i want the crest as a tattoo

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Mtl! For iwaizumi, ennoshita, asahi, bokuto, akaashi, and kuroo! I love animals, reading adventure/action novels, and actual exploring, but I don't mind lazing around, too! I dislike people who are extremely narrow-minded, roaches, and lying/liars. I don't trust easily, and if I do trust someone, it's a really heavy trust. I'm in introverted extrovert so I'm shy then outgoing. And I also have bleached dirty blonde hair and a tattoo :) also I have a pet reptile currently. (A beardie)









want one? please read through the valentine’s day event post!

— kenma (you’re so lucky to have that beardie! i really want a crested gecko or a leopard one.)


I still think it’s interesting that when designing this ship, they decorated the entire bottom of it in flowers that strongly resemble Emma’s tattoo. I mean, there’s just more petals on those than the one she has but other than that, the shape is exact. AND we saw the photo Helga posted that had Charming’s crest on it. (That have the flowers on it but also not exact to Emma’s tattoo) Maybe that was from inside the ship ya know?

Also it reminds me of Captain Shakespeare’s airship from “Stardust” and I have a lot of feelings, LOL.

I want to learn about Emma’s tattoo.

The end.

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#Supernatural TippITV Recap: 10-18 "Book of the Damned"

reviously on Supernatural, aka a limerick for missmanners62, who backed my Kickstarter campaign:

There once as an angel named Metatron,
Whose role just seemed to go on and on.
But the finale comes soon
And well before June,
One hopes that dude will be long gone.

Currently on Supernatural:

I spend about 45 seconds wondering if I accidentally tuned in to the last of Arrow. It’s all dark alleys and swords and hooded figures. Suddenly there’s Charlie Bradbury looking scared, and two guys with terrible “Cajun” accents chasing after her. One guy holds up a Compass of Evil.

The Compass of Evil points him to Charlie. She pops out of a dumpster and cuts them up a bit with a sword. The main guy wants a book in her possession. “It don’t belong to you, girl. It belongs to mah family.” Luckily, he has a family crest tattooed on his wrist in plain sight, which Charlie notices.

She spends so much time noticing it that he slaps her sword away and shoots her. Luckily, as is the case with most villains, he’s not that great a shot and only zings her a little bit. She escapes while he’s staring after her, practicing his menacing smiles instead of chasing her down.


Castiel and Metatron are on a road trip.The rain cloud that usually follows the Impala is now following the Pimpmobile. For some reason, Metatron is not tied up in the trunk, but riding shotgun. Metatron waxes annoying about a number of pop culture topics, from “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette to getting aroused by R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. What a gross, gross twerp you are, Metatron.

Castiel calls Sam, voicing his desire to kill Metatron. Sam says he should wait until he gets his grace back.

Metatron says something snarky about Dean, so Castiel punches him. I may have watched this five thousand times. It was very therapeutic.

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