i want them to be frans

Show the world you’ve got that fire (fire)
Feel the rhythm getting louder
Show the room what you can do
Prove to them you got the moves
I don’t know about you,But I feel better when I’m dancing, yeah, yeah
Better when I’m dancing, yeah, yeah
And we can do this together
I bet you feel better when you’re dancing, yeah, yeah

I really wanted to do a reverse dancetale. Isn’t Sans with this clothes so cute?


I don’t know why you’d want it but here you go, my very boring self for you 

(ノ´ ᵕ `)ノ*:・゚✧

Undertale Shipping Badges - Alphyne

I can’t believe I’ve been rendering it for like half a day ;;;

I’ve been thinking of drawing shipping badges since my exam and now, here we are~

I started them off with Alphyne as it’s canon :D, then I might draw soriel, frans, papyton, charisk, and others as well ^^

I really want to make them as real badges but I guess nobody would want it anyway qwqqq nevermind ;;;

Hope you guys like it~

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In Asylumtale,Frisk x Sans is cannon? (I ship it :3)

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

umm, I mean I am a Frans fan (don’t judge me, that pairing is cute as hell!) but I didn’t actually wanted it in the comic. Frisk here is just a fucking kid, they are like 12-13 years old. but when they are older, I think it’s … okay??? (again, don’t judge, I know I’m disgusting, but anyone who ships the skeles with someone, are just as insane as me … don’t judge) but if you want, live your dreams! if you want to ship them: JUST DO IT! (insert Shia LaBeouf move)

don’t let me stop you! at least I won’t judge you, I thought of this thing too, but wanted to stay with pure thoughts for the thing … heh


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What would happen if the kids are kidnapped and missing for a couple of days. How would the adults react and how would the kids protect each other.

I’ll stick with the Guardians and Varia, but if anyone wants to know headcanons on how the other adults would react let me know. Since my love for the Vongola Kids knows no limits, these are based off what would happen if Lambo, I-Pin, Fran and Futa got kidnapped.

Fran is the one in the worst condition, because he is drugged to prevent him from using his illusions. Lambo, I-Pin and Futa frequently check his pulse and make sure he isn’t developing a fever. Futa takes most the hits and kicks the kidnappers use to try and intimidate them, getting severe cuts and bruises. Lambo can’t help but cry during the first hours of captivity and I-Pin and Futa comfort him. I-Pin will give up the little food she receives to make sure her friends are fed, especially Fran. They keep close together, always talking and reassuring each other.

Tsuna: He’s devastated. He’s terrified. He knows he can’t break down because his little siblings need him to be strong until they’re safely back home and he does not sleep until they are. He’s furious that someone would target the kids in order to get to him. He feels immense guilt, because they would not be in this situation if they were not part of the Mafia world, and he thinks it’s his fault.

Ryohei: As being one of the oldest of his siblings, it is his job to make sure they are safe and is very hard on himself when he fails. He goes away for a bit of alone time, punching walls and whatever he can get his hands on to release his fear, agitation and anger. He’s constantly moving but significantly quieter, spending most of his time out in the field searching for the kids and their kidnappers.

Yamamoto: Keeps his family calm and soothing their fury, knowing how reckless and rash they can be. He’s fuming on the inside, but knows it will do no one any good to lose control, and helps head the investigation efforts. When the kidnappers are finally discovered does he release his emotions in a rare violent display. Drinks a lot of tea to keep his nerves as settled as possible given the circumstances.

Gokudera: Flings himself into the investigation, the more panicked and infuriated counterpart to Yamamoto. He drowns himself in the work to try and keep his mind off the what-ifs, stacks of paperwork and files on his desk as he tries to narrow the list of suspects. Is on top of updates and keeps the information flowing between CEDEF, Vongola and Varia so that no one is out of the loop.

Hibari: There is perhaps not an adjective powerful enough to describe just how enraged he is. Nobody harms his pack, and the fact that he could do nothing to prevent it makes it even worse. He takes every lead he is given, hunting down the herbivores who have given them problems in the past and brutally interrogating them. He doesn’t stop drawing blood until the kids are found, and he delivers the killing blow to the kidnappers.

Chrome: She stands strong, though she is breaking apart on the inside. She keeps Kyoko and Haru comforted and assists them in making sure their family does not neglect their own care during the search for the kids. She goes out with Mukuro to search, keeping him restrained when it seems he will go too far and he prevents her from descending into dark thoughts.

