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Things Bioware got right:

- Gil Brodie’s story: His character arch is very well written, and I it really challenges a lot of the stereotypes about mlm relationships. While his character could be bigger, we still get to see a 3D gay man grow as a person

- The choice system. Often there’s no clear good or bad option, and it really means you have to think about the repercussions of your actions, the right path isn’t always clear.

- The dialogue system: Again you have the chance to create a much more complex character, you can really see Ryder’s reactions change based on your choices. People around you also react differently depending on how you talk.

- The Angara: It’s refreshing to see an alien race that’s so open with their emotions, especially the male aliens. Raw displays of emotion in men are often seen as weakness, but when Jaal, for example, shows the depth of his emotions, it’s shown in a positive, compassionate light, with no shame.

- The Tempest Crew: They are much more dynamic, they’re clearly their own people, not just satellites orbiting around Ryder.

- The Visuals: The galaxy map, the planets, everything is beautifully designed. It feels like you’re in space, or on an alien planet.

- The Combat: Much more fast paced and dynamic, the ability to mix up your powers really allows you to develop a unique combat style, your jump pack and increased mobility make it even better

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

Just want to send some smoochies and tell some of friends (& babu) I really really love them & they make my online life happy anytime I talk to them & thanks to them I keep coming back and getting a smiles, sometimes I want to kill them because why u give me feels but in a healthy way ok. @n-o-i-d, @ambivelousthirteen, @fawking-izaya, @oceanwoven, @rxcusant, @narcasse, @princeofillusions, @memoiir, @blxxdchrxnicles, @aninnocentlight, I WUV U OKAY

Supergirl rant incoming

I try to keep my blog cheerful but sometimes this show does something so dumb I have to let out some steam. It hurts me to see Kara’s character diminished to fit this hellplot and nightmare karahell relationship. Kara has been trying so hard to tell everyone why they aren’t a good fit and why the things Mon-Ehh has done have hurt her and keep hurting her and the all the people around her are just pushing them together or not taking the things she says seriously and the show makes fun of some of the stuff which just leave me thinking did the show really just do that.

Karahell getting together (and now back together) has been one of the most baffling things about a show that has aliens, all kinds of superpowers and multiverse in it. What on Earth are the writers thinking when writing this stuff or whoever that decides this stuff… like stop and think for a moment what you’re doing to your main character. I also hate that they’ve made Alex a vessel for pushing them together, I hate it so much… Everybody acts ouf character. The “love” story is so bad that I almost want to say it’s one of the worst and most immature “love” stories I’ve ever seen. At this point I just want to see a single Kara if it means we’ll get back some of the magic the first season had or at least concentrate on the plot for a minute and not rush through everything.

I don’t understand why they would make Mon-ehh so unlikable and there really hasn’t been any real character growth there, eg. it would have been interesting to see how he deals with the loss of his entire culture, planet and people but they haven’t shown it affecting him in any real way. It’s painful to watch the Mon-Ehh centered episodes and the series doesn’t need any other hero’s journey than the one Kara is on… or if they insist to have another, they could have done it with someone else, preferably a woman because this is a show about a woman superhero and the arrowverse already has multiple male centered shows.

Rant over.

Also I love how as soon as gay men aren’t catered to it’s just hands down homophobia, no nuance or gray area or any credit to the fact that there are good options for f/f romances in ME:A.

The romances in Andromeda ARE unbalanced, and that’s An Actual Issue, but I literally stop caring about the critique of that when my sexuality is lumped together with straight men as if being attracted to the same gender as straight men makes me nominally one of them for the sake of your argument. No. You can talk about m/m romances getting shafted without acting like queer women don’t count in discussions about homophobia.

(related to the falling ceiling stuff, my hopeless me does fun things)

I just want to share with you how desperated my mom is, because, due to my ceiling problems, here is like 2 guys that come everyday makes analysis of my ceiling state, and every single time, three things follow me out of danger :

my computer, my tablet, my three books of tfc.

And every single time, my mom looks at me with some despair and says: you know, these man won’t hurt your books.


I realize that if, like Neil, I was on the run, in my duffel bag, you would find my computer, my tablet, tfc, and probably some clothes, food and water. Well, in my 3ds to kill time, probably. Not enough space for a Trojan fangirl binder unfortunately.

Let’s start the “what will we find in your runaway duffel bag” game

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First let me say that i Love Your Writing! :D It is incredible the way you write. Keep it that way girl!! <3 (: And what do you think about Emil and Michele? Like sometimes i want to ship them but with Michele attitude i am Not comfortable with them being in a relationship, but also Emil seems so happy when he is near Michele. A one sided crush? It hurts but it feels that that is what it is :(

Aww thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Ooo that’s an interesting theory!! ;o Tbh I feel like I need more information about both of them before I can form an opinion on that ship (same way I feel about a lot of YOI ships haha) but omggg a one-sided crush would be so sad D: </3