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Emmerdale Live and Organized - July 26, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday! Let’s see what is going on in the village today!

Alright, people. Seriously. Who is driving the Range Rover? Let’s keep the guessing game going! (I’m seriously interested in knowing.)

Rhona & the Crew

Vanessa and Marlon are so going to screw this all up.

Paddy, you can’t do this. Oh god, all of Rhona’s crew is going to screw this up for her. I like Paddy figured it out.

Come on. Help them out Pierce’s mom! (I don’t remember her name. Sorry.)

Vanessa. NO. STOP IT. This isn’t the way. I assume it’s illegal to lie on the stand in the UK too.

Pierce is smiling, and I want to kick him in the head with my high heels.

The Marlon testimony seems circumstantial. Same with Vanessa. It’s witness testimony that could be thrown out easily. I’m great at hiding how I feel on the outside. Pierce can be the same. This feels like a waste of time for the courts and makes Rhona look bad on purpose.

Does one get a wig after they graduate from law school or is there a store one goes too? Just wondering.

Vanessa fell apart. Oh god. *Bubble wrap comes out*

The White Family

Why is Chrissie ok with Belle now? What did the show do with Chrissie White?

I hate liking Belle and Lachlan together. Mostly because I know Lachlan is on his way out. Also Lachlans history. I don’t know. I’m confused.

Gerry is now on the outs with Lachlan? Hmmmm…interesting.

Oh. Gerry. Why are they fighting now? Did I miss something? I thought they were good.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH CHRISSIE? She isn’t warm. She isn’t happy? What the hell?


Victoria. Shut up.  Why trust anything Rebecca says?  Robert is trying now. Getting it together. He isn’t allowed to grieve the end of this relationship? What is Robert allowed to do anymore? SERIOUSLY. Back off Robert. #RobertSugdenProtectionSquad

Why is Victoria so obsessed with Rebecca? I mean, she is sacrificing her own brother for someone she doesn’t know and someone that hurt her good friend Aaron. What is going on there? Is something going to break there or are they ruining a long-standing character for a universally hated one? Bad move. Fix it. Now. Victoria is still likable, don’t go too far with this show. Not for a character that isn’t worth it. Rebecca isn’t worth anything.

Robert! Honey. There is so much more happening here. It doesn’t all fall down to you. Believe it or not. You both fucked up royally this year. *pulls out bubble wrap*

You know…the more Robert takes all the blame for everything the more I think something else is being set up. Robert is punishing himself for creating a setback for Aaron. Robert punishing himself for “sleeping” with Rebecca. Robert punishes himself for all the pain in the situation. Something has to break at some point. God, my heart.

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

The Theory Lives. Pass it On. 

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As usual, ignore the message boards. Be good to each other. Breathe. Reboot. Eat a Snickers.

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!


whoa! I’m actually really surprised by something! I tried to dye this wig awhile ago for a different cosplay, and i didn’t think it worked at all, i saw no change, but you can actually see some of the blue pigment coming through in high res photos! thats really cool ;-; 

first lon’qu photos back! this was my favorite cosplay of the con, I’m really excited to get more stuff back, especially because i accidentally smiled in some of them, and i want to see if they’ll show up or not :^D 

photos by Kevin Li 

I want you
With your chapstick, coffee and glasses;
I want you
With your lipstick, dress, and heels.
I want you
In your tears and your frustration;
I want you
In your smiles and your laughter.
I want you
On the days where you sleep in and only get up to lay around all day;
I want you
On the days where you rise at dawn and don’t stop moving until the sun goes down.
I want you
When, “Really, everything’s okay,” but you are not;
I want you
When you can’t stop laughing, even though the joke was made hours ago.
I want you
Surrounded by flowers, on spring and summer days;
I want you
Surrounded by fallen leaves, on autumn and winter days.
I want you
At the times when you feel your best;
I want you
At the times when you feel your worst.
I want you
Through rain or shine, or both at the same time.
I want you when everything goes according to plan;
I want you in the nonsense.
Oh, darling - I want every bit of you, always.
—  I will write love letters to myself || 04/17 E. scre4mingsunshine 


these are just some cute lil kitten heels i wanted my sims to have! i’m really new at meshing so please forgive me if something is wrong :’-( please enjoy!!

  • comes in 12 neutral swatches from a palette I like to call “the only colours I would wear in real life”
  • do not include the mesh when recolouring
  • has a custom catalog thumbnail
  • please don’t claim as your own :-(


While Nightmare is officially unable to change between his corrupted and non-corrupted form freely, it’s a popular headcanon that he can. One day, I was just like… “I kinda want to come up with an actual design for his ‘non-corrupted but still corrupted’ version,” if that makes any sense.

Then this drawing happened.

If you’re wondering why his eyes are cyan, it’s because they’re supposed to be the same color as they are when he’s corrupted. I like to imagine that they actually changed colors when he first turned into his other form.

Okay I remember that post that went around for a while about how artists aren’t always going around drawing the object of their desire and so Steve wouldn’t necessarily have whole sketchbooks devoted to Bucky and now I’m just thinking about Bucky always posing and stretching and trying to look Very Art-able so that Steve will draw him and Steve being completely oblivious and like “wtf Bucky why are you standing like that lol”