Mukuro: Is unable to keep still enough to go through the paperwork part of the investigation and goes out to search. He stays out all the day, trying to sense the presence of the kids and violently beat anyone he thinks is withholding information from him. He returns home at night, knowing that Hibari will continue looking, and keeps watch over his family.

Squalo: Is extremely agitated, because he (along with the others) knows that there is a good chance Fran is incapacitated to keep him from using his illusions. Takes care of the investigation on the Varia end, keeping in constant contact with Gokudera and Iemitsu. Doesn’t leave his office until the culprit is identified.

Mammon: He tries to locate the kids using his location ability, and when the results continuously come up negative, he grows frustrated and angry. Tries to break whatever barriers are preventing him with his illusionist abilities and ends up exhausting himself.

Lussuria: Though he is angry and worried, he keeps a calm exterior as the investigation goes on. He makes sure his family is taking care of themselves, such as bringing food to Squalo and ordering Mammon to rest. He is reluctant to leave the mansion, knowing his Sun Flames would be needed and wanting to be near.

Levi: Is very quiet and less argumentative, wanting to do anything he can to help locate the kids. It’s unnerving not having Fran around and he can’t stand the lack of the boy’s voice. He shares the paperwork load with Squalo and continuously checks on Xanxus, trying to calm his rage as best he can and keep him from going over the edge.

Belphegor: Gets very moody and aggressive, absolutely hating the fact he doesn’t know what Fran is going through. He misses his partner-in-crime and the hole that Fran’s absence creates is unbearable. He stays in the mansion, none of his family members allowing him to step outside while Fran is missing.

Xanxus: He’s livid, and his scars stretch out across his face and do not recede until Fran is found and the kidnappers have been slaughtered. After he learns Fran has been kidnapped, he destroys a fair bit of property before simmering in his office, keeping tabs on the progress of the investigation. He despises not knowing where Fran and the others are. He becomes paranoid and overprotective, keeping Belphegor close. He’s the first one to jump into action when the kidnappers are discovered.

there are a lot of reasons i would recommend Katekyo! Hitman Reborn as an anime or manga:

  • main character Tsuna realizes he’s a main character and does his absolute best to avoid being a main character and fails miserably 
  • hibari, as the most broken af tank i have ever witnessed on a good guys’ team and yet he also spends half his time trying to kill his own allies because he’ll fight LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT BREATHES except small children and animals
  • and then the Rainbow Arc happens and that entire scene with him switching sides and then fighting Xanxas AND THEN LOSING ON PURPOSE LMFAO what a piece of shit i love him
  • eventually in the manga you get an explanation for why the fuck there are talking babies with guns, and even though the excuse is weird, at least there’s a fucking reason
  • cool fight scenes and neat powers, including a goddamn floating hedgehog ARMY WITH SPIKES
  • yamamoto. just yamamoto.
  • mukuro the owl
  • that one time Squalo brings them a giant fish for absolutely no reason
  • the Nobody Wants Fran Apocalypse
  • that time future Hibari trolled the SHIT out of everyone fighting the Phantom Knight, trust me that entire sequence was glorious writing and im still in love with it
  • if you want a story about mafiosos doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with the mafia
  • the foreshadowing in the manga especially was fascinating in hindsight. just everything that happens with irie shoichi. a+ writing
  • Enma Kozato, the most precious child to ever exist
  • scenes like this:

watch/read this series, guys

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Hi! I just wanted to say that for the past few days I devoured Jonathan's and Fran's short stories and you have left me utterly devastated with 'Broken Paper Heart' and 'The Star of New Mexico.' Devastated. I don't think I stopped crying once while reading. I've fallen in love with the InCryptid series all over again (and more so). Thank you.

You are so welcome!  Thank you for reading.

I love Johnny and Fran so much.  I never expected their story to take as long as it did, and it did because I loved them so much.  I miss them so badly.  Well, I miss Fran.  I still have Johnny, for the moment.


