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WAIT Whaaaa? The boys have kissed each other before? Whennnnnn I need deetsss and receipts 😆

When Jimin wanted to kiss JK

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When Jhope and Jimin where faking making out (Look at the hands and head movements)

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We still don’t know to this day what JK was doing here

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Or when V suddenly had to kiss JK’s ear 

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That time when you could hear the screams of ARMYs from the moon because

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When V was kissed by Jimin and he liked it

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And when Rapmon was kissed by Jin and he loved it

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BUT THE BEST ONE, THE REAL ONE, THE PASSIONATE ONE, Is when Jhope and V kissed for real (while suga was shipping it) 

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BONUS: Jungkook and suga are all of us (two types of ARMYs)

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May this post make your ship kiss 

I understand how “women and femmes” caught on, because there was a desire to describe a group of people associated through the general lens of womanhood/misogyny/lesbianism when some of those people are non-binary or otherwise not strictly identified as women

But the thing is:

1) this usage distances the word femme from it’s specifically lesbian connotation and history

2) and it alienates butch and gnc women by the implicit association of womanhood and femininity (this, when the phrase is not explicitly used in an argument that ‘masculine people’ exert power over ‘feminine people’)

and like… ultimately it’s an incredibly lazy, vague shorthand that does not really represent a cohesive group of people yet somehow still manages to throw a ton of women and nb woman-aligned people under the bus because they don’t fall under some bullshit umbrella of feminity

Chapter 50 Eremin Meta/ Theory/Headcanon

So, first, I’ve got to say that I’m really, really, really busy. I’ve got a graduation thesis to finish until next week, so I really can’t do much over here. Btw, I’m so glad Eremin Month and Ex0’s comeback will be after I’m done with that damn thesis, but anyway, let’s get to the topic.

First, I’ve got to say that I didn’t watch the last three or four episodes of Season 2 (I really don’t remember where I stopped, that’s how crazy I am over everything I have to do). In any case, I knew that the chapter 50 episode would come out one of these weeks, and I checked the Eremin tag because, well, I wanted a sneak-peak of how bad it would be. Well, from what I’ve seen, it was bad indeed.

So, I grabbed my volume 12 and went to look again at the scene, just to soothe myself a little (or to scream over how baffling this whole thing is, whichever you prefer), and I noticed something.

Mika.sa starts talking and Ere.n looks at Armi.n, we all know it. But then, Mika.sa says the following:

Ere.n is looking at her, alright? Look how cute this Ere//Mika moment is. We can’t deny that it is touching, though I can’t look at it with shipper eyes. Anyway, then, in the next page, we have this:

I don’t think it’s too clear in this image, but in my printed version is it clear enough to me. I’ll point it out:

Mika.sa says she’s thankful for Eren being with her and she says “Thank you for teaching me how to live”, as you can see above. Then, Ere.n is looking at her, but in the last panel we have here, you can see that he tilts his body AND face towards Ar.min, while Mika.sa’s back is facing Ar.min, which means Ere,n isn’t looking at her. I’m not here to belittle Mika.sa’s and Ere;n’s relationship. What I wanted to say is: Ere.n hears what Mika.sa says and looks at Ar.min. My shipper goggles say it’s not coincidence. Let’s see why:

From what we’ve seen, Isa.yama has emphasized time and time again that it was Ar.min who has shown Ere.n a new perspective of life, and, from there, Ere.n has a goal in life, he’s not living meaninglessly. Ar.min was responsible for that, and it is explicitly said in the manga more than once. I’ll just throw here one of these moments, so people who don’t pay enough attention won’t say I’m delusional (and because I’m never tired of this scene):

So, what does this all mean? Well, after Mika.sa said that Ere.n taught her how to live, he looks at Ar.min. Coincidence? My shipper goggles say no. What I take from this is: Ere.n looks at Ar.min because, in his case, Ar.min is the one he’s thankful for teaching him how to live, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But this is just a theory to make me feel better about that damn anime, my headcanon. If anyone agrees, great; If not, it’s okay, but if you come to throw shit at me, well, I don’t have time to discuss, but if I had, I have an arsenal of receipts to throw at anyone who comes saying eremin isn’t all that.

