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You've seen spill your guts or fill your guts with James Corden right? Imagine Harry on the show playing then James asks a sexual question about his and the missus sex life. Like I can see him taking so long whether to decide to answer or not. "I don't want to eat it, but my wife will kill me if I answer!" 😂

Oh, my goodness, can you imagine the blush on Harry’s cheeks?

His cheeks are as bring pink as the blended salmon drink sitting in front of him and his face is heating and he’s sure he’s about to break out in a sweat, mid-game. The smell of the drink, mixed with some kind of liquid, making his stomach twist and the question, asked by James that made a smirk lift up one side of the host’s mouth, making his head spin. If he answers the question, he’ll get a bollocking from his missus… if he doesn’t answer the question, he’ll give himself a bollocking for having the down the consequence.

“I can’t answer that,” he squeaks out a laugh and hides his blushing face behind his hands, slumping back against the seat as the audience erupts into a raucous chorus of laughter, “if I do, I’ll be in the dog-house for the next week. I won’t be in YN’s good books.”

“So, are you saying you’re going to drink the salmon?”

“I don’t want to that, either,” he groans, rolling his head back and puffing out a breath, “you’re testing me, James!”

“You can’t duck and dive here, mister professional, because if you do, you get something disgusting as a consequence,” James cackles. His face soon becoming ridden with shock as Harry reaches for the salmon drink before him, “you won’t be getting any kisses for the next week either then, huh?” xx

Touching You (12/17)

Bucky x Reader
WC 955
Summary You meet Bucky in a club and things progress. After a one night stand, and he shows up at your work the next day, you find yourselves spending time together. Feelings are confessed and you’re seeing where things go when something happens at work and Bucky overeacts making you question if he’s hiding something from you so you have a girls’ night with a surprise ending.
Warnings Swearing, this chapter is sad (sorry)
AN This is a series I started thanks to an idea @melconnor2007​ helped me come up with. Not sure how long it’s going to be as it’s a WIP.  18+ only
Also, I suck at summaries. Sorry Tags are open (I’m tagging my usual people but let me know if you want off)

When your alarm went off the next morning, your head was pounding and your mouth was dry. Rolling over, you found the water from the night before and, sitting up, you chugged it. You heard laughter and you flopped back down, covering your head with the pillow. “S not funny,” you muttered darkly.

“I dunno, it kinda is,” his voice was muffled because your head was under the pillow. He pulled it off your head, “How are you feeling?”

Glaring at him, you blinked the sleep from your eyes, “I hate everyone and everything.”

“Even me?”

Your gaze softened, “No. Surprisingly, I don’t hate you this morning. I would like you better if you made coffee while I showered,” you smiled at him.

Laughing again, Bucky got out of bed, “Yes ma’am,” and he sauntered off to the kitchen.

You showered and dressed, finding Bucky sitting at your kitchen table, eating cereal. He had fixed you some toast and a mug of coffee and you practically chugged it. Thankfully, he waited until the caffeine kicked in before speaking.

“What I wanna know is what possessed you to get so hammered on a Monday night?”

You could feel your face heating up in embarrassment and you prayed he would chalk it up to the hangover. You shrugged and he pressed on.

“Is it why you brushed me off last night? Cuz I’ll admit, I was surprised you didn’t want to get together.”

You wanted to talk to him, to tell him about your feelings but you didn’t know where to start so you shrugged again.

“Y/N? What’s going on? Did I do something to upset you?”

Shaking your head, you busied yourself eating your toast.

Bucky let out a sigh, “Look, you don’t have to tell me what’s going on but I’d hope that you can trust me enough to talk about things with.”

Swallowing hard, you took a deep breath to steady yourself, “I - I just don’t understand your reaction yesterday! You completely overreacted to my text and I don’t understand it. Why were you so worried about me? What did you think was happening?”

You could see him retreat and you felt your shoulders slump down.

His gazed dropped, “I can’t explain myself. I’m sorry.”

You nodded at him, “Right. Okay.” You glanced at the clock, “I should get going. Thanks for helping me out last night.” Putting your dishes in the sink you could feel yourself withdrawing from him.

Bucky came up behind you and put his dishes in the sink, then he pulled you into his arms. You couldn’t help but stiffen up and you know he felt it. Resting his head on your shoulder, he sighed, “I’m sorry.”

You didn’t acknowledge his apology and he sighed again, walking away and letting himself out.

