i want them as figures * *

They grow closer and closer. They’re both realizing that, like anybody, you don’t know how long you have together, so they’re trying to make every moment count. They’re both fighting this, how do I be positive that we’re going to stop this while at the same time being realistic that maybe we don’t? It’s that push and pull. Like any couple, one starts to lose faith and the other one pulls them back up and vice versa. It’s an interesting dynamic that neither of them wants to wallow, and yet they’re struggling to keep going forward.
Now it’s really the two of them as a unit trying to figure out how to stop Savitar and keep her alive. While they’ve never been closer, there’s a lot more pressure than there ever has been on them as a couple. They have to figure out how to work through the biggest tragedy that could befall them in the future.

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Do you mind talking about Venus in Virgo? I love your perspective on things and would love that!

Virgo Venus is a fall placement so Venus is weakened, and the central theme is typically selfishness. Venus rules relationships, self-esteem, and material pleasures, so Virgo Venus is strongly inclined to deny themselves a lot of the important parts of these subjects out of a fear or distaste for selfishness. They would rather starve emotionally than put themselves first. They tend to be distant for this reason; they rarely voice their desires or talk about their needs and since they can lack confidence, I think they find it hard to express their personality too. As the sign that comes after Leo, they need a lot of recognition and adoration, but they are so devoted that they’re often taken for granted and this is so damaging to them, but ultimately it’s their own fault. It’s a lifelong struggle for Virgo Venus to become secure within themselves and figure out it doesn’t make them selfish to have needs and wants, and it doesn’t reduce their value if they focus on their own health every once in a while. Virgo Venus suffers in silence most of the time and no one even knows about their pain.

Disabilty Proboems

Why is it so hard to find a good job these days?? I’m job hunting again because the current cashier job i have doesn’t allow me to sit or take long break but I have several chronic illnesses I causing a form of arthritis that make it EXTREMELY difficult for me to be on my feet for more than 5 hours at a time. I tried contacting the company’s accommodations line and instead of working with me they put me on “temporary leave” so now I’m not even on the schedule! I keep getting messages to go speak to Personnel but they are NEVER there when I try to reach them! Apparently they leave by 3 pm and most of my shifts don’t start until after 4 pm! How am I supposed to talk to them and figure everything out if I can never find them?? It’s ridiculous and I wanna quit so bad but I need the money for rent… I want a nice desk job or receptionist job where I can sit when I need to but everyone wants at least 2 years experience, how the hell am I supposed to get experience when they won’t hire me in the first place?? It’s all just so ridiculous and I’m always in pain and exhausted…

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Yo what if Keith's mom is that random Galra from the Weblum episode and when she shows up she looks at Keith and says "hope you've been taking care of my old Lion for me while I was gone"

So, I am like totally ON BOARD with Keith’s mum being the Galra side. GIVE IT TO ME. AND I LOVE THAT IDEA.

Like can you imagine how much this changes everything? Clearly Keith remembers his dad enough to have memories of him and recognize him. So what happened? Was it the single dad life for them? Did he pass and Keith move on to foster care like so many people head canon? How much did Keith know his mother, if at all?

Imagine (And I’m about to go in a totally different direction then you):

-So obviously, Keith’s dad knew and kept it from him. So likely Keith had no idea who his mother was and figured his dad just simply didn’t want to talk about it.

-But one thing that would on the occasion slip out was that his mother loved the sky, and that is why Keith was so determined to be a pilot. 

-Of course, a long ways down the road, Keith is the red paladin, and has long forgotten that it’s probably pretty significant that the red lion was in Galra control

-BUT LIKE IMAGINE IF KEITH’S MOTHER WAS IN ZARKON’S ARMY. Not part of the blade of Marmora. 

-And when she finds out that Keith is the red paladin, She thinks automatically that Keith will side with her and bring them the red lion. “Have you been taking care of my old lion while I was gone?”

