? The choice to leave was made by Seven, but I think the pushing was from V and Rika side by making an invitation. They can just let Seven say goodbye to Saeran to guarantee that he will always support his brother (through many money channel because he’s a genius in hacking) and Saeran can be left in a orphanage or government institution where Seven knew about. Why dont they arrange it that way? I dont know who initiated the idea that Seven should left without saying he’s still there for Saeran, just a note is fine, but dont you question that? I cant say exactly who play the bad guy in here, but I know V was approached Seven to present a job. 

To MC, he knew he put an innocent life in danger but he’s still doing it anyway. He said that, he said he wanted to be with Rika again, and thats the reason why he choose to let it be. He fooled everyone, because everyone trusted him. This man is really something about manipulation.

To Rika, he said he loved her. So if she wanted to hurt herself she should hurt him. FUCKING BULLSHIT. My father was in depression for a long time and he wanted to hurt himself, but my mom never allowed it nor allowed him to hurt her. It just wrong, because by doing so he convinced her that she can inflict pain to others. If your loved one was in such phase, you should try to be patient, take them to therapy, and stay by their side no matter what but you never encourge them to HURT you. V give Rika this idea that she can be saved by inflicting pain to others, and he encouraged her to be that way. Remember, Rika always yearning for accepting from others and a place in this world, V did not give her that but lead her to wrong path. Sure, she can act but act always need certain kind of support to be implement. V did. By agreeing with everything she did, told her that it is ok to hurt him, he led Rika to doom. You might not think it, but the outsider actually can be an evil hand when it comes to people with pschological problem. 

The sun? The sun look so nice and warm but it is so fucking FAR! So far that human used to worship it like a mighty god, but its actually just a planet. JUST A PLANET, and that’s it (know what Im not gonna change this part, no need to educate me, because so many bitches picked this one to humiliate me for “talk bad about their precious V”, you just cant imagine lol). The relationship was so vague and selfish as a whole, and hell, I dont even know if there’s love from V side. Is that love or its just a form of something that looks like love?

If I draw V now, I think he would be really sick. But his sickness is different than Rika, its really close to the pride that he held. Under all the so seem good deeds and devotion, he was so manipulating and devil. Did he recognize it? Did he not?

All I know is that Yoosung was not wrong to hate him.

Tom Holland Imagine: Broken

Summary: after getting out of a toxic relationship, you meet a very handsome boy on your train. (Loosely based off of both Yes Girl and I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller)

A/N: sorry for being gone for so long… writers block kicked in…😤

Warnings: physical and mental abuse


I let out a sigh of relief as the train took off down the tracks. I watched as the town I once knew and loved flew passed me. I wondered what He would do when He came home from work to find me gone. I fidgeted with the strap of my duffle bag before deciding to pull out my book to help the time pass.

“Hello? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if I sat here?” A voice said.

I shook my head without meeting the stranger’s eye. Yes, I would prefer to be sitting by myself but considering I bought the last ticket for this train, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I heard the stranger let out a heavy sigh as he placed his bag under his seat.

“Whatcha readin there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, it’s called Ordinary People. By Judith Guest. It’s my favorite book, I’ve read it like 10 times.”

“Huh, maybe I’ll read it sometime.”

“Oh you definitely should, its incredible.”

I finally looked up from my book to see a very handsome boy smiling at me.

“I’m Tom by the way.” He said as he extended his hand to me.

“Uh, I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I blushed at his compliment and closed my book and looked back up at the him.

“So what’s bringing you to the city? And by train? Not many people go on these anymore.”

Tom smiled and looked out the window.

“Well, I do a lot of traveling. I’m always in the air and so I just wanted to see the trees for a change. And I’m staying in the city, actually. I just felt like I was going insane from only seeing buildings and angry people everywhere I went and I need some time to figure things out so I found the smallest town I could find outside of Atlanta and left for the weekend. What about you?”

“Uh, that’s a story for another time…”

“That’s alright. Let it be yours.”

“Well, your accent gives it away that you don’t live here, so why are you in America?”

“I’m an actor. Filming a movie.”

“Oh, I love movies! What movie are you filming?”

Tom let out a light laugh as he looked down and fiddled with his thumbs.

“Uh, Spider-Man, actually.”

“Wait, really!? I love Spider-Man! Are you the guy that plays him in Civil War? I haven’t gotten to see it yet but I want to so bad. See, my boyfri- ex boyfriend wouldn’t let me go see it.”

I looked down to avoid Tom’s confused face, hoping it would give him the hint to not ask any questions.

“Well, maybe I can take you to go see it sometime.”

“Uh, yeah! But if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m sure you’ve already seen it like 500 times…”

“Yeah, but never with a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Pft, are you kidding me? Have you seen Scarlett Johansson!?”

Before Tom could reply I heard my phone go off. I reached into my bag to pull it out and felt my heart stop.


He wasn’t supposed to be home this early.

I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I looked at His name written on the screen.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my phone off before shoving it back in my bag.

I felt Tom’s gaze on me. I looked up and gave him a weak smile, trying to get him to drop it.

Luckily, he did.

—3 months later—

I laid on the couch, wrapped up in Tom’s arms. We started dating shortly after we met. I didn’t think I would be able to date anyone for while after what happened with Him but, Tom was different. I knew he was different because he cared.

Unlike Him. I knew He was searching for me. I had been forced to ditch my phone and buy a new one to get Him to stop calling me and leaving hurtful voicemails.

Now, 3 months later, the thoughts of Him felt like only a distant memory of a childhood nightmare.

But that quickly changed.

Tom and I were watching The Way Way Back when it happened.

First there was the pounding on the door.

“I’ll get it, love.” Tom sweetly whispered in my ear. He kissed the side of my face and got up from the couch.

I instantly missed the feeling of his arms around me. I turned my attention back to the film, thinking it was just Harrison who forgot his key again.

But then I heard it.

I heard Tom’s angelic voice asking who they were but getting cut off by a punch to the jaw.

And then His voice calling out my name.

I sat up immediately and felt my self beginning to hyperventilate.

But while I was breathing hard, it felt like there was no oxygen in my body at all.

As His figure walked into the room, I felt myself black out from fear.

I didn’t even feel Him pick me up by my hair and throw me into the glass coffee table.

I didn’t even feel the blood begin to fall from my skin from where the glass had cut it open.

I didn’t even hear Tom scream my name.

I didn’t hear Tom tackling the guy.

I didn’t hear Harrison come in and call the police.

