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4am messy sketches. Wanted to sketch out @motherish and @zenshousewife‘s DnD characters!!! Just seeing the chat when we were discussing it, I can tell it’s already going to be a disaster, but I’m excited lmaoo.

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Headcanons on how the chocobros would react to a s/o who's extremely shy of singing in front of overs and catching them singing quietly for the first time? (Oh gosh, I love your hc's -- they're an absolute blast to read, you're a such a blessing)

They’re Singing? (Chocobros)

Oh wow, anon, that’s just too sweet. You’re too kind. Thank you so much!

Smiley. He thinks it’s really cute. But he’s also scared that they’ll stop if they notice him. Tries thinking of a way to tell them how much he liked listening to them sing. But without making them feel conscious or awkward. Gets caught because he was lost in thought too long. Both him and his s/o are embarrassed like there’s no tomorrow. Once he’s gotten over it though, he will try to tell them how much he likes their voice.

When he first notices they’re singing, he’s in complete awe. Just frozen in place. He lacks a little impulse control and wants them to know instantly how amazing he thinks they are. The second they feel his hand on their shoulder, they panic a little. Seeing him, makes them panic a lot. He’s speechless and babbling incoherently. They try to leave but he starts whining because he wants to hear them sing more.

He knows they’re singing and doesn’t want to disturb them in the least. This is comfortable for them, so why would he want to ruin that. Plus if he lets on that he can hear them, they may feel self conscious and stop singing altogether. He couldn’t have that at all. It’ll look like he’s busy with work but really he’s just focused on the peace of mind their singing is giving him.

While singing, he doesn’t say a word. He’s too proud of them and enjoying himself too much for that. Probably going to bring it up at some point, but he’d prefer to wait till they’re ready to sing in front of him voluntarily. When the patience pays off and they do, he’ll shower them with compliments and encourage them to sing around him as much as they want.

Fell Goth has some problems he should probably take care of

So uh, I’m a shy bean and I don’t really write hard nsfw [and I kinda don’t want to post this on my blog] but this is a little nsfwish, and I really just needed to get this out and wanted you to see it so have some Fell Goth/Palette I guess


The original Palette was a fucking crybaby.

After hearing from Fell Goth how the original Goth was most likely half dead in Fell Palette’s basement, he had come to the conclusion that Palette was a fucking crybaby.

He’d burst into tears, pleading with him to do something, like he was the only one who was feeling hurt.

“Your pissy little Goth ruined what my Palette and I had. Why the fuck should I do shit for you?” He’d snapped, teleporting away before Palette could speak again.

But now that he was really thinking about it, Fell Palette and he hadn’t really had much. A fling every so often, drunk sex, Fell Palette’s masochistic tendencies, and the fact that Fell Palette treated him like shit. Those were all the things he’d ‘had’. That they’d ‘had together’.

Looking back on it, it didn’t seem so bad then. But Fell Goth could count the original Goth as a blessing, because now he was away from the poison that was what he used to have, that was Fell Palette.

So if Fell Palette could take Goth, Fell Goth didn’t mind having Palette.

This explained why he had Palette pressed up against a wall, writhing against him.

Palette was crying again, breaths hitching and his voice slipping with little moans and whimpers he didn’t want to make. Fell Goth ignored the tears and latched onto his neck, sucking and biting and forcing Palette to let out those pretty moans that only made him want to continue.

“G-Goth, Goth, please, s-stop!”

Fell Goth stopped. But Palette barely even let out a sigh before Fell Goth was back on him, pulling open his shirt and leaving sharp bites on his ribcage.

“How funny it is to hear you beg… And to beg me of all people, to stop?”

Maybe he was projecting a little. But the sound of Palette’s voice was similar to Fell Palette’s voice, and it was full of tears and laced with terror. And he was absolutely squirming with the thoughts of what exactly he could do to make that voice scream out in pain, in pleasure, to beg him and plead with him to stop.

But he wouldn’t, he wouldn’t stop, because when had Fell Palette ever stopped for him?

This was going to be done his way.

He was going to use this Palette as a toy, the same way his Palette had used him.

