Your eyes aren’t even blue but yet, they still remind me of the ocean.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #74

reasons why dianetti needs to happen:

  • electric chemistry
  • understands each other on a deeper level, seemingly different dispositions but both demonstrate appreciation towards similar things e.g. violence
  • effortlessly makes each other happy 
  • interracial wlw couple
  • because b99 is a comedy and Gina and Rosa are main characters, there is little need to worry about either of them getting killed off, thus no Dead Lesbian™ trope that dramas love to use to dispose of wlws (gina got hit by a bus and was legally dead for two minutes, but whoop dee doo three episodes later she’s fine and dandy so their love cannot be killed literally)
  • Gina and Rosa (Gina especially) would not at all hate themselves for their sexuality, thus resulting in two unapologetic bisexual ladies- a power couple that loves each other without abandon 
  • a sapphic romance in a sitcom would go a long way in normalizing the existence of lgbtq+ couples, and b99 is especially apt for this as they have done a great job in portraying HEALTHY heterosexual and gay relationships
  • my personal happiness
Forget about the one who ruined your favourite song.
Who is the one keeping you alive today?
—  it’s okay if that person is you//excerpt from a book I will never write #79
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.
So, through my eyes can you see me having a burning desire for your presence?
Through my eyes can you see me yearning for your touch?
Through my eyes can you sense the loneliness in my aura?
Through my eyes can you see that my soul craves to listen to your heartbeat?
Through my eyes can you see how bits of my soul is deteriorating within its walls?
Through my eyes can’t you see that I just miss you.
I guess you can’t.
—  unspoken feelings from a broken magician. // Through my eyes.