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hello -

if you decide to read on you’ll encounter racism, sexism, misogyny, poverty, and injustice. if you do not decided to read on, i will never judge you or hate you for it. we each have to decide how much we can bear.

there are sure to be a lot of triggering things in here, but i don’t know how best to tag them. if anyone has any suggestions, i’d welcome them.

thank you!

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trauma measures thick layers of dirt on the floors she’ll never scrub
she says it takes more energy to try than to sleep and we’ve already painted on permanent dark circles
we are so used to looking dead,
why go back now

trauma pours a cup of the strongest coffee and melts into the walls at the sound of footfalls

trauma wants to know why we have to remember and I ask her why she thinks we have the ability to forget

trauma cries in the shower and pretends the spicket is a waterfall and she is finally clean

trauma screams at loud movies and flinches when touched

trauma stops episodes mid watch ‘cause one flame can turn white hot wildfire and triggers can kill

trauma decorates her prison and celebrates isolation

trauma renames fear “safety” and says if she has to be a loaded gun she’ll do it right and make her mother proud

trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget

Headcanon time!

It’s canon that Pichit is totally a Disney (ish) fan, but he’s not the only one

- Yuuri, before Detroit, had never seen a Disney movie.
- Now he knows every word of every song since Snow White.
- Thank you Pichit.
- Pichit’s favourites are The King and The Skater (obviously) and Aladdin
-Yuuri’s are The Lion King and The Princess and The Frog
- I think that Yuuri really loves Tiana
-She works hard and she fight for what she wants.
- He cried at the Evangeline scene
- And at Mufasa’s death
- who didn’t

- Yuri is also a Disney fan
- fight me
- he’s a Mulan & Merida kind-of-guy
- He hums “Be a man” during his runs
- When he was young he wanted to be Jasmine
-bc she’s got that tiger tbh

- Viktor is actually a Dreamworks person
- “No Yuuri you’re not going to marry him! ”
- “He’s a /Dreamworks/”
- “Pichit calm down”
- they marry anyway and Pichit still ships them
- Viktor’s favourite is totally RoTG
-bc of /Jack Frost/
- at some point he and Yuuri sang “I See the Light” from Tangled
- bc they are dorks

- Michele and Sara are Disney people too
- but they are more Classical Disney
- Beauty and The Beast 10/10

  • Evil Queen: I need your help getting the one thing I've always wanted. Snow White's heart.
  • Snow:
  • Charming: What is it?
  • Snow: I felt a great disturbance in the Plot. As if millions of viewers suddenly cried out "Again?" and suddenly changed the channel. I fear something dumb is about to happen.
My eyes are red and puffy and I’ve cried so much that the tears are starting to sting my cheeks and even when I wipe them away there’s still more, they don’t end. I’m curled up and my chest is constricting and my body is shaking and my hands are turning white at the knuckles, trying to get a grip but I’m slipping and there’s nothing to stop me. This is a different kind of fall, one that’s not physical. It’s the kind of fall where your mind loses itself and your heart feels like it’s shattered and everything is slipping from your control. And nothing’s okay anymore, and when everything crashes down from the cliff that you’ve been thrown from, all you see is the chaos, the shattered remnants of who you used to be. And who you are now is nothing but a broken version, with missing parts and too many problems to ever be okay again.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #9
BTS Suga X Reader Imagine

Note: Hiiii everyone firstly I want to thank every person who liked my last post, it was my first ever imagine and to see that many likes motivated me to write another one. Thankyou!!!! This is for my best friend who is Suga biased so I hope she, and every other horny ARMY enjoys it ;)

Rating: Mature. Read at your own risk.

~ Zinny


You stepped out of the bath tub with a single white towel wrapped around your clean body. Your fingers wiped away the dry mascara streaks from under your eyes when you had cried, heart broken, after seeing Min Yoongi being touched by that random girl. It wasn’t like you were his girlfriend anyway, but you weren’t just friends either…so what exactly were you to him? 

You fucked every now and then but you knew more about him than anyone else, more than that girl ever could. You knew him since you were just kids and had grown up together, until one day you had sex by accident whilst you were both drunk however from that night you were addicted to each others body and fucked continuously for the fun and pleasure of it. When he was angry he would find you and when you were sad you would find him and you would both fix each other up again. That’s how you worked.  

The thought of her hands touching him made your blood boil in jealousy…why wasn’t that you? Why did you care? I don’t care, I don’t care at all you convinced yourself. You stepped out the bathroom and into your hotel room, pinning your hair up with a clip whilst searching for your pyjamas in a draw when you recognised a familiar scent behind you. Before you could turn around, lean arms were wrapped around your waist and you were pulled into a hard chest, your eyes widened. Min Yoongi. 

“ Cute towel,” he whispered seductively into your ear, “ But I’d prefer it on the floor.”

You frowned and pushed him away from you, turning around to face him in nothing but a towel. “ Leave, now.” You commanded, trying to muster up all of your dignity. Min Yoongi narrowed his eyes and stepped towards you but you placed your hands on his chest to keep the distance. 

“ Have you been crying?” His fingers quickly tilted your chin up so he could look into your eyes. The contact made your heart skip a beat but you shook your head: “ No, of course not. You should really leav-”

Suddenly your body was slammed into the wall and your wrists were pinned on it either side of your head by his hard grip, you gasped from the sudden impact. What was he doing?

Min yoongi lowered his eyes, studying your face and flipped his mint green hair out of his eyes: “ You’re really fucking bad at lying Y/N. Why have you been crying?” 

You looked away from him, ashamed, and he could already read your expression.

 “ Tell me…was it because I was with Nari?”

You violently shook your head, assuming that Nari was the random girl who was touching him.

 “ It’s nothing, leave…or else.” You threatened, looking at him hard in the eyes. 

He didn’t move. Instead, he smirked and tilted his head to the side at your annoyance. His eyes glinted with a wicked thought.

“ Leave where, baby?” He grinned, his cold lips attached to your wet skin.

“ Here?” 

You squirmed under his grip which tightened around your wrists when you moved,  I can’t let him You thought, Not again.

His lips lightly traced up your neck, brushing softly against your hot skin. “ Or here?” He whispered into your ear. 

You bit your lip to hold back a whine, your heart was beating outrageously fast and your cheeks were blazing hot. 

“ I want you to leave Min Yoongi.” You had to practically force the words out, knowing deep down that you didn’t want him to. And he knew that.

“ Is that what you want babe?” He released your left wrist and tauntingly slid his hand down your waist, hidden beneath the fabric which he wanted to tear off, grab you and fuck you mindlessly against the wall. 

“ Or is this what you want?” He taunted, his teeth biting into your skin, sucking hard with his lips whilst his warm tongue flicked out and twirled around the wet patch. 