-The betrayal Keith feels knowing that all this work he had to do to prove to the others that his Galra side wasn’t who he was and his own mother is one of Zarkon’s most trusted generals. 

-It would be an all out civil war between mother and son. And the red lion would be torn between the two of them, even more so than Zarkon and Shiro because the red lion loves the both of them equally

-Keith’s mum would use him to practically wipe the floor with him. It’s painful for the others to watch, because Keith has no chance defeating her. 

-But imagine that Lance does. Our resident sharpshooter. Because he knows Keith, and this woman means nothing to him as Keith does, so no love lost if he, you know, shoots her in the arm or something.

-”I mean, Keith, she is trying to take the red lion from us. What did you think I was going to do?”

-”She’s still my mother, Lance!”

Oh man, oh man, I love this idea. This is probably not what you were thinking with that episode, but I’ve gotten out of control. (And it went in like the opposite direction)

Dreamworks hire me.

More of Eleanor’s diary

@lady-eleanor-vane posted several auction pictures of several pages of Eleanor’s diary, with the request of help for people to decipher what is written.

God knows I came away not half as well pleased as when I arrived with an engagement I had little hope of shaking off. All being so ill used for want of a pleasant nature. Hither to I had no quarrel with him, not knowing of him personally tho’ stories of exploits had reached us one is not given to taking them rumours and tales to heart for that is what they be. Just exactly that. When all is said and done this is a man someone is going to have to dispose of sooner, rather than later. [10]3

Notorious Prisoner On Trial. Court reports on Eleanor Guthrie, trade boss of Nassau. ….. [? not sure on the last word]” (Courtesy also to  @betterhiddenbizarre who also figured this text out)

Not 100% sure who Eleanor wrote about here, but this is around the time of the trial. It seems to me this is about Woodes Rogers after her meeting with him on the Delicia and he almost put her on the Gloucestershire back to London. I can’t imagine Eleanor wrote this about Captain Hume or Mr. Underhill. The “engagement” Eleanor talks about within the given context is meant to be taken as “agreement”.

So, if written after the scene of Rogers wanting to put her on the Gloucestershire for “fucking Vane”, then we can conclude that Eleanor accepted to cooperate with him for her own survival, and had little hope of being able to wittle out of it, that she was more confident and pleased of her deal with him before arriving on the ship than she was after the meeting. She feels ill used by him for her bluntness. Until then she had no “quarrel” (no ill feelings towards him) because she did not know him, but she had heard of him and his “exploits” (explorations) along with some dark rumors and tales, which she still tends to reject. And at this point she thinks that either she or others (in Nassau) will have to get rid of him. The “Notorious Prisoner” seems more like a spiteful signature, signing off. 

LEFT PAGE “We need to be able to make money the way London makes money through collection - collecting not hunting which amounts to legitimacy. I need to challenge him, ask him, beg him to give up the girl in spite of how his men may feel [22]2″

This is about Charles Vane, before she goes to the Fort to ask him to give her Abigail.

RIGHT PAGE: “I failed, my evenfall (?) prepared speech. He spouted (?) his humans shall … about taking and keeping, and lording behind desks … …. or anything else. Very well. I shall follow his example and take her, and look him in the eye and give him every chance to deny me. That is also legitimate. [23]3″

Eleanor continues on the Abigail issue, comprizing Vane’s ideas, and she decides to just take Abigail, using his words about looking a man in his eyes and giving him a chance to deny him.

The numbers at the end of each write-up do not seem to be a date after all. There was not a month in between Eleanor begging him for the girl and taking her.