No whiny little crybaby was going to stop him.

fanfic by Fae


Something very silly prov wanted me to try drawing for him. I was telling him about my silly yoshi sona and how I feel super conflicted how much I LOOOOVE bowser but I didn’t feel motivated at all to try and make a bowser-sona. So instead I laughed at finding my old ass Yoshisona from 2009 and he’s like “Nah I’ll be bowser you can be my princess.” I said I don’t ever feel suited to be a princess - why can’t I just be mario instead then? He was like welp okay.

NOW I JUST… BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT ALL NIGHT….. And I even drew a little… and… hnng.. lmao… I just am so bad at drawing right now. This is so srappy and painful to post but I rather share SOMETHING over nothing. So I’m sucking it up, posting it cause I love you so much @provinite!

I had no idea what I wanted AJ Mario to look like - only joke I said is that I def need overalls and no shirt under to be extra HOT. So while drawing I def gave Fire-AJ Overall shorts (omfg I want overalls so bad like my fav aesthetic) and then to be extra cute for silly o’ me I gave her soft tan lines. Tan lines are so sexy and I just couldn’t resist since I’m trying to work on getting some right now. Figured Fire-AJ is working outside a lot doing… something… in super mario universe. Let’s say she’s like.. a gardener, I don’t know. Her major stock? Fire Flowers! So obv AJ has to have fire powers. /finger guns.

ARCTIC PROWSER! A troublesome long king on the mountain just over AJ’s home town. He likes to make lots of trouble so she comes over and cleans it up for him and scolds him. He wants to ask her out but he’s too shy yet so he’s just making a ruckus. (I googled fire flower and saw ice flower and just eee had to draw those too lol)

I debated trying her in other outfits/suits like tanuki and stuff but decided for now we’ll play it basic at Fire Flower theme. I’m like a waldo!!

Please Don’t Run Away... (John Laurens x Reader)

    So Imma be posting more frequently since valentines day is around the corner so expect more fanfictions to pop up. Also a lot of them are going to be fluffy because again, valentines day, I want you guys to have some noice af material. I’m also going to be making a masterlist soon so you can look through all the fanfics easily! Anyway enough with the stuupid announcements lets get this shit started.

   Era/Time: Modern

   Angst/Fluff/Smut: A littel bit of angst with some fluff sprinkled in.

   Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

    Warnings: Self doubt? Anxiety but nothing too bad I promise.


    John knew something was wrong… You hadn’t been yourself in a while. You were usually a generally happy person. Of course, just like everyone else, you have pitfalls but… This one was different. You just didn’t seem to bounce back like you usually do.

   You’ve been like this for three months. John still doesn’t know whats bothering you. You used to tell him everything. Now you avoid talk to him, no, you just try to avoid him generally as much as you can. It’s been starting to get to him too, he has know been wondering if you hate him.

   One night you saw him sitting by himself in the living room. He didn’t notice you. He was mumbling to himself and he had visible tear stains on his cheeks. You got closer to him… Not close enough for him to notice you, but close enough for you to hear what he was mumbling.

   “Why won’t they talk to me…?” John whimpered to himself. “Did I do something for them to hate me?” Your heart broke hearing him say these things. “(y/n) why won’t you talk to me…?” He whispered, barely audible to you. Tears stung you eyes.

   You backed away as he continued to mumble to himself. You caused this. Due to the fact that you were to insecure to bother him about your feelings, caused you to drag him down with you.

   After about an hour of thinking you finally made up your mind. You were going to run away. Out of his life, out of everyone’s life. You wrote him a note then started to pack a bag, consisting of only the bare minimum. You walked into the living room, seeing that John had cried himself to sleep.

   The sight of him, laying on the couch with tear stains on his cheeks, by which you caused, made your heart break even more.You set the note down next to him on the table, as well as your keys to the apartment you two used to share.

   Tears streamed down your face as you placed a very soft kiss onto his forehead before fishing your phone out of your pocket and turning it off. You then headed out the front door, closing it as softly as your could, careful not to wake John. You got in your car and drove away after sitting in the driveway for a minute or two.

    —-The next morning in John’s POV—-

    I woke up to a note from (y/n). Maybe they went out to grab some stuff from a store or something. Boy was I wrong.