A gift for @underfart-snas (a.k.a. @sans-vanille) ‘cuz these AUs are amazing X333

Top drawing is Vivaldi and Verdanda being adorable little twits (What the frick, dude?!? I can’t get outta Babyhell!!!) and last pic is French Vanilla Sans and German Chocolate Frisk. Like, finally, these two sickos smooched. Vanille, you sick dweeb. That took long XPPPP

Hope you like it, senpai! You’re awesome!!~


P.S. If you got a prob with this ship, that’s fine. Blackmail the “sans x frisk” tag. Besides, I won’t post much Frans anyway (Babyhell, doh… Expect a few more sketches about them :3). And I don’t think Frans is going make an appearance in any of my comics. But if you want to unfollow me because of one post, be my guest. You’ll miss out the fun.

Just let me ship what I like and mind your own business. If you have any opinions against some ships, please keep it to yourself. I’ll respect your opinions. You respect mine. No hate on you guys :333

Let’s all just have fun here, okay? ^u^

I did it. Wanted to make it epic but I failed. 
 Anyway, I’m glad I finished this.

So,what do we have here? There is Frans - not actually a fusion of Frisk and Sans, but Frisk with Sans’s soul in them. I can write some facts about them later (if anyone want this. Or if I’ll have a mood. idk ).
 And there is Chara who are possessed by Player and, uhmmm,  feel a bit confused about it.

I’ll try to translate everything about this AU to English, but I’m really bad at it, so I can’t promise anything.
/awkward noises/

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Can we hear any of your specific headcannons?

OOC: I won’t go into full-on detail but I will list out my main headcanons (if anyone wants more detail, you can drop one of these in the ask and I’ll elaborate).

1.  “Keep your friends close and enemies closer.”

2. Francois is younger by ~37 years.

3. The women that raised them are related, but they are not.

4. Their first actual interaction with each other was prior to the Normans coming up with the bright idea to invade/take over England.

5. Arthur likes to get into people’s faces when he’s arguing/insulting them. Their first kiss was Art getting up in Fran’s face and Fran trying to shut him up. Francois got spit on in the end.

6. They’ve unintentionally been pining for each other the entire goddamn time but only realized it much more recently.

7. Still have problems with each others food.

8. They are not in a serious relationship.

I have to be honest though, I don’t see the problem.

Look, I can understand fontcest being controversial. It’s incest, and I have no clue what happened in my life to make me want to ship it. I mean as long as its between two consenting adults… fine then, whatever.

But the case people make against frisksans is usually “OHHHHHHHH BUT SHE’S JUST A CHILD. THINK OF THE CHILLLLDREN YOU PIECE OF SHIT PEDOPHILES.” But usually, in a sexual situation especially, the artist clearly states “Characters are portrayed as 18+”.

Look guys, I want you to consider a few things.

1. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST CHARACTER TO BE AGED UP FOR A SHIP LIKE THIS. A lot of characters do it. Sometimes people aren’t even considerate enough to actually do this for their characters, and will write them in sexual situations AS. CHILDREN. 

2. My personal opinion is that even though I do like the idea of frans fluff in game (fanfiction writer here) I would never never never never nEVER NEVER NEVER write smut until Post-Paci when the writer or artist clearly states Frisk to be 18 and old enough to make decisions sexually.

3. It’s not pedophillic to age up a character for a ship. Say that with me now. It’s not pedophillic to age up a character for a ship.

4. Attacking people and spamming their ship tags isn’t going to help your case. If it’s really attacking your personal well being (and if it triggers you. I can understand that(sort of)), then block the tag. Don’t make it your mission in life to upset people who have clearly stated the ages of their characters and are just peacefully shipping something non helpful. It won’t help anyone in the long run.

5. I shouldn’t have to say this, but if its between two consenting adults, it’s not abuse.

6. Unrelated and slightly off topic- I just wanted to point out that Frisk is non binary because it’s supposed to be played by both genders. If someone wants to draw frisk as a girl, a boy, or something else, then they have the freedom to do so. Don’t reblog their post with a “friendly reminder uvu” saying that Frisk is non binary. It’s annoying and literally you’re not going to change an artist’s portrayal of a character because it upsets you.

Anyways, end of rant. And to all shippers, non shippers, and “friendly reminders uvu”, I wish you all a lovely evening. (This doesn’t even have to be just undertale. I see this problem in so many other fandoms too.)

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So, your ask box says open, I hope it's ok to send a request. Ok, so how would the Vongola/Varia and Byakuran react to their son/daughter reflecting their dead s/o. Like their s/o died from whatever you want (illness, accident, attack, giving birth, idk...) and the kids one day just do/say something their mothers used to and their fathers cant help to remember them. Also for Lussuria you can decide if their s/o is male/female, there's always adoption haha.

