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I was wondering if you have advice on how to be a friend better to someone?, I have this amazing friend she knows I struggle with selfharm,depression and a lot other stuff. My friend has some as well but I feel like I'm a burden on her and everyone but I'm so scared she'll give up on me and I really don't want to lose her

If this person is as good as a friend as you are saying I don’t think she would ever give up on you anon, but we can still go over some tips on how to be a good friend!

💖 Be a good listener. I think one of the most important qualities in a good friend is being a good listener. Sometimes we can get carried away with talking about ourselves and we forget that our friend might have stuff they’re dealing with too that that they want support with. So try and be all ears. I think it’s really thoughtful when a friend can remember something I mentioned from awhile ago, it shows me that they care about what I have to say. 

💖 Be reliable. This is something that I appreciate so much. I’m someone who gets cancelled on a lot and it’s always super last minute and disheartening. Sometimes it feels like i’m wasting time on someone that really isn’t putting in any effort into our relationship, so be reliable. If you make plans with your friend keep them, unless of course it’s an emergency or you aren’t feeling well. Still in that case your friend would probably appreciate a heads up!

💖 Be trustworthy. Being a trustworthy friend goes a long way and having friends that you can’t trust really puts a strain on that relationship. People value friends that they can trust a lot more than friends that they can’t trust. 

💖 Be kind! Just because you’ve known someone for awhile doesn’t mean you should stop saying please, thank you, excuse me, how are you etc. It’s always nice when someone asks how you are and genuinely listens to your answer. 

💖 Be supportive. If your friend is ever upset about something, ask if they are okay, if they want to talk to you about it, or if there is anything you can do to make them feel better. Try and make them feel love and comforted, maybe even give them a little bit of advice if they wish for it. 

💖 Be loyal. Defend your friend when they need you to. Show them that you have their back through hard times, always listen to their point of view and put yourself in their situation. 

💖 Never put them down. A good friend lifts you up and makes you feel good about yourself, never the opposite. 

💖 Keep in touch. No one wants to be smothered, but if you’re not always seeing each other in person, it’s nice to check in via text or Facebook. 

💖 Make them feel appreciated. I would tell them how you feel. For example, “I really want to thank you for everything you have done to comfort me and make me feel loved during hard times. You’re an amazing friend and I aspire to be as good of a friend as you have been to me.” 

💖 Apologize when an apology is due. Even if you don’t agree or understand what you have done to make your friend upset, sincere apologizes go a long way. Whether you meant to hurt their feelings or not, you still did and you should always be willing to apologize.

💖 Give your friend space. If your friend wants to hang out with other people be supportive of her having other relationships. Jealousy in not a great trait in a friend. I’ve definitely learned over time that it is not a big deal for my friends to hangout with other people. It does not change the relationship that they have with me!

💖 Be honest. This doesn’t mean be rude and blunt. This doesn’t mean tell them that what they’re wearing is ugly. Just don’t hold in feelings of resentment that strain a relationship. One of my friends and I are super honest with what were feeling and we use I statements to communicate respectfully to one another. Example: “I’m feelings upset right now, what you said hurt my feelings.” 

💖 Be forgiving. It’s up to you what to forgive and what not to forgive. Somethings we shouldn’t forgive things because they aren’t okay, but when it comes to little disagreements be reasonable and accept an apology if you feel it’s genuine. 

Hope I could help! xx


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Secret santa gift for kingaiju, who has absolutely fabulous sylvari that I hopefuly didn’t ruin much. I’m really really sorry for being late, my life is a joke right now and I wanted to make sure this still ends up looking the best I can ;v;



  • giorno does pols hair up in rolls and they talk about their ridiculous hair styles
  • pol spoils trish (like he wouldve spoiled sherry) and acts more as a big brother figure PLUS MATCHING SHIRTS
  • mista is a big baby and likes to sit in pol’s lap 
  • polnareff calls jotaro every time his kids do something cute and always invites him and jolyne over

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)