   The note read- “Dear John, I have left for good. I’ve cuased you too much pain and for that I can never forgive myself. The best thing I can do for you and our friends is to leave. Go away… Far away. Never to bother you or our friends again. No I’m not going to kill myself if that is what you are thinking. Just think of it as though I had to move away. I love you, and I will always love you… Never forget that. XOXOXO honey. Sincerely your beloved, (y/f/n) (y/l/n).”

   My heart dropped to my stomach as I finished reading the letter. I immediately tried to call them, but it went straight to voicemail. Their phone must be off. “Shit, shit, shit, shit!!” I yell running a hand through my hair. I ended up calling the hamilsquad, hoping that they could help me find (y/n)

   “What do you mean they ran away?!” Alex asked, obviously surprised and concerned by the news. Laf and Herc also looked surprised and sad. “Guys I’m scared… What if they hurt themselves?” I whimper out. “I guess we’ll just have to find them before that happens now won’t me mon amie?” I hear Laf whisper as he puts a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Alex and Herc and they both nodded, giving me a small smile.

   We ended up contacting a lot more people. We contacted the Schylur sisters, George Washington, my adoptive father ho had taken a particular liking to (y/n), and even Jefferson and Madison were concerned. Burr also tagged along… We needed as much help as we can get.

     —-Time skip forward a couple days of you and them driving. Back in second POV—-

   You stopped at a motel in Ohio, needing another break from driving. You sat in your room, on your bed, ordered some pizza and decided to turn on your phone to delete all your contacts and reminisce on the pictures in your phone. Right after your phone fully booted up, thousands of texts flooded your phone. They were all from the people looking for you. You slightly regretted running away but at this point in time it was probably the best for everyone.

   They would find someone to take your spot, and then everyone would be happy again. Well everyone besides you.

    You made a mistake by turning your phone on. For the amount of time your phone was one, everyone was able to get your location using the GPS on your phone. Turns out that they were only a few hours from you.

     —-Time skip—-

    You sat in your room, when you suddenly heard a knock on your door. Not thinking much of it, imaging it was only like maintenance or something you opened the door without looking out the peep hole. You immediately came face to face with a large group of concerned friends who you though you ran away from.

    “(y-y/n)….” You heard John whisper as tears welled up in your eyes. You went to close the door when Jefferson stopped you from doing so.

   “I-I… G-guys… “ Was all you managed to choke out before Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza all tackle hugged you. “Please don’t ever think you are a bother to us (y/n)…” Peggy whispered to you hugging you tighter.

   You tried to say something but all you managed out was a strangled sob. You ended up just crying into the Schylur sisters shoulders hugging them as tightly as you could, without squeezing them too hard. Soon after, everyone joined in as John placed kisses all over your face neck and chest.

   “Please don’t run away, oh please don’t run away…”

“I can’t stand her whining, where’s her binky now?

And, loving her seems tiring.

So, boy just love me, down, down, down….”

“Someone told me, stay away from things that aren’t yours.

But, was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?”

I legit screamed when I saw that someone made this.

I think of this exact thing everytime I listen to this song! I am so happy right now, omfg…. 💖💖💖

the signs according to my aries mom
  • aries: god perfectly crafts anyone born under aries. plus, we have robert downey jr.
  • taurus: they're not worthy of bordering my sign
  • gemini: i don't care if chris evans is a gemini, they're all irrelevant
  • cancer: GOD, NO. STOP.
  • leo: i'm not really allowed to give an opinion here...
  • virgo: no
  • libra: i can't decide which is worse, libra or gemini
  • scorpio: wouldn't ever want to get on their bad side. they're my partners in crime, though
  • sagittarius: i wish you would have been born a sagittarius... life would have been so much better. you would be so much more fun
  • capricorn: oh my god
  • aquarius: some of the best people i've met were aquarians
  • pisces: someone needs to stop them

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Could you do RFA (+ Saeran & V) when MC plays piano but cannot seem to play a difficult part in one song; they get really stressed about it and even skip meals to practise and stuff? I hope that made sense. Thank you ^^