“According to Marcus he requested their attendance in … having been confound to bed following a doggy spell. His fever worsens. Somewhere in a previous entry I have a cure for fever. It may be more ?eacuous than Marcus dethoxing and bloodletting I suspect, why/may/way I know the pressure upon him to find and recover the Cache is what ails him. Our continued … have in Marcus/Maroons/Marines (?) and allies.

grand (?) plans … around the Cache (?). All … .. makes that his health … to the additional will (?) … I have sequestered him A…. to deal with me. … …. …. I am the … … …. between Rogers and his council. The Chamberlain I expected to take issue with this. I command him though …. conditioned my state of mending on that what I cannot forget. I can move forward, which fact I think he found reassuring. [1]2″

I am pretty sure that I may be reading a word here or there wrong. But the left page relates to Woodes having been taken ill, Dr. Marcus’s treatment, and how Eleanor thinks that Rogers’ worries over the cache is what worsens it all or lies at the foundation of hm becoming ill. The right page seems to be about her now being the go-between the council and Rogers, and her struggles with Chamberlain, insofar that it seems either Rogers or Chamberlain expressed worry but that she managed to reassure him o her ability to move forward, beyond what she cannot forget.

“From the protection of the Fort we observed the mayham as the Pirates sailed into Nassau Harbour utterly oblivious to the underwater blockade below the holds sank (?) four fo the hardest waters.

Utter confusion and Ct BR watching from above, re/uncovered (?) and empowered (?) as the cannons fired repeatedly at the struggling ships. Only a man once engaged in Navy and Maritime business could devize such a scheme. And I keep the Baby open(?) of false Digestion.


Best/beat Rheubarb, grated Orange Peel f..y p… Chimway (?) seeds, browned … 3 days … guart (?) … & take … some (?) glass .. is much as … I keep the Baby open … Say sanctuary haven to mother (?)

(Mrs. Hudson’s concept for Gout)”

Obviously the left page recounts the failed Pirate attack of 4x01 with the blocked bay and sunken ships. The right page is a recipe, given by Mrs; Hudson for gout, but Eleanor uses it to keep the Baby “open” or help with morning sickness I think. Eleanor thus was certain she was pregnant in 4x01 and trying some type of drink with rheubarb, orange peel and seeds, and what seems to be a prayer.

“He finally came out with the real story behind some of his uncharacteristic behavior and decision. Money.

His intent to end his marriage to Sarah had unanticipated consequences one of which entails the intervention by her family with his more significant debtors. They have persuaded these debtors to accelerate the repayments. This will have a waterfall (?) effect and would encourage lesser creditors to also call in these loans, and Woodes would have no choice but to default. He would be in breach of the Law a fugitive. This debt, unsubstantiated previous debt was assumed to bring Nassau to order.”

Eleanor recounts what she learned of Rogers’ debts at the end of 4x01.

Given that we do not see the full pages I can only read some phrases.

LEFT PAGE: “or two, a woman ………. is going to walk ….. threat gate… Is a longboat…. I have place….. Rogers’ ship …. that she’ll …. order to … to…. have “…

RIGHT PAGE: “breach the pledge. I will … command his breath without … And as does ….. jewels ….. ….. the ….. “

Eleanor drew a ship with dolphins jumping near through the waves, and clouds in the sky. Above the little paper it says, “Taking Our Departure from New Providence.” She’s not bad at drawing, adding perspective and shadows to the sails.

Obviously we can make out enough to tell that these pages are about what we saw at the start of 4x05 with Hudson having to walk out of the fort and go out in a longboat to tell Woodes her plan. And she drew her departure as a type of wish-dream.

LEFT PAGE: “I have heard it said that a good dose of /seas…(?) …. beneficial. I fail to see how, unless of course … banting, but even … must be a better …. devesting oneself of no …. pounds than by an… …rge [16]7

Miserable day and still no news [17]8″

RIGHT PAGE PARTIALLY: “…. the “Lamb” … …. a work of art it …. …. me far … (?) I … Lock and Yeast.  … may be, even break  … me p..t… where some of …. ….. of human nature …. accept (?) with a hand which is …. while at …. [18]2

Not sure what the left page is about. Might be about some folk remedy. The miserale day mention and how near to the end of the journal this is written indicates this was written when Eleanor was in the fort waiting for news about the arrival of cache. The right page mentions a Lamb and human nature, and seem more philosophical. It may have to do with a sermon she heard or one of Lambrick’s words to other women. 

