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I think the thing that pisses me off the most is all those little barbs that were aimed specifically at us, like Mycroft’s acronym comment, the “Is tea…code?”, the use of I Want To Break Free…these were all willful, deliberate shout outs to us, and they were meant to taunt. Don’t tell me they were coincidences, don’t tell me they didn’t know about us and everything we’ve been talking about all these years, because they literally took parts of us and put them in the show to give us hope, and then tore the curtain down to reveal that they were laughing at us the whole time.

Dean Steps In

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Title: Dean Steps In

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,308

Warnings: angst, cursing, slight fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! So hopefully you all love it as much as I do! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

It was Christmas Day and Dean reluctantly came with you to visit your family.  You assured him that you wouldn’t stay long.  Dean knew you only wanted them to meet him.  He wasn’t one to leave a good first impression, for the most part.  Dean was just going to stay silent.  He had never talked to you about your family; he never asked either.  

Dean had his hand in his pockets as you knocked on the door of your mother’s home.  He glanced over at you, raising an eyebrow.  “[Y/N] is everything alright,” Dean asked.  You seemed a bit on edge.

“Yeah, I just want today to go well,” you replied in a small voice.  You knew how judgemental your family could be on a regular basis.  They weren’t the most supportive bunch of people; they weren’t the nicest either.  “They’re a tough crowd to please.”

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Okay so I just had a… weird experience.

About and hour ago, I had someone new follow me. Knowing that p*rn bots are a thing, I usually check blogs to make sure it’s not a bot (in which case I block them). This user didn’t seem to be a bot, but they didn’t seem to have anything in common content wise either, which struck me as a bit odd.

Next thing I know, this person is messaging me, telling me they want something from me. “Okay, that’s direct,” I think, but nevertheless write a polite reply, asking what I can help them with.

“Just a fanSign”

Maybe I’m ancient, but I had no idea what that is. God bless urban dictionary, who told me a fansign is “A picture taken by one friend for another friend. These kind of pictures include a piece of paper (any form), body part, and/or inanimate object with writing on it.” Which already sounds suspect, especially coming from a complete stranger.

I tell them I don’t do fansigns, and hope that’s it.

Nope, it’s not. “just one for a memory ☺ i don’t post it anywhere ☺”

Because that will sure convince me. A stranger’s promise that a picture I sent them (and I think we can all assume what kind of picture they wanted) won’t be posted anywhere, won’t be shared in any capacity. Right.

Thankfully they backed off once I reiterated I do not do fansigns, asking them to please respect my choice and not solicit me for more. Just to be safe, I blocked them to prevent further contact. I’m sharing this knowing I have followers who might be on the younger side. Please be careful online, do not share pics of yourself you would hesitate to put openly on your blog on the word of a stranger promising no one else will see them. Be vigilant, stay safe.

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I just watched Goodbye and wow. The teens have so much more to learn. We really need a s4. Also, can I just say, Josh's presence was not needed in this episode, at all. I cringed when he walked in and sat with the clique six.

We really do! So keep campaigning!

And I get Josh being at the BMW reunion and last Topanga’s bit. But the part where he joins them and Maya’s like what do you want….definitely feels awkward (and it did at the taping too). But maybe that’s the point? Maya’s clearly not as 😍 about him as she was in SL, and I think if we get an S4, we’ll see Josh doing some growing up of his own.

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'Louis didn't mean zayn when talking about the lads being supportive. Bc he's not part of the band. He was only talking about the other lads' ok but the gag isssss....ot5 is gonna happen whether u like it or not! 😂 do they promise to go away when it happens!??? Pls!

So glad that Zouis is alive and well as always!!. Shame that “certain” ppl are going to ignore this fact till the very end. Have a good day/night💕💕💕

Zouisssssss omggg. I can’t wait to see them together! I’m a petty bithc! I want the anti zouis to choke on their words!😂😂

Listen, I know some people are all cynical about Louis’ praise of Zayn and whatever, but they’re missing the point. We have had radio silence from Louis as far as Zayn is concerned and the fact that he’s finally allowed to even say his name AND BE COMPLIMENTARY about him to boot IS HUGE! That’s the big picture and it is without a doubt a huge step in the right direction (aha!). We’re on our way to reconciliation and I’m here for it.

Those that drank 1DHQ’s kool-aid are in for a rude awakening. Like it or not, things are changing and burying their head in the sand won’t alter reality. First Liam, then Niall, now Louis…..next is Harry. Wonder what they antis will say once he joins in on the fun. Personally, I can’t wait.

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Part 1: So the phase MeepMorp is the word that Lapis and Peridot use to describe art. But where did this word come from? Homeworld Gems are not that great at expressing emotions, they just aren't supposed to. So they don't know how to talk about them with each other. But I believe the words "Meep" and "Morp" are Lapis and Peridot's way of expressing positive and negative emotions. Meep being all the positive emotions and Morp being the negative emotions.