You gasped from the sudden contact as his left hand daringly hiked your towel up your thigh so his fingers could trace patterns on your skin.

“ I-” You swore as he sucked harder, grazing his teeth into your wet skin.

“ You what? You want me to leave babe? Is that it?” He growled lowly into your skin sending electric vibrations through your body.

  No Min Yoongi, I want you, I want you so fucking bad it hurts.

“ Please Oppa,” You whimpered as his finger nails pierced into your upper thigh.

 He grinned into your skin and continued sucking.

“ Please what? Tell me to leave Y/N and i’ll leave.” You didn’t want him to though. 

He stopped assaulting your neck with his lips and locked his black pearl eyes with yours, searching for an answer but all he could see was pure lust and need.

“ Say the words and i’ll be gone.” He breathed quietly, already knowing the answer. 

Fuck Min Yoongi, you thought angrily to yourself, why is he shaking up my heart so much? Why can’t I hate him? 

You were a total sap for him as he was for you, that’s why.

“ Say them babe, say the words.” You shook your head and pressed your hand against his chest, sighing in defeat.

“ I want you to fuck me, hard and fast, and then forget, not mention a single word about it tomorrow, that’s what I want Oppa. Happy now?” You blurted out to him. Min Yoongi’s eyes darkened and he let go of your other wrist.

“ Very, now jump.” He ordered and you complied, coiling your bare legs around his waist. He dropped you onto the white bed sheets and crawled on top of your trembling body, his hands tugging the towel. 

God, how he wanted to just rip it off to reveal your sexy body to his hungry eyes.

He bought his cold lips to your hot ones, pressing them hard and you responded, teasingly biting his lip with your teeth as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, exploring it. Your hands trailed down to the bottom of his black t shirt and pulled it off over his head, revealing his perfectly toned chest to your greedy eyes. 

He knelt up and undid his skinny jeans, the clanking sound of his belt hitting the floor making you squeeze your thighs shut as memories of him spanking you last month flashed naughtily through your mind. 

Min Yoongi placed both hands on your waist and you bent your legs up so he lay in between them, grinding onto your pelvis. He rocked his crotch against the fabric of your towel, jerking his hips forward to tease you. You whined, wanting to slap him for killing you like this, which only made him grind harder onto you. By now you were soaking wet and you tried to shut your thighs but he held them apart, wide, with his hands and you moaned in desperation for him to fuck you.

His cock was growing hard from the vision of you moaning under his touch and his hands seductively rolled your towel up to your waist, revealing your wetness to him. 

His eyes feasted on the sight and he pressed his wet lips to your inner thigh, leaving butterfly kisses on your skin until he met your centre. His tongue darted out and stroked your wet clit, slowly, and you tried to shut your legs but he only pushed them apart farther so that you were fully exposed to him. 

“ I love how you’re always so wet for me, you want me to fuck you hard yeah?” He pushed his hot tongue deep into your clit and you mewled, struggling under his contact. 

“ I can’t fuck you now Princess, not yet, not until you’re begging for my cock.” He said, bringing his tongue back then flicking it back onto your clit, rolling it up and down your soaking wet centre then stopping and rotating it in a circular motion around the wetness. You gasped loudly, opening your eyes to see his head between your legs, pushing his tongue deeper into your clit until you couldn’t take it anymore and latched your fingers into his mint green hair, pulling hard at the strands.

 He groaned and pulled away, inserting a slender finger into your dripping wet clit then pumping in and out, in and out. 

“ Oppa please, fuck me, I can’t handle this.” You groaned as he slowly pumped his finger in, keeping his eyes on your face. The view of you, damp hair messily sprawled out around the mattress, whimpering from his contact made his cock grow hard each second, 

 He shook his head and entered a second finger in, pumping hard and fast, Shit, it felt so fucking good.

“ Say my name baby, say it.” He commanded, moving his fingers in and out faster until you felt your walls start to tighten around them. 

You cried out his name and he felt his cock grow completely hard from the moaning mess that lay before him.

Without a second of hesitation, he tore your towel off and threw it carelessly onto the floor, drinking in your exposed body. He removed his fingers and placed them to your lips, wildness and excitement evident in his dark eyes.

“ Suck.” He demanded, you obeyed, not thinking straight as your mind was clouded with steaming hot lust and sex. 

You wrapped your lips around his fingers and sucked hard, Min Yoongi instantly wanted to fuck you. 

He tossed his boxers away and placed a condom on his large length, not wanting to waste any more time.

He grabbed you and placed you onto his lap, lifting you by the waist above his awaiting cock. 

“ I’m going to fuck you, hard and fast,” He said, his eyes studying every feature on your face. “ I want you to scream my name.”

“ And what if everyone in the hotel hears?” You breathed hotly into his ear. He shivered at your deep sexy voice.

“ Let’s be real babe, when have we ever given a single fuck about people hearing us?” He chuckled lowly and you laughed along with him.

“ Never.” And with that he slammed his hard cock into your core. 

You cried out from the hardness of it and instantly grabbed his hair with one hand whilst your other held onto his back, your finger nails digging into his skin leaving deep red marks. He loved them though, they were a reminder of you. 

He thrust his cock into you, with his fingers piercing into your waist, sure to leave new purple bruises, he pounded his cock senselessly into your wet core, groaning as you gasped his name and contracted, rocking your ass harder against his pulsing cock. Your finger nails punctured marks into his back as he bounced you up and down on his cock, his lips leaving sloppy wet kisses against your burning skin. 

The only thing that could be heard was the slapping noises of his sweaty skin against yours echoing from the four walls of your room. He jerked his cock faster into you, fucking you hard as you cried out his name, desperately clawing at his back to stop yourself from collapsing.

 You were both in heaven from the delight of the contact between your skin but the pure ecstasy and numbness in both of your minds created a fusion of both heaven and hell, and you fucking loved it.

“ You like this baby, you like my cock fucking you hard don’t you?” He growled into your ear, biting into your skin to stamp deep love bites into your collarbone.

 You moaned a “ Yes Oppa.” and he bounced you on his cock faster, feeling your walls tighten around him.

“ i-Im about to come Oppa, please fuck me harder.” You choked on air as you rotated your hips, he groaned at this.

“ You’re so damn tight Y/N, come for me.” He panted,burning hot beads of sweat dripping down his face as his skin slapped against yours, fucking you harder. 

After a few thrusts you came and he lifted you off his cock, you thinking that it was the end but Min Yoongi hadn’t finished with you yet. Min Yoongi wanted more, he needed more.

“ Get on all fours,” He directed, your eyes widened but his expression was hard and dark. 

You gulped, he was going to fuck you hard, for real this time. He was going to do a fast Min Yoongi fuck on you.

