i want them to be frustrated with each other

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Hidei headcannons?

-When Deidara and Hidan first interacted, Deidara hated Hidan. Hidan is immortal, and fights by surviving things that should kill him, and Deidara sees this as the worst kind of heresy according to his philosophy. For a long time, Deidara loathed and was disgusted by Hidan.

-Eventually things came to a head, Deidara going overboard when expressing his disgust of Hidan (who has a short fuse in the first place) and they had a vicious fistfight which involved them rolling around in the grass, very close to each other, in a way quite unbecoming of S-class wanted-nin.

-Hidan ended up with several obvious bitemarks in…unfortunate places. Kakuzu made plenty of suggestive remarks to the effect of what Hidan and Deidara might have been doing, much to Hidan’s frustration. Deidara, for his part, would keep pointedly taking out breath mints from his robes.

-The most important thing that came from their encounter, however, Hidan snarling “Do you think I fucking like this?!” and Deidara realizing that Hidan was more trapped in an immortal body than enjoying it (as opposed to Sasori, who sought immortality)

-And I mean Deidara in general isn’t the most sympathetic person, but staying immortal seems to him like a living hell on earth and he honestly feels pity for Hidan

-That ended their rivalry

-They do have similar personalities, and occasionally take a personal “vacations,” mostly involving explosions and slaughter. It’s their main form of bonding.

-Deidara once let Hidan do his hair. Once was enough.

-Deidara helped Hidan make a lot of modifications to his scythe - making it extend and retract, split into different, smaller parts, etc. He used the same mechanical expertise he employed for his mechanical eye.

-Hidan has inconsistent relationship patterns - very passionate one second and withdrawn the next, his impulsive personality and the knowledge that he would survive while Deidara died, and not wanting to get attached.

-Deidara, of course, lives purely in the moment and gives everything his all.

-As they spent more time together, they began to occasionally exchange speech patterns - Deidara swearing more, and Hidan sometimes punctuating his statements with a grunt. Sasori is the only one who notices, but he doesn’t say anything.

-After Hidan disappears, Deidara spends a very long time searching for him before finally concluding he’s dead

-That’s around the time he begins to unwind, becoming a little more unstable (Sasori might have been able to help, but Sasori is dead) - he doesn’t let himself mourn for Hidan, because he knows that it’s what Hidan would have wanted.

-He does, however, make a few sacrifices and a few prayers to Jashin as best he can, in memory of Hidan’s soul. He intended, in part, to make Sasuke the last 

- because Jashin is all about shared pain, and that would be realized if they both died in the same explosion.

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Could you write about the moment between Malec in episode 2x07, prior to when we are shown them kissing on the balcony? I am eager to know about the scene where they got out there and were talking and sitting comfortably against each other and started kissing. Thanks so much!!

despite the frustration of being interrupted, it was next to impossible to pull magnus out of his good mood. in any other situation and under any other circumstances he would have let alec lay into his brother as much as he wanted. but now and here, he honestly didn’t want alec to go anywhere.

the date had been perfect, hopping across continents and losing themselves in so many beautiful cities. delicious drinks at gorgeous bars, shopping in all of magnus’s favorite places and then finally eating sushi and drinking sake, sitting close but not close enough to touch and talking. all of that still felt so fresh in his mind and under his skin, paired the surprise of alec buying him a gift.

he hadn’t expected that. for one, they had barely spent any time apart while they were out, not enough magnus had assumed for alec to do much of anything, let alone buy him a gift. but more than that, it was the sentiment. he couldn’t remember the last time someone had bought him anything, let alone a gift like this. something for him, something that had significant emotional value, something that said alec saw this and thought of me.

so the idea of anything breaking this warm thing they were wrapped up in at the moment was the last thing he wanted. no, instead the room was filled with music, mixing in with the chandelier light and after soft laughter, magnus stepped in close again, right where they left of, his fingertips pressing at alec’s hip. he watched the way alec reacted to the touch, the slight dip of his eyelids, the parting of his lips and the smile.

“may i kiss you now?” magnus asked, his voice deep and just a little breathless as he watched the way the light was catching in alec’s eyes.

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request// “could you maybe write some smut about tyler? something with him and the reader having sexual tension and both being shy about it for a while until one day tyler just snaps and has passionate, slightly rough sex with her, including dirty talk”

(a/n) AH IM IN LOVE W TYLER AND JOSH ATM SO IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. imma put this in school because why the hell not you know what im sayin? & sorry about it taking so long to get to the frustration, i didnt know where to start. & sorry if it wasnt as much as usual. its exam week so ive been studying and also, sorry about switching POVs so much. i just wanted to show the sexual frustration of both of them.

I saw him almost every day on my way to fourth hour for the first semester. Even in the most crammed hallways we never seem to fail to find each other. I always blush and tuck my head down. His smile always sent weird shivers down my spine.

