i want that in my mouth

I like the kinda girl that’ll give me a key to her place & tell me to be in her bed before she gets home or else & she actually means it. Someone who will put me in my place when I’m trying to be cheeky as fuck but nah she won’t let me get away with it. I need a girl who will talk me out of my angry self destructive decisions because she knows deep down I do what I do because I’m hurting & I don’t want to admit it. I need a girl who understands my loud mouth attitude is only a defensive layer of protection for the extremely soft & affectionate person she’s going to big spoon to sleep that night.

Bts reacting to you sending a cute, caring message!

You: [Hi babes I know you’re busy but please eat and take breaks. Don’t overwork yourself! I want you home in one piece, well more like I need you home in one piece. You’re my best friend and I love you so much! I don’t know what’d I do with out you. You’re truly one of a kind and I’m so lucky have you be mine ♡] 


*See’s his phone light up and notices its you. Does his cute, shy hand-over-mouth thing*

Him: [Aish I love you too baby you’re too cute~ Why would you make me a mess right now when I have lots to do… Its okay though darling. I’ll be home soon! ♡]


Him: [Who put you up to this?]

You: [What do you mean?! Let me be nice for once -_-]

Him: […Thank you love, you mean a lot to me too and I also care for you dearly… I’m still suspicious though…]

*Still feels warm and fuzzy. Is grateful you sent a cute text because cuuuuute~*


*Gets super excited and starts jumping everywhere* *sends you a selca bc why not*

Him: [Ahhhh jagiyaaaaa you’re so cute! I love you my small porcelain doll! I hope you’re taking care of yourself too. I want you to be healthy my little angel! ♡]


*Is confused and a bit surprise*

Him: [Oh thanks babe. I know I don’t say this a lot but I love you so much. Please take care of yourself too ♡.]

*slightly smiling bc you thought of him*


*heart eyes to the max* *squeals*

Him: [Jagiiii oh my god you are so cute! I may be busy but come visit me okay?! I need to see you and give you hugs and cuddles and we can got get ice cream! Come during lunch yeah? I love you!!]

*starts showing everyone else* “Look at this cutie!”


*blushy Blushy BLUSHY* *Also tries to hide his phone*

Him: [Baby this is unexpected. I love you too, take care of yourself! To be honest you made me flustered and you’re not even here… do you see what you do to me!? ♡]


*laughs to himself*

Him: [Aww you looooove me you little loser~ Don’t worry I love you too! Take care of yourself also okay? I’ll see you later honey, you can show me how much you care for me then ;)]

Not in Love

A/N: I’m warming up my writing with this piece. I thought it was pretty cute when I wrote it. I really love Sirius Black, man , I really do.

Word Count: 1,112

You were not in love with Sirius Black. Most definitely not in love with your best friend. Not once have you thought of running your fingers through his silky locks; never did you ever want to shut his smart mouth up with a kiss against his soft lips. Never came a time where you clenched your jaw as he flirted with other girls. Cuddling against his tall frame never came to mind. Never. You were not in love with Sirius Bl-

“(Y/N), are you okay?” His voice snapped you out of your trance and you quickly scrambled to meet his gaze. “You seem to be deep in thought.”

“Oh sorry, must’ve slipped away.” You brushed off with a smile. He raised an eyebrow at you in question before smirking.

“Oh-ho-ho, were you thinking about a crush?” He chided while nudging you, hoping for an answer. Of course, that was the first thing he would question. Sirius spent his free time trying to set you up with anyone he deemed suitable for his “most dear and single friend” because you always seemed so “lonely.” You, however, constantly declined his offers of going on a date with anyone else that was not the only boy you’ve ever held a crush for.

“No.” Was your flat replied accompanied by a blank look. There was no way you were going to tell Sirius you were thinking of him- of all people. Your poker face was impeccable and would’ve been enough to just have Sirius buzz off the topic if the tip of your ears hadn’t begun to heat up along with the shade of red. The boy sat across from you immediately knew he was right on topic and began firing away questions, hoping to just throw you off guard enough he’d get an answer as to who you fancied. 