Hope we can all overcome this and that Isa;yama proves us again, as he always does, how important they are to each other.

To all freelance artists or anyone who freelances anything

You have a union.

There you can learn some stuff about freelancing and even find medical and dental care. It is super important to know what you can get. Remember, being an artist IS a job! You are your own manager, so you have to treat yourself like one!!!

If you are freelance you qualify for a lot of things. This includes tax cuts on your rent… (if you work from home. You might qualify, you might not. Doesn’t hurt to check!!!!)

If you make over a certain amount of money a year as a freelancer, you have to pay taxes, but be sure to make sure you can get those deductions!!!

Other ways to get deductions is to donate! So be sure to go donate to Goodwill or something, old clothes/books/things… and get a receipt. Anything helps!!

I just wanted to be sure people know about this cause it is amazing.

If you do want to get started with freelance, there are a lot of books to help you get started. 


Those are just a couple of books I like that help me. 

There will be a lot of naysayers who tell you this work doesn’t pay off. That they tried and it failed. MOST BUSINESSES FAIL IN TWO YEARS!!! If you honestly love your work, have a passion for it, and really REALLY FUCKING WORK HARD… You can do it.



But like anything anyone does, it will pay off.

Nothing worth having in life comes easy. 

Just remember that kiddos. I hope this post helps someone.

-Pigeon mod 

Rian Johnson was very adamant about having a woman of color playing the character to “subvert expectations”. His pick was Rodriguez from the get-go, but something didn’t gel there at all with anyone else but him. Kathleen Kennedy’s favorite was Bel Powley. KMT didn’t come into the fray until a little later.
—  casting. not a surprise, but I thought you might want receipts in case KK comes rolling round trying to claim KMT as a diversity win for herself/Lucasfilm. no no no, we know who to thank, and it’s Rian for fighting and Kelly Marie Tran for being fucking amazing. also no Gina Rodriguez? I feel cheated
I'm pregnant not stupid

I work at a lovely Inn of such high Quality and I work the 11pm- whenever the lovely morning person decides to show (suppose to be 7am but hey ya know what does it matter if you show up at 8 or 9).
Now honestly I love customer service I honestly do, interacting with people is awesome but I’ll be damned if some people don’t need duct tape over their pie holes or a “asshole alert” to ring when they show up. Really the main things are as follow:
1. If you don’t have a valid (nonexpired) DL I can’t check you in, no we can’t take passports instead.
2. Yes the pool is closed along with the workout room, yes I know you’re upset but don’t yell at me because the owner hasn’t taken the few minutes to update the website which you didn’t even know existed till you left a bad review this morning.
3. When I ask if you want a paper copy or email copy of your receipt that does not mean sit there and say “yes” while texting on your phone, FFS PUT IT DOWN FOR THE 2 MINUTES IT TAKES FOR ME TO CHECK YOU OUT.
4. We have the continental breakfast, the restaurant that is attached is not affiliated with us expect for sharing the restrooms.
5. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m unable to do my job, don’t sit there and try to tell my manager that I shouldn’t be working I’m trying hard enough to be kept on schedule as is.
6. If you see me put the coffee out do not sit there and try to BS me that it’s cold already YOU JUST WATCHED ME PUT IT OUT.
7. No I won’t give you a free upgrade because of the pool being out and you didn’t pay attention when I told you as you checked in, you already signed the agreement that’s not on me because you can’t listen.
8. I’m polite because I have to be, don’t mistake that as flirtiness and make comments how “if I were your husband I’d lock you up and keep you to myself” that’s creepy, period.
9. Do not proceed to stare at me and watch me work then get offended when I ask if you need something 3 times in a row because it’s part of the job and you’re making me uncomfortable.
10. Unless you’re a regular I’m not going to know you or what “the last person” did for you because I’m not them, and quite frankly I won’t give a damn even after you tell me.
11. You’re more likely to get things sooner if you say please or actually tell me you need something, otherwise don’t think I can read your mind then complain in the morning. I tell you right away as I check you in if you need something let me know (this also means don’t get a big creeper smile and say “Can I have you?” As you walk away. I will promptly be shuddering and hiding from you every time I see you.
12. Don’t. EVER. Snap your fingers and whistle at me if I’m in the middle of something. I will not respond even once you start with “hey, yo, are you deaf?” Because I’m petty and how hard is it to say “excuse me” really?
13. Yes I will take the front desk bell away from your child who is pounding on it, no I will not apologize when they start crying because you didn’t teach them manners.
14. Great you know the owner so do i, but the price is set and it’s not my call to change it but feel free to email oh wait you said she? Yeah no wrong hotel buddy.
15. (Coworkers) Just do your job. Please don’t call me in telling me it’s a medical emergency then let me hear you laughing about it to the manager cause now if you call and it is an emergency, buckle up buckaroo cause I won’t be answering my phone.