“ You thought that was it huh?” He smirked and wrapped his hand around your damp hair, twisting it into a pony tail. “ I’m not done yet baby, i’m not going to let you go that easily.” He pressed a delicate kiss against your shoulder blade before lining his throbbing length against your dripping wet clit.

“ Ready?” He asked.

“ Always.”

with his right hand holding your hip and his left wrapped around your hair, he hammered his cock into your centre, releasing a loud cry from your lips.

“ Fuck!” You cursed and he fucked you harder for it, yanking your head back to increase the hardness. You felt a sharp burn in your centre and you hissed, enjoying the pain and cherishing the sinful pleasure that washed through your hot body. Push, Push Push, In out In out, thrust thrust, harder and harder he drilled his cock ruthlessly into your seeping wet clit, earning his name to be called out repeatedly from your dirty lips.

Harder?” He gasped as your fingers gripped the white bed sheets, a stream of sweat trickling down your temple.

Harder Oppa, fuck me hard.” The wicked words escaped your swollen pink lips and he complied, pitilessly driving his large length deep through your walls until you screamed and swore, crying his name out until you felt like your arms were going to give away and collapse.

“ Shit i’m about to come babe.” Min Yoongi hissed as your arms gave up on you and your face was pushed into the mattress, he continued roughly fucking you with every ounce of force and drive left in his body until he came undone, spilling himself into the condom then throwing it into the bin.

You both collapsed onto the pillows, completely out of breath, panting and drenched in sweat from head to toe. What a waste of a shower, you thought.

Suddenly you both burst out laughing, you didn’t know why but you did, maybe it was just because you were both fucking crazy as each other but you laughed and laid tangled in the blankets. 

Min Yoongi grabbed your weak body and pulled it into his chest, your hand resting on his beating heart and you realised that his heart was beating as fast as yours was. You looked up at him and analysed every feature of his face and without thinking, you kissed him on the lips. 

He looked down at you in his arms and raised a questionable eyebrow.

“ What was that for?” His voice was husky and low.

You blushed and traced patterns on his chest. “ I’m not sure.” Was your reply.

Min Yoongi stared at you for a minute, taking in how beautiful you were and how lucky he was to be near you. His fingers glided over the love bites along your collar bone and neck and he smiled. 

Secretly he had always loved you, even when you were “ just friends.” he loved you with his whole soul and to see you crying, it completely tore him apart. You weren’t just a good fuck, you were his everything and you completed him.

He paused, “ You’re cute babe.”

 You looked up at him and a small smile played on his lips.

“ Oppa?” You whispered as he looked at the ceiling with one arm coiled around your waist and the other crossed behind his head.

“ Yeah?”

“ Do you like her… that girl Nira, I mean.” You asked, watching his face. He didn’t move and stayed silent for a moment.

“ No.” Was his reply.

“ Then why would you touch her if you didn’t like her?” The question fell out of your mouth before you could stop yourself.

He drew in a breath and thought for a moment, not wanting to tell you the truth that it was to make you jealous. You were the only girl that ran through his mind and to see you jealous gave him the small piece of satisfaction that you might love him too.

“ I’m not sure.” Was his reply.

You weren’t impressed with his answer but brushed it off, burying your head into his chest, he switched the lamp off and you were immersed in pitch black darkness.

“ But all I know is that she wasn’t you Y/N, just know that I love you okay?” He whispered quietly and pressed a soft kiss on your temple. But you were already asleep.

virgfaux  asked:

at my old high school there was this Fedora™ white dude that followed me around all the time and was always saying creepy shit to me, i had talked to him ONE (1) time bc we had a class together. everyone told me not to talk to him bc he hit his last gf and i was like i dont want to anyway hes ugly long story short he stalked me for two years and put poetry in my locker and when i finally told him to fuck off (i used 2 be terrified of confrontation) he cried and made a scene and called me a whore

Im the ™


(•̀o•́)ง this moment when i draw on the white board of mah classroom all the afternoon.

i just had two days full of exams. damn the 3D one killed meh

sooo i wanted to do a lil’ stress reliever doodle on the white board. and well. it turned out like this.

i freakin love how ppl of mah class react to mah drawings “oh noo not again cookie !Leave the white board alooone “ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ oh hell no. HAHAhhAha //cries// (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ imah a trash.

ekstez  asked:

I am not sure If we're supposed to send one, or all three, so I'll stick with all three, k? k. :v So, for fandom: Touhou? For ship, Titanic. ... Willow and Wilson. And for character, Spy from Team Fortress maybe?

Touhou Project

  • Favorite character: ALICE ALICE ALICE ALICE ALICE
  • Least Favorite character: lily white :^) 
  • 5 Favorite ships: BOI OK MARISA/ALICE IS MY ETERNAL OTP, Reimu/Meira, Byakuren/Shiki, Seija/Hecatia, Maribel/Renko
  • Character I find most attractive: yukari is sincerely a goddess ok
  • Character I would marry: BYAKUREN CRIES 
  • Character I would be best friends with: i want to say alice, but considering her super lonely personality idk if it would be possible cries,,
  • A random thought: i can’t believe it’s 2017 and people are still demanding mima and making sakuya fake tits jokes
  • An unpopular opinion: Ten Desires was actually really good, only super easy compared to the others. You know what a bad Touhou is? Story of Eastern Wonderland is FIGHT ME
  • My canon OTP: :^)
  • Most badass character: REIMU she’s my child and i love her sm
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: like, fam. reimu/yukari. it’s super popular but by now i internalized the Yukari Was Reimu’s Teacher And So P Much Almost Mom headcanon and i just go “eehhhhhhhhhhh”. that and any incest ships
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up: nothing canon, but i hate p much 99% of the fanon characterizations :^)
  • Favourite friendship: Reimu and Marisa man, Reimu and Marisa. These little assholes.