So I may have gone a little crazy on this reactions and turned them into scenarios - except for Ryohei, Lambo, Levi and Fran who gave me way to much trouble (because I am very horrible at their characters).  So those four have reactions.

Tsuna:  (I couldn’t work it into this scenario, but “you” died in childbirth…)

When his sixteen year old daughter came home from school to tell him about how the cute boy that sat next to him asked her out, he thought nothing he could shock him more.  And then she turned to him with a conspiratorial smile that looked so like you that he thought he was looking at you for a second.  

“He’s kinda cute, so like, of course I said yes.” Looking at him, she picked up that something was off.  

“Everything okay, dad?” Her concerned expression replaced that smile and just like that he was reminded that it wasn’t you.  

“Yeah,” he tried not to let her know how all the air had been shocked out of his lungs for a minute and he was struggling to talk right now.  He sat next to her on her bed, ignoring the confused expression on her face.  “You know, you look just like your mother?”

The confused expression didn’t completely leave her face, but a smile over took it.  “You think so.  In all the pictures around, she always looked so pretty.  So are you sure?”

Tsuna couldn’t stop himself from pulling her into a hug – and he was thankful that she let it happen, normally getting his daughter to allow a hug when she spent her childhood rough and tumbling with all of the other Vongola children was difficult to say the less.  “All the time.  


It had only been two months since the attack, and Gokudera didn’t think that he was ever going to be able to move on.  As he sat next to the bed, trying to get his eight year old and five year old into bed, he was reminded more than ever how much he had relied on you.  The little girls were not interested in going to sleep and he had no clue how to get them to do as he said.

“Read one more story, daddy?”

“Pleeeeeeaaaaassseeee?  With a cherry on top?”  

The two girls looked at him with equally beseeching expressions.  And it was getting hard to say no, especially when the expressions were so close the ones you would give when trying to tease him.  

“One more,” he agreed, a choke of tears in his voice that he was fighting to keep from his daughters’ notice.  He didn’t know how, but he managed to finish the short story they had chosen, and fled the room before he could get roped into another.

Sitting on the bed, that seemed so much larger now that you weren’t there, he finally let the tears come.  He didn’t know how he was going to do this.  


After you had died in the accident, Yamamoto had made sure to fill his home with all the pictures of you that he could find. From the oldest (at fourteen) down to the youngest (at six), he had put pictures with you and them in each of the kids’ rooms.  He wanted to make sure that you had as much of a presence in their lives, even now, as he could.  

Because through your kids, your presence could never dim in his life.  Your oldest son had your easy going smile, the twelve year old girl your fighting spirit, the two nine year old boys had the sass and mischievousness, meanwhile the six year old daughter had the exact same eyes.  At first, constantly being reminded had hurt at first.  

His own mother dying when he was very young, he had hoped that none of his kids would ever have to go through the same thing. Getting ready for the funereal, seeing all of them dressed in black and looking somber, Yamamoto would have given anything to have you there again.  Instead, he forced them to go back up and change into your favorite colors – you would have hated seeing them like this, he could, at the very least, change that.  And it had caused quite the commotion at first, but everyone who had known you, took one look at the bright colors and their smiles were a little less sad…

And then, the funeral was over and he had gone home, praying for guidance to try and figure out how he’d he get through without you.  And then four years had passed, and his oldest son – still with your brilliant smile – was leaving for college, and his sixteen year old had already been suspended half a dozen times for fighting off the school bullies, his thirteen year olds’ mischievousness was legendary throughout the Vongola and their allies, and then the youngest now turning 10, still had those bright eyes that always sparkled.  

And still, every night when they were hanging around after dinner, one of the kids would ask for another story about “mom” and he would happily oblige.  Making sure your kids knew how wonderful you were, what an amazing person you were.

He made sure to stop by your grave weekly, usually by himself but it wasn’t rare for one or more of the kids with him, making sure to tell you about everything that had happened since the last time he had been there.  And he always remembered to thank you for those five perfect miracles you had given him. Because looking at anyone of them, he was always reminded of you – always feeling your presence right there in his life, through the smiles and laughs of his boys, and the spirit and gaze of his daughters.  


Ryohei, from the very beginning, is going to appreciate those resemblances, those moments where he catches a glimpse of his dead wife in his child.  He’ll have figured out the things that make those moments happen and will do what he can to make them happen all the time.