I didn’t hear the ambulance as they asked me questions.

But I watched all of it.

I could see everything.

I could see Tom attacking Him.

I could see Tom as he stood over me, crying.

I could see his lips saying words like, “Please say something, love” or “Please don’t leave me” as tears slipped from his eyes.

I woke up hours later. I looked around and saw Tom sitting to my right, holding my hand tightly as he cried into my side.

“Tom?” I asked.

His head whipped up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw me awake. He immediately began to pepper my face with kisses and held me tightly to him.

“Thank god you’re okay. He’s gone, Y/N. They’ve locked Him up. You never have to worry about Him again. I have you and I will always protect you. I love you, Y/N. So much.”

And those words, those few words, put every little broken piece in me back together.


summary: Dan Howell is a regular teenager. He goes to high school, he hangs out with his best friends (PJ, Chris, and Phil), and he hates doing homework. He’s fairly attractive, enough so to attract the attention of a few girls and secretly Phil. What people don’t know about this average teen, is that he isn’t so average. Dan Howell is in a popular alternative band. He sings and plays keyboard for this band, known to many as ‘Ripping Ivory’. He wears a mask onstage as he sings and is known by his fanbase as Q, even though they know this isn’t his true identity.

warnings: panic attack type situation, worry, some sexual references. but all warnings are small this book is overall very nice i just need to warn bc warnings

words: 4100

a/n: this is my first fic so i edited this and read it over many times. please tell me if i have any grammar mistakes or anything. also, im really proud of this so please don’t let it flop!!

p.s.s: ik this is a bad title. i write i don’t come up with this crap.


“Dude did you guys hear about how Ripping Ivory is coming here in 2 weeks??” Chris asks as he sits down at the lunch table. Dan doesn’t even flinch at the name because of how much his friends talk about the band, but his heart does speed up and he is afraid that they may ask him something and Dan will end up telling them, that he is Q and that’s him behind the mask.

Phil nods, “I already got tickets! Are you guys going??” PJ and Chris both exclaim a form of 'yes!’ but Dan shakes his head and looks down. “Why can’t you go? I could probably get tickets for you if it has anything to do with money”

'Nope, definitely not money’ Dan thinks to himself, 'Just the fact that I’ll be the one singing at that concert.’ “I’m visiting my grandma the day of the concert” This wasn’t technically a lie, except for the fact that his grandma was coming to the concert to see him perform. As long as they never see her there then there will be no problems. Dan tries to make sure his family members come to the concerts at different times so no one will ever suspect it. All of his close relatives and his co-workers are the only people who know his secret.

“Oh man, that sucks” PJ whispers. They had all wanted to go together, and Dan had made sure to act excited with them about it weeks prior to get them pumped. Dan is actually very glad that they will be able to come to his band’s concert, only part of him wishes he could be in the crowd with them.

The thought of Ripping Ivory without Dan, or Q, makes Dan giggle. It would be David on the bass and Todd on the drums but only David’s back up vocals, or any vocals for that matter. Dan did most of the singing.

“We’ll take videos and pictures for you.” Phil comforts him and gives him a small hug before pulling away.

“Lester’s going to have /a lot/ of pictures and videos. We all know how much he loves Q,” Chris says and then makes his voice higher and clasps his hands together as he talks again, “Oh my Q! He’s so beautiful and his hair looks so soft! I’m going to marry him one day!” Phil shoves Chris from across the table.

“No, Phil talks more about his ass in those tight ass jeans. I wonder how that boy can even breathe in them,” PJ chuckles and dodges any attacks from a angry looking Phil. Phil can’t look angry so Dan would describe him as looking like an angry goldfish.

'Easy,’ Dan thinks, 'You get used to wearing them after a while. They’ve just shaped to fit my body perfectly.’

Dan then realizes what Phil has been thinking about Q. Q has the same body as Dan, so does Phil like Dan’s body too????? Dan’s cheeks heat up and his heart rate speeds up at the indirect compliment. Phil was definitely someone that he may or may not have a /tiny/ crush on. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for him?

“I mean, maybe you could come to another concert with us another time…” Chris says, trying to lighten the situation. “It’s okay, I will. I heard panic! is coming in November,” Dan says and smiles, suddenly changing the topic to that.


Dan and Phil both walk to Phil’s house together. Phil walks up the sidewalk to the front door and opens it up. “Thanks for coming over, I really needed someone to hang out with. My parents have been gone for 2 days and it’s lonely.”

“Not that I don’t want to be here, because I do, but why couldn’t Chris or PJ come??” Dan asks curiously.

“They’re probably having sex.”

“That’s true. Not a mental picture I needed though”

“Sorry.. but now I have it too so we’re even”

Dan’s phone buzzes in his pocket and he picks it up, checking the new message. It’s in his band’s group chat from their manager, Sara, to the band group chat. 'BAND STUFF’ was too obvious so they settled for the next best option.


meet at arena, they’re letting us go up early to practice / get some things done before the concert.

Dan sighs, “Phil, I’m really sorry but I have to go..”

“What, why?”

“Family emergency.”

Phil has been getting suspicious of a lot of these random having to leave things and family emergencies, but he doesn’t say anything because what if his mum was really in the hospital or dying?? Then Phil would be a terrible friend.

Phil just nods, “Go ahead. Text me if you can? Anything is better than being alone.”

Dan nods back, “Of course”




Dan slides on his mask, a plain black covering that went around his eyes and the top of his nose. Dan also pushes his hair up into a quiff for shows so no one will be able to tell him from his fringe.

Ripping Ivory’s shows are what Dan calls 'Literally the best thing you’ll ever go to’. There’s lights, smoke, audience participation (consensual of course), and wardrobe changes for different parts of the concert.

Dan wears his black skinny jeans most of the concert and changes his shirts mostly. Unless it’s an outdoor concert and halfway through the concert he may change into basketball shorts.

Dan and the rest of the members quickly skim through their songs and then all of them sneak off to decode the entire arena to find the best spots to stay and check out dressing rooms. It is a pre-concert tradition for them to memorize every corridor and backstage thing they can. They may or may not play hide and seek up until they literally call them to go onstage.

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

everything going good with your family??

FROM DAN (to Phil):

yeah sorry about having to leave..

FROM PHIL (to Dan):

it’s totally understandable.


“I’m not counting, that round was unfair!” Todd complains and crosses his arms.

Dan laughs and rolls his eyes, “I found you fair and square.”

“You didn’t tell us you were coming.”

