i want some cheese fries

My kinda love

I want that early Sunday morning kinda love. Where church isn’t the place I worship. I want that pay 80 dollars for a matching t shirt that we never wear kinda love. I want a you’re meeting my parents so trim your beard and your hair kinda love. I want that even though I don’t really care tell me about your friends kinda love. I want that what are you doing? It depends kind of love. I want that crazy let me clone you using your split ends kind of love. I want that call me when you get home kinda love. Knowing damn well that I’ve already used up all my cellular data on my phone kinda love. I want that I’m not hungry but I’ll steal some of your chilli cheese fries kinda love. I want that if I share my food with you and I don’t cry you know it’s real kinda love. I want that tell my friends about you so they tease me kinda love. I want that you just texting me pleases me kinda love. I want a cliche kinda love. I want that you have flaws but I’ll accept them anyway kinda love. I want that I don’t believe in anything but you still make me pray kinda love. I want a silent I don’t have anything else I need to say kinda love. I want a pacing back and forth while you’re typing your message kinda love vowing that I’ll never exercise. Then I do it again as I exercise my freedom of speech as you make it so hard to do as you leave me speechless kinda love except for some mild extremities as if you were holding me down like I’m holding you down as my blood rushes to some of my extremities namely my hand that’s in yours and I just grip tightly as if I was applying pressure to a perfuse wound. That’s my kinda love. I want that correct me to show that we both have power kinda love. I want that don’t say my. Say our kinda love.

My ideal superpower would be to teleport anything I want at that exact moment from any point in the world to my hand– as long as it is something no one would miss or realize is gone and care about.

Like. If I wanted cheese fries, there’s probably some person somewhere who bought some and then completely forgot they did, and then I would have them. Or a wealthy person who laundered 50 bucks in their pocket but don’t remember and don’t care anymore, Sushi from Japan that someone made excess of and wouldn’t notice a few pieces missing. That’s my ideal superpower. One that wastes nothing and inconveniences few people by getting rid of the monkey paw aspect.

Like there are 7 billion+ people on this earth. Someone probably has something I want at any given time.