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Hey guys!!!

Thought I should clarify. I’m not having sex with these guys for yoga clothes/gifts/money.

The thing is when you’re meeting the guys on tinder they’re looking for regular girls. Not escorts/SBs so you have to play that game too or trick them into thinking you like them and they’ll spend more money on you. I never mention “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” or anything like that. My guys always tell me “I’m not your sugar daddy” and drop $5k in my bank. No one wants to feel used. For me I make them feel like a boyfriend and I care about them. I buy my bf little gifts and wrap it with a pretty bow. My bf loves Mountain Dew so I go to Target and buy the pure cane sugar one in a glass bottle and I told him this one is better for him then the fructose one. It’s more expensive but I want to make him feel special. I heard him bragging to his brother about it. It was so cute. They want to feel special. Our job is to make them feel like a king. Like they’re the best. And we feel so safe around them. Our job to pump up their ego and their wallets open up.

Don’t have sex with these guys!!! You get the most gifts when you’re not having sex with them. Once you have sex the gifts slow down because they already won you. You gotta make them chase you and win you so they will cherish you. Be unavailable too. Don’t always answer, don’t text then back right away, and go hang out with your family and diss him sometimes.

How I tinder:

Here’s what I found out. You gotta be available to go within the hour. The guys that are impulsive seem to spend the most. The guys that plan future dates flake or ghost. So I go on tinder and try to match the guys that look like they have money. I talk to all the guys I match with because it’s a numbers game. Once I get some traction with a guy I start focusing on the guys that are responding. Then the guys that ask me to dinner or whatever I say “awwww I really wanted to go to the spa today… what about a couples massage instead” or “I really need new makeup (insert what you need)” the real ones will step up and say “ok I’ll come get you and we can go shopping”. Now if the guy says “what do I get out of it” or something relating to sex I unmatch them. I’m not having sex for $500 Sephora shit. Them taking me shopping is getting me to come out. I hate going out to eat because my 30 year old daddy gives me a Platinum Amex to eat whatever and my bf has his credit card on my UberEATS and Postmates. I rather eat Lobster from Boa at home in my PJs with no make up on.

Then you let them blow money on you and you GO HOME! Then they’ll call you again tomorrow because they’re invested in you. You run the same game “awwww I really want to see you but I really need new sunglasses from Chanel”. If they’re real they will offer to buy it for you.

Once you get them to start spending money on you regularly you have conditioned this guy to think he has to spend money if he wants to see you. Dinner does not count! He’s eating too!!!!

Now here’s where you cash in… there’s going to be that moment he falls in love with you. Then he’s going to want to see you all the time and maybe even ask you to be his gf. You say “I really like you but I have to be honest with you. I have a guy that gives me $5000 (insert amount) a month and I can’t really afford to leave him. I can’t have sex with 2 guys because that’s just gross.” If he’s real he will tell you to dump your guy and start an arrangement. NEVER USE THE WORD ARRANGEMENT! Then you rinse and repeat and collect your sugar daddies! And of course you can sleep with multiple guys but you never let him know that. In his eyes, he’s the king, the one and only!

So my Santa Barbara guy told me he’ll give me $5000 a month + shopping to break up with my bf because I wouldn’t have sex with him because “I only have sex with one guy at a time”

I’m not a pro at this. I’m still learning and tweaking shit. So many girls message me asking for advice. I want to help all of you. Your body is sacred. Don’t just give it away. Have sex with guys you like, are attracted to… you’re not a $300 hooker. You’re more than that. You can find love in this sugar world. I’m not into old guys. I date guys younger than me and at best 40 because I want to feel attracted to them.

Let’s do some affirmations together:

We are attracting the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies! He’s going to give us a fat allowance and buy us everything we want! All we have to worry about is “what color” :) We are attracting love and happiness.