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I’m just gonna take the DON’T FOLLOW IF section out of my About bc people apparently don’t read it anyways and it’s defeating my whole purpose

through the influx of followers I had yesterday there were a few I was just MMMM NOPE.. I DON’T WANT THIS NEAR ME

Soooo if you ship Sh/i/ma/da/ce/st I don’t want you on my blog. Unfollow me, block me, I don’t care. Stay away

People keep sending complaints to the FCC that repealing net neutrality will cut it off from poor and rural areas by blocking their ips and slowing speeds because they can’t afford to upgrade packages, and turning internet into a luxury

as if that isn’t what they completely intend to do.

They know

That’s why they’re repealing it

because theyre fucking dirt bags

words straight from the chairman’s fucking mouth

rural areas still mostly have copper lines which slows down the speed already

I hardly have internet

and they will be able to intentionally slow down speeds and block IPs of people who can’t afford to upgrade.

You’re not going to be hearing much from my blog anymore or me in general

along with most other people who live in rural areas which is half the population of The United States.

he literally wants internet to only be a luxury to the upper class

i hope to god that when jasper gets redeemed and fully uncorrupted, the have lil shorts like they animated in the past with amethyst and steven just showing jasper different weird earth things she maybe never got to encounter while she was on earth

and pranks

A: HEY GUYS! today im gonna have my roomie try out a Carolina Reaper pepper!

A: lets witness the chaos together, shall we?

*camera pans quickly* SWOOS

J: i want the audience to know ive been held captive and im being forced against my will to do this.

A: oh dont be so dramatic. go oooon! eat it!

J:… you said this was “gonna make my mouth feel on fire”, right?

A: yeah?

J: i dont feel a thing.

A: WHAT!? no way! maybe you just got a bad pepper let me see…


J: ….haha

in conclusion betas can withstand the spiciest of foods and primes cannot

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“Aw come on, he’s really nice, sort of but he’s totally your type.” Seungcheol was bugging you for the millionth time that week about him setting you up on a blind date and to be honest you hated the idea of blind dates. Why would you want to go on a date with someone you don’t know, they could be a secret serial killer.

You ignored the whining boy, instead continuing to look over your notes for the upcoming test. Seungcheol whines louder, he moves up and down, shaking the table, sighing loudly while throwing himself onto of the table, his hands falling on top of your notes and you couldn’t be more frustrated at the boy.

“I can’t go on a blind date okay, I’m still not over my ex.”

The giant lie spilled out of your mouth and you thought as long as he doesn’t ask who it was, you’d be safe. You’ve never actually dated someone before but knowing how gullible Seungcheol was, he’d fall for the lie in a second. He’d end the conversation there and you’ll have to wait until the next month when he starts pestering you again.

“Ex? What? You never told me about an ex-boyfriend. Who is it? Is it someone I know? Is it that one guy in our math class?”

God dammit Seungcheol.

You were running out of options, anyone you said he would obviously know and even if he didn’t he’d ask around and eventually know, you cursed him for being so popular. You started to look around the cafe and outside, if you chose someone totally random, he wouldn’t know them and you could make up a bogus story of how it ended.

“Uhh….he’s actually right there.” Your words were hesitant and you were praying to god Seungcheol didn’t notice.

Seungcheol turns his head to look at the boy sitting at the corner of the cafe, he buried himself in a sweater with headphone resting atop of his head. His fingers typed away onto his computer and the top of his bright green hair made him stand out easily in the cafe.

“Jihoon?” Seungcheol stared at you in astonishment, “You dated Jihoon??”

Dammit Seungcheol.

“You know him?” You whispered in contrast to Seungcheol’s booming voice.

“Know him? He’s the one I told you about, you know the small guy that punched me in the gut because I accidentally made him drop his project which ‘apparently’ he worked weeks on.” Seungcheol did another double take at Jihoon, “We’re passed that and he’s kind of cool I guess, but wow, you and Jihoon?”

“Shut up! Say it any louder and the whole world will know. Yes, we dated and broke up and I’m just not over him yet.”

Lies. Complete lies were spewing out of your mouth but you really couldn’t back out now because if you do Seungcheol is going to give those really disappointed eyes and then you have to go on the blind date and you really did not want to spend time with this so called ‘nice guy’.

“Let me talk to him, we could totally work this whole thing out.”

“Seungcheol!” You were half whispering half screaming as Seungcheol made his way over to Jihoon in the corner.

You buried your face into your hands, internally screaming about how your life is completely over. You dared not to look at Seungcheol because for all you know, Seungcheol is already looking at you with those disappointed eyes. You felt the chair in front of you move and the table shifts a bit as Seungcheol sits down.

You sigh in defeat, “Seungcheol.”

Seungcheol cuts you off, “I’m so sorry, you know if I had known that you two ended really bad and that you were suffering I wouldn’t have tried to push the date onto you.”