If you have corrections or additional words that you can make out, just put them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

ETA: it is possible that Starz may release the diary commercially in print after the S4 finale.

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Bendy! I've figured it out! The reason other yous keep hitting on ya! It's because you're one handsome devil~! [Dia isn't even sure themself if they're being serious, making a pun, or trying to flirt. Probably all three.]

…………… [Isn’t sure if he wants to smack the shit out of them or not….]

Can anyone help?

So…I’ve signed up to do art for the upcoming Big Bang, but the author of one of the prompts I claimed hasn’t contacted me and time is running out before the deadline. I’d hate for them to not have art if they actually wanted it, so I was hoping SOMEONE out there knows who is writing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU. If you do, can you please connect the two of us? 

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Do you have any head canons for Nesyrn and Chaol as a couple?

I honestly want to. But I need more page time with them. I came up with the following, but they’re not great. After the novella thought, I will have more. So ask me then, and I will do my best to deliver to you what you rightfully deserve!

  1. Nesryn is the kind of girl Chaol always wanted, but also the kind he can’t ever seem to figure out. They never go to bed mad at one another (not since this one time in Antica). But sometimes they go to bed annoyed with one another. And Chaol never knows what to do because she will stays on the opposite side of the bed as him, but when they wake up, she is always in his arms. He finds it very confusing.
  2. They live together for almost a year before Chaol first see’s one of her used feminine products in the bathroom trash. At first he is hella confused and he runs to find her and asks where she cut herself and why she didn’t tell him and if she’s okay. When she tells him it was her cycle, he is SUPER confused because he thought she just didn’t get them. He immediately thinks something must be wrong with her because, “Holy shit there’s a lot of blood in the trash, and how have I never seen it before today?” She calmly explains that she usually takes the garbage out because she heard that bleeding vaginas freak him out. Chaol is mildly offended, but also grateful.
  3. One night, Chaol wakes up to an empty bed and a silent house. He turns on a lamp in the room and sees a huge blood spot where Nesryn should be lying—but isn’t. He freaks out, grabs his sword, and prowls through the house. He finds her asleep on the floor of the hallway bathroom. She’s wearing a different set of pajamas, the ones she’d fallen asleep in are in a bloody pile on the floor—right next to a pair of bloody undergarments. She’s curled up on herself and he can tell her stomach hurts. So he picks her up and lays her on his side of the bed. He’ll change and clean the sheets in the morning. He gets some painkillers and gently wakes her up to take them. She is confused but in so much pain that she doesn’t ask questions. He sits on the floor and rubs her hair until she falls back asleep. He sleeps on the floor next to her.
  4. The closest they come to real fights is threatening to throw water on one another. They get so mad that they race the other to the kitchen and fight to fill up glasses with cold water. Then they stand around as if they’re going to toss the water on the other unless the other confesses they’re wrong about whatever it is they’re sort-of-not-really-fighting about. Only once has Nesryn actually thrown water at Chaol. They just laughed and started kissing and ended up naked on the kitchen floor.
  5. They train together on the castle grounds in Adarlan. And when Nesryn gets pregnant with their first child, she insists on training until it becomes too hard. The Thirteen fully support her. Chaol does too but it makes him nervous. He secretly asks Asterin for help understanding “women’s bodies” and after Asterin fights the overwhelming urge to laugh at him for being ridiculous, she takes pity on him and explains everything he wants to know. After that, Chaol tailors the workouts to the various stages of Nesryn’s pregnancy. And as it gets harder for her to breath, they walk (instead of run) through the training fields and gardens, and he sets up a series of 15 minute sword fighting bouts and weight training sessions so that she has time to rest in between.
  6. She’s in the middle of a bout with Dorian (using wooden swords of course) when her water breaks. After Dorian realizes what’s happening, he is all smiles and helpfulness. He and Manon walk her to the healers wing of the castle and Chaol meets them on the way. He takes over for Dorian and he and Manon walk her through the castle. She gives birth to a daughter, and Chaol thinks she is the most amazing thing he’s ever seen. He cries the first time he sees her. And after the whole delivery, bleeding vagina’s don’t freak him out so much. Not even a little.

