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Your music taste is very nice! What are your favourite songs/albums in particular?

the smiths - i know it’s over, heaven knows i’m miserable now, asleep, last night i dreamt that somebody loved me

taylor swift - clean (i will cry everytime i listen to this song)

the neighbbourhood - wires, westcoast, sadderdaze, roll call, leaving tonight, r.i.p. 2 my youth

cage the elephant - trouble

catfish and the bottlemen - oxygen, postpone

arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours, fluorescent adolescent, 505, no buses

lorde - liability (my life basically), white teeth teens

nirvana - you know you’re right, lake of fire

twenty one pilots - truce (never EVer play this song in front of me if you do not want me to sob), kitchen sink, guns for hands, actually every song tbh

melanie martinez - mrs. potato head, dead to me, a million men

halsey - gasoline, ghost, now or never, drive

daughter - medicine (i cri everitime)

lana del rey - high by the beach, coachella (woodstock in my mind), lust for life, national anthem

the 1975 - fallingforyou, loving someone, sex, she way out

joy division - love will tear us apart (very basic i know)

radiohead - creep (also basic, but i love this song so much)

pink floyd - comfortably numb, please don’t leave me

fall out boy - uma thurman, the kids aren’t alright

alt j -breezeblocks

(and some lo-fi songs as well, like skinny ghost by happy trend)

just to name a few 

Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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Ever since we broke up, I tried to get you out of my mind. I wanted to forget about you.

But the little things got to me. Remember the white daises you gave me when I cried? One tiny daisy was growing at my backyard. Did you see the bright full moon yesterday? I remembered when you showed me the constellations before the meteor shower.

It hurt when the memories unconsciously flooded my mind. My heart ached for once more chance to do it all over again. I want to go back in time and see you again.

I want to go back with us together again.

—  m.d. // unread letters #1

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Do you know any fics where Yuri unintentionally breaks Victor’s heart. I'm a sucker for angst with a happy ending. Thank you ^^

DO YOU GUYS LIKE TO SEE ME IN PAIN?!??! I’m just kidding! Thank you for these requests! Here are some fics where Victor cries… *goes into a corner and cries for 10 years*

Originally posted by takemetovikturi

Victor Cries

selfish by MissSpock, Gen, 1.9k
“…Aren’t you going to stop me?” He hated how his voice wobbled and cracked, and he had to fight to keep the tears in his eyes.
Yuuri’s brows creased. The mist had cleared from the lenses of his glasses and he looked at Victor with confused, amber eyes. “Why should I? It seems as though you’ve come to a decision.” Role reversal of ep 11. *sobs*

twenty-eight by pageleaf, Gen, 864 words
“…I’m sorry, Yuuri.” Yuuri blinks. “For what?” “I disappointed you.” Viktor’s voice is hoarse. “I didn’t win.” I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

I’m Always Here by queeravocado, Teen, 1.6k
It’s 3 AM. Yuuri’s reliving one of his most horrifying events in his life: the GPF before he met Victor. Victor’s a complete ass, and becomes his number one fear. Turns out it’s a dream, but Victor’s crying his eyes out after what he saw. Victor cries. It’s sad. Happy ending, though!

Talk by future_fishy, Gen, 1.2k
Viktor wasn’t himself today. Yuuri is the best at comforting Victor. Love!

kiss & cry by lostincostco, Explicit, 2.7k
“Oh,” Yuuri says wonderingly. “You’re crying.” Yuuri makes Victor cry, but not in the way you’re thinking…!!!! (this isn’t even sad, it’s just smut.. doN’T JUDGE ME IT’S GOOD OKAY?!)

Stupid Thoughts by future_fishy, Gen, 1.5k
“I’m fine, Yuuri, go back to sleep.” Still that smile. “You’re not, and I won’t.” Yuuri’s serious tone made Viktor flinch, “Please don’t lie to me.” Victor is self conscious about his future with Yuuri????? I’m sobbing?????

Where we belong by ss_blackrabbit, Teen, 1.5k
It’s true that Yuuri wanted to be hated as the man who took Viktor away from the world, but he never meant to take Viktor’s world away from him. Another ep 11 fic! Happy ending.

Comfort by future_fishy, Gen, 697 words
Viktor is upset, and Yuuri isn’t sure how to comfort him, but he tries. I’m totally not crying… *sobs*

A Melancholy Of White by mochary, Teen, 15k
“Yuuko. What’s happening?” Viktor asks sternly. “Did something happen?” “O-oh my God. Viktor-“ Yuuko cries from the other line. “It’s Y-Yuuri. He got into an accident. Viktor, t-there’s blood. P-please come immediately.” It’s then, when Viktor’s heart shatters into a million pieces. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE KILLED. SERIOUSLY. MY HEART BROKE INTO FIFTY BILLION PIECES WHEN I READ THIS AND I STILL HAVEN’T RECOVERED. Really well written, though, and a happy ending!

Worthwhile by surveycorpsjean, Explicit, 6.2k
In which, it’s Victor that breaks.
So beautifully written. One of, if not my favourite, YOI anxiety/mental illness fic. Highly recommend. So f-ing sad, though.

Holding on for Dear Life by icterine, Teen, 2.4k
It turns out that sometimes heartbreak happens in seconds, unexpectedly – and once it does, there’s no dulling of the senses. Victor’s heart shatters.


Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

“I am no longer afraid of getting old. Indeed I can’t believe I ever said anything so stupid. So childish. So offensive and arrogant. But mainly, so very, very stupid. I desperately want to grow old”

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REDDIE for the otp meme!! :D

YAS NONNY THANK U (though i’m editing some of the questions so they’re not sexual, and i’m doing a more modern setting)

  • Which one texts like a straight white boy? DEFINITELY RICHIE and eddie fucking HATES it because he feels like he’s dating a damn 8th grader
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? both of them cried during moana at the end where she faces te kā and restores her heart to make her te fiti again
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? HONESTLY i could really see richie doing dumb shit like this with eddie screeching for him to stop in the background
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? they would both do it tbh, and i could see it becoming a contest of who can do it more often and they get REALLY competitive
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? eddie totally does this and richie’s soul leaves his body every single time and eddie just laughs his damn head off
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? they both watch reality tv but eddie watches it the most. keeping up with the kardashians is his fave
  • Who laughs more during make-out sessions? i can definitely see eddie laughing more because richie is a sloppy kisser and it’s just hilarious to him (but also disgusting because WHO WANTS SALIVA ALL OVER THEIR FACE)
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? eddie, no question. and he absolutely loves being little spoon because he feels so safe and warm wrapped up in his arms ksmdfmsd

something that i really, really hope happens in regards to finn and rey’s relationship in the upcoming films is a huge emphasis on how much FINN means to rey.

because a lot of ugly racists and re/ylos like to say that their relationship is so obviously ~one sided, that finn clearly likes rey but she doesn’t feel as strongly for him (when that’s far from the truth).

so what i REALLY want to see is rey being affectionate towards finn. i want to see her run to him and embrace him, i want to see her laugh at his jokes and look at him like he’s the only thing in the galaxy. i want HER to be the one to say “i love you,” or something along those lines, first- because not only would that be GREAT character development for rey, who has gone so long without having anyone and has finally allowed herself to grow attached to and feel for someone else- but also because it would prove that rey loves finn. it would prove that yes, rey, the white woman protagonist of this trilogy, loves finn, the black man protagonist of this trilogy.

so lucasfilm, please give me a rey who misses finn so much it hurts while she’s away with luke, a rey who cries over him and for him, a rey who is so obviously smitten with this good, brave, incredible man so that nobody can deny that finn is loved by her.

for once, let a black man be the hero; let him “get the girl,” let him be the shining light for those around him- let finn be loved, fiercely and undeniably, so that nobody can deny how important and amazing he is.

