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M - Move // Taemin

I - Ice Cream Cake // Red Velvet

N - Not Today // BTS

T - Trauma // SEVENTEEN

Y - Young and Free // Xiumin, Mark

B - Boomerang // EXO

A - All Night // Girls’ Generation

E - Exodus // EXO

K - KoKoBop // EXO

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Are you excited for the Nightwing movie that's coming out in 2018?

Sorta. Yes because first off NIGHTWING and secondly the director said the actor was going to be doing stunts and shit and he didn’t want to use a lot of CGI so it will be super realistic and I love that. No because DC movies don’t have a track record of being a great (I mean Wonder Woman is AMAZING but overall). Plus I really don’t want to hear what MCU only fans will say about it because they seem to think every Marvel movie is amazing and nothing will compete with them when most of the Marvel movies are only average.

“I want a mainstream comedy show that doesn’t resort to homophobia/transphobia/racism/sexism/ableism for its jokes and is actually funny”

“I want a show where a gay, black person is in a position of power and is good at what they do” 

“I want a show that addresses racism, homophobia, and sexism in a respectful manner while also being funny and lighthearted overall”

“I want a show with a diverse cast and characters that aren’t cheap stereotypes” 

“I want a show that addresses the issues with our justice system, including high incarceration rates, police brutality, and racism.” 

“I want a comedy show with actual plot and characters that I’ll get attached to.”

I thought itd be fun to draw the kids all grown up haha so heres this lineup while i work on the finished pics of them

Au Masterpost

In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!


A lineup of the Persona 5 cast.

I had a lot of trouble drawing these characters in my style while trying to stay in line with how they looked in the source material, but overall I think it turned out okay.

I really wanted to get rid of a certain someone so everyone could have their own part of the title, but he’s on the cover of the game and art book so I felt compelled to include him.

Don’t be fooled by his peaceful appearance- he’s probably playing the spongebob campfire song™ on repeat


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


gif request meme: @blufeniix asked favorite familial relationship + Uncharted
 Sully, Nate, & Elena


Finally took pictures! This is my completed “Wheel of Sacrifice” skirt from the Suffering Game arc of The Adventure Zone! 

It was my first time making a skirt, a waistband, a sash, and inserting a zipper- this whole skirt was full of firsts!
It was a lot of fun, though painting on the symbols by hand did get a little tiring at times. 

What’s more, you might recognize some of the symbols as being from the TAZ Animated Opening - the Cat Skull, Clock/Hourglass, and Eye with Knife symbols all belong to @teamrtist and @skinnymister who kindly allowed me to use them on my skirt.

I’ll make a close-up post of all the symbols in a moment, so look out for that!
You can find them HERE!


Forgotten/Cut characters of Game of Thrones + Tumblr textposts


I wanted to see if Koogi had any overall changes in her artstyle, so I did this. I’m not sure if it was worth it, but:

- Sangwoo’s eyebrows went to utter shit after chapter 2
- Chapter 1 and 2 could have pretty much been drawn by an entirely different artist, the style is REALLY different
- Bum is scared/shocked 110% of the time, I can’t blame him
- Sangwoo’s neck keeps getting thicker and thicker, also he seems to be getting more and more muscular

Overall, Sangwoo has changed a lot, but Bum’s pretty much the same.

Request for Anon who wanted something for the Victuuri couple with a theme of wedding or domestic bliss. Wedding with Minako-sensei gunning for that bouquet while Yurio’s feeling grouchy as always. And Makkachin is too important to leave out in Victor and Yuri’s wedding.

I thought about going in with strong color but I also wanted to show softness so this one’s an overall experimental piece… hopefully, it worked out.