  • when or if I started shipping it: IT’S STILL @jpegfluffyubercharged‘S FAULT
  • my thoughts: cute. pure. save them
  • What makes me happy about them: i mean,,, they’re canon by now right? they stand next to eachother, right? thEYRE ALREADY MARRIE D R IG H
  • What makes me sad about them: like, nah fam. we’ll probably never have a good totally canon proof they’ll be canon :^) 
  • My kinks: no kinky stuff here they’re gentle af the rare cases they do it
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: no.
  • My happily ever after for them: they leave the island, get married, have two children and a dog and are happy forever


  • How I feel about this character: out of the game, he’s so cool. i love him and his charming personality and his complete inability to speak properly as a father. in game he CAN EAT A DI C K FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR KNIFE
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Spy/Scout’sMom and Spy/Sniper
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: can i say spy/scout bc father/son relationship or…? 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: yes he still loves Scout’s mom so much. I want you guys to FIGHT ME
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: i just,,, want someone in the team to punch him. I want Engie to punch him. Or Scout. But mostly Engie.

tagged by @doctorninjaspy thanksssss <3

a - age: 19
b - biggest fear: hmm being buried alive?
c - current time: 10:35 pm
d - drink you last had: water
e - every day starts with: laying in bed looking at my phone for at least an hour
f - favorite song: too many but i choose: white shoulder by monni
g - ghosts, are they real: idk come at me ghosts if you are real
i - in love with: my wonderful boyfriend :DDDDD
j - jealous of: nothing i guess??
k - killed someone: with kindness ay
l - last time you cried: probably 2 or 3 weeks ago
m - middle name: it starts with an e
n - number of siblings: 2
o - one wish: to be able to do anything i want
p - person you last called/texted: my boyfriend 
q - questions you’re always asked: “where are you from?” “whats your major?” 
r - reasons to smile: smile at eveything
s - song last sang: mamamoo girl crush
t - time you woke up: 8 am??
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: to koreaaa
w - worst habit: … I’ll answer this tomorrow
x - x-rays you’ve had: none
y - your favorite food: SOUP
z - zodiac sign: Leo

White Cat Inspired Starter Sentences
  • “If I stay here long enough, I am going to kill myself.”
  • “You sleep like the dead.”
  • “You are a tiny, tiny killing machine.”
  • “My mom told me she’d give me ice cream if I didn’t cry, but I cried anyway.”
  • “Lie until even you believe it–that’s the real secret of lying.”
  • “The easiest lies to tell are the ones you want to belive.”
  • “This place is a pigsty.”
  • “Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.”
  • “I wanted to kill you.”
  • “No one told me you were alive.”
  • “You’re losing your memories and you’re trying to cover it up.”
  • “There’s a thin line between love and hate.”
  • “Who doesn’t like hot cloned assassins?”
  • “Why don’t you kiss him/her? You know you want to.”
  • “Apologize, you little pervert.”
  • “I can’t trust the people I care about not to hurt me.“
  • “Who’s an amazing killing machine? That’s right. You are!”
  • “You have a talent for getting your ass kicked.”
  • “Don’t be drinking the Haterade.”
  • “You don’t remember any of it, do you?”
  • “A curse was placed on me. A curse only you can break.”
  • “Can I borrow your car?”
  • “Did you sleep in those clothes?”
  • “Get off me!”
  • “Pain is the best teacher.”
  • “To open hearts, open bars, and open legs!”
  • “The first one’s the worst.”
  • “Are you stupid?”
  • “Ooh, did that hit a nerve?”
  • “They could be brewing meth in there.”
  • “You want me to look homeless, desperate, but also kind of fabulous?”
  • “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
  • “He/She’s out of prison.”
  • “No one is that pathetic.”
  • “You did it on purpose! You wanted to ruin things for me!”
  • “I heard you’ve been having some problems with your girlfriend/boyfriend.”
  • “Like a stage magician, the con artist misdirects suspicion.”
  • “All friendships are negotiations of power.”
  • “There’s nothing like a gunshot to make you the life of the party.”
  • “I wish these mints were aspirin.”
  • “Sometimes I can’t tell when you’re lying.”
  • “Oh, but you see, the con is everything.”

I never reblog these memes because I only really want to do them for Bethyl so here you go, here’s an “OTP meme” for Bethyl (tiny apartment verse but it applies to most non-zombie AUs tbh).

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? Neither tbh. Daryl barely knows how to text. He only likes it because Beth sends him pictures when she’s at work or whatever, and he can never say no to Beth pictures tbh. He tends to be a one-word texter though.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Openly? Beth. But she knows for a fact she caught Daryl’s eyes watering during the Lion King.
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? Neither of them, they’re too smart for that! 
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Daryl. But he doesn’t do it in a silly way. He comes up behind Beth when she’s sitting at their little table or standing at the kitchen counter, and he puts his hands over her eyes and leans in and his voice is all low when he says ‘guess who’ and it makes her shiver every time. And she says “hmm, I dunno, I’m not sure” and then he kisses across her neck and her very sensitive ear until she whispers his name. 

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Touching Reality (Bucky Barnes)

“What is this?” You asked, looking at the garden. There was candles, red roses, and white roses everywhere. Bucky was standing in the middle of everything, smiling. You walked towards him with caution. “This isn’t like our usual hookups.” You told him. “I wanted to ask you something.” He said.

“What?” You asked, standing in front of him. “I want to…I want to take you out on a proper date.” He told you and you sighed. “I want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I think, I love you. What do you think?” Bucky asked you with a look of hope in his eyes.

You looked at him with a look sorrow. “No.” You answered. His smile faded.

“God, you’re so terrified of anything real.” He scoffed. “What are you talking about?” You asked. “It’s like you’re floating out in space. Touch the ground, Y/N!” He shouted.

You scoffed, “If you can’t keep your feelings out of this, then we should just end it.” You told him. “That seems like the best option.” He told you. “Great, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said and began to walk away. Bucky watched you walk away and as soon as he heard your car starting, he broke everything.


“What’s going on with you and Barnes?” Tony asked you. “Nothing, why?” You asked him. “Well, other than the fact that I saw him taking four bottles of Vodka into his room, you two seem very distant.” He said.

“I should go check on him.” You said, getting out of your seat and walking towards his room. “Friday, open the door.” You said. “Yes, Ms. Y/L/N.” She told you and the door unlocked.

As soon as you opened the door and walked in, the smell of alcohol hit you. You then saw Bucky drinking from another bottle at the corner of his bed. “Are you okay?” You asked him. “Baby, where’s my shirt?” A woman who walked out his bathroom in her bra and panties asked him.

“I’ll, uh, come back later.” You told Bucky and walked out of his room. It hurt seeing him with another woman. You began to walk away, then heard Bucky running towards you. “Y/N! Wait!” He shouted.

He then caught up to you, and grabbed your arm. You turned around. “What?” You asked coldly. “I didn’t want you to find out about us like that.” He told you and you gave him a look of confusion. “Her name is Lauran. We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks.” He said.

“But, we were-”

“I know. Please don’t tell her.” He begged you. You were quiet, looking at him and seeing that, that girl meant something to him. “Whatever.” You said, yanking your arm and storming off.


“Hey!” Natasha said as she walked into the training room. You smiled at her and continued to fire arrows. “Okay, you need to stop sulking. He’s moved on and you should too.” She told you. “I can’t! Okay?” You shouted. “Well you’re going to learn how, because you’re becoming more reckless on missions. You almost got yourself killed last night!” She shouted.

