i want that puppy dog toy!

My last obedience class under my current employer also happens to be the most challenging class I’ve ever had. All five dogs are breeds that are not very biddable and they’re all owned by people who got them because they’re “fashionable.” Two huskies, a French bulldog/Boston terrier cross, an Akita, and a beagle. Okay granted the beagle isn’t like a “fashionable” breed but they got the dog because their daughter (who is 12 btw) showed them a picture of a beagle puppy online and they thought they were cute so they went and found the first BYB beagle they could and got one. They didn’t even have any toys when they brought the puppy home.

I don’t even want to get into the rest of the people. One of the husky owners is actually trying really hard. They adopted the husky about six months ago and he’s about two years old and I highly doubt his previous owners did anything with him. It’s very difficult to get him motivated but we’re making more progress with toys and games finally.

But it’s just so frustrating that these people did zero research, got a dog they were not prepared for, and are now shocked to hear the dog won’t just listen for no reason and they actually have to work at it. Like…. get one of those stupid little toys from the 90’s if you want a robot dog. Seriously.

Tumblr, I need your help

This post is different from my normal content, but I’m desperate here.

When my little sister was five and I was nine, we each bought a stuffed animal, a puppy dog. Mine is brown, and hers was cream-colored, and they were great comforts through moving, and growing up in an abusive household, and everything else that comes with that.

My sister lost hers at camp several years ago, and she’s been sad about it ever since. I’ve looked everywhere: ebay, amazon, thrift stores, rummage sales, talked to people on facebook, contacted the camp and the people that went there, tried to find the toy manufacturer (out of business), I attempted to contact the local store where we bought it…nothing.

I really want to help my sister here, and find her stuffed animal, or at least, one just like it. Again, this was a huge comfort to her through so much stuff that happened. It was always by her side, and it made her feel so happy, and since it’s been gone, I know she feels like something’s missing. She loved it so much.

I know that my only tool left to find it at this point is word-of-mouth. So if you would, could you spread this to as many people as you can? Put it on facebook if you want, screenshot it and send it to your friends, I don’t mind. I just want to help my little sister get her comfort animal back.

It’s a 12″-ish stuffed puppy dog, and the brand is Caltoy. Here are some pictures of mine, so you can see what hers is supposed to look like:

The only differences are that hers was a light yellow-cream color, and I think the ribbon on hers was blue (though I could be wrong about that).

More specifics:

It was sitting up, and had no tail. It was all the same color like this one, no dark ears/paws/etc, just the dark nose. It was made by Caltoy in or around 2003.

I would really like to find this for my sister, so that she can have that comfort again, and she definitely needs it right now. 

Please share it as much as you can, to friends or followers, whoever you can. I will be so grateful to all of you who help. <3

My contact info: starshipme (at) gmail.com, Askbox, and feel free to use tumblr messenger as well!

u know at this point i don’t even care what kind of dog they get,,? i just want to watch them accommodate to this puppy and see them asking twitter for suggestions on what to do? and seeing phil coo at the puppy whenever it wanders into frame when he’s filming? and it napping in the background of one of dan’s videos??? or it barks as dan yell some profanities on the gaming channel?? i just really want to see them buying the best toys for the puppy and watch it grow and help dan get some sense of direction and satisfy phil’s need for a pupper companion and listen i’m uPSET

I just really want to put this out there because I heard about this and want the word to spread

If you watch a video of a dog running on its hind legs like a human, do NOT enforce it.

This little brown poodle has been blowing up the internet not just because it’s a little brown poodle in a costume, but because it’s walking on its hind legs like a small human. Upon first glance it’s cute, right? Wrong.

I made the same mistake. I came across the video on Facebook and thought it was adorable. I love puppies and thought “aww toy poodle.” A few days later, I came across a video talking about why this is not cute.

  1. It’s not natural for the dog. Dogs were designed to walk on all fours because of how their legs are aligned on the body and because of their often-more-muscular torsos. Dogs have skinnier legs that two alone could not be comfortable to walk on. This dog feels a lot of physical pain when walking because it’s walking against how it’s supposed to. It’s just like how a human might start hurting if they try to walk around on a handstand all day.
  2. THE ANIMAL IS ABUSED INTO WALKING LIKE THIS. While, yes, some people might train their dog to stand on their hind legs for a brief second, this is completely different. The dogs are being taught to, not just temporarily, but practically permanently walk like this. Below is a video from In The Now highlighting the reality of “The Walking Dog”

So if you love dogs…


Who should you fight: The Company of Thorin Oakenshield

There is now a ‘who you should fuck’ companion to this post, for those who want to make love not war.

Balin: Dude survived the fall of Erebor, Azanulbizar, and Thorin’s quest. He survived Smaug twice. It took Moria to take him down, and there was a fucking Balrog in there. Are you Gandalf? Are you as strong as a Balrog? Of course not. Do not fight.

Dwalin: Just look at this guy. He is just waiting for an excuse to feed someone a knuckleduster sandwich. Do not give him a reason to. Death itself looks at Dwalin and thinks ‘I’m not really up to that today’. Do not fight.

Oin: He’s deaf, so you might have the upper hand briefly if you sneak up on him, but that’s not going to last long. He’s a tough old warrior and he’s seen far worse than you. He’ll defeat you and complain loudly about disrespectful youth the entire time. Do not fight.

Gloin: Do you think fighting Gimli’s daddy is going to end well for you? He’s going to kick your ass and charge you interest for it. Do not fight.

Bifur: The axe couldn’t take him out, do you really think you can? Do not fight.

Bofur: Why do you want to fight Bofur? Do you hate happiness? Doesn’t matter anyways, you’re not gonna win. He’s got hella muscles from mining and he’s vicious with that mattock. He’ll probably buy you a beer afterward and then you’ll feel like an ass. Do not fight.

Bombur: Dude is barrel whirlwind of axes and death. He is a tank. He could take you out with nothing but his battle spoon. Do not fight.

Dori: He might seem like an easy target, with his fussy nature and delicate manners, but beneath that elegance lies the strongest Dwarf of the Company. Will kick your ass and make you feel like a clod for making him do it. Do not fight.

Nori: I get why you want to, really. He probably stole something of yours, and he doesn’t look all that intimidating, but trust me. No. Any attempt to fight him is going to earn you a knife somewhere uncomfortable. Do not fight.

Ori: You want to fight Ori? You look at this tiny muffin, this sweet nerdling with his little scarf and his little quill, and you want to fight him? That is not going to end well for you. Beneath that soft exterior lies surprising strength. If you really make him, he’ll grab up some improbably sized weapon and go to town. And that’s if you’re lucky and his brothers don’t get you first. Do not fight. 

Fili: Did you see how many knives this ray of sunshine had on him? This guy is a well armed and highly skilled warrior. Do not fight.

Kili: With those puppy dog eyes you really want to fight him? Really? I mean, go ahead you monster, but it’s not going to end well for you. Dude is fuckin’ fearless. Do not fight.

Thorin Oakenshield: After all canon put him through you still want to fight this guy? This guy got used as a warg matriarch’s chewy-toy and just shook it off. This guy is going to kick your ass and then stare into the distance and sigh dramatically while his luscious locks flow in the wind. He kicks your ass and comes out the other side even more majestic. Do not fight.