Hey Nonnie!!! I hope this fits what you wanted. I don’t know much about piano so I had to keep the piano part of it generic, sorry bby ;~; But I did my best since I knew two people who are learning piano and I just wanna give them big hugs so I went based off that. I hope you enjoy it!!! ^^ ~ Admin 626 


  • he was so excited when you started playing piano!!
  • He just thought it was a really cool way for you to express yourself
  • One night he wakes up at 2 am because he’s thirsty and he sees you practicing???
    • “MC wtf you need to sleep”
    • “No! I need to get the rhythm of this song down!!!”
  • You seemed really irritated so he backed off
  • But over the next few days he notices you haven’t been eating either
  • And boy oh boy this little hoe takes charge
    • he DRAGS your ass away from the piano
    • he refuses to let you do this to yourself
  • “MC, learning an instrument isn’t something that you can get in a day or two by practicing as much as you can. It’s going to take time. It’s going to be frustrating. It’s going to make you want to pull your hair out. But if you’re not healthy, it’s going to make things so much harder on your brain and body.”
    • thefactthatYoosungistheonelecturingyouonselfcarewakesyouup
  • He doesn’t let you go near the piano for a day or two, he wants you to remember that you have a life outside of piano!!!
    • So many snuggles and kisses omg he’s trying to kill you with his cuteness
  • After that, he sits with you when you practice so you can talk to him about your frustrations with the song your practicing
    • Hetriestolistenbutyoulooksoprettywhenyouplaythathegetsdistracted


  • Honestly he’s in charge of all your self care
    • He buys all your beauty products (only if you want that kinda stuff tho!!! You’re hot af with or without them), he makes sure you go on walks, he makes sure you eat a decent meal, etc
  • He honestly loves when you start learning how to play because he can help you!!! Hahaletspretendhecanplaypianofornowokay
    • but you wanna do it all on ur own so you refuse his help
  • but he noticed right away when you became obsessed with a certain song
    • You just weren’t acting like yourself…?
  • Usually when you didn’t get something, you’d give yourself a break and come back to it but you were obsessively playing
  • When he noticed you didn’t eat a meal, omg this boy went HAM
    • You’re his princess, he’s not gonna let you do this to yourself
  • When you wake up the next day, the keyboard in his apartment is gone
  • You are so, SO angry at him, you don’t talk to him for a few days
  • ·      You finally give him a change to explain himself becausehearinghiscrieswasheartbreaking because you wanted to hear his side
    • The keyboard was at Jumin’s house!!!
  • “MC, I just don’t want you always playing it… You’re my treasure and I hate seeing you so worked up over it. I thought maybe if you had some time away from it, you’d feel better and you’d be easier on yourself.”  
  • Cue ugly crying because the song made you feel like a failure and how could you forget that you’re the world to Zen and he would do anything for you
  • You take it easier on the piano and when you are frustrated, Zen helps you and gives you tons of kisses to help you feel better


  • Listen,,,this precious soul,,,does not deserve this,,,,
    • She loved that you were playing piano
    • Allshecouldimagineisyourcutieassplayingpianoinhercoffeeshop
  • But it wasn’t worth it if you were going to stress so much!!!
  • She’d never say anything if you slammed your fingers on the keys in frustration because she knows learning an instrument isn’t the easiest in the world
    • But when you start skipping meals??? Oh my gosh this lil lady gets SO worried about you
  • But she never wants to say anything to you because you seem so passionate about playing piano
    • She knows what it’s like; she’s been there. Her high GPA didn’t happen bc she was smart, it was because she WANTED good grades and dedicated herself to it
  • But you stressing out stresses her out??? It’s actually taking a toll on her??? omfghowdareyoudothistoher
  • “MC, please…please realize that you can’t force the song into your fingers. The slower you go, the faster you’ll get there, okay?”
  • baeheeyouretheonewhopassedoutletuscomfortyouomg
  • You finally notice how self-destructive your behavior was? You lost like 10 pounds? MCwhy
  • Now when you get frustrated, you use your fingers for a lil something else to remind you how good they are


