i want that hat yo


Yo, I want to throw my hat into the Harry Potter Overwatch AU pls, I know I mentioned it in a post a bit ago, but hey

Instead of students (because these are ladies in their 30s) how about sexy professors. Part of this is based on a lovely conversation with @theabsentmindedarchitect and some reblogs of @nofunhun

Widow is potions professor, went to Beauxbatons when she was younger. (Like c’mon fancy French school) Mercy is head of the school’s infirmary after a bit of working at St. Mungos. 

Uhhh what else did we have? Rein as care of Magical Creatures, Ana Defense Against the Dark Arts, headmaster Jack. Tracey was charms for time turner shenanigans. Pharah flying instructor/quidditch coach.

Also its mercymaker. They make out in unoccupied class rooms and traumatize Hana.

Comment/reblog what I forgot about lol :P I can’t remember the whole convo!

i always forget that brook is probably going to be the last straw hat standing and i am Hurt by the thought that he could very well drift the seas alone once again

Groot Translations (pt 3)
  • Yondu: *gives Groot the Ravager badge*
  • Inside Groot's Mind: Tf does he want me to do with this metal piece of garbage, it looks like a fucking hat, does he want me to wear this hat?? Nu-uh son I ain't gonna do it, bitch, but like idk what he wants me to do with it so I'll just wear it as a hat.
  • Groot: *wears it like a hat*
  • Yondu: What?? No!!
  • Rocket: He thinks you want him to wear it as a hat.
  • Yondu: That's not what I said!
  • Groot: I am Groot. (Oh thank the lord jesus up in heaven that I dont need to wear this stupid crap)
  • Rocket: He's relieved you don't want him to.
  • Groot: I am Groot. (Yo, hats are pieces of dog crap. I fucking hate them tbh.)
  • Rocket: He hates hats.
  • Groot: I am Groot. (They look ugly on me, and everyone else in this darn galaxy, especially me. They ruin my style, and I got a good style.)
  • Rocket: On everyone, not just himself.
  • Groot: I am Groot. (Hats make it look like everyone's got a weird shaped head and they look so fucking ridiculous and incredibly stupid. Then I realize they wearing a fucking shitty hat, like really gurl??? You makin everyone confused with your fucking head shit.)
  • Rocket: One minute you think that person has a weird shaped hat and the next minute you realize part of their head is a hat...that's why you don't like hats??
  • Groot: (Hell yeah, dad)