You shook your head and then continued to fire more arrows. “We found another Hydra base. It’s just going to be me, you and Barnes.” Natasha sighed, putting the file on a table and walking out.

After finishing target practice, you grabbed the file and walked out the room. As you read the file, you bumped into Lauran. “Sorry.” She said. “God, does she have to live here?” You scoffed and continued to walk away. “Just ‘cause you ain’t screwing wit’ James, don’t mean you can act like a bitch towards me.” She told you.

“When you can contribute something other than making Bucky fake an orgasm, you’ll earn my respect. ” You told her and before things could get uglier, Bucky came by to make sure that you didn’t hurt her.

“I’m going on a mission, I’ll be back tomorrow.” You heard him tell her. “Be careful.” She pouted and you rolled your eyes.

When you walked into your room, you took a quick shower and put on your mission suit and walked out of your room. “What’s the plan?” You asked Natasha as soon as you walked into the briefing room.

“You going to be here; taking out any soldier who goes 19 feet within Barnes’ location. Then when Barnes gives you the signal, you’re going to join him here, where the largest fraction of Hydra soldiers will be stationed at. We need this woman; goes by the name Madame Hydra.” Natasha explained.

“Viper.” You said. “I’m sorry, but what exactly will you be doing?” You asked Natasha. “Operating everything from here. If anything goes south, Sam, Rhodey and I will be there.” She told you. “And why can’t they be with us now?” Bucky asked her.

“It’ll be too many people. We just need you two to take out this fraction and get her.” Natasha said. “Okay, but can we have Rhodey there?” You asked, pointing at an exit. “Why?” She asked.

“Well, it won’t be easy getting her back to the quinjet. He’s our best shot at getting her back here.” You told her. “Good idea.” Natasha said. “I’ll send him your way. You guys should get going.” She told you.

“Let’s go.” Bucky told you, you walked past him and walked to the elevator. “We’re going to have to talk at some point.” He said as he ran into the elevator. “I’ll see you in the quinjet.” You told him, and as the elevator doors opened, you walked to grab your bow and arrows, and the electric batons.


“Ready when you are, boss.” You said in the comm. You saw a wandering Hydra soldier walking towards Bucky’s location. You waited for a minute, then released the arrow. “Why didn’t you take him out earlier!?” Bucky asked you with a harsh whisper. “She said 19 feet.” You answered with a smirk.

After taking out about 16 Hydra soldiers, Bucky gave you the signal and you fired the grappling hook arrow, landing next to him. You then hid your bow and arrow behind some boxes and took out the batons.

Three Hydra soldiers came running towards the two of you and you ran towards them. Before Bucky got the chance to throw a single punch, you had used the electricity in the batons to shock them into a deep sleep.

He began to see how reckless you had become. “Let’s go.” You said, running back to grab your bow and arrows, then running to the section that had Hydra’s weapons. “This wasn’t the plan.” Bucky told you. “You can go kill off the fraction of Hydra soldiers, I’m going to make sure they have nothing to fight with.” You told him.

“What’s going on with you?” He asked, but you were already gone.

You aimed your explosive arrows at the hanging electric wire and released three arrows at a time. Each wave hitting a large fraction of weapons. After you finished destroying the weapons, Hydra soldiers were already on scene.

You saw Bucky towards you to come and help you, but you waved him off. “Get Madame Hydra. This is my problem, I’ll deal with it.” You told him.

You took down a few Hydra soldiers before you ran out of arrows and had to fight them off hand to hand. They then began to fire and you ran to cover, but before you could do that, a bullet landed in your shoulder. “Son of a bitch!” You groaned.

You then heard grunting and when you peaked to see what was going on, you saw Bucky fighting off the last of the Hydra soldiers. “You’re crazy.” He commented and then saw that you had been hit.

“We’ve got to get you to the hospital.” He said as he ran to your side. “Stop being so dramatic, it’s just a little scratch. You need to get Mada-”

“Rhodey’s got her.” He interrupted you. “It looks bad.” He said as he got closer to you. “Let’s get outta here, bomb’s gonna go off in less than 3 minutes.” You said, and began to run up the stairs to the quinjet.

Bucky grabbed your hand and you two ran side by side. “Friday, take us to the base.” Bucky ordered as you two entered the quinjet. “Yes, Mr. Barnes.” Friday replied. “Let me see it.” He told you.

You sighed, unzipping your mission suit so he could get a better look at the wound. “See? It’s not that bad, now give me some wire.” You said. “Why?” He asked. “So I can stitch it up.” You answered, biting down on some cloth as you began to try and yank out the bullet.

Bucky stopped you before you grabbed the needle. “Are you crazy? You’ll bleed out!” He shouted. “Since when do you care what happens to me?” You scoffed. “Since you saved my life.” He told you.

“Why are you being so reckless?” He asked. “I realized what an idiot I am, and how…emotionally distant I am.” You told him with a smirk and he chuckled. “And what made you realize that?” He asked.

“I threw something amazing away.” You said, turning to look at him, finally noticing that he was really close to your lips. You stared at his lip and you leaned in to kiss him.

He pulled away, “Lauran…” He said. “If you really loved her, you wouldn’t have cheated on her with me and the confessed your love to me.” You said, then grabbing his face and pulling him into a kiss.

He smiled and kissed back with so much passion, “It’s great that you guys are cool now, but there’s a Hydra plane a few miles behind you.” Natasha spoke up. You groaned, pulling away, zipping your mission suit up and walking to the control panel and Bucky went to sit down next to you.

“What’s our plan?” He asked you. “Don’t get killed.” You said, taking over the jet and turning it back around. “You’re crazy.” Bucky commented. “You know you love it.” You commented, having a smirk on your face.


White Wedding

Featured: US , New York Times, Latina, People’s, Diva, TV magazines etc.

Headlined (On Home Page for more than a month): Eonline, EW, TVLine, TVguide, TVFanatic, After Ellen etc.

Ranking : Best TV Weddings : Rolling Stone (2011, 2013), EW, TVLine, Telegraph UK, IMDB, GLAAD etc.

Sandra Oh - (Calzona has always been one of her most favorite Grey’s Anatomy relationships)“We see two characters getting married and you know and love them. The more we see the characters and the people that we really love and respect expressing their story lines, however that unfolds, I think the easier it is for a society at whole or who ever is watching to metabolize relationships. These are characters you hang out with every week. You know them, you see them and good golly, after you see the musical episode and what they go through, why would you not want them to get married?”

US Magazine

Here comes the brides! On Grey’s Anatomy May 5th, Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw- as new mom Callie Torres and love Arizona Robbins- tie the knot in an elaborate garden ceremony. And US had a first-row seat! ‘They look like beautiful cake-toppers,’ said costars Chyler Leigh from La Canada Flintridge, California, set.
Yet Ramirez and Capshaw, clad in designer gowns, treated the vent like any other day at the office: They even sipped cocoa and wore Ugg-type boots beneath their finery!