These are just a few of them that I wanted off my chest.

Ok so I’m adding to the “tea spilling”

I hate to do this because I’ve stepped away from the fandom and really am just fed up with it. And in light of the kind of stunts they are running right now - this is the last straw. I have been sitting on a story from my friend (I’m posting this for her. And she previously wanted me to keep it private but she gave me permission to post it.) I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS NOT MY STORY - MY friend gave me permission to post it. Please respect me and do not ask me who it is. She is not famous so it doesn’t matter who she is. This will be my last post about 1D for a long time if even forever. Because this fandom is NOT healthy. But anyway here’s the story (I won’t answer asks about it because I’m not posting it for the attention on me.) It’s a receipt that UAs deceive and contribute to damage control. Also if they tweet random shit about Larry or anything really that’s out of place like there’s prolly a reason why even if nobody is talking about anything in particular.

Now my friend was telling me and a group of friends about this little incident clubbing. It was in May in LA (it would have had to be May 9th? Because I tweeted the 10th about last night Calvin fucked up which I’m gonna add later.) that time Louis went clubbing with Calvin, Oli and Liam. It’s nothing incriminating to Louis OR Harry’s sexuality. BUT my friend’s friend went clubbing with them that night (the one night Liam was with them.) My friend told me that that her friend told her that Calvin was trying to get these girls to go back to the hotel where Oli, Calvin, etc were staying at and he was SO smashed and he was saying that the guys will be there and that they should come back with them and then backtracked to say that Louis wouldn’t be there because he’s staying at Harry’s. Now my friends and I didn’t really know if this was true but nonetheless we got a kick out of it and (I have a couple screencaps of tweets I sent out about the situation.) TO WHICH THIS GETS BETTER:

SO the next day 1DAlerts comes online to say they’re pretty sure Louis was staying with FRIENDS not Harry. Pretty convenient, eh? Nobody understood why they tweeted this. Because I mean aside from the normal chatter like NOBODY was tweeting about this story which is the MOST hilarious part! “Obviously….”

So here are my receipts:

If you see my tweets shading the situation are timestamped a couple hours BEFORE their tweet. And even better another friend of mine posted shading them for covering up when his friend fucks up and they called her crazy and were just “stating their opinion” They didn’t even mention the UA by name or the people involved :’)  The funniest bit is we all were sitting on this and they really just confirmed the story to us when they were trying to cover it up… And no that one I’m replying to on these screencaps don’t know anything and is not my friend in this story so don’t harass them about this. I will not be divulging who it is. So again PLEASE respect and don’t ask who it is. I don’t wanna send out 18237429847289 replies saying no. It’s just gonna be a blanketed no.

