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Suga Daddy: Part Five

Suga Daddy: Part Five

Word count: 6.8k

Genre: smut, angst

Alright, I hope you enjoy this. Sorry to all the people whose souls i’ve shattered. (not really) Let me know how you enjoy it if you want :)  

parts: one | twothreefour

“What the hell is going on?”

You and Taehyung pulled apart quickly, both looking at the figure, staring at you with a hard gaze and a clenched jaw. You gasped, “Yoongi.”

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4 days- Grayson Dolan *SMUT*

Author: raeswritings 

Pairing: Grayson x Reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Heyy girl (or boy or neither) I love seeing new imagine blogs for the twins! Can I have a Grayson smut where you make a bet with Gray that he can’t last a week without sex and then proceed to tease him until he snaps 4 days in and hard rough sex ensues with cute cuddles after? Thanks and good luck with the new blog ❤️ 

Warnings: Sex, smut, Grayson Dolan, Dom!Grayson, Sub!reader, rough sex, fluff after sex

A/N: This is my very first Dolan twins/Grayson Dolan imagine/smut. I hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by infinitygarner

You and Grayson both lay in bed panting and trying to collect your breaths. This has been around the 5th time you’ve had sex this week, and it was barely Wednesday. You were starting to think your boyfriend is a sex addict. With this in mind, you wanted to see how long he’ll last without sex.

“Hey babe.” You say getting Grayson’s attention as he turns his head to look at you. “Hmm” He hums in response.

“How long do you think you could last without sex?” You ask him.

“2 weeks, maybe 3 weeks tops. Why?” Grayson questions.

“I think you can barely last a week.” You say with a smirk on your face.

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Professor Turned Call Boy | Taeyong Smut

Can I have a call boy smut with Taeyong? He’s your professor in Uni and you’re stressed so you want someone to help with that 😏 You call and ask for the one under the name “Taeyong” not thinking it would be him despite the same name? You’re both surprised, but he found you a sexy student so he does so anyways (really rough, and daddy kink?) Please and thank you 😊😊

Character: Taeyong (NCT) / gender neutral reader (*ignore the fem in the gif, I swear this is gn*)
Word Count: 2989

Warning: well, smut of course. bad language, slight name calling, no condom, creampie, rough daddy kink, teacher/student kink, call boy?? can’t think of anything else :) enjoy!

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Let Daddy Show You...

NRequested by @0-alixx-0 : So d’ya know how Jared is a method actor and didn’t break his Joker character? Could you maybe do a story or one-shot where you’re Jared’s gf and you go to see him on set and he’s Joker and at first you don’t understand but when he leads you to his trailer to ‘show you his toys’ you help him 'develop his character’ *SMUTTTT !* 😁😂

Authors note: I am a child of God.. BUT LOOORD I regret NOTHING

WARNINGS: Smut, lots of it… daddy kink…rough sex, swearing… and well some NSFW GIFs….

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“Don’t Be Mad, Daddy.” (Mature - REQUEST)

Could you do some more mature imagines?

Can you do another daddy image? :’)


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Daddy needs you, be ready for me upstairs, princess x

A burning sensation stirred in my core as my eyes scanned over the photo Justin had sent me. Clearly preoccupied, the slightly blurred and quickly shot image displayed his hardened crotch. Judging by the time, he was still in a meeting; only making my temperature rise, the idea of him getting caught turning me on, slightly.

Standing from the couch, I exhaled loudly and made my way to the bedroom, knowing there would be consequences if I didn’t comply with his request. As my bare feet padded towards my drawer tailored specifically for these moments, I chewed on my bottom lip whilst deciding on which set would be appropriate.

Settling on my burgundy babydoll and thong, I headed for the bathroom so that I could see myself in the mirror. I had fifteen minutes until Justin was scheduled to be home, fifteen minutes to prepare myself for what was to come.

Deciding against tying my hair up, I let my curled locks frame my face; Justin preferred it when he had something to pull on.

Three minutes on the clock.

I grinned to myself and chose to disobey Justin’s orders, I found myself walking back down the stairs. Leaning against the doorframe of the living room, I waited patiently and anxiously for my boyfriend’s arrival. I’d never really gone against what he’d said before, who knows what he’d come up with.

The door clicked and my heart jumped. Justin’s took three steps before noticing my presence, eyes widening for a split second.

“Hey baby,” I smirked.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait for me upstairs?”

His voice was raspy and deep, something that came naturally to him yet I’m positive it was emphasised when he was aroused. I loved it.

“Don’t be mad, daddy,” I pouted.

“You disobeyed me, (Y/N),” He spoke, hands now on the small of my back, “That’s extremely naughty of you. Now, what should I do with you first?”

I tried to suppress my grin, continuing to look up innocently at him, I knew it was something that got to him.

“Fuck,” He whispered, looking away for a moment; composing himself.

I continued to stare up at him, his features mesmerising. I watched as his jaw clenched, he was awaiting a response that I wasn’t going to give, “Well?”  


His brow raised, “Should I fuck you, first? Hm? Should I make you suck my cock for being so disobedient? Or should I put you over my knee and spank you for not listening to me?”

I whimpered, he noticed. With every word he spoke, he pulled me closer so that I was now flush against his chest.

Justin’s lips met with my neck once, before he picked me up and carried me up the stairs, I squealed as I was locked in his grasp; uncertain of what was about to happen.

Kicking the door open with his foot, he sat down on the bed and held me so that I was laid over his lap.

“You know, I should spank you for an hour for disrespecting my wishes. But, you’ve been a good girl and got yourself dressed for me, so for that, I will only give you ten.”

Pulling my thong down, I gasped quietly as the air hit my core. “Count,”

His hand came down on my ass and I jumped, “One,”


Again, he spanked me, “Two, daddy.”

“That’s a good girl, only eight more.”

With each slap, I could feel the handprint burning on my ass cheek; causing me to tug on my bottom lip, hard. “Ten, daddy.”

A satisfied hum left Justin’s lips as his hand slid over my ass and down to my centre, running his fingers up and down my slit, “Look at you, soaking for me. Does daddy spanking you turn you on?”

“Mmm,” I moaned, feeling him circle my clit.

“Answer me, properly, (Y/N).”

“Yes, daddy.”

This time, he patted my ass gently, signalling for me to stand. I complied, and I stood, my legs shaking slightly. Justin’s fingers felt like feathers against my skin as his traced my shoulders, pulling down the straps of my babydoll. As it fell to the ground, I felt my nipples perk as they came into contact with the air, “Beautiful,”

Justin turned me around in his arms and guided me onto the bed, my hands and knees against the plush comforter.

“Spread your legs for daddy,”

A groan left his lips as I done as I was told, the sudden dip in the mattress indicating to me that he was, too, on the bed. His fingers spread my wetness along my folds, my pussy throbbing for him.

Pushing back against his long fingers, another slap was placed on my ass for being impatient, “Don’t,”

His digits left my centre, and I whimpered in protest. I needed him. Soon, I heard the zipper on his work pants and I grew warm in anticipation. A tight lipped moan came from me as I felt his tip running along me, collecting my arousal.

Again, I pushed back against Justin in hopes of getting fucked sooner, but he pulled away. “Don’t, (Y/N). I want you absolutely aching for me.”

“I am,” I moaned, “Daddy, please. Fuck me.”

A small chuckle left his lips, “You think it’s that easy, princess? Look at you, dripping for me. Desperate for my cock. Tell me how badly you want me.” With every sentence he spoke, he teased me by only pushing the tip in, and pulling out again.

“So bad… I n-need you, Justin, please.”

“I can’t hear you,”

I heard his shirt drop to the floor and I bit my lip, imagining how he looked right now; toned, face stern, slightly flustered, cock ready for me.

“Daddy, please…” I moaned, this time louder; but not to the point where I would be spanked again for raising my voice.

“That’s a good girl,” He spoke, before finally giving in and thrusting once, filling me up completely.

My body jolted forward at the unexpected movement, and I gripped the bedsheets as Justin began to fuck me to the point of oblivion, there was no going slow with him, “Fuck,

Sweat laced our bodies as we connected as one, the sound of skin-on-skin and moans filled the room. Thrusting into me at what felt like every half-second, my legs shook and I felt myself involuntarily squeeze them shut.

“No, keep them open for me, baby.” He groaned, gripping my hips tighter.

Falling forwards, my cheek against the bedsheets, I moaned as his fingers toyed with my already swollen clit.

A tug on my hair forced me back up, and I whimpered as Justin’s body fell forward so that he was close to me. Peppering kisses on my neck, he moaned into my ear, “You’ve been such a good girl for daddy tonight, haven’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I won’t hold your disobedience against you, but that won’t ever happen again, will it?”

My eyes screwed shut and I couldn’t bring myself to answer him. My fingers gripped the comforter tightly as I felt myself edging closer to my climax. I yelped as Justin’s slapped my ass hard, “Answer me, (Y/N), or I’ll stop. I won’t let you cum.”

“N-no… It won’t happen again, I promise.” I breathed, struggling to form a coherent sentence.

“Good girl, are you gonna cum for me?”

“Yes, I’m so close,”

The warmth of his body being so close to mine disappeared as he sat upright again and rocked his hips faster, hands pulling me back against him. His soft pants spurred me on and I fucked back, eyes rolling to the back of my head as he hit deeper than before.

“Fuck, baby… I’m cumming,” I cried, head falling forwards.

“Cum for me, baby… that’s it, fuck,”

As my body shook, I could feel Justin’s thrusts becoming irregular and quick, causing me to clench around him, “Oh baby, do that again.”

In seconds I heard him groan and spill inside of me, the feeling sending another set of shockwaves through my body. Collapsing entirely on the bed, I breathed heavily. Justin came to lay beside me and he pulled me close, bending one leg to wrap around his own.

My eyes fluttered shut as I felt him place a single kiss on my clammy forehead, fingers running through my hair, “I love you so much, angel.”

I smiled to myself and nuzzled into his chest, “I love you more.”

Chapter 210 thoughts.

Chapter 210 has become one of my favorites. I love it that we got to see tianshan communicate, be playful, help each other out, flirt and he tian’s loving looks warmed up my heart. The theme of this chapter is trust. 

