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so it looks like the safety pin thing has been co-opted by white supremacists. we need other, better ways to show solidarity anyway. wear an “i’ll go with you” pin, if you want that badly to wear a pin, or better yet, stand up for marginalized folks when you see them being harassed (online and irl). join an organization, volunteer your time, donate money, join a protest, if you’re able. wear a “black lives matter” or a “not my president” t shirt. there are so many ways to show solidarity and we need to get started now.

“I don’t need luck, I have you.” - Chirrut Îmwe.

I badly wanted a Chirrut/Baze shirt (because Chirrut and Baze are awesome), couldn’t find any, so drew one. Prints etc are available on my Society6 shop, for anyone else who would also like a copy.

[Oh and @oilan, if you’re going to  call me out on a certain prominently, possibly corruptible, ahem, element (elements?) in the picture - I swear it was an accident!]


Funhaus and Achievement Hunter backgrounds that nobody asked for, but I made anyway

1920 x 1080 desktop background size - please like/reblog if you’re gonna use them c:

I cant be the only one still crushed over how Mutsuki and Urie came out of the Rue Arc. I wanted so badly for them to reunite and for Mutsuki to share some of the burden with Urie and be vulnerable and be protected by him. Urie really wanted to do that, he really wanted to be the person to save Mutsuki and know that he was okay because of his actions. I do like that Mutsuki saved himself but i so wanted him to stumble into Urie, still in that ratty t-shirt and bloody and weeping because he had just realized something horrible and Urie just knew exactly what to do and threw his trench coat around Mutsuki right away so nobody would notice his curves and hugged him really really tight and promised he wont let anything bad happen to him ever again and despite the fact that it would be so uncharacteristic of this manga i wish Ishida could’ve given us that


I feel like I say this a lot, but it’s always true. And who doesn’t want to hear how much they’re loved??

When I made that (sort of whiney) post earlier about being broke and wishing I could buy Cait’s Represent shirt, I really wasn’t fishing for anything. It was more just an open complaint because, well, this is the internet. But the not one, but TWO different people offered to sponsor a shirt for me, I just have to give them a size and color.

I’m blown away. Seriously. Cait is helping fund an amazing organization with a really cool t-shirt and I want so badly to be able to donate for it, but at this point in my life I just can’t. And then I have two people who are kind and generous enough to offer to make a donation for me. I’m seriously blown away with all of your kindness and understanding. This is quickly becoming my #1 fandom. (Though to be honest it might end up having to tie with another fandom or two and happily share the #1 spot.)

So. You guys rock my socks off. I love you all to death!

Calling Them When You're Drunk (Not Dating) - BTS


Seokjin: *actually worried*

“She scares me so badly when she does this..”

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Yoongi: *pretends to be irritated but was pulling on a shirt while you rambled about leaves to him*

“Shut up and tell me where you are, I'm on my way. We’re going to stay at your place.”

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“You went fucking drinking without me?”

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Namjoon: *totally trying to get laid*

“You’re drun- wait what? You want me? Where you at tho.”

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“Please please get home safely and call me back when you’re sober.”

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“Is she serious? It’s Monday night..”

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Jungkook: *annoyed beyond belief*

“Y/n, find your way to the dorm before I have to come find you. You’re staying with me tonight.”

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Solangelo & Holding Hands

I don’t have a computer right now but I wanted to get something to you guys so I’ve had this written for a while! enjoy!


Nico was freaking out. Badly. Will had asked him to go to the bonfire tonight and he had no idea if Will had meant as friends or more. Nico sat, agonizing at what to wear before remembering he wore the same CHB shirt as everyone else (Will was the one who got him to wear it) and the same dark jeans everyday. He told himself to breathe in and out. They were just friends right?

That didn’t stop him from squealing like a twelve year old girl when he heard a knock at his cabin door at 8 o'clock, sharp.

Right on time, Nico thought. He opened the door to a smiling Will Solace, Camp Half Blood Shirt and denim cutoffs, per usual when he wasn’t in infirmary. And no shoes (it was summer and Will said he hated confining his toes).

“Ready?”, Will asked with a grin. Nico gave a shy smile back and closed his door behind him. “ ‘Course, I am.” They walked in a comfortable silence to the bonfire, while Nicos brain didn’t stop going.

'What are we? What does he think we are? Is he gonna hit on me? I hope he hits on me? But what would I say back! I mean he has been flirting a little lately… What with the late night talks and all the hanging out… But maybe it’s just a friend type of thing!’

Nico was so distracted he didn’t even notice they approached the camp fire.

Will gestured to a seat next to Lou Ellen and Cecil, “Is here okay?”, Will seemed on edge, Nico observed. He nodded and sat down.