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34 with jimin?


Reader x Jimin

words: 2315

inspired by this prompt list.

Genre: smut

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Don’t look now, but Park Jimin is staring at you.”

You rolled your eyes and took another bite of your pizza. “He’s staring at you, Unnie.”

You knew for a fact that Jimin would not be caught dead staring at you. The two of you had been butting heads since the start of your junior year of college. You’re not sure how you managed to avoid him until then, but now that he was in your Fundamentals of Oral Communications class, you couldn’t seem to get rid of him. 

“Nope- he’s definitely staring at you.” She giggled, piling her food back onto her tray. You gripped her arm and sent her a pleading look, “I swear to God if you leave me to deal with him, I will lock you out of our dorm.”

“Good thing the RA has the hots for me then, huh?” She winked slipping out of your grasp just as Jimin slid down on the bench next to you.

“I need you to do me a favor.” He was wearing his Lettermans jacket from varsity soccer, his admittedly adorable orange hair peeking from underneath the baseball cap on his head. 


He laughed, sliding his hand onto your thigh, “I haven’t even told you what it is, yet.”

“When have you ever given me a reason to do something nice for you?” You scoffed, throwing his hand off of you before finishing your pizza. “I hate you.”

“Come on, cupcake, just hear me out.” He whined, placing his hand right back where it started. 

You slid your tray away from you, throwing one leg over the bench so you could straddle it and face Jimin head on. You had learned at the beginning of the semester that it was best to show him no mercy. If you gave him an inch he took a mile. “You’ve got ten seconds to tell me what you want and then you’re not going to speak to me for the rest of the day, deal?” 

He bit his lip and grinned like he’d won something. “Deal.”

“10…” You cocked an eyebrow.

“Yah!” He laughed, “just wait a minute.”

“Look at the group of guys over my shoulder, but don’t make it obvious.” Your gaze slid from his face over to the trashcans before slowly sliding to his friends watching from across the cafeteria. “Mmm, you take direction so well, Y/n. Is it like that in the bedroom too?”

“7…” You sighed, completely over his perverted comments.

“I told them to point out a girl in the cafeteria that I hadn’t slept with,” He smirked, “Jungkook pointed to you.”

“4….” You kicked your other leg over so it would be easy for you to get away when his time was up, but it proved to be a bad move on your part. Jimin using your new position to his advantage as he wrapped his arms around your waist and scooted as close as he could. 

He rested his chin on your shoulder, his breath hitting your ear as he talked. “I’m not really the type of guy to play games, cupcake. I wont lie to you and pretend that I’m interested in anything other than a quick lay. He bet me a pair of Coldplay tickets that I couldn’t get you to sleep with me, so like I said- I need you to do me a favor.”

You burst into laughter, Jimin pouting at your reaction. “Time’s up Jimin-ah, I’m not risking contracting some sort of disease so you can score Coldplay tickets.”

You shoved his hands away from you and went to put your dirty tray away. Coldplay tickets, ha! You were too busy laughing at Jimin’s antics to notice that he was following you. He didn’t know how to back away from a challenge and those tickets had sold out in a matter of seconds. There was no way he was going to let them slip from his fingers.

The next thing you know Jimin’s pinned you to the wall underneath the staircase that leads to the gym on the second floor. Your heart practically jolting through your chest when his body presses against yours. “I can make it worth your while, cupcake. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

His brown eyes had darkened dangerously, the playful flirt from before having disappeared. “Anything?” you breathed. 

His plump lips slipped into a predatory grin, one of his hands dropping from the wall to play with the ends of your hair, his fingertips brushing against the base of your neck. “Anything.”

You bit your lip, Jimin’s eyes zoning in on your movements, before he swallowed. “Don’t do that.”

You ignored him, pulling your lip further in your mouth before letting your teeth drag across it slowly, your eyes pouring into his own. “On your knees, Jiminie, let me see you beg for it.”

“Holy shit,” he whispered, “you’ve been holding out on me, kitten.”

“Don’t waste my time, Jiminie,” you hummed. You loved the way the tables had turned. You hated to admit that your thighs clenched when he slowly sunk down onto his knees. The way he was looking up at you had you imagining all sorts of things you had never thought about him before. The real kicker was when he licked his lips and rubbed his face into your crotch with a, “Please let me fuck you, kitten.”

Oh if his friends could see him now. “Did I say you could touch me?”

He obediently dropped his hands from your waist and sat up straight, his eyes filled to the brim with lust. Jimin, the school’s notorious playboy, liked being dominated in bed. “Be a good boy for me, Jiminie, show me how badly you want to fuck me.”

His eyes darted around the area to make sure you two were shielded from view, before his hands slipped down to palm himself through his jeans. He groaned lowly and your thighs clenched together again. “You’re not as big as they say you are Jiminie, what a pity.”

“Is it because you only want me for a bet? I must not do it for you.” You sighed with mock hurt. He was actually huge, but you wouldn’t be rewarding him with that information. He had a big enough ego as it was. 

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you, kitten,” he groaned, moving his hand faster against himself. “I wanted to bend you over my desk and make you scream my name. You knew you were teasing me in those god damn knee-high stockings.”

Shit. You hadn’t expected an honest confession to come out of him. You were only teasing, after all, just playing a part. For Jimin to have remembered the outfit you wore to the first day of class, he couldn’t have been lying. “I believe you, so for that I’ll give you a reward.”

“Listen closely,” you purred, circling around him so you were at his back. “I want you to show me how you touched yourself to the thought of me that night, because I know you did Jiminie, show me how you thought I’d touch you.”

“Fuck,” he sighed, rushing to slide his jeans down his thighs. You tangled your hands in the back of his hair, the hat falling to the floor as you pulled his head back so he was forced to look up at you. “If you guess right, I’ll let you taste me.”

He whimpered and electricity rushed up your spine. You felt powerful. It didn’t help that you felt a rush from doing this where anyone could just walk in and see. Jimin would be utterly humiliated to be found on his knees and begging in front of a girl like you, and for some reason that’s what was really getting you going.

Jimin was panting as his hand slid up and down his length. His eyes hadn’t left yours the entire time he touched himself. You could tell he was trying hard to fight back his moans, to fight for some semblance of control in the whole situation. You couldn’t have that. “Tell me how it feels, Jiminie.”