  • This boy is so happy when you express interest in wanting to play piano??
    • Helovesimaginingyouplayingforhimafterhehasaharddayatwork
  • He hires u a fantastic teacher
  • hE BUYS YOU A GRAND PIANO??? Omfg someone give this boy a spending limit
  • But the fact he went so far for you puts a lot of pressure on you
  • you’re skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, you’re barely even going outside udumbhoe
  • your piano teacher notices how bad you look and tells jumin!!!
  • This lil sweet bean is so mad at himself
    • Did he do something wrong???
    • How did he not notice something was wrong to begin with?!
  • While there’s a hurricane of feelings in him, he’s really straight forward with you
  • “MC, please take a break. Eat something, get some fresh air, anything…please?
    • “I can’t, Jumin. You spent so much money on me, I need to work as much as I can to the best I can be!”
    • omfg this is what she’s worried about, how silly of her
  • “I want to make one thing clear. The money does not matter, okay? This isn’t an investment. You’re not an investment. You’re human. I just wanted to be part of something that makes you happy. Right now, this isn’t making you happy, and I will not let you internalize this and act like it’s normal, okay?”
    • jujubeursosweetomg
  • Jumin keeps SUCH a close eye on you after this
  • He’s there for you at any sign of distress and will whisk you away to an animal shelter so you two can have fun socializing with the animals
    • Cuteness overload helps with stress!!!


  • This boy doesn’t even know that you take up piano
  • He’s holed up in his room on another project that takes him WEEKS to finish
    • He does notice that you’re not nagging him to eat or sleep but he figured you knew he wasn’t going to listen?
  • When he comes out and he sees you at the piano, he gets so excited!!!
    • “You’re learning piano? Well, that’s just grand”
      • wait why did you stop playing
  • ·When he finally gets a good look at you after you’re done crying, he can tell you’re definitely not okay, you look like what he looks like after a project
  • He drags you into the shower and omg so much love from this lil dude, he washes your hair and everything
    • Makes you eat and he covers the piano with some space themed sheets he has, he is not letting you near that thing for awhile!!!
  • He takes you to bed and you end up on top of with your face nuzzling his neck, his arms wrapped around you
  • “MC, I know you don’t wanna hear this right now, but when I heard you playing, it was really good. You poured your feelings into that song and that means so much more than hitting a wrong note, okay? Not everyone has the ability to play as passionately as you.”
  • isSaeyoungbeingreallysweetandseriouswhatisthis???
    • “Plus this relationship can’t have two people with really unhealthy habits, that would be a lot of treble”
    • Nevermindhesadumbass


  • Omg this boy thinks you’re an angel when he sees you seated at the piano
    • Thinks you’re a goddess when he actually hears you playing this little cinnamon roll can’t handle how amazing you are
  • But you look so frustrated? Why do you look so frustrated, you’re fantastic, what
  • He doesn’t really say anything because if something as wrong, you’d tell him
  • Except you don’t? You didn’t wanna bother him with something so small
    • Mcifsomethingisbotheringthisboywillgototheendsofearthforyounomatterhowsmallitis
  • Even if this little edglord™ pretends not to take that much interest in you, he actually keeps a close eye on everything you do to make sure you stay okay
    • He says it’s so you won’t be a weakness in the RFA
    • Hejustwantsyoutoalwaysbealiveandhappyandlivealonglife
  • Honestly this boy doesn’t even let you get as far skipping a lot of meals
  • When he sees you skipped two meals? It’s like u lit a fire in this boy he wILL NOT STAND FOR THIS
    • He pretty much gives you an ultimatum
  • “MC, I love you, okay? I want you to be healthy. I think you’re amazing at piano and I would love to see you continue on playing. But if you keep up with these bad habits, I will destroy the piano.”
    • Saranwrapplsdontbesoscary
  • But this definitely did wake you up
    • Edgelord McGee said I love you?? He expressed care for you whatisthis
  • He sits in the room with you when you play now, and it actually helps you so much???
    • The serene expression on his face when you play floods your chest with warmth and you don’t get so frustrated when you hit a wrong note anymore