Let’s dissect it a bit: 

First panel, He Tian has woken bright and early and was already somewhere close to Guan Shan’s house waiting for him. He waits 30 minutes before he makes the phone call to question where Guan Shan is at. For He Tian standards, he’s pretty calm. I think we would have expected He Tian to call him within 5 minutes since we know he has a temper, but this time he kept his cool and actually waited around. His tone is pretty calm as well, maybe he’s worried that something happened to Guan Shan? 

Second panel is fanservice for sure from Old Xian, look at that baby fox just sprawled on the bed half naked. yup, this is a bl folks! check out what He Tian is getting to touch! AnywAys….

Now we officially know who is the the one to sleep in and who’s the morning person. I suspect that He Tian is the one who sleeps very little and it takes him a while to get to sleep while for Guan Shan, he could fall asleep anywhere for hours and is definitely not a morning person. Can you imagine He Tian laying in bed, smoking his first cigarette of the day, watching Guan Shan sleep and thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world because he has such an amazing boyfriend by his side? ah, my heart <3

(read a whole lot more under the cut)

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Make Daddy Proud

A/N: ” harrys girl who has a HELLA MAJOR PRAISE KINK!!!!!!! plz and thank uuu”  Enjoy!

  “Harry! I got a ninety-seven!” I heard Y/n squeal from the living room. “Way to go, babe!” I praise and quickly place the shirt i just folded into my drawer. I laugh to myself and make my way over to where she was. I turn the corner and see her standing in front of the coffee table with her phone in her hand, she had been refreshing her email all afternoon. She’d studied for thirteen hours straight prior to this exam so, one can only assume she wanted this very badly. Before she realizes i’m in the room, I scoop her up in my arms and spin her around. 

  “i’m so proud of you” I mutter, my face nuzzled between her neck and shoulder. She takes my face in her hands and looks me in the eyes. “Did I make daddy proud?” She squints at me. I throw my head back, laughing. Y/n giggles as I set her back down to stand on her own. She sits her phone down on the table before turning back to me. 

  “Of course you did, you’ve always been daddy’s little star.” I wink.

  She raises an eyebrow and starts to play with the hair and the nape of my neck. My hand travels down from the middle of her back to lift up the hem of her shirt and gently run my nails against the skin of her hips. She hisses and touches her forehead to mine. “How come you never reward me, then?” she asks, nibbling on her bottom lip. 

“A lip bite? Very original” I tease.

 Y/n smirks and reaches her hand between our faces. She brushes her thumb over my lip “I could always bite yours, would that be more exciting?”

  She ignited a fire in me with a single sentence. I sigh, not only because I felt myself getting harder by the second, but because she had made me feel like a teenager again. All she did was was ask me a risque question and i’m already as hard as a rock. Sadly, I can’t say this is the first time its happened. She glances up at me through her lashes and waits for my response. “Why don’t you help me find more ways to make you proud, yeah?” she suggests, gesturing for me to sit on the couch. I know where this is going. That particular look in her eyes is a look i’ve seen before. Pupils dilated, lips nice and wet, breath shallow.

She gets down on her knees in front of me and wastes no time dragging my sweatpants down. I’m not wearing boxers today, I figured we would get a little hot and bothered at some point today (it being our only free day this week, and all) and I wanted to make the process less tedious. I’m thanking myself a million times internally. I take my shirt off rather quickly, my eyes glued to her, anticipating her next move.

  Y/n doesn’t bother pulling the trousers all the way off of my legs, she lets them pool at my feet. She takes my cock in her small hands kisses the tip, she lets some spit dribble out and onto the head before swiping over it with her thumb. The very same thumb she had used to toy with my lip not too long ago. I can’t stop the hiss that slips out, today is not a good day to prolong the foreplay. I very well might cum before the good stuff starts.

  She takes notice of my sensitivity to her touch and cuts to the chase, lowering her mouth down on me. Her tongue laps at the veins of my shaft and she knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure with her teeth. I feel them graze me as she brings her head back up to my tip. 

‘ah fuck..that’s good baby” I pant. She whimpers on me, her hand squeezing the base of me. She loves when I praise her….this could be fun. I decide to take it up a notch. What harm could a little more motivation do? 

“shit baby i- mm fuck you take such good care of your man, don’t you?” 

She nods lightly, my dick still lodged in her pretty mouth. I reach down and caress her cheek with my finger. “so fucking good, princess” I groan. She’s enjoying this. I can tell by how her eyes light up every time I speak. “You’re licking me with the same tongue you use to give th-those big speeches at school” I started, her eyebrows furrow. She has no clue where i’m going with this but continues to bob her head up and down. 

“That mouth is pure gold in and outside of the bedroom….you please daddy in every single way” This seems to do it for her. She lifts her mouth off of me and stands up to take down her yoga pants. 

“Come on” is all she spits out at me before walking towards the bedroom. I jump up, kicking my own pants off.

When i enter the room, I see her lying down on the bed, her panties around her ankles. She’s rubbing herself with one hand and beckoning me over to her with the other. I stride over to the bed, tugging at myself as I do so. “You getting ready fo’ me?” I ask her, she nods quickly. She seems so excited and i can’t hide the smile spreading across my face. I climb on the bed and toss her pink panties somewhere behind me, she doesn’t hesitate to open her legs up for me. Welcoming me in, inviting me. 

I decide to skip the foreplay and get right to business. I run my swollen head up her slick folds, forcing an incredibly loud moan from her when I stop to tap on her clit with my member. I let out a breath I didn’t know i was holding when she pushes her shirt over her breasts and begins to knead at them. I line my tip up at her entrance and push in slowly, making sure she can feel my every ridge. She arches her back when I fill her completely, stretching her to no end.

“You’re taking daddy so well baby” I groan out. I lean down to suck on her neck. “K-keep talking, Harry” she pleads. I kiss my way up to her ear and nip at her lobe a bit, filling her to the peak with every stroke. “You always get so wet fo’ me” I slow down a bit, it appears that all this praise is starting to get to me as well. I sit back up and hike her knee up so I can thrust even deeper than before. This time, I can feel her walls squeezing me, I also feel myself pulsating inside her. I’m getting close.

“You’re gonna make me cum baby ahh…ooh yes” I hiss. My thrusts are noticeably unsteady at this point but i’m fighting it. I want to make sure she finishes first and judging by the way she’s clenching around me, she’s just as close as I am if not closer.

“fuck harry oh!….mmh please” her hands are scraping at my forearms that stand on either side of her head, making it harder for me to hold myself up. I place my hands on the head board and pull out of her almost completely before rolling my hips back in to meet hers. Again and again and again until I have her body trembling beneath mine. She’s begging me not to stop. She’s pleading for me to cum with her, and my body betrayed me by obeying her orders. The muscles in my abdomen tighten and I clench my jaw shut.

”cum for me ahhh….f-fuck that’s a good girl ”

I feel my toes curl as the white sensation builds up. 

Then it hits me like a wave. “ooh Y/n fuck yes..fuck baby yess ahh” I cum in long, hot spurts with her still tightening around my cock. I kiss her slowly feeling my heart return to its natural rhythm. I lean up and move her hair from her face before dipping down to kiss her nose. “That was intense “ She laughed. I nod, still a bit winded. I pull out of her and grab one of the clean shirts from the pile I was folding earlier; I use it wipe us both clean. Thankfully, we didn’t soil the sheets this time so I happily climb under the covers and wait for her to do the same. She rests her head on my tattooed swallow and tangles her legs up with mine. 

“All this because of a test, I wish you would score this high all the time” I tease.

“Yeah? Well I wish you would finish folding the laundry…” she snickered


Imagine Dean making you feel beautiful after you give birth to your second child.

Characters: Dean x Reader, mentions of OFC Daughter Emmary and OMC Son Charlie

Warnings: Post pregnancy angst, fluff, sweet smut

Word Count:  1.5k

A/N: This idea stemmed from a beautiful ask from @ahrya-stark. So excited to be able to included it in this series. The Life Unexpected Series is near and dear to my little heart. Hope you guys like it. You could read this part without having read the rest of the series though you’ll probably want to read it when you’re finished. ;)

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Let Me Practice On You C.H

Originally posted by xthisistala

warning: smut

word count: 1000+

summary: Calum has never eaten out a girl before so he asks his best friend y/n if he can practice on her

requested?: yes, hope you like it anon! 

it’s official, I suck as a human being. I haven’t uploaded anything for a kazillion years and I’m very sorry but my inspiration and motivation has been lost momentarily. Luckily Hannah is amazing and wrote this very good Calum smut so hopefully this’ll satisfy your smut needs for now. 

find Hannah here: @lukeasfuck

- Find my Masterlist here -________________________________________________________________

“Hey, Y/N, how does a guy eat a girl out?” Calum asked me, making me drop my jaw. “What?” I questioned back with my eyebrows scrunching in confusion. “This girl I’m texting told me she wanted me to do that to her, but I don’t really know how it works.” My eyes widened at his confession. Even though Calum and I are friends, we don’t really talk about sex or anything of the sorts. 

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BTS Reaction - Their gf gets clingy when she’s sleepy

Anonymous said: I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where you get really clingy when you’re sleepy? Thank you in advance 🌌💚



When Yoongi wants to sleep, he just wants to sleep. So when it’s late, and the two of you are sitting on the couch watching a movie that completely disinterests you, you’re hoping it just ends so you can sleep already.

“Yoongi,” you say as he intently watches the movie, where bombs are going off and men are shouting. You tug on his shirt and move your body closer to him, so your cheek is pressed against his shoulder. Making a face, it’s not close enough for you, so you climb onto his lap and rest your head on his shoulder while wrapping your arms around his waist.

Yoongi just makes a face, “Really, Y/N.” But when you don’t move, he just sighs and turns the movie off before bringing you upstairs. You don’t even waste time being apart from him, because as soon as he lies down you’re clinging to him again.


He knew how you got when you were sleepy, so when you had accompanied your boyfriend to the studio one day and ended up staying there late into the night, you couldn’t help yourself. Laying on the couch in the studio, you sat there on your phone, trying not to be annoying while Namjoon continued to write lyrics and mess with the soundboard.