I take a deep breathe as I enter my new piano class; it’s fairly big with a grand piano in the front of the class; the floors were carpet instead of tile. Immediately, my eyes set upon the mysterious boy from the halls. I freeze in my tracks as his face lifts up from his lap to make eye contact with me. We both kind of half-smile and quickly turn our heads away. I take the seat two down from the boy. I notice he’s wearing a plain black shirt and black gym shorts. He leans against his elbow, slightly flexing his biceps.

His head tilts my direction and notices me staring. Embarrassed, I whip my head to face my desk. I bite down on my tongue. Who is he?



Who is she? Her Y/HC hair falling perfectly to frame her face. Her full hips sway ever so slightly, driving me crazy. The way she smiles at me in the hall then trying to hide her cheeks to keep me from seeing her blush. I’m always late to my fourth hour just so I could see her. She was stunning.

I see a figure out of the corner of my eye. It’s her. We both seem to freeze in time for the quickest second. She’s wearing baggy joggers and a band tee. She smirks at me and I try to mimic but fail completely, then turning my head back to my thumbs. I follow her out of the corner of my eye, heart racing as she picks the seat two down from me. My thumb starts twitching like usual. I can feel her eyes peering at me so I shift my head to meet her eyes. She whips her head back to her desk but I keep staring, scanning of what I can see of her face.

“Welcome class. My name is …” I tune the teacher out and peer one last time over to her. Not paying attention to roll call, I zone back in just enough to answer to my own name.



The class finally ends with the chime of the bell. I hear the teacher yell about getting a permission slip. I swiftly walk out of the room before anything more awkward could happen and I try my best to swerve through the maze of people to get to my calculus class on time.



I slug into the classroom, make eye contact with Mystery Boy and the proceed to my desk. Slumping into my seat I let my head fall into my arms.

I got absolutely no sleep last night. I looked and felt like shit. Mystery Boy is probably appalled by me at the moment but I didn’t care. My eyes start to feel heavy as I slip into a dream.


“Ms. Y/N, so nice of you to join us.” A bellowing voice pulls me from my deep thoughts.

I lift my head to see a tall figure hovering above me. My head lifts from my arms as my eyes try to adjust to the bright lights. I can feel thousands of beady eyes on me. I look around to see everyone staring at me, but it’s not until I see Mystery Boy that my cheeks start to flush.

“I think you’ll have enough time to sleep during detention since you’re too tired to pay attention in class.” The teacher said walking back to his desk.

Crap. This can’t happen. I try to hide my face the best I could behind my hair but I can still feel the judgmental eyes.

Suddenly, I hear a shifting somewhere to the left. I turn my head to see Mystery Boy standing next to his desk. Before I could register what’s going on, Mystery Boy crumbles a piece of paper and chucks it across the room at the teacher. A very confused class looks back at him.

“And what was the point of that, Tyler?” The teacher bellows; his face turning bright red.

Tyler shrugged, his hand twitching slightly.

“I will expect you to join Ms. Y/N in detention tonight then.” The teacher hisses. “Now, is there anyone else that would like to stand up and rebel?”

Everyone’s expression is glued on the teacher but mine is set on Mystery Boy. Did he do that just to because of me? What was the point of that?


The end of the day creeps up faster than I thought. The final bell rings and the class flushes out of the classroom, scattering to get to their busses. Dreading having to fight against the wave of students, my legs carry me towards the music room. When I finally escape the stampede, I pause to catch my breath.

“Oh, Ms. Y/N. So nice of you to join us.” The teacher smiles sarcastically. I beam a smile trying my best to look sincere but soon falls flat.

My head turns to see Mystery Boy already here. Tyler. That’s his name.

I smile as I take my seat, thinking of how cute the name was.

“I don’t know if either of you has been in here before but there are no phones or any electronics of any kind. I don’t care what you do as long as it’s not on your phones.” The teacher says.

I pull out my calculus binder and start to work on my homework. Out of the corner of my eye I see Tyler writing on a blank piece of paper. I couldn’t make out the words but the format resembled poetry.

After a while, another teacher walks into the classroom and mumbles something to our teacher. He nods to the woman and turns to us. “I have to step out for a few minutes. Don’t do anything stupid.” He casually exits the classroom and the class is filled with silence once more – only breaking at the sound of the ticking clock.

Tyler’s hand starts to lightly tap the corner of his desk. I close my eyes and imagine them running up my body. Stop. I don’t even know him. The thought shakes out of my mind and I pull myself back to my homework.

Tyler starts mumbling words under his breath. It was the first time I heard anything come out of his mouth.

My mind trails off to picture his low voice growling commands into my ear. I bite down on my lip as my stomach begins to turn. Ugh. Why am I doing this? I haven’t even had sex yet. But I couldn’t help it. I longed for the feeling of his chest pressed against mine. Was it because I found him so mysterious? Would that feeling go away if we get to know each other?

I try to shake these thoughts and focus on my homework.



Deep within thought, I start mumbling song lyrics I had just written down. Trying to see how the sounded out loud but low enough to hopefully not disturb Y/N.