“What do they look like? Boy or girl? What house are they in? Oh please tell me I know them because if you want I can always arrange a date for you. This is fantastic news! I didn’t know it was capable for you to even have a crush! Why is this the first time I’m hearing of this anyhow? Why didn’t you want to tell me before?” His last question carried a sense of betrayal as if he was hurt by the lack of knowledge of who you fancied. You pursed your lips, thinking of a quick excuse you could use that wouldn’t hurt Sirius. You couldn’t exactly say “Hello, yes, you’re my crush, you great oaf. Now let’s just carry on about our day.” No, that could not happen at all so you settled on an easier answer. 

“I suppose I just don’t like sharing who I like.” You simply mused, hoping the answer would suffice for the time being as you sorted out your measly feelings for the pouty brunette. “It’s nothing against you, Sirius. Just a personal issue.” He let out a huff before shaking his head disappointedly. 

“When you feel like sharing, come tell me alright? I won’t judge you, even if they’re a Slytherin.” Your friend jokes with a wink and chuckles. He went back to reclining back on the couch leisurely as you sat there, allowing your mind to think of the possibilities now that he was semi-aware of your feelings. 

There was no way you were going to survive a week knowing that Sirius was going to pester you as frequently as possible in order to discover who you were smitten with. And boy if he found out… 

For the next few days, Sirius made it his mission to coax the name out of you. The Marauder was dying of curiosity and it only doubled because it pertained to you. The boy was persistent, always by your side, firing questions and guesses in the hopes that you would break and tell him. He wasn’t trying to be annoying, but by day four it was beginning to be that way. 

“Sirius, please just- stop.” You managed to utter out in between his ramblings about his theories as to who you were interested in. His head perked up, long hair hurriedly pushed out of his face as he sat, alert and ready for some sort of answer. You couldn’t help but stare at him as he sat there, so still but buzzing with excitement. Long legs crisscrossed and his head propped up by his hands, elbows resting on his knees. Might as well drink up the God-like image before you ruined your friendship with him, right? 

“So,” he drawled out, waiting for your response. “who is it? Who do you like?” His eyes sparkled in anticipation. Why was he so worked up over this anyways?

You inhaled a deep breath before mumbling out your answer. “It’s well- it’s you, Sirius." 

The words hung in the air for a few seconds while you sat there, twiddling your thumbs and avoiding eye contact with your friend sitting across from you. A loud exclamation from the boy broke the unsettling silence.

"I knew it!” He practically screamed. When you realised what he had said, a bright red blush crept up your neck and cheeks. Your eyes shot up to his now dancing figure while a look of confusion made its way onto your face. 

“What do you mean, ‘I knew it?’” You asked, frantic as you analysed your past behaviour towards him. Were you so obvious? Why didn’t he ever mention it? Why was he dancing with glee? Merlin’s beard you were an idiot

When Sirius finally managed to calm down, he looked down at you and shrugged his shoulders. “I guess I always sort of knew, and when you told Lily that you did in fact like me it was confirmed. I never brought it up because I thought it would be better for you to say it to me. So I could hear those words from you, instead of eavesdropping.” You looked up at him, mouth agape.

“I guess now would be a good time for me to say I like you back, eh?” Sirius blurts out. “Like, I actually really do like you, (Y/N).” He adds after seeing doubt flash across your face. “And I guess I should ask if I can kiss you, too." 

"Yes, you can kiss me, you dog.” You murmur and pull him down to meet your lips. You could feel his beaming smile against your lips and too soon did you pull away. 

So yes, you were in love with Sirius Black, but was it such a bad thing now?


“Can’t believe you were eavesdropping on my conversations with Lily.”

“It was James’ idea!”

It’s raining.

Sherlock looks up at the sky and blinks when he gets a drop into his eye.
The rain is cool on his face.
He starts to smile, when he has an idea.

“Shit, we forgot the umbrella, didn’t we?” John asks beside him. “Well, lets quickly get a cab …”

Sherlock looks at him. “I want to kiss you.”

John opens his mouth and closes it again in surprise. Then, he grins.
“Ah, I see. Kissing in the rain. Did you see this in a movie?”

Sherlock can feel that he’s blushing and suddenly, he feels a bit stupid. He stares down at his feet.
“I … I heard that it’s a romantic thing …”

“It is,” John says quickly and softly. “I didn’t want to mock you, okay? Come here.”