“Fine! I’ll just count! We have 45 seconds so I’m giving you 15 seconds to run to a spot,” David says and puts his hands over his eyes, starting to count (rather quickly too). Dan runs as fast as he can into a closet and slams the door shut and he suddenly hears a small click.

Dan goes into panic mode when he finds the door locked. He starts banging on the door for someone to come open it. “HELP!!!!!” he screams and he waits for a good at least 30 seconds before David opens the door. “Dan we’re supposed to be out there! Hurry!”

Dan, Todd, and David all sprint to their spots when entering the stage.

Dan is lifted onto the stage from a middle spot. He runs his fingers through his already pushed up hair and fixes his mask. “Hello London!” he says happily and the crowd starts shouting. Dan walks up and starts high-fiving people from the front of the pit. “Sorry for starting so late” Dan giggles a bit, “I got trapped in a closet” He widens his eyes a bit and smiles.

“But no one here came to hear me complain about my life so lets start out with some 'Focus on her’!” The crowd shouts loudly and Dan smiles a very happy smile.

Dan walks forward to the front of the stage as he sings. For this song and the next two songs after he will be wearing this white button-up that is short sleeve and has small black dots on it. Most of his wardrobe is monochrome because of his mask and jeans but some parts he has more bright clothes.

Smoke rises up on both sides of Dan and around the rest of the band and lights flash in all directions.

The next three songs finish way faster than anyone wanted. Dan and the other members run backstage as they play a video for the crowd that is enough to keep them on their toes for the next song.

Dan runs out after the video just ends. He is now wearing a Kanye West 'Yeezus’ shirt that he just threw on because he’ll be doing the 'It Game’ after the next song.

The It Game is whenever he has one of his security guards pick a random girl or guy from the audience. Then he sings them one of their more lovey songs (as much as Dan doesn’t want to admit it, he wrote the song while thinking of him and Phil). He then asks them a few questions to entertain the audience and give the 'It’ a good experience to remember. The 'It’ is able to leave the stage with backstage passes for whoever they came with and a kiss on the cheek from Q.

Soon enough, Dan is waiting for the spotlight to land on whoever his main guard, Bob, chose to go on stage. “Okay guys, we’re now going to play a little game. One of my security guards, and good friends, will be choosing a person from the audience to come up here. If you’re asked and don’t want to, just say no because I know how bad that can be for someone. Like 'OMG Q why did you force me on stage and make me say my name in front of like a ton of people?!’, it’s okay because I won’t. So Bob, go and find the 'It’.”

The crowd cheers and several people jump and hold up signs to try and get onstage. Suddenly a spotlight stops in the middle. Dan can’t tell what the person looks like because of how bright everything is but he will whenever they get up on the stage.

Footsteps, the spotlight is put not only on Dan, but his guest. Dan looks up into the eyes and is filled with familiarity. Blue eyes that he could recognize in a sea of people. Out of everyone here, Bob chose Phil Lester. That bastard knew who he was to Dan and chose him on purpose.

Dan smiles and grabs a stool from the side of the stage for him to sit down. He grabs a microphone and hands it to Phil because Dan has a headset mic. “What’s your name?” Dan asks with a smile and suddenly /really/ hopes Phil won’t be able to recognize him even through a mask.


“Beautiful name for a beautiful man, huh?”

Phil’s cheeks go a dark shade of red, “Thank you” he almost whispers.

“I would compliment you more, but I guess singing you a song will work too” Dan smiles at him and Phil’s eyes crinkle up into that beautiful smile that Dan loves seeing. “Adorable” Dan says and starts with the song.

Dan finishes the song by walking up to Phil and swiftly pushing the little hairs that had fallen out of his fringe back with the others, giving him a small smile. “So, Phil, where are you from?”

“Here. Me and my friends got so excited whenever we found out you guys were coming, although one of them couldn’t make it, but there’s always next time”

“Of course, I’m glad you could make it though. Or else you’d never get to be sat on a bright stage with Q.”

“My one true dream, finally come true.”

Dan laughs and smiles, “Glad I could make it happen. Tell me Phil, is there anyone special in your life right now?”

Phil smiles a bit and looks down, “I would say you but I haven’t even taken you to dinner yet” Phil laughs and shakes his head, “No, but in all seriousness, there’s this guy I may or may not be on the verge of asking out.”

Both Dan and the crowd collectively go 'ooooo’ at the same time. Dan props his elbows on his legs and rests his head on his hands, watching Phil. “Tell me more, we have time”

“Well I’m not going to say anything specific because he always seems to know everything about this band but he’s really cute and bisexual, and I’m pretty sure that even if I wasn’t gay that I still would’ve fallen in love with him.”

“Awwww!! I wish you and your man, good luck” Dan says and he means it because 'oh my shithole, Phil just indirectly told him that he likes/loves Dan???!??!?!

“Thank you” Phil blushes more and smiles.

“Okay, before I so rudely kick you off my stage, how many people did you come here with?”

“Two of my friends and myself.”

“Would two of your friends and yourself like to come backstage after the show to hang out??”

“Yes please”

“Aw, such a gentleman. Okay so go see Bob when you exit the stage and he’ll get you those passes. See you later!” Dan smiles to himself and walks up to Phil, kissing his cheek.


“These are literally my best friends so don’t do stupid things okay?? I’ll be hearing all about this tomorrow at school,” Dan warns his band members. Todd laughs, “So don’t reveal you, show your dick pi-” “I don’t take dick pics!” Dan shouts and throws a bottle of water at him, causing it to spill all over Tom and the ground. At this same moment, PJ, Chris, and Phil are all ushered into the room.

David laughs loudly at the situation, “Looks like you have already failed your mission not to embarrass yourself.” “At least I don’t look like I pissed myself” Dan says and eyes Todd. Todd puts his middle finger up at Dan, “At least I’m not talking about my dick”

“I’ll have you know I have a very nice dick”

“No you don’t”

“You’ve seen me naked before you don’t have to lie”

“Nah mate, I say that /because/ I’ve seen you naked”

Dan throws another bottle of water at him and then turns to their guests. “I’m Q, this is David and Todd. Welcome to our humble abode…. er I mean my dressing room.”

Chris smiles and steps forward, shaking Dan’s hand, “Big fan of your music. Glad to be able to meet you in person.”

PJ smiles, “Same for me. I bet it’s even better for Phil to meet you, he likes you almost as much as he loves 'Daaaaannn’” Dan hopes no one can see the blush on his cheeks.