Finally, you couldn’t take it anymore. You got up and walked behind him, your head resting on his shoulder. “Namjoon,” you whispered, your lips against his neck but your eyes closed, already half asleep. “I’m sleepy,” you said, louder. 

“Baby, you know I’m trying to -” He began, but seeing as you weren’t going to move unless he came with you, Namjoon sighed before standing up and taking you into his warm embrace, where he dragged you to the car and drove home where you clung to him even more.


It was 5 AM - and you just weren’t having it. After a long day the night before, you couldn’t believe you had agreed to come with Hoseok to the studio this morning. You had been putting it off because of how early he had to go in and practice, and he was beginning to nag you about it.

“Hoseok,” you drawled, grabbing onto the back of his sweatshirt as he walked down the hallway of the dimly lit company building. You caught him by surprise, and he slowed down to wrap an arm around your shoulders as you involuntarily dragged your feet down the carpet. 

“Wake up,” your boyfriend said, laughing as you tripped over your own two feet. You just grappled at his hoodie again, breathing in his scent and then automatically wrapping your arms around his waist. “Aish, Y/N, I have to go practice…”


“Y/N, I gotta go get something,” Jungkook said, detaching himself from your grip as you clung to him like a koala to a tree. He jogged down the hallway, looking back to laugh at your annoyed, sleepy face. 

You wouldn’t let him get away from you that easily, so you shuffled after him and slammed right into his back, burying your face in the soft fabric of his t-shirt. You heard him laugh again, this time an arm coming back to drape over your shoulders.

“Hey,” you began to say as he pulled you closer to him, sure he would abandon you like he did a few weeks ago, but as he dragged you down the hallway with him to the waiting room, you felt his lips press themselves firmly against your forehead. “Why are you so sleepy, baby?” He murmured.


You flopped onto the couch as soon as you walked in the door, shoes and all. The day you had was insane - meetings and clients and too much standing wore you out completely. Taehyung just looked at you with a small smile playing on his lips, his eyes cast downwards to your tired face.

“Today was the worst,” you said, slipping your heels off and curling up against your boyfriend, who was watching We Got Married on the television. “Oh, yeah? Wanna tell me about it?” He responded, focused on the TV. Your hand went up to curl around his neck, and you pulled yourself up so your body was pushed against his chest.

“I guess not,” he laughed, turning his head to kiss your cheek as you drifted off, and you felt his hand come up and rub your back while he continued to watch his show.


He continued to let out his windshield laugh as you clung to him like a teddy bear. It was 6 AM, and you swear you were more tired than you had ever been in your life that morning. Combined with the other early starts you were beginning to hat, the effects of sleep hadn’t wore off yet in the slightest.

“Jagi, come on,” Jin would laugh, lifting his arms to show the other boys how clingy you were being. You heard him say, “She gets like this when it’s early.” Your boyfriend would look down at you, your head hung as your eyes remained closed. 

He would pull you towards the couch, and sit down with you in his lap. “Just go without me, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He explained waving the other boys off as his attention was finally focused on you. “I don’t want you to leave, you’re nice and warm,” you mumbled, borrowing into his chest. “Aish…”


Poor Jimin, you’d be clinging to him so badly. It would be in the middle of the day, but you had been tossing and turning all night the night before because you kept waking up.  He’d beg you to just let him go to the bathroom for five minutes, but you just kept clinging to him.

Your hand would have his shirt in between your fists and your face would be buried in his neck, while his arms snaked around you. His hands would rub your back while you hid against him, and he just casually talked to the other boys while you held onto your boyfriend.

“Y/N…come on, I think its time for you to lay down.” Jimin would say quietly, walking you to the sofa where he’d pull a blanket up to your chin. Right as he was about to leave the room, your hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. “Y/N,” he sighed, coming back towards you and eventually giving in, where he lied down next to you. Your noses were touching as you drifted off, his hand gently rubbing your back.

A scene that 2x07 didn’t give us of Jace and Alec talking about Magnus

“I need you to leave tonight.”

Jace raised his eyebrows as he looked at where Alec was standing in the doorway, hands clasped behind his back, his expression firm and determined.

“It’s just for the night. You can come back tomorrow,” Alec continued before Jace even got a chance to say something back. “I know you can’t be at the Institute, but I heard that Luke has contacts all over the city who can help you find a place to stay. You could also stay with Luke, if you wanted to. I know that there’s a hotel by the Jade Wolf. Or maybe ask Izzy-”

“What for?” Jace tilted his head to the side, holding a copy of Pride and Prejudice that he was reading before Alec walked into his room in his hands. “Are you planning a surprise party for me?” He teased lightly. “I know you’re happy that I’ve been rescued from Valentine and all, but Alec, it’s okay, really.”

Alec rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips. “You are so conceited.”

“Okay, so that’s a ‘no’ on the surprise party,“ Jace pouted and threw a pillow in Alec’s direction, which meekly hit his leg. “This is why you’re the archer, you have the best aim,” He mumbled and returned to the page that he left off on. “So, what’s the reason?”

Alec hesitated, trying to frame his sentence the way he wanted. He looked up at the ceiling as if he could see the words floating above his head and he was rubbing his fingers together. “I want tonight to be special.” He decided, smiling a little, as if he was proud of his phrasing, and pursed his lips, nodding his head a little as he waited for Jace to respond

Jace clutched at his heart dramatically. “You say that tonight is going to be special, but you don’t want your wonderful parabatai to be there? Alec, I am offended.” Alec sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Not for you. For me and Magnus.” He replied sincerely after a moment of silence and Jace looked up from his book with a start.

“For you and-?” Realization washed over Jace like waves crashing against rocks and his face formed into an almost insane grin. He practically threw his book down and it bounced off the bed and onto the floor with a loud and startling thump.

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bts reaction: stealing a shirt/your shirt gets ruined

hey everyone this is my first piece on this blog so i hope you like it! thank you so much for requesting han~~ also some responses don’t follow the prompt exactly but i hope that’s okay!

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jin: the venue had started to empty out and staff began to put the merch away. you quickly walked by the booths in hope of snatching a shirt and continue walking without being noticed. you had wanted a shirt so badly, but unfortunately you could not afford one. your hand clutched onto one of the shirts laid out on the table while keeping your head down and you quickly swiped your hand back, but not before a hand gripped your wrist. “hey!” a strong voice said from behind you. when you turned around you came face to face with jin and you felt your chest constrict and your cheeks redden. “oh my gosh I-I uh i’m so-sorry!” the hand holding the shirt loosened and fell to the ground. jin smiled at your embarrassed expression before picking up the shirt and pulling out a sharpie, “hey it’s alright, here,” jin signed the sleeve of the shirt with a sharpie before handing it back to you, “it’s on me.” tears came to your eyes as you clutched the shirt in your hands. “thank yo-u so much,” you choked out. jin smiled giving you a hug before waving you off saying he had to go. upon leaving the venue you looked at the shirt ‘beauty is still evident even in the less fortunate. take care sweetheart, jin xx’

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yoongi: you spotted a stray shirt lying on the floor outside one of the bathrooms and you quickly walked towards it to pick it up ‘better than nothing’ you thought as you grabbed the shirt from the floor at the same time as someone else. you were about to yell but you looked up and made eye contact with suga, only a couple centimeters away from your face. a screech left your mouth and you flew backwards, letting go of the shirt. “i’m so s-sorry!.” you bowed your head in embarrassment. after a few seconds you looked up to see suga walking towards you, shirt in hand. that was when you noticed that he was shirtless. ‘shit’ you thought, that must have been his shirt. you could feel his breath as he stood in front of you “you can have it,” he said with a smirk on his face, sweat still dripping from his forehead from the show. “take it as a gift” he winked before walking back around the corner. you looked down at the shirt in your hand ‘holy shit.’

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hoseok: you stood in line for the merch for what seemed like hours before making it to the front. of course, being the last person in line, the merch was gone by the time you had made it to the front of the line. tears collected in your eyes as you nodded at the staff and began to walk away. you sat outside the front doors and sobbed into your hands ‘fucking stupid why did i wait so long’ a loud laugh whisked you out of your depressed state as a group of boys walked through the venue doors about a half hour later after the streets had cleared. “guys wait,” a voice said and you looked up and a gasp left your throat, “what’s wrong jagi?” hoseok crouched in front of you grabbing one of your hands. “u-um,” you stuttered not knowing what to say. “hey deep breaths jagi it’s alright,” hoseok smiled at you rubbing the back of your hand. “it’s stupid,” you said and hoseok shook his head, “nothing that makes you cry is stupid.” “i just- i don’t know- i came all the way here and i just really wanted a shirt to remember this amazing concert and they were gone and i was just upset,” ‘wow you sound really whiny’  you thought to yourself. hoseok stood up jogged back inside the venue and came back out about 2 minutes later with a shirt in his hand, “here sweetheart.” he smiled and winked, “glad you enjoyed the show.”

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namjoon: after waiting in line for what seemed like hours you finally bought your bts shirt. you clutched it to your body and made it back to your seat, setting it down. after the concert was over you and the girl next to you turned around to grab your merch and got ready to leave, but you noticed your shirt was missing. it was in the hand of the girl who was sitting next to you. “hey that’s my shirt,” you said pointing to the shirt in her hand. the girl rolled her eyes, “no it isn’t,” and tried to walk away. you reached out to grab the shirt but she pushed you back before you could grab it and walked away. there was no point in chasing her as you knew you weren’t going to be able to get that shirt back. you pulled yourself off and brushed off your thighs before sulking out of the venue. “hey jagi!” a voice said from your right and you turned to see namjoon standing on the edge of the stage, “come here.” you gulped and walked closer, eyes wide. “i saw what happened and that was unacceptable, here,” namjoon reached out towards you with a black bundle in his hand, it was a tshirt. “you di-didn’t have to do that,” you said eyes wide as you started at namjoon. namjoon shook his head “no, i don’t condone violence in any way and i’m sorry you were pushed, take it, i signed it for you,” he smiled as you grabbed the shirt, allowing his dimples to show. “take care jagi.”