Sherlock looks up again and feels a warm glow in his chest, when he sees the warm smile on John’s face.
He closes the distance between them and takes John’s face in his hands. For a moment, he just feels. Then, he takes a deep breath and kisses John.
They’re kissing while the rain is running over their faces and everything is hot and cold at the same time.
Sherlock likes it.

They kiss for a long time, and when they part, they’re a bit breathless.
John smiles at him. “Wow. Now we’ve kissed in the rain. Did you like it?”

“Yes,” Sherlock says.

“Good. Me too. Now lets go somewhere warm and dry, okay, love?”

And John takes his hand.

Elsanna week #3, curiosity

Sorry for the delay everyone, but I’ve been SO busy lately so I didn’t have much time to draw. This pic is for @fruipit and her amazing nøkk AU (wich I love WITH ALL MY HEART). You can find the last chap here. I read it three days ago (anD IT’S AMAZING), but I kept my mouth shut, I didn’t send Frui a message or anything because I wanted to make this pic as a surprise and a thankyou!

Also, I previously thought to draw a mermaid au for this prompt, BUT THIS IS MUCH BETTER!

I’ll soon draw a comic about my reaction to Frui’s post lol (I was SO HAPPY)

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - Localization Blog #1

Excelsior, true believers! Nick here again, penning these gladsome tidings from my grand scriptorium full of musty scrolls and ancient cartridges. Alas, it’s been quite a while since I checked in with all of you – well over a year, in fact, with the release of the first Trails of Cold Steel. With that giant title now roaming free in the wild like the majestic brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park, you may have wondered what I’ve been working on over the course of the last year. It always seems to unintentionally happen that I get assigned to projects I can’t talk about for significant lengths of time, but this stretch has easily been the longest. So many times I’ve wanted to tell you some quirky story or fun little side-note about this game as I worked through its script, but alas, the official XSEED duct tape was covering my mouth – until very recently, that is.

In our yearly lead-up to the gaming extravaganza that is E3, we finally announced my long-in-coming project: the classic Falcom action RPG Zwei 2, making its debut outside of Japan as Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection!

Of course, I’ve also helped out with a variety of other, more time-sensitive projects, leading to Zwei taking a bit longer to bring to you than it would have otherwise, but I think we’ve got something you’ll really enjoy in the making here. And conveniently, the benefit of the slow going is that the release isn’t too far off now. As Zwei II enters its final stretch before release, I wanted to tell you more about the game – which is exactly what I’ll do, over the course of the next couple weeks.

Zwei II has an interesting history: released in 2008, it was the very last game Falcom developed exclusively for PC. Back then, the PC gaming market was far from being the robust, thriving scene we know it as today, especially the Japanese market. Thus, the title seemed almost fated to fly under the radar despite its quality craftsmanship and hours of fun. But now, with the worldwide PC game market booming and digital storefronts ensuring copies can get into the hands of anyone who wants to play, it felt like the right time to fill this conspicuous gap in Falcom’s lineage.

“But…what about the first Zwei?” you may be pondering aloud to your monitor. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be at a disadvantage playing the second game in the series before the first, worry not! I’ve played both (thanks to Tom’s Japanese boxed copies) and can confirm that Zwei II gives you all the info you need to understand the world, its plot, and its characters. There was a 7-year gap between the first and second Zwei games in Japan, and Falcom couldn’t assume players would’ve played the earlier entry, so the structure is something more akin to Trails in the Sky versus Trails of Cold Steel, where the games take place in the same world, but in different locations and with different casts. This makes it easy to jump right in.

To start things off, I wanted to sit down and flesh out the game a little for you, since compared to its siblings in the Ys series, and even Xanadu, it’s far less known by fans. What is the Zwei series? What makes it great? How does it play? Why is it cool?

Let’s start from the ground up: the name of the game. “Zwei” is simply the German word for “two” and, as you’ll soon discover, it’s a very fitting title – the game features not one, but two protagonists. Our leads in Zwei II are Ragna Valentine, a lively treasure hunter and pilot-for-hire, and Alwen du Moonbria, a confident vampire princess looking to avenge herself against an unknown enemy. How these two very different people meet and come to really understand (and maybe even appreciate) each other is the relationship that forms the heart of the game, and I’ve done my best to make that journey of growth and understanding a fun and memorable one. And, as with any good RPG, the journey is not without obstacles to overcome. Fortunately, our hero and heroine are up to the task, with Ragna skilled at mixing it up in melee, and Alwen versed in the ways of magic. You can swap between them at any time, and whoever you’re not controlling runs along behind you, ready to leap into the lead role at the press of a button.

