i want the stars

  • *a few months later*
  • Sabine: Hey Kallus, guess what?
  • Kallus: You...graffiti'd some of Thrawn's art collection during the raid?
  • Sabine: Yeah, no, you told me how he analyzes my stuff. We found your bo-rifle!
  • Kallus: Well, Thrawn technically did beat me in combat...I wasn't using it at the time, but...*glances at Zeb*
  • Zeb: As the actual Lasan Honor Guard here, take your darn weapon, Kal.
  • Kallus: All right then. Just checking.
  • Ezra: We found it in Pryce's office anyway.
  • Kallus: Huh. Well given she couldn't even have me thrown out an airlock properly, we can safely say she is not a superior combatant. My conscience is appeased.

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Picture this: Giles pretending to use a computer in the computer lab as an excuse to spend time with Jenny, and look at her being cute and preoccupied behind him in the reflection of the monitor's screen. Jenny totally knows what he's doing, because Giles hasn't even turned the computer on.

he actually couldn’t find the on switch so he just kind of sat there helplessly until he realized that he could see jenny hurrying around the computer lab straightening chairs and stuff and then he just kind of watched that with a soft little smile. since this was before they’d officially started dating, jenny pretended she didn’t know what was up and started teasing him about how maybe he should be dating the computer, and he got this funny look on his face and he was like “maybe i should.” jenny went bright pink and started smiling really big

Battle Quotes - Jade Stormbrand

Battle Theme: No Game No life - The Kings Plan

Battle intro: “I didn’t want to do this!”

Victory: “I never wanted to hurt you, now come here let me help.” ( She doesn’t want to kill people she’d likely have just wounded them)

Defeat: “I just..Wanted to help people.”

Taunt: “Seeing stars huh?”

Reacting to Taunt: “Words are just words, now act!”

Tie: “I’d offer you healing, but I need it too.”

Perfect Victory: “I’d remind you, that you started this.”

Final Finisher: “That Balance wasn’t in your cards, but it was in mine.”

- - TAG QUOTES - -

Assist: “Get up, I’m not letting you die!”

Your muse down during Assist: “Give me a hand here, or I’m done for.”

Using item: “Need to drink this cover me!”

Healing/Buffing: “I’ll keep you alive just don’t worry about those scars I’ll see to them later”

Tag Team Special: “Keep them off me and I’ll keep you alive!”

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