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Little context: Since my party was mostly new players and I really wanted to sell them on DnD (Dragon Age Homebrew) being a game where you can do anything, I allowed a lot of seduction in the beginning of the game and I’m regretting it bc now there are almost no NPCs that haven’t had sex with the party. Here are some highlights

Me (DM): You’ve fucked him well enough that he gives you all his tea.

Me: You’ve convinced the pirate to remove his pants. (rolls a d20) He’s pretty well-hung

Me: The 80 year old librarian agrees and takes you to a back room

Our Mage: Does she teach me how to use magic sexually?

Me: Sure

Our Blood Mage (in combat): I’m pretty well off as a male Qunari right?

Me: Yeah? I mean I guess I roll for it now. (Roll a nat 20)

Blood Mage: I drop my pants to intimidate him to leave. (non-nat 20)

Me: I hate you guys.


Ok Selja is back and it’s worst. I said I wouldn’t talk about her anymore, but its worst really. Report @Selja_helllover, I’m fucking shaking and I want to puke so bad

Also I saw many account doing the same kind of thing to Jimin (death threat) so only report!!! Dont post a tweet on twitter, dont talk to them, dont interact with them

There was an old lady hiding behind the TV, and I just KNEW she wanted to kill us. So I told my mom and we all grabbed our things and ran out of the house to escape. But once we were outside I realized I’d forgotten my snowboots, which were apparently very important, so I ran back inside to get them. When I walked through the front door and looked down the stairs, the old lady was lying facedown on tha basement floor. She immediately got up and started running at me, and then I woke up.

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what's ur favorite jikook fanfics? <3

Fanfics omg… I haven’t read any new fanfics in like 1859256 years I’m so sorry.

But I think my (all time, sorta) faves are:

Dream maker by @polkari-seuta ​ and @bottomkook ​ here on tumblr (Prepare tissues)

Brave by Yoonmin_Trash(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

I’m like a secret by flitter(ao3) (Prepare tissues)

Boy in Luv and I need U(Part 2 to Boy in Luv, ongoing) by whenIseeUsmile(aff) Side note: I absolutely love these fics…like they’re long and chaptered but so worth the read, I love them a lot!! 

There’s a bunch that I always go back and read, but I can’t think of them right now, I’m so sorry!!!!!

Oh and there is an ongoing fic by @drpuffles ​ called Nice Guy on ao3, and I’m really liking it so far!

ask me one thing you want to know about me :)

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Would you consider ever drawing a "what-could-have-been" for wackson and joon (rapson)?

IN MY HEART I WANT TO BECAUSE IM SO EMO FOR THEM but I have a lot of comics lined up pertaining to the main storyline so not anytime soon :’( I’d wanna go back to it in the future though!

Braids {Sirius Black x Reader}

Anon requests are a bit slow today so I decided to write down one of my ideas where Sirius is actually great in braiding (cuz I want me a man like dat)




“Hey, Sirius,” (Y/n) smiled at her boyfriend, wrapping her arms around his neck from the back. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, darling. I’ve been waiting for this,” he replied before sitting down on the ground as she climbs up on his back.

It was the end of autumn and the trees had shed all of its red leaves, leaving them in a beautiful pile of orange and yellow shades. The weather was cold and so the two were in their coats and mittens. They were supposed to go to Hogsmeade with their friends but seeing as the castle was deserted, they decided to take advantage of this moment to enjoy the empty castle.

Sirius carried her on his back and walked to the courtyard, gently putting her down on one of the benches.

“So, what do you want to do?” He asked before sitting beside her.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to seem as though she was thinking very deeply when he surprised her by kissing her cheek softly.

“You are so adorable,” he whispered.

“You’re more adorable!”

“Why, thank you, love.” He said, kissing the top of her head while she chuckled.

