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Jace Wayland\Herondale\Lightwood x Sister!Reader

Request : 

can you do a one shot where the reader is Jace’s younger sister and she doesn’t like Clary and Simon at all, even though she is like super outgoing and nice and stuff?

Warnings: insults , yelling 

Part 2

     “ Hi !” You greeted as you entered the training room . You went over to Izzy and hugged her , when you pulled apart you kissed her cheek and moved a few pieces of her hair out of her face.

     “ You’re gorgeous !” You said than you went over to Alec in order to hug him .

     “ Magnus is a good piece , if you don’t want him I’ll be there to support him .” You said playfully and Alec laughed hugging you back .

     “ Do not even dare !” He threatened while laughing , then you went over and hugged your big brother , Jace .

     “ How are things going ? Any girlfriend ? Boyfriend ? “ you teased making Jace smile and even laugh a little bit .

      “ How’s her ?” you asked but you didn’t got your answer as a new voice was heard .

     “ You know we are still here !” A voice exclaimed and you pulled apart from Jace , you saw a boy , who was most likely the shy type , nerd and a red haired girl next to him . You narrowed your eyes . He was surely vampire and she was a shadowhunter but they didn’t inspired you anything good . You was always this way , you always felt when someone meant trouble and they sure meant it .

     “ Care to explain who you are ?” You asked in a very severe tone , maybe you was the little sister but you acted more like a big one as you went trough a lot in your life and you became a little bit more mature that how you should be at your age .

     “ I’m Simon .” The boy said and you rolled your eyes .

     “ Don’t roll your eyes at him !” The red headed defended her friend making you frown .

     “ Who the hell are you ? You’re new ? Sure you are this would explain why you brought a freaking vampire in the Institute .” You said in a deadly tone .

      “ What the hell happened in two days and why do you allow a vampire in the Institute ? You know that we shouldn’t let them in here if they don’t help us with something and he just wastes your time .” You yelled Jace , Alec and Izzy looking at you as if you was way bigger than them . You was a girl who knew how to make herself heard but you was nice and talkative usually .

     “ He’s not just a vampire , he’s my best friend . “ The new girl said and you looked at her in disapproval .

     “ Vampire or not , I don’t care . Who are you ?” your voice deadly calm asked her and she taken aback by your to calm tone .

     “ I’m Clary Fray .” She said and you laughed , it was hilarious to see her so confused , she was just like a lost puppy . A puppy who will cause a lot of problems .

     “ Sure you are . Why is she here ? Shouldn’t she be with the kids ?” you asked and Jace looked angry .

     “ Don’t you dare talk with her like that !” Jace yelled at you but you didn’t even flinched .

     “ What’s going on Jace ? You meet her a few days ago and you already fell for her ? Where disappeared all the one night stands ? Or she is the last one you’ve got ?” You teased and hurt Jace in the same time . As Alec you knew him better than anyone else and you knew exactly where to hit him .

     “ Shut up your mouth (Y/N) , you don’t know what you’re talking about !” He hissed and you turned around in a twist your hair flying and “ slapping “ Jaces face then you got out of the room not caring to talk with your brother anymore .

     “ Up for a party tonight ?” you asked as you entered Izzys room just to see her and Clary talking . You frowned at Clary than looked at Izzy .

     “ I would want to come but I need to stay here and teach Clary some of the basics of being a shadowhunter .” Izzy informed and you looked unhappy .

     “ Yes (Y/N) , she need to teach me .” Cary said in an attacking way .

     “ Well that’s a same . I even talked with Meliorn to come but since you’re stuck here I’ll tell him that he doesn’t needs to leave the Queen .” You affirmed and Izzy’s face lightened up .

     “ Maybe Alec or Jace can stay with Clary .” Izzy concluded and you smiled happy that you’ll get to spend some time with her .

     “ I don’t want them to teach me .” Clary jumped and you shoot her a glare that made her shake before you got out of the room .

     You had a lot of fun at the party Magnus and Raphael where there too so you had at the least two of your friends by your side and this meant that you’ll have lots of fun .

     By the morning you cooked breakfast for you , Izzy , Alec and Jace and sat the plates on the table. They all came down , an angering little redheaded following them .

     “ Pancakes , I want some too “ she giggled like a four years old and you looked at her in a very cold way .

     “ Then go make yourself some .” You said and Jace got up from his seat , taking a hard grip on your arm .

     “ Can I talk to you , outside ?” he asked but his tone was demanding . “ Clary you can have mines .” He said trying to pull you outside .

     “ No Clary , take mine , I’m not hungry anyways .” You said and got out of the kitchen going to your room , Jace following you .

     “ What the hell is going on with you ?” he yelled holding your arm really tight as you could feel that there’s going to be some bruises by tomorrow .

     “ What the hell is going on with you? I’m not the one who is head over hills with a new shadowhunter who is by the way Valentines daughter.” you attacked , Jaces eyes darkening with anger .

     “ What do you have to share with her ? She did nothing wrong to you . You just act like bitch for no reason . Dad was right when he said that you are not his daughter , clearly other type of blood runs trough your veins .” He affirmed and you felt like he stabbed you from behind .