Todd walks up and pats Dan on the back, “You’ve always been popular with the ladies.. and guys too. We have a big LGBT+ audience. I’d say it’s a very good thing though, spreading gayness one song at a time.”


PJ, Chris, and Phil all leave after about 30 minutes because that’s the most amount of time that the guards would let them stay. As they leave, they spot Dan’s grandma walking around backstage and talking to Bob.

All three of them walk over to her. Chris decides to talk for them, “Mrs. April?? What are you doing here?” She turns around and smiles at the boys, “Oh boys! It’s so nice to see all of you! I just came to see the wonderful show!”

“I thought Dan was going to visit you today? He said that’s why he couldn’t make it to the concert..” Phil says, suddenly confused. PJ then steps up, “Also.. how did you get back here without a backstage pass?”

Mrs. April smiles at them without it wavering at all, “I have to go” she says and walks away, towards the dressing rooms where they can see Q step out and hug her. Just as he goes inside, he slips off his mask, and leaves the other boys at an angle where they couldn’t see his face"


They all sit in the car, left silent with their thoughts as PJ drives them back to Chris’ house. “What if Q is Dan?” Phil asks quietly and Chris laughs. Phil shakes his head at him, “It sounds idiotic but it’s possible. Dan’s grandma came and hugged Q, Dan told us he couldn’t come to see us because he was going to see his grandma, and we already know he can sing and play piano. I’m not reaching very far to conclude this- oh my god I admitted to Dan himself that I’m practically in love with him”

PJ smiles sympathetically, “It’s okay Phil. We’ll find out- plus anytime you said something about it Q got flustered so if it’s true maybe Dan likes you back. I think the best way to find out will be to not ask him about it and let it unfold. I have a plan.”


That night, the boys went over several plans until they got down the best one that they could think of that should trap Dan into telling them the truth. They decided to go with the plan at lunchtime.

“How was the concert?” Dan asks and Phil smiles. His experience at the concert could be put in the top 3 moments of his life. “Amazing! I got on stage and Q was so hot and cute and he kissed my cheek and I swear it’s still burning a hole where his lips touched and we got to go backstage to meet the band!” Phil says excitedly and sits down next to Dan.

PJ and Chris sit down after Phil. “What about you, how was your grandma?” PJ asks and Dan had already guessed that they would ask about her so he was prepared. “She was great actually. Her and my mum talked all night basically and I contributed to about 30% of their conversations. We left her house really late, like 1 or 2.”

Chris contorts his face a bit, “So that’s why she was at your concert last night? We got to speak to her.”

Dan’s heart suddenly starts racing really fast, worse than other times. His breathing quickens and the room starts getting smaller. The people talking around him is louder than usual. “I-I’ve go-tta go-o” he whispers and stands up. The room starts spinning, making it hard for Dan to move. Dan tries to grab onto Phil to break his fall but he completely misses and trips, banging his head against the ground. The last thing Dan remembers before everything going black is the sound of his own sobbing (he doesn’t remember crying but he knows it was himself crying), Phil quickly getting on the floor with him, and PJ yelling for a nurse.


Dan barely squints his eyes open. He has a cold washcloth on his forehead and he is in his bedroom. Phil is sitting at the end of his bed and Chris and PJ are on the love seat across from his bed. They haven’t noticed Dan woke up yet so he decides to listen to their conversation like the sneaky fuck he is, he shuts his eyes once more.

“Gotta say, that guy is really good at what he does. He’s gotten this entire thing past us for 3 years and we only just found out because we went to a concert.” The voice is definitely PJ.

“I can understand why he would keep it from us, this is a big deal. He obviously just wants to keep his identity a secret so he can live normally. This crossed a big barrier for him, bringing famous life into his normal life. That episode he had was understandable” Phil says and places his hand on Dan’s leg.

“I just want him to know that he can trust us, we’ve known him since we were all in our moms’ wombs. This isn’t something I would just go and tell someone,” Chris adds to the conversation.

Before anyone else speaks, Dan decides to make his way in. “That’s good to know” he whispers and sits up a bit in bed and opens his eyes. All three of the boys all snap their heads to look at Dan. “Don’t talk, I want to do this myself.” They nod and Dan rubs his hands over his face before starting.

“Hello, my name is Daniel James Howell. I am in my last year of schooling before I go to university, if I even do, and I’m also in a band. I am known as Q, the guy with the mask, or the guy with extremely tight jeans in the alternative band, Ripping Ivory. I sing songs and and play piano with my other best friends, Todd Harris and David York. Now, I may be best friends with them, but I have some even closer friends that I go to school with. I didn’t tell them about being in a band because I was scared of judgement or them turning on me. I now realize that I can tell them several things that should be told. Also including the fact that I’m in love with my best friend, who I have even written songs about. Which includes the song that I sang for him last night, in front of an arena of people.”

They’re quiet for a painful amount of time. Dan decides to add onto his speech, “Our first ever concert- it was in Reading at a small diner. Back then my mask was bright red and had black paint marks on it- I still have that one actually. But anyways, at that concert I had only known Todd and David for 2 weeks. Enough time to learn the songs I had made. At the beginning of the first song we song, I had the worst panic attack I’ve ever had. The diner was packed to the brim and everyone was watching us. Todd and I sat outside for 20 minutes before I could go back inside and we fucking rocked that show! That show was what bonded me and Todd closer and I still think of the things he told me then whenever I get nervous doing a show or even right now. I shouldn’t be scared of talking to you guys about anything, so there goes most of my secrets.”

“Most?” PJ asks curiously.

“Well do you want a full list of every person I’ve ever wanked to?”

PJ then shakes his head at the same time as Phil.

Chris smirks, “It’d only be two people. 1. Evan Peters 2. Phil Lester”

Phil shoots Chris a glare. PJ stands up, “Chris, lets give Dan and Phil some time to talk things out. We can go talk to Dan’s mum” Chris nods and him and PJ race out of the room and Chris shuts the door behind him.

“D-Did you really write that song about me?” Phil asks with a pink tint to his cheeks. Dan nods and smiles, sitting up all the way and letting Phil come sit next to him. “Who else would I write about having eyes you could swim in? And making my heart do that little flippy over thing” Phil smiles, “Well now you’ll have a new song to write about, about taking chances and finding love, a cliche song about the real life Hannah Montana who meets the love of his life. Dannah Montana.” They’re both silent for a moment, enjoying each other’s company.