My head tilts slightly toward her to get a better look. Her eyes gaze at the floor in front of her. Suddenly, her teeth clasp down on her bottom lip. I can only imagine her soft lips pressed against mine. I want to feel her body, every curve and edge.

A bulge starts to grow in my crotch. I start to panic, searching for a book nearby to hide it. I quickly stand up to grab a thick textbook off the shelf and hurry back to my desk. Once seated, I carefully cover my lap with the book, trying not to call attention to myself; not once looking over at Y/N. I felt too it would make thing even more awkward.



As I finish my homework I notice that Tyler has gotten up and gone to the bookshelf. My eyes follow him as he grabs a textbook and quickly makes his way back to his seat, hanging his head low. As he slips into his chair, he slides the textbook between the desk and his lap. Confused I look up at his face. Tyler stares straight in front of him with a panicked expression. I suddenly realize that he had an erection. I blush and turn my face back to my desktop, smiling to myself.

God, I wanted to help with it; just get down on my knees and make him happy.

The teacher comes back in, pulling me from my thoughts and disrupting the vibe.

“The room seems intact. That’s good. Tyler, why is a textbook in your lap?”

Tyler’s face burns red. “Uhh,” he stutters. “I was just reading.”

The teacher shakes his head and returns to his desk.



I nervously creep into the music room. Today we have to perform our first song. I’ve been practicing all week but I can’t seem to hit the right notes.

The class scurries to their seats as the bell rings.

“Ok class. Today, you will be demonstrating how much you’ve learned by playing your selected song.”

My heart races as my stomach turns. I could throw up. Staring at my hands, I think about all the things that could go wrong: my fingers slip and I hit all the wrong keys, my sheet falls and I can’t read the music, I get up there to just freeze in my place.

“Y/N.” The teacher says, pulling me from my thoughts.


“You’re next.”

I panic but force myself to slip my music sheet out of my backpack and make my way the front of my class. I lower my butt onto the hard stool. My back straightens and my hands lightly place themselves on the white keys. I take a deep breathe and push the first note. After, my fingers just seem to play by themselves. By the end of the song my heart was racing out of my chest. I had played a couple wrong notes but overall I was proud. I looked up at the teacher.

“Well done.” He smiles and I walk back over to my seat beaming a smile.

I didn’t really pay attention to anybody else’s song until the teacher called Tyler’s name. He shyly walks up to the piano, setting down his sheet music. He sits on the hard oak stool and hovers his fingers over the white and black board. The moment his fingers touch the board it’s like a melody all on its own. He plays chords that we haven’t even been taught yet. Everyone’s jaw drops. I’m absolutely amazed. He plays a perfect song. The whole class claps for him and he smiles.

“Holy shit.” “Is he even supposed to be in this class?” “I bet he’s been playing for his whole life.” Whispers fill the room as Tyler takes his seat. I’m still starstruck.

The final bell rings and the class swarms around Tyler, praising him. Once done, quickly scattering through the door. I struggle to get my stuff in my bag so I start to leave a little later than the crowd. As I slip on my backpack on, a voice behind me turns me on my heel.

“Uh hey.” My head turns around to see Tyler standing there, slightly looking down at me. His smile melting my heart.

“Uh, hi.” I smile back.

“You uh, did really good today.” He fidgets with his hands.

I blush. “Oh, thanks but I didn’t do half as well as you.”

Tyler smiles, crinkling his eyes a bit.

“I suck at piano,” I say as I slowly start to walk towards the door. He catches up.

“Well, if you ever need help, you can come over and I could tutor you.” He explains.His eyes read anticipation.

“Yeah. I’m available after school today. Text me your address?” I ask smiling and taking my phone out.

We swap contact info and finally make our way out the door.

“What class do you have next?” Tyler asks.

“French with Mrs. Wilson.” I roll my eyes. I suck at French. But since I didn’t know what else to take, I just chose that.

“She’s in hallway three right?”

“Yeah.” I laugh.

“I have English just down the hall.” He smiles.

We walk the rest of the way talking about what we do in our free time and what music we listen to. I find out that we both listen to more alternative music and we laugh about how weird our teacher is.

We wave goodbye as I turn into my French class. I can’t help but smile as I walk to my seat. He’s even friendlier than I thought. And I also got really good band recommendations.

My thoughts trail off to imagine what tonight would be like:

Tyler sitting really close, our hips pressed against one another. He shows me how to play a chord but when I do it, it fails and he has to guide my fingers with his own. Our eyes connect and we slowly lean in for a kiss, heating up quickly as his hand slide slowly up my thigh…


The final bell rings and I practically skip out the door. Looking down at my phone I see a text from Tyler giving his address. I reply explaining that I have to drop a few things over at my house before and that I’ll be over about 3:30.

I finally get to my car and throw my backpack in the passenger seat. I plug my phone into the aux cord and start blasting my music, losing myself in the guitar riffs and drum beats.

