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“Hey,” he tries, “hey darlin’, can you pass me the milk?”

“Oh sure,” Sam responds after a long pause. “Here you go. Sweetie.”

“Thanks, hon, you’re a real doll,” Bucky drawls, and pours himself another bowl of cereal, tops up his coffee, takes a mouthful of milk straight from the carton just for good measure. Sam narrows his eyes.

“That’s disgusting,” he sighs, and Bucky makes deliberate eye contact, swallows another mouthful. Sam holds his gaze. “Cupcake, come on, I gotta drink that shit, stop putting your mouth all over it.”

“I’ll put my mouth all over wherever I want,” Bucky tells him. “Sweetheart.”

“Will you just,” Sam mutters, and sips his black coffee like he’s totally unruffled, and Bucky is startled to discover that he’s the one who’s blushing. Shit. Maybe this was a tactical error.

clearing out my drafts, happy friday, enjoy this sambucky pet names bickering

the devil finds me on the side of the highway with a purple dress and a backpack full of bad intentions. my mouth is bloody and my heels are breaking. he says he doesn’t know what to think about hands like mine.

it gets darker and warmer and i feel like the constellations are tearing themselves apart. we dance all night and my mother calls me little blasphemy but i don’t listen anymore.

in the morning i say i want to get better but he says i feel like home. want is an ugly word for girls like me.

—  GOD, FORSAKEN (ii) || s.o.

secretly-bea  asked:

so i've been paying a bit more attention to my cat's body language and wants because of this blog, so thank you! her and I have actually gotten quite close now that she realizes i'll respect her personal space. however, she still insists on trying to chomp me (not hard, kinda just mouthing) to signal she wants to go out of my room, even when the door's open. is there any way i can redirect her to something else? should i add extra steps to her leaving, like trying to get her to bat at something?

See if you can predict when she’s going to do it, and then try to respond to her approach before she actually gets to the chomping. It’s sort of like teaching a dog they don’t need to bark at you because you’ll pay attention the first time the nudge you for attention. You could maybe then pick another behavior and chain it with the approach once she’s stopped nomming on you, but you’d want to train it separately and then start asking her for the behavior when she approaches as a condition for being let out. Just be careful that she doesn’t get frustrated and go back to what she knows works (her teeth). 

I think I snagged this from the Priest Facebook page? I’m on mobile so links aren’t a thing I guess

(Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest)

basartpl  asked:

Do Paper Crane can coppy any Au ? Maybe Silly question :/

That’s not a silly question. Crane can copy the color scheme of MOST AU. He actually have a few limitations:

- The sans he copy must be an INCODE.

Character like Ink, Fresh, Error, and any other that doesn’t have an universe of their own makes it unable to copy them as he need to INFILTRATE a universe code to change color.

- The character must be SANS, so other character or ‘ship child’ such as Goth, Paper Jam and other doesn’t work either since Crane is composed of Sanses.

- The sans he copy must have died in another timeline as well since he need to ‘key code’ to connect himself to an AU as well.

Because when Crane connect himself to the verse, he connect himself to Sans in particular… but I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about this since I don’t want to spoil anything yet. 


[3/24/17 Tweet Translation]

Let’s make this pose popular 💓 [see 1st picture]
「Doi〜♫ Doi〜♫ Doi Kazumi〜 ☝︎ 」

Aim for a major debut  💓

I received a cake from a member of Amatou Danshi [lit: Sweet-Tooth Boys, a singing group Yuusaku is in], and I ate it with everyone  ✨
I made Dancer Riku-kun, Students Tooru-kun, Soui-kun, and Rui-kun, and Teacher Kanzan-san say “aaaaa” and open their mouths to feed them  💓


Link to the Twitter video he posted today: (x)
It’s just Yuusaku with the supporting actors all going “yay~” etc. so I’m not doing an actual translation for it.

Pokémon Daily Blog Tributes #4

Here’s Gulpin with their fellow wide-mouthed friend, @dailysandygast!

If I had to pinpoint the single blog that convinced me to make my own daily blog, it would have to be @dailysandygast​. From the moment I saw their blog I could clearly see how much fun the artist was having answering asks and developing Sandygast’s character, and that enthusiasm really inspired me! It made me want to join in, too!

This blog is also just generally hilarious. The artist draws variations of Sandygast made of materials other than sand, and they are all pure gold. Check ‘em out!

INTP and Languages

INTP: *glares as rude customer walks away* I need to work on my Spanish.

