i want someone looking at me like that

So, I’m at a Mexican restaurant with my mom right now because she talked me into margaritas.

Anyway, while we were walking in, I was giving her crap about her hair.

“What did you do to it? There’s a triangle of brown showing beneath the blonde. It looks really out of place–did you know someone did this?”

My mom just grinned and replied, “Yeah, I wanted it to match the other triangle I’ve got. Ya'know, like the Linkin Park song. From the top to the bottom!”

And then I just had to stop and hold onto the side of the door while I died.

Shopping (Jason Todd headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: I love your blog!XD It’s my first time asking/requesting for anything on tumblr so excuse my errors. Can you do a oneshot or headcanon with Jason Todd going shopping with his reader/S/O. Please and thank you.

  • He doesn’t strike me as someone that ever enjoys shopping
  • but with enough persuading and/or blackmailing he’ll come with you
  • I’ll send Damian that video of you tripping over your own feet.” “Fine I’ll come “
  • He’d help pick out clothing for you
  • But he thinks everything looks good on you
  • It really doesn’t help
  • But he is excellent at picking lingerie 
  • Like he’s a specialist
  • He’s also great at reaching for stuff up high
  • you want that bag of specific macaroni?
  • He’ll get it for you 
  • want that cereal box from the back of the counter?
  • He’ll reach for it
  • Some mofo wants to take the last box of your fave cereal
  • Jason is on the scene reeeeal quick
  • He’ll get that box for his boo


With love,

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I've never posted but always read your theories. I've been thinking all day and I think there's a lot of clues that point to Spencer having multiple personalities rather than her having a twin. If it IS Twincer I think the scene in the promo with Wren having a gun is him shooting Twincer so that she has a wound. If not, I think AD stands for After Death as in someone we think is dead but they aren't or someone "became" someone new if that makes sense lol.

Omg I love that!! Twincer is like “I’m so jealous of my sister’s life, I want to go hook up with Toby, but in order to do that, I need a wound on my shoulder to look like her. Shoot me Wren” and that’s why Wren was so scared to pull the trigger. This is suchhhhh an amazing idea, good one. It’s so twisted because why couldn’t Twincer just draw a fake wound with makeup or whatever? But it makes sense especially because we saw Twincer and Wren at the airport so we know they’re working together.

Aww. Qrow carries around a photo of his old team… Team STRQ (Stark).

Looks like we know Yang’s mother’s name begins with R. (Someone told me that if I wanted, I could go back to the episode she appeared in and look in the credits to see her name. But I’d prefer to wait for a true reveal.)

I sincerely hope that Yang recognizes the clothes and weapon of the Crimson Samurai. If she puts two and two together, man…

Well, there’s still that post-credits scene from Volume 2. I still have no idea what that was about. Yang’s made no mention of it yet.

Also… If the Team naming scheme is anything to go by, it seems Summer was the leader of the STRQ! How fitting.

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not to sound rude but omg how do you have the patience to answer all those like 'im x tall what should my weight be?' questions

I tend to try and answer them at least once a day especially if I don’t have work but I have left them for a few days. They don’t take to long to look up for me cause I’ve been doing them for so long now, idk how it started but I just don’t want people going to another person and getting a weight that’s very underweight especially because a lot of people on here are quite young.

When I first started this blog I would get people being like “ I asked someone what my ideal weight for 5'7 was and they said 95lbs, how fast do you think I could get there if I’m 140lbs?” And it made me very worried for them. I’d prefer to spend like an extra minute on each ask and check what’s a lowish but healthy weight for them rather than them getting too determined on one very underweight.


Later that night Teasha slipped into his room. “How did it go?” she asked sitting on the edge of his bed her light blue eyes watching him.

Sitting up he shrugged “I don’t like her.”

“Tell daddy and he’ll find someone else” she suggested.

“It’s not that easy” he drew his knees up wrapping his arms around them. “She makes me say things I don’t want to think about.”

She gave him a quizzical look “that’s kind of what she’s supposed to do. It’s the only way she can help you.”

“I guess” he mumbled “are you home for good now?”

Teasha nodded “at least for the summer. I wish you’d change your mind and come back to school with me in the fall.” She saw the terrified look in his eyes “it’s not the same without you.”