When I finally get home I race up the stairs into my room, slamming the door shut behind me. I scream in excitement. Rushing to my drawer, I pick out my special underwear set: a black laced bra with blacked laced panties. I throw my clothes off to switch my underwear, checking myself afterward. My mind wanders to see Tyler’s bare body pressed against mine, pinning me to the wall as my nails dig into his back. The excitement rises in my stomach. I’m probably just getting my hopes up, though.

I slip into my good pair of jeans that highlight my thighs and put on a baggy sweater. Throwing my hair into a loose ponytail and I rush into my bathroom to grab my favorite perfume. I spray it on my neck, belly, legs and both my wrists.

I check my clock coming out of the bathroom. 3:15. I better start leaving. I pack all the things I need into my backpack and click the address he sent me. I then text Tyler that I’m on my way. He texts back a smiley face.


I pull into his driveway and notice that there aren’t any cars parked. I shut and lock my car doors, throwing my keys back into my backpack. Before I could knock on the door it swings open, revealing a very happy Tyler. I smile back at him as he welcomes me in.

“Oh, you can take your shoes off right there.” He points to the single pair of shoes laying on the floor by the entry.

“Your parents aren’t home?” I question.

“No, they’re out of town for something for my dad’s job.” He replied leading me into the living room. Shoving his hands into his jean pockets he turns around and gestures to the fairly sized room.

It looked like an ordinary living room–just with a huge piano in the middle of it. He invites me to sit down and I accept.

“Are you thirsty?” He asks pointing to the kitchen.

“I could go for a water.”

Tyler smiles and strolls into the kitchen, grabbing two water bottles from the fridge. He tosses one to me. I fumble and eventually drop it. I laugh nervously. I get up to get it. I try my best to slowly bend down without seeming too obvious about it. I smile to myself as I see Tyler’s eye wander off to my ass. I then gracefully pick up the bottle and take back my seat.



As I grabbed the water from the fridge I can’t help but imagine her tight jeans on the floor and her shirt stripped off of her.

“Head’s up.” I toss the water at her and she drops it. Before I could walk over to get it, she was already bending down. Oh God. I couldn’t help but stare. Her butt perfectly shaped in those jeans drove me crazy. She takes her seat giving an innocent look, making me want her even more.

“Well, uh, are you ready?” I asked snapping out, taking the empty spot next to her.

“Oh. Yeah.” She replied reaching into her backpack to pull out her sheet music.

“‘A Little Night Music’ by Mozart - Level A” The title reads. I look over the notes and finger the chords in my head.

“Why don’t you start playing?” I ask.

Y/N nods and starts playing. Her fingers lightly press on the keys. After a couple wrong notes, she grows frustrated and quits.

“This is impossible.” She blurts. Her fingernails pull the black hair tie out of her hair, letting her Y/HC fall to her shoulders. All I wanted was to bunch it in my hand and pull her body to mine.

Her eyes connect with mine, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Hey, why don’t we take this one measure at a time?” I suggest.

Y/N takes a deep breath and nods her head. She starts to play the first measure of the sheet pretty well. Only hitting one wrong note.

“That was good. Now, you see how it says ¾? That means that for every measure, there are three beats.” She nods. “Here, to keep time I’ll clap.” I go on to explain more music rules. “Let’s take it slow.”

She starts to play the notes within the first measure very slowly. As we go on, we move onto the rest of the measures, slowly putting it all together until she finally plays the whole song flawlessly. At this point I’m not even watching her fingers; I’m studying the contours of her face. She looks up at me and beams a gorgeous smile. I smile back.

“Uh, do you think I could try something harder?” Y/N asks

“Uh, yeah sure.” I stutter.

She reaches into her backpack to grab another music sheet. “Uh, where’s your restroom?” She asks.

“Um, down the hall, second door on the left.” I point towards our hallway.

As she gets up, her hips sway gracefully. My body feels weak imagining her perfectly sculpted butt pressed against my naked lap, slowly massaging my cock.

As soon as she’s out of sight my fingers run through my hair. My head hangs as my elbows rest on the board above the keys. I seriously can’t take this anymore.

I stand up and walk towards the hallway, determined to make her mine. I start to pace in front of the bathroom door, growing more and more nervous by the second.

Suddenly, the door opens. “Hey, your shell soaps are so cu-” I cut her off.

Lunging into a kiss, my hands cup her face, bringing her even closer and my other hand presses her body to mine. My steps forcing her against the wall as I take a hand off her cheek to shove the door closed then tangling my finger in her hair.



I laugh as I place the tiny shell soap back onto the counter. My hand turns the knob.

“Hey, your shell soaps are so cu-” I’m cut off by a blur lunging into me. His hand cups my face to keep me from jerking my head back and his other hand presses my lower body against his.

Tyler’s hungry lips passionately kiss mine until I finally catch up to his speed. He slams me against the wall. I can’t help but moan against his lips. Tyler lightly grips my bottom lip between his teeth, pulling it back while looking deep into his eyes. He trails his kisses down my cheek, over my jawline and to my neck. Tyler bites and sucks at the sensitive skin, leaving small purple circles. I stretch my neck to give him more access.