Bonus Round - Bilbo Baggins: He seems like an easy target, but wait up. Look at his success rate vs really strong foes including THE ONE FUCKING RING. Do not fight. Do not risk it.

TL:DR - do not fight the Company of Thorin. Your flabby human ass does not stand a chance.


// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV’s relationship grows deeper //

Part 5 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

the dominant antonio we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. @helanyisdead bless the fuck up - drea 🌙

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Four years

Sam and Dean are out on a hunt. For the second month in a row you’ve missed your period, suspicious you ask Cas to get you a pregnancy test. “Sam and Dean are so going to kill me.” You say when you see the results are positive. So your brothers wouldn’t find the test you wrap it up in a pad wrapper and throw it away. You somehow get rid of the box that the test came in as well, then promptly break down crying.

“Hey what’s going on?” A familiar voice asks- Chuck.

“Think you already know Chuck. I mean you’re god after all.” You answer wiping away the tears.

“What do you want to do with the four of them?”

“Did you just say I’m having quadruplets?”

“Two boys and two girls.” You sigh, then ask if there is anyway to keep the five of you away from the supernatural world. “I can do that, if you really want to leave.” You nod- Chuck then snaps his fingers packing all your clothes, and personal items. He then snaps his fingers again transporting you and your things to a cabin in the woods- he also teleported your car.

“Thank you Chuck. This means a lot.”

“You’re welcome.”

A month after you fled from the only life you’ve ever known you change your phone number. It’s kind of nice not having supernatural things breathing down your neck- then again no creature in their right mind would go after someone that is protected by an army of angels and by God himself. Granted there are a few idiots… then there’s Garth, he falls into his own category.

One night there was a small pack of werewolves outside of the cabin, in the morning you wearily walk outside and find Garth and a few members of his pack stationed outside. They’re more or less guarding the place. “Jeez Garth, you gave me a small heart attack yesterday.” You say as you lean against your car looking at your werewolf friend.

“That was unintentional. I just saw your car. Figured you were on a hunt and weren’t done with it or something similar to that.” Garth replies. His eyes fall onto your stomach- you were starting to show. “Wasn’t expecting to find you here pregnant…”

“If you tell either one of my brothers about this I will shoot you.”

“You haven’t told them?” You shake your head.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the hunting lifestyle, besides if my brothers found out about this one of them would more then likely scream bloody murder.” Garth just nods in response.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Hey Chuck…” You say one day.

“What’s wrong?” God asks in response, concern noticeable in his voice. You lightly chuckle to yourself.

“Nothing- I was actually wondering if you would be willing to be the kids’ godfather.”

“Why me out of everyone?”

“Because you’re going out of your way to help me. Besides, I doubt any supernatural being in their right mind would go after four children that are god’s godchildren.”

“When you put it that way then I don’t see any reason why I would say no.” A gentle smile forms on your face. “Decided on names yet?”

“Yeah… the girls are Ellie and Mary, and the boys are John and Bobby.” Chuck notices the distant look on your face and asks what’s wrong. You then tell him that you were worried about delivering the four of them- they’re due any day now.

“If you’re that worried about it, I can always snap some surgeons into existence to help deliver them.” Chuck says sitting down next to you.

“That’s if something goes wrong.” You counter. Chuck thinks about it for a second before agreeing. You grimace slightly as one of the four children in your womb kick you rather hard.

“What was that face for, do you hate me that much?” A certain archangel named Gabriel asks popping in as you do that.

“I don’t hate you- someone kicked me rather hard just now.” You reply. Over the last few months different angels have shown up to help you out- Cas, Gabe, and Balthazar are the three main ones (besides Chuck of course) that haven show up and lent you a helping hand or two. “How’s Sam and Dean doing?” Cas is normally the one that keeps tabs on your brothers for you, but today you asked Gabriel to do it.

“They just got done with a windigo hunt in Tennessee, miraculously they got out of that one with a few scrapes and bruises. Both of them have all but given up on trying to locate you.”

“That sounds like my brothers alright. I’ve been gone for seven months now and they are still searching high and low for me…” You trail off. The inside fabric of your pants is soaking wet- your water just broke.


“I think my water just broke.” You reply closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths to calm your nerves.

You deliver Bobby on your own, the other three you’re having problems with. “Okay Y/N, I have to interfere here.” Chuck says snapping his fingers, less than two seconds later you’re on a gurney, with an i.v in your arm.

“Chuck?” You weakly ask. Chuck doesn’t say anything in response instead he just snaps his fingers again creating a small team of surgeons out of thin air. He then tells Gabriel something but you don’t catch it because you’re so disoriented. The archangel presses two fingers to your forehead rendering you unconscious.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
When the quadruplets turn one, Chuck does something unexpected- he literally moves your family to a larger house. “You didn’t have to do that Chuck.” You say.

“You’re right I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.” Chuck replies. You laugh lightly. Considering you didn’t have a lot when you left the bunker, unpacking is relatively easy. Your neighbors are actually rather nice people and a few of them have kids around the same age as yours.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years. It’s the day before the quadruplets fourth birthday- you ask Balthazar to babysit for awhile so you can get a few things from the store.

While at the store you unintentionally crash into someone. “Sorry, I didn’t see where I was going.” You quickly apologise, as (hair color) hair falls into your eyes.

“No harm done.” The person you collided with replies. Your heart skips a beat- you know that voice, it belongs to Sam. You move your hair out of your eyes hoping to see someone that just sounds like your brother; much to your dismay it is your brother. “Y/N?” Your brother asks surprised.

“Hi Sammy.” You answer sheepishly. Instead of your brother getting after you he just smiles at you. You know Sam has questions but he doesn’t get a chance to ask any because Dean shows up holding two different kinds of pie, not paying much attention to you.

“I can’t make up my mind so I’m getting both of them.” Your eldest brother says. “You going to get anything?”

“Right now I’m thinking of a hug from our kid sister.” Sam replies causing you to laugh. Your laughter causes Dean to look at you. His candy apple green eyes light up like a Christmas tree. You’re honestly expecting one of them to yell at you but that doesn’t happen; instead you get a bone crushing hug from each of them.

“You two aren’t mad at me?” You ask.

“I’m mad alright, but I’m also happy to see you.” Dean answers. “Where have you been for the last three almost four years?”

“Not hunting that’s for sure.” You answer.

“What’s with the toys?” Sam asks noticing the contents of your basket.

“The toys are birthday gifts for four troublemakers.” You reply. “I don’t really want to go into detail about this.”

“Come on (nickname), what’s going on?” You sigh, Sam just pulled out the puppy dog eyes.

“It’s easier to take you two back to my place than explain it…”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“You know when you said place, I wasn’t expecting a house.” Dean comments as he gets out of the impala. You laugh lightly as you unlock the front door and open it. You then invite your brothers in.

You groan when you see the mess, you also know who made the mess- Bobby. “Robert Adam!” You nearly yell. Bobby doesn’t answer- which is a little odd. Out of the corner of your eye you spot Ellie, holding her toy elephant. “Come ‘ere little elephant.” You say picking the toddler up and placing her on your hip. You call Ellie little elephant because of her name and because of the fact elephants are your daughter’s favorite animal.