“So good,” he cried, eyes snapping shut. Each one of your words sent a jolt of lightening down his body. This dirty and dominating side of you something he never thought he would see. You hadn’t even touched him and he was already quickly falling apart.

“Come for me, Jiminie.” He panted loudly, eyes opening as he searched your face for some sort of sign you were kidding. “You were doing so good for me, don’t stop now. I really want you to taste me, Jimin.”

Jimin. You had said his name and his name was his undoing. As the white hot heat of his orgasm had him throwing back his head in pleasure you slithered out silently from underneath the staircase, opening the door to slip off to your room.

You fell asleep that night with a permanent smirk etched across your face. You couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it was to have Park Jimin eating out of the palm of your hand. Just one word and he was doing things for you he’d probably never admit to anyone. You had successfully one upped the fuckboy when he was supposed to be the one one-upping you. 

You were thankful your roommate was sleeping at her boyfriend’s house when Jimin came banging on your dorm room door at two in the morning. He was banging so hard, you were amazed your RA didn’t come barreling out of his room to curse you out and write you a noise complaint. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” You whisper-shouted, jerking him into your room by the sides of his jacket. “Are you trying to get me kicked out?!”

“I’m calling in my favor,” he growled, slamming his lips into your own. You stiffened, your hands pushing him away only causing him to pull you tighter against him. When you didn’t give in he pulled your lip into his mouth and bit down harshly, causing you to hiss and give him access to slip his tongue past your lips. You moaned at the feel of his wet tongue against your own, memories of the way he touched himself for you earlier flooding your brain. 

His lips left your own long enough to ask which bed was yours, before he was sucking and nipping at your neck, leading you over and shoving you down onto your mattress. “You thought you could work me up like that and get away with it?”

“Undress for me, Y/n, you’re not going anywhere this time.” He’s got that predatory look on his face again and you rush to do what he says. You watched as his eyes raked over your body hungrily, tugging your lip between your teeth with anticipation. You’re not sure when your common sense flew out the window, but fuck it, you wanted him and you wanted him bad.

“Don’t do that,” he growled, throwing his shirt off and diving down onto the bed with you. His kisses were desperate, a clashing of tongue and teeth that had your head spinning. Everywhere he touched felt scorched with flame. If he didn’t do something soon you were going to go crazy. “Touch me,” you breathed, urging his hand down to where you needed him most. You whined when he pulled his hand away. He was teasing you on purpose, slowly taking his time as he licked and marked every inch of your skin. You moaned when his teeth tugged at your nipple, heat spreading through your body as your hips ground into his. 

“So needy, kitten,” he smirked from below you, sucking the skin along your hip bones in between his teeth as you squirmed beneath him. He slid his hand between your thighs, pushing them further apart as he hovered above your core. You groaned at the sight, so close to saying fuck your pride and begging him to just stop teasing already. 

But just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore his fingers parted your lips, his tongue lapping slowly as he tasted your wetness. When his plump hot lips pull your clit suddenly into his mouth your head rocked back against the bed, your hips bucking against his harsh sucks. You can feel your legs start to shake as he adds his tongue back into the mix, your loud moans unstoppable at this point. “You taste so fucking good, kitten.” His voice is practically purring with lust, his hands pushing your thighs down into the mattress to keep you from moving.

His words have you propping up on your elbows to watch as he devours you, the sight of his lips wet with your juices enough to have your eyes rolling in the back of your head once more. He licks his fingers, before quickly slamming them inside of you, his name passing from your lips in a curse. He wastes no time, quickly curling his fingers up and sucking on your clit once more. The feel of him pumping in and out of you mercilessly stretching your walls as he eats you desperately- had that white hot heat surging inside of you and begging to be released. You were so close already, but you didn’t want to come yet. You didn’t want this to be over.

“I know you need to come, kitten.” His breath hit your lips as he pumped his fingers even faster, filling the room with squelching sounds and your moans. “I want to watch you come for my mouth, come for me Y/n.”

You couldn’t hold it back any longer, your walls clenching tightly around his fingers as his tongue licked up and down your clit at a hard and fast pace. His name fell past your lips over and over like a prayer, your hands wound tightly in his hair as he watched you come undone beneath him.

He slid his fingers into his mouth once he had helped you through your high and licked them clean, his eyes never leaving yours as you tried to catch your breath. “I want you to remember this, kitten, remember how wet you were for me. You might not like me, but you definitely want me, there’s no doubt about that.”  

Where did we think we would be? 

Standing at the bus stop at 6 am to go to another city we never talked about. Or waiting for the express to take you to the good part of the city where the skies are blue. I thought I would find you in the building we thought we were too good for. We later find out that we were good enough for that building with people worse than us. 

At the mall whenever there was nothing to do. Roaming empty rooms with empty bottles. Taking pictures by the white walls and glass windows, nothing to look for. We never believed it when they said they were making everything like it never existed. Do we exist or am I sitting in my own mind drawing your face in places ?

Maybe at a party I didn’t want to be at. But you dragged me there anyways, thank you for that because I remember every song played that afternoon. I danced with enemies, with best friends, with people I didn’t know existed. You were too shy but no one was watching each other so we danced our last dance. We cried during the last song but smiled the next day. 

In the parks we would ditch school to go to. Castles in yellow and blue. Yellows like dandelions in forest grass and blue like the sun burning out. You would climb the walls and declare us as queens, no crowns but we wore our heads high. Slide through tubes fearing of getting lost in them. Feeling the rocks in our chest go away when we saw light as if we were waking from hibernation. Wood chips with burned brown edges get stuck inside our shoes. We threw them around in our snowball fights with something that could make you bleed a red of your lipstick. I chip away from the edges as if they are flower petals now guessing where you are now. 

By the plaza you always bought me something from. It was cheap but I remember you would sneak in just for me. Candies pale pink wrapped in wax paper that tasted the slightest bit of sugar. Or the bottles that look like alchol but had plasma blue liquid in them. Where sirens were always blaring and stories went around in the wind. I never went with you but regretting it brings me back to the plaza. I wanted to ask you if you could come with me their but I realized where you really were. 

In the alley ways we explored. We were told never to go there but we did anyways. I hum to the sound of our footsteps. You sing to the music I hated but now love. Lined with leaves and every thing we were told not to touch. Green on the ground playing pretend with flowers. We would walk our steps carefully making no sound. Never step on the shards but now I soak myself in them. Every time I pass an alley I see our shadows walking through them as if we actually did.

In the creeks that trail every house, building and road. A maze that goes deeper than tangled thoughts. Soil soaked in alcohol, flowers growing around cigarette butts and shards of glass to keep the grass from growing too long. You never liked the smell of alcohol but your dad made you familiar with the smell of cigarette smoke. We would get lost going straight but we would never notice that we were spinning in circles. We were both scared of everyone walking by us with their sagging, slate grey eyes and hot breath. Those who we once called friends. 

In the centre of it all. Right in the middle, one spin and you see everything in the town. Taking pictures through the glass, running through the water blending with tears. Seeing everyone we ever knew and would one day know. People’s faces that flash with memory appearing as white sparks hidden in the light of our minds. Jump off the castles built of yellow and red. We were playful and growing up with every second here.

