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Kichijoji Dake ga Sumitai machi desu ka?

So I found a really awesome manga today???

It’s called “Kichijoji dake ga sumitai machi desu ka?” or, roughly, “The only town you want to live in is Kichijoji?” and is by Maki Hirochi

It’s about two sisters who work do real estate in Kichijoji, Tokyo

They’re both fat girls, but as far as I can tell so far, they aren’t fetishized or are the butt of a joke???

They’re both super cute, and drawn proportionally and realistically, seriously I can’t think of the last time I saw a manga with fat girls as the main characters/protagonists, or if I EVER have period. 



Also the stories are all just really sweet, it’s basically just the sisters helping people who come to their real-estate agency find the perfect home, like, it’s really cute and sweet and good? 

Also it has a live-action drama going on rn which is super exciting!

Basically, I don’t know if this story will get more popular or if the manga will get an English translation, but I was just super hyped about this and wanted to share ~ <3


I’m so glad to have these two drama queens part of my team.

pjo theatre au

have some theatre au headcanons because it is that time of the year again and ya girl nia is in Theatre Hell™

  • Piper basically lives in the theatre ok aside from volunteering at her local animal shelter sometimes she doesn’t have a life outside of this
  • She is the Drama Queen. Head Thespian.
  • imagine every theatre stereotype you’ve ever heard. that is piper.
  • Jason is literally that kid who remembers everything. He’s memorized the script, all the blocking, all the cues. h o w
  • annabeth is SM and she’s never taken a job this seriously in her entire academic career
  • if you miss a rehearsal without informing her at least two days in advance she will make it her mission to hunt you down
  • nico absolutely hates being in the spotlight but he always volunteers to work crew for a show so annabeth promotes him to ASM
  • they’re both really intimidating so you can imagine the productions the department put on are A1
  • percy was that one swimming jock who decided to give theatre a try and ended up being crazy talented
  • he performed Sante Fe for a showcase one time and everyone was moved to tea r s
  • Leo, Rachel, and Hazel are those who like to double as techies and actors
  • honestly there would probably be no set ever if they didn’t have Leo
  • Rachel is basically #1 when it comes to publicity ok she designs all the posters and t-shirts for the productions
  • she once made everyone “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” T-shirts for the hell of it
  • but when she decides to act in a production she leaves that to Hazel because boy does she immerse herself in her characters
  • She takes method acting so seriously like when she was casted as Madea she literally started a protest outside the school over the dress code
  • piper: “i’m a thespian” someone: “did you say lesbian” piper: “that too”
  • Calypso is in charge of costuming and if she doesn’t make the most beautiful intricate well put together costumes every damn time
  • Frank usually just does run crew and honestly they wouldn’t have it any other way because he can lift set pieces that would usually take like 3 ppl
  • he also goes and gets pizza for everyone during tech week thx frank
  • everyone has seen each other half naked at one point it’s not even weird anymore
  • “nico the production is over you don’t have to wear your show blacks anymore” “what are you talking about these are my normal clothes”
  • it’s a tradition to have the entire cast go out to eat after a final performance in stage makeup and all 
  • everyone in the ihop gives them strange looks
  • the employees are used to it
  • they hate them
  • glitter. glitter everywhere.
  • Antigone. Madea. Oedipus. Trojan Women. Heracles. all sold out.
  • Greek plays are just their specialty lol no one’s sure why
  • once piper and percy convinced half the department to stand on the side of road at a busy intersection and bucket fundraise
  • they also ran around a nearby parking lot for a Wal-Mart and put their show flyers in the windshields of parked cars
  • leo almost got hit by a car twice
  • their director made them run laps when they found out but it was fcking worth it
  • a pre-show tradition they always do is to have everyone drink a cup of tea and then do the penguin dance
  • if you don’t know what the penguin dance is i’m referring to this 
  • someone once dared leo to say the M word for 20 bucks and hE DID RIP IN PEACE
  • that day during their dress rehearsal they had a stage light fall, 3 broken props, one costume malfunction, several missed cues, and their director tripped during a blackout and split their forehead open and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches
  • Annabeth wanted to kill him lol it took Nico Percy and Piper to hold her back

i think we should all agree rn to make april 7 completely drama free. i rly want harry to see overwhelming support and love, not fighting so even if people are being nasty let’s just drown them out by screaming about how proud we are of H and not give them the attention that they want

I know we all want a group comeback and are always waiting an extended amount of time for that. Though, we can appreciate the girl’s solo activities rn?