Dan smiles at Phil and Phil smiles back, “I’m really proud of you Dan” Phil whispers, cuddling into Dan. “I wouldn’t of done it without my 3 best friends being the sneakiest shits ever. Now, lets get to the real stuff. You calling Q hot, and 'oh the things you would do if his jeans were off’.” Phil blushes and kisses Dan’s cheek, “You’ll find out those things in a matter of time, just a matter of time dear”

Be Careful What You Read

Winchester Brothers x Sister Reader

Reader is 6 years old, Sam is 14 years old, Dean is 18 years old

This is entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl Katie’s 31 Days of Halloween. My prompt is Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Summary: Y/n reads a book that scares her more than she thought it would, while almost finding out about the family business.

Warnings: i think there might be one cuss word, other than that none

Word Count: 1,421

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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'Voltron' Season 3 Trailer Unleashes the Wrath of Lotor — Exclusive
Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery unpack the ‘complex’ season’s morally gray villain

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The biggest reveal, especially for those who weren’t at Comic-Con, is the full shot of Lotor, and already we’re getting a sense of how he approaches conflict, but how do you two contrast him with Zarkon?
JOAQUIM DOS SANTOS: We had a chance to speak about him a little bit at San Diego Comic-Con. I think our big message to try to get across is that he’s a very different operator than Zarkon in the sense that Zarkon was all about brute strength and kicking down doors and taking over the entire universe by force and Lotor’s a way smarter operator — a way more efficient operator. So, he’s likely going to take that path and that might not always mean forced, it might mean befriending a planet or a system and taking them under his wing and providing protection for them. I think there’s a sympathetic aspect to some of his background that people might be able to relate to as the series reveals itself. It’ll make him very different from Zarkon, who’s our…establishing bad guy.

At what point during production on Voltron did you decide you wanted to introduce Lotor and how much mapping out did you have to do beforehand?
LAUREN MONTGOMERY: We wanted to start with Zarkon because, obviously, he was such a huge part of the original show and we really wanted to set up the world with Zarkon in the lead and establish him as the bad guy and this is what the bad guys do. And we knew that before we could do something more unique that brings a lot more gray into the world — it’s not so good versus bad, black and white — Lotor kind of plays in that gray area, but we needed to do it a little later because we wanted to make sure the world was set up very clearly in the beginning. So I think that led us to introduce him here, which for us is about 26 episodes in and it just felt like a good break between our seasons and just a good place. We’ve done Zarkon’s arc and left him in a kind of really different place. We took him out — not completely, but really resolved his fight against Voltron and now we can bring in this new point of view and play with that.
DOS SANTOS: We had discussed Lotor pretty early on.
DOS SANTOS: We were like, “Oh! We can’t wait to get around to him!”
MONTGOMERY: We didn’t want to throw everyone in episode 1. We wanted to space things out and introduce these lovely characters just a little bit at a time.

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anonymous asked:

Congratulations on 600+ followers !! It's nice to see people appreciating the hard work that goes into making art <3 I was wondering if it would be possible for you to draw Kokichi Ouma from NDRV3 ?

Aaah thank you very much anon <3

yay Ouma this little mischevious guy! (I still have a drawing of him somewhere in my folders I hope I’ll find the motivation to finish it one day hahah) gosh I want to play NDRV3 so much– I only watched some videos of the Prologue but I want to know what happens next T T too bad I don’t know enough japanese to understand it

Anyways, here you go! hope you like it ;3

therandomvillain  asked:

"The implication is that the player community as a whole will attend more FNMs if the promos are better Except it's not trueThe data just doesn't bear that out." How can you guys use two points of data from the same GARBAGE standard that no one wants to play in place the fault on the promos? Your standard is bad and your data should show that, not that the promos arent drawing a crowd

You are asking a very good question but asking it very impolitely. I am trying to encourage polite civil discourse here on Blogatog, so if you could please ask again, more civilly, I will gladly answer.

anonymous asked:

I see the baby teeth ask and want to submit: Peter getting a really bad sunburn, like really bad. Like his skin is red and keeps peeling and he's feeling sick and Kraglin is gone so all the ravagers look at the Terran shedding his skin and freak out.

I hear you and raise you - Kraglin not being there, Yondu being busy and also not there, and Peter being a little shit about it.  Let’s be honest here - hearing so often that the “boys are gonna eat ya” does make a child / teenager a little annoyed and looking for revenge.

And Peter really wanted to tell them that it’s okay, he has a slight headache and is dizzy and his skin itches, but it’s not bad. But then, he sees the Ravagers freaking out over it, and just plays along. He groans miserably, sticks his tongue out and lets his head loll back and is all like, “Uuugh…. I’m going to die, I know it…”

And poor guys around are close to losing their mind, because if the Captain comes back and his Terran is dead, they are very much dead, too, apart from the pain that comes before that death.

“What did’cha do to ‘im?!”

“Me?! Ain’t been me, ye idjit, why would I…!”

“Ye don’ even like the brat!”

“Yeah, but ye do, or what?!”

“Both of ye shut yer trap and go look for somethin’ that helps before the Capt’n is back!”

Peter almost chokes on suppressed laughter as he watches them bustling around, searching for someone who could understand what’s happening to the Terran (and most of all, is it contagious?)

In all the commotion, nobody even notices Kraglin coming back. The Ravager grimaces in confusion at his hectic crewmates, then goes to look for Peter.

“What’s goin’ on out there, idjit?”

Peter beams at him as he sees him, comfortable in his spot where he can watch all the chaos. “They don’t know what a sunburn is.”

Kraglin casts one glance over the panicking Ravagers, then at the smirking Peter, and proceeds to kick the boy in the sheen, immediately understanding what had happened. “Ye lil’ shit.”

“Ow! Love you too, man.”

The older rolls his eyes and chucks a bottle of salve at the laughing kid, watching with satisfaction as it hits Peter square in the forehead. It’s the salve against sunburn Kraglin was out to buy while Peter was pranking the crew. “Put that on that burn, then go tell ‘em that yer ‘kay. And start runnin’ early enough, ain’t like they will be happy about all that.”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Very funny, jackass.”

Peter doesn’t mind the insult, still laughing after Kraglin when the older turns to both walk away and hide his own little smirk.

Yondu doesn’t even try to hide his mirth when Kraglin tells him everything, since they are alone on the bridge when the Centaurian comes back from his successful business. He hollers with hoarse laughter, almost keeling over.

“I don’t think the boys liked it that much, Capt’n.”