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jimin: after the amazing concert you started to walk out of the venue with a huge smile on your face, that was the best experience you have ever had. almost at the doors of the venue, you felt someone bump into you and a cold substance fall down your torso. the girl who had hit you snickered before walking away with her group of friends. tears gathered in your eyes as you stood embarrassingly trying to clean up the slushie as everyone left the venue. after about 20 minutes the floor was cleaned with copious amounts of paper towel but your shirt was completely ruined and sticky. a hand grabbed the paper towel that was sitting next to you and pulled off a piece. you looked up and jimin was standing there with a frown on his face, “i’m sorry that happened to you jagi,” he said as he gently started to wipe away the slushie that had gotten on your face and neck. you blushed furiously as you realized what was happening ‘oh my god oh my god jimin is touching me.’ “it’s alright,” you shyly responded while standing up from your spot on the ground. after all the slushie was wiped off your face, jimin took a step back before pulling his own shirt over his head. “jimin wha-,” you started to ask as your blush spread down your neck. “here take my shirt, i have plenty more jagi,” he said handing it over to you. “thank you so much jimin.” you looked down at the ground. “hey,” you heard him say and you looked up, “you’re beautiful, have a safe trip home.”

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taehyung: in the middle of one of bts’ songs you felt the girl next to you step closer and closer. you just figured she was trying to see better so you didn’t say anything about it. taehyung had been constantly going to standing in front of you as you were right up against the barrier. at the end of the song, tae kept looking towards you, but for some reason his brow was furrowed. ‘is he upset?’ you asked yourself, a frown setting on your face. “hey!” taehyung suddenly said as he quickly walked to the edge of the stage right in front of you, “put her bag down!” your eyes widened and you looked behind you to see the girl, who was standing next to you, in the middle of stealing a shirt from your bag. “security get her out of here, we don’t condone that type of behavior,” tae said in his deep voice making a shudder go down your spine. “come here sweetheart,” tae said reaching a hand out to you. you stepped closer and tentatively grasped his hand, “i’m so sorry about her, here.” one of the many bts shirts that had been thrown at them was in his hand, “take it.” you grasped the shirt before he winked at you and walked back on stage to join the boys. ‘what the fuck.’

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jungkook: “that’ll be 65 dollars please,” the merch staff said looking at me expectantly. i counted my money quickly and realized that i was 5 dollars short, “um,” i stuttered looking up at the staff. he rolled his eyes at me and said, “get out of line,” before grabbing the merch from my hands and scoffing. you embarrassingly walked out of line as a few girls behind you snickered and took your place at the front of the line. i walked towards the back of the venue behind the merch stand and waited for the venue to clear out before you left. “pst,” a voice said from behind you and you turned to see jungkook peeking out from a curtain next to an unmarked room, “come here,” he whispered. you slowly walked behind the curtain to see jungkook standing there with a towel around his neck drenched in sweat. “i saw that you wanted a shirt but you couldn’t get one,” he said, “and we have plenty of extras so here jagi.” he handed you a shirt with a wink. “you really didn’t have to do that,” you shakily said while taking the shirt from his hand. “now go back out there and enjoy your night beautiful,” he winked before walking through a doorway. 

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Enough (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: 18+ (smut)

Word Count: 3,667

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 2

hey guys, so by popular request, here is part 2 of boy’s night! i’m thinking of doing a part 3 with smut, so if you’re up for that, please leave me a message in my ask! :) 


Summary: Reggie stays the night and things start to get heated…

Warnings: Swearing, v. light smut, mentions of alcohol. 


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(obv a 13rw gif but drunk ross ;))

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Onsra | Part VII

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Words: 9.9K

Genre: Demon au, angst

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

A/N: Warning: Suggestive content and swearing

“Jungkook, isn’t it lonely?” You ask him quietly. The corner of his mouth twitches as his hands slowly wrap around your waist. “You lock up your feelings and you close off your heart to everyone.” Yet he had absolutely no fucking problem making his way right into yours. How unfair. You fist his sweater in your hands.

“Y/N…” His grip around your waist tightened, afraid that you’d somehow slip away from him.

He didn’t want to say it. He didn’t want to be reminded of it because he first of all didn’t want to hurt anymore. He knew if he said it out loud, he was going to hurt you too. A shaky breath escapes his mouth as Jungkook turns and rests his forehead against your shoulder, completely loosening his arms around you.

He didn’t have the right to hold you.

“… I loved her.” He confesses. You feel your breath suddenly get taken away, like someone had knocked the wind right out of you. As if on cue, you feel your eyes well up with tears once more.

“You loved-”

“I loved Yoojung…” His voice breaks when he says her name out loud.

And fuck. So does your heart.

I loved Yoojung,” He repeated again as if you hadn’t heard it audibly the first time those three words left his mouth. In all honesty, it almost seemed as if he needed to hear himself say them once more.

Your heart was thudding loudly in your chest and with every beat, a painful reminder that he was in love with someone else or at least was able to feel something like love. He who said he didn’t believe in love, he who said something like love never lasted… Yet, now here he was, confessing to you he had actually fallen in love before. You didn’t understand. Your clutch on his sweater loosens as he lifts his head from your shoulder and backs away slowly.

Jungkook couldn’t look at you. How could he? He had hurt you once again. You wanted to know the truth and you had wanted him to open up. As much as he didn’t want to say it aloud, he knew one way or the other whether he told you or not, the outcome would be the same; He knew telling you about his past was going to hurt both you and him. Maybe hurt you more, he rethought. Then you’d leave. Your complete shut down only proved to him he was right, and he just couldn’t bring himself to see the desolate expression on your face. He shouldn’t have said anything; he didn’t know why he gave in.

Yet at the same time, memories of him and Yoojung together flooded his mind all at once. It was torturous as the old nostalgic feelings of love and yearning for her surfaced along with the pent up despair and anger for her coursing through his veins. Then he was left standing there before you completely lost, defeated and guilt ridden.

The room was quiet as both you and Jungkook stood still in your places, neither knowing what to say or do next. You bite down on your lower lip and slowly raise your head with uncertainty. How were you supposed to follow up from here? Jungkook’s head continued to hang low, a numbness clouding his eyes as he kept them focused on the floor. He couldn’t bring himself to look at you.

“Do you still love her?” You muster the strength to ask in order to break the deafening silence. Jungkook’s shoulders fall, a dark hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach manifesting. You wait for his answer and your throat starts to tighten up at his drawn out hesitation; at this point you weren’t sure if you wanted to cry some more or yell at him.

I don’t know,” He finally admits. “I’m sorry, I just don’t know.”

It wasn’t like he was incapable of feeling anything for someone. It was just you he could never bring himself to love.


“Y-You don’t know if you love her? What do you mean?” You ask, not quite understanding how he could be unsure. His inability to immediately deny made you doubt he was ever close to being remotely over her. Jungkook slowly shakes his head, his eyes never once looking at you or in your direction.

“I don’t know.” Your heart sinks; You didn’t want to hear anything more about Yoojung already, but you did ask to know more about him. Was this his way of finally opening up to you? You tighten your fist to only loosen it several seconds later.

Jungkook continues to stand far away from you, lost in his own thoughts.
“I thought… But you told me you couldn’t love.” You mumble softly. You almost began to wonder what it was about Yoojung that captivated Jungkook’s affection. She must have had something worth loving. That alone caused you to feel unfairly envious and borderline resentful to know she had been loved by him. Meanwhile, when you had confessed to liking him, all you were told was that you didn’t actually feel that way, that he couldn’t return the feelings, that he couldn’t make you happy, and that he just couldn’t love you.

Yoojung must have had all of that.

“Not after her,” Jungkook finally answers and you’re pulled out of your covetous and embittered thoughts. “I couldn’t love after her.” You watch him as he backs away further from you, a wave of helplessness completely overwhelming him and it breaks your heart.

“Why?” You gather the strength to ask and Jungkook simply shakes his head.

“Because in this world there is no such thing as a lasting love. I say I loved her but… I just…” Jungkook finally looks up and fixes his eyes on you, unsure of what to say next. “I don’t really know-”

“Is that what you meant when you said you couldn’t return my feelings?” Your eyes watered. “Why?”

“Y/N… I’m so fucking sorry for everything.”

What did he mean he was sorry? Was he sorry because he didn’t know what love was? Or was he sorry he couldn’t love you?

“I’m sorry, I need to go.” A familiar darkness ghosts over his face as he looks past you at the door. He didn’t mean to blurt out the truth about once having loved Yoojung. Nobody wants to hear that. He must’ve hurt you; you definitely didn’t want him around right now. 

But instead, much to his surprise, you take a small step towards him. He flinches at once as his gaze falls to the ground once more, his feet once again taking small steps away from you.

I want you to stay,” You say softly to him and swallow nervously. Jungkook looks up at you in confusion.

Truth be told, you were scared for him to tell you his past. As of right now, it made you feel like there would never be any vacant room for you in his heart, like there would never be a place for you to be by his side. Regardless if he loved her still, your feelings for him weren’t going to change just because of that… even if you regretted ever having gotten involved with demons. You earnestly look into his eyes as he stares right back at you, looking for any small hint of ingenuity.

“Y/N… You’re not the first to have told me to stay.” Jungkook says quietly. “Sorry,” He couldn’t drop his guard.

“Stay here with me, Jungkook.” You say again and take a few steps forward, grabbing the bottom hem of his shirt. Jungkook keeps his arms pinned to his side and releases a heavy sigh. He so badly wanted to take your hand and pull you close, yet he didn’t have the right to. He couldn’t bring himself to let you get any closer to him physically, emotionally, mentally… “Jungkook…”

“You don’t want to know anymore, Y/N.” Jungkook simply says. “Don’t think I didn’t notice the expression on your face when I told you about Yoojung. Yet you still want to know more?”

“What about you? You don’t think I noticed your hurt expression when you told me you loved her?” Your eyebrows knitted in the center and you watched the corner of his lip twitch. Honestly, as much as it pained you to know he may or may not still have affections for someone else, it was no doubt hard on him to bring her up. In fact, it was easy to see that Jungkook didn’t want to disclose anything more regarding Yoojung.