—  I wonder what it would be like if we never went away

REQUEST: you catch him masturbating while thinking of you and he gets super embarrassed. smut ensues.

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse/scars, explicit unprotected sex, y’all (wrap it before u tap it)

Word Count: 1,610 (i got so carried away)

You were house-sitting for Tina and Queenie while they went off with Newt to find some magical beast or another. Well, okay, you were house-sitting and Credence-sitting, since he hadn’t felt up to traveling anywhere. You’d known the group for a good few months now, since you owned a book store just across the street from their building, so it really was no trouble.

But when you said it was no trouble, it was because you had a very fond friendship with Credence and because you wouldn’t mind spending a good few days with him in the comfortable reverie you’d established. What you hadn’t accounted for was exactly what happened. It was late one night, maybe three days into house-sitting, when you heard it. You hadn’t been able to sleep, so you sat in the common area to read, and heard— It was a low sound, and throaty. Coming from Credence’s room. You weren’t exactly sure what was going on in there, so you got up and stepped toward his room cautiously, worried that he could be having a nightmare again.

But then your name rushed out of him, a quiet whisper so low you weren’t sure if you’d heard correctly, so you did what any person would do upon hearing their name called: you opened the door. And really, you would have been prepared for anything, literally anything, aside from what you opened the door to see. Which was Credence. Credence, with a hand shoved down his pants and his head thrown back against his white pillow, revealing a long column of smooth white neck framed by raven-black hair. Credence, dripping sweat that caused his hair to frame his high cheekbones and his lips.

Mortified, you closed the door and tried to tip-toe your way back to your seat to read. You couldn’t shake what you’d seen from your head though. You hadn’t really actively thought of him that way; sure, you thought he was beautiful, absolutely breathtaking, but… You had never thought of him splayed across his sheets, never thought of him making sounds like those, sounds that went straight to your core, never thought of him under you, on top of you, and—You had to stop. You were starting to get a little hazy yourself, and it certainly didn’t help anything when you remembered he had said your name.

Some time had passed when he emerged from his room, head ducked low, pants repositioned, and belt in hand. That you were confused about. And then he was standing right in front of you, kneeling down, making himself so small, and handing you the belt. You took it in your hands, just puzzling over it, when you looked to see tears dripping from his face to the floor and remembered what he’d told you—about his mother. You gasped and threw the thing all the way across the room and fretted over him when he flinched. “Credence, I—How could you think I would hurt you with that?”

His wide eyes, glossy with new tears, chanced a glance up at you through long eyelashes. “M-Ma said that it—That what I was doing in there—That it’s a sin. And that—That sins can’t go unp-punished.”

You sighed, low and full, and didn’t miss the way his eyes flicked to your mouth before returning to the floor. You slid from your seat, kneeling in front of him, making yourself just as small. “It isn’t wrong to—to feel things, Credence. And that—What you were doing is only human. Everyone does that. It isn’t wrong, Credence.” You kept your voice soft, trying to soothe him.

Credence glanced to you again, and when he spoke, it was so soft that you were sure you must have heard him wrong. “W-Was thinking of you wrong?”

Everything in you stilled at that. You were having a very hard time not kissing him right that second, not taking him right there on the living room floor, so you had to say through gritted teeth, “No. That’s not wrong either.”

He finally met your eyes and must have seen what you were trying to hide behind your eyes because he very tentatively brought his hand forward to hold yours, his fingers playing at the edges of your palm. “D-Do you think of me too?” Credence certainly couldn’t have said that. You must have imagined it.

You indulged an answer anyway. “Well, I do now.” Your voice was just as quiet as his was, so quiet you must have been afraid to shatter the moment that had sparked between the two of you.

Credence blushed at that, and you weren’t sure if he was surprised by your answer or the fact that you had admitted it, to him, out loud. But the answer seemed to be enough for him as he posed his next thought to you. “Y-You can—You can kiss me, if you want to, Y/N.”

And that was more than enough, that’s for sure, after how you had been holding back. One of your hands went straight for his face while the other hooked into the top of his pajama pants and pulled him fully against you as you kissed him, and kissed him in earnest. He was shy, clearly mimicking your moves and the way you slid your lips against his, but he picked up soon enough when your tongue entered his mouth. It continued like that for a while, tentative exploration, but when he finally dared to poke his tongue out and into your mouth, you couldn’t help but suck lightly. And Credence let out the most unholy of sounds and it went right to your core as you pulled back to kiss down his neck and suck harshly at his collar bones. You tugged at his shirt and asked, “Is this okay?” Credence gave a hasty nod before removing his shirt, and yours, and falling between your legs as you scrambled onto the couch. He was hovering above you, hair so much longer than before and sweeping into his eyes. You reached a hand up to brush it out of his face and found yourself whispering reverently, “You’re so beautiful, Credence.”

He flushed red at that, and you thought fondly that it was adorable that his blush spread across his bare shoulders. “You really think so?” His voice was breathy and strained and absolutely wrecked, and you were sure he was thinking about all of the scars that you could so clearly see in the warm light of the apartment.

You kissed the corner of his eye. “Beautiful.” You kissed his nose. “Beautiful.” His mouth. “Beautiful.” Down his neck and chest, across all of his scars. “Beautiful.” Credence shuddered every time and began slowly rocking his hips against yours.

You didn’t think he really knew what to do, but he was getting the idea because, once he had started pushing his hips against you, he got some of the friction he’d been needing and began to move harder, faster against you. You gasped and let out a long, low moan at the way he was rubbing against you, and you opened your eyes to see Credence staring down at you, eyes wide and disbelieving and mouth hanging open. You tentatively moved your hands under his pants to grip his ass and push him down further against you, giving the both of you more attention where you needed it, and nearly had an orgasm that second at the strangled “Yes” that left Credence’s mouth.

You slid his pants down further, and he understood, kicking them off as you hastily removed your underwear and drew him back against you with your legs. “Please.” You sounded absolutely fucked out, and you couldn’t bring yourself to care at how needy you were being as you scraped your nails gently against him and pulled his hair lightly. “Please.” The strain in your voice was tangible.

You looked to him and were knocked out of breath at the pure adoration in his eyes, the absolute awe. “Okay, just—Just help me, tell me w-what to do, please. I want too, but I—”

You kissed him gently, to keep him from panic. “Of course, Credence, of course.”

You positioned him correctly and let him enter you at his own pace, moaning louder the further he pressed among intermittent cries of Yes and More and Beautiful. You guided him with your hands on his ass for a while, but he picked up on his own, letting out low, throaty moans and cries of your name that sounded vaguely like a prayer, if you’d ever heard one. When you went to look in his eyes, you noticed they were white as he opened them, with his obscurus curling around the both of you, and you couldn’t help but think he was more beautiful than ever.

He felt incredible inside you, so you couldn’t help your exclamation of “I love you” coming desperately from your lips, which caused him to curl his body around you as he came, obscurus exploding around you both. You came not long over that, the feeling of him pulsing inside you and his body crushing you doing you in.