“You babysitting or something?” Dean asks, making you turn around and look at your eldest brother.

“No… if anyone is babysitting it would be either Cas, Gabe, Balthazar or Chuck.” You answer. You then turn attention to your mini-me. “Have you seen your siblings recently princess?”

“U'cle Bath is playing wif them out slide.” The three almost four year old girl answers. Ellie has always had issues saying Balthazar’s name as well as outside. You set Ellie on the ground before kneeling down in front of her so you could look into her eyes.

“Mind getting them for me?”

“Otay mommy.” Ellie then toddles off looking for her brothers and her sister. You smile as you stand back up.

“Is that why you left- you were pregnant?” Sam asks. For a moment there you completely forgot that your brothers were there.

“Pretty much…” You answer, as you head to the kitchen to get something to drink. Sam and Dean follow you of course. You pull out the two beers that you hid in the back of the fridge, you also grab a can of soda. You give the beer to the boys. “Haven’t had much alcohol since the kids were born.” You explain.

“How many kids do you have anyways?” Sam asks as he opens his beer and takes a swig.

“I have quadruplets.” A look of horror flashes across your brothers’ faces. “Relax I always have a helping hand when it comes to the four of them.” As you’re talking to your brothers- someone clamps onto your right leg; John.

“Tag!” You hear Mary exclaim.

“Nuh-uh, mommy’s safe.” John argues. Mary sticks out her tongue- she also flips off her brother.

“Mary Louise… where did you learn that gesture?” You scold looking at Mary unamused.

“You don’t get after U'cle Gabe when he does it.” Mary pouts.

“Well Uncle Gabe is technically a grown up. Even if he doesn’t act like it.” When Bobby comes in he tries to slink away before you notice him- that doesn’t work too well. “Bobby, are you going to tell me why there’s a mess in the hallway?” You inquire causing the eldest quadruplet to look down at the ground.

“Sorry mommy.” He answers. You sigh before ruffling his hair. Confused he looks up at you- and spots your brothers. He then cowers behind you slightly intimidated. You don’t really blame him, Sam and Dean are skyscrapers compared to a toddler. His eyes widen. “Who are they?” He squeaks.

“It’s okay mini-moose, they’re not going to hurt you.” You say as you pick your son up and set him on your hip. “There we go, they’re not so gigantic from up here are they?” Bobby shakes his head shaggy (hair color) hair falling into his face. Bobby reminds you of Sam in more than one way; hence the nickname of mini-moose. You then introduce Bobby to your brothers.

“Mommy calls you a moose too?” Bobby asks Sam.

“She does actually. She’s weird like that.” Sam replies.

“Sammy.” You groan. Your older brother flashes you a smile. “Okay, you’re getting heavy.” You mutter as you set Bobby down. No surprise that he toddles over to Sam and does grabby hands wanting up.

“Y/N, you’ve only said three names while we’ve been here. I don’t know your other son’s name.” Dean comments.

“His name is John.” You answer. “Johnathan Daniel.”

“Am I in trouble?” John meekly asks in response.

“Now why would you think something like that?”

“You said my full name.”

“You’re not in trouble bud, I was just telling your uncle what your name is.”

🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
Once you put the kids to bed for the night Dean asks you about their names and who is the eldest out of the four of them. “Bobby was first, then Mary, John after her and Ellie is the youngest.” You explain. “As for their names- I named them after dad, Bobby, Ellen and your mom.”

“Not what I meant. I was wondering where Adam, Louise, Daniel and Jo came from.” Dean clarifies.

“Oh. Adam and Jo were my picks- Adam for our brother, and Jo for Jo Harvelle. Louise was Balthazar’s pick and Daniel was Gabriel’s.”

“I thought Gabe was dead…” Sam mutters to himself. “How have you managed to get out of hunting for almost four years now?” He sounds slightly jealous.

“One, Chuck’s the one that has made sure nothing supernatural comes near my kids; and two who in their right mind would go after the godchildren of god himself?”

“Fair point.” Sam rabbit trails slightly. “Why’d you threaten to shoot Garth?”

“He scared the ever loving crap out of me. How would you feel if you heard a pack of werewolves on your doorstep- yet none of them dared to enter?”

“When you say it like that, I don’t blame you for wanting to shoot him.” Dean checks his watch.

“We should get going. It was good to see you sis.” He says standing up.

“Dean wait… I want you two to stay here for a little bit. I mean I have two spare rooms completely furnished.” You counter. “Also the kids really like both of you- it’s also their birthday tomorrow.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose.”

“Trust me you won’t be imposing. My door is always open for you two- except when you have a creature on your asses.” Your brothers laugh.

In the morning you’re not surprised to find Dean in the kitchen. “Morning Dean.” You say.

“Morning (Nickname). I was tempted to make breakfast but I didn’t know if I was allowed to do that and I also don’t know what your kids like.” He explains running a hand through his hair.

“You can always use the kitchen.” You glance at your phone seeing what day of the week it is. “As for food it’s Saturday, which means pancakes.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I try and make pancakes for the kids every Saturday.” You answer as you start digging in the pantry looking for the dry ingredients for pancakes. You sigh when you can’t find them. “Guess pancakes aren’t going to be happening today.”

“Want me to make a supply run?” You tell your brother that you can go. “Are you sure? Seriously though I can go.”

“I need to get a few other things too, and I don’t want to make a list.” Eventually Dean gives in.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
(Dean POV)
I watch as Y/N grabs her keys and takes her leave. I’m still trying to recover from the fact that my little sister is a mom.

“U'nle De?” One of the kids ask tugging on my shirt pulling me from my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I ask looking down at the child. I’m pretty sure it’s Mary, but I might be wrong. It’s hard to determine who is who.

“Will you play with us?”


By the time Y/N gets back from the store, Sam and I are being used as pillows. The girls are curled up against me while the boys are asleep against my brother. “They weren’t too much trouble were they?” Y/N asks when she sees the six of us. I flash a smile towards my sister.

“They were fine… they acted a lot like you did when you their age.” I reply.

“Is that good or bad?”

“Depends how you look at it.” Y/N airily chuckles. “How do you tell them apart?” She then explains to us that somehow all four of the kids got different color eyes. Bobby’s eyes are hazel like Sam’s, Mary’s eyes are green like mine, John somehow ended up with brown eyes and Ellie has (eye color) eyes.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
(No one’s POV)
“Please tell me that you two will stop by when you’re in town.” You tell your brothers as they’re getting ready to leave.

“Do you want us too?” Sam asks in reply.

“Like I said before my door is always open for you two- just don’t bring the family business in when you visit.” Your brothers laugh as they each give you a hug.

“See you around Sis.” Dean says.

“Don’t be strangers you two.” You watch as Sam and Dean get into the front seat of the impala and drive off into the sunrise. “Stay safe guys.” You say knowing that your brothers couldn’t hear you. You walk back to the porch and linger there for a moment, you then shake your head before heading inside then closing the door behind you.
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → →

You Get A Dog


It had been pretty rough the past few months and Fillip was constantly going on runs. Usually you wouldn’t mind but recently you had started to get lonely and it didn’t go un-noticed by Fillip. He saw the look in your eyes when he told you that he would have to leave again, you would put on a smile but it wouldn’t reach your eyes, it pained him to see you like this so he decided to do something about it.