As 13 million devoted fans know, the happy ending didn’t come easy: ‘We’ve seen Callie and Arizona ebb and flow, get together, break up,’ Ramirez told Us. And baby Sofia had just arrived prematurely after Callie was injured in a car accident. But for this March shoot, joy reigned.
The same-sex wedding ‘sends a great message’ cast mate Kevin McKidd told Us. ‘It’s not forcing the agenda. It’s about two people who love each other’.
The evidence was a kiss that elicited shouts and applause on set for all for takes- a departure for Ramirez.
‘I personally always cry at weddings!’

AE - Part 1

Hot off the news that Callie and Arizona will say “I do” on Grey’s Anatomy, ABC has released the first photo from the May 5 wedding episode.

“[Grey’s creator] Shonda Rhimes loves nothing more than to plan a wedding,” episode writer Stacy McKee told AfterEllen.com between takes of the wedding scene. “We had a very big elaborate wedding planning meeting for this episode to make sure it would be the wedding of both our brides’ dreams. We wanted gowns, flowers; we wanted it to feel like the most traditional wedding you could think of and the fact that it happens to have two brides is ‘so what?’”

Both Sara Ramirez (Callie) and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) are wearing in Amsale gowns specially designed for the scene, which was filmed on location at the woody and beautiful Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge, Calif.

“The great thing about Shonda is that she puts so much heart and soul into every single detail,” Capshaw told AfterEllen.com between takes. “I knew the wedding was coming and we did it backwards: We did the wedding dress fittings then we got the script.”

“On the story level, it’s super exciting,” Capshaw said. “But as actors, you always wish you can get let out of school and we get to go on a field trip and come to a beautiful place and put on clothes that aren’t scrubs and have fun.”

“It’s been a long journey and I know the fans have been — starting last year at this time with the whole Arizona doesn’t want to have a baby thing — but look where we’ve ended up,” Capshaw said. “I think that this is sort of a nice place for them to have come to.”

As if surviving the car crash that triggered the musical episode wasn’t enough, Calzona’s journey to the altar also comes with complications: Arizona and Callie’s parents come to Seattle for the wedding, but not all make it to the ceremony.
“I think it’s wonderful that two people who are choosing to spend a life together are going forward with it and embracing the people who chose to show up and support them,” Ramirez told AfterEllen.com. “I feel like it says a lot about these two women.”

AE - Part 2

“It’s sort of a princess wedding with two brides in big white dresses and pink and white flowers everywhere. We wanted to infuse a little magic, happy and romance,” McKee told AfterEllen.com during filming of the wedding episode.

We meet Arizona’s parents Barbara (Judith Ivey) and Colonel Robbins (Denis Arndt) and Callie’s father Carlos (Hector Elizondo), who originally struggled with his daughter’s sexual orientation, returns with her mother Lucia (Gina Gallego).

“Her father and her mother aren’t here for the wedding itself,” McKee noted. “Her father wants to be and her mother can’t be, and it’s for religious reasons that she can’t be here for Callie. We felt that it was a very true story.”

It’s a story that McKee noted was influenced by events her gay friends have had to contend with and what she notes is a very timely subject.

For Ramirez, the episode is about Callie learning to interpret her faith in a way that best serves her — which may not be in line with everyone in her family.

“Callie looks to her mother in this episode for some sense of encouragement, support, approval, acceptance and ultimately her mother — who has always been a particularly religious Catholic woman who very much knows who she is — is kind of surprised Callie is looking to her for some kind of acceptance,” Ramirez told AfterEllen.

“At the end of the day she says, ‘I can’t be that for you and I don’t want to keep getting pressured to be something for you that I’m not. In fact, I don’t think any of this is real, I don’t really accept this, my God doesn’t believe in this,’ ” Ramirez added. “As a result of that, along with a really beautiful scene between Callie and Bailey, Callie starts to understand and embrace the notion that God is everywhere and that you don’t have to be in a church to share God’s presence of love and acceptance and to have a union with someone and a wedding and a ceremony that means everything to you.”

At the end of the day, Mark (Eric Dane) gives Callie away, the brides say “I do” and walk down a pink aisle after sharing a kiss that took a few takes to capture because of imperfect makeup issues.

Joked Capshaw after a bad take: “No wife would let another wife walk down the aisle with f—ed up lips!”


Lesbian visibility will take a center stage May 5 when Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) walk down a pink-and-white decorated aisle and say their “I do’s” on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

During a recent set visit on location at the woody and beautiful Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flitridge, Calif., Ramirez and Capshaw were joined by cast and crew to film the couple’s elaborate wedding, in which both actresses spent the cold and windy day in Amsale gowns specially designed for the scene.

“It seems like absolutely a natural next step [for Callie and Arizona], especially after everything they’ve been through this season,” said Grey’s writer Stacy McKee, who has penned several episodes of the medical drama, including the May 5 wedding. “They split apart, they got back together. Then in the musical episode, Callie has a near-death experience and it really solidifies Arizona’s feelings for Callie.

“By the end of [the music event] is when Callie says yes,” McKee said. “After that journey that they’ve been on — which has been magical and musical, we couldn’t not have an amazing wedding for them.”

Ramirez, who has long been a champion of LGBT rights, hopes the lesbian wedding gets people talking about gay marriage, whether they support it or not.

“Obviously the visibility is incredible,” Ramirez said between takes. “You can’t make everybody happy and I’m aware of that. But if people are passionate and [the episode] triggers civic dialogue and communication and compassion for one another, I’m thrilled. Not everyone is going to agree on everything all the time, and that’s OK. That’s what makes our world interesting and challenging and gives us the opportunity to grow with each other and alongside each other if we chose to.”

Capshaw hopes the equality message comes through in her work. “I feel like if you went about it another way — ‘I’m going to break that door down and make a difference’ — that would be great and all but you might get your eyes off the prize in doing the work the way that it should be done,” she said, joking that her only trepidation about the marriage was wearing a wedding dress “before I was ready after having a baby.” “I feel like if you focus on the work and it’s really great, it will gets work done in another way.”

Co-star Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina Yang and is among the wedding guests with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd)and Chief Richard Weber (James Pickens Jr.) feels the “Calzona” wedding will make it easier for society as a whole to accept gay marriage.

For McKee, the politics of gay marriage — it’s not legal in Washington, where Grey’s is set — was a “large factor.”