The campfire went great, Will singing along off tune, Nico laughing more than he had in a long time, Cecil and Lou Ellen flirting nonstop. Nico actually had fun, something he’d been doing a lot more since Will came around. But Nico was still puzzled. Why hadn’t Will made a move? He’d been leaning towards Nico the whole night, lying his head the son of Hades shoulder at one point. But nothing more. So the camp fire ended and Nico felt joy about the events that had transpired, but still felt a pang of unhappiness at Wills lack of flirting.

“I’ll walk you back to your cabin,” Wills voice jolted Nico out of his thoughts. Nico noticed that the other campers had started to leave, only a handful left in little clumps and couples. Nico pushed himself up and began to walk side by side with his sunny companion, his hangs swinging slightly with happiness at his sides. Will turned his head and gave a humorous smile, “What’s got you so happy, I thought you were always a grumpy old man”, A chuckle in his voice. Nico gave him a tiny bump with his shoulder, “I’m just really glad you invited me tonight”, sincerity in his voice. Will suddenly looked nervous, as he had earlier, making a funny face.

Nico suddenly felt the warmest, softest thing to ever touch him in his whole entire life slip into his hand. Will was holding his hand. Will Solace had grabbed his, Nico di Angelos, hand. Nico forgot how to breathe.

Will looked worried for a second, “Is this okay?”, looking nervously at Nico. Nico acted quickly, interlocking their fingers securely.

“This is more than okay”, Nico flashing a big smile at Will.

So the two boys walked to the Hades cabin, hands swinging slightly with a joy that just couldn’t be contained.

SITS - How the guys feel when they first did it with MC

“Will you let me make you mine? Now that I finally have you, I don’t want to let you go. I want you all to myself tonight.” I said to MC after I confess my feeling via the music and I carry her immediately to my room.

I unbutton her shirt and slowly undress her. Seeing her naked skin in front of me, a sense of nervousness evolve inside me. Her skin is so soft, so smooth, I can’t stop myself from touching her. I kiss her lips, then move to her neck and then to her breasts. The feeling is driving me crazy, especially hearing her moans my name.

I want her badly and I don’t think I can be gentle tonight. With that I penetrate my member deep inside her and oscillating my hips roughly. We are finally connected and words can’t describe how I feel about my satisfaction now. As I shot my seeds into her womb, I told myself I want to stay together with her forever.

She was in deep sleep when we arrived at our house. As I stared at her beautiful face, I told myself that I need to tell her how I feel about her. With that, I carry her out of the car and walk straight to my room. I could have send her back to her room, but tonight I need her by my side.

She was shocked when she found herself in my room. I starts teasing her to help relax her tension. True enough, she starts falling into it and eventually I get her to confess to me. I kiss her deeply, to tell her how I feel about her. I part her lips and caress her tongue with mine. As our kiss get deeper, I find myself in trouble. I do not want to stop. With that, I push her down onto the bed and slowly undress her. She move her hand to unbutton my shirt and strip me naked, as if we can’t wait to be connected.

Once both of us are naked, I penetrated deeply into her and continue to kiss her passionately on her lips. She return my kiss hungrily and its drive me crazy. I faster my speed at my hips and soon blow my seeds into her womb. I told myself I would protect her forever, as she fall asleep on my chest.

As I carried the drunk MC home, I feel pain in my heart. I know she got so drunk is because of me. She must be feeling jealous of my fans. I feel jealous too. That face belong to me, I don’t want the others to know about it.

When I lie her down on her bed, I reassure that the real Kota only belong to her. I kiss her to prove my promise to her. However, I can’t stop myself from wanting her when she look at me at this way. I want her to be mine only as well. With that I press my weight down further on her and start kissing her. As the kisses deepen, I don’t think I can control myself anymore.

I want her to be mine. So I start undress her. I am nervous when I penetrated inside her. Wonder if I will be hurting her if I get too rough. I start off slowly at first, but soon speed up my pace when we both start moaning each other name. We kiss passionately and hug tightly close to each other. I don’t even want to stop as I feel her wetness and hotness wrap tightly around my member. I finally feel she belong to me when I blow my seeds deep inside her womb. I will always be your and you will always be mine.

I am really happy that we are able to sort out of our feeling. She finally understand how I feel about her and I can’t stop hugging her, but that result in messing up her dress. With only though to tidy out the dress for her, I lead her to my room the moment we reached home.

However, as I caught sight of her soft white skin, I can’t stop myself but I really want her badly. I been wanting to do with her for a very long time. Without any hesitation, I push her down on the bed and strip the dress out of her. I kiss her earlobes, then her cheeks, the her lips and eventually fall on her soft breast.

She lost herself in my kiss and with that I penetrated deep into her. I oscillating my hips roughly as if I can’t get enough of her. I soon blow my seeds into her womb but I have no intention to just stop at one round. “I not going to let you sleep tonight” I whispered into her ear and I start oscillating my hips again. I will always make her happy.