“Bah! Boy got all of ‘em, an’ that good! Only shows that their heads are busted ‘cause of all the booze.”

“… Ye better not tell ‘em that, sir,” Kraglin points out, even though he watches his delighted Captain with amusement.

It’s not like he’s wrong per se. Peter probably is the smartest out of the whole bunch.

It just wouldn’t do let him know.

Just watched ‘Chinese New Year’

My random thoughts:

  • The amount of cringe I could feel coming off this episode from the awkward situations was almost overwhelming
  • Celia wanting to beat Aunt Mei is so #relatable to me for some reason
  • How much Celia likes and wants to show off Bowie is literally everything tho
  • The culture in this episode tho
  • Buffy making history!!!!
  • Cyrus playing basketball is me tbh
  • The Cyrus and Marty fist bump has given me the will to live another day
  • Buffy admitting that she’s nervous therefore showing her vulnerability is what I’m here for
  • Cyrus is the most supportive best friend and he must be protected
  • Buffy is also ready to kick some ass at tryouts
  • Bowie’s heart being broken 😭
  • Bex feels so bad and that makes me sad
  • But also sad for Bowie
  • but like Bex really didn’t do anything wrong. She doesn’t have to marry Bowie. I just want her to be happy tbh

Any those were just some of my thoughts. Now we must wait for what seems like an eternity for the next ep

Friday Night Lights

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Fem!Reader

Request: Any chance you can write one where the reader is Anthony’s younger sister and they meet Lin and they really like each other? Like super fluffy with them getting together at the end but also protective Anthony too? Sorry that is vague and sorry if you can’t! ~ Anonymous

Will you do a Lin x reader? I’m always craving some more of that! @ruth-hamilton-delrio

Words: 1957

Warnings: protective older brother; alcohol mentioned; fluff


Stepping into the club your older brother Anthony made sure you stayed by his side as you pushed your way through the crowd of people.

It was Friday night, for once there wasn’t a show so the cast wanted to go out and have fun to make up for how hard they’ve been working. And it just so happened to be the night you were suppose to hang out with your older brother. So he decided to drag you along so you can meet some of his friends. And in all honesty you were kind of nervous.

Up ahead Anthony can see his girlfriend Jasmine talking to Daveed. He grinned and pulled you along to walk faster as the both of you made your way over. He released your hand and went over giving his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek causing her to giggle.

“Anthony Ramos how nice of you to finally join us.” Anthony chuckled before motioning you over.

“Y/N you’ve already met Jazzy, so Y/N this is Daveed Diggs, he plays Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the show.” Your brother told you. You smile at the man.

‘Damn he’s hot.’ You thought to yourself as you shook the mans hand.

“Where’s Lin?” Anthony asked Daveed while casually slinging an arm around Jasmine’s shoulders.

“Uhhh.” Daveed looked around. “He should be around here somewhere, why what’s going on?”

“Nah nothing man, I jus’ want to introduce my baby sister to the guys.” You glared at him.

“Anthony I’m literally 1 year younger than you.” You pointed out to him.

“Damn I feel bad for you, having Anthony as a brother?” Daveed let out a low whistle. You and Jazzy laughed as Anthony playfully glared at Daveed telling him to ‘fuck off’. Daveed only grinned in response.

“Well it was nice meeting you Daveed now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go grab a drink.” You announced, turning away from the small group, walking right into someone.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” You apologized.

“No it’s my fault I should’ve watched where I was going.” The man stammered. Looking into his eyes blew your breath away. He was handsome, he sported a goatee and a man bun. You nervously smiled at him, feeling your heart pound in your chest or its the base of the music, you weren’t sure.

“I…I don’t know what else to say.” You admitted, avoiding eye contact with him, feeling yourself blush from the awkwardness of the situation.

The man chuckled, shoving his hands into his front pockets.

“How about I buy you a drink?” The man offered. “You look like you kind of need it.” You smiled slightly.

“Okay.” You trailed behind the man, making your way to the bar which wasn’t as full as you thought it would be. The man hopped onto the bar stool, patting the stool besides him. Sliding onto the stool you twisted your body so you were facing the bar.

“What would the lady like this evening?” The bar tender asked. You lightly chuckle.

“A rum and Coke.” You tell him. The bar tender nodded before looking at the man next to you.

“Beer.” The bar tender left the two of you to get your drinks. Twisting in your seat, your knee brushed lightly against the mans leg.

“Im Y/N.” You told him. He smiled holding his hand out to you.

“Lin.” Once he said that you thought of Anthony’s friend.

“As in Lin-Manuel Miranda?” You tried. Lin laughed but nodded saying ‘Yes’. You smiled. “I’m Y/N Ramos, Ant’s sister.” He stared at you for like 2.3 seconds before it clicked.

“Right! Ant told me you were coming tonight. Well it’s nice to meet you, Anthony talks about you as much as he does about Jasmine.” Together you laughed as your drinks were set down in front of you.

You took your drink in your hands and took one big gulp from the glass.

“Woah!” Lin laughed. “Well then, um, tell me about yourself Y/N.” Looking at him you can see him blushing, his hands fidgeting with the bottle.

“You don’t need to be nervous Lin.” He smiled anxiously at you before looking back at his bottle.

“Sorry it’s just I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful I- Oh my god I’m sorry.” His face was a bright red at this point from embarrassment.

“You think I’m beautiful?” You asked, turning bashful. His brown eyes locked with yours.

“Of course I do, h-have you seen you? Like damn girl.” You giggled, your face turning redder, Lin noticed this and smiled. At least he wasn’t the only blushing mess here.

“Well thank you.” Butterflies fluttered in your stomach in that moment.


Anthony was looking for you. He was kinda worried. He lost you and him being the protective brother he is had to make sure you were all right. So of course he was relived when he saw you at the bar but what caught his eye was you talking to a man besides you. From where he’s at he couldn’t recognize who was with you and his older brother instinct kicked in so he walked over.

“Y/N!” He called it. Your head turned in the direction of your name being called and you grinned waving him over. Lin took a sip of his beer, setting down his second bottle as Anthony arrived. Anthony pulled you into a protective hug before looking at the guy you were with.

“It was his best friend Lin.

“Oh shit man it’s just you.” Anthony sighed in relief. “I had to make sure it wasn’t some douche trying to pick up my baby sister.” Lin laughed as you groaned pushing your brother away playfully.

“Ant I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself okay? And if I wanted to go home with a guy I will do just that.” You drawled. Anthony crinkled his nose in disgust.