For a while in th+e beginning, it brings tears to Lambo every time he sees the connection.  And then he comes to really appreciate it.  He’ll probably say something about them resembling their mother every day at least once.  And he’ll always be sharing stories to make sure that the kid(s) know all about their mom.


“Father, may I ask a question?”  Hibari looked at the serious expression of the eight year old, and decided it was probably important enough to put aside the paperwork he was going over for the Foundation.

“What is it?”  He nodded for the boy to sit down across the table from him.

After gracefully sitting down opposite him, the boy put a piece of paper on the table. “My assignment from school was to write out five traits about each of my parents.  I have already finished yours, but I don’t remember Mother’s.”  He looked at his father expectantly, pencil poised over the paper.

Hibari felt it hit him like a ton of bricks, sitting there, ready to take notes, the young boy with your eyes looked exactly like you when you had helped him out with paperwork.  The memory reappearing out of nowhere made it hard for Hibari to breathe, but he pressed through and gave the boy a list of your five best characteristics.

He was thankful that his son left as soon as he thanked him for the help, because already he could feel a prickle of tears at the back of his eyes.  He snarled in frustration as he wiped them away.  He thought he had finished crying over you, when you had died in the accident five years ago.  Tears weren’t suited for a carnivore – but no matter how hard he thought that, or how he tried to force them away, they wouldn’t’ stop coming.  


When you had died of an illness, Mukuro hadn’t known how to respond.  He wished it had been something violent or an accident, anything other than natural causes. Anything else, he could have blamed someone.  Anything else, he could have gotten vengeance – could have responded in a way that he understood.  But this, he could do nothing but numbly hold your five year old daughter at the funeral and watch the casket being lowered from sight, hands tightening on the little girl in his arms.

When he put her to bed the night after, he hadn’t bothered to hide the sadness in his face – after all she was tired and probably wouldn’t pick up on it.  And he had been putting on his “brave” face all day, he was tired of it.  He needed a chance to let it all out.

As he lowered the girl into her bed, kissed her forehead and said goodnight, he hadn’t expected her to grab her hand. Looking back, he was surprised to see her looking very concerned (at least, as concerned as a five year old could). “It’s a’right, babbo.  It’s going to be a’right.”

Looking into the concerned eyes of the five year old, who was gently patting the hand she held, Mukuro felt his knees buckle as he slumped to the ground next to her.  He was just reminded of you right in that moment, that comforting sympathy that you always approached him with.  

Wrapping his arms in a hug around her, Mukuro finally let the tears fall that he had been holding back ever since he had said goodbye to you.  He could feel her patting his back, most likely incredibly confused, but still offering uncomplicated sympathy.  


Xanxus didn’t appreciate his three boys having so much of your sense of humor.  It had been one of the reasons that he had been so attracted to you.  A spitfire that always had something to say, no matter the occasion, and never one to be above making a joke about the mafia, you had grabbed his attention the first time you had met him.  And life had never been boring with you.  

And then there had been an attack.  You had traded your life in exchange for you sons – and while Xanxus would never blame his boys’ for it, every time one of them would make a smart ass comment and then smirk that goofy ass smirk (because you hadn’t been able to ever make a smirk work…always cracking yourself up before you could really do it), he felt like he was seeing you for a second.  And it hurt.  Damn it, it stung.

And it wasn’t just one of them…  Somehow, all three of them had avoided inheriting his bad attitude and had gotten your upbeat, ridiculous sense of humor – determined to find the humor in any situation.  And they had been close enough to you, that in addition to just generally having the sense of humor, sometimes the things they said – if Xanxus closed his eyes, he could hear that same comment in your voice.

“Don’t you three have something else to be doing?” Xanxus growled, watching them as they lounged on the couch in his office, all three trying to see one phone.  Apparently, one of his seventeen year old sons was asking a new girl out – and getting hints for the other two.  (Not that Xanxus would follow any of their advice…)

“And miss out on seeing your handsome face, dad? Never?” The oldest replied with a winning smile which could have been considered innocent if it was on anyone else besides one of your children.

“Idiot.”  There was no bite to his tone, because no matter how much it hurt, Xanxus would never give up being able to see those stupid expressions of yours on any of the boys’ faces.  Anyway, seven years was doing a lot to numb the pain to a manageable degree.  

