i want superpowers

The act of running generates 3 to 5 times your body weight in impact force per foot-strike. Your bones have to get harder, your muscles need to adapt and get stronger, and you can’t rush that process.

 Matt Forsman, a San Francisco Bay area-based USATF-certified running coach

that first part is so crazy to me. runners are fucking superheroes

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Which superpower did you really want as a kid, and which one do you want now (feel free to add your Hogwarts house)?

I had an intriguing thought about Glynda Goodwitch’s abilities. Entropy is a physical quantity that measures the disorder in a system. Whenever we see Glynda use her powers, it’s to reverse local disorder - cleaning up the dining hall, repairing the collapsed street, etc. She doesn’t just “fix” things, she seems to rewind them to before they were broken. So maybe that’s her Semblance: local reversal of entropy. But this raises an interesting question. Ozpin, as far as I can tell, seems to be associated with time; so is entropy. 

There’s a classic question in physics arising from a mismatch between microscale and macroscale interactions. At a microscopic level, physical systems don’t prefer a direction of time. The equations work just as well “backwards” as “forwards.” But on a macroscopic level, time has a clear past-present-future flow. How do you define this direction? This is where entropy comes in. Entropy is an irreversible process. You can lower it locally, but the total entropy of the universe can only stay fixed or increase. Therefore, we can define the passage of time as “the direction in which entropy increases.” 

Or, more simply, we say that entropy is the arrow of time.

So if Ozpin is time, then Glynda is time’s arrow. And in this context that also makes her time’s weapon. It even sets her up to mirror Cinder, who is primarily an archer.

Bottom line, I’m hoping for Glynda busting out a bow in Volume 4.

        It was probably the farthest thing from safe for Princeton to be walking home from this party without his friends. But obviously he wasn’t going to stick around while everybody got high. Certainly, his parents wouldn’t appreciate him calling them at midnight to come pick him up when he said he would stay the night with his buddies. With his arms wrapped around his frail frame to shield from the cold, he glanced across the street to make sure it was safe to cross. When he decided it was safe the male stepped into the road but ended up tripping and falling over in the middle of the street due to the amount of alcohol he'd consumed that night. Swearing to himself, he glanced up only to notice a silver SUV speeding at him with a blaring horn. In shock, he threw his hands up as some sort of pathetic protection attempt. But he’d sent the car flying backwards. It hit a few other cars which were lined up on the street for the party, sending the emergency alarms screaming as it barreled through them. When the SUV came to a halt on its back, Princeton glanced down at his hands and flexed them. “H-Holy shit..”

Giorno Mista fusion for @dailypassione fusion week! 

“You conscious… is even brighter than the sunrise, lighting up the path ahead… the path that we will walk on!” 

So his name is Elio and his stand would be Walking On Sunshine :) :) :)

It gains power from light (sunlight and artificial light) and heat energy, like it can absorb light and heat from around it to boost its strength and speed and use it in combat. It can transfer light/heat/energy through his hands into other objects. It can also an make the area around themselves freezing cold/burning hot or really bright/dark. etc. Doesn’t necessarily need sunlight but is weaker without it.