Zwei II’s combat is action-based, not unlike the Ys games or Gurumin, but the two-character setup creates an interesting dynamic in combat. Over the course of the game, Ragna will be able to upgrade his weapon, the half chain-whip/half katar Anchor Gear, into several different forms, and Alwen (who begins the game bereft of most of her magic) will regain her powerful spells. You end up being able to do some interesting things, like using a claw-variant of Ragna’s Anchor Gear to grab an enemy, then throw it into another enemy, knocking both into a corner, then swapping to Alwen and unloading a fiery salvo on them. Or have Alwen cast her whirlwind magic to sweep up a couple enemies and keep them stun-locked, then swap to Ragna to leap into the air and string together a midair combo on them. In many dungeons, I often found myself favoring one or the other to take the lead because of the strategies I came up with to best deal with certain types of enemies, and you’ll likely fall into styles of play that fit the way you prefer to approach the game’s combat as well.

And speaking of approaches to combat, Zwei II has a rather unique leveling system, too. In the game, you don’t earn EXP from quests, or from beating up monsters. You actually earn it by eating food – the same food you use to heal yourself when you’re running low on HP. There’s even a “food exchange” service available at the restaurant in the main village of Artte that lets you trade 10 of any one type of food for one of another type that gives more EXP than the ten individual pieces of food would have if eaten on their own (example: trade 10 cheeses worth 10 EXP each for a single pizza worth 150 EXP). Will you chow down now, or hoard in the hopes of cashing in for savory plates of EXP-rich cuisine? You decide! It probably sounds weird (it certainly did to me when I first learned about it), but in practice, it actually works really well. It frees you up from having to grind in dungeons, or feel like you absolutely MUST kill every enemy on the way to your destination. It also gives you a lot of control over your own challenge level. When I was playing the Japanese version of the game, my loose rule was that I’d never eat food just to level – I’d just use it when I was hurt, to restore HP. I ended up going through most of the game under-leveled because of this, but never TOO under-leveled, because the more under-leveled I was, the more damage I’d take, thus getting infusions of EXP more frequently from using food to heal myself. There’s a strange sort of balance to it, and the game isn’t stingy about giving you food in chests, as drops from enemies, and even from giant slot machines you’ll find in each dungeon, so you can decide whether you want to blow through the game as a force of nature but with less on-demand healing available, or a bit underpowered but with a fully-stocked pantry.

If that talk of slot machines that dispense food or trading wedges of cheese for a pizza sounds a little…weird, that’s by design. More than any Falcom game I can think of, the Zwei series embraces its sense of humor, poking in good-spirited fun at its two main characters, the townspeople, and even many of the foes you face down along the way. It’s got a lively, colorful, and cartoonish art style that has helped the graphics hold up well, too. You probably know from personal experience that stories more focused on being comedic sometimes run the risk of not being able to successfully shift into a more serious mode when the story calls for it, but thankfully, Zwei II doesn’t suffer from this issue. It’s surprisingly adept at conveying a serious atmosphere when the story calls for it, making for some excellent dramatic moments, and even a dab of pathos here and there. But on the whole, Zwei II is a game that feels deeply informed by 90s anime and manga, with all the oddness and charm that comes with that. I can certainly say that being rooted in that style proved fertile ground for my work to help the game achieve its comedic potential (speaking as a weeb from ancient times), and I’m already planning my next blog post to focus on some of the details of the writing and the characters.

One thing I love about Zwei II is that it reaches out and really grabs you from the start. In just the first 20-30 minutes, you get the following ace setup (obviously, skip these next two paragraphs if you want to go in totally blind):

The game begins in the skies, as courier pilot Ragna Valentine is cruising in his cool red biplane, the Tristan, toward the island of Ilvard on a routine delivery mission. Suddenly, he’s ambushed by unknown assailants, and after a dogfight against a pair of dragon-riders in the skies over Ilvard, his plane takes a bad hit and plummets toward the land below. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in a bed in the nearby town of Artte as the town doctor marvels at how he came out of such a crushing impact with barely a scratch. After all, his plane didn’t fare nearly as well. Going out to investigate the crash site, Ragna finds his plane on a hill on the outskirts of town, busted up and snapped in half just as the doctor said. So how did he even survive such a nasty crash?