  • Haha you’re kidding yourself if you think this boy will let you indulge in any sort of self destructive behavior
  • Been there, done that, never letting that happen again
  • When you’re late for dinner, he finds you at your apartment playing the piano???
    • But when he left in the morning you were playing
  • he drags coaxes you away from the piano so you can rest and get a good meal
  • This boy will give you sooo much love
    • Cooks your favorite comfort food, lights some scented candles to clear away all the negativity
    • He carries you princess style to the bed??
    • Vyou’renotZendontbesodramatic
  • “it’s not like you can hear how bad it is anyway, you’re blind”
    • “…MC..you hear with your ears…not your eyes..”
    • “Haha oh yeah you’re right”
    • didyouloseyourmindwhileyouwereplayingwtfMC
  • “The piano is an amazing instrument, and don’t forget that you’re amazing for playing it, okay? You can’t push yourself to your limits. Your health is so much more important than getting a song right. Take your time and it’ll be better for your playing AND your health in the long run.”
random aus
  • morning pancakes and the cook is hungover
  • someone is bothering them in a club and the other pretends to know them to stop the person bothering them
  • they see each other at an open mic night 7 times before they actually introduce themselves
  • caught in a rainstorm in the middle of london at 1 am (the only place to hide is a tea shop run by a meddling old biddie)
  • meeting in a library, one is clumsy and an entire shelf of books falls on them, they other helps them out from under the pile
  • met on sunday at church, one was actually going, the other was there for a bet
  • meeting because one is a mortician and the other’s grandma has died
  • one was away for a while and their roommate got a new roommate and forgot to tell them aka ‘who is the naked dude in my kitchen?’
  • camping au where one has “no fucking idea what any of this shit does”
  • one has tons of cats, the other is majorly allergic, they are neighbors: go
  • ‘i so saw you spray paint that wall and guess what you are going to have to buy me dinner to keep me quiet’ au
  • 'we’re both stopped at the same stoplight and you’re singing really loud in your car and oh God we just made eye contact’ au
  • they are neighbours, one scared of thunderstorms and one thinks someone is being murdered on the other side of that wall
  • 'i hate the dentist but he cute and i can’t show weakness’ au
  • hitchhikers au where the one who picks up is driving to their wedding (or well, was driving to their wedding)
  • they were looking at a poster and mumbled ‘I’m so gay’ at the same time: queue awkward silence
  • they’re roommates but one is a morning person and the other is a night person - hey at least their showers don’t coincide ;)
  • 'how the actual fuck do we manage to book every single plane ride sitting next to each other when i don’t even know your name?!’ au
  • bodyswap au but one is a stripper
  • 'i’m a terrible cook and i set off the fire alarm a lot but you are a really hot firefighter so it’s all worth it’ au
  • bus terminal at 3 am, one is trapped in italy, the other is the travel helper trying to get them home
  • 'so it turns out your ticket for this concert/play is a fake and my friend dropped out so i have a spare, wanna have this ticket for the seat next to me?’ au
  • ‘yes i know it’s 3 am. yes i know i look like i just commited murder in this tracksuit. yes i know your closed, but my mother is staying with me for a week and this is the only liquor store within 3 miles so please just indulge me?’

there is now a part two and a part three bc i’m trash and a freaking part 4


Monday Morning Rewatch  619

There will be some salt sooo you are warned

  • Eh I didn’t care to much for this episode but there was some good stuff
  • like Zelena hitting the black Fairy with her car, that was amazing
  • I wanted Henery to be the best man so bad and I’m so glad we got that and that scene was just too great. I need more of them
  • and omfg that cs was too cute for words I can’t even they are so happy I cry 
  • that all being said wtf was that ADR dialogue about their wedding tomorrow
  • wtf when did that happen that threw me so much i couldn’t fully enjoy that flawless ccs scene the first time bc of how much we missed with just that one line.
  • I actually just got teary eyed watching that Captain cobra scene bc Killian has a family and is so happy but i only did bc I rewound it this time and i was like in that scene and built it up, but isn’t that the writers job to build up scene like this and lay the ground work? but whatever we have to jump through hoops all the time to make sense of things
  • I don’t like that Rumple was a saviour and I really wish the Black Fairy didn’t have that back ground, I personally didn’t like it and would have rathered her be straight up fairy bc wtf how do you change yourself into a fairy that makes 0 sense. Plus I want a villain who is straight up evil instead of having a sob story, but she didn’t really have a sob story but i don’t want her redeemed, her and rumple really can’t be redeemed.
  • I loved finally a line about a safe word or something that was great.
  • Also I love Tiger Lily, and I’m glad she’s gonna be back! 
  • idk i’m kinda scared for next week… excited of course but also scared and still a bit salty. BUT THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED (so quickly??) AND YAS I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR 4(/ 5?) YEARS (SEASONS?) YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN SINCE THEY MET WHAT EVER MATH THAT IS. IT’S 5 YEARS BC THIS SEASON IS ALMOST OVER OR IF WE WANT TO BE TECHNICAL LIKE 4. 6 YEARS 