“Ew, stop it your my sister.” He grumbled. You looked at him with amusement with a growing smirk.

“Okay this next song we’re going to slow it down a bit, and - hey no having sex in the corner!” The DJ yelled at the couple in the corner as the next song played. Anthony sighed looking back at you.

“I’m going to go find Jazzy, jus’ don’t do anything stupid okay?.” Anthony begged you. You shook your head.

“Go I’ll be fine right where I am, right Lin?” You glanced over at Lin who raised his bottle a bit.

“I’ll be with her, go find Jasmine.” Lin said. Anthony just nodded before going after his girlfriend. Picking up your drink, you drank the rest of it. “You, um want to dance?” Lin asked. You grinned at him.



Your arms were around Lin’s neck as his hands held you by the waist, your head rested against his collarbone, his chin on top of your head as the both of you swayed to the music. Your eyes were closed, enjoying this moment.

“Hey.” Lin lightly squeezed your waist. Lifting your head you looked up at him.

“Yeah?” Lin licked his lips his eyes looking into yours with intently.

“I was wondering if-” Suddenly the whole crowd roared as the music picked up again. Lin sighed, running a head through his hair but it didn’t go as well because it was in the bun. You giggled, covering your mouth with your hand. HIs hair looked a mess now. Lin jerked his thumb back behind him. “You wanna join the others?” He asked. You shrugged before shaking your head.

“I think I want to keep dancing.” You told him with a grin, wrapping your arms around his neck as you danced to the beat of the song. His eyebrows raised in amusement. Lin was a bit awkward in the beginning but soon loosened up grabbing your hips, moving with you.


The night went better than you expected it to be. Sure you came with your brother to meet to cast of Hamilton and make new friends yourself but the second you met Lin you two stuck by each other’s side and Lin was disappointed when the night had to come to an end.

“Y/N you ready to go?” Anthony came up to you and asked. You were sitting at an empty table, Lin went to fetch you a water, to your request.

“Uh, sure, let me go tell Lin goodbye.” You responded, standing up from your seat. You stumbled forward a bit.

“Woah, how much did you drink?” Anthony asked, placing his hands on your shoulders, steading you out.

“I don’t know.” You mumbled, rubbing a hand down your face tiredly.

“Hey.” You peel your eyes open, smiling at Lin reaching your hand out for the water which he gladly handed over. Drinking the entire glass you set it down.

“I’m gonna take her home.” Anthony told Lin, who nodded glancing at you worriedly.

“Wait.” You said turning to Lin. “Bye.” You hugged him. Lin chuckled, wrapping his arms around you, hugging you goodbye.

“I’ll see you around?” He rubbed his hands together.

“Definitely.” You say, looking at your brother. “Take me home now please.” You begged your brother.

“Let’s go.” Anthony helped you to the car where you passed out by the time you got in. As quiet as he can Anthony shut the car door as Lin walked out of the club, his hair now out of his man bun.

“Yo Lin!” Lin craned his neck over to see Anthony. Walking over Lin shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Yeah?” Anthony glanced back to his sleeping sister inside the car before looking back at Lin.

“I’m not stupid yunno? I can tell when somebody likes another. And I can tell you like my sister.”

“Anthony-” Anthony put a hand up to stop his friend.

“I’m cool with it man, but if you hurt her, I kinda have to kill ya.” Lin chuckled nervously, running his hand through his long hair.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Anthony smiled.

“Good. Night man.” Lin watched Anthony get into the car, driving off with Y/N sleeping besides him. Turning down the street Lin began his walk to his car.


You let out an audible groan as you turn over in bed, pulling the blanket over your head. Slowly you dared opened your eyes seeing lightly through the gray blanket. Pulling it down you blocked the light with your hand. The light nearly blinded you, it hurt. Looking at the time on your nightstand it was 11:00pm. Beside your clock was a glass of water and two Tylenol. Taking the pills you took a big gulp of water. Reaching over for your phone you pressed the power button alas lighting up the screen.

1 text from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Rubbing the side of your face, you unlocked your phone. You remember Lin, and talking for the most part. A lot of things were still blurry but you know that you liked him though despite only meeting him that night.

‘Hey, had a great time with you last night and again it was nice meeting you. But aside from that I was wondering if you maybe wanted to grab dinner possibly tonight? It’s totally cool if you don’t want to I understand!’ ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sending him a text back you tossed your phone besides you before pulling the blanket back over you, falling back to sleep.


Lin’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He was about to get dressed as Hamilton seeing as the show started soon. Opening his texts he couldn’t help but let out a small cheer when he saw your text.

‘Yes.’ ~ Y/N Ramos


Damian Wayne x reader

Damian had invited you to study at his house and you thought that it was the perfect opportunity to finish a big task from school, but it turned out that he was finished and had different things in mind. And now he were starting to grow bored of sitting still and just watching you.

“TT,” Damian suddenly huffed making you jump. “Can’t you finish it now, you’ve gone through it at least ten times,” Damian groaned.

“No, I need to get a good grade on this one,” you answered with your nose hidden in your book.

“TT, why do you care about a letter so much?” Damian asked curiously.

“A letter that shows you how smart you are and how well you know the subject,” you answer still looking down in your book.

“TT, grades and intelligence is not the same, just think of Drake here,” Damian remarked pointing his thumb towards Tim sitting in the couch behind him.

“You know I can hear you right?” Tim said raising his gaze from his pc screen, to glare directly at Damian’s back.

“Yeah, yeah Drake, no one cares of what you have to say,” Damian answer waving his hand at Tim.

“Just so you know I am in..” but before Tim could finish the sentence Damian interrupts him “I don’t care about what’s on your stupid screen Drake.”

“Please be a little more quiet boys, I’m trying to write here,” you say and continue writing down more words. “I want to play this,” Damian says holding up a video game cover. “But I need to..” “No, I can make Drake do your assignment, you look tired and I bet he hasn’t slept in days.”

“I can still hear you guys, and not a chance.”

“Why Drake? Not smart enough? Just like expected,” Damian looked at you making you a little more nervous.

“It’s not that, but she has to do her assignment herself,” Tim said as he typed rapidly on his computer.

“Sorry I forgot that you have no IQ, so thank you for saving y/n here from a very bad grade,” Tim stopped typing. Damian smirked, looking at you knowing how to push the buttons of the very irritated Tim behind him.

Tim looked like he was ready to kill Damian, but took a deep breath in “No I am fully capable..”