Well…he almost didn’t. After that crash, as he lay among the wreckage, broken of body and bleeding out, he was rescued from his mortal fate by none other than Princess Alwen du Moonbria. Alwen isn’t your ordinary RPG princess, though: she’s a sharp-tongued shut-in vampire princess. Not too long before the start of the story, Alwen’s castle was invaded by a mysterious foe who ultimately seized the stronghold and gave her the boot, after stripping her of her ancestral magic. Seeing the outsider Ragna as her best bet to help her search for her magic and retake her castle, she takes some of his blood and gives him some of hers, sealing a pact that turns him into her ‘Blood Knight’ – a warrior in thrall to a powerful Trueblood vampire whose physical abilities and regenerative capacity far exceed what humans are capable of. But Ragna, see, is all about freedom and doing things his way, and he hates the idea of working as anyone’s lackey. After realizing the situation he’s in, though, he strikes a deal with Alwen: he’ll help her get her castle back as thanks for saving his life…but instead of being master and servant, they’ll do it as equals.

And so, our story begins.

Cool, right? And that all happens in fairly short order – no longwinded tutorials, no hours of quests before the gears really start to spin. Zwei II has a lot of heart and a lot of dialogue, and to its credit, it seldom feels like it drags. The story starts with a bang and keeps things moving at a good clip.

That’s not to say there isn’t plenty to do, though. The island of Ilvard is dotted with thriving communities and, in the fashion of the Trails or Ys games, they’re populated with fleshed-out NPCs who have their own small story arcs and conflicts to overcome over the course of the game, with dialogue that changes frequently after progressing the main story. Some of the residents are funny, some are petulant, and some are just downright strange, so I hope you enjoy getting to know all of them over the many times you’ll visit the towns. You might even stumble upon unique scenes, a secret hint, or a good ol’ fashioned RPG quest (you know, the kind from back before there were convenient quest logs to keep track of things). And of course, what with Zwei II being focused on Ragna and Alwen as dual protagonists, they’ll often have unique things to say in response to other characters depending on whom you’ve got in the lead.

In the course of working on the game’s script, I observed with no small amount of fascination that in some ways, it almost seems like Zwei II was made more with Westerners in mind than the Japanese market. Ragna himself is an incredibly un-Japanese character, with his bravado, easygoing swagger, and sass, but he’s a character that I know will click instantly with the North American audience in particular. We see Ragnas in our books and films; we all probably know someone like him, or who has elements of his personality. Alwen, too, is a character I think will be well-liked by the West. Not content to lament the loss of her home or sit idly by, she picks herself up and decides to get even and take back everything that was taken from her even though it promises to be an uphill battle. The core of her personality is her self-assured nature – even when confronting a world she’s mainly just read about (in books that were, sadly, out of date on the latest trends and customs). Quick-witted and keen, she matches Ragna tit-for-tat, helping the two play well off each other. Beyond just them, there’s the wild west-flavored bounty hunter Odessa, chain-smoking nun Isabella, the worldly jazz pianist Shester, dependable engineer Miriam, and of course, the irrepressible luchador-masked man of mystery, Gallandeau, among many others. Having a zany cast of characters like this all together in one place feels like the kind of storytelling we enjoy so much in Japanese games. But at the same time, after seeing so many forgettably milquetoast light novel-style characters in the games and anime of recent years, it’s refreshing to come upon a game where the characters have an abundance of personality – where I know they’ll resonate with the audience I’m localizing the game for.

So…there you go. In a nutshell, this and more is what you have to look forward to when Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection finally makes its debut. Like a time capsule laden with the charms of a bygone era of RPGs, I think it’ll prove its worth to you as more than simply a pleasant surprise – I think it has the merit to stand proudly as one of Falcom’s finest.

vividlylost  asked:

I really wanna do a matchup thing please! Bit about me : average height, bit more squishy than I like with plenty of insecurities. I'm an artist with motivation problems and when I get started on a topic I run at the mouth in excitement. In the right company I make so many jokes and puns my dnd DM nearly killed my character from the terribleness of it. I have a few tattoos and want more and my hair changes color every few weeks.

I’d match you with Undertale Sans.