I’m almost excited to go on mini hiatus tomorrow. I am going to try to avoid all of the spoilers that now come out minus press release and promo pics (If anyone sees a picture of the back of Emma’s dress and would be so kind as to send it to me that would be a amazing lol)

Shadow: Hey! no, wait come back! I’m the one you want!

I imagine during one mission they’re doing, Knuckles got “killed” by some ennemies (but his soul was just taken or something… to power up a ancient relic or machine. So that’s why his actual body “disapear”) and well Shadow is not okay with that and want them to take him, instead of his partner.

So for a while, he’s on missions alone and he tries to find his friend and save him.

Bonus :v  :

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I have been craving headcanons from an AU where Sirius did in fact raise Harry and for some horrible reason I can't find any. Please enable me to fangirl over paternal Sirius Black because omfg so cute

HEADCANONS yes I was thinking about this when I couldn’t sleep at 4am

  • Sirius puts Harry’s cot in his own room until he’s really outgrown it and needs a bed, at which point he moves him into the spare room. The first night they’re in separate rooms Sirius barely sleeps at all, even though he knows he’s being silly. 
  • He almost decorates Harry’s room Gryffindor red but decides against it because he doesn’t want the kid to feel bad if he isn’t in Gryffindor. 
  • Instead he goes with a turquoise colour and puts some of those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that Remus found in the supermarket. 
  • When Harry starts at the muggle primary school down the street he questions the poor teacher far too much about the curriculum for the entire year and their stance on bullying and asks her to call him if anything happens and tells her all about what Harry does and doesn’t like and is the last to leave the classroom with the mother of a little blond girl that Harry’s already talking to. 
  • He and the mother both have a bit of a cry and go and get coffee together.
  • He settles for a job in one of the smaller ministry departments because even though he had hopes of curse breaking when he was in school he doesn’t want to drag Harry all over the place with him, and besides the ministry is a good place to be to get wind of any news about dark arts and all that. 
  • Every Friday night Sirius, Remus and Harry have a movie night and either order take away or make stupid unhealthy snacks - at one point Sirius buys a chocolate fountain just to outdo Remus from the week before when he’d turned up with giant marshmallows and a camp fire. 
  • He takes Harry out to the countryside and teaches him to fly - the first time they go Harry falls off his broom and Sirius ends up with a broken arm because of an attempt to catch him without magic. 
  • They visit James and Lily’s graves every year and the first time that Harry really understands it, he’s 4. He asks why his mummy and daddy have to be in the cemetery and Sirius cries while trying to explain it to him. Harry isn’t sure why, but he hugs him anyway. 
  • When he’s 8 Harry accidentally calls Sirius dad and they both just sort of freeze. He starts to apologise and gets upset and that’s when Sirius realises that he should really open up more about James, because Harry only knows bits and bobs - that his parents died to protect him, that they were the best people Sirius knew, but he doesn’t really know that much about them as people. 
  • They stay up half the night talking about James and how Sirius grew up with him and how his parents fell in love. 
  • He tells Harry that he reminds him of his father, but he also sometimes reminds him of Regulus when he was a kid, in the way he’s terrible at lying and will creep into Sirius’ bed late at night after a bad dream. 
  • He teaches Harry how to transfigure his parchment into a sparrow before school starts and makes him promise to do it in front of McGonagall in the first lesson he has with her. 
  • Harry has a handful of magical friends before he even starts school and meets the Weasley’s when he’s 9. He loves to practice quidditch with them in the garden and Charlie teaches him all about being a seeker and gives him an old snitch. 
  • He keeps in touch with his muggle friends from primary school through letters sent via Sirius and when he’s home for the holiday Sirius organises days out for them. 
  • Sirius is always a mixture of furious and beside himself when Harry gets hurt and if he’s ever called to the hospital wing it takes at least an hour each time to convince Sirius he’s well enough to get out of bed. 
  • The year Remus teaches defense Sirius is always sending him messages to pass onto Harry. Then starts turning up at the castle ‘to see Remus’ but really he’s checking up on them both because he worries more than he’d care to let on. 
  • Every New Year they buy a whole bunch of fireworks and go out into the back garden to set them off at midnight. It’s when Harry’s 15 and has maybe had a few too many sips of Sirius’ drinks that they accidentally almost burn the house down by forgetting they’ve lit one and have to throw it to the other side of the garden and run back inside before it explodes. 
  • Sirius teases Harry about every single crush ever, but is also actually really good at relationship (or friendship) advise in general. 
  • When Harry and Ginny get together he sends a howler that just says ‘FINALLY’ super loudly then explodes into heart shaped confetti. 
  • He just loves this kid so much okay even if they have an argument (which happens quite frequently because they get into petty shouting matches about who the best quidditch player is or what to watch on tv). 
  • Even when Harry is being a teenager and sticking to his room Sirius can’t bring himself to be too annoyed because the way he moans and sighs at him reminds him exactly of what James’ was like at a certain age, so he just smiles through it and ruffles his hair which of course makes Harry moan at him some more. 
  • I’m not even going to go into the sad stuff because no this is a happy AU and no one had to defeat voldemort shhh
  • Sirius would love Harry and Ginny’s kids (though one definitely wouldn’t be names Albus Severus lol), and even though Harry didn’t call him dad the kids still call him grandpa and he spoils them rotten and teaches them swear words in other languages and does all sorts of silly magic for them like vanishing Harry’s chair right when he’s about to sit down. 