“We felt it was very important on a show that will reach many, many viewers that we have for what all purposes for our characters is a very real marriage because we feel very strongly that that’s an important thing,” she said. “We didn’t want this to be a little affair, we wanted it to feel like a big grand wedding. The fact that it’s not legal is a story point in the episode to a certain degree in that a very important person in Callie’s life isn’t here.”

McKee noted that the episode will be a romantic and formal Catholic wedding and will feature both Callie and Arizona’s parents, who may struggle with acceptance for religious reasons — a story line that was inspired by a friend of hers.
“That’s part of why I wanted to write this episode — it just felt like it was a very timely and very important story to tell.”

Callie’s Catholic upbringing does take a toll her in the episode as she struggles to find a balance between her love life and religion. “Callie was raised Catholic and she loves her church and she loves her God, and that’s OK,” Capshaw said.

After consulting with Bailey (episode director Chandra Wilson) — who officiates the nuptials — Callie turns the corner and winds up getting the traditional wedding she’s always dreamed of. “Arizona in the beginning of the episode has been an empowered woman who knows exactly who she is and has known all her life,” Ramirez said. “Callie has been on a different journey; she’s investigating it and experiencing it and figuring it out as she goes, especially with her parents who are very Catholic — her mother in particular.

“Callie starts to understand and embrace the notion that God is everywhere and that you don’t have to be in a church to share God’s presence of love and acceptance and to have a union with someone and a wedding and ceremony that means everything to you,” Ramirez said.

Added Capshaw: “That’s what’s interesting: Arizona coming from a military family where the military isn’t exactly friendly with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and you have a father and a mother and there’s never a question of if they’re OK with it; it’s
literally a non-issue, which is really what we’re aiming for, right?”

As for the vows themselves — Bailey says, “I now pronounce you wife and wife” — McKee researched the language used in traditional Catholic weddings and incorporated the way the character would go about officiating.
“It’s a very traditional, classic way of pronouncing two people as a married couple,” McKee says.

“In the writers’ room, [that they’re gay] is such an afterthought. To us, they’re just our favorite romantic couple right now so they needed the most romantic wedding. … I don’t think of them in a gay or straight fashion; they’re the ones who are in love so they’re the ones who get married this season.”

As for what comes next for primetime’s leading lesbians, she has been pitching Arizona treating a patient with sexuality issues. “I got a letter from a young woman who came out to her parents when she was 19 and they decided that she was not going to be part of their family any longer,” Capshaw said. “Then 10 years later her mom, being an avid fan of the show, had watched the episode where Arizona has the ‘Good Man in a Storm’ speech where she says to Callie’s father, ‘I love your daughter and my parents raised me to be a good man in a storm.’ It’s a wonderful speech. The mother called her after 10 years. It wasn’t happy-go-lucky and she didn’t tell her to come home, but it was the opening of a dialogue.”

Capshaw ultimately hopes the Grey’s wedding has an impact similar to Portia and Ellen DeGeneres. “I feel like Portia and Ellen’s marriage must have done so much,” she said. “This has the potential to as well.”

For Ramirez, portraying Callie is the ultimate wedding gift. “This character has helped me so much,” she said. “Playing this character has really opened me up to understand the world and human condition a lot better. It’s been a real gift.”
McKee, meanwhile, hopes the fact that it’s a gay wedding is just a passing thought.
“I hope that people who are fans of the show and fans of these characters enjoy the magic and romance and shed a tear at a beautiful wedding,” McKee said. “And that it becomes an afterthought that it happens to be a wedding with two women. It’s just a beautiful love story at the end of the day.”

The Grey’s Anatomy wedding episode airs Thursday, May 5 at 9 p.m. Are you excited to see Callie and Arizona march down the aisle together to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” after saying their vows?

Wedding Scrapbook

24 photos of this iconic and ground breaking wedding ceremony of Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) along with the rest of the Grey’s Antaomy has been released.

ABC has released a slew of photos from the big wedding between Dr. Calliope Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy. And when I say, “a slew of photos” I mean a whole scrapbook full from “I do” to “kiss the bride” and first dance.

Well,  while things may not turn out as they envisioned, Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw look like visions in their white wedding dresses. Seriously, could they look more beautiful? And, bonus, no silly Friends hats. Oh, how the lesbian wedding has evolved.

When people say a bride is glowing, I’m sometimes skeptical. But in this case I think it’s safe to say Callie and Arizona are glowing so much they’re visible from space.

I know. I had something in my eye right about then, too. Damn dust, always making you look all emotional.

At this point I feel we should take a small break from all this Calzona cuteness overload so as not to tax ourselves. Would you like to see some wedding guests? They’re not as glowy, but they’re still clean up nicely.
OK, but I’ve stalled enough. Who wants to see the first dance? I know, I know. Something’s in your eye again.

Stock up on dusters for May 5. And by “dusters,” I mean “Kleenex.”

Stacy McKee (@stacysmckee16), Writer, Grey’s Anatomy 07x20|

The day we filmed Callie and Arizona’s wedding was an amazingly beautiful day.  Beautiful for so many reasons.

First, after a week of forecasters predicting rain rain rain– the day was sunny. And breezy (which was fine for those of us bundled up under coats and hoodies watching from the side. Not so fine for, say, our cast members dressed in strapless gowns and floaty formal wear.) Still – things were beautiful.

We were shooting outdoors (already a bonus, since usually we’re on stage, in hospital rooms) at Descanso Gardens (if you are ever in the area, you should visit. Largest camellia forest in Southern California!) – There were roses and cherry blossom trees and lilacs everywhere – a feast for the senses.

There were a lot of reporters conducting interviews the day we filmed the ceremony, talking to Sara, Jessica, Chandra (she directed the episode!) – and even me. We were all so aglow with this beautiful setting, with these beautiful brides, with this beautiful wedding –- that it stopped me cold when the first question one of the reporters asked me was:

“So, a lesbian wedding.  Are you worried at all about making such a bold statement?”

I had absolutely no idea how to begin answering that question. 

Was I worried? Are you kidding me? NO. I wasn’t worried – About what?  About a wedding between two characters we’ve watched fall in love over the course of several seasons? Nothing bold about that.  If anything, it’s right out of Romance Storytelling 101 – They meet, they fall in love, they hit a few road blocks, one of them almost dies – all of which makes it so much sweeter when these two characters can finally ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Not exactly re-inventing the wheel here, people.  But, I guess, to some people, it is.

So I’ll say to you what I said to that reporter. This is not a bold statement. This is a love story.

Callie and Arizona have been our biggest, most sweeping romance all season. They are romance. Sweet, epic, fairy tale romance. Pure and simple.

It just makes sense that after everything they’ve been through this season – living together, breaking up, coming back together, starting a family, life and near death –  their story would culminate in a wedding. A big, beautiful wedding.

The fact that Callie and Arizona are both women is, frankly, irrelevant.