I fixed the problem with my amazon lol I made a new acct and figured out some settings, so new version of this post: my 18th birthday and high school graduation are coming up (the first in less than a month and the second in june) and a couple of my friends/mutuals wanted me to link my amazon wishlist, so I’m gonna do that below!


obviously no pressure or anything. 

it’s mostly books, clothes, jewish/gay related things. re: the books - for a lot of them the default version is at a high price, but there is an option under the product listing for a used or alternate version at a much lower price (like under 10 dollars often), do the cheapest one don’t worry about that at all. if you’re going to buy me a book don’t spend 30 dollars on a book you could buy for me used for 3 dollars. 

Just a little thing I wanted to get done in between answers. 

Simple icon for my mod blog @sunrisetunemod, since it’s my primary blog. I can only asks questions with that blog, so I figured I’d show it is indeed Sunrise’s mod blog. :p And also because Sunrise is my baby and I love her. =w=

Alright, back to answering you guys’ questions! Sorry I’m a bit slow with some of them, my schedule’s rather unbalanced at the moment.  Dx


Hi lovelies!

This was me a few days ago, on one of the first truly sunny days of the year. Right now, I’m drinking warm milk with vanilla, trying to ignore my sore throat, but I feel lousy nonetheless. 

Let’s hope the episode brings me joy! Even though Bellarke is separated, we’ll get to see them fight to protect their adopted kids!

I’m also trying to figure out my life, since I’m (supposed to be) graduating next fall, and I really want to work abroad. So if there are any wandering souls like me out there that feel like giving me some pointers, hit me up. I want to work in publising, but also maybe get a CELTA degree so I can teach EFL in another country. There is just so much and so little, I hate making decisions.

Ps: shout out to my mom who pimped the denim jacket that I now adore! ^^

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Tag me in yours and I’ll gush about your lovely faces! + Tell me if you (don’t) want to be tagged in mine!

The thing is, is that I legit ship Lena with almost everyone in one way or another. Like, it’s becoming a problem. 

Like I want to see BroTP Lena/Winn and those two nerds saving the day by inventing some new and powerful tech thing together. I want to see Lena need Winn’s help on something for L-Corp. I want Winn to come to Lena when he’s struggling to figure something out for the DEO. 

I want Lena and Maggie BroTP (I also lowkey ship them romantically together too). I want them to bond over their relationship to the Davners. Even if Kara and Lena are platonic, Lena is literally kind of Kara’s only female friend right now. I want Lena and Maggie to bond over that. And I just want these two big gays to be friends…

I want to see Alex getting protective over Kara, but also low key begrudgingly accept Lena because she realizes that Lena just has Kara’s best interests at heart. (I also lowkey romantically ship them together too). And that Kara really likes Lena and so Alex tries to get to know her for Kara’s sakes and realizes that Lena isn’t a bad person. Just misguided sometimes. 

I want James and Lena to come in to contact and for Lena to help prove to James that she isn’t just another Luthor. That she is actually different from Lex. Then I want Lena to help James and Winn with the Guardian suit, making it stronger and better.

I want Cat Grant to come back and see the rival CEO relationship. They’re not in the same marketplace, but they have definitely brushed shoulders before. I want to see what the dynamic of a self-made Queen of All Media and the heir to the Luthor empire would be like. 

I want M’gann to come back and for Lena to get to know another alien personally. Want them to bond over their troubled pasts and overcoming what everyone expected them to be. 