I can see the reflection of Tyler’s back pinning me to wall in the mirror. My nails dig down Tyler’s back and he moans into my collar bone. He kisses back up to my lips. His hands trail down to my ass and squeeze the cheeks harshly.

“Jump.” He whispers. And I do, wrapping my legs around his waist as he supports my butt with his hands. My arms wrap around his neck bringing him into a deep kiss. Tyler turns around to set me on the counter. He hungrily kisses my lips.

I break away. “Can we go somewhere a bit more … comfortable?” I ask innocently.

Tyler smiles and helps me down from the counter. Opening the door, he holds my hand and leads me up the stairs. He spins me around and shoves me onto his bedroom door. His hand fumbles with the knob before it swings open behind me. I stumble backward, catching my balance while Tyler shuts the door behind him.

Before I could register where I was, Tyler crashes back into my body, forcing me to stumble back and fall onto the bed. His body grinds down into mine.

“Jesus, Y/N. I want you so bad.” He growls between kisses.

Moaning, I reply, “Oh, Tyler. I want you too.”

His hands move up from my hips and slip under my shirt. He wraps his hands around my body and sits my up on the bed. Tyler lifts my shirt above my head and throws it across his room.

I giggle as he pushes me back onto the bed. He eats at my neck as my fingers play with the hem of his shirt. He straddles my waist as he grabs the back of his shirt, pulling it off his body. My hands start to wander up his bare body. His eyes look down at me with lust.

His head dips down to mine and Tyler continues to eat at my neck before trailing down my body. He cups my breasts into his hands.

My head sets back into pillows. I start to breathe heavily under his touch. Tyler’s lips grazed paced my breasts and make their way down my bare stomach. His hands run down the sides of my body stopping at the hem of my jeans.

“You know, you looked amazing in these.” He said looking up at me. “But they would look better on my floor.”

I bite down on my lip. Tyler grunts under his breath.

His hand slowly unbuttons my jeans. Tyler hooks his fingers in my belt loop and shakes it off my body. His hands run up my inner thighs & start to peel off my black panties.

He smirks. Tyler wraps his arm around one my legs, hoisting it on his shoulder. He kisses up my thigh, slowing down right before my entrance.

My hips roll in frustration, begging for his lips. He trails his thumb down and between my folds, lowering his face to my clit. Tyler slowly moves the tip of his tongue over it. My fingers grasp the white sheets and my head sets farther back in the pillows.

“Wow Y/N. You’re so wet.” Tyler hums.

He easily slides his middle finger into me and curls in between slow thrusts. My nails graze the back of his head as he speeds up his tongue around my clit. Including his ring finger, Tyler starts to pump faster.

A knotted feeling rises deep in my stomach.

“T-tyler, I’m g-gonna cum.” I stutter. A cooling wave stretches through my entire body. The feeling stalls for a quick second before exploding as I release myself on his fingers. My back arcs and I grip the sheets even tighter.

Tyler slows his tongue down and slowly slides his fingers out of me. Staring up at the ceiling, I try to catch my breath.

Tyler gently takes my hands and helps me sit up on the edge of the bed with Tyler standing above me. Guiding my fingers down his chest, our lips connect and passionately play with each other. My hands make it to the hem of his black jeans and I mess around with the buttons. As both of his hands wrap around my face, the world around me seems to disappear only leave me and Tyler.

I finally undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles and he steps out of them, not once breaking the kiss. My fingertips slip under the elastic of his boxers as Tyler tangles his fingers into my hair, lightly tugging. I smirk through the kiss and pull the elastic down. His hand wraps around my back to

He breaks from the kiss and whisper into my ear, “Lay down.”

I obey and lay myself back into the sheets. Tyler places his hands next to my head and slowly lowers his body to mine. He then shifts his weight against his right hand and knees, using his left hand to tease his hard cock against my entrance.

I stop him right before he puts his cock inside me. “Wait.” I place my hands on his chest. “I’ve never done this before,” I say nervously.

Tyler laughs as little; his scared expression softening. “It’s ok, I’ll go easy.” He sweetly kisses my lips. He pulls back. “Are you ready?”

I nod pursing my lips. He scoops down again to kiss me as he slowly slides his hard cock inside me. I whimper as his cock spreads the walls of my pussy.

Soon, the pain subsides and turns into pleasure - with every thrust the familiar knot feeling grows bigger.

Tyler’s kisses trail down my cheek to my neck, marking the opposite side of my neck. His hips start to grow faster and faster and my nails scratch down his back. His grunts filling my ears as he goes deeper.

“You’re, so, gorgeous.” He moaned between thrusts.

Both my heart and body felt amazing. The knot-feeling starts to reach its peak.

“T-Tyler, I-I’m gonna cum.” I dig my nails deeper into his skin, piercing the skin.

Tyler bucks his hips into mine, going the deepest he’s been. “M-Me too.” He places his lips on mine and releases in me. I joining him shortly after.