I hope we all make it ladies :)

Look At Me - Request

Summary: Dean is on the phone and reader wants his attention so she makes him hang up to the person he’s talking to.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1.946

Warnings: Not much plot, but loads of smut (rough, bit of spanking, bit of teasing, unprotected)

A/N: I turns out, I did have a Dean request among the Sherlock ones and just now I found out. 


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A case, a new threat, maybe just someone calling to say hi; it didn’t matter. She wanted attention, and she wanted it in that exact moment. He was at the library, and she was just at the door, preparing herself to get what she wanted.

“Yeah, sure…” Dean replied listlessly to whoever was on the other side of the line. He was writing something on a piece of paper, and (Y/N) didn’t mind to read it. “OK, yeah…” He continued.

(Y/N) took the pen (or was it a pencil?) out of his hand, throwing it behind her back, then she scrunched the piece of paper and threw it away as well, taking its place on the table to sit. Dean watched every move she made with his lips parted and his eyes focused.

“Jody, I will uh… I have to go…” And with that, Dean hanged up the phone.

“That was easier than expected.” She flirted.

“If my girl comes here wearing that… Everything is easy.” Dean whispered.

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

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Hey Pascal I've been a supporter for ages (and Cosplayer of Cliff) And I was just wondering what you used for your domain/set-up for your webcomic? I have a friend interested in starting one but doesn't know how to start.

I’m on Hiveworks, and they provide hosting.

If your friend is brand new to webcomics, I think they should try either tumblr’s webcomic setup or something like tapastic (or both!). Cross-posting when you are starting out is super important to get your work out there, and both of those options are free. If they do their comic for about a bit, and really enjoy it, and want to take it to the next level, then maybe it is time to think about self-hosting and getting a domain. :)

a teaser for my new fic

“I’m glad my possible death is so amusing to you…” Dan narrowed his eyes, but he couldn’t keep it up for long, not when Phil was laughing and smiling like he was.

“You know what I mean!” Phil nudged his arm. “Anyway we’re like twenty minutes into the seminar now anyway so… want to just bunk?”

Dan choked on air. “I’m sorry, what?”

Phil stopped and turned to face him. “Bunk off. You know, skip the seminar. As in not go. Because we’d be late.”

Dan felt the heat rush to his cheeks, and he knew if he attempted to speak he would only tumble over his words, so he settled on a nod.

Phil smiled and began heading off somewhere, Dan following. His head was still wrapping around the words ‘want to just bunk’ coming out of Phil’s mouth.


💥New Goal Plan 💥
I want to run, but I’m bad! I injure myself, I’m slow, and I can never seems to be consistent.
I will be running one mile at a time. One mile a day four days a week. Once I get my pace below 11 minutes four times in a row, I’ll add one more mile.

I’ve done couch to 5k, which I’ve enjoyed, but I think I need to try something new. I’ll see if this work, and I’ll bring my favorite running buddy 🐶 any time I can!

Baseline Run 🏃🏻‍♀️
Pace | 12:27
Avg HR | 177
Calories| 231
Worked out before | yes

I did all my homework for class and nothing new has been assigned so I feel uncomfortable like I’m missing out on something. I also feel like I don’t deserve the good grades I’ve been getting because my professor seems like an easy grader. I really just want to impress my family and prove that I can do stuff too even with my conditions, because they put all hope in my little brother.

I never feel like I do anything right. I always feel lazy and useless. Therapy and medication haven’t gotten rid of this feeling so I don’t think it will ever go away.

su promo spoiler theory thing

In the new promo for SU,Steven says something that really catches me off guard and I’m not sure about anyone else but

He says, “she wouldn’t have wanted this, but I do.”

We don’t know who he’s talking about but my assumption is Rose. There’s something about Steven saying this that just throws me off. His character development in this one part of the promo. His confrontation with his mother back in “Storm in the Room” where he opens up to his mom and shows his discretion and how he believed he had to live up to her. This one part of the promo shows that he’s moving forward and that he’s thinking about what HE needs to do, not what Rose would do. He’s looking out for himself and others. It makes me so happy to see him move forward and be more confident in what he wants and believes he needs to do.