After the unfortunate first date, I promise myself I never going to stood her up again. We have a wonderful date for the first time and we even kiss on top of the ferry wheel. That mean we will be together forever right? I do not want the date to end just like that. In fact, I don’t want to let her go tonight.

I lead her to the hotel that I have pre book and lead her to the bed immediately the moment we step into our room. I can’t wait any longer, but I feel nervous when I see her lie below me. I am afraid that I might hurt her when I get too aggressive. So I caress her body hoping to be gentle as possible.

However, when she start rubbing my back and called my name, I lost myself. I strip her naked immediately and penetrated deeply into her. Taking her roughly until my heart content. Without any hesitation, I blow my seeds deep inside her womb and she subsequently fall asleep in my arms. I compose a music for her as I watch her sleep peacefully. The song will never end as it will continue to sing as we growth with more memories.

Doug Dalmatian

//I do have an ask blog up of him but I wanted so badly for someone else’s opinion of him, I’ve been working on him for 3 years and I hope he’s good

Before being melted and old, etc. etc. brand new basically.

I’m iffy about the shirt, honestly. It’s super cute, but as with every clothing item in animatronics, it can get caught up in joints, etc, in case it’s a very mobile animatronic. Consider having it be painted on and other ways to implement the same design with less risks.

Otherwise, I think this is a very cute and good design! Not over the top, a good firefighter dog.

Few replacement parts later and breaking down along with melting

Oh the irony… i like this too though. Especially how the design got changed overtime to be more clearly identifiable as the correct dog breed
Present State

Name: Doug Dalmatian

Programmed Gender: Male

Age: -I alter this depending on the AU he is talking to so no set age or year- Understood

Species modeled after:
Dalmatian aka Dog

(yep I know dogs are overdone but I hadn’t seen a dalmatian and I love those too much to give up the breed for something less eye catching)

It’s not a matter of wheter it’s overdone or not, but of how each individual character stands out! I like the choice of the dalmatian, since they fit very well the firefighter motif. : )

Voice: Full grown male with a direct and alert voice to keep kid’s attention and talk seriously, but not to harsh to scare away the poor things

Well, that’s fine! I could perhaps suggest a voice inspired by old school safety fun videos for children, those weird but strangely cute ones. Then again, that might just drive the firefighters who need to use this guy crazy- just a possibility for you to consider

Height: 6'7

k this is where things are a bit different here
1st he doesn’t work at the FNAF franchise
2nd he wasn’t even made by the same animatronic maker, in fact his creator was a copycat looking to get some good cash off the hype
3rd he is stationed at the local firehouse but CAN ROAM why? because in his featured design he was meant to be taken along for teaching schools or being in marches like parades. Granted he didn’t go alone but he can move away from his original establishment

So basically his job is/was teaching fire safety

Now that’s super neat! The concept of firefighters having this big bootleg dog to be more cool and hip with the kids is so painfully 80′s/90′s that it’s comically believable. 

Personality: Straight forward, but a little playful like a pup. He is very direct when it comes to information, yet excitable during playtime or getting attention. He’s the mixture of a lovable dog that also works well, of course he wasn’t programmed to nip, bite, or scratch like a real dog would. 

That sounds nice! Direct instructions mixed with some silly play- I don’t know how I feel about him being able to tell he’s getting attention, though. It’s… too humanized? Still, since you did mention you have several AUs, wheter this trait is too human or not depends on your setting

Despite having fail safes for fires his casing was cheaped out, so his plastic cute dog face can sometimes melt (Just. I mean, the thing just has a melty face when thrown in the fire. That’s hardly a bad thing. Let me suggest something else. Perhaps faulty wiring inside could be a fire hazard itself- leading to something argably creepier. If you don’t catch the circuits frying, internal temperature keeps rising and can result in the outer casing melting without any visible outer cause.) which is a flaw later found out about and a main reason why he was thrown out from the station due to not being safe. Because of this he ends up at the FNAF location and hangs around there for company and for other reasons as well. 

And so, the bootleg became main cast themselves. Take us out, boys!

Be safe around Fires
Stop Drop and Roll
Things are getting heated up
Put out those flames and stop fighting

Since he is not built the same as the animatronics he doesn’t follow the nightguard hunt like they do, IN FACT he follows a different protocol. Due to safety measures being locked into him he follows those rules instead.

Fair, I’d expect just that.

If he sees someone smoking, something burning, or worse yet his chemical sensory attachment (in his nose) catches a whiff of cigarettes on you
He doesn’t stuff you in a suit
He burns you alive

WHOA BOY, For a fire hazard dog you are p harsh on that fire action huh. 

yes this gives off a lot of sound, but as we’ve seen before in the Fnaf era there’s been plenty of yelling but no one comes around until morning to find the aftermath.
Besides where would he even put a body in a restaurant he wasn’t even part of?
I say easier solution is just burn it to ash and forget about it, the bones would be brittle enough to crush away. 