He continues, “Well Jihoon told me about how you guys got into this huge argument and it ended really bad with a lot of screaming and oh my god I can’t believe Jihoon would be such an ass and cheat on you.”

Laugh, that’s what you wanted to do at the moment. This whole story, him apparently cheating on you, the argument, the break up. You wanted to burst out laughing, a totally complete stranger manufactured a fake break up story for you.

You gave your fake best sad face, “Yeah, I know. I couldn’t believe it either. He just became someone so different.”

For five minutes Seungcheol consoled you as you tried to contain your smiles and laughs. When he finally up and left, you sighed in relief that the whole blind date thing was finally out of the window. Before you turned back to your notes, your eyes wandered to the boy in the corner, his eyes flickered to yours for a second, the end of his lips moving upwards into a small smile.

It wasn’t until you were packing up did you have the courage to walk over to him. Jihoon notices your figure approaching him and he takes off his headphones. Up close you couldn’t deny that he was kind of cute with his tousled hair and how his sweater was too long, creating the classic sweater paws look.

“I wanted to thank you.” You started off, “For playing along I guess, I was kind of surprised you created the whole break up story.”

Jihoon shrugs, “You looked like you were dying over there so I decided to help you. Besides, I needed to get back at that damn Seungcheol for ruining my project.”

When a laugh escaped your mouth, Jihoon felt his whole body shake, your laugh vibrated in his body and for some reason he wanted to hear more of it.

“Anyway, thanks for the help, Seungcheol won’t be bothering me for a while about dates.”

Jihoon cracks a smile, “Here.” Jihoon scribbles his number onto a piece of paper, handing it to you, “If he bugs you again, we could stage a screaming match in front of him. Just give me a call.”

Your smile brightens and Jihoon could feel the warmth radiating off of it. His shoulders slump and slight disappointment fills his mind when you turn and leave when he hoped you would sit and chat for a while.

For a while Jihoon forgets about you, a month passed and after a few days of anticipating a text, his disappointment wore off and his schedule suddenly became quite busy and the thought of you slipped to the back of his mind.

The buzzing of his phone woke him from his needed nap, Jihoon groans loudly, ready to tell off the person on the other end. He waits for his eyes to adjust as he sees a text message notification pop up onto his phone.

It’s your supposed ex girlfriend, seungcheol set me up on a date without me knowing, pls pls pls pls help me pretty pls i’ll buy you food or coffee

Jihoon contemplates for a moment. As much as he wanted sleep, he drags himself off of his bed and out the door.

“Seungcheol!” You whisper harshly while gripping his arm tightly enough to leave marks, “you can’t leave me here alone!” Seungcheol laughs as he pulls your hand off, he whispers a good luck before standing, “Seungcheol!”

When he leaves the restaurant, you laugh awkwardly at your blind date. The atmosphere becomes still and seconds feel like hours for you. Your one word answers to their questions becomes bland and you grip your phone tightly hoping Jihoon got your message.

“Hey!” Jihoon is slightly out of breath, “What do you think you’re doing!”

You’re taken aback, his voice is slightly booming as he directs his words to you. You don’t know what to do or say, you remain silent with your mouth agape and eyes widened.

“Do you know him?” Your date asks you.

Jihoon glares at the boy, “I’m her boyfriend. Who are you?”

“Boyfriend? Seungcheol didn’t say anything about a boyfriend.”

“Well I’m here aren’t I.” Jihoon turns to you, a smirk on his face that your date couldn’t see and you felt a weight lift from your shoulders, “You let Seungcheol put you on a blind date.”

You cross your arms, beginning to play along, “It’s not like you were going to take me out on one.”

Your date suddenly becomes tense, the heated argument between you and Jihoon forced him to become stone, “I-I’m just going to go.”

The boy dashes quickly out the door and your large sigh of relief is finally let out. Jihoon plops himself onto the seat in front of you.

“Well that was fun.”

You laugh, “What, watching him run away or fake arguing with me.”

“Both.” Jihoon lifts the menu set directly in front of him, “What’s good here.”


Jihoon stares idly at the menu, “You said you’d buy me food if I came. Waiter!”

You lips curve to a smile, you watch silently at Jihoon who begins spouting various items to the nervous waiter. The warmness in your heart increases when Jihoon glances at you.

With five take out boxes in his hand, because he states that’s his meals for the week, Jihoon begins to bicker with you about the bill. His previous statement of having you pay becomes unlikely as you two settle to split the bill and you pretend not to notice when he inconspicuously puts down a few more extra bills for tip.