You let him collapse against you, ragged breath fanning across your neck and shoulder, and stroked smooth lines up and down his back. Minutes passed before he pressed a soft, almost imperceptible kiss to the hollow of your throat as he whispered, “I love you too.”

You heard his breaths even out and knew he was asleep, and you couldn’t help but think you were very glad to have agreed to house-sit.

99: “Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.” (second prompt from the anon who asked for andreil! This is going to be exactly what you think it is :)))))

When Aaron’s ringtone bleats at Andrew from his jeans, he feels hyper-focus snap through him like the crack of latex gloves going on: skin-tight, hands about to get dirty.

He holds a finger up to Bee where she’s thumbing through her appointment notes, and flips his phone open, pressing it in snug to his ear.

“Andrew?” He hears, Aaron’s voice sounding stretched thin, his usual annoyance worn away in the middle.

“Aaron,” he replies, and Bee smiles in absent understanding, turning back to her work.

“Listen to everything I’m going to say before you hang up, okay?”

Andrew goes still. “Talk fast.”

“It’s Neil,” Aaron says, like his mouth is full of stinging bees. Andrew’s skull trades places with his ankles, or, something too small to be real has his head in a vice, and his legs are sloshy useless.  


“I told you to listen,” Aaron hisses.

“Where?” Andrew repeats evenly. He’s already calculating the time, the steps to the court, fox tower, Abby’s place, Wymack’s apartment. Aaron shares Andrew’s resentment, though, and the other end of the line goes glacial.

“Aaron. Tell me where he is.”

Bee looks up, all her features tipping down like a kaleidoscope shifting — smile inverting, mouth shifting sideways.

“He’s not dead. And you can’t tell me you didn’t expect him to get beat up at some point, Andrew, he’s a hazard.”

He knows. He knows, Neil is the only caution sign that Andrew regrets ignoring, he’s a bad fall waiting to happen.

“I don’t care what you think he is or is not,” Andrew says, and Bee makes the mistake of looking sympathetic in his direction. Andrew slams one hand down on the desk, enjoying the controlled jump of the objects on it.

“Right. You just care about you,” Aaron says. Andrew gets up from his chair and leaves the room, ignoring Bee’s resigned sigh behind him. “And him, I guess. Josten,” he clarifies, like Andrew doesn’t know, like he could stop knowing.

Aaron pauses, then exhales. “Nicky should’ve been the one to call you, but he’s. He’s staunching the blood flow. I told him what to do.” It sounds important to him that Andrew knows this. Andrew barely registers it, he’s busy throwing every door open between him and his car with his phone still pressed to his ear.

“It’s… your boyfriend got hit by a car,” Aaron gets out, finally. Andrew takes a knife out, just for the feel of it in his palm. “It was a dark—I dunno. SUV? Tinted glass. We think it was a— no Kevin, I know— we think it was a Wesninski, not a Moriyama.”

“Don’t say that name.” He says it on a dry throat, and the words catch. There’s a sticky silence.

“Fox Tower parking lot. Should we call the cops?”

“No,” Andrew says, and he climbs into his car, turning the engine over, wanting it as angry as he is. “Don’t call anyone, don’t talk to anyone, not until I get there.”

“He’ll bleed out.”

The fact that Aaron called Andrew before 911 at all is a miracle.

“Keep him awake.” He hangs up, and the parking lot he’s in might as well be a peak on a mountain for how remote it feels. He speeds. A lot. He crumples the space between him and Neil into a ball and throws it in the fucking garbage.

When he rounds the familiar turn into the parking lot, a small crowd has amassed near where Matt’s car is parked diagonally and a dozen athletes are wringing their hands.

Andrew swerves close enough to them that they have to physically leap out of the way, and he’s out of the car without turning the engine off or closing the door behind him.

He shoves some kid to the ground, and then it’s Allison and Dan linked at the arms, and they move out of the way without being told.

Andrew’s eyes find Neil’s and he wants to go back to last year and physically cut him out of his life, he wants to raise a fist or a knife at Neil and have him take it seriously, he never wants Neil hurt again.

He’s propped up on the curb with his left arm in pieces and blood bubbling at the corner of his mouth. He smiles when he sees Andrew and his teeth are red.

Andrew drops to his knees and fists one hand in Neil’s sweaty bangs.

“What the fuck did you do?” He shakes him. “What did you do?”

Neil jostles hard, and the pain of it shows on his face. His mouth is a slash of white paint. “Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.”  

Andrew takes his broken arm by the wrist and lifts it. Neil cries out, and his good hand twitches towards Andrew’s shirt but stops. Still not taking without permission, even in the throes of mindless agony.

Andrew can see that there’s something seriously wrong, Neil’s shirt is ripped and his side is already mottled with bruising. Neil’s breaths take two tries before they go anywhere. Internal bleeding, probably. Any number of trashed organs. A shitty brave face and a future narrowing to a crack in a closing window.

“Look,“ Neil says, and he raises his broken arm until it’s at Andrew’s face level. “I’ve got some grip.” He makes a loose fist and a tear rolls down his cheek.

“Your bone is outside your arm,” Andrew says. He puts both hands on Neil’s neck, and notices for the first time Nicky kneeling a metre away, a jacket on over his naked torso. The missing shirt is wadded on Neil’s side soaked in blood. Matt’s hovering at Neil’s head, watching them both. Beyond him, Renee’s standing guard, her expression carefully controlled and her eyes trained on Andrew.

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know,” Neil slurs. His right hand is back at Andrew’s shirt, hovering, blind. “One of Lola’s maybe. One of dad’s. Loose ends, victimless crime. I don’t exist, anyway.”

It’s barely coherent. Andrew’s grip tightens and tightens. “You’re Neil Josten.”

“Number ten, stick size three, starting striker,” he recites. “Andrew—“ his eyes are open but they’re looking too far to the right.

He takes Neil’s hand and pulls it up so it meets Andrew’s chest. It instantly twines in the dark fabric and Neil’s mouth twitches then slackens. His grip on consciousness is starting to look like that sad fist he’d tried for: more painful when it’s there than when it’s not.

“Thank you,” Neil whispers.

“Stop it.”

“I mean it.” In an act of supreme defiance, Neil stays awake, and focuses more, blue eyes clear and forward-facing. “Last time I wanted to say more.” His hand splays across Andrew’s heart. “I wanted to kiss you again before I died.”

“You’re not dying.”

“I’m not doing such a great job of surviving.”

“When have you ever,” Andrew says, and then he hooks his fingers in the long ends of Neil’s hair. “Try harder.”

Sirens kick in somewhere nearby, and Andrew’s eyes instinctively find Aaron.

“Don’t look at me,” he says, and points at Matt.

“We got home and he was bleeding on the ground, what was I supposed to do,” Matt says, and he reaches to stabilize Neil’s neck when it cranes towards him.

Andrew bats his hand away easily. “Don’t touch him.”

Matt’s expression sours. “He’s not just yours, you know. We’re a team.

Andrew doesn’t respond. He feels like he’s the one with a punctured lung.

Neil tugs his attention back where it should be with a gentle pull on his collar. The ambulance pulls up a minute later, but he’s only peripherally aware of it. “You don’t need to come. I know you don’t like hospitals.”