His body collapses next to mine and interwinds our fingers. His arm wraps around me, bringing me close. My arm sets down on his chest and my eyes flutter close.

If I could go back in time and change one thing, I’d make it so that the film adaptation of Fight Club was just footage of me and Chuck Palahniuk smacking each other with pool noodles while we struggle to recite the book in unison.

Because grubby little stoner boys keep stealing all of our Chuck Palahniuk books, and when I confronted one, he said, “We didn’t do it, but don’t you think that’s what Tyler Durden would have wanted?”

And I’m just so frustrated because there’s nothing I can do. Why is it so easy to fuck over libraries? Do I have to become a vigilante librarian?

Like, what? Should I find out who their mothers are and have them sign permission slips saying I can kick their asses in a parking lot until I scare them out of all of this borrowed white boy rebellion?

Voyager Moments

“Christ!” he said, “Not want ye?”  His face was pale now, and his eyes unnaturally bright.

“I have burned for you for twenty years, Sassenach,” he said softly.  “Do ye not know that?  Jesus!”  The breeze stirred the loose wisps of hair around his face, and he brushed them back impatiently.

“But I’m no the man ye knew, twenty years past, am I?”  He turned away, with a gesture of frustration.  “We know each other now less than we did when we wed.”

“Do you want me to go?”  The blood was pounding thickly in my ears.

“No!”  He swung quickly toward me, and gripped my shoulder tightly, making me pull back involuntarily.  “No,” he said, more quietly.  “I dinna want ye to go. I told ye so, and I meant it.  But…I must know.”  He bent his head toward me, his face alive with troubled question.

“Do ye want me?” he whispered, “Sassenach, will ye take me - and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?”

I think it would have made a lot more sense to have Luke and Lorelai have tried to have a baby years ago, but she had a miscarriage and they were too heartbroken to try again…

It’s just so frustrating that their lack of communication is the reason they don’t have kids after being together for 9 years. I find it hard to believe that after 9 years of being together without breaking up again, they still didn’t talk about important things. Also, through the magic of TV, their birth control never failed them lol. I mean it would be hard for Lorelai to become pregnant at her age, but still…

Obviously ASP & Dan/ whoever didn’t want there to be any L/L kids in the revival for whatever reason (it would change the dynamic of the show or whatever), but the fact that they wrote Luke and Lorelai wanting to have kids with each other and then the fact that is never discussed it in 9 years is crazy to me. 

The whole surrogate plot was so frustrating… I hate that Luke shut it down too.. and that they dumbed him down by having him think he would have to have sex with the surrogate *rolls eyes 

I just think it would be a better story if Emily (like what actually happened) made a comment about Luke’s wants being different from Lorelai’s, and then Lorelai could confess and tell Emily that they tried for a baby years ago and she lost it… I also think that could give us a nice moment between Lorelai and Emily…

Generally, I don’t believe in trying to fix men when dating them. Its not only not my job, it’s extremely exhausting, and also doesn’t help anyone. All it does is leave me feeling tired, and them feeling frustrated that I don’t think they are good enough.
So it’s either accept the person you’re with as they are, or find someone else. Because people are not projects. You have too much to work on yourself to turn around and try to mold someone into who you want them to be. You have to work on you and they have to work on them, and you both support but don’t push each other. That’s what a healthy relationship looks like.

sometimes i just want to read a fanfic about solangelo with them pining for each other, with enough fluffy, little bit of angst (maybe an au where will is dating someone else because he thinks nico doesn’t like him?), some smut (or maybe not smut, just some awkward first make out sessions?) that doesn’t end with one of them dying, you know? it’s not too much to ask…….

Things I want from season 2
  • The team to be reunited, of course
  • Klance reunion
  • Pidge to find her family
  • More Team Bonding!!!
  • Keith’s backstory??
  • How do Keith and Shiro know each other?
  • For Shiro’s PTSD to be acknowledged and for them to do something to help him
  • KLANCE REUNION they’re both so happy and relieved to see each other but neither will admit it after the fact
  • Lion bonding!
  • Keith and Lance to be fighting over something because Keith doesnt want Lance to go do some dangerous thing and Lance thinks its because Keith wants to do it and show him up and Keith gets super frustrated and yells “ITS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” and Lance gets really quiet and says “y-you do?” and bam Klance becomes canon.

@macelaces: this is a pretty tough question, but some basic tips I’d give are: communicate with others! make friends who also enjoy making art! you’ll keep each other motivated, and you’ll meet new people through them, too. having companions will help you improve, and you’ll feel less frustrated throughout the process. it’s easy to feel lonely and discouraged when you’re starting out!

another thing to keep in mind is that it’s ok to draw popular things that people want to see, and this can definitely be a way to get yourself noticed, but don’t draw things that you have zero interest in just for the sake of views! you’ll burn yourself out!

aside from that there’s just the general “practice!!!” - and know that it can take time! I still have a hard time considering myself popular, but what you’re seeing right now is a culmination of years and years of hard work, improvement, and posting to various art sites. this didn’t happen overnight! I’ve been at this for about a decade! always keep that in mind when you begin feeling discouraged about another artist’s following, especially when you’re only just beginning.

just try to focus on personal goals for now!

anon: I actually have some quick process links listed in my FAQ! there isn’t much, but I hope they’ll help!