There’s also Connie.

In the trailer Connie looks terrified. She looks absolutely scared, there’s speculation that she was stolen too bc she doesn’t show up afterwards, Steven tries to call her but he’s so panicked. But Connie looks horrified. She’s fighting her first real enemy by herself. She’s not fused with Steven this time, she’s fighting for him, defending him.

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lleyus said to:hfdkg the new kan drawing is so good?? literally made me gasp out loud,, love her,,,,  

hee,,,,,,im glad u like them thank you         

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Hi! I've just discovered ace rings thanks to your photo, and I think they're an amazing idea, and I'd love to wear one. But I'm demisexual and I don't know if I could wear one. Or are there demisexual rings? Thank you! (I know we're kind of ace too, but maybe is an only ace people thing) (I'm relatively new to the concept of being demisexual, so sorry if this is a stupid question)

Hey @somewhere-l-o-s-t

As far as I know the black ring is inclusive of anyone under the ace umbrella, including demisexuals, as long as that’s something they want to use for themselves. So as long as you’re happy to wear a black ring to show your sexuality, you’re more than welcome to do so.

I hope this answers your question and feel free to message me again, about this or anything else. ^.^ 

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I'm looking for a fic I started reading a while ago and I can't seem to remember the title. the girls all live together in New York, and Lauren and Camila go out and interview each other then I think one of them got beat up on the street or something? Does anyone know which one this is?

“The Way To Love” - One of my faves :)

“Oh wow, Parting Shot is so beautiful yet so simple. Everyone should go read it if you want something really sweet, well written and with huge promise!!!”

“"“I honestly think Shooting The Moon is one of the best fics i have ever read. So well- written and the flow of the story is incredible. I give mad props to the author and i recommend it to everyone! STAHP SLEEPING ON IT! It needs more recognition, it’s freaking good!”" you should read Murphy’s Law too then! By the same author :)”

“Does anyone know the title of the Fic where I think camila is new to school and Luis and Lauren are best friends. Both Lauren and Luis like camila, but Lauren doesn’t tell anyone and trys to help Luis get with camila. But camila kind of makes it obvious that she like Lauren. But everyone thinks camila and Luis will make the perfect couple.”

“"Which fic (it might be a oneshot) where Camila needed a date to go to a wedding where her family would be there? Lauren’s her roommate and offers to go with her but then feelings got involved. Sorry for the shitty summary but that’s all I remember lol" ‘You Don’t Have To Say I Love You (To Say I Love You)'”

“Hi! I’ve been looking for a fic but I cant remember the name, maybe you can help me… It was a one shot but then had another chapter so now there’s 2. It was something like Camila was with Austin but she never had an orgasm. And Lauren was gay and she had a crush on her. So she offered to help. I never got to finish the second part and I would really like to. Thanks!”

“Wanting You Forever….where you at? I miss my favorite fanfic ❤️❤️❤️☺️”

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You did a scenario of Empurata sparkling breaking one of rung models, could you do a scenario of Empurata sparkling making rung a new model with ten. It just super messy because there working with claws and sparkling just covered in paint and craft stuff too. (I got another idea I'm gonna send in, I hope I don't annoy you. )

Sparkling couldn’t replace the model they broke but they could give him something new. They new who exactly to ask too. The big nice bot that makes them figurines of the Lost Light crew;Ten. At least that’s want Sparkling thought it was. Ten agreed well he said “Ten!” very enthusiastically. 

It took a long time and didn’t turn out right but the Sparkling was proud if it. Ten was happy that the sparkling was happy. The Legislator wave Sparkling off as they ran into the hallway. ‘Bots paused there walking to watch the sparkling go down the hall. They reached Rung’s office just as Fortress Maximus was leaving, Sparkling slipped in before the door closed from Maximus’ departure.