“You need to improve on your flirting,” (Y/n) said, facing away from Sirius while he began to comb her hair gently with his fingers. He loved the way it cascades down her back, the way it always smells sweet, and the way it tangles in his fingers. Although there were some days she often complained about her hair, wishing it was just like some one else’s; Sirius loved it the way it was because it made her who she is. He leaned close to her left ear and softly whispered, his breath tickling her neck.

“What do I need it for? I already got the one I want right in front of me.”

(Y/n)’s heart leapt out of her chest at those words. She blushed and pulled her knees to her chest.

“T-That was…”

“What? Too cheesy?”

“It was cute…” She mumbled, a small smile on her lips as Sirius continues to brush her hair.

“Mmm, guess I still got it,” he replied. “Could you give me a hair tie, love?”

(Y/n) pulled out a black hair tie and gave it to Sirius who placed it in his teeth, his fingers twisting small pieces of her hair and braiding them together.

“Do you suppose they’re having fun in Hogsmeade?” (Y/n) asked after a while.

“Why? Do you want to catch up? They’re still daylight, you know.”

“No, just wondering,” she said, “What’re you doing back there?”

Sirius did not reply, intending it to be a surprise but his silence slightly worried (Y/n) so she tried to turn around until she felt him accidentally tug on her hair.


“Don’t move now, love. Just a bit more,” he said and with the hair tie he borrowed, he tied her braid and pulled out his wand, sprinkling small stars on her (h/c) colored hair. He smiled triumphantly and rested her braid on her shoulder.


(Y/n) looked at the intricate braids he did and she had never seen her hair look this beautiful. She watched the stars he placed twinkle into red and gold then white, matching the color of her hair and eyes. It was like a mermaid’s hair, only it was hers. She could almost say Sirius was better than the other girls who would fix their hair in different braids (Y/n) could never master. She had no time. But now it seems like she will attend her classes in style.

She smiled at Sirius and kissed him lightly on the side of his lip before whispering, “You know, I’m starting to think you might have been a girl in your past life.”

“But I’ll still be adorable, won’t I?”

She laughed and nuzzled her nose against his, their foreheads pressed together as they shared another kiss.

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how about Iroh x Happiness?

Let me tell you something. There are very few things in the world that I love more than Zutara and Harmony, but Iroh x Happiness is without a doubt one of them.

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Although I’m sure Iroh probably did his fair share of sins during his military campaigns back in the day, I can only see the man he was during the actual time line of the show.
So based on that….
I want Iroh to wake up every day and be able to do whatever brings him joy. Whether if that involves playing Pai Sho, challenging Boomi and Aang to bending matches, pestering kitchen staff over their lack of skill in the art of preparing tea, or attending political meetings with his nephew (aka his most precious adopted son) so he can advise but also make Zuko crack a smile or two.

I want Iroh to open his own tea shop–one in the Fire Nation and another branch in the Earth Kingdom because of nostalgia and pretty Earth Kingdom ladies.
I want Iroh to find love and companionship again in a woman if that is what he wishes.

By everything good and holy in the world, let Iroh swell with pride and joy every time he notices what a wonderful, incredible man and leader his nephew has become. To have Zuko in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways show his uncle his deep respect, love and appreciation for him. All of that because it’d make Iroh so blissfully happy.

I desperately want Iroh to be able to dote on and enjoy his grandchildren; I think he’d be the most amazing grandfather, constantly taking care of the little ones, telling them stories and taking them on mini adventures; feeding them sweets before dinner time and teaching them how to play instruments and bending stances.
And of course, telling them of how ridiculously grumpy and sulky their dad used to be. Katara would laugh and play along adding her own testimony, while Zuko would sulk and pout.
Actually, I want Iroh to become everyone’s grandfather.
So have Iroh work closely to Zuko in reconstructing the Fire Nation and the New World. Have Iroh participate in the Fire Nation market and festivals, telling the young and impressionable tales of his travels and the lessons they should take from his stories. Have Iroh participate in debates, let him lecture in universities and give bending classes. Have Iroh teach children how to play pai sho and the Tsungi horn on Music Nights.
I think Iroh would enjoy feeling needed and busy again.

