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This blog is transferring from a single, long story to short stories started by MA’s. It’s a couple years after the events of the previous story and is not meant to be taken seriously. If you’d like you can read the rest of what I had planned here.

Have fun! 


Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams: The Hood Maker

I did run away with the assignment. I fell for you. We can get out of the city. We can go to the mountains. You can read minds but you can’t read my heart. 

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Idk if YandereDev can do something about his community. He has no influence on what an other person says or does. I'm trying to be neutral here so I won't fully defend YD nor his fanbase victims. If someone with an Apple phone hacked/killed someone, you can't blame the Devs for it. I know the community is pretty crazy and triggered quickly, but thats basically anyone who gets "insulted" nowadays. We should just leave YD and his community as it is and not hate anything, or atleast silent.

I’m not blaming Dev, I know he has nothing to do so far in that situation. He never said “Hey, this person is doing something that I don’t like, go harasse them.” or anything. And honestly, I would understand if he just shrugs and ignores it, it’s not fully his problem.
But he has a certain “power” over the fanbase, and it’s in all his interests to actually say that is not a thing to say. A fanbase represents the game in the eyes of a lot of people. If the fanbase is seen as a bunch of cringy angsty teenagers/children who harass the others, you can bet your ass that a lot of people won’t actually buy/play the game, because of the bad publicity given by the fandom, and Popular Youtubers won’t always do the back up.

The person who got harassed until she broke down had to endure it for DAYS. Three days. Three days of someone/multiple persons insulting her, asking her to kill herself, invaliding her sexuality and much worst. It’s more than just insulting her, see for yourself here, and they didn’t even posted the worsts thet got.
We’re not talking about only one person getting harassed. Over the past few days, a lot of the critic blogs have been getting a strong amount of KYS rent, insults, slurs and even more. It’s getting worst everyday, I’ve been called a tr*nny f*g yesterday in 5 asks, all from the same person. My friends are dealing with almost daily “Kill yourself” and other shit like that. We’ve been calling names over the past weeks. We weren’t even criticising or anything, most of us were just shitposting.

So far, all I would ask is seeing Dev just making a post saying something like “Hey, if you’re insulting someone/telling them to kill themself because they do not agree with me, then you’re not a real Yandere Simulator fan and don’t belong in this community.”, that’s all. Some of the people who are doing this are probably young - and if they’re a grown up, it’s even more shitty of them - and would actually listen to Dev. I don’t want him to excuse himself for something he didn’t do, once again, he’s not responsable of what his ‘devpai protection squad’ is doing. But he can takes actions.

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are you planning a thread with el? I would love to see you guys again, and I'm sure others would!

(OOC: El and I are on google hangout together at this moment. We are not planning anything, but if you guys want to throw some ideas (mainly characters, but could be plot) at us…. We’ll talk about them.)

Somebody, or just you?

I just want somebody to take me on a date. Go with me to the cinemas and hold my hand in the dark. Take me to a bookstore and leave notes in our favourite books for future readers. Go on a walk with me on a sunny late summer afternoon, when the air is crisp and almost chilly and the leaves have just turned red and yellow. For someone to hold my hand and snuggle up with me while drinking hot cocoa as we rewatch old disney movies. For someone to laugh their ass out with me at dumb puns. For someone to shine up the way I do when I see them. To great me with hugs and forehead kisses. To hold me close in their arms. To make me feel safer by a simple touch. Forehead touches, warm hugs, laughing, soft kisses, and looks that say I love you. Hand holding in the dark, slow dancing, spontaneous singing, safety and home. I want somebody to just be there.

I know it’s a long shot and I’ve asked so many times but please please please if anyone has a spare ticket for any of Harry’s uk shows this year let me know

Oh god, today’s been intense. First I ran an all-morning meeting for a critical project with an impending deadline, then I had 2 rounds of in-office job interviews for a role that pays a lot more but for which I’m highly unqualified (but also weirdly overqualified for…). In between all of this I also a heart-to-heart with my current boss above making the move. I have another round tomorrow with even more senior staff, who are apparently highly skeptical of the fact I was invited to interview, due to said lack of these specific qualifications. Ahhhhhhhhh.

one of my favourite things is that as far as Tevinter is concerned, we are not in 9:44 Dragon. Because Tevinter doesn’t count time starting from the foundation of the Orlesian Chantry and the election of Justinia I, Tevinter counts time starting from the foundation of the Imperium.

which means that, as far as Tevinter is concerned, we are currently in 2038 TE

I feel like I want to make some people SHOOK today, so here is a free mini-lesson for everyone (P.S: If you’re American then please pay close attention):

-There isn’t a single country in the Middle-East that has the word “stan” in it. Not a single one.

-And yes, that includes Pakistan & Afghanistan.

-Yes you heard me correctly, both of Pakistan & Afghanistan are not in the Middle-East, but instead they’re in South & Central Asia.

-Muslims don’t wear turbans, at all.

-Arabs/Middle-Eastern people also don’t wear turbans either, at all (In some Arabic countries there ARE types of traditional headwraps and they’re called “Emamah”, however they’re not called turbans and you can easily tell the difference between them if you bother learning).

-The only Religion/Culture whose people do wear turbans are called Sikhs, follower of Sikhism religion. And no, Sikhs are not from the Middle-East either, but are primely from India.

-There are over three muslim countries in Europe. And no, the muslims there aren’t immigrants but are in fact native white Europeans who are also Muslims (Yes white European muslims exist, since you know, Islam is a universal religion not an ethnicity or a race)

-There’s over 50 Muslim countries in this world and aside from Iran there isn’t a single muslim country in this globe that forces women to wear Hijab (Headscarf) By law. 49 out of 50 muslim countries don’t have laws forcing women to wear Hijab or face veils.

-A Muslim woman wearing a Burqa is an extremely rare thing that can hardly be found in any Muslim countries, so if you see a Muslim woman covering her face with a type of cloth then that piece of cloth is most likely a Niqab NOT a Burqa (Seriously, don’t bother saying Burqa cuz 99.9% of the time, the thing you want to describe is probably not a Burqa)

-Only 23% of the world’s Muslims population are from Arab/Middle-Eastern countries. Yes, there are more non-Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims than there are Middle-Eastern/Arab Muslims.

-Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha wasn’t 7 when she married him, but was actually 19 at the time of the wedding (And this have been debunked for centuries now, yet it’s still used by Islamophobics till this day).

-Almost everything I have said in this post have been true for centuries actually, so if you didn’t already know at least one of the things from this list then you really have no excuse to be this deep in the dark.


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
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