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what band merch do you own like wats your fav stuff

i like the …. other stuff.. Like for panic i really like the flag, and i have the naked xmas mug from a few years ago, the choker, i have some buttons that arent Official but I enjoy them, and if they have the pop up shop again here i Really want that lighter.. i also have the fob flag and a paramore bracelet, but aside from clothes i don’t really have that much merch ! and i don’t even really wear my clothing merch that much anymore at least not my tshirts

edit: i do have a lot of posters, surpisingly somewhat a lot of signed posters, not all panic

summer fun trash crew.

that tank top was jack’s, he made wilhelm wear it. they also make wilhelm carry all their stuff. the two scoop cone is jack’s too, if you were not tipped off by the mess of sprinkles.

Torturing Starter Pack
  • “Hush now. It’s not that bad.”
  • “I’m only doing this because i love you!”
  • “Does that gag need to be tighter?”
  • “Make another sound and I’ll shoot you right here!”
  • “Have fun chewing your food with no teeth!”
  • “Is that blindfold too tight?…”
  • “Stop squirming!”
  • “Do you want to keep your other eye?!”
  • “You would NEVER understand my reasoning..”
  • “Hate is a strong word, but.. It’s not stronger than my steel pipe, is it?”
  • “Don’t be scared.. The cage will eventually feel like home, it’s okay…”
  • “Cry for me! Beg for me!”
  • “You’re NEVER leaving ALIVE!”
  • “I’m sorry, your highness, do you want lighter chains?”
  • “You’ll NEVER escape!”
  • “Do you think i like this?! You couldn’t be more right!”

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So It’s November 1st but I’m not ready to say goodbye to Halloween X) Plus the suggestion was just-so-cute! I made them as kids as I said, and also as if they’re about to perform for a Halloween party haha. Thank you, Anon!

Like honestly I just want season four to be….lighter? Have more hope? I know they only have 6 (or possibly 2) months to live but damn, give me some fluff? This past season was so dark with all the killing and shit….like, give Clarke a haircut? Let Miller stumble across a chicken and nurture it? Let Bellamy laugh? Let Murphy continue being a sarcastic ass to everyone besides Emori? Let Octavia jump in a river and cleanse her soul? Have Raven not be in pain for a change (and none of that fake happy CoL bullshit)? Let Monty and Jasper do their handshake thingy? Make Jaha season one Jaha? Let Abby have sexytime with Kane? Give Jackson a few more lines besides “Abby, we need you in medical”? And for the love of all that is good, somebody mention Wells.

Dance Lessons

Finally, this fic from hell is finished! I wanted to do something a little lighter since the only two pieces I’ve written so far have been pretty angsty. I want to thank @noctigar for helping me through this crazy time and giving me a little piece to work with. Without further adieu, I give you Dance Lessons

AO3 Link here

“Let’s try again,” Luna insisted. She released Noctis’ hand and stepped away to restart the music. Her heels clicked against the polished ballroom floor. Each click echoed against the walls. She restarted the music and quickly returned to her position as the intro filled the air.

“Loosen up,” she said with a small smile.

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Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 2,373

Written For: @thetourguidebarbie [fic giveaway #3]

Pansy meets him on the very first day of junior high.

Her summer sunburn is peeling off the freckled tops of her shoulders, and her hair is freshly cut, sleek and slightly stiff with baby-pink glitter, and Draco Malfoy—who now smells like mocha Frappuccinos and the Hugo Boss counter at Nordstrom—is red-cheeked and haughty and furious as he calls Harry Potter ‘four-eyes’ in front of their entire morning-block math class.

And it isn’t a particularly funny, or witty, or clever insult, but Pansy still giggles like it’s the best thing she’s ever heard.

Draco smirks.

Potter glances at her like she’s an insect.


Draco breaks up with her at the eighth-grade dance.

It’s humiliating, and she’s shrill and breathless and a little hysterical as she pours most of a can of Diet Coke all over the front of his ugly mauve and green Express button-down; instantly, he’s pouting, glaring at her like she’s the one who’s betrayed him, and she spins on her too-high platform stilettos before stomping out of the badly lit assembly room and heading blindly for the very last place anyone would think to search for her.

The soccer field.

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a tribute to jumin han and v’s friendship

k i just need to talk about jumin han’s friendship with v because i’m procrastinating it’s really compelling and beautiful and i was ranting at @thatchoppylass​ about it, i’d skip reading this if you don’t want spoilers for any of the routes, secret endings, and a minor spoiler for Zen’s after ending… also this got sad while i was writing it which I guess was inevitable so i’m sorry about that. if you only want the lighter happier bits then stop reading at the point that starts by talking about jaehee’s route. this got really long aaaa

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Before everything changes,
I want to remember joy in how
my sister throws herself on me
as a sort of wake up call.
I want her laughter in spite of
all the things for which we cried,
I want her insolence and her grin.

I want my father to grow a garden
and to talk to the plants, like he
used to do when we were little.
I want to inherit the dumbcane
that he inherited from his father,
which he swears can hold back
the worst of all evil eyes.

I want the fondness my mother
keeps on the lines of her forehead,
how there’s no vanity in her,
how she would give us her heart
and her lungs and her hands,
if we ever asked for them.

I want you to know that
I was able to write, today.

The month is a countdown, but
the days have gotten lighter.
Before the end, I want to go back
to all the reasons why I’m here,
why I’ll close my eyes tonight
and the ghosts that will come
will say, “Again. Try again.”
—  Memory serves me right (LM)

If there’s one thing that I really, really want to happen in “Berserk”, it is for those three to finally have something good and happy to happen to them in their lives. 

Personally, I fully endorse the theory that the moon boy is Guts’ and Casca’s son, and at present the only thing that could convince me otherwise is if Miura explicitly confirmed that it’s not so. 

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So, 2016 is finally ending and while overall I believe it was a shitty, shitty, shitty year for basically everybody, there were a few things and people here who made things easier, funnier and lighter for me, so I wanted to say thank you to all of you. For being there. For creating such quality content to follow. For making me laugh and cry and think, and for making me want to be a better person (I swear I’m trying). I hope 2017 goes easier on all of us, but especially you, you wonderful people. 

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