Part 2: When creating their first piece of art together they were unsure of what to call their first creation. Lapis said Morp and Peridot said Meep. They settled on Meep Morp due to the way that creating the art made them feel based on their emotions during their time on Earth. Lapis negative (Morp) emotions and Peridot positive (Meep) emotions. They enjoyed their creation and wanted to make another, but because it would serve them the same purpose as the first Meep Morp, and on Homeworld they-            

Part 3: call Gems with the same purpose by the same name, so the next one was called Meep Morp too. But then they realized that they left their creators and now serve different purposes in life, so they give their next Meep Morp a name all its own. This is where the other Meep Morps get their names. Eventually this will lead to Peridot and Lapis giving each other personal names away from their purpose which will be a first in Gem individuality.        

Part 4: Which fits since each Crystal Gem has shown some way to break free from the shell of expectation. Garnet is an inter-gem fusion, Pearl is without an owner, Amethyst is flawed, Steven is a half-breed, and Lapis and Peridot are the first to have unique names.             

Wow - this is an amazing theory, @ purplejester!  Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Sherlock S4

I feel like I’m the only one who enjoyed this season of Sherlock, the first episode was a bit fast and confusing, but the others were absolutely great in my opinion. The character development of Sherlock was simply amazing and finally we got to see Mycroft as I’ve been seeing him for a long time now, as a human with feelings, a human who makes mistakes sometimes, a human who would do anything for his family and Sherlock in particular.

I’ve always thought that part of the fandom always took things too far but they are definitely taking them waaaaaaaaaay too far now. They read too much into stuff, overanalysing everything just to find what they want to find, not what it’s actually there. They told you a Johnlock kiss would not happen, yet you kept blabbering non-sense and now you’re disappointed because the kiss didn’t happen? Sherlock said John is part of his family, he almost died for him, he would have killed his own brother to spare him, he would have killed himself rather than killing him, but no, you’re upset because they didn’t kiss or get married or say “I love you” to each other in more than a friendly way. You see, but you don’t look. When you look only at the details you miss the bigger picture and I think that this is what happened here.

I could go on for hours about this, but honestly I’m tired, I’m exhausted even.

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Will you continue the dragon fanfic? I really like the first part. I get it if you don't want to but just consider it.

I am! I totally am, I have most of the chapters planned with outlines and I know how most of it is gonna go (it’s a long one tbh). It’s just the next two or three chapters that are really holding me up because I just… don’t want to write them, partly because I’m not sure exactly how to proceed with them, partly because I have little motivation for it (kinda like how I don’t animate because it’s a LOT of work with poor results lmao).

But knowing people actually want to read it also boosts my motivation 100000% ;___;

“I May Be Crazy Don’t Mind Me” Alec Lightwood Imagine

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Title Lyrics from: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Summary: Jessie gets in way over her head and Alec becomes frustrated when he realizes there is no way to save her. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS BUT PLOT HAS BEEN ALTERED* 

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I know that the theme of this blog is I Hate My Mental Health Clinic and Want to Destroy Them but it’s really looking like certain parts of my lease aren’t even legal and might be considered discriminatory. The fact that they require me to be in therapy at their offices despite chronic mistreatment is ridiculous. When I agreed to this arrangement, it was under the assumption that the level of service I was receiving would remain consistent. Despite that, I don’t think it’s legal to force a tenant to agree to that, regardless of who owns the housing. I had been looking for a permanent place to live for four years and this was the first opportunity that came up and it will probably be my last. I received one eviction notice after two employees were shockingly abusive and I stopped going to therapy, and I have been threatened with evictions four other times for things that would be illegal or that never happened. If evicted, I will be homeless again. They know this and use it to frighten me.

I need to find out exactly what kind of program I’m in. I asked once and SHOCKINGLY no one could give me an answer. I asked where the rental subsidies came from and I was told “a few places”. Okay…

Anyway, if it’s got anything to do with HUD, they are violating rules because supportive housing is supposed to be “non-coercive” so fuck my mental health clinic and their threats and their negligence and their abusive employees.

Ok I'm sorry but this is just getting ridiculous

Some idiots have decided to just RUSH people into shit.
Some of the victims,
Camila and Jakei don’t even speak full English. Its not their first language.
And Piggies is finally maaaaybe having time to rest because she finished her FUCKING 100+ PAGE THING OF REALLY HARD AWESOME COMICS COLORED BY HAND!
She uses crayons and black markers, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS? Also she does CPAU AND ErrorTale! She also has to do UT Cons which last whole DAYS. And there’s multiple of them!? Guys please don’t rush her!