Fuck. I…” Jungkook stumbles over his words. “I don’t know where to start and there’s just… so much you don’t know-” You take a step closer to him, your body only inches away from him. You sigh softly before raising your other hand to take hold of his shirt, pulling him towards you.

“It won’t change anything, Jungkook,” You reassure him. “Whatever happened in your past, whatever happened between you and Yoojung, and whatever happened after… it won’t change how I feel for you.”

“How can you even say something like that?! Y/N, you don’t know anything about me or the things that I’ve done-” Jungkook raises his voice, skeptical of your attempt to put him at ease.

“I don’t have to know if you don’t want me to. I know I was persistent earlier about wanting to know all about you, but if it hurts you to recollect, I don’t want to know then.” Jungkook’s eyes widened and his mouth falls open slightly. “To me, it doesn’t matter what you did or who you were before. I didn’t fall for the past Jeon Jungkook. So if it hurts being with me and you want to leave…” You slowly let go of his clothing and just as you did, he grabs both your wrists and yanks you into his chest.

Jungkook embraces you and you feel a tightness in your chest, your heart fluttering rapidly against your rib cage. And here you were, ready to let him walk out for the last time. It wasn’t long before you came to the realization that his heart beat was beating just as quickly if not just as loudly as yours.
“Fuck, Y/N, shouldn’t that be my line?” Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut and buries his face in your hair. Your hands are trapped against his chest and your brain becomes a confusing muddled mess. “What are you doing to me?”

“Don’t hurt anymore…”

“Y/N,” Jungkook mumbles your name softly. He drew a deep breath, unsure if he was going to regret what he was going to say next. “Kim Yoojung was someone I had met at a party here… I tempted her… I seduced her in order to acquire energy from her. I slept with her, Y/N. It happened once… twice…” Your eyebrows widen, realizing he was beginning to open up to you, starting with his past revolving around Yoojung. Jungkook almost immediately releases his arms around you and steps away. It didn’t feel right, holding you in his arms as he brought up Yoojung.

“Did she know?” You ask him quietly. “That you were a demon?” The idea of him having slept with her caused an irrationally growing fit of jealousy in you, even if it was of the past.

“Not initially… It was when she began getting more attached to me. It was when she felt having sex just wasn’t good enough anymore. She wanted me to stay the night, to spend time with her; She wanted me to be with her beyond just physical intimacy. So I told her what I was and why I approached her to begin with in hopes she would realize this was all just a friends with benefits situation. I expected her to leave in fear, or to feel used. But to my surprise, she just accepted me. She didn’t question it; all she said was, so what?” Jungkook’s voice trails off and he looked distant as if remembering a fond memory. “She didn’t care what I was. She didn’t even question it at all. She still wanted me.”

Guilt settles deep in your stomach as you quickly recollect how appalled and actively avoidant you were upon him confessing he was a demon. You couldn’t believe he was being serious and honestly wanted nothing but for him to stay the fuck away from you. That much you remembered. You pressed your lips in a thin line; your reaction was a total opposite from Yoojung.

“H-How kind of her.” Jungkook seemed to immediately disagree with your comment as he shook his head rather quickly. Your attention focuses back on him and you notice how his fists tighten firmly by his side. Had you said something wrong?

“That’s what I had thought too. Yoojung, she went and fucked someone else while we were together. Not just one time either…” Jungkook says as his eyes narrow. “I wanted to surprise her one night seeing as we had been together for some time…” He pauses and you watch intently as his eyes darkened.

“J-Jungkook…” She cheated on him?

“I stood outside her room and… I fucking heard her cries and moans. I heard a deep unrecognizable voice and the sound of the bed I had laid with her countless times before, creaking and thumping against the walls.” Jungkook broke with every word he spoke. A hand flew to your mouth as you tried to hide your shock. “She said she was drunk, that it wouldn’t happen again. She cried and she held onto me. She told me she fucking loved me and that she needed me…” Jungkook’s voice began to crack as tried to recall the messed up things she had told him.

“Oh Jungkook…”

“At that very moment, I thought I fucking felt the exact same… I loved her, and I needed her almost as she needed me.” He raises his hand and clutches at his chest. “Then she did it again. And again. Every time she’d come back crying to me, telling me I was better than them, that she didn’t know what came over her, that she loved me… Yoojung told me she fucking loved me and I was so desperate for her to stay with me that I forgave her for everything every single time…”

“I-I don’t understand…” It was difficult to believe Yoojung would do something like that. It wasn’t like you knew her at all to cause any doubt, it was just shocking to you that a person would do something like that. What rendered you speechless though was the thought of Jungkook constantly being manipulated. For someone who hated showing his emotions and showing any form of weakness… Yoojung seemed to have taken perfect advantage of that. “Jungkook…” 

He had taken her back every time.

“She had broken me.” His eyes fall to the floor and he swallows with great difficulty. “I had never felt that way towards anyone before. At that point in my life, the last thing I wanted to do was lose her. Yet in the process of staying with her and keeping her by my side, I lost myself completely.” He was leaving himself completely vulnerable right now and you reached forward to take his hand in yours.

He remembered it vividly. The memories of her smile and thoughts of her repulsively burning touch made his heart ache uncontrollably and his stomach twist with detest. The reason he could never easily bring up his past with Yoojung was because he could never forgive himself for letting her render him so weak. She made him so utterly vulnerable and he took her back every single time. He was disgusted with himself, he hated himself… Worst of all, he just couldn’t bring himself to trust anymore.

“Stay with me.”

“Yoojung, you’re fucking kidding-”

“Jungkook- I…” She stumbled over her words knowing fully well there was no good explanation for her behavior. Yoojung looked down at her own hands as she continued to listen to heavy feet pace the room.

“I can’t believe it. Again? Again?!” His voice roared before he stopped pacing to gesture accusingly. “You fucked him in that bed? Yoojung why?!” Why wasn’t he good enough? Why wasn’t he just enough for her? What did those men have that he didn’t have?

“I’m sorry, Jungkook, please-” Yoojung tried to reach for his arm. Before she could grab a hold of him, he yanked his arm out of her reach, refusing to let her taint him with her poisonous touch. “I-I…”

“Don’t touch me with those hands that were used to hold onto him-” He spat. 

“I-I’m so sorry, Jungkook. I didn’t mean to- I just… it just happened and I-” Tears started to fall and he felt his heart break some more. “I don’t know what I was doing! Please I would never want to hurt you, Jungkook-” Yoojung stood up and tried to approach him.

“No- no not again.” His jaw clenched as she sobbed. He hated seeing her cry. 

“Don’t say sorry. How many times do you think you can say that? You’re only sorry because I fucking caught you again.” He emphasized the words again before she continued to come towards him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that…” Yoojung cried. “You were better than him. You were better than all of them. I don’t know what I was doing, I-I don’t know why I did that to you… to us…” She finally reached forward and grabbed the bottom of his shirt between her trembling fingers.

“… Is it because I’m a demon?” Jungkook finally asks, his eyebrows furrowing as the words left his lips. She threw her head up and looked at him with wide eyes. His heart ached at the thought… “You told me you accepted me. Is it because you want a normal relationship? If that’s what you want, then just-”

“N-No! That’s what I love about you! I don’t care if you’re a demon- no don’t think that. I love being with you. I want to be with you, Jeon Jungkook.”

“Then… why was I not good enough?” He didn’t have the strength to push her away as she leans close to him, wrapping her arms around his torso. Yoojung tightened her hold on him and he felt instantly weak to her touch, anger almost subsiding.

“No. You’re better than them, Jungkook. You’re more than I can ask for…. I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again…”

“You said that last time. Yoojung, I don’t think-” Jungkook started as Yoojung tightened her arms around him. His breath got caught in his throat immediately, his words ceasing at once upon feeling her body trembling against his.

“I love you. I need you Jungkook, and I need you to stay with me… I really love you… Nobody loves me better than you, and nobody loves you more than I.” She said softly and her arms slowly released his torso only to snake up around his neck. “I need you… I can’t live without you. I’m so sorry…” Tears fell from her eyes again as if on cue and he felt his chest tighten.

“Yoojung, I-”

“It won’t happen again… Jungkook, nobody can ever fuck me better than you do,” She ended up whispering as Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed. Yoojung moved one of her hands away from around his neck to wipe at her tears. “It was all a mistake. The first and the second time. You fuck me better than anyone. You make me feel better than any of them. Nobody can fuck me like you can.” His hands made their way to her waist and he squeezed his eyes shut. Not again… he didn’t want to believe her, not this time. Yoojung leaned up on her tippy toes and pressed her lips against his neck.


“I love all of you. I love you, demon or not. You belong to me… Now, won’t you remind me who I belong to?” Her voice died down to a whisper and a growl ripped through Jungkook’s throat as he ripped her arms away from his neck and pushed her back hard. She let out a yelp before landing on the bed.

“Do I not remind you enough?” A playful smirk grew on her face.

She had him right where she wanted him.

“Then she left…” He says softly. “She was just gone in the morning. I thought it was my fault again… How could I have driven her to leave me like this after all I had done for her…” His eyebrows furrow.

Yoojung had used him. She had slept with him, then slept with others, only to come right back to Jungkook. Emotional manipulation and abuse was what Kim Yoojung was doing to him. What made it worse was that he thought he loved her, and he thought she had loved him. That wasn’t love, but maybe that was just her sick way of showing it by seducing him with her twisted words. She was the first to ever make him feel wanted and needed yet both unwanted and unneeded at the same time. It was an endless cycle for him and he just couldn’t break free, all because he thought it was love he felt for her.

She made him feel absolutely worthless, like he was the one to blame for not being good enough. She had left him without saying a word, leaving him there to hurt and drown in his own feelings with nothing but her empty promises of love. How could she have done that to him?

“Sh-She didn’t deserve you, Jungkook. It’s really not your fault.” You tried to comfort him, tears welling up in your eyes just thinking about it. That was the truth, she didn’t deserve to be loved by someone like him and Jungkook certainly didn’t deserve to go through that.

“I thought it was all my fault, that I wasn’t good enough for her to stay.” Jungkook mutters darkly. “She haunted my every thought and my every movement. I was devastated when she had left. Even if I had approached her originally with the same intentions for energy, being physically intimate with her over and over again brought about feelings. I had grown attached and emotionally reliant… And you know what, I thought she did too. And after her, I swore I would never let anyone fucking break me like that again… But fuck. She came back again and she threw around those three god damn words and it felt almost as if she had never left me, like she was giving us another chance.”