He’s all about puns and jokes.  Get the two of you in a room together and Papyrus is going to be pulling his figurative hair out in clumps and diving out the living room window.  Sans will make sure you know that your insecurities are silly to him, usually reassuring you with a pun and a wink.  He’s used to having Papyrus go on in excitement, so he’s a good listener, and your tattoos fascinate him.  He wants to hear the story behind each, and to trace the ink with his finger.  He’s also going to suggest hair colors for you, and they’re going to progressively get more and more outrageous.  

*Matches are closed.

look, not to put too fine a point on it… but what the fuck is erotic about someone upzipping something with their teeth? have you ever tried? feels like a dental drill whirring about as the thing rumbles through your teeth… i mean, the other night I’m trying to hang the washing out, this fancy shirt with a zipper is half undone as it goes n the hanger, but my other hand is full, “oh yeah, mouth!” you’d think is the obvious solution, but no… did you want dubstep vibrators in your jaw? that’s how you get dubstep vibrators in your jaw, and another thing…

i am no longer fighting.
my bruised and bleeding fists
rest clenched beside my thighs.
in the silence there is my breathing
and a steady stream of blood drops.

i stand frozen in the middle of a path 
that only goes one way.
there is forward
or there is backwards.
and roots are beginning to entwine my ankles.

i want to murder you.
i want my hands to take your life.
i want to watch as your blue eyes turn an ugly grey.
i want to watch blood pulsate as it leaves your body.

you deserve nothing less than violence.

but the metallic taste of your blood pooling in my mouth says:
i love you.
the bitter hot liquid dripping from my chin says: 
i love you.
it covers my teeth and it covers my hands and it’s soaking my clothes
and it says that i love you. 

this repetition serving to remind me that i’m forever trapped in you.
how could i give up someone with a mind so alike to mine?
that loneliness is more like a made up word than a real one?
how could i kill the very thing that helps keep me alive?

i scream murder
i scream death
i hold a knife to your neck so firmly any tiny bit of pressure more
and you will be bleeding out. 
holding that blade right there only provides a comfort:
the illusion that i’m in control
but it’s only a silver reminder of everything you’ve whispered to me.

i am just like you.
—  fear // l.h.
Dylan stops smoking because of you

     You walk to the smokers area with Dylan outside of the school. Most students were going to there cars Dylan wanted a quick smoke before leaving. He wanted you to come too because he wanted to chat. You said yes even though you have pretty bad asthma. He didn’t know but you didn’t want to tell him now because you already agreed to go with him. 

     He lights his cigarette and lets it hang out of his mouth as he puts his lighter back in his pocket. “So how’d you do on that history test we studied for yesterday?”, he asked, taking the cigarette out of his mouth. He blows the smoke out of his mouth and you accidentally inhale it. You cough sightly and catch your breath. “I did great. Thanks for helping me study.”, you manage to say. “Do you mind throwing this away for me? This was my last one.”, he says as he hands you an empty cigarette packet. You nod and walk over to a trash can outside.

     You prepare yourself to deal with the strangling smoke again. You walk back over to him and his smoke cloud. You try to listen as he starts telling some kind of story. You hold your breath and pretend to listen. 30 seconds go by and your lungs can’t go without air any longer. You take a deep breath right when Dylan puffs out more smoke. You instantly start coughing and hacking into your hands. You felt like two great hands wrapped around your throat, strangling you and refusing to let you breath. “Shit (Y/N) are you okay?”, he asks in a panicked tone. You cough into your hand and nod. You begin to wheeze. You can’t breath at all. You try to run to a place where there was no smoke. While a attempting to run, you end up collapsing. “HOLY SHIT (Y/N)!”, Dylan throws down his cigarette to check on his best friend.

     He lifts you up slightly as you take deep breaths of clean, fresh air. “Are you okay?”, he asks you. You nod and calm down. “I didn’t mean to get you choked like that.”, he says. “No it’s not your fault. I should have told you I have asthma.”, you say. “Shit I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”, he apologizes. “It’s alright now.”, you say. He stands and helps you to your feet. “From here on out, that will be my last cigarette forever.”, he says. “Dylan you can’t just quit something like that that easy.”, you say. “Then what did I just do?”, he raises an eyebrow. You smile and he apologizes one last time before you say your goodbyes and go your separate ways. 

