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No offense but if you can make posts about how good looking All Might's butt is, then you really shouldn't be talking about Momo's outfit being sexualized.

I mean, my main gripe with Momo’s outfit is how young she is. 

But anyhow, there’s a difference between “one frame of one episode made All Might’s butt look big and thats funny” and “this 15 year old is dressed in the most sexually revealing combat outfit possible and we’re all tired of shonen anime being like that all the time”

Neville Has One (1)

-Neville Longbottm at some point probably

So today in america its Thanksgiving… And so all on my irl social media my friends are saying who they love (cough i have been not included in all but 1 private message cough) so ill say who im thankful for on here… Most will be mutual others may be not!

My fav Mutuals: @high-functioning-hobbit @srsbsnsdanandphil @cupcake-salads @hufflepuff-on-the-tardis @deathclassic @dqnielhowell @twoboyesonesharpie @deardanielhowell @missing2009 @perhaps-trees-and-tea @listen-away @selfishferret @danieloddle @pinof9 @philscurls @collar-phil @phandomplantmother @dnp-jpg @ambidextrous-alpaca @bopitintheshnaz @fantimics @pyxishowell @dontcryxcraft

Some people who i love: @awrfhi @demonphannie @danielhowell @amazingphil @philester @fireworksphil (<-who is my mutual!! Just put in wrong place ily) @lives15minsaway (who i am also mutuals with sorry!!!)@phansterdam @thatfangirlwithoutalife @gayditl @mylivingphantasy @philoween @huphilpuffs

Ilysm i love following each and every one of you<3 i know some dont live here in America but im thankful to have you on my dash

i don’t think it’s fair for people (non-artists especially) to point out an artist and say “wow i hate their art they suck they haven’t progressed in years, the way they draw _____ is pathetic”. yes, it’s okay for you to not like an art style but don’t put someone down for their progress. development in art is something that doesn’t move upwards consistently in a smooth path, it’s different for everyone and it’s not fair to compare and judge. even the most popular artists can get stuck drawing the same thing for a long time and i think that’s okay? some people get really comfortable with the way they draw a certain thing and may choose to stick with that for a long time because it looks right to them, they’re fearful of trying a new thing and the new thing looks like trash in their eyes so it might take them a while to get comfortable with exploring. everyone is different and develops in their own way, art is frustrating and really hard and no one is harder on the artist than themselves. 


First batch of the Sad Scene meme!!

Jelkrozluz for @dragonfoxstar

Viscaria for @whiteincite

Zalaojin for @celestialkiri

Al’ishi for @tigerprimal

Amita and Vol’jin are just here by default u w u /

Hope you like them!!! Second batch will hopefully be done tomorrow!

Thank you.

I drew these old men first touching foreheads, so now, almost a year later, it feels appropriate to thank you all with this sketch for supporting me, for liking and reblogging my art, to thank you so much for your tags  - they so often make my day - and also thank you for motivating me to draw more! ❤

P.S. I know that I made poppies to be Gabe’s flowers, but now he also kind of proudly wears those sunflowers since my sister gave her blessing for him to “rock her tats”. So this is s thing I draw now.


Pairing: Tentoo x Rose 

 Word count: 279 

 “What are you thankful for, Rose?” His cheek rested against the top of her head as they laid in bed together. He stroked her hair and held her tight.

 “Hmm?” Rose asked drowsily, and no wonder. It had been a rather, passionate evening.

 “Tomorrow in America, they celebrate Thanksgiving. I dunno, it makes me wonder. What are you thankful for?”

 “Hmmmm,” she sighed and nuzzled further into his neck. “Chips.” 

 He chuckled, “Now how did I know you were gonna say that?” He kissed the top of her head. 

 “I’m also rather thankful for shags.” She teased. 

 “Oh, is that so?” He danced his fingers along her ribs, causing her to giggle and squirm.

 “Cut it out you nutter!”

 She laughed. She laced her hands together. “I’m thankful for the Dimension Canon.” She whispered.

 The Doctor was perplexed, “What?”

 “I mean…Yeah, the jumps could be awful. It left me tired and sore and…Nightmarish.” She shivered and he frowned. “But, it lead me to you.” She looked into his eyes. 

 “You mean to him.”

 “Which in turn, lead to the creation of you!” She retorted. She sat up a bit and cupped his cheek, “Doctor, despite whatever pain or chaos happened that day. You were made. And since then, you’ve been the best thing in my life. All joking aside, I’m most thankful for you.” 

 He smiled softly at her and pecked her lips, “Rose Tyler. I love you. And each day with you is a reminder of how lucky I am.” 

 She smiled back. “I love you too.” 



 “Fancy being grateful for shags again?”

 “As long as tomorrow you buy me chips!” She kissed him.

Overall Ava’s Demon is a good story but admittedly I do kind of find the more recent updates to be…less than good when it comes to the writing?

Specifically the parts in the ship where all the kids are now practically forced to stay together. The dialogue just feels not good in my personal opinion? Like, it feels like the author is making the characters react a very specific way to create unnecessary tension rather than letting them react naturally to what happened. Like how a real person would react to the given situation to make things seem more alive.

I’m not good with wording and such but Gil’s a perfect example of what I mean.

The guy just watched countless people burn to death and then saw Ava was the one responsible for it. Later on he’s stuck on a ship with her.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Maggie and Gil were under reacting and I have to agree. Gil, in his own mind, is stuck on a ship with a mass murdering alien fully and EASILY capable of killing not only him but the others just by burning the ship up or ya know, melting their faces off just by accident.

Anybody with a brain can tell you that it’s not a smart move to piss off a mass murderer, no matter how nice and kind they are. They still, you know, can kill people.

You would think Gil would be a stuttering, sputtering mess of a man not only from being stuck on a ship with a fiery monster that can snap him in half like a darn twig but also because he’s just been labeled a criminal. But nah he’s just mad. That’s all.

I think the funniest thing on this blog atm is how everyone is losing their shit over the Berkut/Rinea C-S support chain and then there’s me, who stopped playing SoV after like 3 or 4 chapters, and I’m just here like