“Darlin, do you know where the car keys are?” Fillip asked coming out of the garage, where he had been hiding away for most of the day. You where busy typing a document up for work, you where a lawyer and mostly worked with the club and this particular document concerned Juice.

“They should be hanging up in the garage, next to all the boxes babe” You answer without looking away from the screen hoping that he would leave you alone to finish what you had started almost two hours ago.

“I looked they’re not there” You sigh while shaking your head

“I don’t know where they are Fillip, its your car not mine” You sigh yet again when you hear him scoff, finally turning to meet the eyes of your old man. He stood leaning against the door connecting the garage to the kitchen, his leather vest hugged his body tightly from the way he had his arms crossed.

“Yer always using ma motor and yer the last one to use it so help me look. I need to get to the TM, my bike is actin up” He states before simply turning and walking back into the garage. You throw your head back and groan loudly, your annoyance only growing when you hear him laughing in the next room. Making sure to save your work you then proceed to shuffle into the garage entrance ready to give your man some cheek when you see it. The little bundle of adorable fluff chasing a ball around the garage floor.

“Oh my god” I laugh running over to the puppy who, upon seeing you runs over attacking your face with its tongue

“I’m going on another run in the next few weeks and I knew that I couldn’t leave ye all alone again so I though its either get ye pregnant-” you cut him off

“Yea no thank you, not yet” You say and he nods in agreement

“-So a puppy is like training for a baby, d'you like him love?” Chibs asked crouching down to pet the dog which in return licks his hand

“yes very much, thank you.” You smile turning to face him and planting a slow thankfull kiss on his lips “Love you”

“Love ye too darlin but we better get movin cause Tiggy’s dying ta see this dug”

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“Come on Alex lets go babe, I want to get to the cabin before it gets any later” I shout out of the passengers side of the car window towards the open door of the house. A few seconds later Tig comes running out and is almost at the car when he remembers that he needs to lock the door, I shake my head a familiar smile on my face as I watch him lock the door before jogging back over to the car.

“Sorry baby, couldn’t find the keys” He smiles starting up the car and pulling out of our driveway.

“ I can’t wait to get to the cabin for a few days” You sigh contently. The cabin was your happy place and Tig knew that, so whenever he could get a day or two off, that’s where he would take you.

“Yeah I’ve got it all planed out baby doll, make some dinner, have some desert then we’ll head to the bedroom for some fun loving” I laugh as he says this watching out the window as we exit Charming

“Looks like you’ve got it all planned out baby” I say smiling lovingly at him before returning my gaze to the window

“Oh yea I’ve been-”

“STOP THE CAR!” The car comes to a screeching halt as Alex looks as me like I’ve gone insane, which maybe I have.

“What the fuck Y/N?” I don’t answer him as I throw open the passengers side door and run over to the side of the road, Tig not far behind me.

“I saw a dog..” I mutter looking around the bushes for the small dog that I had seen walking into the forest area.

“It was probably a rabbit or something babe, their aren’t any houses up here except for the cabin. I don’t think that a dog would be-” I am quick to stop him as I spot the dog in the bushes

“Oh really is that why the dog is rolling around in the dirt Tiggy?” He raises an eyebrow before looking past me his face melting as he sees the little dog no older than about 6 months old. Alex drops to his knees and the dog immediately seeks his comfort and the look on Tig’s face makes my heart melt.

“Hey little guy, where did you come from huh bubby?” Tig asks while picking the little bundle up and brining him over to me, he pulls his attention away from the dog and locks his sky blue eyes with mine “I think we should take him up to the cabin with us” Tig says with a look of concern in his eyes and I give him a soft smile, moving forward to move his hair away from his eyes

“Yea I think we should, I mean we can’t leave him out here” Tig nodded in agreement as we made our way back to the car. I grab a blanket that we keep in the trunk to wrap around the small dog while we drive the rest of the way up to the cabin.

The rest of the night was spent giving the dog a bath and something to eat, I had no doubt in my mind that we where going to fall in love with the little guy. I watched from the couch as Alex played with the dog on the ground, it was jumping up on him and trying to grab Alex’s black curls with his sharp teeth making me laugh as Tiggy tried to get away laughing loudly as he does so. “I love him” I say and Tig gives me a look at say that he thought the same “We need to keep him Alex, I mean we’ve been talking about getting a dog for so long and this one is perfect babe” I say joining Tig on the floor the puppy immediately coming over to greet me. I watch Tig face as he has what looks like an internal debate with himself but when the smile formed on his lips I knew that he wanted the dog just as much as I did.

“THANK YOU!” I shout throwing myself on top of Tiggy and placing a kiss on his lips and placing my self on his lap.

“No problem Doll” He mumbles against my lips a smile on his face but we are quickly separated as our new dog jumps up and starts licking my face “Okay that has to stop”

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“OH MY GOD” I shout as I fall back onto the bed groaning loudly afterwards. I hear something fall from down stairs and someone sprinting up the stairs the next thing I know Juan is in the door way of our bedroom, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace as he looks round the room frantically.

“What happened! Are you okay?” He askes while walking over and looking over my body checking over for any harm.

“I’m okay Juan” I laugh as his reaction giving him a reassuring smile “I just saw this puppy on the adoption website, I mean look at his little face!” I shove the laptop in his face, his eyes squinting as they adjusted to the brightness. He takes the laptop out of my hands and takes the seat next to me on the bed before beginning to scroll through the website.

“You wanna tell me why you’re looking through a dog adoption site?” He asks while not taking his yes off of the screen.

“I always do it, I love dogs” I say shrugging “it’s no big deal I’m just looking I mean I know that you would never get one because of the mess and-” I’m cut of by Juice suddenly looking up.

“You want a dog?” Your caught off guard by the question but you simply nod your head.

“A dog would be nice…but babe you hate mess and a puppy is very messy-”

“If you want a dog then you can have a dog no ifs not buts, come we are going so the shelter” And that’s what you did. He drove you down and let you pick whatever one you wanted and took them home. It took a while and some adjusting to your lives but the little guys finally fit into your lives and Juice didn’t hate him as much as you though he would

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I hummed quietly and softly to myself as I worked on the dinner for tonight. I hadn’t seen Happy a lot this week so you thought that this would be a good opportunity to catch up with one another and have a romantic night in together. However this was interrupted when you heard noises coming from outside your front door. A confused look over comes your face as you stare at the front door where the whining sound was coming from. Making your way towards the door the noice gets louder and louder and when you open the door you are shocked as to what you find. Sitting in a basket in front of your door step was a little puppy playing with the blankets in its blanket.

“Aww baby, what are you doing out here in the cold?” You question and at the sound of your voice the little dogs head snaps up and if immediately tries to escape the blanket in an apparent to get to you. You smile at the dog as you make your way forward and pick up the blanket and once you have the puppy wastes no time in attacking your face with kisses making you laugh loudly. You don’t hesate to take the dog inside and place him by your feet in the kitchen as you worked after having given him a plate of meat. Around half an hour later you hear Happy’s bike pulling up out side but do not move from your position. As Happy walking into the kitchen expecting to have you greet him with a kiss he finds you one the tiled floor with a little dog using one of his socks as a chew toy.