Our schools a bitch because for an attempt to get money they had seniors (and juniors tbh…they just wanted money) give like 10 bucks and buy a song to play at prom but LITERALLY every song except like 2 were memes (I think….5 suggestions of All Star by Smash Mouth, the other smash mouth song, Never Gonna Give you Up, the Pokemon theme, what’s new pussycat, etc.) and the DJ got PISSED and played none of them (waaaah ur not taking my career seriously)
And now I’ll NEVER get to slowdance to Ocean Man

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Halla, I'm surprised you like Michael clean shaven!

I love his chin. Isn’t it a beautiful chin? And his mouth is so expressive and it’s not as obvious when he’s bearded.

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See? This is good.

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This is also good, plus bonus crazy eyes.

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This is bordering on too long. When we make out, one of his mustache hairs goes straight up my nostril.

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See? Look at that face! Isn’t that the most beautiful chin you’ve ever seen? Scruff is the tiniest bit too short here.

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Watch out for flying knickers! Everything about this picture is perfection.

Why would you want to cover up that beautifulness with a beard?

Too dang pretty.

Never hide that behind a beard, caveman. - Halla

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could ya tell me some songs that are similar to no shade in the shadow of a cross?

content-wise: arnika, i want to be well, from the mouth of gabriel, john my beloved, the only thing

sound-wise: the owl and the tanager, pluto, the mistress witch of mcclure, holland, vito’s ordination song

justinbaldoni: #bodyimage
Two words you’ve probably never heard come out of a man’s mouth. I would bet that most of us assume that women are the only ones who struggle with their body image & feelings of low self-esteem. That assumption couldn’t be more wrong. As a man I can tell you right now that I struggle with my own body image & there are infinite layers that contribute to why. I grew up really skinny. I always felt like my T-shirts just hung from my neck because I had no shoulders. I wanted to have muscles because I thought that would make me a real man. I thought it would help me get friends & girls & be respected. I was wrong. Muscles don’t give you anything except the insecurity & desire of keeping them & making them bigger. I don’t think we have ever addressed the underlying reason why most of us really go to the gym & stay in shape. Why do we sacrifice eating the foods we want to eat, while spending hours, working on parts of our bodies that most people will never see. Pushing ourselves, sweating, buying billions of dollars in products & clothing that hide our problem areas well following influencers who spend their entire day in the gym posting about it and make $ off our secret jealousy. What does that say about how we feel about ourselves? Does it really inspire us or does it set an unrealistic expectation for ourselves & our partners? The truth is that I’m one of the many millions of men & women that have body dysmorphia. When I look in the mirror I’m not happy with what I see like so many of you. Yes of course you can all say what you want about me - but nothing you say can make the little Justin who was picked on, who felt weak and like he wasn’t enough feel amazing about how he looks. So to my dear friends… be patient with yourself. Love yourself, & be OK having insecurities. To my men, talking about your insecurities doesn’t make you less of a man … it actually makes you more of a man. We all have different reasons why we want to look the way we want to look… I just think it’s important we start being real about it -because our children are going to grow up not just just looking at us but wanting to be like us. #TheMensRoom #redifinemasculinity

Daydream Number Five: Part 2

The time has come for me to give in to my desires. I so badly want to engulf you, take you in complete, feel you on the back on my throat and choke on you, but that will have to wait. I grab ahold of your shaft as my tongue traces the head of your cock, flicking the tip. My mouth is watering and my cunt is wet. The taste of you is intoxicating. I run my mouth down your length with the full width of my tongue and back up again. I need to feel you fully. My focus completely on you, I lick my lips and take you in deep. At the same time you groan and I moan in pleasure. I make my way back up to the top. My hand returns to the base of your cock so that my hand can move in tandem with my mouth as I suck. Twisting a little as I move up and down. God you feel so good. I place the pad of my thumb at the base, just above your balls and message as the tip of my tongue wildly licks the underside of the head of your cock. I see your phone drop. I look up at you to find your gorgeous blue eyes fixed upon me. I begin to suck as I keep eye contact. My hair keeps falling in my face. You comb my hair back, take the hair tie off my free wrist and put my hair back so you can see my expression. My lips tighten around your cock as I inch my way down your shaft. I start slowly bobbing my head down feeling you at the back of my throat. I pick up the pace then slowing down again. I love fucking my mouth with your cock. Savoring every moment of it. As if you could read my mind from earlier, you grab a hold of the back of my head, buck your hips into me, and fuck my throat voraciously. You hold my head down so I am choking on your cock. I can feel your cock tense inside of me. Your head flings back as your warm cum streams down my throat. Your grasp loosens as you lean back into the sofa. I crawl up onto the sofa with you, lay my head in your lap and clean you up. I can’t help, but smile as I nestled into you and you rest your hand on top of my head.