(“I know he is, but what about us?” The youngest gestured to himself and the one in the middle, who grinned as the oldest brother took offense to it.)


Dying in childbirth, it seemed as though your legacy would also die out as well.  You lived in such a violent world where death was so commonplace that it simply became easier to forget about those who had already passed on.  Looking at all your older children, Squalo knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Every time he turned around, it seemed, he was reminded that his kids were half yours as well.  For every feature of his inherited, there was one of yours, just as obvious.  It was as if, even from the grave you were determined not to let him forget you.

It had hurt, in the beginning.  He had been pained having to see all these reminders of yours, when he would never see the real you again.  And then time had passed and the pain numbed ot a manageable level and it became comforting.  He knew that though his kids, for as long as he’d live, he wouldn’t forget your smile on your accent your eyes or your laugh.  


It’s really hard for him – and it never really gets easier.  However, he still treasures the moments as they happen and makes sure that if it’s like an expression or something they do, he’ll get a picture of it, probably to put on his wife’s grave or something – so they “can see it too. 


“Daddy,” the little seven year old yelled out from the master bedroom.  “Daddy! Come look at me!”

Lus was running there as soon as he heard his daughter’s shout.  And came to a full stop as soon as he entered the room.  His beautiful little girl had somehow managed to get into the part of the closet in the master room where Lus had kept some of your favorite outfits.

And there in the middle of the room, was his daughter standing in one of the dresses, balancing precariously on a pair of heels.  She had a big grin on her face as she looked up to meet his eyes.  “What do you think, Daddy?  Do I look pretty, like Mommy did?”

Lus was by her side in a second, wrapping her up in his arms.  “Of course you do, darling.  You look more and more like her every day.”  He held her close to him for a second before letting her go so that he could take some pictures quickly.

She never found out, but he kept those pictures right next to pictures of you in the same outfit, the same brilliant smiles adorning both faces.


When you had died during childbirth, Bel was angry. He was angry at you, for daring to die. He was angry at the young boy who had entered the world as you had left, for taking you away from him.  He was angry at himself…he had played a certain role in all of this.  

It had taken a while before he had learned to accept the young boy who had taken your place, and even at first, he hadn’t been thrilled with it.  (He had turned out just fine without an active father…why wouldn’t his son be as well?)

And then he was watching the baby play with some stupid toy someone had given him, and the child, as if sensing his father’s gaze, looked up.  And right there, staring back at Bel was your eyes.  That beautiful color, full of life, it was like looking into your eyes and Bel’s anger dissipated like that.  

It soon became a common sight to see the Varia’s Storm strolling around the Varia Castle, holding the baby on his side – as he pointed things out and was constantly “teaching” the boy how to be a prince.  The baby, meanwhile, had no clue what was going on, but was always giggling and babbling around in his own way.  

“You will never forget that you’re full royalty. You had me for your father and a princess for a mother.  You won’t do anything to tarnish her legacy.  Do you understand?  You do? Good.  Now, you must learn that these other peasants that surround us are peasants.  Don’t smile at them.  They don’t deserve it.”


Fran’s just going to try to ignore the resemblances between his child(ren) and his dead wife.  It hurts – but he’s never going to show it.  At the same time, he’s not going to point out the resemblances – other people can, and he won’t really comment on it, or will make a sarcastic comment in return.  If specifically asked by his child, he’ll be truthful but won’t really expand on it or anything.


Byakuran had never expected that he would have to raise the twin boys by himself.  Not when the two of you had planned the future out together, how the two of you would take care of your sons, and the family trips you would take.  He didn’t want to do that by himself.  He didn’t think he could do that by himself – not with two thirteen year old boys and no you in sight.

When you had died, an unpreventable accident, he had thought that he would never be able to move on again.  But he found out that he had to move on.  That he had to keep going for his boys’ sake.  And it was the hardest thing he had to do.  It still was.

And things never got better.  But the pain did lessen.  And he thought it was getting better – and then something would happen.  Something when one of the boys would turn to him and grin widely, or would make a comment, so many little things that reminded him of you.  

And each time it happened, and he felt like he could see you again.  That you were right there for a second, grinning at him.  And it tore him up – he knew he should be grateful that he could see you for a moment.  But it hurt so much.  Six years and the pain still hadn’t gone.  He didn’t think it ever would.