“You got a dog?” Turning to smile at your old man he replies with an uncertain look.

“No, well yes and no. I found him outside our front door, someone must have left him out their” you shrug simply then continue to play with the dog. Happy continues to watch you interact with the puppy a smile pulling at the corners of his lips before he snaps out of it.

“I don’t want a dog” he stares firmly making you scoff

“Good because she’s not your dog, she’s mine” you say in a matter of fact tone while picking up your new family member and walking over to Happy sighing when you see the frown on his face.

“I promise baby, I’ll train her and she’ll be not trouble. Come on, I mean just look at this face” you says holding the small dog up in fort of his face. The dog simply sniffs Hap’s fave before licking him.

“Looks like you’ve made a friend for life” you giggled as Happy made a disgusted face before running over to the sink to wash his face .

“Keep that dog away from my face” that’s all you had to hear before you spent the rest of the night chasing Happy around the house with the dog.

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lukestarrunner  asked:

Choosing a new stuffed animal for their soon to be arriving child. Zimbits please!

(Hope this is okay! I haven’t written zimbits in awhile. Keep the prompts coming if ya feel it pals.)

“I just want you to know that I think you’re being ridiculous,” Bitty began, putting his hands on his hips in mock anger.

Jack Zimmermann, his perfect dork of a husband, blinked at him and looked down at the shopping cart full of stuffed animals and assorted baby toys that filled it to the brim. “We have to be prepared,” he said, entirely serious.

“Honey, she’s not even born yet and you want to buy her a small army?”

They had stopped in Toys R Us on a whim. Jack had a little time before practice and Bitty was off at the bakery today so he was going to come watch. They had a batch of mini pies in the car for the rest of the team. There was a small baby and toddler section in which Bitty had found some nice baby clothes and rattles but Jack had gone overboard, branching out into the other aisles.

Their baby hadn’t even been born yet. Her biological mother was a teen who was making the brave choice to give her child better, (though they’d agreed on an open adoption. Bitty knew it’d be complicated but didn’t mind if it meant his little girl would have more love in her life.) Jack spent his limited free time absorbed in a variety of baby books, convinced that he needed to study for the arrival of their kid the same way he did for tests at Samwell. Bitty had taken a more practical approach: baby proofing the house and trying out recipes for baby food.

“This one is cute,” Jack said, holding up a stuffed lion with tiny yarn braids for a mane.

“You can choose one Jack Zimmermann. I don’t care if you’re a NHL star who can buy the whole store. We are not taking this many toys home.”

He grinned, that rare, untamed sort of smile that seemed like it was just for him. “Okay, I choose this one. Is that good for you Bits?”

He nodded.

Later, at home, Jack was curled up on the couch reading a book while the history channel blared in the background.

“Hey honey? Maria just sent me a picture of her latest ultrasound. Ain’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen already?”

Bitty handed Jack his phone for him to see. He examined it with interest. “She’s going to give us the hard copy tomorrow.”

Jack hadn’t taken his eyes from the screen. In fact he was gripping the phone more tightly than was strictly necessary and Bitty noticed the slight shaking of his hands.

“You okay?” Jack didn’t say anything. “Jack?”

He nodded hesitantly, but when he looked up at Bitty he broke. “What if I’m no good at it?” He asked, voice breaking. “What if I can’t be a dad?”

“Hey, hey…” Bitty sat down across from him and took his hands, still gripping the phone. “You’re going to be great. You’re so prepared honey. I believe in you.”

Jack nodded again. “I’m just…I don’t want her to feel all the pressure I did when I was a kid Bits. I just want her to feel loved and accepted for who she is. I don’t want her to feel like she has to hide anything about herself or be anything she doesn’t want to be.”

“I want that too,” Bitty said. He kissed him. “You’re forgetting that you aren’t doing this alone. You’ve got me.”

He smiled. “You’re going to be a great dad Bits.”

“So are you.”

“Chowder’s going to be sad I didn’t choose the shark toy isn’t he?”

“Oh you’re getting the puppy dog eyes alright.”

How can you say no to a face like that?

A/N: this is a half-true story: my coworker did find a puppy on his porch (the one in the picture, in fact) and it is looking for a home and I’m considering??? taking it???? someone talk me into/out of this.


She doesn’t know how the puppy chooses her porch, of all the porches in the neighborhood, to hide on, but that’s where she finds it, shivering behind the potted plant Monty got her (and subsequently waters every time he visits, because let’s be real, Clarke hasn’t remembered to do it).

It comes up to her when she holds out her hand for it, sniffing and licking and wagging its little tail as hard as it can. Clarke has never spent much time around dogs in general, much less a baby, but she can’t just leave it there. Not in November, when it’s forty degrees out.

But she can’t just leave it in her house either. That would turn into a game of find the shit spots she doesn’t particularly want to play.

So she does the first thing that occurs to her: she pulls out her phone and takes a picture, texting it to Bellamy with the caption WTF.

He calls her back immediately, bless him.


“Did you drunk-adopt a puppy?”

“What? No. I found him on my porch.”

“You just found him.” He sounds dubious, and Clarke scowls.

“Behind my bush. I don’t know– tell me what to do.”

“No collar anywhere?”

“Not that I can see.” She stands, looking around the yard and the adjacent sidewalk, and the puppy scampers to her feet, pouncing on her shoes.

“Okay, well you should take him to the vet. Get him checked out, make sure he’s healthy. See if he has a microchip.”

The puppy’s assault on her feet is relentless, so Clarke scoops him up in one hand, cradling him against her chest. He’s still shaking, poor thing.

“A microchip? You’re making that up.”

“Which one of us was a dog walker all through college?”

“Fair point.” Puppy starts licking at her chin and she laughs, pulling him away. “So vet, and then what?”

“Bring him in here.” The suggestion gives her pause. Their office is pretty laid-back, no dress code to speak of, casual schedule, coworkers’ families dropping by sometimes. They’ve even had a dog or two visit before, but usually ones who were potty trained.

Still, it’ll be a whole room of people who will coo and fawn over him. Plus Bellamy, who has got to be the most nurturing person Clarke knows. If anyone can teach her what to do with a dog, it’ll be him.

“Okay,” she says at last. “I think those are all steps I can handle.”

Bellamy snorts softly, fond. “Yeah, you’ll be fine Princess. See you when you get in.”

* * *

From: clarke.griffin@arkprinting.com
To: print@arkprinting.com

Subject: Sidetracked this morning

Hey guys,

Found this little guy on my porch when I was leaving for work.

Taking him to the vet, so I’ll be in a little later than usual!


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What are your head-canons of Zuko and Katara's parenting styles? To me I always think of Zuko as this super chill dad who lets their kids do whatever they want mostly like letting them stay up past their bed times and hang out with him, stuff like that, then Katara would get mad at him for doing this and stuff ahhhh I love it 😍😍

I have a couple of ideas of how they would parent, and I honestly think they’d both be fairly similar: 

Katara would be more wiling to discipline the children, given she had a proper example of what discipline should look like. 

Zuko, however, won’t allow any type of corporal punishment, not even a swat on the hand, because of how corporal punishment traumatized him as a kid.

