i want them all okay

I don’t know why I feel so connected to Sage Darnel, Konn Torin, Logan Tanner, and Linh Garan, but I freaking feel it and want to write something for these guys.

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Okay, but.. if we’re talking about how we got into DMMD, someone I used to consider my best friend sorta… got me into it, and I immediately asked if Ren had a route. She then told me that he did, but I had to play all of the other ones first.

I hadn’t thought at the start that I’d fall in love with the whole cast (bar Mink because… reasons), and yet? Here I am. 

…Thinking about Koujaku’s beast mode still wrecks me, like. Those muscles and that primal look in his eyes? Umph. Like, seriously. Give me my bara men any day. They’re usually not in BL games or things more directed at chicks in general! 

…But seriously. What is it about the whole Yaoi scene that leaves half of the guys looking either like woman or, Dub-Con lover, hands McGee? I would sacrifice my soul for dudes, being dudes (who are also in love with each other) that agree and consent to whatever they do in the relationship. I can’t be the only one who wants that, right?


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Sassy Draco at a muggle fair
  • Draco: Why are all those stuffed bears in that machine?
  • Harry: It's a claw game. You try to win the bears by grabbing it with that claw.
  • Draco: Awe, look! That one is so cute. I want it. Win me it.
  • Harry: Okay.
  • Draco: All of them.
  • Harry: I probably can't-
  • Draco: Win me all of them.
  • Harry: That's a little unrealistic
  • Draco: All. Of. Them.

You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

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Hey Cassie! I'm absolutely in love with your books and I think about your characters all day. I'm a huge Jemma fan and it hurts to see their relationship strained. Will we see any nice Jemma moments in LoS? I really want them to be okay.

TDA is about all kinds of love. Family love, friendship love, and romantic love. The relationship that Emma and Julian currently have is romantic love, and while it is under strain, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exploring. I don’t think that I’ve written any couples who, even when their relationship is strained, don’t have any laughter or smiles or fun together at all. Enjoying each other’s company is an important part of having a relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship. Even when things are hard, people can still have good times.

  • Dirk: Now that I have the Mexican Funeral T-shirt. Could I go third base with you?
  • Todd: *Chokes on his drink* Third base?!
  • Dirk: Yeah, I want to play your drums.
  • Todd: My drums, Dirk?
  • Dirk: Oh...you don't have three drums?
  • Todd: Are you talking about the actual drums, do you mean the third bass drum, or something else?
  • Dirk: I'm... not sure. You know how many times I'm not sure, Todd. About myself, about the universe, about my own social existence, or lack of, in a society based on...
  • Todd: Are you flirting with me?
  • Dirk: Let's just put it like this. If the universe wanted me to be in your bed it wouldn't be a disagreeable experience.
  • Todd: ....
  • BOSS: why didn't you show up for work yesterday?
  • me: because i don't work on holidays
  • BOSS: yesterday was July 6??
  • me: uh yeah, yesterday was the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney, July 6th, 1957.
  • He and his Quarrymen skiffle group were playing at the garden fete of St Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool.
  • One of John's mates was mates with Paul, so this mate introduced Paul to John. And he asked Paul to join their group, which later became wildly known as the Beatles. With the company of George and Ringo of course.
  • BOSS: .....
  • me: National Mclennon Day, duhh!

I intend to save Nassau before she’s lost forever, and I cannot do that with a partner who might be more concerned about advancing his career than he is about realizing this goal. 

For whatever reason, when you and I speak with one voice we seem to be able to compel them to any end. But Nassau will not be able to maintain such a resolve. Not without you or I there to help instill it.