This daydream was inspired by former Vice President Joe Biden.

I dislike you for the above statement @wildhuntsman

You didn’t say I couldn’t tag you in it 😜

╾ 「❝  I can’t help that my puns are un-RHYS-stricted. I did
               my RHYS-search, so I know a lot more where that
             came from. But if you don’t want to be RHYS-sonable 
             and make me shut up, then maybe you should tape my
                       mouth shut and put me in RHYS-traints.  ❞」

HI HELLO ! My name’s Aries & I’m gonna just word vomit here about some recent issues that have hit the rpc recently ! Normally I wouldn’t make a huge post / deal about this but  as a person of color , a roleplayer , someone who has been in the rpc community for years , I really don’t want to keep my mouth shut. So I won’t. 

Recently , a place deemed safe for people of color turned out to be a fraud. & it has amazed me to see how fast action has taken to rebuild safe spaces for poc roleplayers in order to heal & unify. I do want to address that these are IMPORTANT ! & are in no way meant to excuse our white allies. It is important to realize that these spaces are created as a REACTION. Because there is no safe space , because so many feel unloved or unwanted , because we see how the rpc has a habit of whitewashing / erasing races , etc these spaces are created because we lacked them in the first place. 

All I want to say with these post is that EMPATHY is so , so very much needed. Not just for the rpc , but for when you enter into the real world as well. Please do not invalidate , dismiss , or brush aside poc experiences. We understand that you will not be able to truly grasp an understanding of how we live our lives because you do not face the same discrimination we do. However , that doesn’t mean hearts should be closed or ears shut off. Please understand , empathize , & help work with minority roleplayers to feel included. If this is truly a safe space for everyone , then we as a community should work together to MAKE THAT TRUE

I want to emulate that my blog is a safe space for all who need it. You can always hit me up on my discord ( JUNO#3841 ) if you ever want to chat or discuss or whatever you need. To my fellow poc roleplayers who are hurt , angered , or saddened by recent events —— i stand with you , & may we rise with power. To non-poc roleplayers , I love you. Do not think that you are the enemy. The enemy is ignorance and the inability to empathize with your fellow person. Obviously not everyone who is non-poc is to blame. There are beautiful souls who understand , support , & continue to crusade by our side. & I love you all who have done that , for that. 

I pray that the poc rpc can heal. That we can grow stronger from this & find peace & comfort among one another. I really hope that this is a learning curve , that we CAN DO BETTER. Because tumblr claims to be woke as fuck but when we deal with race suddenly people are asleep. This isn’t an attack. This is just me , a 21 year old Carribean-American girl , feeling bummed & hurt & shocked & wanting to reblog like 5902304234 black things all over for comfort lol. Thank you for reading ! I probably made 0 sense but here we are. 

I think that certain people view me as someone who holds on to shit and is vengeful but like I don’t think they understand…

I DON’T WANT to hold onto things. If you want to say sorry and you give me a sincere, genuine apology, I’m willing to forgive. If you want to ask me if say…  I got a problem with you or if you did something wrong and how and why, I’m willing to talk through things. The problem is I’ve meet plenty of people in my life who aren’t willing to do either.

I can understand people fucking up. I ain’t perfect. I’ve fucked up. I’m still fucking up, man. I’m gonna fuck up some more. I know I can run my mouth off when I’m extremely upset. I know I can jump at certain things.

If you do something and are willing to go up to me like “hey, why are you upset with what I did / said? If so, can we talk about it?” I can respect that. If you do something messed up and are willing to own up to it and learn from it, why on Earth would I be mad? How on Earth would it be “giving up your pride” in any way?

Owning up to your fuck-ups is a vital part of being an adult. If you can do that, you have my respect. It takes a lot to do that. 

No one is perfect. We can talk through shit if you’re just willing to hear me out, and if you got something to say I’m willing to listen.