Episode 12 had a lot of good moments within it. However, there was one glaring flaw that sums up my frustrations over this season: the lack of Kumiko and Reina supporting each other. [this post] by @lucinalyn makes a great point, and I wanted to expand on it with my own thoughts.

Right now, the biggest problem is that Kumirei feels too one-sided on Kumiko’s part. Not saying that it’s unrequited, but there is definitely a lack of balance that really needs to be addressed in their relationship. Reina is self-centered and childish at times, but as we saw back in S1, the two of them do mutually support, care, and understand each other on a deep level… but as S2 went on, it became skewed. “Where’s Reina?” is a question I’ve repeatedly asked myself week to week.

There is more to Reina than her crush on Taki, but it dominated her development for this season and her interactions with Kumiko. The majority of their scenes together were either talking about or followed by Taki (eps 3 & 9 respectively) and that has been extremely frustrating. Ep 11 had presumably closed the chapter on that arc (”Reina never brought it up again”) only for it to become all of her dialogue in ep 12–even if it was amusing to see her finally get shut down in the manner we all expected.

As for why Kumiko supported her crush, it was all she could do, really. If Kumiko had tried to reason with her or say that her feelings weren’t valid (as naive as they were), it would have pushed the two further apart. It was in her best interest to push her friend to confess so Reina could finally move on. Honestly, Kumiko deserves a damn medal and clearly has the patience of a saint. (I also love her and she is the light of my life).

We’ve still got one episode left, so let’s not write things off entirely. No one has any idea what to expect since it will mostly be original content. I have faith in the quality of their original content, but I am concerned on what they will focus on and the lack of time to do so. At this point in their relationship, there is still a lot they need to work through to finally realize their mutual feelings, but we can all assume that they will be able to do so since the love is there. They will continue to become better people as they grow up and support each other.

All I ask for in ep 13 is at least one solid scene with Kumiko and Reina showing their affection for each other and an ambiguous ending. We started off strong with ep 1, so let’s hope that we can end on a similar strong note and don’t get left hanging.

I know we are all frustrated with Bradley’s latest comments on how Brandon and Callie love each other like brother and sister right now, but we all no that’s BS. Last I checked you don’t avoid your sibling like the plague in fear of staring at them just a little to long. He obviously wants to stir the pot, but honestly their was no way he was going to say that they are still madly in love with each other. That would defeat the element of surprise. I also agree that the writers seem to have gone completely off course, but at the end of the day I think that they have something under their sleeves. I refuse to believe that they have decided to settle with Brallie as siblings, that just makes no since and doesn’t go along with their motto that drama drives the show. So as mush as it sucks right now, don’t give up and in the mean time you can all chill with me here waiting for season one BRALLIE.

EXOs Reaction when their Child is kissing another Members Child

xiuxiuflake Thanks for your Request ~ So lets gogo :3 !

Note: C/N means Childs Name

Kyungsoo: Is C/N kissing Chanyeols son ?

Tao: That’s just too adorable how he kissed Kris little girl. Guess who taught him ~

Chen: *sees it and just ignores it*

Kai: Look at them ! Chen’s little girl and Tao’s son are kissing each other. *points at them*

Chen: *tries to bite Kai’s arm annoyed*

Lay: Sweety you don’t need to kiss Kai’s son. I can give you as many kisses you want !

Kai: oh my god thats so adorable and frustrating at the same time *confused little puppy*

Suho: I told you no kisses until you are married C/N !

( Gif from x )

Kris: Aah… Its adorable … too adorable..

Xiumin: I see… Time to scold Baekhyun for letting his son kiss my little angel..

Luhan: *hears his son’s name from one of the members* What is about C/N ? *looks over to C/N* What the ..

Baekhyun: They are kissing each other … Jagiya … I want to kiss someone too … kiss me ! ♥

Chanyeol: Why the cutest one sweety ? What if he dumps you ?

Sehun: *starts to complain about C/N kissing Baekhyuns little one*
Baekhyun: we are going to be one big family soon *kisses sehun*


I hope you liked it :3 ! Next week I’m not online just wanted to tell you that. But Shel is still making her amazing reactions so ~

- Eru

“We need to talk.” Jack holds the phone tightly in his hand, fingers white-knuckled.

“You get to say that now–” he can hear the frustration in Kent’s voice. Then, a sigh. “You’re right, though.” 

Ken stretched his legs out, puts them on top of the ottoman. “Let’s make a list. Shall we talk about how you left me? How didn’t talk to me for four years? How you chose a team across the country from me? How you only call me when you want something?”