Camila lost part of her fucking house. English isn’t her first language.
And her animations are 20 god damn minutes long.
Think about it. She animates so smoothly, and she has to do TONS of stuff for that to work. I cant even imagine the amount of times I would think she would just want to give up. But she didn’t. Because she CARES about herself. She CARES about us. And she CARES about her FAMILY. She needs rest. Be fucking patient.

Get me.
Her animations are beautiful. And she didn’t turn off anon JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE OUT THERE
Just like everyone, people need REST. Like, your brain needs to SLEEEEEP.
Also it took her a whole day for fucking 3 minutes of her next UnderVerse.
And because of the amount of minutes for this.
It’ll prob take months for the animation to finally be done.
But guys.
These people are going to their limit for us. And around 75% of “us” are ungrateful brats that should just be thankful that these people are pushing their limit for us.

And now Hawker. Damn her art is unbelievable. BEST PART.
Nah nvm not the time…
Best part is her art. Ive been to one of her live streams and it takes damn fucking hours just to finish one page. Also, she doesnt picture Chara as a villain. OR draw Chara with red eyes.
Guys come on Chara had brown eyes srsly.
But apart from that, she also does small gif like animations that’re JUST like anime. Which I’m guessing is Hawkers style, so kutos for doing that because DAAAAAAAAMN.
And because it prob takes days to do amazing stuff like this, she deserves respect and kindness. But she’s just gotten plain rot.
She NEVER deserved that.

Please, don’t ask when the next thing will be out. Just let these amazing people do their work and especially rest.
Fame comes with a price, these people have the worst of it.
Stop picking on them. Stop asking when their stuff will be out.
Just maybe ask them how theyre doing sometimes. Drop in a compliment maybe? Just don’t rush them.
They don’t. DESERVE that.


Onew (to Minho): I want to remember Minho for a long time because he’s a good person.

Onew said the first thing he wanted to say to minho is ‘thank you’ because he’s the first one to come to him when onew is lonely..

Minho: The members always fill in parts that I’m lacking of, we fill each others parts that we are lacking. We grow up getting to know each-other a lot. I think it’s very precious.

Minho: Although I’m in the same group (w SHINee), I want to be their fan. I want to always support them and be the most passionate fan.

Onew: this is nothing but, I’m very thankful 

Minho: Why~ O: Idk.. it’s just what i feel..

Minho : No, I’m more thankful

Onew: dont you have any last word? Like sorry? (Lol) …or want to protect something for you

Minho: I……. really. ……Seriously.. ….Like you a lot hyung <3<3<3<3

Minho: To me SHINee is a family. If we fall apart I think I will be lonely and sad. I don’t want us to fall apart.

trans cr: sagyehanmanddeddiddi

rules: shuffle your music and write down the first 10 songs. no skipping (or else)! tag 10 people. tagged by @pointlesssuga ty!!!💕

  1. world princess part II // grimes
  2. ultralight beam // kanye west
  3. no role modelz // j.cole
  4. lostmyhead // the 1975
  5. pose // rihanna
  6. story of my life // one direction
  7. stuck on the puzzle // alex turner
  8. motion picture soundtrack // radiohead
  9. your body is a weapon // the wombats
  10. still take you home // arctic monkeys

i tag: @dansuga, @phantell, @jikookphan, @dawniel, @arophan, @fxjimin, @jpghope, @dayphil (tagging some different ppl bc i don’t want to like spam people by tagging them, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want!)💓💓

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do you have any tips on how to talk to outsiders, specifically therapists/counselors about your feelings about this show and it's effect on you/what has happened? I don't want to end up feeling any more foolish

not from personal experience, but their job is to listen to your feelings, and whether or not they can relate to them, they can’t deny that your feelings are valid. you could maybe explain your emotional investment in the programme as the first queer love story after 130 of nothing more than insinuation and the sense of betrayal you felt after the episode aired and only portrayed villains (including murderers and sexual predators) explicitly queer rather than giving you the validation you were anticipating - that was the sorest part of it for me. does anyone else have any advice?

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hey pants I'm gay and I want to come out but I go to a private Christian high school and if I come out I will be expelled and . i feel like i am not really being myself to my friends there but i don't want to have to go to a new school. what should i do

being that you aren’t in a safe situation for you to come out– i dont necessarily recommend it. and while being gay is an essential part of who you are, you not telling them you’re not straight i wouldn’t personally constitute as you “not being [yourself].”

you’re still you, you’re just not straight.

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What's better: naruto or naruto shippidon? I want to start one of them

oh well naruto is like, the first part so you should start with that? and then watch shippuden. naruto is the best anime no one fight me on this 


Oberstdorf 2014, part 1

I found these gifs hidden in some random folder and thought it would be a shame not to post them, even though I had to make them compatible for Tumblr. Especially after I couldn’t find any recording of the competition online. Should anyone want the original gifs for whatever reason, just tell me. (They look way better.)