But most of all, let Iroh spend his days enjoying the company of his family.
Have Iroh arm wrestle with Toph while exchanging colorful advice.
Have Sokka take Iroh on wild hunts while they bounce off invention ideas off each other.
Have Iroh remind Aang he is still only human–and “still very much just a kid”–when Avatar duties get too heavy. Let them talk about their beliefs and tactics.
Please let Iroh spend peaceful evenings with his nephew full of laughter and long conversations.
Let Iroh change diapers and give baths to little water bender babies with their father’s golden eyes but with their mother’s temper. Let him get soaked from head to toe only to just create steam to his grandchildren’s delight.
Let him have tea and sweet breads with Katara every day at 3pm so they can both talk and relax from the day’s events.

As long as he is with those he considers family, he will be.

Send me a ship and i’ll rate it

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Ok sorry if I pissed u off but are u serious rn. Nothing u just said is true. Will is not his pretend bf I know that for a fact and the spotlight has not been on cc for years no one cares about them anymore glee is over. Ashley isn't always with them either if u did listen to recent videos u would know they just came back from Germany and went on a road trip to New Mexico JUST THE TWO OF THEM. I understand that u have your own opinion and that is completely fine but ur making stuff up here .

Dear CHLOEF8899- I appreciate that you created a blog just to spam me. However, I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT CHILL IS A PR RELATIONSHIP CREATED FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIVERTING PEOPLE’S ATTENTION FROM THE ACTUAL COUPLE. But believe what you want, just stay out of my inbox. Last night I was amused. Your subsequent 5 messages just pissed me off.

And for the record Mia is a vile person. Not one to be admired and she has treated Darren horribly. Someday you will all be enlightened and realize how your refusal to see the truth has done nothing but hurt these two wonderful gentlemen.

Gafou fanfic idea

I want to see a fanfic where Gaston comes to the castle, wanting to change and apologizing and owning up to his mistakes! He knows the three men that he owes to most apologies to…Maurice for tying him to a tree, Adam for trying to kill him, and most importantly, LeFou.  I want him to be genuine with tears in his eyes.  And I want to see him be able to change by talking to Mrs. Potts and listening to her harsh words and hearing them out. I also want him to talk to Adam and have Adam impart his lessons onto him about not being so vain.  But back to Gafou…I wanna see over the course of time, Gaston realize he loves Lefou.  I wanna see him praise LeFou for his talents until LeFou is like blushing and like LeFou slips on something but Gaston catch him and hold him close to his face and kiss him and LeFou just be shocked and be like wtf but Gaston just keeps kissing him.  I think it’d be funny if Belle walked in on that and was like had a “Oh, I’m just gonna um, yeah, see ya” reaction.  Another thing I wanna see is Gaston admitting he was wrong and just taking whatever words LeFou has to say to him to heart as well and be his yes man for a change.  That scene where Gaston is listening to all of what LeFou has to say, I want also for Gaston to own up to it and admit his wrong doings.  Another thing that’d be nice to see is Gaston agreeing to help Maurice carry stuff for art and to work for him to earn his trust back and just admit that he messed up.  And I want him to prove to everyone he’s committed to changing for the better.  (but still keep that bod….oh don’t lose that bod!) Then I really wanna see Gaston just tell Belle all these feelings he has for LeFou like a nervous school girl and ask if Belle and Adam would be open to just letting him and LeFou have the ballroom for the night.  I essentially want Gaston to be LeFou’s sugar daddy! That’d be so cute to see.  Oh oh and then I want Belle to talk to Adam about gay marriage laws so that eventually they could get married! 


My policy on art usage

A lot of people ask questions about reposting my ML art. Since it’s less stressful for me, I currently allow reposts as long as you credit me properly (including a link back) and don’t edit or make money off of them.

(Don’t repost to places where the art is already posted like tumblr though, there’s no reason for that.)

If you want to edit it, you need my direct permission. Thanks!