(Although, if you’re like me and you love weddings, then the fact that they are both women is actually a bonus ‘cause  – hello. Two stunning wedding dresses, people. TWO. WEDDING. DRESSES. Heaven.)

It goes right back to what Bailey says to Callie in the episode. These are two people willing to stand up and commit themselves to one another, forever. In good times and bad. For the rest of their lives.  THAT is the bold statement, legal or not.

Bolder, to me, is the fact that Meredith and Derek actually make their marriage legal.

We’ve also been on a journey with Meredith this season.  She and Derek have tried and tried and tried to start a family. When Meredith broke down in the elevator a couple of episodes ago, Derek reassured her. He promised her that they would have a baby.  Somehow, someday – it would happen.

And today, it has.  Or, at least, they hope it has.  As Derek says, he and Meredith have been trying so hard to start a family – and this baby needs one.  If making their Post-It vows legal will make it easier for them to adopt baby Zola, then they are willing to do what it takes.

And finally, I just have to say – there are few things I have ever enjoyed more than the Father/ Daughter dance sequence at the end of this episode. Seeing Callie’s dad come back to dance with her at her wedding.  Seeing Derek swaying back and forth with baby Zola… Maybe it’s from watching my own husband with our little girl, or maybe it’s because my dad was still alive for a dance at my own wedding…  But something about that final sequence gets me every time I watch the episode. And trust me, I’ve watched it a LOT of times by now. I just find it really, really beautiful.

Don’t Ever Leave Me

A/N: So I wrote this in one sitting, and it isn’t my best writing but I wanted to post something and I thought it was decent. Also, I basically cried writing this. Anyways, enjoy, I guess!

FANDOM: Maze Runner

PAIRING: Newt x Reader




Newt watched the sleeping girl in front of him with eyes glazed over and lips pulled into a tight line. Y/N was too pale, too white to be healthy. There was a quilt placed carefully over her body, protecting her from the chill of the night air. Newt could still see the bump on her side through the blanket, the bandage that covered up her wound.

It was a long lesion across the left of her torso, caused by a Griever. None of the boys knew why the Griever had sliced her instead of stinging her, But everyone was more focused on the fact that she was dying because of it.

When Newt had heard Minho’s cry for help and turned to the entrance of the Maze, he had been stunned. Y/N was being half-carried by the Asian boy, her hand covering her side and grimace on her face. The amount of blood that pooled around her hand and cloaked her normally light blue shirt caused Newt’s heart to drop.

He’d helped the med-jacks carry her to the med hut and watched as they hurried to cease the flow of blood. She had passed out from the blood loss almost immediately when they had set her on the table and hadn’t woken up since.

That was thirteen hours ago. Newt was counting the minutes, his heart sinking in fear and worry with each passing by and no sign that she would wake.

His hand, permanently calloused from his work in the gardens, gripped onto her own, terrifyingly cold. Hers was so small compared to his, and oh so soft. He held it like he was her lifeline, but perhaps he was the one who needed the touch. Nevertheless, he never wanted to let go.

“Newt,” a careful voice came from the doorway of the med hut, and he didn’t have to look to know that it was Thomas. Some of the other boys had already tried talking to him, and he’d been expecting him to be next. “You should try to get some sleep. I’ll watch her for a few hours.”

The blond boy shook his head with finality. “I’m not leaving.”

Thomas sighed quietly but didn’t try to push him further. He only moved to take the other seat next to Y/N, eyeing her warily. “She’s going to be okay, Newt.”

“Everyone keeps saying that, but I know what they really think,” he replied, his voice surprisingly calm and even. “You think I didn’t hear Clint and Jeff talking earlier? They didn’t believe she’ll make it. Her heartbeat is too slow and isn’t getting better.” Thomas didn’t say anything further and Newt took that as a sign that he had been correct. “What if I leave and she passes? And I don’t get to say goodbye?”

Thomas tried to choose his words carefully, not wanting to set the other boy off. “I know that you care for her, Newt, but-”

“You know it’s a hell of a lot more than that.”

“You’re right. I do know. But I won’t let you hurt yourself over it. That’s not what she would want.”

It was silent for a few moments before Newt spoke once more. “You know, Tommy? I never got to say it to her.”

“Say what?”

“That I love her.” the British boy was solemn now, his eyes never once faltering from Y/N. “We’ve been together so long, but I’ve never said it. I was so scared that once I said them, I would fall even deeper for her and then she’d take my heart and break it.” he let out a humorless laugh. “I know she’d never do that, but it’s always been there, in the back of my mind.”

Thomas placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “She knows how you feel about her, Newt. Even if you didn’t say it exactly like that. And she feels the same way.”

Newt nodded before went rigid beside Thomas and stood up so suddenly that his chair was sent toppling over. His hands moved frantically from her wrists to her neck, his breathing coming quicker and quicker until he was hyperventilating. “No, no, no.”

“Newt, what’s wrong?” Thomas asked.

“She doesn’t have a bloody heartbeat, that’s what’s wrong!” the boy shouted, his voice filled with anger and worry.

Thomas cursed under his breath before hurrying out of the hut and across the Glade, hollering out for the med-jacks as he went. Things seemed to be moving rapidly as suddenly everyone was awake. There was a huge commotion as followed Clint and Jeff, along with Alby, Minho, and Teresa, back to the hut.

They all walked in to find that Newt was shaking Y/N’s shoulders and begging her to wake up and not to leave him. Thomas and Minho took the second-in-command by the arms, struggling and screaming out her name, out of the hut. They forced all the way to the treeline of the Deadheads before he stopped his struggling and collapsed to the ground in tears.

The heart-wrenching sobs from Newt became too much for Thomas and he had to go, leaving Minho hugging the blond boy tightly and telling him that everything was going to be okay.

It was hours later that Teresa found her way over to the two best friends, crouching beside them. Newt’s sobbing had calmed down, but still hadn’t fully gone away. Teresa rubbed the boy’s arm and told him that Y/N was still alive. That Clint and Jeff had managed to start her heart once more.

So now Newt was back in the chair beside her cot, his hand gripping hers once more. It was a total of thirty-seven hours since she’d been hurt that her eyes finally fluttered open again.

“Oh my god, Y/N,” Newt managed out while pulling her into a hug. “Don’t you dare ever do that to me again.”

He was crying into her shoulder and though she was confused about exactly what had happened, she didn’t ask any questions. Y/N only hugged him back and promised that she never would.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” Newt said, pulling back and staring into her eyes.

The girl smiled brightly, tears brimming her own eyes now as she replied, “I love you too, Newt.”


A/N: If you have any suggestions for writings or requests, feel free to send me something in my ask box! Thank for reading!