I want Lucy to come back and a Lane and a Luthor dynamic (I also lowkey romantically ship this too). They’re both the little sister of a huge legacy. They could easily bond over having older siblings that have set expectations for them and they had to overcome that. 

I even lowkey want Lena and a better-written version of Mon-El to be friends. Read Ascension for that dynamic. I want them to be able to bond over, again, having unfortunate pasts, but coming to realize that what is expected of them is wrong. What they’re supposed to be. And I want them to help each other when times get rough and they want to give in to temptation. 

So like yeah. Basically, I just want Lena to not be isolated to her friendship with Kara. I both highkey and lowkey want her to be friends (maybe more in my own head) with everyone. 

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Favorite Mods ships??

RAVEN X ELESIS. Hands down best ship even though it’s a rarepair.  Oh, also Elboy x Ain and Raven x Ciel.  But Raven x Elesis takes the cake.


*Unrolls list of ships* You really want to hear them all? I’ll just say DMAP, Perkisas x Solace…..*Blathers on*


Ah… Secret :3c Though it’s kinda easy to figure out what I ship… I think~

- Lune

I live and breathe Ara/Add. a lot of it is bc they remind me of myself and sunshine.



*screaming Esper*

Main ships are addcest, but I like any ship with Add, like addxain


Worldly Traditions: Part I

Nkisi Nkondi (Power Figure). Kongo Peoples (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Late 19th Century. Wood and Metal.

Nkisi Nkondi

I’ve wanted to see a Nkisi Nkondi since I first learned about them. So, when I visited the Met in NYC I was ecstatic to see this beautiful one there (side note: I’m not going to dive into my feelings about taking historical objects from their original locations. Anyone can message me about that later).

Nkisi Nkondi are one of many traditions that is overlooked by most of western society. These traditions like others from Africa, Oceania, Asia, or Americas are often appropriated or seen as trivial. This is incredibly sad to me, especially seeing that those who love magick should educate them on all the traditions and spirituality of the cultures around them (all of which are amazingly interesting).

These power figures are no exception. Nkisi Nkondi work directly with societal affairs. The objects are carved from wood then stuffed with medicinal herbs. These sacred objects are designed to cure physical or non-physical issues, often in the form of social contracts. The figure itself is home to powerful forces with the ability over see contracts.

One of the most distinctive quality of these figures are the materials stabbed into the figure. They very in size and shape signifying the deals and affairs of the people interacting the figure. The idea being that a nail is driven in to start a contract, and if broken the figures forces will be unleashed to punish the wrongdoer. 

The Nkisi Nkondi is an excellent example of spirituality and magick playing a large role in human societies. Of course with the introduction of colonialism these traditions were either fetishized or destroyed. Some traditions were brought to the America’s as well.

Overall Nkisi Nkondi are amazing objects that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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Anidala, Beauty and the Beast AU? (I wanted so bad to say QuiTahl but I need to stop spamming all my writer friends with them lol)

Well, I wouldn’t really be able to write QuiTahl anyway, so this is probably or the better!

Also, I shamelessly admit that this is somewhat influenced by @fialleril‘s Anabasis snippets. I’m sorry, I tried. (Also, I cheated, its four sentences. Again, I tried.)


“Is there anything else, my lord?” Padme says frostily, seated as regally as the queen she once was on the window seat.

The dark figure in the doorway hesitates, almost turns back around before squaring its shoulders in what she thinks might be determination, “MynameisAnakin!” And then he flees, there is no other word for it, and Padme watches him go, refusing to allow her bewilderment to show on her face.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I recently came out to my mother as agender, but she asked questions to better understand me or something, but I'm really unsure on how to answer. One of them was along the lines of "what does it mean to be agender" and "why do you want to change your name?" I don't know how to answer this without repeating "no gender" every five seconds.

Hello anon, thanks for the question.

