i want so badly to watch the second half

It's been a while since I posted my manifestations. Starting again. Here's a minor that jarred me awake

OMG you guys. I heard this song on a TV show and was thinking to myself I should download it. And today morning I was randomly watching a movie trailer half asleep and I liked that song too so I downloaded it. As I was listening to it I realized it was the song I badly wanted yesterday. For a second I was like

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Grey’s Anatomy Rewatch - 2x16, It’s the End of the World

How crazy is this? Dude, it’s like the apocalypse. It’s true. I mean, look around you - half the people that are supposed to be saving lives have fled the building to save themselves. Bailey’s husband almost died coming to see his kid get born, and the Annoying Twins are down on the OR floor with a guy who literally might explode in their faces. It’s a morgue waiting to happen in here. I’m just saying, people should get while the getting’s good, because there might not be tomorrow.

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Imagine Steve taking Bucky to his first 3D imax movie and Bucky freaking out

Steve has hated going to the movies alone since he was a kid. Ever since his mother could only afford one ticket and she insisted that he little boy should go out and have a good time. He tried to explain every last detail when he got home, but you can only reproduce so much.

As he got older, he and Bucky had to maneuver around each other’s work schedule. Half the time that Steve was free, Bucky was pulling night shifts at the docks. Not matter how badly he wanted to see something, Bucky would insist ‘what do I know from cartoons anyway? You’re the one who’s been dying to see this; I’ll just catch up with you later.’ So Steve would go to the picture house and sit in the dark, watching friends and couples whispers and laugh.

For a split second during the war, he truly thought those days were over. He was going to take Bucky home, and their combined military wages would rent them an entire theater, and they’d never have to miss another show again.

Then Bucky fell, and Steve stopped imagining the future altogether.

So when Bucky, alive, dark eyed, former war machine on the mend, suggested they take in a flick for the first time in seventy years, Steve was beside himself.

For both their sakes, they stay away from any high adrenalin, action packed fiasco and steer towards the latest in animation. The entire ride to theater, Bucky is speculating on how the future has handled something so close to his heart. “I mean, are they still hiring punks like you to draw every last picture?”

The excitement lasts until Bucky shifts the plastic glasses through his hands suspiciously. “This is new,” he comments but doesn’t ask questions. Steve feels his stomach drop but it’s too late to correct this oversight, so he gives Bucky a sheepish look as he puts his own glasses on.

The credits alone have Bucky tilting his head in puzzlement.  “Steve, I think something’s wrong with the pic-“ and then the first scene starts.

A young woman flies across the screen, seemingly over the audience and Bucky audibly yelps while his hand shoots for Steve’s. “Are you seeing this?!” Voice still hushed in theater curtesy, Steve can hear the exhilaration in it, and figures maybe this wasn’t a terrible idea.

All is coming up roses until halfway through the movie, when the protagonist causes a rocky avalanche. Heavy boulders are racing towards the audience left and right. Faster than even Steve can react, Bucky flips both of them onto the sticky patch of floor at their feet.

“Buck?” Steve whispers as they retake their seats to some very concerned glances from the people behind them. “Do you want to try this again some other day?”

Bucky takes a silent minute to consider and watch the movie. A kindly old woman offers her hand towards him from the screen. “No,” he says. “I’m good.” 

i wanna do everything with you though? i want to be able to plan cute dates with you? i want to be able to cancel those dates and just hang out on the couch with you instead? i want us to accidentally wear coordinating colours to dinner? i want to spend the next morning doing nothing but watching tv in bed with you? i want to watch half a movie with you then get distracted by some debate about whether or not the major plot point in the second act made sense? i want to spend whole days together because you’re not draining to be around in the least? i want to tell you this, and so many things to your face, but that’s probably not gonna be possible? it’s easier to vaguepost online about you than to even consider letting you know how i feel? because i’m scared, probably? i’ve caught feelings and it’s going badly? as usual?