tl;dr - yeah its was bad but i was let down that it wasnt like. rage inducing bad. the BD stuff still pissed me off but other than that. i was just indifferent to agitated. i couldnt tear it to shreds like i could with gem harvest

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when your guy has such a big obsession with fruit that you can’t even look at fruit without thinking of him

I think this might have been why Robbie wanted to remove all the “sports candy trees” in that one episode? because i can just imagine everytime he goes through lazy town he sees some apple and just trips over his own heart every time

I’m sorry if this turns out bad on your end, i remade the comic I sent you into one picture… But I hope it’s still good and brings some smiles even if it doesn’t look that visible!

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I apologize if I seem rude, but I want to know why you like Homestuck so much? I've never read it, but your art honestly makes me want to. I have no knowledge about it, except that its really gay (says one friend) and that its fanbase has 'set the bar for toxic fanbases because it is a nauseous, poisonous mix of trolls, assholes and absolute shit'( says another friend). If I have offended you, I apologize greatly, I just want to know if I should read it if its fanbase is supposedly shit.

omfg this is some message (I think I accidentally deleted the message after this I’m sorry)

bad fandoms were always a thing, honestly I don’t think the HS fandom was so bad a couple of years ago (aside from sorta obsessive kind of bad and some other stuff that happened) it was anyway a way nicer place to be than it is now imo, (for a lot of reasons I’m not even getting into), so idk if HS was what set the base or anything but yeah just be careful with fandoms and all?

I think you can still read it if you like, don’t let a fandom make you turn away from something you could enjoy hhh h (me with su lma o)


u dare mock the son of a shepard a.k.a i SERIOUSLY only look good from ONE ANGLE


okay out of the many many photos i took today here are the few that i like (and im still sorry there are so many omfg,,,,,)

threw together two outfits based on mori style fashion but idk they didn’t come out super well (considering i just raided my closet lol - the colors are way too bright for some) so im not too comfy being like YEAH MORI but still

also i couldnt get nice photos with my camera so i used my mac consequently all the full body shots look like absolute POOP because bad lighting [angry deer honkin]

a couple of these have captions plz click around and idk hmu if u want to know where i got certain pieces from