Katara is super supportive of this, because she wants him to feel confident in his parenting style, so they compromise with things like early bedtimes if the kids are naughty, or taking away their favorite toy for the day. When the kids get older, they get grounded for a couple days or so. 

I see both of them wanting to spend every waking moment with their kids, reading to them, and teaching them about bending and martial arts and the world’s history. Zuko probably makes up long-winded bedtime stories and Katara probably stands in the doorway with her arms crossed, but she’s smiling at him. 

Lots of family vacations to the beach

Lots of rides around on Druk

Lots of baked sweets by the turtleduck pond

I feel like Zuko would be as excited as puppy dog every time Katara tells him she’s pregnant, until maybe the 4th time she tells him and he’s like OH MY GOD WOMAN I AM A 35 YR OLD MAN I CAN’T DO THIS AGAIN (yes i can)

Katara just reminds me of the kind of mom who sees her kid doing something he’s not supposed to be doing and she’s like “don’t do it, ezra,” while pulling out a camera (let’s pretend they have them) and video taping the whole scene.

Zuko woud be the parent who runs over immediately and rescues the child and then launches into a big speech about the dangers of trying to climb trees or something.

I think both parents would stuff a sleeping kid (while it’s a baby) inside their robes and sneak them into meetings. Then, like halfway through said meeting, you hear a baby cooing and Zuko/Katara is looking down their robes and making eyes at whatever is in there. 

Zuko lets the kids sneak turtleducks into their beds. 

Katara raises an eyebrow disapprovingly. 

Both parents wake up everyday and wonder how the hell they ended up with four kids, and every night, they get super sad because time just keeps going by way too fast. 

Poodle- Andre Burakovsky

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Omg thankfully it’s gone. That boy has TERRIBLE big hair. I love him but no! Anyway… google English sheepdog poodle and tell me it’s not Andre! Anyway… Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you do an Andre one where you tease him about his hair


              “It’s like you have a poodle on your head” you said, giggling. Andre pat the top of his head, trying to smush the curls back into place.

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Headcanons for Shoto and Izuku (separately) taking care of their s/o's puppy with them? Cool blog btw ^u^)/

Shouto Todoroki 

Originally posted by miidoriyas

  • You send him pictures of the dog the moment you get him and Shouto loves the dog instantly. 

  • You mention at one point that your family will be away and maybe… the two of you can have some alone time with the puppy. He’s in. 

  • You formally introduce him to the dog and at first, the dog sort of dances around him, sniffing him for a second before running behind you, repeating this multiple times before you sneak Shouto a treat and encourage to give it to your dog.

  • “Maybe he doesn’t like how I smell”
    “Or… not enough like food”

  • It takes some time but when your puppy finally warms up to Shouto he switches between sitting in your lap to witting Shouto’s. 

  • “I still need to feed him…”
    “What can I do to help?”

  • The two of you make the puppy’s food and after he’s finished you put his harness on and the two of you leave the home and begin your small trek to the trails not too far from your home. At one point you hand the leash over to Shouto and he happily accepts it. 

  • He’s so happy. When the two of you finally get home the puppy is so tired that when the two of you sit down he falls asleep on Shouto’s lap. He pets him the entire night before you have to take your puppy out to the bathroom.

  • When Shouto leaves he can spot both you and your puppy at your window waving, your puppy is jumping up and down while barking.

  •  He visits anytime he can and sometimes the two of you will call each other and Shouto will talk to your dog through the phone. Anytime Shouto is upset about something you’ll send him a photo, or video, of your dog. Shouto is now your dog’s emergency contact and if you ever have to go away you give the key to your home to Shouto.

  • He just loves your dog.

Izuku Midoriya

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  • You mention that you adopted a puppy but you’re kind of overwhelmed by it and you may or may need some help.

  • He’ll be there in five minutes.

  • He arrives with dog food and toys and you’re just like… wow

  • “Let me pay you back-”
    “Don’t worry about it (Name). I just want to see you both happy”

  • He feeds him small treats and the dog instantly warms up to him. Izuku even cleans up any accidents that your puppy makes. 

  • He also reads multiple articles about how to care for your first-time puppy and the two of you work out a schedule. When should the puppy eat and how many times a day, some say two some say three when to take him and for how long. 

  • He plays with your puppy while you take a break, making food for Izuku and you, or work on homework, or take a shower, etc…

  • By the time you get back both the puppy and Izuku are on the floor, your puppy sleeping while Izuku strokes his fur. You’re just amazed at this and you take a few pictures before sitting beside Izuku and leaning against him.

  • “Thank you Izuku”
    “No problem (Name)”

  • If he’s out and sees a toy he thinks your dog will like he will buy it and give it to you. There have been a few times he’s handed you a dog toy during school and people have teased him about giving you a gift and you both just sort of laugh because you’re not sure if it’s okay to admit he’s giving your dog presents. 

  • For Valentine’s Day, he even got your puppy some toys and some treats. he has to sneak around his mom since he doesn’t want to explain what he’s using his money for. 

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Fam you got me crazy for them hcs. Paladins reactions to finding out their s/o is pregnant? Who wants it and who doesn't?

Ah, prego S/Os, my muse~ babies are just so cute!

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  • When you tell shiro your have a bun in your internal oven, he’ll drop whatever he had in his hands
  • Laughs nervously, you’re joking right? Ahaha..haha.. ha
  • No? Ok.
  • A minute of shock followed by PURE TERROR
  • It’s not like he does NOT want it but the timing is shitty
  • Really starts to spend most of his time thinking ‘what the hell am I going to do’
  • Will ask allura if there is anyway he can send you back to earth so you can be safe and have the prenatal care you need!
  • If he can’t send you back, you’re getting weekly health scans by Coran
  • It doesn’t sink in that there is going to be a child that resembles both you and him crawling around soon until your stomach is inflated
  • Shiro is anxious and it takes a nightmare that somehow turned into a good dream when a happy dimple-smile baby takes over
  • He wakes up crying. Like this could be a really GOOD thing. Sure nothing is ideal but it’s a child made from the love you have for each other
  • After that Space dad will baby proofs EVERYTHING and is now really worried if he can even hold the baby with his arm…
  • You have to console him when he starts to feel like this
  • When the baby is born, he won’t hold the tiny thing until you make him
  • Then you can’t seem to get your baby back because Shiro is coddling them too much and showing it off to EVERYONE
  • REALLY wants to name it Hiro if it’s a boy or Akane if it’s a girl


  • He is pacing back and talking to himself about everything that could go wrong
  • He is now your personal errand boy because he doesn’t want you doing anything while your pregnant
  • Is already trying to think of baby names
  • Now that the shock and terror wore off, he’s REALLY excited
  • Hates going on missions and leaving you now. He doesn’t want to miss anything
  • Talks to his lion all the time about his future offspring
  • Seriously, he won’t shut up now
  • Already thinking of how many more kids you should have after this one. STRONGLY wants at least 3 or 2 with a giant dog
  • Traces circle on your stomach when you’re trying to go to bed
  • I headcanon this man can sew and diy like nobody’s business so expect homemade baby clothes and toys
  • Jokes often ‘so how’s lance’s jr today?’ Or at least you hope he’s joking
  • Really wishes he could call his parents about their future grand kid and offer him advice about parenthood
  • Already has nightmares about your kid’s teenage years
  • Wants to get a pet (like a puppy) for the baby now so they’ll have someone grow up with.
  • Since there is no puppies in space, expect lance to come home with strange creatures that aliens refer as pets
  • If it’s a boy, Raimundo. If it’s a girl, Yulisa