“Waylon won’t be there” he sighed resting his chin on his hands a shudder shaking his shoulders.

“Have you heard from him lately?” she asked ruffling his soft blonde hair with her fingers.

Why is my brain the discourse, why can’t I just be happy about the “man crush” scene and everything, why must I go-

yeah but still they only made it officially romantic when on screen it looks like a hetero pairing

yeah but now the ethics of a woman are defined by two men who get to judge her no matter what she chooses

yeah the dancing is very romantic but they literally “lead” her and drag her around and it’s now basically two men fighting over who owns her

yeah but yeah but yeah but

Someone shut me up I just want to enjoy Doctor Who goddammit

this is my art blog where i will draw what i want regardless of whether or not someone thinks i’m “"fetishizing”“ a person’s race for finding said person attractive. i do not fetishize daveed or african americans in any way. yes, he’s hot!! that’s a given. i would never walk up to him and call him daddy and as a matter of fact i never have called him that lmfao?? if you don’t like what i draw and/or want to antagonize me over fucking nothing PLEASE block me and stop wasting your time because i am not going to alter what i make and do based on a fucking stupid assumption. i refuse to make this blog a cesspool of hate and racism. I have not brought up race at all BECAUSE I AM NOT TRYING TO POINT IT OUT OR FETISHIZE THE RACE. you can sit and call me “fan” and “little white girl” and, this ones golden, “a little 12 year old”, but can’t provide a shred of proof or reasoning behind accusing me of something that would PROBABLY BE PRETTY OBVIOUS


🔔🚨🚨⚠️Holy SHIT!! news flash!! ⚠️🚨🚨🔔there is a difference between fetishizing a race and finding a human of another race attractive!!! wow!

-i find a person attractive who just so happens to be black

-the only person(s) who made it about race whatsoever are the anons who felt the need to bring it up.

i shouldn’t even be trying to form an answer to the pure shit and babble that has been spewed at me. i won’t be responding to anything else i receive related to this because it’s complete bullshit that someone felt necessary to pull out of their ass and lay in front of me. fuck off.


Hey! My name is hritika and im 17 years old.
I absolutely love books, shoes and clothes! But mostly BOOKS! I’m an over enthusiastic person when it comes to things that i like, so don’t mind if i write in capital letters sometimes lol.

I like Liza Koshy, various types of music and movies. I usually read fictional and fantasy books. If you’re a reader, be ready for tons of recommendations from me.
Some of my favourite tv shows are the 100, 13 reasons why, the originals, and pretty little liars.

I’m an introvert and basically have no friends irl so i want an internet friend! My social life is pretty much non existent and I literally have zero friends who i can actually talk to. I’m just looking for someone who i can talk to about anything and share music and YouTube videos and memes with! Hoping to hear from you! Lots of love and hugs!

Tumblr : you-know-whoo
Email : angeldpathror@gmail.com

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I honestly can't stand Sarah sometimes. She seems to be someone who wants people to look at their mistakes, yet she doesn't always admit she's wrong and doesn't always look at her mistakes. But I could be overviewing this. She reminds me of my ex-online friend who ended our friendship back in February. What are your thoughts on Sarah's character?

She shouldn’t seem that way, she is that way 100%.

So I’ve admitted on here that I don’t like Sarah, I don’t think she’s a well-done character at all, and that it must be poor writing. I’ve talked about that before here and there…

However, you asked my thoughts, so uh, kid gloves are coming off.

I really fucking despise her character; she is my most hated character in the entire series and I feel it would have been at least 50% more enjoyable without her existence.

Now, let me explain.

Why do I dislike her?