“J-Jungkook …” It was hard for you to believe everything he was telling you was the truth. How could someone like the Jeon Jungkook you knew of, let a human like Yoojung do such things to him? What you were now coming to terms with, was how messed up she had left him… how easy she could come and go as she pleased knowing Jungkook would easily take her back. That’s how much of a hold she had on him emotionally and mentally. 

“She left again after she got what she wanted,” He lets out a pained laugh. Jungkook didn’t need to tell you explicitly what it was… “I guess this is… probably where I began to sleep around. It wasn’t too shortly after that last time with Yoojung.”


Your eyes widen immediately and he combs his dark hair with his fingers. He could tell you were staring at him with judgmental eyes, and he couldn’t bear to meet your gaze. Jungkook had told you this much, he might as well tell you the rest he thought.

“I used them for their body, for energy, then left.” Jungkook admitted honestly. “Maybe I’d fuck the same girl twice if she were good, but nothing more than that. I wouldn’t let myself get attached, well… you ought to know why by now. As soon as anyone of them wanted it to become something more, I’d fuck them maybe one last time then leave.”

He… did what?

“You… I mean, I didn’t…” You were speechless.

“Didn’t what, Y/N? Expect me to fuck around?” Jungkook asked. “Do you regret wanting to learn more about me now?” His voice trailed off and you swallowed nervously before attempting to take his hand. He quickly moved his hand away, refusing to let you touch him. Maybe it was him who regretted telling you.

You thought you’d be used to him rejecting your touch by now. He couldn’t be blamed for his actions, especially not after how he was treated; Jungkook ended up doing the same thing to girls, as Yoojung did to him. How sad. Then again, what did that mean for you? Your eyes widen at the sudden thought.

I don’t need your pity, Y/N,” He muttered under his breath. Did he think you were pitying him? Was it so wrong to want to empathize with how Yoojung must have made him feel? With how he must have felt, or lack thereof sleeping around with all those girls? “I refused to grow attached to any of them. For what? For heartbreak? For them to use me? Fuck if I’d let anyone get close enough to ruin me like Yoojung did.” Jungkook had a hollow look on his face. The room grew silent until you mustered up the strength to speak.

“I-I’m so sorry, Jungkook. I can’t believe Yoojung would do something like that to you. I’m so sorry-” His eyes narrow. “That was not my intention. But… not everyone’s like Yoojung. Not everyone’s going to hurt you or going to want to hurt you.” You definitely didn’t want to hurt him, surely he must’ve known that by now.

“I won’t leave myself vulnerable like that again-”

Yet here he was telling you everything.

“Is that why you went around sleeping with people?” You quickly interrupt him. You knew where he was coming from. After what Yoojung had done to him, it made sense as to why he felt he couldn’t trust anyone, why he couldn’t commit to anyone, you thought once again in an attempt to validate his actions.

“It was an easy way to get energy.” Jungkook’s eyes narrowed. He wasn’t particularly proud of what he did, but after realizing the amount of energy he received from that level of physical intimacy with Yoojung, he had to have more. If it wasn’t with her, then it would be with someone else. “They were easy. I said a couple of nice things to get them into bed with me. Honestly, it didn’t make it difficult to leave them in the end either.” He repeats himself. You felt your stomach drop to your feet. 

“S-So you used them until they caught feelings?” You asked nervously and he shrugged.

You didn’t know this Jungkook.

“Something like that.” Jungkook admits quietly. His eyes slowly met yours and without even thinking, you averted your eyes away immediately. You cursed yourself for your lack of subtlety. “Y/N, are you afraid of me now? I thought I warned you. I’m not who you think I am.” He mutters and you look up at him slowly. He almost flinches at how your eyes met his so sternly.

Were you afraid of Jeon Jungkook? Just what did he think of you? You watch his eyes widen as you stepped closer to him. You weren’t scared of him because of what he did in his past, just afraid of what he must’ve thought of you at this very moment…

“Was I an easy target for you?” It really did sicken you just thinking of him using their bodies like that. To just hook up with them countless times but when one sided feelings developed, he left them. It did not sound too different from the situation you were in right now.

What better did that make him compared to what Yoojung did to him? You couldn’t say it out loud to him though. You didn’t even want to begin to imagine the rage he’d be in should you suggest a similarity between the two.

But what about you now? You may not have gone all the way with him but still… Was he going to throw you away now that you caught feelings? You didn’t even have sex with him for fucks sake, but had you, would he have left because of your confession?

“What?” He asks, taken back by your question as his eyebrows furrow immediately. Jungkook finally looks in your direction and you continue to stare right at him.

“You chased after girls who you thought were easy ways to receive energy. You slept with girls because fell for your charms without difficulty. You slept with them until they started to develop feelings for you, and then you left them before you could in turn chance growing attached to them. So then what about me?” You ask him and swallow nervously. You were getting more upset than you had originally wanted to. 

“Y-Y/N…” He pauses, unsure what to say. “What are you even saying, Y/N?” You weren’t sure how much more explicit you had to be.

“Are you going to leave now because I told you I had feelings for you? Or did you want to fuck me first then leave?”

“Wait, Y/N-”

“Stop pretending you don’t know what I’m saying! You know exactly what I’m saying. I’m not easy, Jeon Jungkook.” You mumble quietly to him, your jaw clenching. “I-I know why you approached me first. For energy, I get it. And I get what Yoojung did to you was completely uncalled for and fucked up. I’m not saying what you did after that was right, but I won’t hold it against you. So I’m asking you, what about me? Did think I was just like those girls? A quick and easy fuck-” Your voice trembled.

You didn’t want to be like them and you definitely didn’t want him to think you were like Yoojung. You were scared to hear his answer, and you felt like vomiting from all the emotions welling up inside of you.

“Y-You’re not like them,” Jungkook interrupts you fast. He didn’t even want to hear you say that. You? A quick and easy fuck?

“What, but-”

“So were you being honest when you said my past wouldn’t change how you see me?” Jungkook asked, still refusing to look at you. “You wouldn’t be questioning if I hadn’t told you.”

“I still have to ask.” You mutter. “And no it doesn’t change how I see you. You are who you are. In the end, the only thing that changed is how I think you view me…” You knew he didn’t like you the way you liked him. It didn’t help to learn he used women for energy and for their body before throwing them away upon realizing they were growing feelings for him.

But he said you were different.

“Trust me, if you were anything like Yoojung I wouldn’t have approached you to begin with. If you were like those girls, we probably would’ve already fucked and I would’ve left you by now. Even if we didn’t, if you were anything like them, I still would have left in the end.” He says honestly. He regretted saying it so bluntly when he saw the shocked look on your face. It was the truth. “But when I told you I hadn’t touched anyone else since you, I meant it. When I told you I had only wanted you, I meant that too. I still mean it. Even if we haven’t had sex… You’re still the only one I want.”

“W-Why?” Your lower lip began to tremble, tears now threatening to escape. “I-I don’t understand. You’re just using your charm and saying this shit so I don’t leave.”

“Do you want to leave?” Jungkook asks, feeling a lump in his throat as he swallowed. “I… I am fully prepared for it. I don’t want it… but I knew telling you about all this would cause you to-”

“I don’t want to leave, and I don’t want you to leave. I just… How do I know you’re not lying to me?!” Your lips trembled and you raised your voice.

“I’m still here, aren’t I?! You told me you had feelings for me and I… I’m still right here…” Jungkook says with defeat, his shoulders dropping. You were quiet and he took it as a queue to continue talking. “Y/N, I don’t feel so alone when I’m with you,” Jungkook finally answers and you feel your heart stop. 

“What do you mean?”

“I… want to be with you, you know, I like spending time with you. Even if it isn’t physical, it’s something about your presence that makes me feel like I’m not alone.” He says and his shoulders drop, his heart sinking to his stomach. You would surely want nothing to do with him after all that he’s told you, after all that he’s done. “I know it’s not good enough for you. I know it’s selfish while I know you have feelings for me, but that’s how I feel towards you… towards us.”

“Jungkook…” There it was again… not good enough.

“That’s why you’re different from them. No matter who it was, I always felt alone but with you it’s different.” You bite your lower lip and reached forward, placing your hands on his cheeks. Jungkook blinks fast before flinching from your touch immediately, attempting to back away from you. “No, Y/N-”

“Why can’t I?” His hands flew up and grabbed hold of yours in an attempt to remove them. His fingers were cold and trembled against yours. “Look here, Jeon Jungkook. Did you seriously think after you told me all of this that you could just-”

“You shouldn’t touch me. Are you not disgusted with my past? Are you not afraid?”

It became clear: Jungkook was afraid. He was afraid, afraid to trust anyone again, afraid to open up about his past, afraid to be weak and vulnerable, and afraid to love.

“No,” You mumble softly. Then you lean towards him, your hands still holding his face as his fingers tightened around yours. Your mouths were inches apart as you rested your forehead against his. “I’m sorry about what Yoojung did. I’m sorry that you had to go through all that on your own… I believe you, ok? I believe you…” 

He exhales slowly before nodding his head slightly, his forehead still pressed to yours.

“Jungkook, you won’t leave, right?” You mumble softly and you feel his hand give yours a tight squeeze. If it was anything that made you nervous or uneasy about his past, it had to be how quickly he went from girl to girl. He established you were different, but you couldn’t help but think in time he would do the same exact thing. His stomach flipped and his chest tightened as he heard those words tumble from between your lips.

“I…” Before he could answer, there was a series of thunderous and forceful knocks coming from outside of your dorm room. You jumped away from Jungkook fast, startled by the loud noise.

“O-One second! Coming,” You say and brush your hair behind your ears and adjust your voice. Jungkook strangely found himself clearing his throat and shoving his hands in his jean pockets, almost thankful for the interruption. It gave him time to think about his answer or lack thereof, and completely evaluate everything that had just happened. It seemed almost unreal to him at this point that he had left himself so vulnerable right before you. Odd enough, he couldn’t muster up any feelings of regret.

