i want the beard back :(

They’re Tired And They Need To Help Two Kids Out And They Probably Didn’t Drink Much Coffee

i literally do not want to look at adam until his beard grows back. keep that shitty little man 3000 miles away from me until further notice

i feel like someday wash’s helmet will end up off his head somehow and itll seem like were going to see his face except he was wearing another helmet under his helmet somehow bc apparently we can never know


Public Male Bonding. Over the weekend, a lucky fan met Richard Armitage, Lee Pace, and an unnamed friend while they were out midnight snacking on kebabs because why not. 

According to Jessi, Lee didn’t agree to a pic because he’s shy. (which is Lee-speak for “No one’s supposed to know I’m in Berlin because as far as anyone knew, I’ve been filming my new movie in New York.”) Other than that, Jessi seemed to have a lovely encounter.

My first Alfie writing. Hope I did his character justice! I went with #21.

Prompt: “I want to go back to before….” W/Alfie Solomons

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Rape.

Alfie hadn’t spoken, taken your visits or messages in three weeks. You were an emotional wreck, sitting on the floor by your bed holding a washbasin in your lap as you waited for the morning sickness to pass.

Three weeks ago you had gone into Alfie’s office, the bakery was buzzing that day as it was approaching the Jewish holiday. You were nervous, and frightened, and most of all, fearful that what you were about to tell Alfie would make him never want to see or speak to you again. And you were right. He hadn’t taken any of your messages or pleas to see him in the almost a month. He simply disregarded you.

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Anduin:“My past is coming back to haunt me”

Genn:“Seems to be a Reoccurring theme with you kid”

Anduin sighs, Head shaking “Dont know why”

Genn:“Its not really that complicated. You suffer from survivor’s guilt, you can’t get over the death of your father.”

Anduin: “This has nothing to do with my father.”

Genn: “Kid, when it comes to you everything has to do with your father. You and I are not dissimilar. Both of us are haunted by our past; And the only way to get past that is forgiving yourself”

Anduin: “Forgiving myself? For what?”

Genn: “You blame yourself, for your father’s suicide. And everything that has gone wrong since. You need to forgive yourself for your sins”

Anduin: “You say that….Like its easy”

Genn: “Its the hardest thing in this world.”


So i’m watching what episodes i can of my shows on the CW App and get to the Finale of Arrow, the latest season and thank god Slade is back and he’s not evil anymore. Played by Manu Bennett, Slade Wilson is the man of my dreams and i was so sad to see him go evil but so happy to see him on screen. For those who havent seen it Slade acts as a mentor figure helping Oliver survive before a run in with a super soldier serum makes him a paranoid rage induced crazy man. With his movie hair his stud beard and his eye patch and gravely voice its enough to make a gay nerd like me swoon just by looking at him and hearing him speak.

Anyways This moment happened in Arrow, Oliver (the green arrow’s) conflict this season is trying to find out if he can ever forgive himself for all the people he’s let down and all the murdering he’s done in the last 12 ish years (which is ALOT). Slade gives him this advice/ pep talk and halfway into his speech it struck me as perfectly fitting a conversation I think Genn and Anduin should be having soon. Its obvious the two are replacing their dead loved ones with each other and I think Genn is going to continue to be a mentor figure for Anduin.

Word for word it was almost perfect for them and as i listened to it again i couldnt help but think of Genn. People like to trash him for obvious and justified reasons but ignore the fact that all the things he’s done in the past that are bad He now knows are bad. Thats HIS arc is basically making up for all the harm he did by being his stubborn prejudiced self and making the best of a curse and doing his best despite the fact that the genocidal bitch that is the Banshee Queen killed his son in an attempt on his life.

Genn looks at Anduin and sees the potential…all the potential that his Son could have had. He looks at the place Varian died and envies him wishing it was Liam supporting Anduin and not him and the only redemption is in what way can he support and protect him (regardless of if he does so in a good way)


helveticaes  asked:

i want Ben Jones to come back in Midsomer Murders and become the second DI in Causton and I want him to have sass competitions with Winters like PLEASE

YES!!!!!! i am so down for that!! him and Winters in series 19 was just the best sassy little shit that he is I would love him to come back!!! (plus he has to keep that beard…it’s very… important) 

On one hand, I feel like I don’t want Tim to be in CL44 because at least he lived through MH (I still can’t believe it).  But on the other hand, I really want him to come back as BA Rugged Bearded Destroying-Everything-In-His-Path Tim.  Like some kind of Slenderman-fighting lumberjack superhero.

I would be pretty good with that.  More than pretty good.