Sarah is the shallowest character in the series, be it both main or supporting cast. She barely has any character at all beyond her attitude, and that’s not a good thing. With female characters especially, ‘attitude = bitchy/asshole’, and the difference between her and someone like Krystella is that we’re supposed to hate Krystella and like Sarah. But Sarah isn’t likable, she’s not an execution of the ‘bad bitch’ trope because she doesn’t have the redeeming qualities that a ‘bad bitch’ does (Krystella even has a few of these, especially in season 1 where she was pretty; ‘bad bitch’ tropes are usually suave, stylish, self-sufficient, and are fiercely protective of their clique. They’re lionesses in human skin: you do not f*ck with these characters unless you want to get torn apart), she’s also not an execution of a ‘tom boy/ I’m just like the guys’ type of girl character either. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you removed Sarah from the context of the other three main characters, she’d be an antagonist. Sarah near constantly makes rude remarks whenever she speaks to her friends (almost every episode she’s in has this sort of quip, but see Welcome to Chaotic part 2, Unexpected, Over Under Rent Asunder, and Buggin’ Out just to see how this is a character trait that they wanted to establish in the early episodes and it carries all the way through the end), she’s demanding and unyielding without compromise (Buggin’ Out, Trading Cards), and she undermines those around her and cannot even fake having a good time for her friends’ sakes.

She’s a bitchy mess of mostly negative traits, and I can say with confidence that, if she were a real person, she’d be abusive. She’s a textbook emotional manipulator and has sociopathic tendencies.

You want some good female characters for Chaotic? Look at these lovely OCs:

@firebird963‘s Brinda

@forestfairyunicorn‘s Mel

@najarin‘s Antonia

Seriously, I don’t think Sarah’s a disappointment of a female character, I think she’s an insult. I remember watching the show as a kid and being mad that I was blonde like she was because I didn’t want to be anything like this person on screen. 

The only reason we had her was because they wanted to appeal (poorly) to the female audience as well as give the Danians a human representative in the main four kids.

If you want a post on ‘how to do asshole characters the right way’ then I’ll do that one later upon request, but until then, yeah, my thoughts on Sarah are as follows: 

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Have you watched Dragon Ball Super episode 96 in minute 19 when they were introducing the new characters particularly Universe 6? There were 2 shadows look very similar to Namekians. AAAAAAAA..... I'm so excited to see what U6 Namekians look like, but to be honest I want a potential ship of one (or both) of those 2 new Namekians with Piccolo. I don't know why of all the 80 characters, Toei showed the Namekians' shadows, but who cares. My perverted inner Piccolo fangirl is having wild ideas, YES

No! Someone send me a link, please! 8O

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Confession: in seventh grade i was questioning my sexuality and one of the girls i was crushing on happened to be the only lesbian who was out at my conservative school. She really helped me accept myself but i just found out she was 'asked to leave' last year because she was a lesbian. Apparently they didn't want someone who was openly a sinner at their Christian school.

Awe I’m so sorry that’s really terrible

Gay confession: (i have like no more confessions oops but there’s still a whole bunch in my inbox) a small factor in the choice of my current hair cut was so I looked a little gayer even though I’m not out

(Confess something gay to me and I’ll confess something gay to you)

Drawing your OCs

I’ve been wanting to draw OCs every since I found it about them, but I’ve mostly have been drawing my own. So instead of mine, I want to draw some of your OCs.
However I do have a few rules on drawing them.
1. I’ll only draw 1 to 2 OCs from each asker, but only for that user.
2. Please have a reference picture because telling me what you want it to look like is not very easy due to my idea possibly not matching your idea
3. I’m only doing Sonic or Mlp because I’m not to experienced with drawing human characters.
4. Two ask for one user so it’s fair. You only get to have 2 ask for me, no more because I can’t just keeping doing a lot of someone’s oc and never getting to do others
5. I’m only accepting about 15 ask, not counting a users 2 request. Meaning I’ll do 15 users only, but I may do more if I want to.
Well I believe that’s all the rules I have, so go ahead and ask away. Oh also give me information on the character, I would like to know about them.

100 Followers Special : Match ups!

For the next 2 hours, I’m accepting match ups!
After my timer rings, there’s no more match up acceptions and my ask box will be closed!!

When submitting your match up, please consider the following:

- Don’t focus on what you look like, I don’t match based on looks ^^
- Give me details on what group you’re focusing on. Do you want someone from Class 1-A or do you not mind if it’s a more background character?
- Hobbies, likes and dislikes are very appreciated!
- Please include your orientation/romantic preference!
- Also, if you were in the BNHA universe, what would be your quirk? Or would you be quirkless?

oh. addition to earlier posts about hating myself because of my friends

you know what else my friends want? they want someone who doesn’t stim in public and they want someone who doesn’t “look weird”. 

a lot of my friends say they accept neurodivergent people but when my posture is weird or i “look weird” or i stim or i put my body in a more comfortable position that “looks weird”. i get ostracized and made fun of for it. 

like dont even pretend to be nice to me anymore.