I mean. The idea of this dog burning you alive, being a nearly garanteed death once activated, is not necessarely bad. I just think that the trigger needs to be worked more with. Again, some humanization, you do as you see fit for each of your AU settings.

I can easily see this dog being a Puppet-like character. Something like a permanent fire hazard in your room that could give off smoke and result in your death if it gets too bad. Managing your time to tend to it etc etc you get it

1. he doesn’t know any of the fnaf history or characters (I mean its an animatronic. That’s just expected)
2. he also didn’t cause the “fire at FNAF” that’s already been explained 
3. he can have an AU that has a ghost child to his own or just be a regular old animatronic, regardless I made him flexible. 
4. he doesn’t have a Funtime rendition, or Nightmare, or etc. I may have drawn them but they are not cannon to my oc because he wasn’t made from the same person as the FNAF crew.

I like to use numbers to list off extra info

I think that is a pretty good OC! It gives off a very, very strong safety ad vibe and that’s lovely, gives it a ton of personality. Could be worked in a few aspects, but it’s very solid and I like him : ) 

-Mod Moth

So i wore my I’m Not Okay MCR shirt to school and i was in class and this guy walked in wearing a Black Parade MCR shirt and i was like “nice shirt” and he was like “yeah its a great band” and i was like “its not a band its an idea” and HE WANTED TO PUNCH ME IN THE FACE SO BADLY AND I COULDNT EXPLAIN TO THE TEACHER WHY I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD

1. I had my first boyfriend when I was twelve. That relationship was a vicious wolf – something I wanted so badly to possess, but feared approaching so deeply, for it could bite me any second.
2. My second boyfriend was when I was fourteen.  Dating him was an ugly free T-shirt – not something I desired, but something I was forced to accept as it was handed to me with a smile and a ‘why not?’
3. I dated my third boyfriend at sixteen.  That relationship  was a 3,000 page novel I had been writing for months – sure, I was invested, but that didn’t stop it from weighing on my shoulders, holding me back from running free in relief.
4. I had my fourth and most recent boyfriend when I was seventeen.  That relationship was a set of spanx – I thought it was making me better, but all it did was suffocate me, put stress on my most sensitive parts, squeeze me until I shriveled up inside it.
5. My fifth boyfriend, I promise myself, will not be scary, unwanted, restraining, or stressful.  I refuse to let my fifth relationship be anything but a day on a sailboat, a doze in the sunlight, a rainy day in a cozy cafe.  I have suffered through the wrong person and the wrong person and the wrong person, and I refuse to let my fifth, sixth, seventh relationships be anything I don’t want.
When I find my fifth boyfriend, I promise myself, he will be a breath of fresh air.
—  E.D.

“I just couldn’t hit the fucking marks, Y/N. I could not stay on beat for shit today.” 

Ashton has really worked himself up, his face flushing red and his long fingers sifting through the soft, short blonde hair. His skin warms up underneath your fingertips from where they rest on his back underneath his t-shirt and he is upset. He inches away from you slightly, sliding closer to the car window and breaking contact with you. 

You won’t ever admit it to him, but seeing Ashton angry, especially at himself, is one of the hardest things for you to witness. It makes your chest tight and your heart upset and you want so badly to help him and hold him and calm him down but he always gets too far into his own head you can’t even think of trying. 

“Honestly, what the fuck happened today? I fucked up in the studio so badly. I don’t understand how we got anything done today because I blew it.” 

“Ashton, it’s-” 

“Don’t tell me it’s fucking okay, alright, Y/N? You know it isn’t so don’t tell me that bullshit.” Ashton snaps, opening the window and staring out. You don’t try to console him any further, instead opting to pull out your phone and at least try and make it back to your place without a fight with your boyfriend. 

Moments pass and L.A. traffic has you backed up on the highway and Ashton keeps mumbling to himself about how upset he is and how pissed he is and all of these things and instead of your normal approach, soft words and longing looks, you reach over and feel out his hand, gripping it tightly and kissing his knuckles gently. 

“I know you’re upset, baby. I get that. But you did your best, right? And it was one out of like, a million sessions in the studio. You’ll do better next time and the time after that and those are the things you should be focusing on right now. This album is going to be great and you are going to sound great on it, Ash. I know you will.” 

You eye him warily and the grin on his face is a respite from his unusually cold demeanor. He unbuckles his seatbelt, giving a wary look at the Uber driver before resting his head in your lap, his eyes drifting closed as he hums softly. His fingers form their own rhythm on your thighs as the traffic picks up again.

“’M sorry I snapped at you, my love. Didn’t mean it.” 

“I know you didn’t, drummer boy. Of course not.”