“I have to,” Andrew says.

He’s jostled sideways by a paramedic, and it wrenches him out of his head.


“Andrew,” Kevin warns, and if it were anyone else he would’ve ignored them.

He stands and watches Neil’s uncharacteristically weak-looking body fold onto a stretcher. It’s sickening, the juxtaposition of blood and woozy smiles. The chaos of Neil’s broken body is starting to look familiar, something violent and troubling like the foxes are violent and troubling.

“He’s coming with me,” Neil orders, his grip bruising Andrew’s wrist.

Other people are speaking but Neil’s water and Andrew’s face down in it. He leaves his car; he leaves the foxes and the bloody t-shirt and his panic. When he’s forced into the waiting room not by doctors or security but by Neil’s quiet voice, he thinks he might be learning to breathe underwater.

One-Sided | 2

1 | https://pendantstyles.tumblr.com/post/162974295776/one-sided


Harry took the mic, it’s his time to speak.

He looked at you that’s seated beside his stood figure, still in adoration that you’re wearing a wedding dress and he gets the privilege to be the man at the other end of the aisle.

Where are you?”

That was all Harry could mutter when he went straight to your voicemail again ; it’s the day after.

He thought it was one of those fights the two of you could get over easily, but no. He’s wrong and he shoud’ve known that better.

He called the boys, even visited all their houses and searched every corner but you still weren’t there. You thought of it beforehand to not stay at any since it would be far too high for you to show up to their doorstep not as what they know as Harry’s girlfriend, but a one-year distraction.

“Just so you know, when I saw her walking, yes, I was crying.”

He chuckled, grinning before he saw James in one of those tables that he made himself remember, pointing at him.

“But in a cool way.”

I was out of my mind trying to look for you.”

Harry cried as soon as he opened the door to your hotel room with the receptionist that gave him a keycard to it, taking you by surprise since you thought you were doing well.

You looked at the white comforter that’s rested on your pajama-clothed thighs, slightly chuckling at the irony.

“Nice of you to.”

“I’m not kidding!”

Harry said frustratedly, pulling at his hair since he wanted nothing more to see you and show how much big of a mess he is.

He frowned, looking at you straightly as he tried his best not to cry again, his lips quivering before the words slipped out of his mouth again, the words that are unexpected, not the one he rehearsed over and over again in his mind.

“Why did you leave?”

You set your lips in a straight line, looking at the television instead of Harry.

“Is there a reason to stay?”

The guests laughed, making you do as well since that encounter with Harry and James is something he’s still talking to you and laughing about.

“I’d like to thank God. Everyone; my family, Y/N’s family but I wouldn’t like to call it my family just yet because that would be too cocky.”

Harry almost drank his champagne but he remembered that he isn’t supposed to not unless his speech is done, looking at the people that are happy which are all of them.

“My friends, the boys — Niall, Louis, Liam and yeah, Zayn too. The fans, the caterers and the planner — that’s actually Gemma and free of charge because she wants me to get married already.”

“I guess people too that signed the certificates and those that didn’t object our marriage?”

He asked in an unsure tone, the internet being divided once they knew that he’s getting married to you.

“And last but not the least, to my wife. Y/N Styles.”

He paused, roaring claps and cheers making way as he looked at you, words that are hesitating to be said.

“You — we may not be each other’s firsts, but I assure you, we’re each other’s lasts.”

You covered your face with your hands as screams and whistles emerged, making Harry laugh.

“We didn’t exactly start in the right footing, I know. But well, here we are.”

He bit back a smirk, putting his hand on his pocket and looking down on the floor, biting his lip before looking at you.

“We’re married.”

He motioned you to stand beside you which you more than happily complied to, putting his arm on your waist and kissing you.

“To my best friend, my love, my future and my wife, thank you. I love you.”

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years and during that time he was selling weed (already stereotype number one) and I begged and cried for him to stop the entire time (stereotype number two thinking he would actually stop). Now he’s in jail and I’ve never felt more like the damn stereotype; visiting him in jail, putting money on his commissary, feeling like every white office in the building is looking at me like I’m some hood rat visiting her jailbird boyfriend. I’ve never wanted to be a stereotype. I never wanted this life. And I feel like I’m losing my mind.

All of You (I Want All of You) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) (Part 4)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

A/N: This was a request, hope I get it right. :) My first post-negan era smut piece. Daryl is in the Sanctuary still and is approached by Negan’s daughter (Reader), she takes a liking to him and smut ensues. I didn’t get to the ‘Negan doesn’t approve’ part of the request, may have to make a second part if people like it.


Y/N hated it here. All the men constantly eye fucking her and making lude jokes when he wasn’t around and all the women disgusted by her because she was his daughter. Not like you had any choice in the matter, if you had had a choice you would rather be out on your own taking your chances with the dead. You claw a little at your bedroom window, high above the sanctuary, staring jealously at the staggering walkers you see clawing their way toward the Sanctuary’s gate. One of your father’s men put it down immediately. You sigh in dissatisfaction and close the white lace curtain over the frame again and plop down on your bed.

I am so fucking bored. You say to yourself and begin to play absentmindedly with your hands. Suddenly your door slams open and your father makes his presence known.

“Y/N, I thought I told you I wanted to have dinner with you tonight? Get your ass over to the dining room.” Negan gruffly cried out, the vein in his neck popping from your disobedience. You roll your eyes and sit back up.

“Sorry, dad. I lost track of time.” You huff and walk out the door in front of him and head down the hallway to the small dining room his men had set up for us. You sit down at the four post wooden table and notice that the meal is already laid out for both of you, complete with placemats, utensils lined up on the right side, wine glasses, and a bowl of some sort of soup, still steaming with heat.

“What the fuck is this a five-star restaurant?” You scoff and slump down into the chair, disrespectfully.

You father sits down on the opposite side of the table, smiling to himself at the scene. His demeanor changes slightly at your words, “You’d do well to remember how good you have it Y/N.” He growled with a hint of anger.

“Oh yeah. How fucking good I have it.” You roll your eyes and begin to slurp your soup, you can taste corn, tomatoes, and green beans, as the hot liquid slides down your throat.

One of Negan’s men saunters into the room with a bottle of wine, ready to pour into both of your glasses. You allow him to fill your glass, after he pops the cork, you nod in appreciation. Alcohol was one of the only things that got your through with these assholes some days.

The man walks over to fill Negan’s glass and he looks up at the servant, covering his glass with his hand.

“Timothy, fucking tell me this is the merlot and not that fake grape shit again.” He glares at the man.

The man steps back a little, with fear in his eyes, looking again at the bottle, “Yes, sir.”

Negan removes his hand and nods, in a gesture to the man to continue. With now shaky hands the man pours Negan a glass, setting the bottle on the table.