Pre-PLL Series Finale Thoughts

I have avoided much of the discussion surrounding the series finale of PLL - and for good reason. Honestly, I want to be surprised. I am ever afraid of being let down, of course…but I don’t want to go in knowing too much of it.

I do know some things that I’ve heard here and there…like that Melissa makes her return…Wren is part of some big twist (and holds a gun to someone)….Mona ends up back in an institution (by the looks of it)…and it looks like the girls are in a cemetery at one point. That’s all I know, and all I want to know until then.

What I hope for is much and more. 

What I want is to answer all those questions we’ve had for 7 seasons now. There has been stuff we’ve never had answered and that burns me a little. I don’t mind if some of it turns out to be irrelevant to the story now..I still want to know. For that I have a whole list..

I want A.D. to make sense. I don’t want it to be some inconsequential character up until now. I don’t want it to be some secret family member or twin. What I want is it to be someone we know. Someone we’ve known a while. I want there to have been hints all along - not just in the time jump even. I want the motive to make sense. I want it to make sense to torture ALL the girls - and the town really - not just have them be collateral damage.

I don’t want Bethany Young to be behind everything. How many times can a body be identified incorrectly? How many times can the show go “oops, they got the wrong body again” before it’s pathetic?

I don’t want Charlotte (or Cece) to be magically alive. There’s been that question since she died of “is she” or “isn’t she” - and I don’t want her to be alive. She’s gone. She’s not Alison and they can’t keep bringing people back from the dead. Alison and Mona are enough. 

I don’t want some character death just for the shock value. Don’t kill Mona because you know it’ll hurt the fans. Don’t kill Jenna, who has survived 7 seasons against all odds. Don’t kill someone unless it makes sense. Honestly, I could live with Alison dying because it would bring the whole series in a full circle. It would be a neat way to close out the story - bringing it back to what started it all. But they won’t do that. So please, don’t kill someone just for fun.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, I just want a finale that respects the fans. Respects the love and time we have spent on this show. Give us an ending that makes sense. That follows the story the show has told us from the start. Don’t give us some shoehorned ending to fit some vision that has been long lost. Please answer our burning questions and give us a real conclusion.

We’ve earned that.

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Doesn't every girl want to date a guy who drools over his co-worker (BFF) and touches her at every opportunity? And, doesn't every guy want to date a shallow doll who has been working her way up the Hollywood man ladder (with the occasional two-timing!)? Throw in an mouthy octogenarian mysogist (& his bully-boy sidekick) & you have the recipe for a grand romance Hollywood style. Sam's ssociation with Trashy makes him look like a twit! If she truly had her hooks in, MM will not be letting go!í ½

Part 2 did not come through dear….

Not that I don’t love talkin’ trashy, but maybe like sometime someone could throw me a book 📚 ask or some shit. Talking about the same subject day after day gets dull. It’s doesn’t have to be the books, I’ll talk about anything really.

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So... This isn't criticism (at least I hope it doesn't sound like it), but I feel like your characters kinda look the same? (gosh I sound very mean I don't want to), like of course not with the hair, race, freckles and all but they have the same facial structure??? Like the same nose size, chin angle or things like that. And don't get me wrong, I love your art, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of that?? (once again, I hope this doesn't come across as purely mean, I love your art style)

i don’t really know what to say but you’re right their face pretty similar but i don’t mind it after all?  but of course when i get a reference pic of someone i try to draw them to look alike and i pay attention a lot to their face structures

I made a post about getting an apparel item for one of my dragons that was a bit more expensive than what I normally spend. When I was talking to someone about how much it was because they were curios what I considered a lot, I mentioned that I wanted the same piece in a different color originally. Well a few hours later someone sends me the piece I originally looked at and…I didn’t know how to respond. The reason why I didn’t get the first one was because it was more treasure than I had at the moment and when I looked at the other colors I ended up liking the one I got. I sent it back to the person but I feel a bit bad at refusing the gift even if I didn’t have a use for it anymore.

Sorry if that made no sense…but times like these remind me some people can be really nice