Your laughing when Jihoon joins you outside of the restaurant, “Seungcheol texted me freaking out because apparently I have a boyfriend now.”

Jihoon glances at the never ending messages from Seungcheol and laughs with you, “well I guess you’re going to owe me a lot of food.”

I had an interview last week for a job I really wanted, I gave a very good interview ( and was congratulated for it.) My current boss gave extremely positive references and I was refered by peeps working there..

And I just got called saying I didn’t got the job because they found someone ( they were hiring for several posts ) more “ fitting”.

Someone there opened their mouth about the fact I was a trans male and I am certain that’s what made them reconsider…. ( They didn’t know when I was interviewed.)




Disgusted and insulted….


1/15 Favorite Ships Meme (Canon / Headcanon): Cole St. Clair & Isabel Culpeper

Beneath me, the bed tipped as Cole edged closer. I felt him lean over me. His breath, warm and measured, hit my cheek. Two breaths. Three. Four. I didn’t know what I wanted. Then I heard him stop breathing, and a second later, I felt his lips on my mouth. It wasn’t the sort of kiss I’d had with him before, hungry, wanting, desperate. It wasn’t the sort of kiss I’d had with anyone before. This kiss was so soft it was like a memory of a kiss, so careful on my lips that it was like someone running his fingers along them. My mouth parted and stilled; it was so quiet, a whisper, not a shout. 

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it's getting worse. my head is spinning with her and all the things I should be doing, but my hands refuse to move the way I want them to and my clumsy mouth trips over syllables. it's so difficult because there are a million voices at once and I don't want to bother any of them, but their faces are guarded and they won't tell me any truth. it feels like I've been digging for so long, sand and rock and filth, and when, oh god, when did it get so difficult? pain was so simple. //poetry-hedgehog

There are many parts that make me me, and though I’ll often forget one or two, I never forget the ones that hurt

@sweet-ree had requested #10 or #30 from the prompts list, but I’d already done both of those. She graciously said I could pick whichever prompt I wanted and do a drabble for that, so…. I chose:

#46 - “Your lips are so kissable.” for mshenko! Hope you enjoy! 

“Kaidan… I…. really need…” Shepard gave up trying to get his sentence out. Every time he opened his mouth to speak, his lover slipped his tongue inside. He didn’t want to complain about that either, but there were reports to write, strategy to plan…. God, five minutes of sleep would be really fucking great right about now, too.

Kaidan had other ideas it seemed. “Your lips are so kissable,” he mumbled, replacing words with action and tugging John close for yet another kiss. “I can’t seem to help myself.”

Just days ago, Shepard had been pining away for this very thing. Before Apollos, before Kaidan’s adorably awkward little speech that Shepard imagined him practicing in the mirror before their ‘sanity check.’ Shepard had been in love with Kaidan Alenko as long as he could remember. He kept his feelings and desires in check, though, not wanting to overstep his bounds as Kaidan’s commanding officer. Not wanting to ruin their friendship by declaring his feelings.

When Kaidan had invited him out for lunch, Shepard had jumped at the chance to spend some more time with the man. Selfishly, he longed for that bit of reprieve from the stresses and strains of the war. Wanted that one on one time with Kaidan because he was just so fucking starved for some sort of relief from all the responsibility that had been heaped onto his shoulders.

Kaidan had offered him all that and then some. Offering to share the burden, his life, his heart with Shepard, and he was so goddamned grateful he didn’t know how to articulate it. Suddenly the reports and duties seemed a little less pressing, what with the way Kaidan’s lips were pressing against his own, tongue slipping into his mouth over and over. Kaidan saw Shepard trying to burn himself out as quickly as possible, like a candle with both ends lit, and he was offering him that shelter from the storm that he knew Shepard so desperately needed but would never ask for, never take for himself.

John loved him all the more for it. Forgetting about work and everything it entailed, he wound his fingers through Kaidan’s perfectly coiffed hair, dragging him even closer, returning the kiss with vigor. Reports could wait. The war would wait for a little while, because, “You’re lips are pretty damned kissable, too.”

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You are nothing, but a judgemental piece of shit. I could destroy everyone close to you before you could open that nasty mouth of yours again. But I'm not a monster like you. Of course I'm on anon because your coward ass blocked me. What can I do? I wanted to talk to you, but you are so disrespectful. Instead of messaging me, you talk shit behind my back and you think you are a better person? Give me a break.

LMAO srsly diana how many accounts u got hoeee

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So I have a bakudeku au idea stuck in my head. Hanahaki disease mixed with sleeping beauty. When basically if the person dies with the hanahaki disease, when you die the flower you've been caigjing blooms out of your mouth (I have doodles I can send of izuku with this if you want to see). Then if then one you love truly loves you back and they kiss the flower (true lives kiss) then you can come back to life. What do you think of it?