     “ Don’t you even dare bring dad up ! You should be happy that I’m here , you should spend at the least a little bit of time with me since you know that I go a lot in Idris and I can’t spend time with you but it seems like all you care about is Clary and your dick .” you confronted him but Jace got even more angry .

     “ You are no sister to me in this moment ! You never meant anything to me ! Just go away and never come back I anyways don’t care about you , by me you could die tomorrow and I won’t cry at all .” He yelled and you felt your eyes burning with tears .

     “ You know what Jace , you’ll always be my brother and I love you . I hope you’l be happy with Clary but listen to me when I say that she and her friend mean trouble .” You told Jace your voice breaking , tears falling from your eyes .

     You ran out your room and straight into Alecs chest . He heard everything and now he was trying to calm you down but you just tried to escape his arms .

     “ You know that he doesn’t means it ! Just let him calm down .” Alec told you but instead of listening you got out from his grip and ran outside the Institute .

     “ What the hell is going on with you ?” Alec yelled as he entered your room where Jace was sitting on your bed . He got up and walked to the door .

      “ Nothing .” Jace assured and got out from the room .


I’ve opened up a Society6!!! Im not sure which prints to put up, but if you guys suggest any I’ll put ‘em up!(This goes for prints you guys would want in merch too) I’ll add more as I draw more for sure!! And I made some RVP stuff mostly for self indulgent reasons Im so sorry haha

Pancakes in the Morning

            I hummed softly to myself as I walked into the kitchen in Luke’s house. I almost ran clean into his mother, who laughed it off and greeted me warmly.

“Nice to see your face around here again, sweetheart,” she said, stroking my hair lightly.

“Thanks, Liz,” I smiled. “Would it be okay if I made pancakes for Luke and myself? He’s pretty jetlagged still, so I wanted to make him breakfast.”

“You’re too good to him,” she said softly, “and of course you can. Everything you need should be in the kitchen.”

            I thanked her before venturing into the kitchen. Finding all of the ingredients for pancakes actually came far more easily than I expected. I think Liz kept the guys out of the kitchen as much as possible because it was still pretty neat and tidy and nothing essential for cooking was up too high. At least, I thought so until I had to locate the pan to actually cook the pancakes. I huffed in annoyance when I discovered it was on the top shelf of a cupboard. I stood on my toes and tried to reach for it, coming up over a foot too short.

            Suddenly, a hand reached over me and grabbed the pan, bringing it down with ease. I turned around to see Luke holding the pan with a lazy smile on his face and messy morning hair.

“Are you making me pancakes?” he asked.

“Trying to,” I replied, “but you put things up too high after you use them.”

            Luke laughed as he put the skillet on one of the burners and turned the stove on before facing me again. He opened his arms for me and I walked into them, burying my face in his shirt. His hands moved up and down my back smoothly. He pressed a kiss to the top of my head before he sighed contently.

“Tour is great, but nothing beats this,” he told me.

            I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked up at him. I was still smiling as his lips met mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and immediately felt him sink a little lower and press his hand into my hips. I understood the message and jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist. He, as always, caught me with ease. Luke spun me around and sat me on the counter. I ran my fingers through his messy hair and tugged on the blond strands softly. He smiled against my mouth before I pulled away.

“I really missed you,” I said.

“I know,” he muttered. “I missed you just as much.”

            He pecked my lips one, two, three, four times before wrapping me up in another tight hug, lifting me off the counter in the process. I laughed as he spun me around in circles a few times before setting me down.

“I’m dizzy,” I mumbled as I gripped his waist for support.

“It’s just my physical beauty, baby. No need to be dizzy,” he joked and I rolled my eyes. “You’re still going to make pancakes, right?”

“Believe it or not, I want some too, so, yes. I will,” I assured him, patting his chest lightly before walking to the stove.

            I sprayed the pan before adding in the batter for a few pancakes. As I poured the batter into the pan, Luke wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

“Can we do this everyday?” he asked me.

“You’re going to get fat if I make you pancakes every morning,” I countered.

            I felt him shrug in response and kiss the top of my head.

“Worth it,” he replied simply.

            He stayed with me as I cooked, keeping his arms around me. His hands slid under my shirt so he could rub smooth circles on my sides and my stomach. His hands were calloused and rough from the years of guitar playing. Occasionally, he’d drop a kiss on my head or my temple. We didn’t say much, just simply enjoying being together for the first time in three months.

            As I pulled the last pancake out of the pan, I looked up to see Luke’s mom standing in the doorway looking at us.

“How long have you been there?” I asked her.

            Luke immediately let me go, taking a step back as if to assure his mother he wasn’t doing anything wrong. She laughed at what I’m sure was a worried, innocent expression on his face.

“Long enough to see just how much you mean to my son,” she said. “Those pancakes smell great, by the way.”

“Oh, thank you.” I wasn’t sure which compliment I was thanking her for as my cheeks flushed. I turned to Luke, my pinks cheeks matching his. “Breakfast time?”

“Definitely,” he smiled before kissing my forehead. He mumbled softly against my skin before he pulled away, “So good to be home with you, baby. So good.”

A/N: First piece of 5SOS writing. Just cute and fluffy. If you read it, I hope you liked it. Sorry for any mistakes. Have a brilliant day. - Kate