They swiftly made their way over to Rung tapping his pede scaring him in the process. He place his servo over his spark-chamber chuckling at himself. The therapist bent down and picked Sparkling up. “When did you get in here?” Rung asked. Sparkling shoved their gift into Rung’s free servo. “What’s this?” Rug question again looking over the gift then noticing that it was a crude model of the Lost Light. He smiles looking at you with another chuckle, “Looks like you painted yourself more than this.” He place the ship on his desk when remove a metal tool that was stuck onto you by the paint. “Lets get you clean,” the mech chimes walking out with Sparkling on his hip.

Fortress Maximus asks about the new model ship on his shelf the next appointment he has.

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I'm an "Artist" (I'm real young and bad, hence the quotes) and I kinda want to start an art blog but I'm not 100% sure about how to go about it :/

Well one thing is making the blog. Mine here is a mix of personal and art, but others make side blogs dedicated specifically to their art. Which is really just clicking the New+ just above your blog’s name and setting everything up(just be aware the notes aren’t gonna show up on your main dash). Make your art blog something you’re comfortable with, check out theme codes made by people here, fiddle around and get to know your blog. But if you wanna stick with your main blog being your art blog as well that’s great too.

Another thing I recommend is making a special tag for yourself that you put on all of your work. It can be as simple as ‘#my art’ as long as it’s yours, but for the love of all things beautiful use it. If you get in the habit you’ll start building up an archive people can go through and see what you’ve made. Add it as a go to thing on your blog (like the ask, submit etc.) so people that get curious can easily go through your older works and maybe find something else they like!

Lastly, be patient, don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other artists. You’re going to change as you get older, and depending where you go you’ll meet some really amazing people that you may even get to call your friends. You’ll find tutorials on things you had no idea you could do with the art programs you have or maybe even find new ones you like more than the one you use now.

You’re also gonna run by people who are going to discourage you, tell you that your art is bad, maybe worse. Just keep drawing, get better and prove those people wrong. They aren’t worth throwing away something you love. Keep going and keep drawing.

Be the best artist you can be! And good luck to you anon!


Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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if you’re an fp! here’s some useful phrases to say to ur bpd pal/partner!

+ “i still love and care about you, but at the moment i am angry right now and i’m not talking to you for a certain time period, and i will talk to you again at ________”

+ “i’m going away for a while/i might not have internet connection, so i’m not going to talk to you for [time period], and i want you to know that i’m not ignoring you”

+ “my connection is bad right now, so i might not see your message, but i promise i’m not ignoring you!”

+ “i’m vagueing someone on [blog/site] right now, but i want you to know that it’s not about you”

+ “you’ve done [something they’ve done wrong], and that makes me uncomfortable/that’s not right. i still love you/care about you, but i need you not to do it again because [state a reason why].

+ “if i suddenly go offline, that means i’ve gone to sleep/my internet got cut off, and i wasn’t trying to avoid you”

+ “i’ve made a new friend/met someone new today, but i want you to know that you’re still my [best friend? number one? beloved partner? you can choose!]

+ “daily reminder that i love you and i care about you!”

The first time he sees you in lingerie - Male Avengers Headcanon

This wasn’t requested but idc, @scarlettsoldier and I were talking about plus size models lmao

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He’d be so taken aback, but in the good way. He’d look you up and down, drinking you in. He’d bite his lip as he would make his way over to you, absolutely lost in the scraps of lace and bare skin, then he’d look into your eyes before mumbling that you’re so beautiful, before kissing you so passionately with his fingers tangled in your hair. “You’re gonna kill me, darlin’” 

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Steve would be so flustered, having never seen a woman in lingerie in the flesh. He would be rooted to to the spot once he walked into your shared bedroom. His facial expression would make you nervous, “Steve…Do- Do you like it?” “Oh G-God yes I do, doll, you look marvelous” It would be you that’d have to make the first move, you would take his large hands in yours and place them on your silk covered hips. He felt like a virgin again, but Jesus H. Christ, he was going to try and not ruin those skimpy piece of fabric the moment he got a hold on himself.