Victoria’s is popping over in China and I know that seems to get in the way of ot4 activities but Vic truly is doing her thang over there. She’s filmed dramas, movies and had a special dance stage on a show (I believe for NYE). Plus, her recent topless cover for breast cancer A++. I take that one to heart.

Amber with her ranting monkey show, recent cfs (that involves women empowerment), and show appearances here and there. Not to mention, we ALL know she’s constantly working on new material for us. That’s what she does has a songwriter and we should never forget that. Lastly, the total Sm station domination × cross roads releases last year.

Luna’s talents earned her a spot in a recent collaboration and she just launched her “Girl’s Can Do Anything” underwear for a FANTASTIC CAUSE! Not to mention her casual charity work in general. She has also had her share in acting for a web drama and musical last year. Not to mention her awesome album release + killing it with Amber in Sm station last year.

Then our beloved Krystal, who’s really came into her own the past 2 years. She has revealed her art exhibition with a beautifully haunting song and art flim. I also read she even won something for it on Sm’s Facebook page??? Then obviously her solo that’s happening that’s she been preparing for us.

Whenever we feel tired of waiting or fed up; Let’s try and remember these great things! I encourage anyone to add more to this post or even in the tags!

anonymous asked:

you can answer this in tags if you want because i'm not saying this to cause drama or be an asshole at all i'm just genuinely curious and trying to wrap my mind around everything- but if harry is getting "reborn" or presenting a "rebirth" to everyone then.. how does that coincide with him going back to 1d ever? like that feels a lot different than niall who was like "hey i did a tune, hope you like it!" that feels like superstardom. (again, not being sarcastic or snappy i'm feeling very :/ rn)

Niall was reborn as a solo artist when he increased his visibility and social media presence and dropped a song and one mic video out of nowhere. Louis was reborn as an EDM artist when he dropped his collab with Steve. Liam will be reborn as an RNB artist it seems. Harry is just being more literal and artistic about it.

They all have gone about things a bit differently but none would go back to 1D as the same artists they were before. Not even as the same people. Why is it only Harry striving for success (as they all are) that’s a threat to people?


cece: anyway..asshole…what abt matty. hes single now…….time 2 swoop in 

blue: ummmn…… i ……dont……think….i am …….confident enough

cece: ur gonna ask him out rn. text him rn!!!!!!!!!!

blue: NO OMFG!!! R U kidding me omfg

cece: ok ill do it then gimme ur phone. idt u want me to do it >:-)

blue: N O

cece: either u do it or i do it. from ur phone, from my phone, i will do it

blue: OMFG ur a witch omfg im gonna DO IT FIne ;_;

anonymous asked:

Hcs for Sasuke finding out that Itachi has a wife and kids tucked away in like a secluded area in the woods or smth? What does he do with the info? If he meets them after Itachi's death, how does he behave? Thx so much!


•Sasuke is of course shocked. He doesn’t know how to feel about it at first. Maybe he’s angry? Maybe he’s relieved? Maybe he’s happy? Like wow, he has nieces and nephews. A sister-in-law. The kids have Uchiha blood. He’s not the only Uchiha left wow. How does he feel????

•Assuming he knew about the truth behind Itachi’s death already, and he doesn’t hold any of that animosity for Itachi anymore, Sasuke won’t treat the wife and kids with any hostility

•If they didn’t already know the news of Itachi’s death, Sasuke would break it to the wife in private. Like, it all depends on the context. Do the kids know they’re Itachi Uchiha’s children? Or did the wife keep it from them to protect them? Does the wife know why Itachi had to do what he did and abandon the village? Sasuke probably won’t fill her in if she doesn’t know. He’ll want to. He’ll want to tell her that her husband Itachi was a good man and not what Konoha painted him to be, but I just don’t think Sasuke would. Maybe that’s just me

•Sasuke might want a relationship with his niece/nephew(s). It just depends. Maybe later on once he’s dealt with his “vengeance against Konoha” deal. But I can see him wanting to be there for Uchiha children growing up without a mentor (assuming the mother wasn’t Uchiha herself)