The fact that your mom is asking questions and wants to understand seems to be a good sign but even when coming out is taken really well it can still be hard to talk to family/friends about the particular details. It might be helpful for you to, by yourself, write out how you came to figuring out you’re agender and your feelings about it, why/if you want to change your name, and what else you want to happen. These are all questions you probably do know the answers to but knowing something isn’t the same as explaining it in an eloquent way on the spot and preparing by getting the words out on paper before you say them out loud can only help. If you’re mom is open you might even want to ask her to write out a list of questions she has so you better know what she may be confused or concerned about and what you’ll want to explain. After that, find a time when you and your mom aren’t busy and can sit down and go over everything together. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, my friend wanted me to ask someone about this but they don't have a tumblr, so I figured I'd do it. They believe that asexuality is just that you don't want to or feel compelled to have sex w/ any1, and that aromantic people just don't fall in love or want/feel compelled to be in a romantic relationship. They think that someone can be ace and still fall in love, or they can be aro and still want to have sex w/ some1. Is this correct? I don't want to give them the wrong answer...

Asexuality is where you do not feel sexual attraction, some do desire sex for a variety of reasons however. Aromantic people don’t feel romantic attraction, however it depends on the individual whether they want or feel the need to be in a relationship.

You are right on the last part, and you have the general idea for the first.

anonymous asked:

i hadn't pre-ordered andromeda bc i was worried about how badly it seemed to run but now that came to light how they queerbaited people in order to get in the preorders/money i feel like never getting this game at all and not giving my money to a company that thinks this is ok :/ though i've already gotten resistance for this decision from other people, do you have any advice on how to handle that? thanks in advance!

Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little ‘off’ about the game for a while, but still wanted to give it a chance and figured I’d enjoy it regardless. The Jaal debacle was the final straw imo, especially as a bisexual person myself. My only advice would be that it’s your time and your money, and you’re perfectly within your right as a person to choose where you spend it

As for other people, if they’re important to you, try to make them see why it’s so upsetting bioware have pulled this; I think it’s just difficult for some people to understand, especially if they’re not LGBT. If they don’t understand after that then you probably don’t need their company anyway

So, my husband got a very interesting ask last night and since he let me read it, it got me thinking so, I’m gonna share my stance on the subject. Know that this is personally what I do when crafting a character, and it could work, it might not. There’s a different method for everyone. Still, I’m gonna share this, cause I personally feel this is important for developing a character.

Developing a character you want. 

There is no simple route to this task unfortunately. There will always be large sums of trial and error, from design to their personality. The best part though is you get to chose who they are, how they act and what events will happen to them. If you want to change them, go for it. Watch/play/read content you enjoy to get inspired. Experiment, write various takes on them, their story, their goals and plot. Take a test to figure out their strengths, their weaknesses. Think how they would in certain fictional situations, but most importantly. Have fun. This is your creation so you shouldn’t feel obligated to  impress anyone. Don’t compare them to other characters in a way that’ll make you feel upset. Don’t allow your creation to meet someone else’s wants or needs, you made them for you and that’s how it should be. Meet YOUR wants and needs with them.

Making a character takes years for some, sometimes a few months, a few days, a few minutes. It all depends on yourself and what you want to do with said character. What’s their drive, their back story their purpose in life. How do they fit into any plot, are they going to be placed in a fandom, in a novel, a game, a comic? Will this be long term project or a fun little excuse to help you write someone else’s point of view? The possibilities are limitless.

Remember though, trial and error will happen. You might remake your character at any given point. Change their design drastically, their story, gender,ethnicity, personality . Anything could change at any given point and that’s alright. Eventually, you’ll come to a scenario or three that your enjoyed out of all the possible routes to take with that character. Focus on those three, and simply keep narrowing it down until you pick the one you enjoy the most. If it doesn’t work out then just try the other two. If those don’t work out, then just try. Try until something feels right about them.

That’s all there really is to it. Don’t lose heart and you’ll succeed. 

Again though, this method of thinking isn’t for anyone so honestly, just keep trying until something works for you.