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You’d be looking in the vanity mirror in your bedroom, catching a glance of the handsome man at the door in the reflection before smirking at him. You’d bought the undergarments as his birthday present. You blushed as his slender fingers made their way along your shoulders to move your hair out of the way. He would press kisses to your neck and mumble “happy birthday to me” whilst smiling as his hands wandered…

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You’d walk into his lab wearing a black trench coat over the top, of course. His head didn’t turn until he heard your voice say “FRIDAY, lock the doors please.” He’d cock a brow up at your dolled up form, his eyes would travel down your legs and then his brows would raise when he saw them bare, his jaw would fall slack but would quickly pick back with a sly smirk. As you would unbutton the trench coat, letting it slide to the floor (whilst keeping eye contact and also biting your lip) you’d hear the words “Oh, my beautiful baby girl, come to daddy…”

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You had definitely remembered to pack your black corset number in your bag before Thor took you to Asgard for the first time. You wanted this trip to be memorable as possible. When he first sees you in it, you’re both in his bedchamber, you’re coming out of the en suite bathroom and his mighty facade drops completely and he chokes on his mead, he’s completely awestruck, for he had never seen such undergarments, ever. He would gently pull you between his open legs, trailing his large hands across the rigid bones of the black corset, to the silk panties below, all the way down to the lace tops of your stockings. “Do you like it, my love?” “I love it, My Queen.”

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Loki: (slightly AU)

Loki had been down the past couple of weeks, trying to adjust to being an avenger and the people around him. You wanted to cheer him up with something new, you knew behind his hard facade there was a troubled man. So you rummaged through your drawers and found the one thing you needed, the unused white lace panties and bra. You hastily slipped them on before throwing a t-shirt and shorts on over the top, before calling Loki through FRIDAY. As he opened the door to your room, he would give you a small smile before laying down next to you. “I have a present for you, darling” you would say, “and what would that be, my love?” “me, now I want you to take me out of my packaging” As he would peel your shirt up, his eyes would widen at the unusual underwear you were wearing, his hands would come to cup your breasts but at the same time, admire the fine lacework, he would let out a soft groan as he saw your panties..

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Oh god, the GIF says it all. He’d be quietly reading in his room, when you’d just saunter in casually in your pyjamas. You both usually slept in underwear, or naked *wink wink*, so as you padded towards the bed, you began to remove your clothing, as Bruce caught a glimpse of purple from beneath his lashes, he looked at you like so, and put his book down. He would murmur ‘oh god, oh god, oh god’ under his breath as you crawled your way towards him, straddling him. You would grab his hands and place them just below your breasts where the purple lace finished, urging him into touching you. His touches would be delicate and curious at first, “You like it, Bruce?” “Uh- Uh yes, baby it’s beautiful, but not as much as you” he would proceed to grasp your hip tighter as his other hand brought your chest down flush onto his, he would moan heavily into your kiss at the feeling of the lace scratching against his skin

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As soon as he would see you, his mouth would go completely dry, and if you were in a cartoon his eyes would pop out of his head. He’d mumble, “Oh fuck, YES!”  before making grabby hands at you, begging you to come and sit on his lap (I mean seriously, look at them thighs!) He’d become bold and immediately kiss your breasts over the velvet fabric as his hands would ping the elastic of your stockings. He’d tell you how sexy you’d look on top of him in such attire whilst his hand would come to softly grasp your throat…

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You would be getting ready for a party- you didn’t intend for him to see you in your lacy undergarments until after the party! It was supposed to be a surprise! But as Pietro would come through your door he would make said face, giving you a once over, (ogling at your behind, obviously) whilst having a devilish grin on his face whilst saying “Ah, princezná, all for me?” making you whip around in shock. 


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.