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Hi Donnie, how's it going? I've got a question for you, do you want to get back Vizioso for when he tried to destroy you, your brothers, the Mighty Mutanimals, and all the mutants of New York, and if not, why?

Vizioso is a total psycho killer. He has this bigoted and completely wrong opinion of mutants and he’s making dangerous weapons to kill all of them, regardless as to how peaceful that mutant really is.

He got his goons to tie Mondo and me up and tried to cut me with a meat cleaver. Yeah, I’m holding a bit of a grudge.

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Ohh man i feel so sad and bitter because i've been on tumblr for 3 years now and do gifs and have a decent amount of following but no one messages me LOL and i keep fangirling about tk and the fanarts everywhere on my own but it would be nice to share those feelings with people?? even strangers that would message me like your anon did with tofus beautiful art.. even if i try to msg others they just send me a reply back with no invitation to keep the convo going :/ idm fangirling on my own but

but after 3 years it gets lonely?? i dont even have friends in this fandom even though i try to talk to people and i care to not force myself onto them but :/ im only good for gifs and everything else doesnt matter to people.. but I want to share stuff about myself, i want people to know that i love this/that and want them to talk to me about it.. idk im just in a really bitter and sad mood today ignore me

sobs nooo don’t be sad or bitter ;; idk how to respond to this cause??? maybe your followers aren’t reaching out to you for reasons i’m not sure of but dskafnadskf i’m sorry that people aren’t open with conversations with you and stuff tho :/ i think it could be hard sometimes… i’ve had many conversations with people that just end cause i’m awkward and don’t know how to maintain friendships… but i know what you mean ;;; i hope that you can find friends in the fandom soon :-( i wouldn’t say that that’s all you are ksankdf there’s a person behind every blog and i’m sure you’re amazing!! :-(

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Reasons to break up with their couples?

Okay, I wasn’t sure if you meant why they would each individually break up with a person, or if you wanted ship specific breakup headcanons, so I went with the first. If you wanted the second, feel free to ask again!

Eren would end a relationship if his partner betrayed his trust. If they cheated or lied to him, if they did something serious behind his back. Eren’s all about trust and loyalty, strength of heart, and if someone does something to break his trust, then it’s over. 

Mikasa would end a relationship for cheating. She can handle most things, and is very good about confronting behaviors or attitudes that could cause a problem, talking through them before they become an issue or not entering a relationship at all if they will be problematic  (i.e. self-centeredness, close-mindedness, etc.) But if she finds out she’s been cheated on, she’ll drop you faster than a hot potato and will not look back. 

Armin would end a relationship for dishonesty. Whether in cheating, someone trying to change themselves to be with him, or just a pathological lying thing, he won’t stand for dishonesty. Little whites lies here and there won’t end things, but once those start to add up and turn into bigger lies, it won’t be long before he finds out the truth and ends it. 

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The Future Is Clearer Than The Past’s High Definition

We look back towards prior times
with widened eyes,
for they were spaces
that held both mortal and magic
in the same body.

Theese superior regularities
strode the streets continously
without shadows follwing,
visual reverberations,
spiritual reflections,
metaphorical darknesses,
constantly tailing them.

These shadows weren’t shown
until under the LED sun
bright with harshness,
burning with rage,
and invasive.

Inspired by a conversation with @rhapsodyinblue45​:

I want to live in a time in the past. Is that strange?
Not at all! Which one?
20s.  30s.  40s.  50s.  60s.
What attracts you about those time periods?
They were innocent.  They are not now. Unfamiliar and romanticized.
They weren’t overexposed
True.  Decency still seemed prevalent
Also true    

Not So Slick

Originally posted by ghisborne

Summary: Your son brings home another dog and you are not pleased

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 584

Warnings: Cute Doggos

Requested by: @jotink78; #74 and #114

A/n: This is my last Drabble for the night because I took NyQuil and I’m falling asleep. I don’t know if this is what you wanted but enjoy anyway. IF you want a different story just lmk

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