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trauma measures thick layers of dirt on the floors she’ll never scrub
she says it takes more energy to try than to sleep and we’ve already painted on permanent dark circles
we are so used to looking dead,
why go back now

trauma pours a cup of the strongest coffee and melts into the walls at the sound of footfalls

trauma wants to know why we have to remember and I ask her why she thinks we have the ability to forget

trauma cries in the shower and pretends the spicket is a waterfall and she is finally clean

trauma screams at loud movies and flinches when touched

trauma stops episodes mid watch ‘cause one flame can turn white hot wildfire and triggers can kill

trauma decorates her prison and celebrates isolation

trauma renames fear “safety” and says if she has to be a loaded gun she’ll do it right and make her mother proud

trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget
trauma cannot forget

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 6

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2,4k

Warnings: Death, Monsters, Mentions of drawning

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Tadaa~! Finally the 6th chapter! Sorry that it took so long to update this and that it’s a “small” chapter, but this is kinda like Filler chapter? But also very important! So I hope that you will enjoy it!

Also a big THANK YOU for 200 FOLLOWERS! WOW!!Like woah I am SO HAPPY!! Thank you!

<< previous chapter | Chapter 6

She was in love, deeply in love with him. She loved the way he moves, the way he speaks, the way he looks at her but he didn’t love her. For him she was just the younger sister of his love, Diana.

Siren was beautiful, her long black hair swirling in soft curls while her purple tail moved in the waves of the sea but Diana was golden, her blonde hair was glowing in the darkest spots of the sea, her blue tail representing the sky. And Diana loved her young prince Poseidon.

The young couple was loved by the merfolk, everyone wished them a good future with many beautiful children, everyone but Siren.  She started to hate them to the point where she wanted to kill her own sister, her family.

Years after Siren got banned her heart sank into a deep dark ocean of hate. She started to hate everyone, the world and love. She build herself a kingdom of darkness and hate, also known as the ship cemetery. She wanted to destroy every living soul that would disturb her.

On a sunny day the royal family of the Rosas de Coral Kingdom has decided to celebrate the 3rd birthday of their youngest son - Prince Jungkook. The king and the queen invited every kingdom they could reach and went on one of their ships to celebrate on the sea, in peace.

It was wonderful, everyone had a good time, happy music was playing, people were dancing, children were playing and running around the ship, acting as if they were on a dangerous adventure.

But as the night came, wrapping the sky in darkness over the heads of the people on the ship, darkness was also wrapping the sea under the unknowingly people who were enjoying the fireworks in honor of the young prince.

As soon as the lights of the fireworks died out, Siren came out of the water clinging on the ship with her huge tentacles, rocking the ship from one side to another. No one knew what was happening, panic break out on the ship. The guests were trying to find a save place, screaming in fear of the monster, children tried to find their parents and guards tried to protect the king and his family.

“Where is Taehyung?” The queen, Taehyung’s mother screamed searching for her beloved son. He was right here, next to her. Jungkook was in the kings arms, holding him for dear life and searching for his other son who has suddenly disappeared. “Taehyung! Where are you! Taehyung!” The young mother screamed, tears scrolling down her rosy cheeks. She was scared for her son’s life. He was her everything and she would never apologize herself for letting him get hurt or even die.

It was like music for Siren, she loved the sounds of the screaming humans who she drags into the water to drown them without any guilt, the crying of the small humans, who had just lost their parents.

With a few moves and swifts Siren destroyed the ship to the point where the body of the started to get filled with water and started to sink.

“To the boats! Everyone get to the boats!” The king demanded, he took his queen on her hand and led her and Jungkook to one of the small rescue boats. “Come on, you go first!” But his queen didn’t want to go to the boats, not as long as she has found Taehyung.

“I won’t go until I found him!” She screamed before she took her long white dress in her hands and ran off to find her son, ignoring the screams from her husband and the cries of her youngest son. She screamed his name over and over again, but the screaming of the people who tried to run away from the sea witch. Finally the queen has found her son, who was trying to help and elder lady that has slipped and couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Taehyung get to the boat, what are you doing?!” She screamed, helping the lady up, a guard came by and helped as well.

“Mommy, I wanted to help!” He said looking up at his tear strained mother, her whole body was shaking and her hair a mess, but still the young prince has never seen any woman more beautiful than his own mother.

“Get to the boat, your father and brother are waiting.” She squeezed his small shoulder with her delicate hands. Taehyung nodded at his mother before he took her hand and went to the boat.

But his mother would never get to these boats.

Siren saw the beautiful woman, who was crying for his son and the way they interacted. She was disgusted by this and wanted to destroy them and their love.

She reached for the woman with her tentacle, pinned her waist and pulled her to the sea. The queen fell to the ground,a scream escaped her mouth.

“Mommy!” Taehyung held his mother’s arm as strong as he could with his tiny hands. “Mommy hold my hand! Don’t let go, please!” The sea witch’s grip around his mother’s body grew stronger and Taehyung and Jungkook’s mother knew that she wouldn’t escape this monster’s tentacles. She looked up her son, who was holding her with both his hands, teared eyes and a runny nose.

“Hey, don’t cry okay? Please take care of your father and brother…” She smiled at him “for me?” And then she let go of his hands. The last thing she could hear before she entered the dark of the sea was the scream of her son, who she has always believed that he will become a great king someday.

“Ugh …love. He, a human is in love with her, with the daughter of this damn King Poseidon!”

The ugly creature stared into her magic shell, messaging her growing migraine away. She got sick after seeing the way the young human prince spoke to and looked at you.

The sea witch turned away, pushing her long black hair to the side, her tentacles bringing her to the other side of her grotto.

“You have no right to speak about our King in that way!” A young boy screamed from behind grids.

“Young boy I suggest you to stay quiet before I make calamaris out of you!” The sea witch spits at the boy. “I have all the right to speak about this traitor after what he has done to me!”

The sea witch wanted revenge for what she has become 20 years ago, revenge for her life, revenge for her lost love, she wanted to end the Kingdom of King Poseidon or better his life. She wanted to hurt him in the most hurtful way and she is starting to find a way.

“So you are the friend of the princess, right?” She asked the boy while she was staring at a certain stone, glimmering in a pink tone, the light slowly dying. “Hmm I could wait a couple more days and wait until she dies-”

“Dies? Y//n won’t die! Never!” Hoseok screams at the creature before him, clinging on the grinds. He got captured by the sea witch and locked up. He tried everything to save you from the humans, but failed miserably.

“But see young boy. She has been a human for a couple of days.” She started to laugh evil, Hoseok didn’t understand where the problem was and why the sea witch was so excited about it, which she had noticed. “Oh you really don’t know? Let me explain! If a mermaid stays at land for more than three days, she will slowly die, she will get immense pain, sick and slowly falls into dust until nothing is left behind from her dear life.” Hoseoks face turns into horror hearing that you are in life danger. “ Isn’t that wonderful? The youngest daughter of the queen and king will die! And I don’t have to do anything, it will just happen! Or…”

The sea witch stops her evil speech to take out many plants and other things, the stone hanging around her neck.

“Maybe I could have some fun, maybe I could use your little friend to kill the whole damn family! Ah what a thought.” She turns around to face Hoseok with dark eyes and an ugly smirk before she starts to giggle and fulfill her desires.