Customer from Hell

This happened about 2 months ago. I work at a small local gas station that has one of the only car washes for about 30 minutes in any direction. It breaks CONSTANTLY. I mean some days we get people in every 20-30 minutes complaining about all different things - the credit card reader won’t work, it isn’t taking cash, it isn’t giving change, it didn’t fully rinse/dry my car, yada yada. Problem is, we the cashiers can’t get into it to do anything, only managers & assistant managers know the codes.

So this one Saturday it was me and one other girl in the deli (we’ll call her M) and one customer, who was M’s ex. No managers (everything usually goes pretty smooth on weekends). The car wash hadn’t been giving receipts that day and the car wash kiosk and the reg. aren’t connected so I can’t print receipts from inside the store. Most people accept this. A customer came in and said there was a guy sitting in his car in front of the car wash entrance refusing to move because it didn’t print a receipt, so I told him unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do. He goes back outside and less than a minute later another guy comes in, come up to the counter and demands a car wash receipt. I told him sorry, I can’t print receipts from the car wash and this fucker immediately demand that I call the police. I was instantly confused - the police? Over a receipt? But yep, he was serious, just stood there saying ‘I want the police here and I want a receipt and I want them now’. When I opened my mouth to offer other solutions (I didn’t want to call the cops over a receipt, that seems like overkill), he cut me off before I could even say anything and started attacking my personal appearance (I have a septum piercing), telling me to 'take that shit out of my nose’ and implying my piercings made me shitty at my job.

M’s ex had come up to stand behind the guy after he heard him demand the cops and at this point spoke up and told him to leave me alone, to calm down. He pretty much ignored him and then started saying he needed another CAR WASH, to which I replied I could give him another one, for no charge, but it still wouldn’t be the receipt from the car wash he had JUST purchased. He started going on about how it was convenient that NOW I could help him (because he was asking for something different than before). M came up from the deli counter to stand behind me and told him off for yelling at me, saying I was doing my best and it wasn’t my fault shit doesn’t work in the store. They got into an argument and within a minute M told him he was being an asshole and needed to leave the store.

And he reached across the counter and smacked her!

This asshole came in demanding something we couldn’t give to him and then got so mad when we said no that he actually slapped my coworker across the face! And not a light slap either, she hit her head on our lottery dispenser.

M’s ex was still standing behind him and immediately dropped his stuff and punched this guy in the face, knocking him out cold. Which would have been about 100% more satisfying if he hadn’t smacked M first. I then had to call the cops and report an assault and they were totally cool about it, turns out there’s something actually wrong with that guy and he has run-ins with the local police all the time. He’s now banned from all the stores.

Talked with my coworker who’s been with this company for 22 YEARS and he said he’d never seen or heard of anything like that happening at the store before.

First time for everything, I guess.

the worst possible thing that happened to me right when I finished training

Customer: I want to return something

Me: alright! Do you have the receipt?

Customer: no.

Me: no problem, do you have the credit card you used to purchase the item?

Customer: no.

Me: can I see the item?

Customer: no.

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: I don’t have it. I threw it out. It didn’t work.

Me: I can’t give you a refund for an item you don’t have anymore, ma'am.

Customer: then let me speak to a manager.


Stelena + Stefan’s Stare req. by anon

“"Every time Stefan STARES at her she ends up on her back or on a counter or in a deep kiss" - receipts? Please, is for research”.

It’s funny because a while ago I posted a link to Aldis Hodge and Jurnee Smollet-Bell discussing the romantic chemistry they have to portray between their characters through the gazes they share and then they were talking about how they had to figure out certain gazes and how to distinguish them during any given scene. When I made this gifset I was like, so what Stefan stare do I want to show receipts for because Stefan can STARE at Elena with intense vulnerability and they kiss because of it, Stefan can STARE at Elena with giddiness and they can make out because of it, but then I was like, nah I was talking about Stefan’s “So we’re about to have sex” STARE, that’s the one I need to show receipts for. Voila.

*not all of the gifs are mine*