  • “You mean… like a baby?”
  • He actually takes it well at first he’s like 'cool what now?’
  • NOW he starts to have some worries like can he actually be a father?
  • Doubts he can give the baby everything he longed for as a kid BUT HE WILL SURE AS HELL TRY
  • never wants this baby to feel unloved so he’ll pretty much spoil them until you stop him
  • Goes to space dad for advice regularly
  • He lets you train until you almost fall that one time, now he won’t let you near the training room.
  • Is constantly asking if you’re feeling ok
  • Instantly realizes that ALOT can go wrong
  • Is a worried mess til delivery
  • Holds your hand the whole time and tries not to freak out when STUFF IS COMING OUT OF YOUR LADY PARTS
  • Is silently crying in relief when everything goes ok. You’re ok and this new flesh being is ok
  • Doesn’t really know what to say he’s just really genuinely happy right now
  • Doesn’t care for the name so you have free range
  • Enjoys it when lance screams 'MINI KEITH IS LOOSE AGAIN!!’ as the baby grows up


  • make sure he’s sitting down before you tell him
  • Is so shock he doesn’t speak for a good minute
  • Admits that since he’s been on dangerous missions he’s kinda worried he’ll never get to do the things he wants to do in the future like become the world’s best mechanic, buy a house for his parents and grandparents, win the Nobel peace prize, start a family…
  • The situation may not be ideal but asks you if you would bear his kid and be his wife and family
  • Feels like the kid will have a great childhood at the castle (as long as it doesn’t get attacked again)
  • Is even more motivated to stop zarkon
  • basically over protective papa bear
  • Likes to think about what kind of kids you’ll have. Like a sweet mellow kid or hyperactive munchkin
  • Likes late night conversations between all three of you when it’s still in your stomach
  • Sets up the crib in your guys room
  • Is actively helping with the birth THERE IS NO TIME TO SQUEAMISH
  • too late, he passed out when he saw the other gunk that comes out of there during childbirth
  • You guys are both in the medical care room on two different beds with a tiny baby incubator between you two
  • wants to name it after something special like if allura help in delivery he’ll want to name her after the altean princess. If it’s a boy he’ll want to think to name him something awesome as long as it has a meaning to it
  • “SUPPORT THE HEAD” is his new catch phrase

you know what? I’ll add pidge too since this isnt a sin post


  • When you explain that your species is self-pregnating race that sometimes take genetic material from partners through hand holding (or French kissing) she’s doesn’t know how to feel other than confused
  • Calls gloves hand condoms now
  • Doesn’t want to parent a kid, she loves you but she’s still a kid herself
  • Doesn’t really talk about the pregnancy unless you force her to
  • Doesnt really know how to feel I mean it could be hers too (genetically) or maybe just another copy of you
  • Kinda avoids you for a while but she feels guilty for doing so
  • Then she starts to help you out with the things get harder to do since you’re pregnant
  • In the end, she really does love you and stays by your side for the rest of the pregnancy
  • Waits outside during delivery. Your screams are NOT comforting
  • pidge is looking at everyone like LOOK SHE HAS MY NOSE
  • Still doesn’t know much about being a parent so you have to do the heavy lifting until pidge is at least 18 but dont worry she is in love with the tiny thing and would often put the baby in her lap when working (AS LONG AS ITS ASLEEP SO IT DOESNT TOUCH ANYTHING)
  • Doesn’t name it at birth but but does nickname it pidge 2.0
The Greatest Valentine of All

Summary: A simple trip to the toy store sparks some nostalgic feelings–and plants an idea in Dan’s mind. Is Phil ready for his proposition? Or, the one where seeing a bunch of kids’ toys makes Dan really, really want a child.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Pure Fluff

Extra tags: Valentine’s Day, Domestic

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: dnp are in love. That is all. I hope you enjoy!!

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Hi ferox, this might be an obvious question. I am a vet tech and I adopted a dog that we did a liver shunt surgery on. He is perfectly healthy now but EXTREMELY hyper. I take him for long walks and try to exercise him. He walks very slow when we go so it doesn't help much. He is 4 months old. He destroys clothes toys and furniture. I want to train him but he's too hyperactive to really do much with. Tldr, tips for hyperactivity?

Broadly speaking, because I can’t give you specific advice:


Some dogs just want to please people. Some dogs are chicken motivated. Some dogs are cheese motivated. Some dogs are ball motivated.

I would do some preference testing to figure out what the one rewards your puppy values more than anything else in the whole world is, and start by using that.

Once you have an effective reward, gaining his focus and training becomes easier. You don’t have to physically exhaust a puppy to calm them down every time. He may respond better to going on a walk and having a training exercise in the middle of it, and may just start walking a bit faster once he realizes the routine.

It may also be wise, if he’s going to chew and destroy things anyway, to make him some ‘destroy toys’ that are okay for him to chew up and break, or puzzle feeders packed with food. I quite like packing a series of smaller boxes into each other, with some food between the layers like a pass the parcel type toy. This is useful if the pup is only chewing things, not swallowing them. Boxes are cheap or free, and you were only going to throw them out afterwards anyway.


      Sitting with the cute wriggling puppy in your arms, you patiently wait on the couch, anticipating when Sehun will return home from dance practice. You’ve always discussed owning a puppy together, but Sehun had always dismissed the conversation, stating that Vivi is enough for the two of you. Yes, you love Vivi to death but getting another puppy sounded like a brilliant idea. Now here you are with a baby pit bull desperately trying to escape from your arms and explore you and Sehun’s shared apartment. You had picked up the little guy at the pound a couple hours earlier after walking through many cages to find your ideal dog. The staff working at the pound were almost frustrated with you because you refused to leave before finding the perfect pup. You had to make sure he was cute so Sehun would at least consider letting you keep him.           

      The blue eyes that peaked out of one certain cage had won you over. After kneeling down by the small crate, a grey pitbull with white marking trotted over to you. The cutie had whined until you reached a hand through the bars, running your hand over his soft head, him closing his eyes in delight. After quickly purchasing the puppy, you had driven around to dog stores, buying all the supplies you would need with your new companion in tow.     

      You were tempted to send a quick picture to Sehun, but you knew the puppy would only be able to win him over in person with those big blue eyes of his. Carrying many bags in your hands full of toys and food, you place them in the trunk of your car. Sliding into the drivers seat, the nameless puppy bounds after you, instantly hopping onto your lap. The whole drive home, you went over what to say to Sehun. It took a while for you to notice the dog’s head laying on your thigh in a deep slumber. The soft snoring coming from the sweet creature brought a smile to your face, making it almost impossible to focus on the road before you. There’s no way he’ll be able to resist.   