Taehyung was sitting on his bed, reviewing the events that had happened that day. He felt awful for not telling you that he was engaged and he doesn’t know why. He felt stupid for that. But as he was thinking about the time you had spent together, he only saw your beautiful smile that you always had when you learned something new or when you were just looking up at him.

He let his hands wander through his long curls, he wanted to see you, he needed to see you and he decided that he will see you, now.

He made his way to your room and as he was standing in front of your door, he had to take a deep breath before he knocked. Then he waited for a few seconds, more seconds and knocked again but no answer. Strange, were you already sleeping? He wanted to knock again but decided to enter your room, only to ro find it empty.

Where were you?

You were on your way to the beach. You were sick of waiting for a wonder to happen, you needed to do something and find your stone as soon as possible. You can’t let your family and Hobi wait any longer, they must be worried sick and search for you everywhere. Besides you don’t fit in this world, you are a mermaid not a human. Your life is under the sea.

As you march to the beach, the smell of salt already forming in your nose your thoughts wander to Amanda. You don’t know this girl, or even knew that she was the fiancé of Taehyung. You weren’t mad or anything, it’s not like it’s your business but it made you remind you where your place actually was and you wanted to make sure that you go back to your place.

The beach was beautiful at the night, the moon was shining brightly on the water making it look mysterious. No one else beside you on this land knew the true beauty that hides under the surface of the water and you were proud of it, but you also wished that you could share it with someone. The humans should see something as beautiful as the ocean, but what would it cost for the merpeople. Will humans like the ones that had captured you harm your own people?

You took a step into the water, the waves crashing against your ankles. The cool water felt like magic on your feet, you felt how your strength grew, but only a bit. You let your gaze wander around when you found a cliff to the right of the castle. Maybe if you jump from there, you could swim back to where you lost your stone and search for it. For you, in that moment you couldn’t find any other solution.

You reached the cliff, leaned over the edge to see how high you actually were. Doubts started to grow in your stomach, but what else should you do? You were about to jump into the water but you heard someone calling for you.


You looked around to search for the familiar voice, your mind racing trying to figure out if you were dreaming or not.


“Down here!” You looked down to the water and he was really there. Down in the sea was Hobi waving at you with a bright smile. A smile had also formed on your face and without any hesitation you jumped down into the water.

But you didn’t know how humans swim. You pushed your legs and arms around, but you couldn’t move like you were used to it. Also you couldn’t find Hoseok, where was he? You tried to shout for him,  but as soon as you opened your mouth water began to fill your lungs. What was happening?

You started to panic, moving around to find Hoseok but it was too dark to see something. You wanted to swam up to get air again, but your heavy dress dragged you down and tangled around your legs. From one second to another the world around you grew darker and darker and you slowly lost your consciousness, before that you felt someone grabbing you and dragging you out of the water.

Taehyung had searched everywhere in the castle. Jungkook and the other people had noticed his worried expression on his face and after they got told that you went missing they started to search you too. Amanda couldn’t understand why everyone was searching for some random girl and wished for her servants to not mind that one girl who went missing.

Taehyung was helplessly standing in your room, his heart was racing and he started to be scared for you. He didn’t wanted you to get hurt.

Standing in the middle of your room he tried to find any evidence to help you to find, but there was nothing.

He only could sit on your bed and stare out the window on the ocean. The sub started to raise slowly on the horizon. He was searching through the whole night for you and he didn’t even realize that.

A couple of more minutes Later Taehyung was still on your bed, resting his tired body before it finally hit him. The ocean!

His long legs carried him as fast as they could to the beach, he could hear the waves breaking on the cliffs near the castle. He finally reached the beach and his eyes focused on a small figure lying on the sand, it was you. Taehyung hurried to your side screaming for you praying to the dear gods that you would react but there was no reaction coming from you.

You were completely soaked, sand sticking everywhere, even on your face. Taehyung checked if you were still breathing and thank god you were. He cleaned your face from all the sand before he took you in his arms and carry you back to the safe castle, but a shining object captured his attention. It was a stone in a rose color, the color was similar to the color of your tail. It must be your stone that you had lost days ago.



“My little sister”// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: Mentions of bullying 

Word count: 627

“Shhhh,” I said rocking the crib. Jack, your fiancé, was currently at Conor’s flat, filming a video so I stayed home to take care of our baby. There was a knock on the door. “Coming!” I said. I picked up the crying little girl from the crib. “Come on Laila its okay,” I said rocking her, walking to the door. I opened the door to see Jack’s little sister standing there. 

“Anna?” She stayed looking down and I held the baby in one arm and pulled her inside. “Here let me go put Laila to sleep and I’ll be right back okay? Make yourself comfortable.”  She nodded keeping her eyes glued to the floor. I walked into the nursery and placed Laila back into her crib. I walked back into the living room and saw her sitting on the couch. I sat down next to her.

 "Anna?“ I asked. She didn’t look up at me. "Anna. Look at me,” I said. She shook her head. “Do your mom and dad know you are here?” She hesitated but slowly shook her head. “Okay well, I have to tell them you are here so they don’t worry okay babe?” She nodded. I walked into the kitchen and called Anna’s mom. “Hello?” She answered. “Hey I just wanted to let you know that Anna is here and not to worry,” I said. She let out a breath of relief. “Good let her know I love her. She’s been having some problems at school lately and she just hasn’t been herself,” she said. “I’ll talk to her,” I said. “Thank you, sweetheart. I’ll let you two talk. Love you,” she said. “Love you too,” I said before hanging up. 

I walked back into the living room sitting next to Anna. “Anna, what’s wrong?” I asked. She looked up at me. There was a cut under her eye and her cheek was red with a bruise. “Anna who did this to you?” I said shocked. She started to cry. “It was these 2 girls. They always do stuff like this. I-I didn’t even d-do anything to them,” she stuttered crying. “Shhh it’s okay,” I said pulling her close letting her cry into my shoulder. She sobbed. I rubbed her back. 

The door unlocked and opened revealing Jack. I looked at him. “Anna?” Jack said taking his jacket off. She continued to cry. Jack sat next to Anna on the other side. She looked at him. “Who the fuck did that to you?” Jack said with anger in his voice. “Jack, calm down,” I said. “No, I’m not going to calm down who the fuck did this to my little sister!” He yelled. Consequently, Laila started crying. “Jack, will you go get her?” I asked. He took a deep breath and nodded.

 "If they ever bother you again, don’t listen to them and don’t let them beat you up. Just ignore them completely, trust me it drives them mad. You are stronger than them physically and mentally. You are such a beautiful, talented girl. Don’t let anyone tell you any different or try to ruin that for you.“ I said. She hugged me. I hugged back, rubbing her back lightly. "You know what always makes me feel better?” “What’s that?” She said.

 "Babies, and puppies. But we don’t have a puppy because Jack won’t let me get one, yet, but we have a baby. Want to hold her?“ I asked. She nodded. Jack came into the room holding while she cried. Jack handed her to Anna. Laila immediately stopped crying and I smiled. "I think she likes you,” I said. A smile broke out on her face and Jack sat next to me. “Thank you,” he whispered in my ear kissing my cheek.