•On the other hand, he might just leave them be. At least he knows that Itachi had a family and probably found some happiness there. Maybe Sasuke doesn’t want to get Itachi’s family involved in any drama that surrounds the village and the Uchiha massacre. So he might just drop by, see it for himself that Itachi had a family, and then be on his way. He won’t tell anyone about it. If they need help and want to relocate somewhere else then sure, Sasuke would help. He’ll even send money or supplies to them every month if they need it. But otherwise, he’ll leave them be

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i'm really sorry, but i'm gonna unfollow (at least for a little while) , because drama really stresses me out, and i can't blacklist things on mobile. i hope everything calms down soon <3

I totally understand
I want to unfollow me too rn

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'saltwaterstar' has just uploaded the acomaf pages from the colouring book and is currently working on uploading all of the pages from the acowar section - but she answered an ask and has stated that there isn't one of elucien - but there is one of Elriel !! And this just gives more proof that sjm wants the latter to be endgame and I'm so sad rn because I'm so invested in Elain and Lucien being together - there so good for each other - but with all that's been said, I don't think it'll happen.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII knew that a while ago, actually, so I have already been factoring that into my worry about it. LISTEN, IT’S GONNA BE OKAY. We know that acowar ends with the playing field open, and that’s all that matters. As has been pointed out, SJM loves drama and conflict and multiple love interests; I really think Elucien still stands every chance of being endgame in future books. AND IF THEY’RE NOT, YOU HAVE ME, AND I HAVE GOOGLE DOCS AND AO3

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Hello teyuuka-san! I'm searching something fluff drama cd with the feeling of the boy likes to kiss/glued himself over the protagonist (haha) similar feeling with Nakazawa's shikorebo. Do you have any? xD thank you so much! <3

maybe you mean like wanko type? sort of fluffy and clingy? i’m not at home rn so i can’t look through my cd box, but you might want to look through this list: http://teyuuka.tumblr.com/search/wanko

that ask was a while ago though. the most recent one is probably w darling? helloooo, 3p clingy boi what else could u ask for i’ll try to update with newer cds later :>

edit: here you go, anon, more recent clingy bois:


kare to soine is always reliable for fluff ♥

koibito vs nijigen

tsujisaki gakuen - sagami in wonderland (tsubaki/fujiwara yuuki’s track - i wouldn’t say he’s 100% clingy but he’s like senpai here senpai there so.. *w*)

riarabu [real love]

lastly… sono koi no hajimarikata vol. 1(do i call this a fluff? it’s pretty normal. he’s a clingy, easily jealous koakuma


I started watching a Korean drama by the name of Boys Over Flowers, which apparently is a manga that has been adapted into both anime and tv dramas (Japan and Korea both have a tv drama based on it).

As I’m watching, I was startled by the statement that one of the characters “developed autistic traits” ? Not the best phrasing, but I’m trying to keep in mind that translations are likely to sound a bit odd.

After looking into the character a bit, it is stated in the source material (the manga is called Hana Yori Dango) that he is said to be autistic.

I’m having mixed feelings, because it’s not the best representation, but the character is treated for the most part normally? I’m glad that it’s stated openly, and he isn’t treated any different for being autistic, but his character would pass as neurotypical, and it would be unlikely you would think he was autistic if it wasn’t pointed out in the drama?


Let me say something. This stupid abelena shippers think the “right man” is really Abel. LMFAO So the right man is not Justin -i mean the man who has done everything for Selena been years, devoted his whole world to her when they were together, he wrote all his songs to her, calling her as an inspiration, and still loves and adores her-,but real man is the man who’s with her for 3 months and the only aim of being together is to have fun and having sex? Wow, it really is so stupid … I can not believe in Selena either. If she is with Abel on this time and if they are “in love,” then why she needs to shade Justin. What is she trying to do? Now, Justin doesn’t give fuck about Selena. So what does she want? Is she wanting his attention? Really, Selena should come to herself asap. And another bullshit. Abel is a “man” but Justin is a “little boy”? Seriously? Only 4 ages between them wtf. Plus, Justin is a mature grown man, he knows what he’s doing and what he wants. Justin doesn’t have to use cigarettes, alcohol, drugs like Abel to be a “real man”. Justin is just someone who is funny and knows how to have fun. To me, Abel is not a man. But anyway … I mean, I don’t understand what Selena really is trying to do. But if she’s with another guy right now and if she doesn’t care about Justin, she should give up trying to create a drama in the meantime. And if their fans think Selena is happy, they should stop talking about Justin. This is bullshit.