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hi I love your still star crossed fics, that one where rosaline asks to live away from the montague clan is so heartbreaking, I've actually been thinking if they'll ever touch this subject on the show bc I think it's super important. Also I don't know if you ever write more smutty things but imagine benvolio saying "pardon me but I think this will please you as much as I" in a more intimate context

Argh, thank you so much! I really like that fic too, myself, and I do wonder if that will be addressed on the show - wouldn’t it be beautiful if they got to make their own home somewhere, away from their horrible relatives? (Minus Livia, obvi, who gets to either marry and be stupidly happy or live with them.)

As for the quote: DON’T GIVE ME IDEAS! 

jk I totally want ALL THE IDEAS for Rosvolio fic! I love that quote, and your suggestion of how to use it - cheeky ;) And wouldn’t you know, I am actually in the middle of writing a more explicit fic right now, although I still have to muddle through a bit more angst before I can get to the smutty parts. I’m not sure I’ll use it in this one, but consider it filed away as a prompt because it is an AWESOME idea. 

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Relationship status: Happily married to my wonderfully dorky husband, despite all the teenagers out there that think real life age gaps are problematic, har har. Every time some one posts that age gaps are bad, I’m going to call my husband “sensei” in bed.

Favorite color: Coral

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. I never look right in lipstick for some reason.

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman (Me too! It was so good!)

Top 3 Ships: At the moment, I’m really enjoying MadaKaka (always), KakaYama, and TobiMada. I’m adding ShikaSaku too. 

Books I’m currently reading: Oh Kat, I’m with you here! I have piles of books everywhere and I just keep buying them and I’m not reading them. I blame Tumblr for distracting me.

Top 5 Musicals: Ummm, the musical episode of Buffy.

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i think i’m going to be a self-torturing idiot, as always… i’ll probably wait until Tuesday to see TLK… even though i could see it Friday… ghghgngnghghnghgngn

  • steven universe episode 1: steven thinks that eating his favorite ice cream sandwiches is the trick to activating his magical powers
  • steven universe episode 132: after sacrificing himself for his friends, falsely claiming that he's responsible for the war crimes seemingly committed by his dead mother, boarding a space ship with the knowledge that he will likely never return home again, going on trial against two powerful alien dictators who want to murder him, getting chased by death drones, teaming up with a band of social outcasts, and watching his friend die violently in a desperate act of goodwill, steven discovers that his tears are the secret to resurrection and travels back to earth through his no-longer-dead friend's hair to reunite with his family

All @llyn-on-ice and I have been talking about the past few days is an Otayuri Star Wars AU because it was where we were bound to wind up eventually. So, I had to draw them to give her strength for all her work she has to do, and to selfishly try to bribe her to write me more of them because i am w e a  k

(Otabek is a resistance pilot and Yuri is a space prince)

EDIT: My babe posted her little drabble HERE if you want to read how this all starts <3

Okay so @soltserra had the best idea to combine all my favorite things (Glowing tattoos, constellations, and Allura) into one amazing AU so naturally I had to do some fanart (with permission) of it!! Seriously you should go and follow them right now

You can never go wrong with space and glitter, as I always say

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