      The apartment door clicks open, signaling that Sehun got your urgent text message. Instead of blatantly sending a picture of the puppy, you had told him to hurry up and come over after dance practice much to his complaint. You were positive he wouldn’t deny your offer since he does love to steal all your food. “Y/N! I’m a little wary since you purposely invited me over when you know I’m gonna show up anyway.” Sehun’s voice states, dropping his bag by the front door with a thud. The puppy freezes in your hands at the unfamiliar voice.  

 Your hands firmly place the wild puppy on the ground, it shooting off in the direction of the male voice, it’s short stubby tail wagging back and forth. Not being able to keep the smile off your face, you waited to her Sehun cooing over the dog, but you’re surprised when instead you hear a scream. Sehun runs in front of your comfortable position on the couch, the dog hanging onto his pants leg by it’s teeth. The puppy can’t keep up with Sehun’s sprinting so he’s being dragged on his belly across the carpet floor.  

 You can’t contain the laughter that then spills from your lips. Tumbling on the floor, you clutch your stomach over the terrified expression on your boyfriend’s face. Little legs soon topple over you, a slobbery tongue licking all over your chin. Gaining your composure, you pull yourself off the ground, coddling the excited puppy in your arms. Sehun points accusingly, “That thing was trying to kill me!” The puppy growled suddenly as Sehun starts to approach you. Perfect timing. “See!” Sehun exclaims, backing away. You hand the bundle of cuteness to him, him taking it hesitantly with an awkward look. “He just wants to play with you! It would be quite embarrassing if you were scared of a tiny, precious puppy.” You state, picking up one of the dog’s toy to also hand to him.

“Didn’t I tell you Vivi was enough for both of us?” Sehun swiftly changes the topic, narrowing his eyes. “Fine, if you don’t want him I can take him back to the pound where he was waiting to find a good home.” You sigh, reaching for the puppy. You knew by now he wasn’t gonna give that little dog up. Whether he admits it or not, Sehun has a weakness for tiny puppies.  

 "No, no, no! We can’t take him back! He already believes he has a home now!“ Sehun almost yells, protectively holding the dog against his chest. The puppy nuzzles it’s head into the fabric of your boyfriend’s sweatshirt. The love in Sehun’s eyes is clear as day. There is no way on earth he’s going to let that puppy go. “I thought Vivi was enough for both of us?” You remind him, a small smirk rising on your face. Watching your satisfied expression, Sehun rolls his eyes, turning away. “I can allow Vivi to have one sibling, I guess.”  

 You both sit on the floor, throwing the chew toy back and forth as the pitbull scrabbles for it over and over. “He needs a name. Since you’re letting us keep him, you can pick it.” Tapping his chin lightly, Sehun then snaps his fingers. “Boba.” He has to be kidding. “Sehun! We’re not naming our dog after bubble tea!” You disagree, throwing the dog toy, it nailing him in the chest. “Do you want to keep the dog or not?” Sehun asks, throwing the toy back, hitting you square in the face. Huffing, you lift the puppy onto your lap as it chews on the toy it finally managed to catch. “Boba, it is.”

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Precision Obedience Workshop notes

with “my puppy’s fear period started in it” notes

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Little bit of thirsty Lance wanting an altean sized Shiro ;)

“I want to experiment at bit,” Lance purred as he pressed his body up against Shiro’s, enjoying how firm his abs felt against Lance’s more yielding body.

“Handcuffs?” Shiro asked, in a teasing, but closer to flirty tone.

Lance pushed himself up onto his tiptoes, so his face was almost touching Shiro’s, “I was thinking of something kinkier,” when that earned him a raised eyebrow, he added, “and bigger.”

His eye’s flicked down to Shiro’s crotch with his last word.

“I don’t think toys count as experimenting when you use them as much as us,” Shiro teased, leaning down to brush their noses together.

Lance grinned, he loved toys, but this idea involved one large Shiro shaped dick.

“No toys, just you, inside me,” he murmured, making Shiro chuckle.

“Scandalous! Me? Fucking you, with no toys, or handcuffs. What will you think of next? Using condoms?”

Lance let out an ugly snort, that ruined the sexy vibe he was going for, and for a tick he worried that he’d killed the mood, but when he looked at Shiro, and saw his lopsided, practically puppy-dog grin, he knew that he was being silly. This man had seen Lance do far worse, and still wanted to pound his ass. Lance hoped that this ‘experimenting’ that he wanted to do wouldn’t change that desire.

Putting his sultry voice back on, Lance said, “I was thinking of making use of your newfound altean ancestry. Allura can shapeshift, make herself bigger. I though, if you could, maybe we could see how big,” Lance cupped Shiro’s crotch, “you can get.”

Shiro ground slowly against Lance’s hand, and replied in a low voice, “I have done a little experimenting myself, and I promise you, it’s big.”

Story Time: A rant about proper (human) dog park behavior

There’s a park by my house where several of the neighborhood dogs meet up for playtime between 6:30-7:30ish every day. There’s around a dozen of them and they all know each other and have a little hierarchy worked out and they get along excellently. For the past few days, however, a man and his mini Australian shepherd have joined our group and he doesn’t seem to have ANY concept of what is and is not appropriate in this sort of environment. He has tried to “break up fights” between dogs that are play-wrestling and then gotten mad at the dog’s owners when he is knocked down. He yells at dogs that aren’t his for everything from barking to peeing too close to other dogs (???). He took a toy from a puppy last week and then yelled at the puppy for jumping up on him trying to get the toy back. We’ve all tried to gently tell him to lay off and only pay attention to his dog, but it hasn’t had any effect.

Today, though, I was throwing the ball for Deacon away from the main group, and a couple of the other shepherds/labs were with us (D almost always wins, but they hold out hope). This guy’s little dog decided she wanted to join, and obviously at 1/8 the size of the rest of them, wasn’t able to keep up. The next thing I know, the man has grabbed D by the collar and is trying to pry open his mouth to get the ball away from him. Grown man. Trying to take a ball out of a stranger’s Belgian Malinois’ mouth. And he’s yelling, “DROP IT” at Deacon in this really angry voice, getting louder as Deacon rightfully holds on to his ball, looking at me like “what do I do, mom?” I was like, “Whoa, man, what are you doing, get your hand out of my dog’s mouth.” And he’s like, “he won’t drop it.” And I said, well A. he’s trained in German so he doesn’t know what “drop it” means and B. he doesn’t have to obey anyone but me. At this point, he finally removed his hand from Deacon’s mouth (complaining about the slobber) and I told D to drop it and picked it up with the chuck it. I just stared at the guy because I was kinda in shock (like. 90% of Mals you try that with are going to bite you. Hell, a good percentage of any dog breed isn’t going to take kindly to a stranger forcefully taking their toy out of their mouth). And he says, totally serious “he needs to learn how to share. My dog feels left out.”

Nah, bro. That’s not how this works. This is Deacon’s ball, that we brought from home. If he’s the fastest, he gets the ball. I do not make my dog “share” at the park. All the other dogs understand this. Your dog understands this, you’re the one with a problem.

Needless to say, I was done. I told him we were finished for the day anyway but that he should bring his own ball for his dog next time if he was concerned about her. On the one hand, I’m proud of D because his first reaction to a stranger with his hand in D’s mouth yelling at him wasn’t fear or aggression, but to immediately look to me for instruction. On the other hand, what the actual fuck, dude?