“Kenny…” Jack stops. “We both owe each other a lot of apologies. I didn’t call to do that now.” Jack waits. He lifts his free hand and puts two fingers between his collarbones where he can feel his pulse hammering.

“What do you want?” Kent doesn’t sound angry anymore. He just sounds tired.

Jack sighs. “I want…I want to magically be able to be queer in the NHL.”

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A Lost World ~ The First Night

The great beast paced around the tree shaking the core of the roots with its clawed feet, giving occasional roars of frustration and trying to reach the two humans who were just out of reach.
  Abby Walters and Marcus Kane clung to each other - grateful that the dinosaur couldn’t get them at the height from where they were but it still wasn’t the most safest or comfortable place sitting on a branch while a giant creature stalked two and fro beneath it waiting in anticipation for its meal.
 "What are we gonna do?“ Marcus wondered aloud, more to himself then to Abby but she heard anyway.
"I want to go home.” Abby wasn’t one to complain usually but she was sore from the fall through the portal and having been sitting in the tree for about a half an hour with the dinosaur showing no sign of going off to seek other prey, she was pretty tired.
“Me too,” Marcus sighed wearily. “I’m sorry Abby, and it looks like we might have to spend the night up here-it’s getting late.” He looked up towards the sky, the sun was beginning to set and night was falling. At least the stars were coming out so they’d have no fear of rain.
 Tired as she was, Abby decided to take the first watch so Marcus could try and sleep. They agreed to alternate, especially if anything happened she’d wake him up sooner.
It was a long uncomfortable first night in this dangerous world. Marcus could only manage to sleep for only a few fitful minutes at a time, even Abby could only close her eyes briefly when it was Marcus’ turn. Their muscles and legs ached from their precarious positions.
  It seemed as if morning would never come but at last, the sky began to pale above them and turned pink to gold as the sun rose. Abby felt like she could cry at seeing it, never had she felt so tired. The dinosaur had finally exhausted its patience in waiting for them and had left to find something else to eat. The forest was quiet again except for birds chirping their morning songs.
  “I think it’s safe now,” she murmured to Marcus who looked as disheveled and exhausted as she was.
“Let’s get down from here,” he said and slowly with groans of protesting joints and blood beginning to flow freely again through numbed limbs, they got down from the tree to solid ground.

bmbukhari  asked:

Don't you hate it when Hayley and Klaus are having a moment (most likely Klaus opening up to her a little) but then Klaus awkwardly runs out the room. Also sorry I've been talking about so much TO here its just i dont know anyone who watches the show and you actively answer questions so that was like YAY for me

Don’t be sorry, I’m happy to talk to you whenever you want. Yes, it’s quite frustrating when that happens. They really do need more screen time, you know? I want them to talk and feel comfortable around each other. I think by the end of last season they started a new chapter in their relationship, but sadly it was cut short because, well you know, all of this stuff happened and they were separated. I’m hoping this season we’ll get more moments where they can be open with one another and talk without the need to escape the conversation lol also, we’ve seen Klaus trusting Hayley more and more each day and now that she literally saved his whole family, I think that trust will most certainly increase even more! Their relationship’s been evolving constantly, but we need to be patient. It’s all about baby steps, something that Klaus actually said said to her in 3x16 if I’m not mistaken.

So I'm Romancing MacCready

((Before I get started, I just want to point out that as I was writing this, I was listening to “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. Give it a listen))

Since my Sole Survivor is fresh out of the Vault, it takes her a long time to get accustomed to how things are run in the Wasteland. She tends to cling to her old way of thinking, wanting to be more peaceful than cause conflict which often puts people off and cause friction. It’s especially true with her relationship with MacCready. Sure, they love each other. But I can see him losing his temper a lot with her, calling her naïve and the two of them just getting into heated arguments.

I imagine that there’s one argument where MacCready gets really angry and frustrated with that he ends up saying something really mean and hurtful to her that she takes off alone into the Wasteland. At first, MacCready says ‘go on, get outta here’ like he doesn’t care. But after a few days and she still hasn’t returned that he really starts to worry. A few more days go by and still no sign of her and MacCready is in full panic mode.

He grabs his gear with enough ammo to take on a Super Mutant stronghold and takes Dogmeat to track her. To his surprise, Dogmeat leads him back to Vault 111. MacCready is shocked to find that she’s been in there the entire time. His first instinct to yell at her for making him think she as dead, but when he finds her, he can’t. He finds her sleeping on the floor next to her dead husband’s cryogenic pod. In her hand, she has both her husband’s wedding ring as well as the wooden solider MacCready gave her. The cryo chamber clearly show signs that show she was trying to repair to place. Maybe in an attempt to freeze herself again? The thought that he hurt her that much with what he said and how close he came to losing her that it makes MacCready feel like crap and he gathers her up in his arms and takes her back home.

She wakes up in her bed back at Sanctuary in her old bedroom with MacCready watching over her. He looks at her, looking tired and regretful before reaching out to touch her cheek and say, “I didn’t mean it.”