You opened the door slowly and your eyes widened at the individual standing outside. His shirt clung slightly to the thin layer of sweat covering his body. He ran his thin fingers through his blonde hair and licked his dry chapped lips. 

“Park Jimin…” You say quietly, realizing slowly that perhaps he had run here.

“Jungkook, is he here?” Jimin quickly asks and you nod, turning your head to look behind you. Jungkook says nothing, but you could tell something was troubling him from the way he avoided Jimin’s challenging eyes. It was unlike him. “We need to talk. Sorry, Y/N, I’m going to have to make him come with me for a little bit.”

Did Jungkook not want to go? He remained still and quiet. You swallowed anxiously, gripping the door a little tighter between your fingers.

“Can you give us a moment?” You ask. Jimin’s eyebrows furrow immediately and he looks past you straight at Jungkook.

“Jungkook, you really need to come with me…”

“I… alright.” Jungkook finally speaks up. He didn’t look like he wanted to go yet at the same time, he didn’t put up too much of a fight. 

You chose to keep your mouth shut and move aside from the door slightly for him to leave. Your hands drop to your side; the tension between the two had you confused. If anything, shouldn’t you have felt closer to him? Instead, you had never felt farther…

“Just give me a moment,” He mutters in a low voice and just as Jimin was about to protest, Jungkook places his hand against the wooden frame and pushes the door shut.

“What?” You ask him in a soft voice. Your back still faced him and you weren’t sure you could bring yourself to look at him. He was making it so hard to.

Thank you,” Jungkook whispers, the words laced with vulnerability as the foreign words slipped from between his lips. You spin around fast to face him, your eyebrows knitting in the middle.

“Wh-Why?” You didn’t understand why he was thanking you. Jungkook doesn’t say anything and just simply bends down to press a chaste kiss on your forehead. But that wasn’t enough. You quickly grab his sweater in your hands and pull him down to meet your lips. He stumbles towards you, his eyes wide in shock before kissing you back. Jungkook uses his hand against the door to steady himself as you pressed your mouth harder against his.

“I have to go, Y/N.” He mumbles softly between your open mouthed kisses. “Jimin’s outside…”

“I know,” You say, pulling away from him as your hands slowly loosened against his sweater. You didn’t want him to go, especially not with Yoojung suddenly calling him out of the blue. Why was she calling him? What did she want? You still had so many questions you wanted to ask.

“Y/N-” He interrupts your thoughts.

“I know.” You found yourself repeating, this time your hands dropping to your side. Jungkook also drops his hands from the door and you slide over to let him go through. He turns the door knob slowly, swinging the door open and letting out a shaky breath of air.

“Jungkook,” Jimin calls him. About time was all he could think. Something seemed off with him though… He had no idea what could’ve happened between the two of you. But If it was one thing Jimin knew for sure, Jungkook was over staying. The both of them were.

“You’ll come back, won’t you?” You cross your arms over your chest and chew your lower lip. Jungkook pauses and nods slowly, turning to you and kissing the corner of your mouth one last time before walking towards Jimin. Your heart clenches when you watch the both of them walk away briskly. What bothered you the most was that pained expression on his face as he nodded earlier, and the feeling of his trembling lips against your skin.

Once the both of them were out of your sight, you shut the door quietly and pressed your forehead against it. Maybe you should have been more insistent on telling him not to go. After all, he wasn’t even in the right mental or emotional state after having told you about Yoojung and his past. You should have convinced him to stay. How did you even convince him to tell you his past? Why did he thank you just now? What was there to thank? Why did he wear such a pained expression on his face? You didn’t know why Jimin had come to find him, but if it was one thing you knew for sure, it was that you absolutely did not want him to see Yoojung.

Fuck. When had you fallen so hard for him?

“Did you need to tell me something?” Jungkook asks, shoving his hands in his pocket upon the both of them exiting the dorm building. There was so much going through his head and he strangely couldn’t decide whether or not he wanted to be left alone to his thoughts, or if he wanted to be with you.

“You look exhausted,” Jimin avoids the question and Jungkook shakes his head. “Y/N didn’t seem like herself either.”

“Is that so?” He simply mumbles. Leave it up to Jimin for him to notice even the smallest things. He knew Jimin was just curious to find out what happened just now, especially with him hanging up on him to go after you just earlier.

“Yoojung’s pretty certain you’ll go find her now that she’s back.” Jimin says quietly. “But you must already know that.”

“You came to find me to tell me that?” Jungkook asks, stopping in his place. Jimin, several steps ahead of him, comes to a stop as well and turns to look at the younger boy. “I already know what she wants.”

“Huh, and you aren’t going to find her?”

“Why? After what she fucking did to me? I won’t run back to her again.” Jungkook’s eyes narrow. “You just wanted to confirm with me?” Jimin was quiet before raising his hand to scratch at his blonde head.

“You’re saying this because you’re over what she’s done to you? Or you’re saying this because you’re too focused on finally getting into Y/N’s pants?” Jungkook stays silent to process the accusation and the assumptions made by Jimin. He didn’t know.

“W-What the fuck?” Jungkook suddenly asks, almost unsure if he had heard Jimin correctly. “I… It’s not like that.” He didn’t appreciate how Jimin was grilling him, and especially didn’t want him talking about you like that. “Y/N has nothing to do with this. As if I’d run back to Yoojung… as if you’d let me do that.”

Jimin shook his head and before letting out a breathy laugh.

“I’d kill you before you do that…” Jimin says honestly. “I just wanted to make sure, you know?” He wasn’t about to let his friend go through that again.

“I know.” Jungkook mumbles. There wasn’t any way he was running back to her now. He couldn’t. It wasn’t possible for someone like her to have changed. Jimin stays quiet before shoving his own hands deep into his pants pocket; he wasn’t sure how to change the topic or how to ask Jungkook subtly about what had happened earlier.

“What is going on between you and Y/N?” He finally asks, deciding the straight forward approach was perhaps the best way to satisfy his curiosity. “When I called you much earlier about Yoojung, you panicked about Y/N, and hung up on me.”

The brown haired boy stays silent before shrugging.

“Nothing’s going on.” It couldn’t have been a more obvious lie than that. Nonetheless, he himself was unsure what exactly was going on between the both of you. What made it more confusing was your confession to having feelings for him, his initial rejection of said feelings, then the openness of the matter after he left with Jimin.

The older demon raises an eyebrow, unsure of whether or not to scold Jungkook for making up such a shitty or for taking him for a complete idiot. He was too easy to read, especially with the way he was avoiding Jimin’s glances at all cost.

“You can’t even say that with a straight face-”

“Or maybe I just don’t want to talk about her.” Jungkook abruptly cuts him off mid-sentence. The more he thought about you, the more he wanted to go back to you. It fucking scared him. He had received more than enough energy from the physical intimacy earlier, but it was almost as if he wanted more; it was almost insatiable how badly he wanted to turn on his heels to go back to you.

That’s exactly why he couldn’t.

“I told you she was different. You don’t have to say anything more. I know,” Jimin shakes his head and Jungkook just simply narrowed his eyes, unable to even refute the older demon’s claim. He hated when Jimin was right. “Jungkook. You’re going to hurt her.”

“And what do you care if I do?” Jungkook asks angrily, pissed off with his once again accurate accusation. Then again, if it was accurate, then it wasn’t necessarily an accusation. Why did Jimin always have to bring that up? “Do you have feelings for her? Is that why you keep telling me this?” He bit down on his teeth and without consciously knowing, clenched his fist right inside his pants pocket.

“What? No, I don’t. But I know you’re going to hurt too is all…” His voice trials off and Jungkook’s hands loosen. “Do you… have feelings for her?”

“You concern yourself too much.” Jungkook shakes his head and continues to walk. Jimin follows suit and lets out a sigh. Why did he even bother thinking his answer was going to be any different from before? “And no, I don’t. You know better than to ask me something like that.”

“I just thought you might’ve moved on from Yoojung. Ok, and it might not be in my place to say it, but I think Y/N likes you. Yes, I notice these things too. I don’t know if you’ll believe me though.” The brown haired boy pauses and rubs the back of his neck before taking his turn to let out a heavy sigh.

“She told me herself already,” Jimin almost chokes on air as he turns to look at Jungkook completely astonished by how nonchalant he seemed. If it was anyone else, he would have ended this a while ago even at the slightest hint there was an interest beyond physical and sexual intimacy… “That, and she already knows most of everything… About Yoojung… about the other girls too.” Jimin’s eyes pop open in shock, now in absolute disbelief that he so quickly told you everything. 

“Y-You’re serious?”

“I hadn’t meant to tell her that much, but it just slipped out…” Jungkook pauses. He couldn’t tell Jimin about the phone calls from Yoojung. It was going to make him worry too much… He didn’t want that. 

“It hasn’t slipped out to anyone before Y/N,” Jimin mumbles, surprised something so secretive and personal just somehow slipped out in a conversation.

“I guess,” He answers quietly.

“Be careful, is all I really wanted to say. Whatever it is you’re doing or whatever it is you are with Y/N… Be careful.”

“I’m not going to hurt her,” Jungkook reiterates. “I won’t hurt her.”

“No, not you… Yoojung.” He feels his heart drop at her name. “She won’t be happy in the first place that you’re not looking for her. I don’t want to imagine what she’ll say or do if she finds out Y/N’s partially the reason why.” Jungkook doesn’t say a word before nodding again.

He couldn’t believe that Yoojung would hurt you. She wouldn’t. There was no way she was going to find out about you.

He’d make sure of it.

Jungkook didn’t come back, and needless to say you were disappointed. At the same time, it gave you time to process everything he had told you. It made sense now regarding his trust and commitment issues. How unfortunate that being with Yoojung and all the shit she had put him through, caused him to see humans as all the same.

How many girls had he slept with? How many hearts did he break just to protect himself? Were you making the right decision to stay? He said you were different. Yet when you told him to stay, he didn’t. When you told him to come back, he nodded, but then never returned. Were you too trusting?

Did he go find Yoojung?

Why exactly were you so completely infatuated with him?