Coworker: What? Why?

INTP: Because I want to go on a spectacular rant and I can’t with this stupid English crap.

Coworker: Yes, you can!

INTP: … But it’s more intimidating in Spanish.

Coworker: Is that the only reason you want to learn Spanish? Next you’ll be telling me you’re only working on French because it sounds pretty and you want to know what the tourists are saying!

INTP: ……..

Coworker: OH MY GOD!

INTP: Well I can’t very well say I want to talk to more people now can I?

Coworker: How do you even exist!?!?

INTP: *opens mouth to reply*

Coworker: Don’t! Don’t answer that! I don’t even want to know!

Dear workers at McDonalds who wants to run their mouths about me having this account. Its not like you can get me fired? 😂 cause if they do fire me I can actually sue the store…
An I guess y'all must be jealous since you guys have been talking about this page for what 2 weeks now? You think your soooo secretive well sweethearts im done biting my tongue. If y'all wanna talk bout me that just means you must be keeping a watch on my page(; I guess y'all are really enjoying yourselfs aint you? Im sorry that some people as in a few hundred people subscribe to me EVERY month. So take your insecure selfs somewhere else.

idksomethingnew  asked:

Lol when was Tom trying to convince us that he didn't swear? He know his mouth filthy af. IF ANYTHING, I think he's gotten better since getting more popular. Remember that DJ Whoo interview? And before that, "I have Mjolnir in my pants." Lmao we're lucky to get one swear per an interview. I'll take it tho. I'll take it.

Man, he gave an interview and he was like, “I don’t like to swear in case my mother read it” or some shit and I was like “NIGGGGGGA! You really gon try that?!?!” I hate him lol.

I want him to quit playing and let that old Tom that lived to throw a random “fuck” here and there. I think he needs a good interviewer to bring it out of him. I nominate myself.

anonymous asked:

i am in a relationship with a boy who doesn't care, who mouths the words "i love you' just because he should and cares more about himself then anyone else. i want to get out but i don't know how, he's my first everything and i would be losing myself without him. he says that he does care, its just hard for him to show, but years into a relationship and im still feeling like im the only one trying. advice?

Maybe just be upfront with him let him know how your feeling, and if things don’t go well, things will always get better :)😘 message again if I wasn’t helpful

RedBud (Independence)

Brewery : Independence
Beer : RedBud
Style : Berliner Weissbier / Berliner Weisse / Weissbier
Variance : None

8 / 10

For some reason, the first two things that popped in my mind when I saw the name of this beer was “RedBud gives you wings!” and Charles Foster Kane saying the words “Red…Bud…” before kicking the bucket. I’m an idiot with the first one for sure but I’d rather get my wings from this beer than kidney stones from actual Redbull because I don’t think my pee hole stretches that big and I don’t want to test it. Also, I’m pretty sure I was forced to watch Citizen Kane in high school just to find out that rose bud was the name of a fucking sled so again, I’m going with Independence on this one. I’m down to my last two Independence brews and I am going to be sad to see them go for now but after this one I have the cucumber variant so you might want to hide that review from your overly horny mom. Get it? Cause she probably has sex with cucumber dildos. Now that you’ve got that visual in your mind, let’s move on to the taste. This has a a light tartness with an almost herbal like quality to it before some lightly sweetened lemon flavors join in with a mild pucker before a mix of malt and sour finish things off. I know I’m a bit late on this but this is definitely a solid summer brew so make sure once the weather improves you stock up on this because it is the perfect partner for sunshine. If this is your first sour make sure you snag a can because this is the perfect intro into the style and will serve as a great gateway into bigger and more punishing brews. For you professional alcoholics out there AKA beer pros, pick this up once it warms up but just make sure you invite me over if you plan on barbecuing or cooking out because I’m always down for a good meal.

Written by: Steve B.


Leaning back further into my seat as the sweet liquid covers my tongue I allow a moan to escape my lips. Feeling the nectar roll around in my mouth, coating each taste bud with it’s addicting flavor I allow my mind wander, getting lost in the nirvana the familiar taste brings me. Tipping my head back I finally allow sensation to poor down the back of my throat, purring as it brings me to that special high. Opening my eyes I am broken from its intoxicating spell only to want another taste. Giving in I raise the bottle to my lips, hesitating slightly as I mentally prepare myself for another blissful sip. Thought all but disapear leaving one thing on my mind.

“Damn this is a fucking good Dr. Pepper.”