“then prove it, because I don’t believe you,” you looked up at Damian and he was smiling at you.

“Oh I’ll show you an +A assignment,” he stood up from the sofa making his way towards you holding out a hand. “y/n give me your book,” you handed it to him and he jumped right back in the sofa, rapidly starting to write down the words you were supposed to make.

You and Damian used the rest of the night to play video games, and you might have earned a kiss or two for winning over him. And Tim? Let us just say he were right.

Mornings: Kisses and Other Blisses | Becca x MC (Jey)

Alright. I have a lot of fics that are works in progress and I felt bad for not being able to release new ones, so here’s a short one shot for you guys. I just really, really wanted to get something out there. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

Jey stirred as the chirping of the birds outside woke her up, slowly opening her eyes to find herself in a tangle of sheets, her naked body throbbing with the pleasurable ache of being thoroughly… well, as eloquently, as she could put it, fucked.

She was alone in her bed, and Becca was nowhere to be seen, but her warmth still lingered on the sheets. Jey smiled to herself, the events and all the details of last night—the sensations, scents, and sounds—vivid in her mind. The smell of Becca, oftentimes lingered with the scent of sex from a long night previous, and the feel of her body pressed back against her so perfectly… Jey was suddenly restless. She yearned for those luscious lips, those seductive eyes, and for that smooth, taut skin.

And so with a great yawn, she pulled herself out of the covers and dragged herself out of bed, stretching and rolling her shoulders. She searched the floor (which was full of discarded articles of clothing, of course Becca didn’t bother cleaning up) and reached for her pajamas, promptly dressing herself before freshening up.

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MONSTA X REACTION: if there GF told them to zip/unzzip their dress

Shownu: Right after he hears you calling, he runs to you and ask what happened.

“Can you please help me zipping my dress?”

“Oh sure..” ‘To much skin… He would think. Maybe I should do something.. It’s a one of a lifetime chance.. No! You can’t Hyungwoo!’ He would have a internal battle if he should or not do something, but in the end, he gives up and just zip it for you. Too embarrassed to try anything.

Wonho: “Oppa! Can you come here real quick?” You call from your room.

Hoseok stands up from the sofa, where he was waiting for you to finish dressing.

“Okay then…” As soon as he reaches the room, you ask him:

“Can you zip my dress?” You say already turning your back to him, showing a bit too much skin. He breaths deeply and touch the zipper, but when his hand touches your skin he simply couldn’t resist.

His hand caress your back, then he pulls you to a thigh hug whispering:

“Jagi… I think it’s better if we stay home today..”

Minhyuk: You two enter your room giggling like two crazy persons. Minhyuk is carrying you over his shoulder, when he simply throws your body on the bed and start a tickes war.

“Yah stop! I’m going to die!”

“Never!” He laughs. After some fighting, he finally let you go.

“Ok ok.. Now I need a shower!” You say “Can you unzzip my dress oppa?”

Minhyuk would start to unzzip it, touching your skin with the tip of his fingers thinking if he should lead it to something more. Swallowing hard and with all his self control, he just unzzip your night dress. Just like Shownu, too embarrassed to start something.

Hyungwon: You two just got home. You go ahead to prepare a bath while Hyungwon is taking some bags on the bag compartiment. You open the door for your apartment and go straight to your room, opening the hot water tap, letting the water fill the bathtub.

Then, you start trying to unzzip your black dress, but unfortunately, the zip was winning the battle.

Suddenly, a pair of arms circle your body.

“You don’t even know how to take your own dress dummy?”

“Hey don’t call me that! This thing is hard!”

Hyungwon calmly unzzip your dress, turning you to him only to leave a small peck on your lips.

“Now it’s done”

Kihyun: It was Kihyun’s day off, so you came early from work.

“Hi oppa! Let me just change my clothes, so we can go out ok?”

“Ok dear.. I will wait here.”

Some minutes later you come back, fighting with your zipper.

“Open my zipper for me?”

“Open like… Take it off for you?”

“Yes!” You say innocently.


Jooheon: You two are both shopping in a fancy dress store. You pick some models and head to the dressing rooms. There wasn’t anyone watching them, so Jooheon entered it with you to help you choose.

“Wait here!” You push him to wait on the other side of the curtain, sitting on a little bench.

“Ok jagi…”

You put on the first one, opening the curtain to show him.

“How about this one?”

“This seems big for you”

“It’s because I can’t zip it!” Jooheon turn you around and do it for you.

“Now it’s beautiful. But you sure looks better without it”

I.M.: +18 warning (some subjective maknae here guys!)

I.M is laying on the sofa, surrounded by open snacks bags, soda cans and some sweets. The videogame is on, but he isn’t playing. That’s the scene you find when you get home from your night out with friends.

“Changkyun.. What are you doing? You didn’t do anything I asked you!”

You keep talking as he slowly gets up and walk to you, pressing your body on the wall.


“Why you left me alone here? I wanted to stay with you so bad…” He presses his forehead onto yours pouting.

“Stop with this shit Changkyun.. I’m tired. And you stink.”

When you try to get away from his ‘cage’, he stops you.


You look at him with pleading eyes. It always work.

“Ok..” He let you go to your room, but right after you call him.

“Chanhyuk! Can you please unzzip my dress?

“I’ll only do it if you do me a favor, for leaving me here..”


“You have to fuck with me”

I hope you enjoyed, ADM Panda and I spend a whole afternoon doing this.

~ADM Cherry~

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That Kind of Pain

Bucky x Reader


Summary: Bucky and Steve move away from the Avengers and to Brooklyn, leaving a head-over-heels-in-love Y/N by herself. She knows she must do everything in her power to get over Bucky.

Word Count: 3658 lmao

Warnings: feels, angst, fluff, suggestions to sex, language

A/N: this is so long I was initially going to split it into three parts but I decided not to. Inspired by someone (me) trying to get over a guy I like, but surprise surprise, the heart wants what it wants. Here ya go 💛

I’ve always believed that there’s no such thing as bad timing, as long as you care enough. That’s what my parents always told me, that’s what I raised knowing. But I was wrong.

That’s all I can think of as Wanda wiggles her fingers and the lights in the screening room go dim. I was wrong. Because I care enough. That much is true. I care so much, and that’s exactly what has put me into this dilemma.

Tony presses play on the movie, and it’s like I’m seeing a haze rather than a TV screen. The only thing that brings me out of my trance is a light tap on my arm. I look over to Natasha, who has shifted in her seat to look at me.

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