You had a difficult time sleeping that night with the story of his past running through your head nearly the entire time. The next morning, you were hoping to see him. But, he wasn’t there to greet you or walk you to class like he usually did. Granted you didn’t have class with Jungkook today, you still somewhat hoped he would be waiting by your door… just like he used to. In fact, when you had opened your dorm room to leave for class, there was in fact someone waiting for you. It wasn’t Jungkook though. It was far scarier: It was Jieun standing there with her arms crossed.


She says nothing and merely huffs as you watched her chest rise in annoyance. You should have messaged her back; saying you were too preoccupied was going to be such a lame excuse. What could you have been preoccupied with after having taken that exam? Jeon Jungkook, that’s right. But the last thing you wanted was to put this friendship on the burner.

“I’m sorry Jieun, you can beat me up for ignoring your messages. I-I owe you an explanation-” You clutch your backpack strap with your hands and wait as she reaches forward. You nearly flinch as she pokes at your neck. You already knew what exactly she was pointing at…

“If you tell me there’s nothing going on between you and Jeon Jungkook one more time I’m going to kill you, Y/N.” She glared at you and you raised both your eyebrows and gave her a small nervous chuckle. “What is wrong with you?” Jieun took her backpack and swung it at you as you laughed.

“Ok ok, I’m sorry! Honestly it wasn’t anything and still isn’t anything-”

“Don’t even start that again. No wonder you looked so disappointed when you opened the door. Was Jungkook supposed to walk you to class or something? No… is he inside your room right now?” She tip-toed and tried to peek into your room and you shook your head, taking a step out into the hall to shut the door behind you.

“No no he isn’t here.” She gave you an incredulous look. She didn’t believe you. “I swear this time. He was here yesterday after the exam but other than that it’s just been me.”

“How long has this thing between you been going on? I still can’t believe you felt like you couldn’t tell me. I knew something was happening. You two were just so obvious and that turtle neck you wore yesterday. Really, Y/N? You don’t even wear turtle necks…” Jieun rolled her eyes as the both of you began to walk towards class. “I figured you would wait for me after the exam but when I walked out and you weren’t there, I was pretty sure you had run off with Jungkook.” She wasn’t wrong about that.

“I did and I’m sorry I didn’t message you back or anything… Honestly it hasn’t been that long. It’s felt longer since I had spent time with him nearly every day.”

“Makes sense. See? I knew you guys were going to be a thing.” She gives you a shit grin and you shook your head. “So, how is he in bed? I bet he’s amazing… my god, those arms and those thighs…” Your face flushes and you clear your throat to answer embarrassingly, that the two of you hadn’t actually slept together.

“I didn’t sleep with him, Jieun. We haven’t… gone that far.” You mumble and you almost thought her eyes were going to pop out of her skull.

“What?! You haven’t fucked him yet?!” She shouted loudly and you turn to her, slapping a hand over her mouth. The last thing you needed was for the entire campus to overhear you and Jeon Jungkook were messing around.

“Sh! Why are you screaming that?” You whined. “We just haven’t, ok? It’s complicated…” You remove your hand and shake your head.

“It doesn’t seem too complicated,” She raises an eyebrow. Oh but it was. 

Where could you even begin? 

Jeon Jungkook was a demon searching for sexual favors and physical intimacy for the sake of receiving much needed life energy and stumbled upon you. After finally giving into his desires, you found yourself beginning to like him. But it’s not exactly working out because Jungkook didn’t feel the same for you. Due to a complicated past with an ex and an onslaught of women, he didn’t believe in love anymore. Oh, and he may or may not still be in love with her, but still wants to be with you regardless. Not complicated at all.

“He doesn’t have feelings for me, Jieun,” You finally say, hoping it would more or less summarize and lessen how convoluted the entire situation actually was. “It’s… just a benefits thing, I guess.” Her eyes narrowed and her jaw dropped nearly simultaneously.

“What? I see the way he looks at you, Y/N, and the way he… Is he fucking around?” She asks in total shock. “No… if he just wanted a quick fuck, he would’ve went and found someone else by now. What the hell?”

“See? It’s kind of complicated.” You say quietly. God, what an understatement.

“So it’s a friends with benefits thing with him? Except, not too much benefit at the moment…” You nod and look down at your feet. More or less. Before you both had known it, you guys were already making your way down the hallway towards the class room. “Well, do you want it to be something more?” She asks hesitantly.

“I don’t know.” You mumble honestly.

“It just seems like you care an awful lot about him. I get it, he helped you a lot for the exam and he spent a lot of time being there for you, with you… I don’t mean to rub it in or anything, but if it hurts you because he doesn’t want more and you do, you should really just forget him. There are more hot guys out there, ok?” She elbows you, trying to make light of the situation. It was almost too noticeable how sad you looked when you confessed to her he didn’t have feelings for you. 

Jieun knew there was something going on between you and Jungkook, and as much as you denied it, she knew. Being your best friend, she also knew you weren’t the type to play around, do one night stands or anything outside of a committed relationship. And for you to be spending so much time with Jungkook and doing all those things with him despite your feelings being unrequited, just showed her how much you must have liked him. At the same time, Jieun was worried he was playing you now; he spent so much time with you, and just from the way she saw him looking at you… she would’ve thought he had feelings for you.

“I know. Thanks Jieun, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I don’t really know what Jungkook and I are.” You pressed your lips to a thin line. “But, it’s ok.” You give her a soft but sad smile.

“I’ll beat him up if he hurts you…” She mutters before slowing down her pace. You look up when you realize her steps had slowed down, and your eyes widen. “Speak of the devil…”

There he was, walking with Jimin down the hall on the opposite side right towards you. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt with a soft red looking plaid shirt wrapped around his waist. You watch him smirk at something Jimin says as he flicks his soft brown hair out of his eyes. You feel your chest tighten when you come to the realization you were going to cross paths with one another.
Then finally, you guys make eye contact with one another. His brown eyes widen as you slowly come to a stop beside him. Jungkook does the same before looking down at his feet and shuffling uncomfortably.

“Morning,” You mumble to him as Jieun pats your shoulder, signaling that she was going to go ahead. Jungkook gives you a small smile and your heart clenches. What was that?

“Hi Y/N,” Jimin greets you before nudging Jungkook with his elbow, urging him to follow. Jimin continues to walk away and you stand there awkwardly with the younger demon.

Where did all of Jungkook’s confidence and forwardness go? He stood there almost seeming more nervous than you, before he placed a hand behind your head and leaned down to kiss your forehead.

“Morning,” Jungkook says softly, waiting upon Jimin to be out of sight. “Hurry and go to class. You’re going to be late.” You reach and grab his hand before he can turn to walk away from you.

“Are you ok?” You ask him and he pauses.

“I’m fine.” Jungkook answers. “I’m sorry I didn’t come back yesterday.” You shake your head not wanting him to worry you were upset with him or anything along the line of that. 

“It’s ok.”

Why was it so awkward between the two of you?

“Well, I have to get going… don’t be late to class, Y/N.” Jungkook pulls his hand away from yours and leans down to peck your lips gently. Before you can say anything else, he turns and quickly leaves.

Wait. You wanted to tell him but the words were caught in your throat. Your feet were frozen in its place as you watched him walk further and further from you to catch up with Jimin. Why didn’t you go after him? This unsettling feeling was making your stomach churn. You were so far from him now, and from the looks of it, it didn’t seem like Jungkook was going to be letting you back in anytime soon. Maybe he wasn’t going to let you back in at all.

You sigh with disappointment, hoping he would say something a little more than just apologizing for not showing up yesterday, and telling you not to be late for class. You spin on your heel and begin to trek with complete utter lack of motivation to your classroom.

“Excuse me… Can you help me?”

You turn around to look behind you to see a tall brown haired boy with a black snapback. He was more or less the same height as Jungkook, but maybe thinner in comparison. You tilted your head to look at him a little bit closer. He wore a simple black sweatshirt with a dark blue backpack swung over his right shoulder.

“Yeah?” You mumble, watching as he reaches down into his pocket to pull out a crumbled piece of paper. He quickly unfolds it and to much of your surprise, it’s a schedule print out. “Oh, did you need help looking for a class?” You quickly ask. He nods and gives you a boxy smile.

“I’m sorry, this is my first day transferring here. I don’t know the classrooms and the buildings all too well yet. I’m hoping you could help me find this class here? I’m not even sure if I’m in the right building…” He points with his long slender fingers towards the center of the paper and you move slightly closer to him to take a proper look. You almost swore you heard him swallow; maybe you were too close to him and it made him uncomfortable? You licked your lips and consciously took a step away before smiling back up at him.

“I’m actually in the same class as you believe it or not. I’m heading there now so we can go together if you’d like.” You assure him and he nods.

“Thank you, you’re a life saver.”

“I’m Y/N, by the way.” You hold out your hand to him and you notice the slight hesitation in his eyes. Just as you were about to pull your hand away, he reaches out and takes your hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze.


SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.2

Okay for starters…I made Y/BF/N Jamie because I’m typing this on my phone and typing Y/BF/N is annoying lmaoo sorry. And the anon who originally requested this has asked me to focus this mainly on black girls/POC, so I’m extra hyped.

Also I honestly think I might make this a series? The beautiful and most talented Gabby (@lukeysgirlkinda inspired me to, but I didn’t have a prompt. Might also steal her idea of a new chapter every 100 notes…what do you guys think?

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SixteenSeventeen/ EighteenNineteen/Twenty{END}

You checked over your outfit once more in the full body mirror before walking carefully down the stairs. You’ve had more than one encounter attempting to run down the stairs before someone reached your house and it always ended badly.

“You look so pretty!” Jamie grinned as she turned around on the couch to see you.

“All I did was my hair and makeup, Jamie. I have on shorts and a shirt.”

“Can’t ever take a compliment.” She rolled her eyes playfully.“ What time is Calum coming?”

You checked the time on your phone before answering,“Any minute now.”

“You’re excited, aren’t you? I mean there’s a hot, young Australian who wants to be your sugar daddy. How much better can life get?”

“I don’t know. I’m not a sexual person, Jamie, how am I just going to be there at his every beckoning call?”

“You’ll do it, trust me.” She laughed, her smile widening when she heard someone knock on the door.

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