i want that beaut

I’ve been having a ton of fun lately with Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but I cackled when I got to swap the Golden Dagger that I gave to Saber as payment immediately back onto Celica.

(Saber ended up getting it again after the second boat map, but joke’s on him; I ended up forging it into Celica’s personal weapon and giving it to her permanently)

I have so many feelings about Zoe Evans, and her beautiful face 💫

I have decided that I want to get to know my followers better. I want friends. I was in a chat last night with @lilypotthr @chorietta @padfootd @mcgonnagal  @jilys @ravenclw  @lilyevansh @nerville @lilyevcnz and they were absolutely lovely! That chat made me realize that you guys know so much about me, but I really only know a couple of people! I want more amazing chats with lovely people. Pop into my ask, personal message me, link me to your discourse chat, add me on Kik, participate in my ask games and link me to yours! I don’t care! Let’s get talking!! <3


[sim aesthetic challenge]  Nialla Holmes

Nialla Holmes is all about flowy dresses, elegant accessories,  sandals and lots of coffee.

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Rules: Choose one of your sims (or more if you like) and post 3+ pictures showing their aesthetic/personality! Tag five or more people and hashtag ‘Sim Aesthetic Challenge ❤️

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Nooo, I think the location of Bunsen’s ears was revealed in this episode, right? You deserve to be excited too!

He looked precious all throughout it and I liked him.

“I’m always intrigued by the most extreme people. You go to a dinner and there’s that person who’s a little eccentric or strange, or even someone no one else wants to talk to. I love talking to those people.”

I’m like aweful at hands? so i wanted to practice drawing some more masculine ones Ft. Xehanort’s Hearltess .

i wanted to practice the transition of a lack of melanin on palms, too, i’m limited on energy, so i was only able to do one referencing my own hand for the general pose, and then idk ‘man-hand’ing them up a bit or whatever u call it ( i want u to know my own hands are DELICATE and BEAUTFul (lmao))

ahh, there’s a lot i want to draw, but i’m limited on time n energy.

ONE LAST THING: I bet you those black, glove bands hurt