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YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!Yes!!! Please send me sketches!!! You’re also welcome to just message me if that will be easier for you for asks!!!!! Was this a general topic?? Are you writing this??? Was this from the thing that you want me to write?!?!! I”M SO HERE FOR THIS!!!!!!

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Hi Thelo! I know I bug you a lot, sorry about that. I just wanted to say how much you inspire me to stay strong and how amazing and incredibly talented you are. You stand up for what you believe in, which makes you even more awesome to me. I could rant on and on about how you're one of my heroes (like same level as Thomas one of my heroes), but I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you. You're amazing Thelo, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

1) You don’t bug me that much, or at all, so don’t worry about that. 

2) This ask made me do that thing where people don’t know what to do and they put their hands to their mouth and smile and kind of softly go “oh” because it’s so kind. <3 Thank you so, so much… I don’t even know how to properly respond. Thank you. <3 Gosh. I hope you have a great day. Like a day that makes you as happy as this ask made me. Goodness. Gracious. Gosh. 

Here’s a hermit crab.

I call him Edward.


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A FACT ABOUT YOU THAT IS NOT ON YOUR “ABOUT THE MUN” PAGE: I was an athlete in my youth through college. 

A FACT ABOUT YOUR MUSE THAT IS NOT ON THEIR “ABOUT THE MUSE” PAGE: she’s a vegetarian, all those burgers and hot dogs you think you see her stuffing her mouth with, yeah they are veggie burgers/dogs.

A WAY THAT YOU AND YOUR MUSE ARE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON:  harley and i often have self doubt, we really do think we’re bonkers at times. either the person/people we care for or the way that we think, we often think we’re nuts for feeling how we do. 

A WAY THAT YOU AND YOUR MUSE ARE COMPLETE POLAR OPPOSITES:  harley is a hopeless romantic. she loves love and believes it is a beautiful thing. whether it’s other people being in love or herself with someone, she daydreams that her love can be as amazing as she sees other people and their love.

ONE MAJOR PET PEEVE OF YOURS (DOESN’T HAVE TO BE RP RELATED): when the dryer is full when im trying to do laundry, OMFG do i hate when people leave their shit in the dryer.   

ONE THING THAT ALWAYS MAKES YOU HAPPY (DOESN’T HAVE TO BE RP RELATED):  cosplaying, i love the ability of not being myself. as a person who strongly wants to disassociate with reality, it’s a true escape from life. the fact i can embody a character i would rather be other than myself brings me a lot of joy. this may be unhealthy but i honestly don’t give a flying fuck lmao.

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i have days where i feel needy and have days where i dont even want to hear about sex at all. so i thought im demisexual at first, but due to the latter occurrence maybe im actualy aceflux... right? like you cant have one day be one thing and the next the other, so im probs aceflux then...?

You know how some days some food is just vomit inducing for you? Like, one time I had salad twice a day for two straight weeks and the idea of putting spinach in my mouth after than made me want to vomit. Same thing can happen to sex. Maybe everyone around you is constantly talking about getting laid or going on dates and making dirty jokes. And then your mom calls you and is pressuring you to bring home a date for the holidays and your boss is teasing you about how you haven’t had a date in forever. All of it is meant in good fun, but man, does it get on your nerves. And so you just sit up and go “If I never have to hear about sex again, it’ll be too soon” because all the talk is grating on your nerves. Maybe you’re just saturated in sex and dating and you just want to spit the damn spinach leaf out of your mouth and scream “I NEED A FUCKING BREAK.” It’s okay. It happens to me too. Especially when I’m with people and I’m not necessarily out to yet and I have to keep all my ace comments on the inside. It gets tiring. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re aceflux.

Alternatively, if the aceflux label makes you feel better about your off days or tendency to not want to hear about sex at all, then go for it! If you want to be aceflux, then be aceflux. If you don’t want to be, then don’t. See, you’re not really changing anything about your feelings or thoughts or actions, just how you describe those feelings. You aren’t changing at all (as you shouldn’t), your label is. So go for what feels right! 

Sometimes I want to think that people are already losing the sanity of seeing things on the internet like that Damn Daniel or when I’m in school and I look at all my classmates talking nonsense about being want to bed or cheer up such a girl or boy for being hot They are pure ball of hot assholes looking for everything related to sex I always wonder where the hell is the parents to guide their children to be a little more educated in school and learn to close the fucking mouth.

Nat: Que bueno que tengo vacaciones y estoy lejos de los problemas ~w~